Sunday, November 28, 2010

The "Nasty Party" is Back and it is Nastier Than Ever!

Tory Spiv
"Call Me Dave" Cameron
Promised the earth and so far delivered nothing. We have a government by spin, with a spiv for a prime minister. The Tories who are being enabled by the every dwindling Liberal Democrat party are recklessly pursuing a programme of ideological cuts, using the deficit as an excuse to get rid of the welfare state, the NHS and state education. These three main issues of British society mean absolutely nothing to this reckless, feckless multi-millionaire Tory government, because they have the money not to need the welfare state, they have the money to purchase expensive health care and they have the money to educate their children privately and fund their university or college education.

David Cameron and his millionaire Tory toff pals, call this a coalition government, but it isn't, it is a coalition government in name only. What we have here is a fully fledged Conservative Government. The Tories, once dubbed the nasty party , by Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May at the 2002 Tory party conference, are back and beware because they are nastier than ever.  October 2002, does Theresa May remember saying this?

"Politicians are seen as untrustworthy and hypocritical. We talk a different language. We live in a different world. We seem to be scoring points, playing games and seeking personal advantage - while home-owners struggle to make ends meet and schoolchildren see years of hard work undermined by the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen".

Strange back then in 2002 Theresa May should mention the "stroke of a bureaucrat's pen" in her speech to Tory conference,  because this is how the action of the present Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has been described when he, without consultation, decided to scrap the entire £162 million schools sport funding budget . A barking mad thing to do, when we are trying to get children to eat healthily, take more exercise, take part in competitive sport, and we are hosting the 2012 Olympics in London. Michael Gove could not have timed this better for  David Cameron who is supposedly in Zurich lobbying hard to host the 2018 World Cup, a brilliant UK bid, which has had the rug pulled from beneath it by Cameron's friends. in the rabid right wing press. More karma.

The Tory party it seems, is even more stuffed full with mega-rich MPs and Lords telling us to tighten our belts, not to have children and if we do then we *must* breast feed them. The Tory prime minister has just completed granting himself  a Conservative majority in the unelected House of Lords, by filling it full of his billionaire cronies. Some cronies who have dubious tax statuses and nearly all who have  donated large amounts to the Tory party coffers in order to get them elected.
David Cameron
Stuffs The House of Lords
Full of His Banker Friends
and Assorted Cronies
The list includes: Andrew Feldman, a close friend of Mr Cameron since his time at Oxford University and now co-chairman of the party, and Stanley Fink, a hedge fund manager who is the party's joint treasurer. Mr Fink has given the Tories £1.9m since 2003 and made further "non-cash" gifts, such as providing free flights, worth £66,000.
Mr Feldman raised the money for Mr Cameron's leadership campaign in 2005, was appointed Tory chief executive in 2008, and his company, Jayroma, has donated £55,000 to the party since 2006.
Another name on the list is General Sir Richard Dannatt, the former head of the British Army, who caused controversy last year when he became an adviser to the Tories' defence team in the run-up to the general election.
He stood down from the role after the election following criticism from other former service chiefs, who believed he should have remained politically neutral.

All this just six months into a "new sort of government" and from the party who just six short months ago were promising us all "new politics". Read here if you think you can stomach "call me Dave's" blatant lies and how he fooled a large majority of the British electorate into believing we were going to get "new politics". "Dave" Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg have done more harm to British politics than 24 MPs Expense scandals put together. At a time when confidence in our politicians was at an all time low, these three men have lied, lied and lied through their collective back teeth, to us and at us, anywhere and everywhere, unashamed blatant lying. I seriously doubt if politics can recover from this inside 50 years, for a start who in their right mind would "buy a used car" off Nick Clegg? Or in fact anyone in the Tory or Liberal Democrat party? (With the exception of Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell who is the only person in the Lib Dems who has any credibility left)

