Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tory Class War - Now It's 900,000 "Benefit Scrounging Scum!"

You are OK in Britain today if you are Conservative supporting banker, a shadow banker, a Tory supporting media tycoon, or maybe the head of some corporation, or part of the landed gentry etc. If you are lucky enough to be any of the aforementioned people you will be allowed to royally shaft the British economy with impunity escaping prosecution. Just as long as you are part of the ruling junta, the Tory elite or the hunting fraternity and as long as you keep making your large donations into the coffers of the Tory party, nothing bad will happen to you, all eyes are blind to your private financial shenanigans. You may have as many offshore accounts as you like, see Conservative peer, Lord Michael Ashcroft and Belize "operations" here. Of course he is not alone but I use him as an example because millions of pounds of Ashcroft's money was ploughed into the Tory marginals in order to sway the electorate to vote for the Tories in the 2010 general election, without Ashcroft's "dodgy millions" it is serious doubtful the Tories would be anywhere near government today!

Anyway according to the economically illiterate Cameron, gormless George Osborne and hapless Clegg here in Britain we shouldn't panic because we are "economically readjusting", well this is what the Tories and Lib Dems  tell us this when they can't think of anything else which explains their astonishing incompetence, their 44 policy u-turns and their frenzied vicious attacks on the poor, low waged, vulnerable, disabled and unemployed. Don't be fooled by them though, not only are they proven blatant liars it's plainly obvious that something far more sinister is actually taking place in our society. I truly believe that what we are actually witnessing is the reclassification of working class people by an out of control narcissistic and hopelessly incompetent government, who want to shove the working classes where they think they belong, back in workhouses, debtors prisons or tiny abodes.

This morning we have one of the the Tories mouthpieces, the Sunday Telegraph screaming at us that according to the government, 900,000 people choose to come off of sickness benefit ahead of tests!
Apparently 900,000 people have ceased to claim Incapacity Benefit (IB), so therefor this must be proof that the government's "policy" is actually working and everything is spiffing "dahling" mwah - mwah! Impressive eh? Until you look a little closer at the figures.

  • The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has actually confirmed that out of the 900,000 that have apparently stopped claiming IB, many get better ( some people do improve and when they do they stop claiming, contrary to popular opinion the vast majority of people are not idlers or benefit cheats) and/or they find work between submitting their first claim and their medical assessment.
  • The medical assessment is meant to take only 13 weeks maximum, but is now taking up to six months to process, which explains why the DWP have arrived at this figure. Far from being the success IDS is trying to hail it as, it is actually yet another failing policy at the DWP.
  • For Work and pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith to try and manipulate and deliberately mislead the public into thinking that his department have caught 900,000 people who were somehow defrauding the taxpayer, is disingenuous to say the least and downright dishonest at worse. 
  • The DWP makes no mention at all that the department pays private companies a premium and pays bonuses to their staff for every person they manage to kick off IB. 
  • The DWP have not released the cost to the taxpayer of paying private companies such as Atos to carry out these tests and what ratio these costs are to the funds they say they have saved!
  • The DWP also forget to mention that they are booting off terminally ill people and forcing them to work for nothing on workfare schemes, in order to make their figures look good and help manipulate the unemployment statistics.  Also if 900,000 people are coming off IB, where are they going? What benefit are they being directed at? If they really were this so called class of people who are scrounging and have been "languishing" unemployed for years on IB, is the government seriously suggesting that they have all suddenly found employers willing to take them on despite not having a work record, being sick and unemployed for years? Pull the other one IDS!

The government reforms to incapacity benefit will result in severe hardship for hundreds of thousands of households living outside the south of England, according to research published by Sheffield Hallam University in Incapacity Benefit Reform.
The report by Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill of the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research finds:
  • By 2014 the reforms to the incapacity benefit system – a tougher medical test, the re-testing of existing claimants and the time-limiting of entitlement to non-means tested benefit – will cut incapacity claimant numbers by nearly one million, of which more than 800,000 will be existing incapacity claimants who will lose their entitlement. These figures are based on experience in the areas where the reforms have been piloted and on the Department of Work and Pensions’ own assumptions about the impact of the reforms.
  • Nearly 600,000 incapacity claimants will be pushed out of the benefits system entirely, either because they will fall foul of the time limit on non-means tested entitlement or because they fail to qualify for other means-tested benefits.
  • The reform will increase the numbers on Jobseeker’s Allowance by almost 300,000 claimants. Combined with the new requirement on many incapacity claimants to engage in ‘work-related activity’, the increase in compulsory labour market engagement will be around 900,000.
  • The highly skewed distribution of incapacity claimants across the country means that the older industrial areas of the North, Scotland and Wales will be most affected. The reforms will barely impact on the most prosperous parts of southern England. The reforms will have the greatest impact in areas that have been struggling for years to cope with job loss and where the prospects of former claimants finding work are weakest. Merthyr Tydfil, Easington in County Durham, Liverpool and Glasgow are likely to be hit 10 times harder than Kingston upon Thames in London or Wokingham in Berkshire.
One of the co-authors, Steve Fothergill, said: ‘The estimates show that the coalition government is presiding over a national welfare reform that will impact principally on individuals and communities outside its own political heartlands.
‘In terms of the numbers affected and the scale and severity of the impact, the reforms to incapacity benefits that are underway are probably the most far-reaching changes to the benefits system for at least a generation. They will impoverish vast numbers of households and cause untold distress in countless more. The incapacity benefit numbers need to be brought down, but this is not the way.’
The full report is available at the Sheffield Hallam University website.

The Tory led government are gradually dehumanising the poor in the eyes of the general public by deliberately splitting the working class in order to push through their draconian measures.  It is why David Cameron deliberately chooses to use emotive terms like "strivers" and "idlers" (good vs bad). The coalition government are deliberately demonising certain sections of society and by making them appear worthless and a drag on resources they can then use these people to divide the working classes in a classic tactic known as "divide and rule". Same method that Cameron is using to deliberately stoke up fears over immigration. Indigenous population - good, immigrants - bad. Note he never ever refers to the amount of tax that immigrants pay into the Treasury, never speaks of the fact that actually immigrants claim fewer benefits. He chooses to omit this information because it doesn't fit in with what he wants people to to believe.

