Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dave & "Bouncy [Thug] Boris"

Cameron At the Olympics

Growing tired of all this "bouncy Boris the lovable rogue" stuff, it's past time the broadcast media (namely the BBC) and the right wing press (particularly the Evening Standard) done their jobs properly and actually reported what this man actually is and let me just point out that "lovable rogue" is not how I would describe the Mayor of London, "a great big fat liar with deliberately wayward hair" would be nearer the mark!.

How else would you describe a man that plots with his friend and self confessed psychopath Darius Guppy how to have a journalist beaten up to scare him from reporting the truth?  Johnson was more concerned about the harm this revelation could do to his reputation than he was about the wellbeing of the journalist that Darius Guppy wanted to have beaten up! He needn't have worried though because the media didn't really bother themselves about reporting it properly (perhaps they were worried they may get beaten up by a vicious psychopath too?)

Boris Johnson plots with self confessed psychopath to have a journalist beaten up! See Here

It shows how out of touch so called "top Tories" are to want Boris Johnson as their leader and possible prime minister of this country. Does it not matter that Boris is a thug and a liar? Is this the way all these monied people behave or are these people so completely out of touch with reality that they just do not see what problems that Boris Johnson as PM would cause this country?

Boris Johnson the man who sticks his middle finger up at us then belligerently invites Rupert Murdoch the disgraced media tycoon and his wife as his personal guests at the swimming finals, when competing Olympian swimmers families seeking tickets were turned away.
Murdoch whose company is the subject of several police Inquiries where criminal charges have already been brought against the PM's former employee Andy Coulson and the PMs "close friend" Rebekah Brooks, for phone hacking, among the hacked phones was the phone belonging to murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The press and the BBC presumably think this is OK behaviour, but if a Labour politician under a Labour government did this, the press and the Tories would never shut up about it.

For two weeks we saw "Call me Dave" swanning around the top Olympic venues occupying VIP seats and trying to cash in on Olympians well earned glory with photo shoots etc, (managing to jinx all the events he attended), we probably could have had at least another 3 or 4 gold medals if he had stayed away!

Dave must have found it hard work because he has now jetted off on yet another foreign holiday, how many has he taken this year? It's hard to keep count as Cameron is more out of this country than he is in it.

It's uncanny how he always manages to be out of the country when there is bad news, like rising unemployment, rising inflation and the deepening of the double dip recession with what he describes as "disappointing economic figures" he helped make in Downing street. I wonder if he will tell us all to "roll up our sleeves and work harder" when he comes back? Or will the man who told us "we must all take responsibility for our own actions" spend his time on holiday thinking up new ways to blame the previous government; the Eurozone; the snow; the sun; the Jubilee; the extra public holidays; the public sector; the Civil Service; Gangs; poor parenting; disabled people, the unemployed; single parents; the elderly (for not dying); single parents; immigrants; extra bank holidays; the banks; workers rights; people for needing a living wage? etc etc etc.

If the Olympic Games had gone wrong we would have seen Johnson, Cameron and "Hunt" queuing up to blame the former Labour government, as it is they went well so they have taken all the praise themselves and not once have given any recognition to the former Labour government for winning the bid and putting in the first 5 years of vital planning and organisation, the building of the venues etc which they did and did superbly, in fact one of the only really important decisions that needed to be made was about security and the Tories almost managed to cock that up, having to call in the troops at the last minute, over 11,000 of them! Now those same troops and police will be looking forward to their redundancy notices this government is giving them by way of a thank you for having their leave cancelled and their families upset. Good job the Games would not be held in a couple of years because there wouldn't have been the troops and police to fall back on as the Government would have sacked most of them.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Say 'Thank You' To Labour Boris Johnson!

Most of what has happened with regard to the London Olympics has been a positive experience for the Capital fortunately recording few negatives, however, a couple of the negatives that there were have been pretty damning.

The horrendous problems caused by the security company G4S, and the mishandling of Olympic Games security by Tory Home Secretary Theresa May and Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson were fortunately sorted out by the drafting in of tens of thousands of troops but there now must be a parliamentary inquiry into how this problem which nearly wrecked the entire Games was allowed to happen and get so far apparently "undetected". The Home secretary must answer why she gave one answer to parliament when the opposite of what she said was the truth, once again we have a member of the Tory government deliberately found to be misleading parliament.