People say "same old Tories".  But actually they are not, they are far worse then they were back in 2002! We now have a Tory government intent on making people homeless by capping or removing their housing benefit, because they are unfortunate enough to earn a low wage and need to claim housing benefit, they are not lazy, their Tory bosses just refuse to pay them a decent living wage.  We have a Tory government who are toadying up to the banks and big business granting knighthoods and peerages in return for huge donations and dubious letter writing supposedly supporting today's Tory party. In fact many ex bankers now make up the ranks in the Commons and the House of Lords. The latter placed there by the current incumbent of 10 Downing St, David Cameron, stuffing the place full of his cronies to give himself a majority to pass his bills, like the gerrymandering of parliament, changing the constitution without proper consultation and voters approval. Gerrymandering the boundaries, again all to give Cameron and his Tories an unfair advantage in passing bills and winning future elections.  Democracy's gone, poor, poor democracy. The "nasty party" has already forgotten all about the "squeezed middle"  these are the poor "suckers" who probably helped vote the Tories in, (although they never managed to fool all of the people). However, the "squeezed middle should expect no favours from the Tories until a year or so off the next general election, when they will be thrown a few scraps from the Tory toffs table of plenty, in a bid to once again buy their votes with lies and false promises, and as for the poor?  The poor? What poor?  If they could, the  Tories would just eradicate the poor, obviously they can't, so they do the next best thing and attack them mercilessly through the welfare state.
People who have been, or will soon be made unemployed by this government's policies, through no fault of their own have been placed in danger having their homes repossessed and their benefits cut. In a draconian return to the Victorian era, the unemployed face seeing their Job Seekers Allowance cut if they refuse to pick up litter from the streets, and in a further move, if they fail to find a job in a climate of rising unemployment which the Tory government has actually caused, where there are approximately 45 people for every single job vacancy, they face losing their unemployment benefit permanently. Ironically this social injustice is being created by the "nasty party" aka the Tory government, that seems hell bent on attacking the poor and forcing them to pay for the mistakes of the mega rich bankers. While these " banker friends of the Tory party"  continue to award themselves telephone number bonuses and solid gold pensions, willy nilly, and irrespective of the fact that they nearly pushed this country over the edge of a financial precipice, causing untold misery to millions of our people, in this country and across the world. All of this and yet the Tories still readily accept donations from hedge funders who traded on and continue to trade upon our misery in the recession!

 The Tories are allowing their friends who are quite often the very bankers who caused this mess in the first place, to get away with what they have done to this country, and instead of tightening regulation up as Cameron and he promised, George Osborne is relaxing it.
When Sir David Walker's plan to publish bank pay and bonuses above £1m in bands was unveiled before the election Vince Cable called his guarantee of anonymity for highly-paid bankers a "whitewash". 
Now George Osborne is considering not even going that far, at least until other countries do the same. Right on cue The prime minister David Cameron is continuing with the "whitewash" and has insisted  that the government was simply following Sir David's new advice that it would be "be mistaken to go it alone." And Vince Cable seems to be suffering from selective memory loss and appears to have forgotten all about his rigorous stance that won the Liberal Democrats votes in last May's general election.

Clearly Osborne is setting us up for another banking crisis in the very near future, some experts predict will be coming as early as 2011, when further banking bailouts will have to take place and further rounds of Quantitative Easing introduced to prevent another crisis.

Does George Osborne, who has never had a real job (except for counting bodies in and out of an NHS computer) listen to advice from people who really are economists, who really do know the ebb and flow of the monetary tide? Not a bit of it, like a bad B movie, Osborne "Carries On Regardless" taking unnecessary risks with all our livelihoods and all our children's futures and putting the recovery at risk says Professor Christopher Pisserides as he warns that the Chancellor's £81 billion package of cuts threatens to send the jobless total spiralling.

Nasty and the Tory Party Go Hand in Hand.