Cameron has deliberately set about making those in work feel superior to those who are unemployed, he is a soul sucking manipulating liar. At first, and during his opposition years he put on a huge act to make himself appear to be "good old Dave" and "affable Dave" even forgoing his  Dom. Romane Conti 1997  for a while in favour of a pint of bitter,  he set out to make people believe that he is one of them, all the while though he was hooking and reeling them in by playing mind games and stoking their fears by making them resent their friends and neighbours.  However, do not be fooled, Cameron and his ilk have a very lowly opinion of all working class. To this government the working class and even the middle class has but one use, Cameron wants their votes at election times, once he has these, you will become a drain on resources and he will remove as much as he can from you and your children, welfare, NHS, education etc including your dignity, until it is election time again, then he will come slithering back like the lying snake in the grass he really is!

If you are poor you will be viewed by Tories and their supporters as the "underclass" and the "undeserving poor"! If you live in social housing, you must stick steadfast to Tory Law and not get ideas above your station by having a spare bedroom (for whatever reason). Don't whine that you need the spare room because you care for a severely disabled family member because it will make no difference whatsoever, just remember, if you are not rich, or your parents were not part of the aristocracy and have not had the benefit of wealth passed down through the ages, wealth and land gained from the looting and pillaging of our countryside, you are not worthy of having a spare room, you must live all crammed into a smallest place possible - get used to it after all, we are mere plebs and are unsightly blemishes on the Tory landscape of "England's Green and Pleasant Land" and as such,  must be treated with utter contempt.

You must be prepared to move from your *home* at a moments notice should a family member fly the nest or get married, or even die, your house is no longer classified as your home, so don't form any attachment to it, don't get too comfortable, remember you do not deserve a home, you are part of the undeserving poor and as such must be ready to up sticks and leave to live anywhere this heartless cruel government choose to put you. It doesn't matter if they are uprooting you from your neighbourhood,  friends, relatives and support network, which often allows parents to go to work. It doesn't even matter that there are simply no smaller properties to move into, if the Tories can inflict pain and distress upon you simply because you are poor, they they will do so, this is as much in their breeding as the love of killing wild animals for fun is!

 Don't bother decorating your home either, or keeping the garden up improving the look of the neighbourhood,  just let it fall to rack and ruin because its a waste of your time, you effort and your money and that is money and effort you will need when this government keeps herding you out of your home and moving you on every few years as your circumstances change. The government have also conveniently ignored the fact that moving takes a lot of money, there are at the very least vans to hire and if you cannot drive, then you hire an expensive removal firm, who pays for all of this? Who pays for the disconnection and reconnection of gas cookers and gas fires etc? Who pays for the refitting of carpets and flooring and curtains and furniture which is suddenly too big for the smaller property you have been forced to move into?

The government  have stopped the provision of you applying for help with such costs, you'll be lucky if you get a couple of vouchers f you can spend in Asda  and don't even think of taking the government on in court because they have stopped legal aid for advice on benefits, housing, debt, education and employment. Coincidental? Don't you believe it, they knew there would be claims against the government so to stop people claiming that they are being treated unfairly the Tories have removed your rights. (Still think unions are a bad thing?)   If the local authority cannot find you a smaller property to downsize too, you will still be charged the bedroom tax, there is no way out for you, you have been had over a barrel by this government.

So much for Cameron offering parenting lessons (which have been a huge waste of time and resources), isn't the most logical first step to a happy healthy environment to raise a child a secure loving family home? How can anyone provide that knowing they may be forced out at any time simply because they are poor and cannot afford the government's bedroom tax on their family? It just completely makes a mockery out of all Cameron has said, but then Cameron lies and this is yet more proof of that.

It must be clearly understood that the idea of the "unwashed" being remotely comfortable in their homes is an anathema  to Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and members of the Conservative cabinet, government and their supporters, to them, the ordinary person living in a council house is just "benefit scrounging scum", an idler, or a shirker and they must be shown their place and kept in it above all else.

The truly shocking mystery here is that the Liberal Democrats who once prided themselves on being socially cogent, are actually helping the Conservatives to carry out this blatant attack on the working class, the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled, the low waged and the unemployed. How will the Liberal Democrat party ever be able to position itself to being on the left of Labour in order to pick up their protest votes ever again? And where is the deputy Prime Minister the leader of the so called Liberal Democrat party right now when the government he supports intends to bring in the bedroom tax which will penalise not only those on benefits but the working poor by placing them in a hopeless situation of which they can do absolutely nothing about? When poor people are going to start being forced to pay for spare rooms out of money they just do not have? Well good old Nick is away in Davos in Switzerland, in the millionaire ski resort where he and his family are nice and warm and safe and sound enjoying themselves, money no object and staying in his family's 20 room mansion!

Next week when this government deliberately heap misery onto already struggling families, there will be hundreds of thousands of people worse off. Yet last week Iain Duncan-Smith was claiming in the Telegraph that this appalling government is not cutting welfare. Perhaps he should tell that to the thousands that who are going to be hit by several changes which will see them lose the fight to survive, many will eventually be evicted, others will enter poverty as they go without food to pay for the bedroom tax, the Tory poll tax Mk 2, cuts to working family tax credits and the changes to Disability Living Allowance?

Tell that to the people who will suddenly find themselves homeless and face the prospect of having their children taken into care.

It's obvious what the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats think of the working class, however, what is a mystery is why any working class person can allow themselves to be so taken in and manipulated by the Tory lies, deceit as to actually vote for them.
The struggle of the working classes is well documented, perhaps some should read it before they pass judgement on others, perhaps they should understand the struggle and how unions were formed and helped to raise the living standards of the working classes too? Before it is too late, today they come for the poor, the sick, the unemployed and the disabled, tomorrow it will be you they come for!

This government is trying to use you to legitimise the dismantling of the welfare state, a system that was put in place to care for people regardless of class or riches. It was to enable assistance should you fall ill and cannot work, the NHS was also born to help everyone get proper medical attention. Some can work with help and others can't, this was why the Disability Living Allowance came into existence (introduced by a Tory government), it helps people stay independent, it helps some to stay in work, take that away and you take the meas away which actually enables people to work.

The day we as a society begin to judge someone else on their monetary worth, (which is what Cameron & Co are doing), is the day we have failed as human beings.

Stop assuming disabled people, the low paid, the unemployed and immigrants etc are stealing from you, they are not, they just need help to carry on living a decent life. We simply cannot allow David Cameron to take away this country's dignity. If this happens, then I truly fear what we are bequeathing future generations!

This is class war, a war that David Cameron has chosen to fight and one that for all our sakes and all our tomorrows, he must never be allowed to win!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Race Card or Red Card For Cameron?

It was with trepidation that I listened to David Cameron's government relaunch big speech on immigration yesterday. The Prime Minister red faced, flushed and hands shaking may have actually delivered his speech but it was Lynton Crosby in the wings with his arm stuck up Cameron's back that governed what Cameron was saying!

