Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome To Conservative 'Sweatshop' Britain!

George Osborne and Boris Johnson
Communist China

Welcome to Conservative Britain in 2013 where the rich are getting richer and the "plodders, the poor and vulnerable" are getting screwed daily. The true saviours of this country, those who work in the public and private sectors alike and who toil in the offices, the factories, the hospitals, the schools and the shops doing a myriad of different jobs all interdependent and equally as important as the next, are being treated no better than rat droppings on steps of 10 Downing Street. These people are being used by the Coalition government to divide our country in order to allow the introduction of right wing dogma from a particularly nasty extreme right wing Tory controlled government.

The writing is there and is clearly written on the wall and it's now time to look closely at the evidence!

David Cameron, George Osborne and their banker and corporate buddy mates are laughing assassins who smile while they stab "hardworking people" in the back. Look past the Tory bluff and bluster and you will see how they are insidiously removing workers rights and driving down pay and conditions. They are also being helped by right wing fanatical press tycoons who have vested interests in retaining Conservatives in Downing Street.

The Tories (enabled by their poodle lap dogs the Liberal Democrats) are busy passing laws and changing the rules to enable them and the bosses of industry to control workforces across the country by using intimidation and fear of job losses. Slowly but surely they are rendering the workers of this country impotent. This country is not progressing, it's regressing and slipping back in terms of education, healthcare and working rights. Bosses and business leaders have gained carte blanche from this government to use the fear of job losses as some kind of metaphorical cattle prod to force change of contracts and loss of pay and conditions while keeping the workforce in their 'rightful place. Some may think this is happening to other people (not them) so they don't worry too much and then suddenly out of the blue it's their turn to be treated like dirt and pushed around. The way things are going soon people will not be able to call on any union for help and all workers rights will have been previously stripped and they will have been left impotent and utterly powerless! Those that knock unions need to think very carefully about this.

Divide and rule is all part of the Conservative plan of course and has been from the start. Right from the start it has been the Tories agenda, to weaken people then set worker against worker, the private sector against public sector; turn workers against the unemployed, able bodied against disabled people, young against the old. Those on benefits were held up to be ridiculed and the public invited to abuse them with insults and to spit venom at them, like some kind of virtual modern day equivalent of olden day stocks where people were once pelted with rotten fruit. Today those stocks often take the form of the extreme right wing newspapers like the Sun, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and the Express, where gullible and vulnerable people have been fooled into inviting reporters into their homes to have their stories taken they have been led to say things and then their words have been twisted and spun out of all recognition. These people are then plastered all over the newspapers and then pilloried by inviting 'rotten fruit throwing' in the shape of comments from the nasty "hang 'em and flog 'em brigade", who really do live under the misinterpretation that this government 'doesn't' mean them. Well one day they too will be in for a very nasty shock.

Once divide and rule was established it was followed by the gradual removal of workers rights. Employment law reforms have been announced by Liberal Democrat Vince Cable (no less) which will allow company bosses to exploit and bully workers. Companies now have stronger legal protections to pay off who they accuse of being  under-performing staff, or simply invent stories to get rid of staff they don't require any longer and employees rights have been eroded and now any employee is open to this kind of abuse. Workers face a drastic cut in how much compensation ordinary working people can claim if they win a case for unfair dismissal and that is only if they can afford to bring the case in the first place! Bosses have literally been given a license to discriminate against their workforce by this Conservative controlled Coalition government.

Ordinary workers are being blamed and treated as if the global recession and international banking collapse is their fault, they didn't cause it, but they are being made to pay for it while those that did cause it are allowed to get away with their crimes. Not one single banker in this country has been prosecuted for their part in the demise of the global economy and the Tories have allowed them to get away with it. In fact just a couple of weeks back, while the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband was sticking his head above the parapet getting a kicking from the energy companies, the banks, and the Tories for trying to get a fairer energy deal for the consumer (us), George Osborne was busy defending bankers bonuses and arranging to take the EU to court on behalf of the bankers and forcing us the taxpayers to pay the millions in legal charges. On the same day that Osborne announced he would be defending bankers bonuses at the European Union, Michael Spencer a former Conservative Treasurer who has donated at least £5 million to the Tories was named as being in the middle of a political and financial storm after his firm was named by City watchdogs for its role in the Libor interest-rate fixing scandal. Yet where on the BBC, ITV or Sky News was this reported? You can't really make this up! Meanwhile the workforce who actually keep this country running are being kicked, right left and centre!

There is a clear erosion of trust and hard fought for rights in the workplace and the Government are allowing bosses to get away with this  in clear cut cases of abuses of power, and it will not create one proper job with one proper wage/salary, all that is being created is low paid and more often part-time work, or worse still zero hour contract positions but the government know this of course. They are giving the green light to company bosses to change your working contracts, cut your hours, cut your pay and cut your pensions and if you think this is an overreaction then you only have to look to Grangemouth for confirmation. Grangemouth is not a one off, this kind of practice is now sweeping right across this country and mark my words it is coming to a private company, a public service, a hospital, a school, a factory, or a shop near you! The odds are being deliberately and heavily stacked against the workforce and in favour of the companies. Many of these companies are also being allowed to get away with paying little or no tax to the Treasury and to make matters worse, George Osborne has pledged to lower corporation tax, which means they'll be paying even less to exploit their workers!

Take Grangemouth and Ineos for example: Ineos has been allowed to avoid paying UK tax for years and its finances are a complete mystery yet this has been ignored. How many workers and small businesses would be allowed to get away without paying their tax? What about Vodafone they owe the British Treasury at least £6 billion and still more in interest, yet Osborne instructed their tax to be written off. Top Tory donor Sir Christopher Gent and personal friend of George Osborne and David Cameron was the former CEO of Vodafone!

Ineos and Jim Ratcliffe are out of control and they are holding Scotland to ransome. They've created a climate of fear and have forced decent working men and women into signing away their rights and pensions for which they have saved all their working lives - is this right? Think it cannot happen to you?

Last July the Government brought in rules that will now cost you between £160 and £250 to lodge a claim for unfair dismissal, with a further charge of between £230 and £950 if the case goes ahead and if you are forced to take your employer to tribunal for discrimination, detriment and dismissal, these claims attract even higher fees. The Ministry of Justice also charges fees of £400 to lodge an appeal and £1200 for a full hearing. Question: "How many people who have been unfairly dismissed will have the money to challenge for unfair dismissal at a tribunal?" The Government and Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, Vince Cable have in effect stymied those affected and removed any chance of challenging corrupt practices and they have got away with it, mainly because this Tory controlled government have managed to divide and rule the public and the workforce we are nothing but lowly pawns in their power games!

The scales are being loaded in favour of the banks, the bosses, the conglomerates, the corporations and the multi-nationals. What happened to the workers of Grangemouth could now happen to any worker anywhere in this country, workers are left bare and and badly exposed and defenceless and open to abuse. All those ordinary people call yourself workers, or middle class or whatever you want who are cheerleading for this Tory led government need to realise it could be their turn next and probably will be! Not too many companies are going to carry on paying their workers properly and provide proper pay and conditions when they can get away with paying nothing on zero hour contracts or are being sent a regular supply of full-time labour from Jobcentres under the guise of a government workfare scheme!

