Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pro-American Regime Promised The Tories

Another Group of People Who Are Unimpressed
Britain's Tory/Coalition Government!
When in opposition the Conservative party promised American Senators that the Conservatives would make Britain more "Pro-American", well I guess that is one promise they seem to be trying to keep! It is just a pity that the David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague, never bothered to tell the British people about their furtive little bit of American ar*se licking!

In fact Conservative party politicians lined up before the general election to secretly promise that they would run a "pro-American regime" and buy more arms from the US if they came to power this year, the leaked American embassy cables show in "Wikileaks".

Then when they won the election, within a few weeks we had David Cameron off to India on his "insult half the world" tour, in which he entered a deal with the Indian government to sell them arms and fighter planes. The fact that Cameron was strongly advised not enter this deal but still did, does I suppose tie in neatly with the Tories new "pro-American regime" they have planned for the UK. Where we once had ethical trading, now we have a government that does not mind selling arms to a country that up until this present time, has accepted millions of pounds in aid from Britain, although as we have come to expect from the "dirty" UK government, we had a leak about the same time where the Tories said they were going to start cutting aid to India.
As ever with this government we have to look behind the scenes to get at the real story and in this case, ultimately this means that in order to get a part of India's arms trade, the British government has to cut aid to India (despite Cameron saying in opposition that he wouldn't) and the Indian government has forgotten all about its poverty stricken citizens. So for the price of a few planes, a £700m deal between India and BAE for Hawk trainer jets,  David Cameron pimped himself and Britain to procure this arms deal by grovelling to the Indian government, (apparently we are also a junior partner to India) and the Indian prime minister proclaiming that Britain needed India, more than India needed Britain - nice, great work from "call me Dave".
Has the Indian government simply forgotten the billions of British pounds that we have given to India in the past in aid? And that many of the companies they have setting up in India, are British companies AND Banks and are "friends of the Tory party"?  In good old Tory fashion we have companies that have left these shores and set up in India, because it is cheaper to run a company in India, because India runs a policy of slave labour, of sweatshop labour and charges very little in the way of tax and business rates, which makes the UK unable to compete with India. The UK (at the present) has a policy of treating and paying its workers properly, although I suspect this is changing rapidly under the present Tory government. When the insane austerity measures fail to produce a reduction in the deficit and unemployment is soaring, I expect that like Ireland, the UK government will lower the national minimum wage.
I must say though, that where the British chancellor George Osborne has allowed Vodaphone to get away with not paying the billions of pounds it owes the British taxpayer, at least the Indian government are actually  forcing Vodaphone to pay taxes they owe the Indian government.

Vodafone and Top Shop's Philip Green
Are Being Targeted To Pay Their Taxes
Strangely I remember reading somewhere that someone connected to Vodaphone was a Tory donor, but I cannot find mention of this anywhere, all details of that seem to have vanished into the ether! I know I am not wrong about this because other people have said the exact same!

So now Britain not only has a government that is desperately trying to lick the backside of the American president but it would seem that President Obama could not care less about Britain's Tory party so the  creeping and crawling from the Tories is not welcome and if that is not bad enough, we also have a government that is touring the world hawking arms to every Tom, Dick and Harry and is also speaking of supplying arms to that "bastion of civility" Sierra Leone, you could not really make this up could you? Typical Tories in for five minutes and already they are ignoring advice from civil servants that they should not enter into this arms deal.

Dirty Conservative Government equals Dirty Conservative Government and their dirty arms deals laid bare and the Americans are laughing up their sleeves at Britain.

Nice work Cameron and you have barely been pm for six months!


Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Anon for the infor earlier!

Nicky said...

Has Anon already said that Ernest Harrison (who died in 2009), founder of Vodafone, was a major Tory donor?

Sir Christopher Gent, also of vodafone, is a Tory supporter.

David Ross of Carphone Warehouse is a well-known (notorious?) Tory donor.

Nicky said...

Ah, just read that blog post that mentions Christopher Gent, now with big pharma Glaxo Smith Kline - he was formerly with Vodafone.