Nastiness it seems is endemic in today's Tory party, just as it was in Thatcher's day, just as it was when Theresa May made her "nasty party" speech in 2002, but unfortunately for all of us, today's Tories are not just nasty and arrogant as they have always been, they are also dangerous fascist intellectual lightweights. If they applied for such high ranking positions in their favoured private sector with their CV's they would almost certainly face being laughed out of the interview room. They have no experience, they have not even run a sweet shop let alone a country with all the complexities involved. They have no knowledge of economics and they are dangerously drunk on power, and their intoxication is worsening each day, and in six short months they have turned into tinpot dictators running a fascist type government, interfering in every aspect of our lives. A far cry from two years ago in December 2008 when David Cameron made this statement "Jail Cheating Bankers Who Act Like Muggers"  I wonder where Cameron's "day of reckoning" has disappeared to? And where does this fit in with the "city is in my blood" David Cameron, who once said when speaking to a gathering of top financiers,  “My father was a stockbroker, my grandfather was a stockbroker, my great-grandfather was a stockbroker.” The City, he assured them, was in his blood. Those present, who included Bob Diamond, president of Barclays, and Richard Gnodde, the co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs in London, purred their approval.
In all honesty how can David Cameron accept huge donations from hedge funders who actually trade on the banks and in our misery in times of recession and make billions in profits? Read about How Short Selling Profited The Tories. A group of high profile hedge fund managers who have been criticised for exacerbating the financial crisis, are part of an elite pack of Conservative supporters/donors and we are supposed to believe Cameron when he talks about "transparency" and "new politics"? The man is a disingenuous, dishonest, duplicitous out and out hypocritical liar and he has sleaze running through him like a stick of Brighton Rock!

"The Tories were accused of being bankrolled by a City 'wolf pack' after it emerged that the party was receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds from hedge fund managers who have been making vast sums of money from plunging bank shares.
Their donations entitle them to membership of an elite supporters club called the Leaders Group, which bestows invitations to functions attended by David Cameron, something that has prompted allegations that the Tory leader is supporting 'cash for access'."

The Conservatives have also continued to receive money from Lord Laidlaw, a Monaco-based tax exile who has given the party more than £3m" before going on to mention that he was given a seat in the Lords, but for such had to give up his tax-exile status, which, unfortunately for him, he never did. One donation came after the fact that he had taken part in orgies with prostitutes was exposed in the tabloids. The Electoral Commission figures show that the Tories accepted £100.000 from Lord Laidlaw in 2010 and that they are carrying on receiving donations from the tax exile, who doesn't care to pay UK taxes.
Instead of regulating the banks to make sure they can never do this again as they promised faithfully to do, George Osborne the Tory chancellor is relaxing regulation upon them. It beggars belief.
Is it any wonder Robert Mugabe says David Cameron and The Conservatives are people he can do business with ? And offers the British Conservative party his support!

"We have always related better with the British through the Conservatives than Labour," Zimbabwe's  president said today. "Conservatives are bold, [Tony] Blair and [Gordon] Brown run away when they see me, but not these fools, they know how to relate to others." Robert Mugabe.

That was The Nasty Tory Week That Was!

Claire Perry  is the wealthy ex banker turned Tory MP. Claire Perry, George Osborne's adviser and alleged bit on the side who worked for him for four years and was helped by him and parachuted into a safe Tory seat, questions the right of the poor to have children ! Incidentally, she is not alone in her beliefs, it is slowly emerging what the Tories really think about us ordinary folk behind their solid oak closed doors.  The multi-millionaire culture secretary Jeremy Hunt recently caused uproar by suggesting that poor people should act more responsibly and have fewer children rather than complain about benefit cuts.  Howard Flight who believes  poor people should not "breed", this is particularly offensive to most women who vehemently dislike this term.
Flight caused a storm when he suggested in an interview last week that the middle classes are being  discouraged from "breeding", whilst implying that the poor are having more children than ever, watching too much television and wearing increasingly outlandish tracksuits. "Breeding" so they can buy more "Silk Cut", £13.80 child benefit would just about buy two packs, hardly an incentive to "breed". What of David Cameron's judgement by making this man who has been sacked once from the Tory front bench into a Tory peer and despite his insults  it appears the offer of a peerage is still standing! It was revealing to listen to and see all the Tories being wheeled out to defend him, well there simply is no defence, his comments were hideous, not least because it gives the idea that there are right and wrong babies being born and that is despicable.