Health and safety in the workplace, workers rights, pay and conditions are all up for change.

It appears that business leaders of big companies want all the gain of trading within the EU but do want to accept any responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of their workers in the workplace and we have a prime minister in the shape of David Cameron and a government hell bent on seeing that these unscrupulous companies get what they want. Once again we see the PM on the side of big business at the expense of the workers and people of this country.

Recently a taskforce of six business leaders delivered its report to David Cameron with 30 recommendations for cutting health and safety regulations to make it easier for their businesses.

Among those recommendations was:
  • Acquired rights directive changed so that companies being taken over can change employees can have their contracts changed more easily by their new employers.
  • New rules on workers rights and pregnant worker proposals should be axed.
  • Removing the right of the company to have written health and safety records
  • No right to sick leave
  • More rights to hire people on zero hour contracts
  • Drop plans for strict rules on food labelling
  • Remove unnecessary proposals on shale gas
Can you see a picture emerging here?
  1. Divide and Rule
  2. Drive down pay and conditions
  3. Remove Workers rights
  4. Stack the odds in favour of the companies and their bosses
  5. Make it difficult for workers to claim unfair dismissal
  6. Relax Health and Safety Laws
  7. Reformed disabled peoples rights in the workplace as well as stripping them of every benefit they can possibly be stripped of.
  8. Drive the workforce who the Tories laughingly refer to as "hard working people" by fear and intimidation eg: work for peanuts or pick litter up in the streets, or work on a government workfare scheme full-time just for your JSA - your choice!
So what is it all about?

Recently the chancellor came back from communist China telling us we British are "second rate" people and Britain is a second rate country and we should all be more like China. Strange because just a week previously he was accusing Ed Miliband of "getting all his policies from Das Kapital"! But then George Osborne is nothing if he is not inconsistent! 

What we are witnessing is an unspoken Conservative ideological agenda in action. Having successfully and deliberately divided public opinion, setting one half of the country against the other, private sector vs public sector, employed against the unemployed, and encouraged a hate campaign against those on benefits using the specific Tory hate campaign rhetoric; "shirkers, idlers; wasters, skivers; scroungers" etc the government have successfully split public opinion and divided us and are now in the process of imposing their draconian austerity and their agenda in devaluing much of the British workforce. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Cable and Alexander have moved to deliberately drive down the wages and salaries and terms and conditions of working people both in the public sector and the private sector, in order that they can now encourage investors from countries like China where the workforce is treated as expendable commodities and to ensure that the companies already here and British companies etc can compete with the Chinese companies in terms of low wages and virtually non existent fair working conditions.

Get ready for sweatshop Tory Britain 2013, it's here and if we allow it, it will be here to stay.

We are at a crossroads as a country, do we carry on blindly accepting the false Tory narrative that Britain is broke? That the worst global recession for 80 years and the international banking collapse was somehow all the previous Labour government's fault and if we don't 'do something' then we will end up like "basket case Greece"? (We could never have ended up like Greece because we are a Sovereign country with our own currency and were kept out of the Eurozone by Gordon Brown who tried to warn other countries against joining it). Or do we say "enough is enough" and stop allowing this unscrupulous dishonest incompetent Conservative government to walk all over us and keep feeding us their lies? If we carry on as we are in around five years time few will have job security (except those at the top), the NHS will have been lost to Tory privatisation, as will state education and the police, fire and paramedic services as much of the prison service and the probation service have already been privatised. If we do nothing in a few years time our entire country will be being run by companies like G4S, Serco and Capita and we will have become a low paid demoralised sweatshop economy.

Why else do you think that the Tories are hell bent on privatising everything? The Tories "small government" means selling off all the county's assets to foreign investors (electric, gas, water, BT, the Railways, now the NHS, education, Royal Mail and partly state owned bailed out banks), so they can devalue the workforce, rule by intimidation and fear of losing our jobs and or homes and thus creating a two tier economy in a two tier society. remember the next job could be yours and you have no protection anymore and few rights you are now free to be abused by your boss and this applies to public and private sector alike. Pensions, sick pay, holiday pay either gone or under review - 'Conservative sweatshop Britain'

Living in an unequal society is bad for us, bad for our children's futures and ultimately will be so bad for society that it will push people over the edge, look forward to civil unrest, lawlessness, looting and rioting on our streets as hungry people try to feed their families, think I am wrong? Think back to the summer riots of 2011, not quite the same, but see how easy it is to ignite when people feel they have finally had enough? Think back to the Conservative party's and Margaret Thatcher's poll tax riots of 1990, the lessons of history are staring at us in the face.

How much do people want their children to grow up in a grossly unequal society where they feel grossly undervalued and have little or no prospect of getting a proper job with proper pay and proper conditions?

People must force themselves to think about the legacy they are handing their children if we allow this Conservative government to proceed unchallenged. It is not the legacy of the great 2008 global crash we should be worried about, it is the legacy that is now being mapped out in Downing street by a former PR con man in Cameron and an ex towel folder in Osborne aided and abetted by corrupt lobbyists and government advisers from banks, hedge funds, private equity companies, private health companies, energy conglomerates and corporations and a party called the Liberal Democrats who no longer knows it's arses from its collective elbows. We are being overrun by people from Eton who haven't a clue what it is like to live on the breadline or in fear of the postman and the next big energy bill falling on the mat, or finding the money to feed the family. Look at the sudden rise in the number of foodbanks and thousands queuing up to get long life food to feed their families on, this is all down to this government and their dogmatic agenda.

People must ask themselves if they really want their children to live in a country with little or no proper healthcare/NHS or adequate state education? Because this is what is happening, right here and right now and if we do nothing to stop it, so it will be and so it will be because we allowed it to be so!

This government are mapping your child's future out now, think about that and ask yourself do you really like the kind of selfish, harsh nasty society they are making? Sweatshops, part-time work, low paid work, zero hour contracts? Government workfare litter picking schemes? Being forced to work full-time for companies for under £80 per week JSA, the same companies who make hefty donations to the Conservative party coffers.  A country with little or no social  housing and virtually no chance of buying a place to live? What will be next, estates filled with boxes like in shanty towns where people are forced to live because they can no longer afford to live anywhere else?

Where is panicking George Osborne's 'Help to buy'  'Funding for Lending' schemes leading us? Another crash timed for just after the next election when interest rates will suddenly be increased by Osborne's Patsy Bank of England Governor Mark Carney?

Yet more ready made excuses to impose more austerity measures on us? Reduce our working rights, pay and conditions still further? Allow more Chinese companies in to set up their own sweatshops to supply their own cheap shops which will start springing up on every single High Street in every single part of this country, while Osborne reduces their tax burden and increases ours?

Allow more foreign investors in to create a monopoly of our markets, and force us to pay even more for our gas, electricity and water? The Tories have *ALREADY* subcontracted part of the running of this country out to these energy conglomerates and now they are allowing in the Communist Chinese Government and the French Government to place a stranglehold on what price we will pay for our electricity for the next 35 years. While in their respective countries they enjoy cheap energy because we in Britain are being forced to pay for it.