As you would expect David Cameron started off with all the flannel about immigrants benefiting this country before proceeding to pepper the the speech with vague policy promises about immigration. There was no substance and nothing in the way of firm proposals. I tweeted early yesterday that I wondered how long it would be before Cameron's speech descended into farce, apparently it did so be fore he had even left the lectern! Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary contradicting Cameron's figures. It really doesn't bode well for the Tories that they have a chancellor who cannot add up and now they seem to have swelled their ranks with a mathematically illiterate election strategist too. Is the taxpayer picking up the tab for Lynton Crosby's salary?

What is it about this government that they appear simply incapable of getting anything right? Last week when the Deputy PM made his own speech on immigration, Clegg's plan for immigration "bail bonds" was blasted as illiberal and unworkable almost immediately and not for the first time, this week the prime minister has got himself into a  hopeless muddle over his figures and his own policy detail. If the PM is not even sure of the numbers or his policy how are we expected to understand it all? It was only a couple of weeks ago that Ed Miliband showed that Cameron did not understand the detail on his government's bedroom tax, despite the fact that this will blight and destroy many peoples lives through absolutely no fault of their own.

Yesterday Cameron tried to pull off on the one hand sounding like he welcomed immigrants at the exact same time as on the other hand wanting to be seen that he was giving immigrants a serious kicking, I wonder, why didn't he tell us all that he has already arranged with the Indian government to take 80% of unskilled workers into this country, in the form of cheap labour? This deal was done a few weeks back on another one of Cameron's arms tours with his buddies in the arms trade, it was relevant, yet Cameron chose not to mention it - why?

Throughout the speech I was slightly perturbed by the PM slightly bouncing around and curling his top lip, I've notice Mr Cameron does this when he is trying extra hard to convince us that this time he means what he is saying and he is not really lying (like all the other times he has lied to our faces) and this time his proposals will not quickly descend into complete farce like everything else he and his government propose.

The truth is that the PM's so called big immigration speech amounted to introducing policy that is *already* in  place, like withdrawing JSA if no work found within 6 months, it's already happening!

Talking about policy this PM has *already* promised years ago but has not quite got around to doing anything about it and talking about introducing policy that looks almost certainly to be illegal. How will he apply some rules to some but not to others? This will open the government up to accusations of racial discrimination, in fact it will push all the progress made in this area back years!

Also out of the practical workable solutions, Cameron hasn't said anything that Ed Miliband hasn't already said, Cameron just said it in a different way!

Cameron promised 2000 extra places for "graduate entrepreneurs", who is going to pay for them, where are they going to be situated and how far will this figure go to correcting the 10% fall in the numbers applying to go to universities specifically brought about by the coalition government's trebling of tuition fees!

Cameron also forgets that it was his government hat cut the numbers of immigration officers on our Borders.

What David Cameron was doing in his immigration speech was appeal to lowest possible common denominator, while at the same time trying not to appear as if he was deliberately targeting and deliberately immigrant bashing for his own political agenda - he failed! Perhaps he should heed these words:
"Immigration makes us stronger, it keeps us vibrant, it keeps us hungry, it keeps us prosperous, it is a part of what makes this such a dynamic country". Barack Obama
Exactly the same can be said of Britain!

Is it really too much to ask that our prime minister actually leads this country, instead of following the crass immigrant bashing and misleading reporting going on in newspapers like the Sun and Daily Mail, in order to procure their support at the next election - just for once?

It's time David Cameron got a grip, everything he touches turns to dust, he hasn't managed to deliver one single policy without it descending into complete farce in the whole time he has been in government. Immigration and how best to handle it in these uncertain frightening times needs understanding and practicalities and compassion it does not need political grandstanding and rushed policies and scapegoating of other human beings just because the Tories fear the advancement of Ukip and what it is doing to their core vote!

Yesterday Cameron tried to be everything to everyone and failed miserably and he failed mainly because he wasn't being sincere and he wasn't being truthful about why he was making that speech. Why didn't he tell us that on his watch fewer foreign criminals are being deported and there is a backlog of more than 300,000 immigration cases and his woefully in adequate response to this problem was to do what he always does and that is not to accept responsibility for his own government failings but to turn around and find someone else to blame,  it's "Labour's fault" that he and George Osborne have tanked the economy, it's nurses fault that the NHS is buckling under the strain of privatisation, it is the unemployed's fault they are without a job,  it's the disabled's fault they are disabled, and Immigration Minister Mark Harper even tried to blame immigrants in a very politically motivated unpleasant slur when he said; "that people arriving in Britain appear to get better treatment for social housing", this is simply untrue, as councils  (even Tory ones) up and down this land will tell you they have a problem with housing not because of immigrants but because successive governments have failed to build the number of houses required, blaming immigrants was a cheap untrue and misleading shot! The blame game by the Tories just goes on and on and on and now its the fault of the UK Border Control that there are increasing problems there and  the PM completely omits to inform anyone that it was his government hat have slashed the number of immigration officers.

Yesterday was a day that saw a risible attempt by David Cameron to play the race card, in a blatant attempt to divert attention away from the failings of his government. Cameron is not stupid, he knows perfectly well that it is austerity not immigration that is causing this country's economy to come to a grinding halt, it is austerity not immigration that is driving down peoples living standards- scapegoating immigrants is cheap and nasty politics and for that Cameron should get the "red card"!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Press Turning Themselves Into a Joke!

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The high minded bunkum that the newspapers are emitting over the new press regulation is a joke!
Apparently Fraser Nelson and Ian Hislop (the kings of self righteous sanctimony), with Fraser just marginally more tolerable than the overbearing condescending prig Hislop - (despite his funny accent) are boo hooing away and stomping their feet refusing to sign up to the new regulation. The usual suspects, The Sun, Mail and Telegraph look like they will be joining them What a bunch of self serving egotistical sore losers, they can  give it out but they cannot take it!

The press should realise that 86% of  people polled think the press should sign up to this regulation deal, just 6% say no, it's called democracy and the press lost they should sign the bloody thing and stop with the whingeing and acting like drama queens full of their own self importance, they are newspapers for goodness sake they are not neuro surgeons! Even invoking press ghosts from 300 years ago and using Winston Churchill to justify why it is that they want to carry on unimpeded insulting, printing their "lies, it's ridiculous, they cannot keep on with their dodgy practices, phone hacking, quoting from fake 'sources', printing sexist bull****, racism, bigotry, deliberately inflammatory comments" Not to mention the deliberate misleading, misquoting and general disinformation. The press over stepped the mark once too often and they got caught and just like they would demand "justice be done" in other cases, they should now take the penance for their actions and it's no good blaming everyone else, they only have themselves to blame. They've got off lightly according the opinions of the majority of the general public if  they turn this down they may just find themselves be legislated against and then no amount of invoking dead people or antiquated laws will get them out of it.

