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I established this blog because I fear about what the "ConDem" government are doing to our country. I fear if we do not stand up and fight now for our  NHS, education, police service and welfare system etc then we are going to lose them and none of us know when we will need to use these services. I am not a militant, I am just a mum and grandmother, a retired senior nurse with over 30 years experience. I have worked under both Tory and Labour governments in the NHS and I can categorically say, that never have I felt so helpless  working for the NHS under the Tories, the whole experience was sole destroying, dirty old hospitals, no clean pyjamas for elderly patients, limited supplies, limited old equipment, it is something I never want to see repeated. The last Labour governments for all their faults, reinvested in the stricken NHS and they helped nurse it back to where it is now, with over 149 brand new state of the art modern hospitals. Now the NHS is moving rapidly towards privatisation and the very fabric of our society is being dismantled before our very eyes from the NHS through to the police service, fire service, paramedics, education, defence and it is s truly frightening.

It is time to stand up and fight now, not next week, or next month, but now! If we don't, we are going to lose it all.
The Tories and Liberal Democrats will have you believe that everyone who draws welfare is a fraudster, a cheat or a scrounger, or scum and this is patently untrue, yes there are some who will play the system, however there is only 1% of the welfare system said to be bogus claims. Labour were actually tackling fraud and had halved it and they did it without insulting people and causing others fear and distress.
Remember it could be your family that needs a helping hand up with welfare next! Or it could be you or your family who need to use the NHS or call the police in an emergency. The way things are going 999 calls will be run privately too - God help us.

Since when has caring about our people become a dirty word or socially unacceptable?

Don't let this government fool you into thinking there is no alternative to these vicious brutal cuts, there is. This is just what they want people to believe, they want to rid themselves of the welfare state, privatise the NHS and education and police service, austerity is just an excuse to scare people with and these cuts are ideological from start to end.
I am not a deficit denier, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it and sick and tired of the way this government are using it as an excuse to attack the poor, vulnerable, unemployed and disabled. I am incensed that it is being used as an excuse to stop looking after our people. I am seething that this government are turning my country, this country, our country, into a cold hard unforgiving place, a dog eat dog society, a society deliberately divided by a government in order to get its own politically ideological dogma through.

This government are taking an unprecedented risk with the economy, they are gambling with the futures of each and every one of us and worse our children's futures. What they are doing is so foolhardy that it has caused an international sharp intake of breath from the world's leading economists, it cannot work and as more time passes it has become clear to anyone with more than one brain cell that this government's austerity measures have failed and failed abysmally and yet this government still refuse to change course because they do not want to be made to look every inch the fools they are and to try to avoid that they would rather inflict this pain and misery on people for the foreseeable future.  Somehow or another we have to stop this government from ruining our country and our lives.

This government is made up out of lying millionaires that have not got a clue what it is like to be us, they are completely out of touch, one only has to read what Lord Young and Howard Flight has said to realise what the Tories really think of us in private and what they say about us behind our backs. As if to prove this we all saw it played out with Andrew Mitchell the Tory Chief Whip when he lost his temper in Downing St and swore at and abused police protection officers, calling them "fucking plebs" and how they should "know their fucking place".

I am not a militant, I'd rather stay at home in the warm and comfort of my home but I will be joining as many demonstrations as I can, I will protest in any way that I can. I will occupy buildings, sit in roads and stop traffic, I will do anything and everything I can to bring this awful government down. Everything they have said and done has turned out to be a complete lie, if they told what day it was I would probably check it out.

The reason I will fight like this is because I believe we are being governed by a bunch of control freak blithering idiots, they have never had a real job and they are inexperienced, worse they are out of touch and have proved themselves to be totally incompetent and seriously unfit to hold high office. Not only do they not know what they are doing, they are charging in changing everything for the sake of change, only to discover almost immediately it is the wrong thing to do and they are then forced to do u-turn after u-turn.

 Remember what Cameron said when he was after your vote? There will be no "top down reorganisation of the NHS". Nos they are dismantling the NHS fragmenting it, privatising it and awarding lucrative multi-million pound contracts to their mates aka "friends of the Tory party". They are completely reorganising the police making thousands of police redundant, fiddling the crime statistics and placing the public at grave risk from crime and terrorist attacks. To top all of this they have frozen police pay, forced them to pay more for their pensions and as a result officers have seen an actual pay cut and are now struggling to make ends meet. The Government are dismantling the education system and slowly privatising it until we will suddenly see that we no longer have state education. They are withdrawing the welfare state attacking those on benefits as well as those on low wages causing fear, distress, hardship which is forcing people to choose between heating their homes or providing a hot meal for their family, and now homelessness is rising and this will get infinitely worse with the introduction of the benefits cap.

What is more they are doing this at a time of great uncertainty in the global markets, our growth is weak and our exports down, consumer confidence is low, the housing market is slowing and construction is once again coming to a halt.
We briefly came out of the double dip recession caused by the Tories in Downing street thanks to the previous Labour government bringing the Olympics here and putting into place the infrastructure which made the Games such a success. Now we are heading for a triple dip recession. This could have been avoided, if they had stuck to Labour's plans it would have been avoided. This country was in recovery and growth with falling real terms unemployment when Labour handed it over - it isn't now. (And that was despite the worse global recession for 100 years and an international banking collapse)

This government is a recipe for utter disaster and they have us on course to collide head on with catastrophe.

Join the fight and help us resist these idiots in power BEFORE they ruin our country. Nothing but nothing is worth what they are doing to this country, nothing at all. We are being government by blithering economically illiterate idiots.

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  • Help us fight this government, our children, your children, my children deserve better than this we can stop them if we unite and fight them.
Thank you
Gracie x

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