Ask yourself how many bosses in the Conservative supporting CBI, the banks, multinationals, energy conglomerates, corporations, hedge funds and private equity funds do you see waiving their pension rights? Their multi million pound bonuses? Their multi million pound pay packets? How much bedroom tax are these people forced to pay for their mansions?

Ask Sammy Laidlaw the boss of British Gas conglomerate Centrica who just hiked the price of our gas and
electricity  by 10% by pleading poverty for his energy company while forgetting to mention his company is both the producer and buyer of energy, so they set the price and buy off of themselves and refuse to tell us for how much. Mr Laidlaw has just applied for permission to build a second huge heated swimming pool in the grounds of his sprawling Cotswolds mansion. Don't be too hard on him though, after all he must try and spend some of the £5 million he earns each year (at our expense).

Eton educated as our prime minister and chancellor Sam Laidlaw has the PM covering his back and sticking up for him and his swimming pools and his millionaire lifestyle. The irony of him heating two huge swimming pools while David Cameron tells us to put on an extra jumper and stay in one room to keep warm rather than stand up to these energy bosses and force them to put their prices down. While this government deliberately drive down our standards of living and allow the cost of living to get completely out of control because the PM is in cahoots with all the bosses and the bankers. Until last December, Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw whose father was Chairman of BP Oil, was a close adviser of David Cameron in Downing Street.

Sam Laidlaw once had  words of praise for David Cameron, when he sat on the PM's business advisory council.
“The Budget we’ve just had was very supportive of business, and I think people need to judge by the track record rather than by some of the rhetoric. Business needs to be behind the Government as well.”

We are being governed by "predators" who have rigged the system and who are being aided to rig the system by the Conservative prime minister.

We are in effect gradually slipping back to the Victorian sweatshop age, no wonder George Osborne looks up to that age with such affection, it looks like he Cameron and Clegg have modelled their entire Tory controlled government ethos on it.

So if you want to work long hours in unacceptable conditions for low pay and you don't mind that this is all your children will have to look forward to, then vote Conservative at the next general election and give them permission to carry on devaluing our country and devaluing our workers and citizens, while standing up for the energy conglomerates, corporations and big business. Meanwhile I leave you to the words:
It is a national evil that any class of Her Majesty’s subjects should receive less than a living wage in return for their utmost exertions… where you have what we call sweated trades, you have no organisation, no parity of bargaining, the good employer is undercut by the bad and the bad by the worst; the worker, whose whole livelihood depends upon the industry, is undersold by the worker who only takes up the trade as a second string… where these conditions prevail you have not a condition of progress, but a condition of progressive degeneration.
Winston Churchill.
At least one Tory knew the value of our people.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Weekend and Another Coalition 'Crisis'

"Coalition Crisis"

Must be the weekend because the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has popped up again to try and con us all into believing that there is yet another 'coalition crisis'. Clegg has had more crises than he's had hot dinners! How many 'crises' to date have the Liberal Democrats had?  One seems to come along every week.

What do these crises ever do? What do they prove? Apparently zero, nada, zilch, nothing! Absolutely nothing, because as each Lib Dem crisis come and go, nothing ever changes, things stay exactly as they were before. I think the Liberal Democrat 'crises' need crisis management to make them appear more authentic.

Can you think of one single Liberal Democrat Coalition crisis that has developed into anything remotely useful to the British people?

This week's crisis is apparently because Nick Clegg doesn't like "free schools" and the fact they are not obligated to follow the national curriculum or employ properly trained teachers. It's an odd one because the "now you see me - now you don't" slippery dodgy 50,000 monetary reasons why not to trust the Liberal Democrat Education Minister David Laws (who caused his own faux crisis nicked £50,000 from the taxpayer was given a holiday from the HoC for 7 days and then awarded a job in cabinet) was fully backing the coalition government's free school policy in the HoC just a few days ago. Very odd because Nick Clegg  is the Deputy Prime Minister who would like us to know that he has a hand in all matters of education policy and who at every chance he gets slips in: "pupil premium - pupil premium - pupil premium" (three times - you count), doesn't seem to realise that this policy was announced at the beginning of the coalition, so why has it taken Nick Clegg the DPM over three years to decide he doesn't like it and cause another coalition "crisis" now? Could it possibly be because his master the Prime Minister wants to try and drag Labour, Ed Miliband and the energy crisis off of the front pages and the top of the news? In fact Labour have been saying for many months that these free schools should only be opened in in areas where school places are needed and that they must have qualified teachers and follow the national curriculum. Does "Nick agree with with Ed"? Pity Nick didn't agree with Ed over the NHS, then perhaps the Liberal Democrats would not now be fully endorsing the Tory privatisation and fire sale of our NHS to their mates in the private healthcare industry. Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about repealing the health and Social Care Act (which Nick voted for and which is now destroying the NHS)
Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed over freezing energy prices. Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about sacking Atos. pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about repealing the bedroom tax. Pity Nick doesn't cause a coalition crisis over the soaring use of foodbanks under his watch or the rapidly rising homelessness. Or those being forced into debt and are having their lives blighted with court summonses and CCJs through no fault of their own.

The only crisis I want to see is the back of the Liberal Democrats at the next general election, it's too late now for them to cause a real crisis and walk away from the cruel out of touch Tory government which Nick and all his crises are helping to keep in power.

However, there is a general election coming up in 2015, so we can expect to see an increase in the number of  these man made Lib Dem crises.

I wonder what the Liberal Democrat "coalition crisis" will be next weekend?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Second Rate Britain Needs To Be More Like China" Mr Osborne? Do You Remember Sheffield Forgemasters?

It really beggars belief that George Osborne can make comments about Britain being "second rate" and that we "should be more like China", has he forgotten what he and his myopic government did to Sheffield Forgemasters back in 2010 when they first assumed power?

Sheffield Forgemasters (SF) is a world leader in it its field and is also the oldest steel producer on earth; most other countries would have made it a national icon and bent over backwards to help, but not the Conservatives, not David Cameron, not Nick Clegg, not George Osborne and not Vince Cable, instead they decided to renege on a loan promised to them by the previous Labour government.

And Osborne has the nerve to accuse us of being "defeatist and unambitious"?

The government said that they would not loan the £80 million needed because Forgemasters were a private company; so are the construction industries that the government is currently underwriting with public money, so are the banks who this government are underwriting loans for, to give to people who cannot afford them to place as deposits for mortgages they cannot afford. Public money can be found for all manner of private companies and public money can be found to subsidise all of the private companies who benefit from the 100,000 people on government workfare schemes forced to work full-time for around £70 per week JSA, but public money could not be found for vital industry that this country needs and in the north of England too?!

Forgemasters manufactures massive specialist precision components for the nuclear power industry and parts for Polaris submarines. It is strategically important to the UK as it holds an ASME certificate (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) that enables the making of new generation nuclear power plants that are required the world over, parts that will definitely be required by the Chinese to build the nuclear power station that George Osborne wants them to build in this country.

Such a vital contract would have made billions for the country and provided hundreds of quality careers and apprenticeships.