"What better way to stir up the exhausted, beleaguered British public than relentlessly to refer to the "feckless, gormless benefit scum", squirting out babies for government handouts: "Look at them getting something for nothing, while you work so hard for what you've got."
This is what Cameron and Osborne have been purposefully doing ever since they slithered their way into Office, they are trying to turn person against person and as is being demonstrated by the raft of insults leaking out from behind closed Tory doors, it will all end in tears and riots on our streets.
 Howard Flight is a vulgar, nasty, narrow minded little man, a Tory who once again has no idea about what it is like in the real world. One thing that is clear though, the Tories once sacked Howard Flight for telling the truth about planned Tory spending cuts which the Tories were trying to keep hidden, yet still allow him to become a Tory peer for making disgusting derogatory remarks about a whole section of society! Then we have Tory peer Lord Young!
The former adviser to the Coalition resigned after an embarrassing interview. He said: “For the vast majority of people in the country today, they have never had it so good ever since this recession — this so-called recession — started...” His comments were crass and insensitive and in any case they remain untrue for a great many people, despite what Lord Young said, if people had a fixed rate mortgage then they would carry on paying exactly the same amount and people are losing their jobs, their homes and their businesses. Handbag designer Anya Hindmarch has found herself in hot water just days after being appointed as a British trade ambassador by prime minister David Cameron. she apparently likes recessions, well she may, she is after all a millionaire and does not have to worry about where the next penny is coming from.

All of this ads up to a complete lack of judgement by David Cameron and that is really dangerous in a prime minister.

 A word of warning before people believe all that David Cameron and George Osborne say about people who they unfairly infer to as lazy "welfare scroungers" and choose their lazy way of life as a "lifestyle choice", read about what it used to be like in Victorian Britain where "not far from where young David Cameron went to school at Eton, there used to stand a workhouse for the poor of Victorian England". Everything this nasty party in government seem to be doing is sending us back to the days of the poor in poverty, the poor treated appallingly simply because they were born poor and ask yourselves, is this the country you want your children to grow up in, your grandchildren to live in? With the help of a Labour government and the welfare state, we helped eradicate the nightmares and appalling treatment and human rights abuses of the Victorian era. read and shudder because they were not that long ago and now we have a government who without a mandate, seem intent on taking us right back there. "There is no need for David Cameron to take us back to the ethos of the Eton workhouse", but this is what he wants to do. David Cameron and George Osborne, despite all their ever so sickly smiles and protestations to the contrary, are landed gentry Toffs and they hate loathe and detest the poor, and that includes all those Daily Mail readers.

I have it on good authority that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg like make classist and sexist jokes about Daily Mail readership - and we know all about Cameron and Osborne's bullying insults to President Sarkozy. David Cameron made a joke about "hidden dwarfs" in relation to a photo of himself and the 5ft 5in President Sarkozy, while George Osborne publicly described a box placed at a speaker's lectern as a "Sarkozy box".
Mr Sarkozy, known to be extremely sensitive about his height, was said to be furious about the taunts, which led to an official protest about the senior Tories' failure "to show sufficient respect" to the French leader.
So it was no surprise was it when Cameron poked fun at the Speaker John Bercow calling him a "dwarf" too, Cameron is revealing the Bulling Bully Boys that still lives within him and his chancellor George Osborne, but like all bullies, hopefully, pretty soon they will be taken down more than a peg or two. I wonder how President Sarkozy now views Cameron after he undoubtedly heard about Cameron's latest jibe and using the term "dwarf" in such a derogatory way? Once again, this is calling David Cameron's appalling sense of judgement into question.