Both the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson used the Games and athletes as free publicity for themselves to a distasteful degree.The PMs attempts to cover himself in glory of sport have to be a joke, ever since he and his party assumed power they have cut sports funding to schools. In fact one of Cameron's first cuts was to cut free swimming which Labour introduced for children and pensioners. Then they cut the number of hours that sport had to be taught in school, then they cut the funding and also tried to cut the Schools Sports partnership that Labour introduced, they only partially reinstated it when there was a huge outcry from famous sports stars. All this was in the two years leading up to the Olympic Games - totally farcical!

David Cameron displayed an uncanny knack of turning up to watch athletes who were tipped for possible gold quickly putting paid to their prospects as their hopes, dreams and hard work turned to a pile of ashes. This little phenomena became known on Twitter Sphere as the #CurseofCameron.

There seemed a real malice behind  Boris Johnson using the Games to shamelessly flout himself, he is not a "nice man", he is opportunistic and an attention seeking thug and a total incompetent; a "Norman Bates" in an ill fitting suit wearing his mother's scarecrow bleached blonde wig. He is a pretendy 'jovial' clown who never does anything unless there is something in it for himself!

To deliberately invite disgraced media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to the Games was an insult of the highest order, but to take him to the final of the swimming, where tickets were sold out to the public months back and where even the relatives of swimmers taking part could not get a ticket to the event was an act of sheer selfishness and inappropriate behaviour. Murdoch's News International is currently the subject of the Leveson Inquiry and several police investigations, where charges to high profile figures have taken place. The problems go straight to the heart of British Government with the prime minister's former chief of communications Andy Coulson, and the PM's very close friend Rebekah Brooks, both face serious charges of phone hacking, perverting the course of justice and illegally paying police offices for information.

The sight of the Culture Secretary, the beleaguered Jeremy Hunt pulling up outside the Olympic Aquatic Centre in a taxpayer funded chauffeur driven limo was irksome enough, but to see him jump out and warmly greet Rupert Murdoch was deeply offensive, especially when just a few weeks previous he was forced to defend the position he took by trying his best to grant Murdoch his BSkyB takeover bid, which would have effectively handed Murdoch the coverage of the lion-share of the UK's print and broadcast media and he came within 12 hours of doing so, until he was forced to call a halt to it. Jeremy Hunt was found to have deliberately misled parliament over the Murdoch BSkyB takeover bid, yet there he was meeting and warmly greeting the man he tried to give advantageous treatment to!

I also find the defence of beleaguered security company G4S by the Home Secretary, Theresa May and Boris Johnson to be somewhat puzzling, why would they want to defend the company they both accuse of nearly wrecking the Games by not providing the security they were contracted to provide? Several times Boris Johnson has defended this company and he was at it again today in a post Olympic Games press conference.

I also find it absolutely astonishing that Johnson could publicly thank the company who nearly wrecked the Games, but not publicly thank the for former Labour government for putting together the winning bid and not thank the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and Tessa Jowell for all their hard work and for undertaking the mammoth part of the organising of the Games. The building of the venues and for keeping them all on track, on time and under budget. It is absolutely incredible that Johnson gushed about failed security company G4S and did not mention once the absolutely sterling efforts the former Labour government made to get where they got in just 5 years. Lord Seb Coe also sat beside the Mayor this morning and accepted the accolades, yet not once did he even mention the five years of toil put into these Games by Labour, Livingstone and Tessa Jowell, it was the former Labour PM, Tony Blair who appointed the Tory peer Lord Coe to his position, one would have expected him to mention the people he worked so closely with.

In fact, Johnson thanked the world and his mate for their involvement in the Games and deliberately left out the people without which these Games would not have taken place. I bet if things had gone badly wrong they would have turned around and blamed the former Labour government quickly enough though!

It was the former Labour government who appointed Danny Boyle to organise the Olympic Games opening ceremony, an inspired choice as the ceremony was widely talked about and acclaimed as on of the best.

The papers and TV are full of the many fantastic achievements from Team GB's world class sporting attempts and triumphs, quite rightly so, after all their efforts and total dedication and gruelling training regimes lasting years day in day out, month in month out, high days and holidays, they deserve every accolade they are now being paid, what a great pity the British Pm and the London Mayor are now tarnishing the Games, with their self promotion and greed and battle to win all the glory for the athletes and former Labour Government's hard work.