Before 2010, Forgemasters spent two years raising £140 million to build a 15,000-ton press to forge huge precisions pressure vessels for nuclear reactors. The previous Labour government had promised to loan SF a further £80 million to buy vital parts for the press. This money would have been paid back to the Treasury with dividends. It would have put Britain right at the forefront of new green nuclear power technology, which in turn would have supported both national and local economies and the subsidiary companies supplying Forgemasters too.
“Somewhere along the line in Britain there were bits that were great about British industry that we allowed to wither. George Osbonre 18/10/2013

Thanks to the "withering" of Osborne, Cameron, Clegg and Cable,  in 2011 Forgemasters gave up trying to fund the 15,000-ton press and the orders were lost! 

And George Osborne goes to China visits a few places they want him to see and comes back and blames us for being short sighted and he has the audacity to trash the attitudes of people in this country? You cannot make this incompetent shower of buffoons up, you really can't

Since osborne and the Treasury reneged on the loan, the only other company capable of doing the work is Japan and it will not be big enough to cope with demand.

Now as Britain's coal-fired plants are being decommissioned Britain became incapable of building its own nuclear power stations.

So if China is allowed to enter this country and build a nuclear power station, from where is it going to get the nuclear power reactors so vital to its function?

How narrow sighted are this government that decided to pull the plug on a promised loan which would now have probably seen that company expanding and taking on staff and apprentices and he has the cheek to say this:
Dismissing suggestions that China has a “sweatshop” economy, he said he wished Britain would be more like the communist country. 

“I also feel a bit like, my God, we’ve really got to up our game as a country, and the whole of the West has to understand what is happening here in Asia,” 
I also find it absurd that just a week ago George Osborne was referring to Ed Miliband's policy plans as "Das Kapital" and here he is this week singing the praises of the People's Republic of China!

In Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron were castigating Labour Leader for being "Red Ed" and "Marxist". This ridiculous coalition government should learn what it really wants, preferably before they push us all of the edge of a financial cliff!

Osborne claimed, as he waited in Hong Kong for a flight home, that the positive attitude of the country during the Victorian era and while Margaret Thatcher was prime minister has been lost 
“I do think there’s an ambition in the country and a sense of optimism and 'can do’ which our country had in the Victorian age and had at other points in our history,” he said.

 We all know George wants to take the country back to the Victorian age and it is something this government have had particular success with. We have people working full-time for £72 JSA for Tory funding friends of the Conservative party. People will soon be forced to pick up litter all day every day for £70 per week. We have soaring use of foodbanks, escalating poverty, people in fuel poverty forced to choose between heating or eating; children turning up for school in inadequate footwear and clothing and starving hungry and it has been teachers who are feeding them. People who have never been in debt before are now suddenly receiving court summonses for non payment of council tax since the government cut their benefits, these are mainly people IN WORK but on low pay or part-time or zero hour contracts. We even have the Red Cross distributing food parcels to folk in Britain, something they haven't done for 70 years! What next Victorian debtors prison and workhouses? Or perhaps some of his rich mates have open fires where we can send little children up chimneys?

If George Osborne and David Cameron believe that China is doing so well and the UK really should be more like China then why is Osborne forcing austerity on the UK when China has done the extreme opposite and behaved like Keynes on speed? Now Osborne's draconian austerity measures have failed, he has taken to travelling the world floundering about for ideas and going cap in hand to the People's Republic of China while trying to deflect blame for his failures onto us, the unemployed, the poor, the disabled and the previous Labour government, while allowing his City friends and Tory party funders the bankers to get away with their financial crimes against this country's economy and other economies.  Recently while the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband was forcing the energy debate up to the top of the agenda and trying to help real families with energy costs by coming up with an energy price freeze plan, George Osborne was in Europe sticking up for his mates the banksters and their bonuses. Let's be very clear, Osborne is taking the sides of the bankers who caused the mess in this country and is going to fight the EU in court on their behalf  using taxpayers money to foot the bankers legal bills, while hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to use foodbanks and choose between heating or eating.

Let's also be very clear, having inherited a growing economy in recovery from the previous Labour Government, Osborne immediately imposed harsh austerity measures slamming on the brakes of the recovery which was already underway destroying the 2.7% growth they inherited from Labour and forcing the country it into recession. In the process of doing that Osborne pushed unemployment up and managed to lose the UK's triple A credit rating from two major agencies and several minor agencies (something he set his reputation on keeping). Osborne still hasn't managed to recover economic growth to where he inherited it in 2010.

This Tory led coalition government are wholly responsible for three wasted years, if they had followed what Labour were doing (a much more gentle version of China's economic policy) then there is absolutely no doubt that growth today would be more than double the 2.7% this government inherited from Labour and the country would not now be standing on the international stage profoundly embarrassed about the plight of poverty that hundreds of thousands of our citizens are now living in.

Osborne says that the Chinese economy is not built on sweatshops - how does he know? He has only seen and visited the places the Chinese government want him to see and visit, they will not be allowing him to see the thousands toiling away in sweatshops for slave labour making cheap shoddy goods that stock our pound shops to the brim and not just this country either, Spain is full of them too! In fact the Spanish government is so keen to allow the Chinese into their country (just like Osborne is planning to do with his giveaway visas on demand for the UK) that they have waived the taxes that the Chinese have to pay so they can continue to import container loads of cheap goods made in Chinese sweatshops for sale all over Spain, which is having a terrible effect on local Spanish economies who cannot compete.

Osborne stated that the Chinese economy is now made up out of high tech it is no longer an economy of sweatshops. Really? I have no doubt that some of it is, but the main bulk of Chinese exports is still in knock-offs and cheap stuff that fill our pound shops which are on all of our high streets stocked with goods sold wholesale to them for pennies, so how can China be anything other than filled with sweatshops? .

Ever since this government came in they have been forcing living standards down and destroying working rights. People are being forced to work for low pay in part-time dead end jobs and over a 100,000 are currently employed in government workfare schemes and are being forced to work in shops like Poundland for their JSA under threat of losing it if they refuse. Another scheme shortly to come in is the Tories forcing people to either work in these places, join a workfare scheme, or pick up litter for their JSA.

It seems that this has been part of the Tories plan all along, to force down wages and workers rights, to make it cheap for employers so the British economy of low paid and sweatshops can be run along the lines of the Chinese economy. To make it attractive for Chinese businessmen to come to this country and set up their businesses to tap into a ready supply of cheap slave labour.

China is also the country that is stocking the "Head Shops" with 'legal highs' that are now appearing on all our high streets. China is also the country that is supplying ice cream vendors, garages, university students and anyone else who wants to make some cash on the side by selling legal highs.

The British economy is not on a sustainable course of economic recovery, it is entering something we all came to know very well between 1979 and 1997 "Tory Boom and Bust". Growth is coming from a toxic mix of cheap credit, debt, and a government being profligate with taxpayers money in underwriting the banks to offer cheap credit to encourage people to take out loans they cannot afford to use as deposits for mortgages they cannot afford  and by the City of London being the money laundering capital of the world.

Why wouldn't the Chinese want to open their banks here?
Why wouldn't the Chinese be queuing up to grab and control Britain?