George Osborne, David Cameron and  "Tory convert", Nick Clegg have unleashed a cynical, politically-motivated ideological assault on the welfare state - and unless stopped the Conservatives and their naive Liberal Democrat allies will ruin lives and destroy families.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Cameron & Osborne's Tories Really Think Of Us!

The Ever Growing List Of Unacceptable Faces who Reveal What The Tories really Think Of Us!

(And we do not need Wikileaks to tell us!)

It seems we have a gaffe prone PM with zero judgement. Once again the judgement of David Cameron has been called into serious question. His insult to Paul Bercow the Speaker of House of Commons, is not the first time he has referred to the height of someone in a insulting way and used the term "dwarf" in a derogatory fashion.

France: While in opposition David Cameron called President Sarkozy a "Dwarf" and inferred he needed a box to stand on. The President's office complained to Downing street about the insulting remarks.

Israel: Cameron blundered into the "flotilla" row and insulted Israel  by saying "Gaza can not and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp".

America:  While crawling to President Obama, David Cameron described Britain as 'junior partner' of the US when he made the gaffe about Britain and the US fighting Nazi Germany in 1940, when US did not join war until 1941.

India: Cameron announced that Britain was India's junior partner and  inferred that the Pakistani government and people encouraged terrorism, completely forgetting that the Pakistani president Zardari's wife, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a terrorist.

Iran: Cameron told an audience that Iran had a nuclear weapon, when of course they do not.

China: During the leadership debates Cameron said that China posed a nuclear threat to the UK.

George Osborne Appointed chancellor: is avoiding paying inheritance tax when he and his siblings inherit his father's multi million pound estate on his death. The plans have been drawn up by Osborne and his father. Osborne is docking the pay and benefits payments to millions while allowing his rich city banker friends who caused this country's financial problems off Scott free.

Andy Coulson: Cameron hired Andy Coulson just six months after he was forced to resign as editor on the News of the World. Cameron was advised against making Coulson hi Media director, because of Coulson's alleged involvement with illegal phone hacking. This is a story that is running and running and now the police have passed the case over to the CPS for s decision. Cameron has refused to sack Coulson, but it is looking increasingly likely that Coulson will resign or be sacked in the next few weeks. Again appalling lack of judgement show by Cameron.

Lord Young: Lord Young the Government's enterprise adviser has said  that people with mortgages have “never had it so good ever since this so-called recession started. Young is a friend of Cameron;s and is prone to making gaffes. These highly offensive remarks s come as people across the country face a bleak jobless Christmas.  Again Cameron has employed someone he should have known not to.

Lord Ashcroft: Was a non dom and lied about saying he paid UK taxes when he did not, so he could take up hi seat in the House of Lords, recommended by David Cameron. He is often referred to as Cashcroft" Cameron employed him as party chairman, despite the fact that he does NOT pay UK taxes and he used some of his untaxed millions to fund the Tories campaign in marginal constituencies to try an swing the general election. Yet another bad judgement call.

Philip Green: Cameron telephoned Philip Green out of the blue and asked him to find ways of reducing government spending. Philip Green is very shy of paying his UK taxes and once described a payment of over £1 billion he made to his wife as a "bit of housekeeping". Another very bad judgement call.

Andrew Mitchell:  the International Development Secretary, has investments in an offshore tax haven. Cameron appointed him as cabinet minister. Mitchell, a former City banker, has sizeable stakes in two property companies that are registered in the British Virgin Islands. Despite this Cameron has kept him on as a cabinet minister.

Philip Hammond: Cameron appointed him as Transport secretary despite him signing over his assets to his wife so he would not have to pay UK taxes on them.

Sir Peter Gershon: Cameron appointed him as a government advisor to advise on NHS cuts, KNOWING that Gershon's health company Healthcare UK, stands to gain millions of pounds in lucrative NHS contracts from NHS cuts.

