Sunday, March 17, 2013

Someone Has To Say it!

It's all a big joke to them
and the right wing press keep on a backing them to the detriment of all others!

The problems with the European economy just keep on coming.

Cypriots rushed to the cooperative bank on Saturday after learning from their Government that their bailout terms involves them losing a one-off 10% levy on their savings.
Cyprus becomes the fifth country after Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain to turn to the eurozone for financial help amid the region's debt crisis.
Cash machines ran out of money as people clamoured to remove their savings before the government could get their hands on them.
The savers, half of whom are thought to be Russian, will raise almost €6bn. It is the first time a bailout has included such a measure, but will it be the last and is this the first of many?

Anyone with any sense would realise that such a proposal ran the very high risk of causing a run on the banks and yet this was done with European approval?!

It seems to me that the problems in the eurozone and in the EU have not gone away and everything done thus far is just a sticking plaster solution and pretty soon the dam will burst and where is Britain? We are not even at the top table thanks to juvenile antics of our prime minister, David Cameron throwing useless threats and vetoes around and then stomping off into the night to scoff pizza, quaff red wine and play games on his ipad, before returning home to be lauded for his childish pointless behaviour by a foreign owned right wing press that wants us out of the EU, no matter what hardships it causes or the 3 million jobs that depend on the EU being put at risk.

With Cameron's recent antics over the implementation (or not as the case looks) of the Justice Leveson Inquiry's recommendations, at least now we all fully realise just why an idiot like Cameron manages to get full backing from the lunatic fringe of the right wing press, no matter how many cock-ups he makes or what damage he is causing the most vulnerable people in our society, or to the economy, the NHS, education, policing and defence. Looks very much like Cameron is receiving this blanket backing for his narcissistic sociopathic lunacy because he has probably promised media barons like Rupert and James Murdoch and the insane Paul [I hate immigrants] Dacre, that once again despite the press's total inability to police and regulate themselves they will escape press regulation over the phone hacking scandal.

The European Union is in serious need of a leader, someone who knows what they are doing and what needs to be done and when to do it and there is simply no one around with those qualities. The EU is mainly full of right wing zealots who are imposing right wing "solutions" onto the helpless people of Europe and if the first wave of right wing head case solutions do not work their only answer is to dream up more lunatic right wing solutions, at some point EU leaders are going to be forced to concede that their crackpot solutions are simply not working and do not stand a hope in hell's chance of ever working. Even the IMF are proving to be a total irrelevance, however, with the next to useless "synchronised" right winger Christine Lagarde in charge, this is only to be expected.

The sad thing is that here in Britain we once had someone who could have helped the EU through these turbulent times and because the electorate were bombarded with petty tittle-tattle, innuendo and just plain lies in a non stop vicious and personal vendetta against him, we lost him, right at the time we as a country needed him the most.

When in opposition David Cameron and George Osborne aided and abetted by the right wing press set out to personally ruin a good decent man and his reputation, not because they thought they had what it took to run this country efficiently and get us through one of worse times in history, but simply because they who were born to privilege thought they were born to lead the Conservative party and born to rule us and they have a deep seated belief that only Tories and the Tory party are "the natural party of government" and they profoundly resented the Labour party being in government.

The Conservative party is not really a proper political party, how can it be? It only serves the vested interests of the very rich and powerful. The Conservative party is more like a political wing of multinational corporations in existence to help themselves and their share holders by making as much profit as possible. It is deeply retrograde and flawed and not only has its feet stuck in Victorian times but its entire body too. It is exactly the same with our antiquated right wing press, they're stuck in the past and they've hardly progresses in their attitudes towards ordinary people since the invention of the printing press! The right wing press backs the Conservative government, because it is actually part of it and both cannot move on and its this attitude along with the Tory bankers of this country and the world who got this country and the world into this mess.

The time has come when Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and their old fashioned stuck in the past friends in the right wing press cannot keep blaming Labour for the worse global recession for over 80 years and an international banking collapse and they cannot keep blaming the poor, the sick, the disabled and the low waged and unemployed for the world's financial ills either, and the more they do, the more it is a total failure on their behalf to understand what actually happened to this country in 2008, and the more they fail to understand what our problems are and where they came from, the deeper into the mire we will slip until our heads sink below the surface.