After all that has happened in the press over the past few years, the press still want us to take their word that they will be good little editors and journalists in future and they are asking us to trust them (yet again) - bare face cheek of it! They want us to accept that it is for the public good that we still give them the latitude to do as they please, print what they like and ruin as many lives as they can, and here's the rub, they want their bad behaviour to be subject to their own self appointed watchdog! It's like giving prisoners the keys to the prison! The press want to be allowed to continue manipulating and controlling the government and anyone else who dares to show some backbone and oppose their dogmatic drivel,  it's time someone stood up to them, glad to see that the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband has continued to do this all the way through this sorry mess, pity the same cannot be said for David Cameron, our gutless, "ball-less" prime minister. He only thought it may be a good idea to impose this regulation after he saw that the vast majority of the public were in favour of it, up until that point he was playing stupid juvenile games and playing politics by pulling out of progressive talks at the 11th hour  by telephone (what a ridiculous puerile stunt) and then holding hastily convened press conference timed exactly to coincide with Ed Miliband's speech on regional banks for growth in the economy!

The pious indignation the press is galling, they are angry that they are being reined in, but while they contemplate their collective navel, they should think about this; The anger they feel with Ed Miliband, they were warned about, he was up front and honest with them, he told them he wanted the Leveson report implemented in full and never made any secret of that, in fact he relented and compromised in order to accommodate the prime minister's position, so he rolled back a little. The may not like his position, but he was totally upfront about it so the press knew where they were at all times. Not so with David Cameron, he led the press up the garden path and then slammed the backdoor in their faces, he lied to them and misled them, which is Cameron all over, he's a pretender, a liar, a "misleader", he's a political whore, if the price is right he'll dump you for the better thing if it comes along. They should observe this, because this man is doing the same to this country and everytime they allow him to get away with his lying a misleading, and bullying they are helping him harm the people of this country by association, some who are so vulnerable they have not got a chance of fighting back!

So just sign the deal, it really isn't that bad and remember in future don't trust David Cameron, he's a liar.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Sun - Parody or Just a Sick Joke?

This Says It All!
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Today the prime minister "blinked first" on  press regulation when a deal was reached between the the three main political parties on regulating the press in England and Wales after the phone hacking scandal.

An independent regulator will be set up by royal charter, but views vary over whether it would be underpinned by law. Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and the Hacked Off campaign group all seem to be under the impression that it will be, however, David Cameron in his "infinite wisdom" is refusing to concede this because if he does he knows he will be in trouble with the right wing press.

The Culture Secretary, Maria Miller has taken to the TV and radio studios all day telling blatant lies, (like a female Cameron). Among the lies she said that the government had held meetings with the Hacked Off campaign, this is an outright lie, the Hacked Off group had repeatedly requested meetings with Maria Miller and David Cameron but were totally ignored, however there were plenty of meetings between Hacked off and Miliband and Clegg. Miller also kept repeating throughout each interview that the Tories had forced Labour to "row back from their extreme version of regulation", again this is untrue hysterical nonsense.

The latest news is that the press are asking for more time to consider this and bizarrely they are complaining they were not involved in last night's meeting when the deal was thrashed out, their complaint may have carried more impetus if they had allowed members of the Hacked Off campaign and Miliband and Clegg into their secret talks which were held between the press, the prime minister and the culture secretary, they can't have it both ways and why the secrecy?

The "deal" is voluntary regulation and the press do not have to sign up to it but they are now letting it be known they may go it alone and set up their own independent regulatory body! Proof (if it was ever needed) that the press in this country think they can do and say what they like when they like and they are going to resist to the death anything that says they can no longer behave in this a way. Monday's Sun headline was so far beyond parody that I thought it was some kind of sick joke! It depicted a huge Winston Churchill with the caption D-Day in extra large print and the words;
"A free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize; It is the most dangerous foe of tyranny. Where men have the habit of liberty, the press will continue to be the vigilant guardian of the rights of the ordinary citizen"
Talk about nauseating sanctimonious claptrap and rank and blatant hypocrisy! Has the person that invoked Churchill's quote got any kind of grasp on reality? It was mainly because of the antics of editors, former editors and journalists of  papers like the Sun, Times and defunct News of the World acting like tyrants that this press regulation is needed at all! Vigilant guardian of the people? Really? Has the current editor of the Sun conveniently forgotten that it was News Corp papers journalists who hacked the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler cruelly giving her parents and sister false hope that she was still alive? For this paper to get on its moral high horse and feign indignation over being forced to obey press regulations is a complete mockery of the hundreds of peoples lives this group of newspapers have blighted and in some cases ruined! The Sun hasn't learned anything from Leveson and the hacking scandal, just a few weeks ago they splashed glamour photographs of murdered Reeva Steencamp all over the front of their newspaper just 24 hours after she was killed, with absolutely no regard for the feelings of that poor girl's family and if they are not stopped, they will do it again and again to other people.That wasn't news it was cheap and nasty voyeurism! Have the Sun forgotten that they have former editors and prime minister's friends Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson up in court to answer serious charges among them perverting the course of justice?

Once again the press want to be left alone to regulate themselves and "mark their own homework", it is totally ridiculous, they are not above the law in this country, even if they think they are!

The Prime Minister should now take a strong stand (and not run away like he did last week) and tell the press, they either sign up to the new regulation or he will pass legislation in parliament and it will become statutory that they abide by the new laws and if they don't like it - tough.

Just who the bloody hell do the press think they are, they may think that unelected newspaper tycoons can make the laws in this country, but the people think otherwise. (Those self same people they claim to champion the rights of).

In a further twist the press are now complaining that David Cameron misled them last week, no really? Join the club the PM has been lying to and deliberately misleading the public ever since he assumed position of prime minister. I have never seen these papers go to great pains to inform the public that their prime minister appears to be a compulsive liar and splash that across the front of their pages, in fact they aid and abet Cameron in his lies to the public, so why did they think they were immune to Cameron's lies? He lies about everything and everyone else, why should the press be treated any different? Lying is what Cameron does and now they know what it feels like!

Whatever the outcome of this and be under no illusion the gutter press will fight to the death for the right to intrude on private grief, destroy lives, lie, misrepresent and attack the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the vulnerable, immigrants and anyone else they take a dislike to and run vicious hate campaigns against people if they think it will get them what they want (BSkyB), but whatever, Cameron should not be resting easy in his bed tonight, now he turned against the press and reneged on any "deals" he offered them behind closed doors. Something tells me it will be Cameron they start going after next.