After all Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are selling it all off, we own nothing and what little we do retain will soon be gone!

I knew the end was coming for our NHS, that is being privatised and sold off to Tory funding private healthcare companies, but it's worse than that - much worse.

The Tories are selling off our country to foreign investors, the types that put millions into the coffers of the Conservative party, soon we will have no country, it will be an empty shell after the Tories fire sale of everything we hold dear, from British steel industries, to the NHS to our Royal Mail.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Great "Falling Unemployment" Myth

Once again we are told that unemployment has fallen by 18,000 and that those claiming job seekers allowance (JSA) has also fallen by 40,000.

This is a complete fallacy. The Labour party and economists should be pointing out the huge gamble Osborne is taking with our economy, they should be pointing to the fact that this government are inventing ways to hide the true picture of unemployment, they should be exposing the lies that it is falling by pointing to the massive growth in part-time work, zero hour contracts and low paid jobs and the fact that we have thousands of unemployed hidden on government workfare schemes at any one time, which is complete skewing the true number of unemployed.

It is all part of the great falling unemployment myth! 

The government are simply lying when they say that the private sector has created a million jobs since the election in 2010, they haven't! 

So how many new jobs have been created?

According to the Office National Statistics evidence there has not been one million private sector jobs created it is only 659.328

According to the ONS, 196,000 people were recategorised as a result, meaning that "the reclassification therefore results in a large fall in public sector employment and a corresponding large increase in private sector employment between March and June 2012."

Since 2012 it is not only in higher education that former public sector jobs have been reclassified, this process is now also taking place in mainstream education. When teachers formerly employed in state schools were public sector employees and they join free schools they are then classed as private sector teachers. It is also within the NHS on a very large scale. When companies such as Richard Branson's Virgin Care take over NHS services the staff formerly employed as public sector workers etc,  nurses, care assistants and all ancillary staff  are then no longer public sector workers, they are reclassified as private sector workers.

It is seriously deceitful to refer to all these positions as "new" as the Prime Minister does, as they are not the result of an increase in employment but rather a change in the way the figures are compiled.

Yesterday the Prime Minister deliberately misled parliament when he claimed that one million jobs in the private sector had been created and this morning we have the Conservative party "Numpty in Chief" Chairman Grant Shapps upping the anti and claiming that in fact there has been 1.4 million jobs created in the private sector. This is the trouble with liars, they forget what they have said and their claims become even more absurd, perhaps Shapps should check with the ONS before he makes misleading claims in future?

Grant Shapps and the Prime Minister must also stop using statistics from February; March; April and May 2010, these are jobs which were created under the former Labour government, to use these figures is deliberately misleading the British public. Jan-Mar 2010 28,807 Feb-Apr 2010 28,842 Mar-May 2010 28,930 Apr-Jun 2010 28,975 May-Jul 2010 29,118 When you exclude these months then the total number of 'new' jobs created falls sharply to just 855.328 and from this total you must subtract the 196,000 from Higher education which gives a figure of 659.328. However to get to a proper figure the government MUST subtract all public sector workers jobs in mainstream education and the NHS etc that have simply been reclassified as private sector jobs, because they are simply NOT new! The net remaining figure is a far cry from the ridiculous lie that David Cameron keeps perpetuating.

There is also another anomaly. Yesterday's unemployment figures said the unemployment fell by 18,000 and that those claiming JSA fell by 40,000. If this is so and unemployment really did fall by 18,000 and JSA claimants fall by 40,000? Where is the government hiding the missing 22,000?

All of a sudden when the over a 100,000 people being hidden on government workfare schemes working full time for their JSA and NOT being counted on the unemployment register and those on part-time jobs and zero hour contracts are added to the unemployed total, it is likely to jump by over 500,000 over night.

The government must stop lying to us and start telling us the real truth about the economy, the false recovery and the true number of unemployed.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tory Message To All Immigrants - Britain is Closed (Unless You Are Chinese)

Right from the very start of their assumed position in government the Conservative party aided and abetted by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners introduced a concerted campaign to attack immigrants. They have deliberately misinformed people, deliberately misled people and is some cases have blatantly lied to people about immigration.

A few months ago the Tories employed the Australian lobbyist Lynton Crosby as an election strategist and it is no coincidence that the government's attacks on immigrants have intensified since his arrival in Downing Street. This is no surprise, Crosby is not known for his tolerance of immigrants and he helped former Australian PM John Howard to win an election after running a particularly vehement campaign playing to people's fears and prejudices about immigration. Crosby is now doing exactly the same in the UK.

Immigration being used as a blunt weapon is not only happening in countries such as Australia, it is also now widespread right across Europe, anti-immigration is now almost becoming a global problem and is starting to restrict the movements of people necessary to keep the global economy on course. The number of anti-immigration parties across Europe is rising and we should all be extreme concerned about this. We are now fast approaching a situation where people hate each other for no other reason than because they are foreign. Wars have been started for a lot less!

It's no coincidence that the rise of fascism was also seen after the 1929 stock market crash and now the same thing is happening again after the great 2008 crash, particularly across Europe. In stoking the flames of immigration to be used solely for political gain David Cameron, George Osborne and the Tory and Liberal Democrat parties are literally playing with fire and it appears that Cameron is willing to go a lot further in order to win lost Conservative voters back from Ukip. Which is why during last summer we saw vans with advertising hoardings on the sides ordering immigrants to go home or face arrest and deportation. These vans were deliberately sent into areas with high immigrant population and they stoked up fears, resentment.

The government have blamed immigrants for "taking all our jobs" for being "health tourists" and "claiming benefits" and being "scroungers, idlers and cheats" etc. They may not say it outright but this is the message they are deliberately cultivating and putting out.

The Tories are trying to force hospital doctors, GPs and landlords to become pseudo immigration officers and are going to make it harder for immigrants to obtain a house, driving license and a bank account. It wont be long before people are dying preventable deaths and are dying starving and homeless on our streets. The UK is not going forward in the acceptance of others, we are being put into reverse by the government and are careering backwards!

There is a very nasty undercurrent in this country, far worse now than it was when we had the 'National Front' marauding on our streets painting their swastika slogans on the houses and properties of immigrants, at least we could treat them with disdain and the contempt they deserved as coming from bigoted people of limited intelligence, but to have this kind of prejudicial effluent flowing from the British government is not only abhorrent, it is extremely dangerous! Couple that with what is happening in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, France etc and we have the makings of an extremely frightening disaster with catastrophic consequences. If more than one of these political parties were ever elected to government, the thought of what could happen is spine chilling!

Now it appears that the British government is putting out conflicting messages. To paraphrase, while internally to the British people (especially those members now deserting the Tories for Ukip) the Conservatives backed by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners want to appear "tough on immigration and tough on the causes of immigration" they seem to be tying themselves up in knots.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has restricted immigrants from countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa AND China etc, making it hard for them to get visas. These measures are also restricting immigrants from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Speaking in Beijing today the chancellor George Osborne who is on a trade mission with the London Mayor Boris Johnson has given a very telling speech. While trying to blame everyone else for the failures of the coalitions own immigration policies he also said;
"We have had something like a 60% reduction in immigration from New Zealand and I'm not sure that is entirely what we wanted to achieve."