It's understandable really that the Tories and the Tory bankers and Tory shadow bankers, the right wing press do not want to acknowledge the real problems facing this country, because they are actually a big part of the problem and huge part of what actually went wrong with the global economy. It wasn't the former Labour government, or the poor, the disabled, the low waged, the nurses and the doctors and the unemployed etc that gambled all this country's money away in sustained games of "casino banking royale", this was solely down to the Conservative bankers and the shareholders who never questioned where their hefty returns were coming from and how they were being achieved, but just kept putting their greedy grubby hands out for more filthy lucre tainted with the blood, sweat and toil of the ordinary workers and stuffing it into their bulging bank accounts. It wasn't the former Labour government that done for the global economy, it was greed that did that, pure and simple "good" old fashioned Conservative greed!

Yet suddenly when it all fell apart, "it is the poor that gets the blame" and all our ills are to be blamed on the welfare state, the NHS, the unemployed, the disabled, the low waged, and this Victorian Tory controlled government aided and abetted by the antiquated beliefs of the right wing press and more baffling the Liberal Democrats have started to dream up ways of making us pay for the disgraceful, illegal behaviour of our financial sector, all hail the Tory God also known as the City! I am only surprised that workhouses and debtors prisons and homes for "wayward" single mothers where people can be put to work and worked for 20 hours per day for nothing haven't been resurrected - yet!

Back in 2008 when the Tory bankers had nearly brought this country to its knees Gordon Brown was the only man who wasn't panicking and who came up with a plan at the 11th hour, a plan which was modified to suit different countries and then implemented and it prevented the global economy from falling over the edge of the cliff into the financial abyss and at this point the clowns Cameron and Osborne were acting like rabbits caught in the headlights, they had no idea what was happening least of all any ideas about how to prevent it, in fact in 2008 they were still pledging to match Labour spending pound for pound and both were calling on Gordon Brown to reduce regulation on banks accusing him of operating a nanny state and stifling growth with the burden of over regulated banks! George Osborne was taking trips to Ireland and promoting the way the Irish were doing business and telling us all that this country could learn a lot from the way that the Irish economy was being run, shortly afterwards, the Irish economy crashed! Why has the press shown such confidence in  George Osborne who once praised Ireland’s battered economy as a MIRACLE from which Britain should learn?

The gaffe, which should have raised fresh ­questions in all the right wing press (as it would have done if this was the Labour party) over the Chancellor’s appalling  judgement, emerged as the debt-ridden Irish Republic waited for an emergency EU bail-out of up to £85billion.
At the time, Osborne, then Shadow Chancellor, called Ireland a “shining ­example” of how to do business and urged the deregulation of Britain’s financial services to help us copy the success of the “Celtic Tiger”.

At that time the right wing press had a job to do, they should have been shouting about Cameron and Osborne's obvious incompetence and inability to understand how the economy works from the rooftops, they should have been informing us and warning us, saying hey look at these guys, they do not seem capable of "organising a **** up in a brewery" (which has latterly been proved correct) instead, what they did was operate a cartel of silence and lame duck reporting to hush over Cameron and Osborne's obvious flaws.

Instead of doing the right thing, the British thing and warning us no matter what, they started to act in cahoots with Cameron and Osborne and set out on a vicious personal vengeful campaign to unseat Gordon Brown and to get rid of the one man who could have helped this country and the world's economy to stabilise. The dirty tricks and lies and the level of spite aimed at Gordon Brown was something never seen in British politics before and day in and day out the abuse was rained down upon him, there was no let up and lasted for about 2 years, even Andrew Marr on the Marr show attacked Gordon Brown on live TV asking him if he was on anti-depressants etc. The Sun newspaper under the instructions of David Cameron's close friend and political ally former News Corp CEO Rebekah Brooks, when she was editor of the Sun and pretending to be a friend of both Sarah and Gordon Brown, even published the medical history of their young son against their expressed wishes, they plastered the child's medical condition, formerly withheld from the public over the front page of the Sun, in a blatant attack to mentally destabilise Mr Brown. I hope when Rebekah Brooks and the PMs other friend and former Downing Street Director of Communications and former editor of the News of the World (and Murdoch lackeys) Andy Coulson appear in court to answer several serious charges (including perverting the course of justice) the book is thrown at them for all their despicable behaviour towards innocent press victims. People like the parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler; and Sara Payne the mother of a murdered child, and Margaret and Jim Watson whose murdered daughter's reputation was so trashed in the right wing tabloid press that their son committed suicide, I hope these people gain some respite from the hell the British right wing press has put them through!