John Nash/Andrew Lansley: Cameron allowed Andrew Lansley the health secretary to accept a £21.000 donation from John Nash the chairman of Care UK to Lansley's general election campaign, which stands to gain millions from the NHS carve up.  Made worse because the NHS shake-up will cost thousands of NHS jobs and represents a giant gamble with the nation's health and will open Cameron to claims of corruption.

Daniel Hannan Tory MEP: Cameron allowed this person to go on Rupert <urdoch's Fox News in the US and tell blatant lies to deliberately trash the NHS in the eyes of Americans. Cameron never reprimanded Hanan, who is an school chum of Cameron's.

Andrew Cook/Sheffield Forgemasters: David Cameron reneged on the promise of an £80 million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters after businessman Andrew Cook, successfuly lobbied the Tories to have the loan refused. Andrew Cook has donated £750.000 to the Tories and he also funded flying Mr Cameron around Britain on 27 separate private plane journeys at a cost of £54,000.

Another Multi-Million pound Tory Donor: The  coalition  took a second multi-million pound decision demanded by a major Tory donor.
They agreed to an airport project on a remote island championed by the Tory's biggest backer Lord Ashcroft.

Claire Perry: Wealthy Ex Banker Claire Perry, one of the Tory party's rising stars and former adviser to George Osborne, has questioned whether the poor are fit to have children, it emerged yesterday.
Wealthy MP and ex-banker Claire Perry - one of the party's rising female stars and a former adviser to Chancellor George Osborne - made the outrageous remark as she defended a decision to axe grants for pregnant women.
Mr Osborne is also in the line of fire because of his links to Mrs Perry, who worked for him for four years before becoming an MP in May.
Her outburst came in a debate earlier this month after a health in pregnancy grant was scrapped.
She was attending a Commons committee hearing when a Labour MP said the £190 hand-out, paid to all pregnant women, prevented many being plunged into abject poverty by the expense of having a baby.

Howard Flight: A new Cameron made Tory peer criticised the Government's child benefit cuts today - saying they gave the poor more incentive to have children than the better-off.
Former party vice-chair Howard Flight told London's Evening Standard that taking the benefit away from top taxpayers would mean they were "discouraged from breeding".
"But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that's not very sensible," he told the newspaper - Cameron made this man a peer, despite knowing what a loose cannon he is, showing poor judgement yet again.

House of Lords/27 Tory Donors: Cameron  has appointed 27 Tories in a batch of 54 new peers at a cost of £5.8million to the taxpayer. Another very bad judgement call, among these people are Stuart Rose, sir Christopher Gent and other Tory donors who have made large donations to the Tories and who have dubious "letter writing" qualities!

Financier David Rowland: David Cameron made David Rowland party Treasurer in a move that raised eyebrows and questioned his judgement. Rowland has now  topped the latest list of Tory party donors with a gift of more than £1million.
The secretive property tycoon and former tax exile quit as Tory treasurer before he even started amid revelations about his high living and business tactics.
Mr Rowland, 65, then donated £1.06m - the biggest single gift to any party.

Holiday In Thailand: The PM and his wife booked a holiday to Thailand over Christmas, as he slapped swingeing cuts on the British people.
The holiday was cancelled only when Cameron realised it would be a PR disaster,

Personal Photographer: Cameron parachuted a photographer and a web cam specialist on to the civil service payroll, to take photos and shoot films of him, just as he had sacked thousands of civil servants and is planning to sack a further 500.000 public service workers, he was forced to bow to  political pressure and remove the vanity photographer from the public payroll. Howver, the web cam specialist remains and so does the personal stylist hired for the PM's wife.

Axing the Entire School Sports Budget: school sports funding by £162million at a time when the country is due to host the 2012 Olympics and is lobbying hard to host the 2018 world cup. More appalling lack of insight and judgement.