The press should also learn this lesson, they have personally attacked and tried to ridicule Ed Miliband at every twist and turn, they tried to ridicule his looks, that didn't work, they ridiculed anything he said, that didn't work, they tried to bully him, humiliate him and misrepresent him etc etc and none of it worked. They overplayed their hand, Labour realise that these papers are never going to support them and this was cathartic, it set them free and this new press regulation is a fruit of that, after all why worry about papers that will not support you and give you a fair shot anyway? There's absolutely no point!

The press should also learn, that the days they could print their garbage and get away with it unchecked are long gone, we have the internet and we can answer back and discover the truth, we do not need the gutter press and their condescending moralising and faux concerns. The Sun can print as many rabid banner headlines as it wishes but they shouldn't forget, it is not just the politicians that want this press regulation, but the majority of the public want it too, we are sick to death of sanctimonious patronising hypocrisy that dribbles out from papers like the Sun every day. The public think the press is allowed to get away with far too much and it's time it was stopped!

That time is now!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Someone Has To Say it!

It's all a big joke to them
and the right wing press keep on a backing them to the detriment of all others!

The problems with the European economy just keep on coming.

Cypriots rushed to the cooperative bank on Saturday after learning from their Government that their bailout terms involves them losing a one-off 10% levy on their savings.
Cyprus becomes the fifth country after Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain to turn to the eurozone for financial help amid the region's debt crisis.
Cash machines ran out of money as people clamoured to remove their savings before the government could get their hands on them.
The savers, half of whom are thought to be Russian, will raise almost €6bn. It is the first time a bailout has included such a measure, but will it be the last and is this the first of many?

Anyone with any sense would realise that such a proposal ran the very high risk of causing a run on the banks and yet this was done with European approval?!

It seems to me that the problems in the eurozone and in the EU have not gone away and everything done thus far is just a sticking plaster solution and pretty soon the dam will burst and where is Britain? We are not even at the top table thanks to juvenile antics of our prime minister, David Cameron throwing useless threats and vetoes around and then stomping off into the night to scoff pizza, quaff red wine and play games on his ipad, before returning home to be lauded for his childish pointless behaviour by a foreign owned right wing press that wants us out of the EU, no matter what hardships it causes or the 3 million jobs that depend on the EU being put at risk.

With Cameron's recent antics over the implementation (or not as the case looks) of the Justice Leveson Inquiry's recommendations, at least now we all fully realise just why an idiot like Cameron manages to get full backing from the lunatic fringe of the right wing press, no matter how many cock-ups he makes or what damage he is causing the most vulnerable people in our society, or to the economy, the NHS, education, policing and defence. Looks very much like Cameron is receiving this blanket backing for his narcissistic sociopathic lunacy because he has probably promised media barons like Rupert and James Murdoch and the insane Paul [I hate immigrants] Dacre, that once again despite the press's total inability to police and regulate themselves they will escape press regulation over the phone hacking scandal.

The European Union is in serious need of a leader, someone who knows what they are doing and what needs to be done and when to do it and there is simply no one around with those qualities. The EU is mainly full of right wing zealots who are imposing right wing "solutions" onto the helpless people of Europe and if the first wave of right wing head case solutions do not work their only answer is to dream up more lunatic right wing solutions, at some point EU leaders are going to be forced to concede that their crackpot solutions are simply not working and do not stand a hope in hell's chance of ever working. Even the IMF are proving to be a total irrelevance, however, with the next to useless "synchronised" right winger Christine Lagarde in charge, this is only to be expected.

The sad thing is that here in Britain we once had someone who could have helped the EU through these turbulent times and because the electorate were bombarded with petty tittle-tattle, innuendo and just plain lies in a non stop vicious and personal vendetta against him, we lost him, right at the time we as a country needed him the most.

When in opposition David Cameron and George Osborne aided and abetted by the right wing press set out to personally ruin a good decent man and his reputation, not because they thought they had what it took to run this country efficiently and get us through one of worse times in history, but simply because they who were born to privilege thought they were born to lead the Conservative party and born to rule us and they have a deep seated belief that only Tories and the Tory party are "the natural party of government" and they profoundly resented the Labour party being in government.

The Conservative party is not really a proper political party, how can it be? It only serves the vested interests of the very rich and powerful. The Conservative party is more like a political wing of multinational corporations in existence to help themselves and their share holders by making as much profit as possible. It is deeply retrograde and flawed and not only has its feet stuck in Victorian times but its entire body too. It is exactly the same with our antiquated right wing press, they're stuck in the past and they've hardly progresses in their attitudes towards ordinary people since the invention of the printing press! The right wing press backs the Conservative government, because it is actually part of it and both cannot move on and its this attitude along with the Tory bankers of this country and the world who got this country and the world into this mess.

The time has come when Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and their old fashioned stuck in the past friends in the right wing press cannot keep blaming Labour for the worse global recession for over 80 years and an international banking collapse and they cannot keep blaming the poor, the sick, the disabled and the low waged and unemployed for the world's financial ills either, and the more they do, the more it is a total failure on their behalf to understand what actually happened to this country in 2008, and the more they fail to understand what our problems are and where they came from, the deeper into the mire we will slip until our heads sink below the surface.

It's understandable really that the Tories and the Tory bankers and Tory shadow bankers, the right wing press do not want to acknowledge the real problems facing this country, because they are actually a big part of the problem and huge part of what actually went wrong with the global economy. It wasn't the former Labour government, or the poor, the disabled, the low waged, the nurses and the doctors and the unemployed etc that gambled all this country's money away in sustained games of "casino banking royale", this was solely down to the Conservative bankers and the shareholders who never questioned where their hefty returns were coming from and how they were being achieved, but just kept putting their greedy grubby hands out for more filthy lucre tainted with the blood, sweat and toil of the ordinary workers and stuffing it into their bulging bank accounts. It wasn't the former Labour government that done for the global economy, it was greed that did that, pure and simple "good" old fashioned Conservative greed!

Yet suddenly when it all fell apart, "it is the poor that gets the blame" and all our ills are to be blamed on the welfare state, the NHS, the unemployed, the disabled, the low waged, and this Victorian Tory controlled government aided and abetted by the antiquated beliefs of the right wing press and more baffling the Liberal Democrats have started to dream up ways of making us pay for the disgraceful, illegal behaviour of our financial sector, all hail the Tory God also known as the City! I am only surprised that workhouses and debtors prisons and homes for "wayward" single mothers where people can be put to work and worked for 20 hours per day for nothing haven't been resurrected - yet!