Mayor Johnson may just yet have some questions to answer over G4S, questions that no matter how many times he tells people to "put a sock in it", will not go away.
Why are Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May so keen to defend G4S? In fact why was G4S so keen not to offend their Tory paymasters? What are they hiding?

One more thing that Cameron, Osborne and Johnson have to thank the former Labour government for, is that the spending going on in the capital dues to the Olympics, was being spent courtesy of the Labour government, ironically, this may just save the undeserving Tories from sliding further into the mire of their Tory made double dip recession!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conservative Links to Standard Chartered - Quell Surprise!

United States Regulators have named the London listed bank Standard Chartered as a "rogue institution", which has profited from Iranian transactions.

As is getting depressingly predictable we find with every scandal involving banks or other private sector corporations there is usually Conservative party involvement.

While these links may or may not mean anything, what they do clearly demonstrate is that the Conservative led government has extensive links to the City and to the financial sector.
The City makes up the lion share of donations to the Tory party. With this in mind how can this government possibly stay impartial?

How can this government inflict these harsh cuts on the most vulnerable people in society, while behaving like pigs with their snouts in the trough? Every single time there is something amiss like this, barely a scratch to the surface and the pus of Tory corruption oozes out.

Sir John Peace - Chairman Standard Chartered PLC:

Nominated for a Knighthood in Queens Birthday Honours list By David Cameron - Knighted in 2011 For services to Business and to the Voluntary Sector.
Sir John is also Chairman of Burberry group and Experian PLC.  David Cameron's government awarded Experian PLC a lucrative government  "Bounty Hunter" contract  to hunt down supposed "benefit cheats". The company will receive a payment from the taxpayer for every "cheat" it identifies.

Peter Sands CEO Standard Chartered:

There is almost unanimous agreement in Europe bankers bonuses need to be curbed, however these measures are strongly opposed in the City. Banking chief executives, apparently led by Standard Chartered CEO, Peter Sands voiced their concerns about this directly with David Cameron.
They said that curbs on bonuses in the City will drive up salaries and spark "an exodus of talent" from London, to Geneva, New York or Hong Kong. Apparently the banks blandishments are said to have convinced George Osborne who is reportedly against these reforms.
In the aftermath of the Libor scandal, it seems that the Conservative led Government is siding with the banks. Behind the scenes the banking Industry is successfully bending the ear of Whitehall.
According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism they are "confident that Britain’s financial services industry spent in excess of £92.8m engaging with the political process in 2011. And that over 800 individuals lobby Whitehall and regulators". 

Monday June 25th Peter Sands Standard Chartered Chief Executive has breakfast with David Cameron, where he reportedly told Cameron what would most threaten the City, is if the UK left the European Union. It was after this meeting with Sands that Cameron started to backtrack on his vicarious atonement to the right wing of his party over an EU referendum.

Simon Lowth - Independent Non-Executive Director 
Joined the Board of Standard Chartered PLC as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 1 May 2010. Simon is currently interim Chief Executive Officer of the pharmaceutical company  AstraZeneca PLC. AstraZeneca PLC donates to the Conservative party.
Also has connections with McKinsey & Company, which is a revolving door for the Tory party. Many of  McKinsey & Company's clients also donate to the Tory party.

Paul Skinner - Independent Non-Executive Director 
Joined the Board of Standard Chartered PLC as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 3 November 2003He is Chairman of Infrastructure UK, a division of HM Treasury,   mandated to bring a strategic focus to infrastructure development in the UK.

David Cameron is the younger son of stockbroker Ian Donald Cameron and his wife Mary Fleur (née Mount, born 1934, a retired Justice of the Peace, daughter of Sir William Mount, 2nd Baronet). Connections with Cameron's family and Standard Chartered date back to the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.

Here we see "lobbying" rearing it's head yet again in connection with the financial sector and the Conservative party.

Angela Knight CBE (Former Conservative MP)

Libor emails best of British 
Angela Knight has been instrumental in the creation of the Business Finance Taskforce (BFT) – an elite group comprising senior representatives from HSBC, Lloyds, Santander and Standard Chartered.