Boris Johnson said:
"in an ideal world" Mr Cameron would make control over access from EU countries part of his renegotiation with Brussels. 
He called for longer periods before people coming to Britain could claim UK benefits, but admitted the way forward was now "very, very hard". 
"You have got to crack down on illegal immigrants and stop them coming with a much tougher border regime. But at the same time you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater."
"I'm pleased that the Government has listened to the many voices, mine included, who have called repeatedly for a streamlining and simplification of the Chinese visa system.
George Osborne said:

"We already have 130,000 Chinese students like you studying in Britain. 
"I want more of you to come. And more Chinese visitors too. 
"Let me make this clear to you and to the whole of China. There is no limit to the number of Chinese who can study in Britain 
"No limit to the number of Chinese tourists who can visit. 
"No limit on the amount of business we can do together. For in the end what is a true dialogue?

Osborne said that there will be changes to the way people from China will be treated when applying for entry to the UK.
The changes will include reducing the need for Chinese visitors to submit separate visa applications for Britain and travel agents will be able to apply for UK visas simply by submitting just the EU's Schengen area visa form.
From next summer a new 24 hour "super priority" visa service will become available and the Tory government is also looking at expanding a VIP mobile visa service, currently operating in Beijing and Shanghai to the whole of China's population.
Chinese will get help with British teams going out to applicants to collect their completed forms and biometric data, with whole process taking less than five minutes, thousands of new visa applications can be approved in a very short time.

Apparently the move is welcomed by UK business who have complained that the Tories change to immigration policies was discouraging high-spending Chinese visitors from coming to Britain.

George Osborne insisted:
it was time to change British perceptions of China from the view that it is a "big sweatshop on the banks of the river" just making cheap manufacturing goods.

He also said:
"I want us to be part of China's success. I don't see it as a threat to us. I see it as a great opportunity because there are many millions of people we can sell British goods and services to."

So apparently  it's OK if you are one of the millions of Chinese that want to head on over to the UK to spend some of their gigantic credit bubble money, we will make it as easy as possible.

I would warn China that the last country the Tory chancellor extolled the praises of was Ireland, apparently we could all learn from them "if only we were brave enough", he said this shortly before Ireland's banks collapsed. It doesn't exactly fill one with confidence does it?
What happens when China's massive credit bursts? They are already propping their economy up by building ghost shopping malls and towns and cities which no one can afford to do business in or live in, they are just standing empty.

I would advise George Osborne to watch the following video and not tie the UK economy in with the Chinese economy, because like his own housing bubble the Chinese housing and credit bubble is terrifying, if that goes pop, and we have heavy trade links with China then so are we going to go bust!

Why is this government trying to  prop up our economy on the Chinese economy which will inevitably crash?

Why is our government trying to make it easy for the Chinese to come into the UK while making it difficult for people from other poor countries harder? Also for the rest of Europe?

Never mind the millions of poorer Chinese people who will enter the UK quite legally with their fast tracked visas and never return to China. How does the government propose to stop this happening?

Never mind China's appalling human rights abuses eh George? Just as long as you can get your hands on their filthy lucre made off of the backs of the poor forced to toil in those sweatshops you mention. Or the poor Chinese people that have been displaced by their own government in order that still more miles and miles and miles of tower blocks and shops with false facades on can stand empty year upon year upon year. Meanwhile poor jobless people scrabble about on the roadside trying to salvage the bricks of what was once their homes.

If the Chinese are investing in our energy and nuclear power stations, then what happens when those investors lose all their money in the Chinese crash when it comes? (and come it will) Our lights really will go out then.

Osborne, Cameron and Johnson are leading this country blindly into a terrifying scenario, this will  make the crash of 2008 look like a blip.

China's human rights record is appalling.

It's only Chinese money and Britain wants it make no mistake about that and the British government is willing to overlook that fact that dues to China's one child policy, newborn infants (especially females) are just tossed aside in gutters in the road, or on rubbish dumps and left to die, alone, cold, hungry and that these babies are often the product of forced abortions, where the family planning officials come to break down the door in the early hours of the morning and take a terrified screaming pregnant woman away to purposefully murder her baby and then after a forced abortion (often carried out late in the pregnancy) the baby is just thrown into a bucket by the side of the bed next to the distraught mother - her crime for this is to have a second child.

This is the kind of country our Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government are clamouring to do business with!

As long as you are from a country like China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, you will be able to get into Britain relatively easily, but if you are from one of the poorer countries and you do not have much money, you will be discriminated against by the British government.

But money is king apparently.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

15 Minutes of Care - The True Cost of Tory Privatisation

The fifteen minute turnaround is the stark realisation of how privatisation of our NHS, social care and welfare will do irreparable harm to actual real people in their real lives in our communities. Apparently Cameron and Osborne think it is OK to print money to buy them votes in an insane housing policy that will lead to the inevitable wrecking of the economy, but we are told we cannot afford to fund local authorities properly in order that they can pay for and thus provide adequate social care.

The thought of our elderly and disabled being abused by our government like this should have us all up in arms demanding that something be done immediately, but in truth it was soon forgotten in the right wing newspapers and broadcast media.

Everyone should be asking themselves what has become of our country where we used to care for others and where accepting this kind of treatment would have caused outrage? Why are we allowing this appalling treatment of our most vulnerable defenceless people?

David Cameron is always available for photo shoots when it means great publicity for him in the recent Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards he was very willing to be photographed with a wonderful lady 91 year old Jean Bishop, who has been collecting for charity dressed as a bee for 18 years and raised £100,000, however, would the PM be just as willing to be photographed with a 91 year old immobile person who was being forced to choose between having a drink or going to the toilet, because carers can only stay for 15 mins to get  them up toileted, washed and dressed? Would he like his elderly and or disabled relatives treated in this fashion?

Don't blame the carers, this is how long they are told they can stay, if they stay for longer they do not get paid, as it is they probably get around £1.58 for their 15 minutes of work which multiplied by four is the minimum wage. (£6.31). Unlike MPs carers do not get paid petrol money or travel expenses and they have to buy their own lunch. They are also employed on zero hour contracts. These jobs constitute a vast majority of the jobs that Cameron and Osborne are always bragging about being made in the private sector.
These jobs used to be done by people employed by the local authority who worked in teams of people led by qualified nurses, they were not paid by the patient, they were paid by the hour, they had proper jobs, with proper pay and they gave a proper service.

When David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt try to make capital out slandering the former Health Secretary Andy Burnham about Mid Staffs hospital, do they forget about the appalling neglect which is currently happening on their watch right now? It is the great unspoken outrage that is happening in the villages, towns, City streets up and down this country. Elderly and disabled people everywhere being left filthy, unwashed and neglected and hungry and in some cases dying of starvation, by staff who hardly get a foot in the door before they have to leave.