Back in 2008 when the Tory bankers had nearly brought this country to its knees Gordon Brown was the only man who wasn't panicking and who came up with a plan at the 11th hour, a plan which was modified to suit different countries and then implemented and it prevented the global economy from falling over the edge of the cliff into the financial abyss and at this point the clowns Cameron and Osborne were acting like rabbits caught in the headlights, they had no idea what was happening least of all any ideas about how to prevent it, in fact in 2008 they were still pledging to match Labour spending pound for pound and both were calling on Gordon Brown to reduce regulation on banks accusing him of operating a nanny state and stifling growth with the burden of over regulated banks! George Osborne was taking trips to Ireland and promoting the way the Irish were doing business and telling us all that this country could learn a lot from the way that the Irish economy was being run, shortly afterwards, the Irish economy crashed! Why has the press shown such confidence in  George Osborne who once praised Ireland’s battered economy as a MIRACLE from which Britain should learn?

The gaffe, which should have raised fresh ­questions in all the right wing press (as it would have done if this was the Labour party) over the Chancellor’s appalling  judgement, emerged as the debt-ridden Irish Republic waited for an emergency EU bail-out of up to £85billion.
At the time, Osborne, then Shadow Chancellor, called Ireland a “shining ­example” of how to do business and urged the deregulation of Britain’s financial services to help us copy the success of the “Celtic Tiger”.

At that time the right wing press had a job to do, they should have been shouting about Cameron and Osborne's obvious incompetence and inability to understand how the economy works from the rooftops, they should have been informing us and warning us, saying hey look at these guys, they do not seem capable of "organising a **** up in a brewery" (which has latterly been proved correct) instead, what they did was operate a cartel of silence and lame duck reporting to hush over Cameron and Osborne's obvious flaws.

Instead of doing the right thing, the British thing and warning us no matter what, they started to act in cahoots with Cameron and Osborne and set out on a vicious personal vengeful campaign to unseat Gordon Brown and to get rid of the one man who could have helped this country and the world's economy to stabilise. The dirty tricks and lies and the level of spite aimed at Gordon Brown was something never seen in British politics before and day in and day out the abuse was rained down upon him, there was no let up and lasted for about 2 years, even Andrew Marr on the Marr show attacked Gordon Brown on live TV asking him if he was on anti-depressants etc. The Sun newspaper under the instructions of David Cameron's close friend and political ally former News Corp CEO Rebekah Brooks, when she was editor of the Sun and pretending to be a friend of both Sarah and Gordon Brown, even published the medical history of their young son against their expressed wishes, they plastered the child's medical condition, formerly withheld from the public over the front page of the Sun, in a blatant attack to mentally destabilise Mr Brown. I hope when Rebekah Brooks and the PMs other friend and former Downing Street Director of Communications and former editor of the News of the World (and Murdoch lackeys) Andy Coulson appear in court to answer several serious charges (including perverting the course of justice) the book is thrown at them for all their despicable behaviour towards innocent press victims. People like the parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler; and Sara Payne the mother of a murdered child, and Margaret and Jim Watson whose murdered daughter's reputation was so trashed in the right wing tabloid press that their son committed suicide, I hope these people gain some respite from the hell the British right wing press has put them through!

The abuse of the press and broadcast media's power against Gordon Brown was unrelenting and a total embarrassment to this country, especially when Gordon Brown is held in such high esteem through the world, it's shameful, but to use his young son in this way was truly despicable.

It is not the former Labour government that laid ruin to the global economy, it is not Gordon Brown's fault that the EU has the complete inability to come up with workable sensible solutions, solutions that do not sentence the good people of Europe to years and years of pointless degrading unworkable austerity measures, but if this country had not been fooled by the lies of Cameron, Osborne and their mates in the right wing press, Gordon Brown and Labour could have helped Europe and the world to gradually step out of this mess created by the global Tories and for those that doubt my words, just ponder upon this:

In May 2010 after the British general election, despite all the many and varied ills the global economy could throw at us since the crash of 2008, Gordon Brown, and the Labour government had returned this country's economy back into 2.7% growth and the economy was in recovery - where is that recovery and that growth now?

What has Cameron, Osborne and Clegg's austerity measures actually achieved? Is the national debt reducing? No it is rising. Is the deficit reducing? No it is rising. Is borrowing reducing? No it is rising. Yet the right wing press day in and day out resolute fail to point this out to the British people, instead we are bombarded with scare stories about one or two people that may be abusing the system, we see immigrants attacked and blamed and presented as lazy spongers off the state, when actually the vast majority of British immigrants who have settled here are hard working, taxpaying citizens who contribute a great deal to the British economy, yet if we believe the vile trash which is constantly bandied about in papers like the Sun and Mail anyone would think the opposite was true! These papers all attack their own readership and they do this by appealing to base instincts, by trying to divide ordinary people and then pitting them against each other and this is the exact same tact that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are deploying! Coincidence? Truth? Don't you believe it, it is something that has been discussed between the owners of these trash papers and the Tory party in order that they can rue this country and stay ruling this country and sod democracy and sod the millions of ordinary people who are having their whole lives blighted by the Tories and right wing press. it's a power game that the public through no fault of their own are caught in the middle of.

The right wing press are never going to tell us the truth about who really caused this mess and contributed to the global financial ruin because they are huge corporations and these corporations are actually part of the Conservative party's establishment. They donate to the Tories financially and  they also donate reams and reams of ill informed journalistic tripe to the party. Tripe that is published with the express intention of deliberately misleading the public. These editors may think they are clever, but they are not, they are as much pawns in the Tory game as the public, yet the sycophants just cannot see that they are also being used by the Murdoch's and Dacre's and the Desmond's etc. The editors and the journalists of these publications are being used and abused and taken for 'grade A' plonkers, they may think that sidling up to their paymasters will ensure their passage through companies like News Corp is trouble free and will lead to promotion but it isn't and for proof of this they should look at how easy it was for Rupert Murdoch to shut down the News of the World in the bat of an eye and to treat his employees as disposable garbage just discarded and thrown away as soon as they were no longer needed. They were sacrificed at the drop of Murdoch's hat in order to quell the mounting problems facing News Corp at a time when Murdoch believed he could buy the silence of the Government and the hush the growing disquiet of the public over his own press abuse of victims of illegal acts at his papers and furthermore, if it comes down to it, (and with recent news of 600 more victims of press abuse surfacing in the last few days, it looks like it very well may) the employees at the Sun newspaper will be next and be treated in exactly the same way. In any case, from where I'm standing when "good old Rupert" finally pops his clogs, it looks like the Sun will be buried along side him, as his son James Murdoch, has already stated he has no interest in running newspapers! Yet the turkeys working at the Sun still insist of voting for Christmas! To paraphrase; "Will the last person working at the Sun believing that Murdoch actually cares about them put the light out out when leaving".