Conservative Peer - Lord Chris Patten - Current BBC Chairman

"Please relay our heartfelt thanks to Lord Patten for his participation in our forum. He was fantastic!...From the moment I met Lord Patten at the Grand Hyatt upon his arrival he was gracious and easy-going…Lord Patten was kind enough to stay on at the end of the event to interact with our clients and senior executives, taking photos with his many admirers and speaking with as many people as he could…Many thanks for all your help throughout the planning of this signature event. 
It was a huge success for Standard Chartered and I look forward to working with you again in the future."
Standard Chartered Bank
"We were absolutely thrilled with the evening as a whole. Mr. Patten was exceptionally cooperative, articulate and informative. Our guests are still commenting on how enjoyable the afternoon was." 
-Julie L. Semmel, Clover Capital Management, Inc.

Iain Anderson, director, Cicero Consulting Inc 
Aberdeen-born Anderson heads Cicero Consulting, which is believed to be one of London’s most powerful financial lobbying firms. Among Cicero’s clients, according to the Association of Professional Political Consultants register, are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, the Swiss Bankers’ Association and TheCityUK. 
Prior to running Cicero, Anderson worked on Kenneth Clarke’s two leadership bids for the Conservative Party. Living in Notting Hill, London, Anderson is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, prolific tweeter on foreign affairs, business and politics and a self-declared aficionado of Nice, France, and the opera.
Thanks to Margaret Thatcher who deregulated the banks, London has earned the reputation of being the money laundering capital of the world.  

The UK's many laws and regulations have never been effectively enforced by financial regulators, the banks and other financial institutions know they can get away with paying lip service to the rules. The British Conservative-led Government is so indebted to the Financial sector, the shadow banks, the hedge funds, the venture capitalists etc for their financial funding to the tune of millions of pounds that isregularly paid into the Tories bank accounts that they have allowed their position to become  heavily compromised. Is it any wonder why the Prime Minister, David Cameron has refused to order the full judge led independent inquiry into the Barclays Libor scandal that Labour have persistently called for? Cameron is absolutely terrified of what will be revealed about his party's connections to the Financial sector, this is why no real and proper Inquiry will be forthcoming. Cameron treats the British public with arrogant contempt, maybe it's about time our so-called investigative journalists done a full expose' on Cameron, Osborne and the entire Conservative party? (And any other party that has done wrong)

Sources:The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
              Standard Chartered Bank
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is Prime Minister David Cameron About to be Toppled By Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt & Rupert Murdoch?

London Mayor - Boris Johnson With Disgraced Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch at
Olympics Swimming Finals
Treating the Public With Utter Contempt!

Just when you think the Conservatives cannot treat the public with yet more contempt - they do!

First we saw the fiasco of empty corporate seats at events in the Olympic Games at much sought after events. Now it has been revealed that Conservative London Mayor, Boris Johnson has given Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng free tickets to watch the finals of the swimming. These tickets have been some of the most sough after tickets in the Games, with fans who applied months ago being turned down disappointed and the families of swimmers taking part have only been issued with one ticket per swimmer and have also been turned away.

Rupert Murdoch's News International is under police investigation and is the subject of the judicial Leveson Inquiry. Apparently none of this matters and as usual the mayor has treated not just Londoners, but the entire country with disdain, doing exactly what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. In 2010 Johnson has previously described complaints about Murdoch's newspapers hacking the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and others including top politicians and celebrities as just "codswallop", so I guess we all know where he really stands on this.

It appears that Rupert Murdoch awards people who have sided with him in the past, especially over the hacking and now email hacking accusations. His CEO Rebekah Brooks and former defunct News of the World newspaper editor, Andy Coulson, both saw big rewards, her by becoming Murdoch's CEO and him by landing a top job with David Cameron after being forced to resign from the NoW over the hacking affair. David Cameron's judgement was called into question yet again after he ignored advice from several people not hire Andy Coulson. Cameron run into serious difficulties becoming flustered when he appeared at the Leveson Inquiry over questioning about his extended close personal contact with Rebekah Brooks.  Both Brooks and Coulson have since been charged with several charges, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice amongst them, they will both appear in court at a later date to face trial.

This situation is about as serious as it gets, yet apparently it is not enough to make Boris Johnson think that perhaps he should not be seen to be giving these much prized tickets away to a billionaire media mogul who he made his gust of honour and who's s company is currently under police investigation over deadly serious charges which could result in Rupert Murdoch's licence to publish newspapers in the UK being revoked!