Tennis Player Andrew Murray:  Cameron's colossal ego saw flunkeys shift Downing Street furniture so he could play tennis with Andrew Murray.
The PM's sense of entitlement proves we're not all in this together. Instead he's putting himself first, second and third. As well as scrapping the entire £162 million schools sport partnership.

David Cameron has appointed Newspaper owners, right wing press editors and journalists, bankers, lobbyists and private health care firms who have all helped the Tories raise more than Labour and the Lib Dems combined."So much for 'new politics'. It's the same sleazy Tories." These appointments  to his team and to the Lords and decisions to accept donations of millions of pounds, have seriously damaged the prime minister's standing. he has  a cabinet stuffed with multi-millionaires and has appointed people who use loopholes so as not to pay their UK taxes, at a time when this government is cutting welfare, making people homeless, making people unemployed and raising VAT. Cameron's cuts is causing untold suffering to millions and he is totally oblivious to it all and shows an appalling lack of sensitivity and judgement in these appointments.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Go Orders Saved After Labour Pressure

I spoke of a government U turn yesterday for today, it looks like this is it.

Over the summer when it was announced that Theresa May planned to scrap a scheme which protects women from domestic abuse by removing their violent partner. "Go orders" as they are known, were to be cut due to budget constraints.
During the leadership campaign Ed Balls and David Miliband felt so passionately about the issue that they took the unusual step of campaigning together to save "go orders", collecting over 2000 signatures for a joint letter to the Home Secretary.
Today it has been announced that May has bowed to the pressure placed upon her and allowed pilots of the scheme to go ahead. Speaking today, Ed Balls (who of course now shadows May) said:

"This is a very welcome reprieve for an important set of new powers first announced by Alan Johnson and the Labour government last year."

"Over the summer the new Home Secretary Theresa May said the pilots were being halted because of the forthcoming spending cuts. But as I said at the time, the pilots should not be delayed. These orders have been proven to work in other countries and would give the police the extra powers they need to protect the victims of domestic abuse."

"Although the Home Secretary last month dismissed my call for the orders to be reprieved as ‘party politics’, I’m glad that she has now listened to the thousands of people who signed up to the campaign David Miliband and I ran over the summer on this very important issue."

Theresa May Home Office

Apparently Theresa may is to announce a U Turn, no news of what it may be yet, but keep an ear on the news today.
I wonder if she has realised they cannot sack so many police? Who else would police all the demonstrations there is going to be as people take to the streets to protest at this government.
We can lend money to loan to Ireland to get back sometime never, but we cannot afford cheaper tuition fees for students, or we have to take away peoples housing benefit forcing them out of their homes, or remove student's EMA's.
We loan money to get another country out of trouble, yet told we are nearly bankrupt like Greece? Who the hell is this dolt chancellor trying to kid?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Is The Irish Government Going To Learn?

Today in amongst other news, the latest emerging from the Irish PM Brian Cowan,  is yet another round of deep spending cuts and also he announced that he will be increasing VAT.

Ireland has already embarked on two rounds of deep spending cuts and they have *NOT* worked. Ireland's Tiger economy first collapsed spectacularly in December 2008, incidentally, not long after the British chancellor George Osborne praised Ireland to the hilt and went over there to "listen and learn".

In 2008 Brian Lenihan, the Irish minister for finance, introduced a budget so harsh that it was described as "masochistic" by the Financial Times.

Lenihan said he had no choice. But did he? Since then Lenihan has cut the Irish economy still further and its banks were on the verge of collapse and had to be bailed out by Europe and the IMF, Britain stumping up at least £10 billion of the rescue package. Today Ireland has announced further cuts.

There are several warnings in Ireland's economy not least one warning that it is just as risky to become reliant on the construction industry to get out of recession and out of trouble as it is to rely on the financial sector. So for the UK, last month's set of slightly better (although still bad) economic figures that Osborne and Cameron were crowing about, contain a serious warning because those figures were based on the construction industry fairing slightly better than expected. The Irish construction sector, which had swollen to a fifth of their total economy on the back of cheap credit collapsed and Ireland's banks have been surviving on taxpayer handouts and state guarantees. It will be folly for this country to go from reliance on the financial sector to reliance on the building sector, not least, because I am reliably informed that the building sector is now slowing at an alarming rate.