The abuse of the press and broadcast media's power against Gordon Brown was unrelenting and a total embarrassment to this country, especially when Gordon Brown is held in such high esteem through the world, it's shameful, but to use his young son in this way was truly despicable.

It is not the former Labour government that laid ruin to the global economy, it is not Gordon Brown's fault that the EU has the complete inability to come up with workable sensible solutions, solutions that do not sentence the good people of Europe to years and years of pointless degrading unworkable austerity measures, but if this country had not been fooled by the lies of Cameron, Osborne and their mates in the right wing press, Gordon Brown and Labour could have helped Europe and the world to gradually step out of this mess created by the global Tories and for those that doubt my words, just ponder upon this:

In May 2010 after the British general election, despite all the many and varied ills the global economy could throw at us since the crash of 2008, Gordon Brown, and the Labour government had returned this country's economy back into 2.7% growth and the economy was in recovery - where is that recovery and that growth now?

What has Cameron, Osborne and Clegg's austerity measures actually achieved? Is the national debt reducing? No it is rising. Is the deficit reducing? No it is rising. Is borrowing reducing? No it is rising. Yet the right wing press day in and day out resolute fail to point this out to the British people, instead we are bombarded with scare stories about one or two people that may be abusing the system, we see immigrants attacked and blamed and presented as lazy spongers off the state, when actually the vast majority of British immigrants who have settled here are hard working, taxpaying citizens who contribute a great deal to the British economy, yet if we believe the vile trash which is constantly bandied about in papers like the Sun and Mail anyone would think the opposite was true! These papers all attack their own readership and they do this by appealing to base instincts, by trying to divide ordinary people and then pitting them against each other and this is the exact same tact that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are deploying! Coincidence? Truth? Don't you believe it, it is something that has been discussed between the owners of these trash papers and the Tory party in order that they can rue this country and stay ruling this country and sod democracy and sod the millions of ordinary people who are having their whole lives blighted by the Tories and right wing press. it's a power game that the public through no fault of their own are caught in the middle of.

The right wing press are never going to tell us the truth about who really caused this mess and contributed to the global financial ruin because they are huge corporations and these corporations are actually part of the Conservative party's establishment. They donate to the Tories financially and  they also donate reams and reams of ill informed journalistic tripe to the party. Tripe that is published with the express intention of deliberately misleading the public. These editors may think they are clever, but they are not, they are as much pawns in the Tory game as the public, yet the sycophants just cannot see that they are also being used by the Murdoch's and Dacre's and the Desmond's etc. The editors and the journalists of these publications are being used and abused and taken for 'grade A' plonkers, they may think that sidling up to their paymasters will ensure their passage through companies like News Corp is trouble free and will lead to promotion but it isn't and for proof of this they should look at how easy it was for Rupert Murdoch to shut down the News of the World in the bat of an eye and to treat his employees as disposable garbage just discarded and thrown away as soon as they were no longer needed. They were sacrificed at the drop of Murdoch's hat in order to quell the mounting problems facing News Corp at a time when Murdoch believed he could buy the silence of the Government and the hush the growing disquiet of the public over his own press abuse of victims of illegal acts at his papers and furthermore, if it comes down to it, (and with recent news of 600 more victims of press abuse surfacing in the last few days, it looks like it very well may) the employees at the Sun newspaper will be next and be treated in exactly the same way. In any case, from where I'm standing when "good old Rupert" finally pops his clogs, it looks like the Sun will be buried along side him, as his son James Murdoch, has already stated he has no interest in running newspapers! Yet the turkeys working at the Sun still insist of voting for Christmas! To paraphrase; "Will the last person working at the Sun believing that Murdoch actually cares about them put the light out out when leaving".

Another falsehood driven by the right wing press and lie told by David Cameron is that he ordered the Leveson Inquiry, he makes it out to be his idea, well it wasn't, this came from Labour's Ed Miliband, who decided to stand up against the right wing press and stand for the victims of press abuse, he kept the pressure up asking for an Inquiry until Cameron could no longer ignore it and relented and ordered the Leveson Inquiry.

All through this whole affair Cameron has been seen to be sucking up to the press and to Murdoch etc and even when it was revealed that the former Culture Secretary James Hunt, was implicated in trying to pass the monopoly of news reporting to Murdoch in his shady BSkyB deal and was found to have taken part in shady emails and dodgy texts and found to have been lying to parliament, the right wing press still allowed Cameron to get away with this.