An internal City Hall investigation is currently underway after it was revealed that Mayor Johnson had deliberately failed to declare other meetings with Rupert Murdoch. The meeting at the Olympic Games is apparently another such meeting that was deliberately withheld from the public in the run up to the games.

In another incident the enclosed link will reveal Conservative Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, pulling up in his ministerial limo outside the Olympic Games swimming centre and warmly glad handing and greeting no other than Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng!

You will remember that not so long ago Jeremy Hunt (tipped as a future Tory leader) was fighting for his job after it was revealed that he had deliberately misled parliament over his connections with James Murdoch and News International and the Murdochs bid to buy the remaining shares in BSkyB. Hunt was found to have lied, but Cameron refused to order a full independent inquiry because he knew that all roads would lead back to him and if Jeremy Hunt was found guilty of lying and misleading, then so too would Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Conservative Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt Meets Disgraced Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch
Outside Olympic Games Aquatic Centre

What this reveals is that this mayor and this Conservative led government is treating the public with utter contempt. They are bare faced entertaining their corporate mates and probably bankers at the Games and at taxpayers expense and at the expense of those families of competitors and at the expense of spectators who tried in vain to get tickets but were turned down, after being told none were available.

Boris Johnson has said he is promoting London, I would dispute that, what this shows is that the people we have running this country are blatant liars and that they "are all in it together" the corporations, the bankers, the hedge funders, the media tycoons and the only person that Boris Johnson is promoting is himself. It was revealed when Rupert Murdoch took to twitter that he was considering backing Boris Johnson to replace David Cameron as the Conservative party leader and Prime Minister, in fact there is already talk underway that preparations are currently being made to parachute Boris Johnson into a safe Tory seat to enable him to usurp David Cameron.

It's staggering news! We have the London Mayor a disgraced media mogul who owns the Sun and Times newspapers and others in the Tory party plotting about who will be our *unelected* prime minister and it looks like Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt is also involved. Yet the BBC which is being run by Tory Peer Lord Patton and other "hidden" Tories neglecting to break such a huge story which will have enormous ramifications, not just for the Tory party, but for the entire country? It looks like the "long knives" are already sharpened and out for incompetent David Cameron to be replaced by self styled "clown/buffoon" Boris Johnson and hardly a mention in the broadcast media or right wing press?

We are entitled to ask; "just what the hell is going on"? Why does the entire Conservative led government and the entire Conservative party believe they have the right to treat the public with such utter unbelievable contempt? Not only do we have the most shambolic incompetent government in the history of this country, but they have been allowed to get away with so much by the broadcast media and the right wing press, that they now believe they are invincible and can do what they like, when they like - I hope people remember this when it comes to voting at the next election.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How "tough" is Chris Grayling's "love"?

Chris Grayling, Conservative minister for Work and Pensions has spoken out about how he has "tough love" for the disabled people he hopes to force back to work.

Mr Grayling owns and lets out two terraced houses in Wimbledon for which he receives rental income of at at least approximately £5000 per month, approximately £120,000 per year. He also has his generous parliamentary expenses and his cabinet minister's salary. If that is what you get for "tough love" then no doubt many sick, disabled and terminally ill people would love to have that kind of "problem".

Grayling also claims for a flat in Pimlico, close to the House of Commons despite having a home just 17 miles away, a car and driver at his disposal. Why does he need this flat, it is a completely unnecessary expense, especially as he is taking away the much needed and depended upon benefits from the disabled, the sick and the terminally ill. Then again perhaps he feels the strain of a gruelling day at the office spent taking disabled people's rights and benefits away from them? He also charged the taxpayer for a new water and electrical systems which he said had failed "leaving the place needing a major overhaul", why shouldn't we the taxpayer (including those dreadful scrounging fakers the disabled taxpayers) be forced to pay for his luxury refit? Perhaps this is why he is forcing 70,000 more people to work for nothing or face losing their benefits, in order to pay for it all?

Grayling also made a complete ass of himself as well as offending those who live on Moss Side by inferring that they are all a bunch of thugs involved in gang warfare and shootings and comparing them to Baltimore, when Baltimore had 191 shootings in that year, compared to Moss Side, who had er....none!  I'm not sure the people of Baltimore were over enamoured with his description of them either! Not to mention his attack on gay couples and how he thinks that bed & breakfast owners should be able to dispense their own brand of "tough love" and discriminate against gay people if they want to.