Does Cameron not want us to know about the terrible heartbreaking case of the 81 year old bedridden lady who suffered with dementia and was entirely dependent upon four daily visits from carers sent from a *PRIVATE* agency contracted by the local authority to look after her. But for NINE days she was starved to death because she was left bedridden without her medication, water and food after the care company that sent in workers was raided by immigration for employing black market illegal immigrant workers. Read More Here

When are people going to wake-up and realise what this government are doing to our country and what they are turning it into? It will be too late when it is *YOUR* mum, dad or grandparent or relative on the receiving end of this substandard treatment, or even you!

This is nothing short of an absolute disgrace, it is degrading abusive treatment of our elderly, brought to us by the government that gives millionaires an average of £100,000 tax break and paying for it are these people who are having their services cut.

This is the ugly face of capitalism free market, this is what privatisation does to our public services, this is what is now happening to our NHS and education services. This is what is now happening across the board in the NHS, social care, welfare etc taxpayers money being taken out of our public services and paid to shareholders and bosses.

The government are selling off our Public Services, NHS, Education, Police, Fire Service, Paramedics and above is the true cost of privatisation. The agencies that provide this care are milking off £250,000 in wages from the public purse, running around in plush Mercedes while their workers travel to their patients on buses etc and do not even get a travel allowance and elderly people are forced to have their breakfast while sitting on the toilet, it's that or nothing.  This is privatisation - Is it what you want?

This is why we need a Labour government back, this is why we desperately need the former Health Secretary Andy Burnham's National Care Service, and don't let this appalling hideous mongrel coalition government tell you any different!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Who and What Was Behind The Attack On Ed Miliband's Father, Ralph Miliband?

Well it's certainly been an eventful few weeks on the political scene which has been completely dominated by Ed Miliband leader of the Labour opposition. Ed Miliband managed to turn the conference season on its head at the same time as light a fire underneath British politics, the Conservative party, the big six energy companies and now the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, and their editor in chief paul Dacre. Much to the disgust of the Tories and their mates in the right wing press Ed Miliband has shown that he knows how to set the political agenda. Once again Ed Miliband marches fearlessly on where other politicians fear to tread! He wrong footed the Tories and drove a coach and horses through their plan of attack and sent them scurrying off in all directions. If the Tories did believe their own hype and perceived Ed Miliband as weak, they now know very different and so does the editor in chief of the Daily mail and Mail on Sunday, Paul Dacre, the editor who is now the story.

The accusation was that if Ed Miliband talked about his family this somehow made it OK for the Mail to smear and denigrate his father's memory, a man who fought for and was prepared to die for this country. Publish lies, say he "hated Britain" say that he was "evil" and show a picture of his headstone carrying a tasteless pun caption "a grave socialist" and tell everyone where the grave could be found. And because it was near the grave of Karl Marx the mail alluded that this somehow made Ralph Miliband a bad person! On receiving a complaint from ed Miliband in person the Mail decided to allow him the right of reply, only to surround it with yet more turgid insults and lies. If things were not bad enough, the Sunday Mail decided to allow two journalists to gatecrash a private memorial service held at Guy's Hospital for Ed Miliband's uncle doctor Professor Harry Keen, and try to intrude on people's grief by asking them questions about Ralph Miliband.

This was done primarily because Labour had had a good conference where they were expected to fail, Ed Miliband had given a brilliant speech and they had announced popular eye catching proposals and Ed Miliband and Labour have completely wrong footed the Tories and the right wing press, and this tipped Dacre and Downing street into one of their now infamous rages. The last rant and rage they had was a few weeks back over Syria when Ed Miliband refused to back a warmongering David Cameron and William Hague, stood up to the US and President Obama and say no to launching a missile attack on Syria. Ed Miliband actually prevented David Cameron from making the biggest mistake of his political career and for his trouble had to personally endure being lambasted in the right wing press, called a coward, weak, and was even compared to Hitler and called a "copper bottomed s***" and a "f****** c***" by David Cameron and his spin doctors in Downing Street. Turned out that once again ed Miliband was right and because of him listening to the British public and doing the right thing, it set a favourable chain of events off that will probably see the destruction of chemical weapons and could also see all parties brought around the table to try and end the bloody civil war in Syria, none of which may have happened if Miliband had meekly given in to the arrogant foul mouthed bullying of prime minister David Cameron.

There was naked panic in Downing Street and something had to be done so what I would like to know is how much collusion there was between Cameron's lobbyist spin doctor  Aussie attack dingo, Lynton Crosby and Paul Dacre the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday? it was certainly no coincidence that this article appeared in the Mail last Saturday the day before the start of the Tory conference.

I would like to know who exactly it was who was desperate enough to attack the son and his politics by denigrating the memory of the well liked, well respected academic Ralph Miliband? Whose idea was it to defile the name of a father in order to attack the son, using the most foul and dirtiest of politics, lies, smears and innuendos? Pretty stupid thing to do, if you are going to attack the family of a politician, perhaps Dacere should have considered his own family's reputation first? The Daily mail who cosied up to Hitler and printed the headline "Hurrah for the Blackshirts". Paul Dacre had a father who "loved Britain" so much that he stashed all his money away in offshore accounts and paid no tax to the British treasury, while accusing others of tax dodging and also refused to fight for the country.

 Watch Mehdi Hassan savage the Daily Mail on BBC Question Time.

If this plan to attack Mr Miliband was hatched between Dacre and other Daily Mail employees and the Conservative party, then it would not be the first time such an orchestrated smear campaign has been launched on Labour or other opposition parties, it also happened in the run up to the 2010 general election after Nick Clegg had had a successful live leadership debate. George Osborne then met with four newspaper editors on the Monday after the debate and on the eve of the next live TV debate four muckraking stories appeared in the national press, the Daily Mail was one of them. The same thing had been happening to Labour and Gordon Brown for two years, especially in the Sun when wildly inaccurate stories made their way into print.

This is a nasty ugly culture in the Daily Mail and it starts from the top all the way to the bottom, it starts with the cowardly bullying narcissist Paul Dacre, who can dish it out but cannot take it. The man who refuses to defend himself on TV and put himself in direct debate with another professional, preferring to hide behind those he sees as his minions and his editorials.

But why would Paul Dacre not want to come on TV and defend himself and his paper? Is it because he may be asked the inevitable question; "were you working alone or were you working with people in Downing Street?"

This whole thing smacks of the kind of dog whistle dirty politics used by Cameron's Aussie attack dingo Lynton Crosby and it has his "paw prints" all over it. Paul Dacre needs to be asked if he has discussed this with Lynton Crosby and or Cameron and or others in CCO and or Downing Street, both before the publication of the offending article and afterwards.

Or is Paul Dacre too poodle like to even admit that he has been lapdog to the Aussie dingo? After all Lynton Crosby doesn't "own the dog" only to bark himself!

If  Paul Dacre is so keen to keep the British public properly informed he could do a lot worse than run a feature on the extraordinary connections of David Cameron's spin doctor Lynton Crosby which appear to be massive conflict of interests, which seem to be growing by the week. Now this is really something the public "has a right to know" and leave off denigrating the good name of deceased people (no matter what their politics).

