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Is The British Conservative Party "Institutionally Racist"?

A poster for the British Conservative Party from the General Election, circa 1909. It depicts Liberal statesman David Lloyd George stealing from the working man, the trader and the house-holder and giving the money to the temperance fanatic, the socialist and the foreigner, with the caption 'Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a -----? Plunder in 1909. Surplus in 1910'. (Photo by The Conservative Party Archive/Getty Images)

             'Cameron and Crosby', the names roll off the tongue easily and naturally as if they were meant to be together rather like; Little and Large, Cannon and Ball, Morecambe and Wise - "Benson & Hedges", sadly though this is no funny comedic turn and I doubt very much that it will have a happy ending. Yes this particular political duo will probably go down in history, but probably not for the reasons the British Conservative party may covet as they look set to be entered into the annals of the National and Conservative party archives as yet another vehement and unpleasant racist attack on Britain's proud immigrant population, to match the Conservative general election campaigns of 1964 and 2005.

It's debatable that when the Prime Minister David Cameron, Home Secretary Theresa May and tobacco and drinks lobbyist (aka Conservative election strategist Lynton Crosby) kicked off their 2015 general election campaign early and in earnest by commissioning vans bearing huge "racist" advertising placards  informing illegal immigrants to "Go Home or Face Arrest", that they fully realised that they were about to give the proverbial "racist hornets nest" an almighty kick, but nonetheless whether by accident or design this is exactly what they have done. 

Personally like a great many other people I believe that this latest Tory party "initiative" is being carried out to try and convince the public that the Tories are to paraphrase; "tough on immigrants and tough on the causes of immigrants" and I believe this along with the illegal and erroneously leaked Keogh Review into avoidable deaths in the NHS heralds the start of the Conservative general election campaign. It shouldn't go unmentioned either that if so this campaign is another abuse of power by Cameron, why are the public being forced to pay for Tory election stunts? Strict rules are in place which cover this and be sure this will need to be investigated.
Anti immigrant leaflet produced in
Lambeth, South London 1964 and used to aid the Conservative general election campaign

This is a poster that surfaced on Twitter a few days ago and it seems to have ruffled a few embarrassed Tory blue feathers, they think its a fake. It isn't, [I think it appeared in a newspaper in the constituency of Smethwick in 1964] Please see update.

Update (05/08/2013): Further research reveals that  this flyer is one of several hundred printed up by Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement, which had its headquarters in Notting Hill, though Jordan was then based in Coventry. Apparently one of the newsreel archives has footage of this and I will try to search their archives next in an attempt to track down the whole story. 

I am also told by a Tory on twitter that Ric Holden of CCHQ has said it's a fake  but just because a  tweeter employed by CCHQ says it's a fake, doesn't necessarily make it so! I don't think it's a fake. If you look closely you can actually see print on the reverse of the advert showing through when it was uploaded as of course there was no internet in 1964, so it looks like it appeared in a newspaper. I can make out a series of noughts and can clearly see other print showing through all over the subject. A shameful racist campaign by the Conservatives was also run in Smethwick which neighboured Enoch Powell's constituency in 1964. 


This is indisputable, this was part of the Conservative party general election campaign of 1964 and they still bear the profound shame of this campaign. David Cameron must know this, so why has he and his lobbyist election strategist decided to reignite this and play the race card?

Coincidentally Enoch Powell the Tory career politician held the nearby constituency of Wolverhampton South West and the Tories and racism was still raging in the party four years later in 1968, when Powell made his infamous racist "rivers of blood" speech. The day after he made that speech, the Tory leader Edward Heath, sacked Powell from the shadow cabinet.

Why did David Cameron once again against advice from some in his own party hire someone like Lynton Crosby (especially after all his past, present and future problems with Rupert Murdoch's now defunct NoW former editor Andy coulson?) Crosby not only comes with controversy over his lobbying company CTF Partners (Crosby Textor) deeply contentious links to tobacco, drinks, private healthcare and fracking, but has had himself been accused of playing the race card in his native Australia and also over offensive comments he is said to have ranted during the Conservative mayoral campaign for Boris Johnson when he urged Johnson;
                 "not to get hung up on seeking support from "fucking Muslims"
When Cameron hired Lynton Crosby he said Crosby was being paid by the Conservative party, fine I've no reason to disbelieve this, but can Mr Cameron tell us if Lynton Crosby brought a team to the job with him and if so who is paying for that team? Can Mr Cameron also tell us if Mr Crosby is receiving some kind of housing expenses and if so who is paying for those expenses?

Crosby may have been instrumental in the four times reelection success of Australian former PM John Howard, but that doesn't necessarily mean this will translate to election success for Cameron in Britain, as Michael Howard discovered when he hired Lynton Crosby to run his election campaign in 2005 which he lost! He can't even claim that much success for running Boris Johnsons highly negative London Mayoral campaign, which again involved racist undertones, as despite all the lies and innuendos told about Ken Livingstone, Johnson just about scraped home and Johnson is not that liked North of Watford.  What this shows is that the British people, despite their love and friendly rivalry with Australians are not of the same disposition as Australians and isn't it ironic, Australia is full of the British who have migrated there and Crosby's job for Michael Howard was to spin negatively against the British in Australia!