Another falsehood driven by the right wing press and lie told by David Cameron is that he ordered the Leveson Inquiry, he makes it out to be his idea, well it wasn't, this came from Labour's Ed Miliband, who decided to stand up against the right wing press and stand for the victims of press abuse, he kept the pressure up asking for an Inquiry until Cameron could no longer ignore it and relented and ordered the Leveson Inquiry.

All through this whole affair Cameron has been seen to be sucking up to the press and to Murdoch etc and even when it was revealed that the former Culture Secretary James Hunt, was implicated in trying to pass the monopoly of news reporting to Murdoch in his shady BSkyB deal and was found to have taken part in shady emails and dodgy texts and found to have been lying to parliament, the right wing press still allowed Cameron to get away with this.

Today the reason for this is abundantly clear, in Britain five billionaires own nearly all the press and have the monopoly on news and how it is reported. These corporations also donate in some form or another to the Tory party, they are by association part of the Tory party establishment and to keep them donating and on side, David Cameron is sucking up to them, until what we have operating in this country between the Tory party and the press is a cartel which is the "bent and twisted cancer" of British journalism, we have a near dictatorship, with Cameron the mouthpiece for unelected newspaper barons and multinational corporations which are influencing policy. Cameron who promised so much and delivered nothing, Cameron the liar who quakes in his shoes at the very mention of Murdoch's name. Cameron who gives in to bankers and Boris Johnson future Tory leader who openly defends bankers and thinks it is a good idea to rob from the poor and give to the rich by taxing all people 30%, which means the low paid and nurses etc will pay more in tax while millionaires like himself, Cameron and Osborne and Clegg etc all get huge tax refunds.

This is all part of the Tory ethos, this is what all Tory politicians are and now they have the Liberal Democrats propping them up enabling them to do all of this and this message is being rammed home by the right wing press every single day. Even Rushbridger of the Guardian is at it, as their paper lurches more and more to the right.

During the 2010 general election campaign when Clegg's sudden appeal burst onto the scene George Osborne held secret talks with all the editors of the right wing press, a couple of days later, stories appeared trashing Clegg's reputation.

During the talks about the implementation of Justice Leveson's recommendations, the victims of press abuse contacted David Cameron and Culture Secretary Maria Miller trying to arrange meetings, they were totally ignored, yet at the same time many meetings between the PM and Maria Miller and the press took place to discuss press regulation.

This has been the pattern from this PM, we are being treated to the nauseating sight of a PM completely in hock to the press, sucking up to their every whim. David cameron is so scared of them that he is allowing them to dictate policy, by contrast Ed Miliband is trying to stand up to the press, even though he is getting rubbished for doing so and is it any coincidence stories which have no bearing on the truth are beginning to emerge in the press trashing Labour and Ed Miliband? (The jury is still out on Clegg's actions, after all he has complained before but has always ending up voting with the government, so excuse me if I totally disregard him.)

One thing none of them bargain for is the internet and people like me, who are determined to expose this vile government and their vile connections to the right wing press and in the end we will win, because good always does win over evil.

I know when it comes down to choosing a new prime minister  I would rather have a good decent honest man like Ed Miliband who has shown he is not afraid of the press, rather than the lying Cameron who is terrified of the press.

I am just sorry that the British public allowed themselves to be fooled and hoodwinked over Gordon Brown, if there is one man who could really and truly help stabilise the British and global economy  right now, then it is Gordon. Look at the US, they used Brown's measures as guidelines for their own economy and they are in growth and slowly but surely their economy is beginning to recover, what a great tragedy it is that the right wing press along with David Cameron sought to influence and manipulate the electorate, if we had not listened and stuck with Labour, our economy would be all the stronger for it now and this is the truth which is also being kept out of the right wing press!

I warn you, that today it is the Cypriot government that is raiding the people's bank accounts, if George Osborne messes our economy much further it will be ours tomorrow. Only he will only raid the bank account's of the poor and will cut the needy's benefits still further, and his excuse will be the poor are a strain on society while the rich needs to maintained because they are the wealth creators. Mark my words, it will happen! And furthermore, the right wing press will back Osborne to the hilt, no matter what it does to the rest of us!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cameron's "Carry On Lying" Government!

If His Lips Move He's Lying

Cross party talks on how to implement the Leveson report were going well and compromises were being reached on all sides, and then out of the blue the PM David Cameron telephoned Ed Miliband to inform his he was walking away from the talks and was going to force a vote in the House to implement his own Royal Charter. This is a vote Cameron knows he will be hard pressed to win, so why is he deliberately wasting parliamentary time and taxpayers money doing it?

Cameron decided to hold his impromptu press conference at the same time as Ed Miliband was due to give a speech to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)  about how our banks needed to be reformed and was putting forward suggestions about how we could have a regional banking system in order to aid growth and SMEs etc speech in full HERE 

Cameron was already behaving bizarrely on Wednesday in the House during PMQs, instead of answering questions put to him he chose to personally attack Ed Miliband's council tax band, this came at the end of a session that saw the PM ranting and raving to the point where he was no longer making any sense.

It's all very odd and forces people to wonder what promises and assurances were given during the meetings held in secret between the government and press, convened to supposedly discuss the Leveson report. The victims of press abuse have the right to ask what has been promised and so are the public entitled to ask just what it is that Murdoch and Dacre have got on Cameron to be able to exert such power over him, enough to make the prime minister behave in such a bizarre fashion?

Is this all part of Cameron's election strategy for the nest general election? You scratch my back press and I'll scratch yours? What has been promised by the likes of Murdoch et al in order for the Tories to get a favourable ride in the build up to the next election? Cameron tells so many lies, he is a blatant liar and he deliberately misleads and uses disinformation tactics and the press duly obliged by spreading political propaganda . I would lay money on there being some kind of "understanding" between press and government and why should people trust them when the meetings have been held in secret? Why were they held in secret? Why weren't these meetings held openly where they could be vetted and scrutinised? The PM must have known that holding meetings in secret to discuss the way forward for press regulation was bound to be controversial and laid open to accusations of corruption. After all that has gone on between the press and members of the public and the abhorrent way in which the Dowlers and former PM's son Gordon Brown etc were treated and all the lying and obfuscation over Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB bid, and the paying police for information, you would have thought that Cameron would not have run the risk of being accused of corruption, yet here it is, he has learned nothing, he tells lies, he's incompetent, so why should the public believe a single thing he says about a Royal Charter to regulate the press?
Cameron's recommending a charter that has been crawled over by media lawyers to find loopholes and ways to get out of conforming to it and is also open to ministers in a privy council overruling all of it or parts of it, before it is even voted on by parliament. What is going on here? How corrupt is Cameron?