Lynton Crosby's Lobbying Company's Clients and Connections:

  • Tobacco Industry and plain packaging quickly dropped on Crosby's appointment
  • Alcohol pricing
  • Private healthcare companies clients given NHS contracts since Crosby's appointment with Tory party
  • Clients with links to rebels fighting civil war in Syria which British government wanted to arm.
  • Crosby operating out of an offshore tax haven company (Rutland) in Malta

Perhaps he could have one of his journalists investigate if all the above were conditions that Crosby demanded before taking up his post with the Conservative party?

Every time Cameron  is questioned about this he evades the question and refuses to answer, yet the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday conveniently overlook this to launch an attack on one of the most decent honest men in politics today - Ed Miliband. Dacre needs to answer this question, if his "jackboot" was on the other foot, would he ignore the rapidly growing concern over the hiring of Lynton Crosby?

The more David Cameron refuses to answer questions about Lynton Crosby and his business affairs, including the latest concerning the off shore tax haven Rutland, in Malta, the more he will give the impression that he is engaged in a systematic cover up concerning Lynton Crosby and the more newspapers like the Mail seek to moralise over people yet fail to investigate and report this, the worse it looks. Yet ominously Paul Dacre leaves stories like this well alone.

I believe that the Mail story was not just an isolated incident that just happened along, it was meant to be the start of a vendetta against the Labour leader Ed Miliband. I would like to know when David Cameron, George Osborne and Lynton Crosby last met with Paul Dacre or mail or mail on Sunday editors.

Apart from that, no paper or politician or political party can ever accuse Ed Miliband of being weak. He has stood up to:

Rupert and James Murdoch and the Sun newspaper;
David Cameron and the press over Leveson recommendations
Big Business;
Banks and bankers;
Unions (his main donors)
David Cameron, William Hague and President Obama over Syria
Big Six energy companies over their unfair charges
Now the Mail and Mail on Sunday the biggest newspaper circulation in the country

Through the constant and often personal abuse he has had aimed at him, Miliband has stayed calm and unruffled and truly statesmanlike. Maybe it is this which is really spooking the Tories and rags like the Mail and Mail on Sunday?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who Exactly Ordered the BBC Tos Stop Filming 50,000 Strong NHS Demo at Tory Conference?

The rally against NHS Privatisation that the Tories did not want you to see!
Attended by over 50,000 people outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester

The Tories conference in Manchester has now ended. At its beginning last Sunday delegates were met with a massive demonstration of well over 50.000 people campaigning against Tory privatisation of our NHS. Sky News and ITV reported brief parts of it, however the taxpayer funded BBC refused to mention the fact that a "mere" 50,000 people were amassed outside the Tory party conference demonstrating against the Tory and Liberal Democrat privatisation of our NHS! It took a twitter storm and many telephone complaints directly to the BBC for them to relent and cover and then it was done as after thought mixed in with general conference speak and then only in the most cursory of ways. It should have had it's own slot on the news, there should have been footage of the masses and interviews with demonstrators to ask why they felt so strongly that many had travelled hundreds of miles to attend the march for the NHS. When we asked why the BBC was failing to inform the public what was happening we were fed various excuses of why they couldn't film and report on the demonstration, one from BBC reporter Norman Smith who said he was told by G4S security to stop filming as it was a security risk! Does the BBC usually just say OK then and pack up and leave? If it does it wouldn't have much to report! Shortly after Mr Smith trotted this excuse out  he appeared on TV screens interviewing Conservative MP and Minister of State for Business & Enterprise Michael Fallon outside the conference hall, bells, whistles, shouting and drums could clearly be heard in the background as the demonstrators passed by the conference hall and neither men mentioned it as if 50,000 were just out for an autumn stroll and it was nothing unusual! Later G4S took to twitter to deny they had asked the BBC to stop filming!

During the process of complaining to the BBC people on twitter were being told various different excuses, from the BBC,  mainly that it was because of the Terrorism Act. (Which didn't cover Tory MPs being interviewed outside apparently)

So what exactly happened and who gave the order that this demonstration was not to be filmed? It is not feasible to even think that 50,000 people turning up to demonstrate outside the Tory party conference hall was not deemed newsworthy so obviously something went on here and we need to be told who was responsible for the plan to ignore it. As G4S said it was nothing to do with them where did the message come from, the BBC or the government?

Since assuming power David Cameron has stuffed every BBC echelon with Tories from the BBC Chairman (Tory Lord Chris Patten) downwards. After the resignation of Andy Coulson the PM's former spin doctor (who is very soon due to stand trial soon charged with hacking offenses, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office), the prime minister very quickly hired Craig Oliver, the former editor of the BBC  6 o'clock and 10 0'clock flagship news programmes. Early on in his job BBC reporters had complained to their union that Oliver used to phone his former BBC newsroom colleagues several times a day to "discuss" the news agenda. Mr Oliver was hired just days after Andy Coulson left Downing Street so obviously the prime minister was already well aware that he was a person he could trust to sell him and the Conservative brand to the public - how did Cameron know this? It's a bit odd when BBC journalist and reporter Nick Robinson says that he had never knew about Craig Oliver's political leanings in all the years he had known and worked with him. Really? Are we really supposed to swallow this kind of guff? Nick Robinson was President of the Oxford Union Conservative Association and in 1986 Nick Robinson was national chairman of the Young Conservatives, his nickname was "Blue Robbo".

Obviously Cameron already had Oliver lined up for the position if he didn't know Craig Oliver, where did he get his information from and what does it all say for BBC political impartiality?  Craig Oliver has worked with all the key political producers and reporters of the BBC, ITV & Ch4, are these the people he calls in his attempt to set favourable news agenda for Downing Street and the Conservative party? Considering the Tory bias coverage on all the news bulletins in all the news stations, but especially at the BBC the public are entitled to ask if we are being misled!

I believe someone from inside Downing Street has seriously influenced last Sunday's news agenda at the Conservative Party conference, they prevented the proper filming and coverage of such a massive demonstration because an anti government rally about the NHS would have proved politically embarrassing and damaging for the Conservative party.

As taxpayers funding the state owned BBC we have a right to know what is going on and who is taking these kind of decisions.

The BBC overstepped the mark last Sunday by preventing proper filming and proper interviewing of people attending the NHS299 rally. They lied and tried to blame G4S and G4S took to twitter and categorically denied not just once but several times, this is implying that someone at the BBC is telling the public lies and is misleading the public over the content of the news.

This is actually very serious, it implies corruption,  news interference and "corrupt" practices at the BBC to be added alongside all the other alleged complaints of corruption at the BBC, from the Jimmy Saville sex scandal cover-up; to the scandal involving Tory Lord Chris Patten BBC Chairman who faced allegations from his predecessor  that he misled MPs over what he knew about a series of controversial payoffs to senior corporation executives and that he knew "chapter and verse" about the deals!  Also not forgetting the furore that Chris Patten caused by hiring the man he called the "son he never had" George Entwhistle, over other other people who were far more suitable for the position of BBC Director General. Entwhistle was forced to resign with a huge pay off after hardly a month in the job over the BBC Newsnight fiasco.

There appears to be something institutionally corrupt at the BBC and this latest complaint now over news manipulation is the last straw and really cannot be the end of it. As I see it the only course now is for a full judge led independent public inquiry to get to the truth of what is actually happening at the BBC.