I wonder when the news will emerge about Grayling's possible breach of the ministerial code, all 7 of them? He obviously sees nothing wrong with awarding contracts to companies that donate to him or the Conservative party, one company he awarded 14 contracts to donated £27,000 to him in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Thousands of jobseekers have been referred to a mandatory work scheme that has done nothing for their employment chances, has made them as likely to claim benefits over the long term as those not on the scheme, and has led to a proportion subsequently signing on for sickness support, government research has found. Between May and November last year, more than 1,600 people had their benefits cut for up to six months for refusing to start a placement or leaving it before it finished. One in five of those who failed to start MWA were sanctioned. This means that there is possibly thousands of people who are coming off of the unemployment register and not being counted in the unemployment statistics, is it any wonder we are sliding deeper and deeper into recession, yet seeing the weirdness of the unemployment figures reducing? No  wonder is it, the government are fixing the stats.

Disabled people, chronically and acutely sick, mentally ill people and to our utter shame terminally ill people have all been forced back to work by Atos at the behest of Chris Grayling if they refused, Grayling  had their benefits stopped. What a wonderful  way for a supposedly civilised country to be acknowledged in the way we treat the people who need our help the most, it makes me ashamed to be British. Does Chris Grayling need to be a neurological surgeon to understand that ill people need time to recover properly and terminally ill people need time to die with dignity and with all that we can give them to make their passage easier? I cannot tell you how profoundly angry that these Tory bastards, in this bastard mongrel government are doing this in my name. Where is this in their Tory manifesto?  Where does it appear in the mongrel coalition agreement, that we gave our consent to treat our most precious vulnerable people in this way? And why are the Liberal Democrats aiding and abetting and enabling the Tories to behave in this dictatorial heartless fashion? Fascists the lot of them.

What a self serving arrogant two faced shit Chris Grayling is and who does he think he is talking down to people telling them they need "tough love"? Love he doesn't know the meaning of the word. He is not a parent, he is a politician, people do not need his tough love and they certainly do not need him making their lives hell and forcing them to live in fear of their government. Atos is wrong, this government have got it wrong, 32 disability claimants have died after being forced back to work by Atos and Chris Grayling. How can this government hold their heads up when headlines like "Worked to Death" are appearing about them and their policy?
In April this year the Mirror investigation team reported that 32 people a week die after failing the test for incapacity benefit, more than a thousand ­sickness benefit claimants died last year after being told to get a job by Atos. How can Atos get it so wrong when all these people are dying trying to appeal their case after being told they are fit to work by Atos?  How much longer is this outrage going to be tolerated by the government and by the public? 

If the minister has nothing to hide and he thinks he is right then why this?

The employment minister Chris Grayling has been accused of trying to censor a Ministry of Justice courts service information video that helps people appealing against decisions to remove their disability and sickness benefit.
Emails and letters between Grayling and MoJ civil servants, seen by the Guardian, appear to show Grayling wanted to remove parts of the educational video, produced by Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service, giving advice on how to be more successful in the appeals process. Emails from the minister's account complain about the video's "tone" and "negative comments" towards the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) even though the sections in dispute were agreed to be factually true. 
The censorship allegations come after Channel 4's Dispatches programmeon Monday alleged that Atos, the firm involved in medically assessing sickness and disability claims, had developed a target culture to ensure enough people were being taken off benefitsThe BBC's Panorama, also aired on Monday, further questioned Atos's assessment procedures and found one case in which a man died of his serious heart condition five weeks after Atos found him fit to work for the second time. Hundreds of thousands of people have appealed against benefit decisions in the past few years and, according to the latest figures, about 30% are successful. Read full report - The Guardian.

Can you believe that we in Britain in 2012 have people so afraid of what their government will do to them that they are committing suicide? Well believe it because it is true.

It's OK for Chris Grayling though, able bodied, well off in an extremely well paid job, why should he worry about the people he is persecuting?

David Cameron's focus on alleged fraud and over-claiming to justify cuts in benefits is fuelling abuse against disabled people, sick people, terminally ill, the poor, the vulnerable and the unemployed. This is all part of a plan to shove people down, where they think the poor belong and give more to the rich, their mates the Tory donor bankers, hedge funders etc.

Don't let him!