The Tories problem with their immigration policy is that they would be unable to implement it without leaving the EU first and that back in 2005 Tory MEPs voted in favour of EU enlargement, which brought 133,000 immigrants. The last few months the Tories have been all over the place on immigration, they wanted landlords to become immigration officers. They want GPs to vet if all immigrants are entitled to NHS healthcare. They want to ban health tourism, despite the fact that it is responsible for just 0.03% of the entire health budget. They were going to introduce a £3000 bond scheme for all visitors from five countries. Strangely all these policies have disappeared as soon as they have appeared, they are unworkable and ill thought out, but the question we should be asking is are all these announcements just pure political stunts?

Is the sudden appearance of these "racist vans" and UKBA officials stopping non-whites at stations all part of an elaborate political stunt dreamt up by Lynton Crosby in order to try and regain Tory votes lost to UKIP?

Are Cameron and Crosby playing the race card and using race as an electioneering tool?

If they are this is another huge low in British politics visited upon us by the British Conservative party, who are abusing their power and are willing to use upset, distress and offence for their own wider political aims?
All the while we have David Cameron using immigration numbers as an election tool, telling blatant lies when he has said that the Tories have cut net migration by a third, which is a figure that even the Conservative-chaired Public Administration Committee has dismissed as "not fit for purpose". The truth is that this government have done nothing on immigration and they are now using racism as a means to try and  hoodwink the public into believing they are.

In fact, what evidence there actually is suggests that more than half of any  fall in the net migration numbers since the 2010 general election has occurred because more British citizens are leaving the country and fewer returning and this is certainly nothing for David Cameron to feel proud about!

There is nothing wrong with reducing immigration if we need to economically, there is nothing wrong with having the debate, but what the Tories are doing is not having a debate, they are using bullying, intimidation and racial profiling in the most public way possible to win votes. The harm that this is doing to this country's reputation abroad is almost palpable.

We are demanding papers on the spot from people in a country where we do not have to produce ID cards, in fact Cameron is against carrying ID cards, if those people cannot produce those papers (and who can?) Then they are arrested in full view of the media and broadcast media and being detained.

Living in this country with all our Government's interference in our lives, their snooping into our emails and texts, their giving of permission for private healthcare companies to access our medical records. Their giving permission to credit check companies to check up on our spending. Monitoring what we access on the internet and their bullying, threats and intimidation, their seeking to divide and rule our country by turning people against people. Their calling people "shirkers, skivers, benefit cheats and inferring that all disabled people are somehow malingering lead swingers. This country of my birth, that my father fought in WW1 for and drove an ambulance in the London Blitz for is no longer a place I can call home, it like living in a mini fascist state! I am deeply, deeply ashamed of my government! A government so far on the back foot that it thinks nothing of attacks newly made Labour Peer Doreen Lawrence, because she had the audacity to disagree with them. 

It seems that racism still runs silently through the Conservative party like a bitter and twisted lettering through a stick of rock and far from being reluctant to use race as an electioneering tool, the Tories appear more than ever to want to use it to attack and be seen to attack. Conservative don't just want to reduce immigration they want to be seen to be doing it and in the most foul way imaginable, appealing to base instincts and the lowest common denominator of some people.

Other Racist Conservative Posters Through the ages:

A poster for the British Conservative Party from the General Election, circa 1909. It depicts a Chinese man pointing at a diseased pig rooting around the grave of 'Wun Lung', and saying 'Chinaman no likee eat sick pig. He make velly good Flee Tlade English bacon'. (Photo by The Conservative Party Archive/Getty Images)

A poster for the British Conservative Party from the 1909 General Election. It depicts an indignant worker with the caption 'Working men make the foreigner pay. Every vote for the budget puts one of us out of his job'. Artwork by J. J. Proctor. (Photo by The Conservative Party Archive/Getty Images)
Same Old Tories


Why hire Lynton Crosby who is known to have several accusations of racism leveled against him and who refers to Muslims as 
"fucking Muslims"?

David Cameron Asking 
"Where are your papers"
in a German Accent

What a Complete Volte Face!
A Full Circle!
We have David Cameron's government  ordering UK Border Agency Officials to demand to see non-white people's papers outside train stations!

Did they ask for them while putting on a German accent?


The British Conservative Party is
"Institutionally Racist"


Anonymous said...

Cecil Parkinson - Tory Minister for Family Values

" At a typical Tory dinner they attended, Cecil Parkinson said of Africa: "God decided to create the most beautiful continent on earth - wide rivers, fertile land, and every kind of natural resource you can think of. An angel said to God - if you make a place like that then it will completely dominate the earth. And God said - wait until you see the people I am going to put in it." The assembled party members loved it, and said they missed good old Ian Smith, the last white supremacist ruler of Rhodesia."

Nick said...

the torris have always been racist they also dont like people in the low paid jobs
those in government have never had a foreigner for a neighbour or a friend they don't even visit black or muslin countries for their holidays
i could go on but you get my drift Gracie

i myself am the complete opposite have friends from all over who live local a black neighbour and have visited in my time most Muslim /black/Asian countries and love them

sad I'm not the PM but that's life and the worlds loss

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