Today the reason for this is abundantly clear, in Britain five billionaires own nearly all the press and have the monopoly on news and how it is reported. These corporations also donate in some form or another to the Tory party, they are by association part of the Tory party establishment and to keep them donating and on side, David Cameron is sucking up to them, until what we have operating in this country between the Tory party and the press is a cartel which is the "bent and twisted cancer" of British journalism, we have a near dictatorship, with Cameron the mouthpiece for unelected newspaper barons and multinational corporations which are influencing policy. Cameron who promised so much and delivered nothing, Cameron the liar who quakes in his shoes at the very mention of Murdoch's name. Cameron who gives in to bankers and Boris Johnson future Tory leader who openly defends bankers and thinks it is a good idea to rob from the poor and give to the rich by taxing all people 30%, which means the low paid and nurses etc will pay more in tax while millionaires like himself, Cameron and Osborne and Clegg etc all get huge tax refunds.

This is all part of the Tory ethos, this is what all Tory politicians are and now they have the Liberal Democrats propping them up enabling them to do all of this and this message is being rammed home by the right wing press every single day. Even Rushbridger of the Guardian is at it, as their paper lurches more and more to the right.

During the 2010 general election campaign when Clegg's sudden appeal burst onto the scene George Osborne held secret talks with all the editors of the right wing press, a couple of days later, stories appeared trashing Clegg's reputation.

During the talks about the implementation of Justice Leveson's recommendations, the victims of press abuse contacted David Cameron and Culture Secretary Maria Miller trying to arrange meetings, they were totally ignored, yet at the same time many meetings between the PM and Maria Miller and the press took place to discuss press regulation.

This has been the pattern from this PM, we are being treated to the nauseating sight of a PM completely in hock to the press, sucking up to their every whim. David cameron is so scared of them that he is allowing them to dictate policy, by contrast Ed Miliband is trying to stand up to the press, even though he is getting rubbished for doing so and is it any coincidence stories which have no bearing on the truth are beginning to emerge in the press trashing Labour and Ed Miliband? (The jury is still out on Clegg's actions, after all he has complained before but has always ending up voting with the government, so excuse me if I totally disregard him.)

One thing none of them bargain for is the internet and people like me, who are determined to expose this vile government and their vile connections to the right wing press and in the end we will win, because good always does win over evil.

I know when it comes down to choosing a new prime minister  I would rather have a good decent honest man like Ed Miliband who has shown he is not afraid of the press, rather than the lying Cameron who is terrified of the press.

I am just sorry that the British public allowed themselves to be fooled and hoodwinked over Gordon Brown, if there is one man who could really and truly help stabilise the British and global economy  right now, then it is Gordon. Look at the US, they used Brown's measures as guidelines for their own economy and they are in growth and slowly but surely their economy is beginning to recover, what a great tragedy it is that the right wing press along with David Cameron sought to influence and manipulate the electorate, if we had not listened and stuck with Labour, our economy would be all the stronger for it now and this is the truth which is also being kept out of the right wing press!

I warn you, that today it is the Cypriot government that is raiding the people's bank accounts, if George Osborne messes our economy much further it will be ours tomorrow. Only he will only raid the bank account's of the poor and will cut the needy's benefits still further, and his excuse will be the poor are a strain on society while the rich needs to maintained because they are the wealth creators. Mark my words, it will happen! And furthermore, the right wing press will back Osborne to the hilt, no matter what it does to the rest of us!


R33 said...

Totally agree. Unfortunately the "opposition" have decided to collude with Duncan Smith's latest depravity.

Labour to help rush through bill to stop benefit rebates after Poundland ruling

Opposition likely to abstain from vote on law to prevent government having to pay £130m to jobseekers.

Gracie Samuels said...

IO was pretty miffed about this too, but have subsequently learned that the bill was presented at very short notice.

Parliamentary debate

Here is the debate in parliament.

R33 said...

Gracie, there's just no excuse for a betrayal like this.

Have you seen how many commenters on the guardian piece and on twitter have said they will not vote for Labour after this collusion with the Tories in stealing vital money from those with the least? Have you seen how many have said they tore up their membership cards over this?

And you know what that means don't you if enough people feel like that, it means they have a chance of getting back in again in 2015 and to finish off what's left of the post war settlement and create their heaven on earth (our hell).