Cameron got off lightly when he appeared at Leveson, but he shouldn't gloat because sooner or later the hold that Murdoch has over him will be exposed, who knows the latest whistle blower that has just implemented Murdoch's papers may just hold the key to what has actually gone on between Cameron and Murdoch. Now police are examining an estimated 600 fresh claims of phone-hacking incidents at media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's now defunct tabloid News of the World.
According to sources, Scotland Yard detectives believe they can identify as many as 600 new incidents after obtaining the phone records of an insider who is now being lined up as a crown witness.
So it looks like Murdoch has deliberately covered this up, perhaps he thought he had hidden all the evidence? David Cameron needs to be worried here, perhaps this is why he has been behaving so oddly?

"It's not whether the press are happy, its not whether the politicians are happy, it is whether the victims are happy", these were Cameron's words and now he is not only walking away from talks which were heading somewhere, he is walking away from his own words and dealing a blow to the victims of press abuse.

 Cameron is treating the victims of phone hacking with complete contempt and this is after he promised to implement the Leveson recommendations in full "if they weren't bonkers", well the recommendations were not bonkers, in fact to some they didn't go as far as they would have wished, but once again we David Cameron not keeping his word and letting the victims of press abuse like the parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler down.

Fundamental problem of this is that the government has been negotiating with newspaper barons in secret and nobody knows what has been promised to them. How do we know that Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre etc have not been putting pressure on the government?

David Cameron is giving into pressure from the papers, he ought to remember it is the voters that put him where he is not the editors and proprietors of newspapers. The press have been given chance after chance to regulate themselves and they have shown repeatedly that they cannot do it, they think they can do what they  like, say what they  like, when they like. This is the reason why the press do not hammer the Tories when they know they should and why they are allowing them to get away the most appalling incompetence and the most appalling governance this country has ever seen, it's all because they do not want to be regulated and Cameron is sucking up to the press, Murdoch and Dacre, it could not be more transparent and it really is a dreadful state of affairs.

We have a situation now where a really important vote is to take place in the House next week in budget week over the Leveson recommendations and MPs cannot make an informed choice because they do not know what the terms will be. It was the same story in the House today over alcohol pricing,  MPs have no idea what the government's position on minimum pricing now is.

After the u-turn over alcohol pricing and the partial climb down on the bedroom tax, during last week's PMQs in the House of Commons, Ed Miliband asked Cameron if "there was anything he could organise in a brewery", apparently there isn't, but he doesn't have to when he has the press repeating his lies and deliberate misleading.

David Cameron and this government are a becoming a joke, forty-one u-turns so far and counting! No one knows what this government is doing from one day to the next, it would be funny if it wasn't so serious and still the press allow Cameron to get away with it, they are totally and utterly immoral. Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne are bleeding the economy dry with ill thought out, ill timed and unworkable austerity measures and tax rises and cuts in benefits for the poor, the low waged, the disabled and the vulnerable while giving millionaires a tax cut amounting to approximately £110,000 and the press allow them to get away with this, it's shocking!

This government is a total farce, it's like being governed by the cast of a Carry On film - farce after farce after farce aided and abetted by papers like the Sun, Times, Telegraph and Daily Mail.

David Cameron cannot carry on like this with his lies and blunders and incompetence. The deliberate misleading and the lies are an every day occurrence now.

The UK Statistics Authority rebuked David Cameron for falsely stating in a Conservative Party political broadcast that the coalition "was paying down Britain’s debts".
Andrew Dilnot, the chair of the stats authority, has said that there was no basis for Cameron's claim. He rightly points out that the national debt has risen from £811.3bn, or 55.3 per cent of GDP, to £1,111.4bn, or 70.7 per cent of GDP, since the coalition entered office.

But this hasn't stopped Cameron from carry on making a false claim and neither has it stopped chancellor George Osborne from making the same false claims.

Just last week he was rebuked by Robert Chote, the head of the OBR, who contradicted a claim Mr Cameron made in a speech about the economy, in which the Prime Minister said the forecaster does not believe cuts are reducing growth. The OBR does think that government's austerity measures will harm growth.

I read somewhere today that mockery can be eroding and this is true, the country and the Tory party no longer have confidence in the PM. We are entering very unstable very dangerous times. We have a prime minister who quaffs wine while on duty and prefers to play games on his ipad  rather than work, a part time chancellor who hasn't got a clue what he is doing and a deputy prime minister who clocks off at 3pm.

The public are becoming very aware of  Cameron's grandstanding and once again he is seen to be standing up for the vested interests of the rich and powerful.

This government have all but ruined the British economy, they are ruining the welfare system, they are placing 600,000 people in danger of rent arrears which could lead to their eviction from their homes. they are privatising the NHS by stealth and have placed in danger 200,000 children who will not have a school place next year because the education secretary, Michael Gove abolished the Labour government's Building Schools for Future programme, even though they were warned at the time that if they did this then there would be a school places shortage, they ignored it, did it and now we have a shortage and they are still trying to blame Labour.

Cameron is a liar, he tells lies every single day and the more pressure he feels the worse his lies get.

Cameron said he would implement Leveson in full, "if it wasn't bonkers"well it wasn't, is it too much to ask that just for once this prime minister actually keeps his word and does what he promised to do?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Bedroom Tax Anomaly

If a person on the council waiting list is offered a 2 bedroom property because the council does not have any one bedroom properties to offer them, they will still be charged 14% bedroom tax. If they refuse the property because they will be unable to pay the bedroom tax the council can and probably will strike them from the list for refusing the property and intentionally making themselves homeless.

Why has the Tory controlled government aided and abetted by the Liberal democrats allowed this ridiculous myopic bedroom tax to get this far? It's obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense that this is not going to work, the policy has more holes than sieve, yet still the arrogant Cameron, Osborne, Duncan-Smith and Clegg are pushing on with this policy which is going to cause, poverty, pain, hardship and distress to 600,000 people and a catastrophic problem with homelessness.

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are unfit for Government, they haven't a clue what they are doing and the chain reaction caused by their policies passes cleanly over their heads.