The deepest cuts in Ireland have not worked, so why today have they announced still further deep cuts plus a VAT rise? It doesn't make sense. Irish Businesses are going bankrupt, unemployment is soaring, tax revenues are down, benefit payments (despite savage cuts) are rising - Cuts Have NOT worked, so why have the Irish today announced a rise in VAT? How is this regressive tax going to help the Irish economy recover? The Irish economy has stalled, how is taking more money out of it going to help growth?

This is the exact same actions as George Osborne is taking in this country and just has this has not worked in Ireland, these cuts will NOT work in Britain. Why is the British government sitting back and watching Ireland go down the pan because it took the wrong action over making severe cuts and doing exactly the same as them?

What happens when this latest round of cuts do not work? What happens when there is simply no further cuts to be made and the Irish economy still has not recovered?

How can George Osborne say on one hand that it is right to bail the Irish banks out, when he and David Cameron voted AGAINST bailing British banks out when the Labour government had to to it?

Ironically, Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Cable and Alexander have made several intimations that Britain was going to same way as Greece, this was always blatantly absurd and they knew it, they used this to lie their way into power and they used it to scare the British people into voting for them and they used to implement the ideological cuts that they would have made, whether we had a deficit or not.

We know these cuts are ideological, because Cameron has admitted that some of the most savage cuts in public services and welfare will never again be reinstated, even the Irish prime minister is promising to reinstate their cut services etc.

When is this government going to come clean and apologise to the Labour party for saying they were responsible for global financial recession? Unless they are also going to blame Labour for the recession in Ireland?
This government needs to stop blaming labour for this mess and blame the real people that caused it, the same people that caused it in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece - the bankers!

Yet this government still keeps on trying to blame labour for this situation.

If Osborne, Cameron and Clegg do not put a halt on these spending cuts which will destroy growth we will be in exactly the same position.

Equally one of the biggest absurdities is that Ireland far from being a good neighbour that needs a helping hand, has been and incredibly BAD neighbour, they have their corporation tax set at 12.5% and they are going to be allowed to keep it there, how is the UK going to compete with them?
Ireland has this low tax band and has no intention of raising it and this makes it an uneven playing field and even with this low tax, they still could not prevent themselves from a double dip recession and Ireland just a few days before they entered the double dip, said they would not be entering a double dip.

The Shocking Deceit, Deceit and Deceit of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

David "Pinocchio" Cameron
Liar! Liar! Liar!
Cast your mind back 6 months to the May 2010 General election campaign, (yes it is only six months ago and yes it does seem like a lifetime away). With the help of Rupert Murdoch and his News International and other right wing zealot friends in the Tory press, George Osborne and David Cameron successfully brainwashed many British people into believing that Britain was: 1) Broken and 2) Bankrupt; subsequently they have on both counts been caught lying. Britain was not broken and Britain was nowhere near bankrupt.

These lies were not just the kind of lies that unfortunately we have all come to expect from our politicians, they were dangerous lies, deliberately planned and formed into a programme of "disinformation". I believe this programme was hatched with right wing newspaper owners and editors as soon as Gordon Brown took over the role of Prime Minister, and defied all expectations by coming across to the electorate as someone who could be trusted with the economy and our lives, someone who was good in a crisis and he received that famous "Brown Bounce" in the opinion polls. As soon as that happened, his fate was sealed. As soon as Brown went ahead in the polls, Cameron and Osborne and their crony hacks like Nick Robinson of the BBC, Adam Boulton and Kay Burley from Sky and the editor of the "Scum" [Sun] newspaper and others went into overdrive, day after day they spewed out their nonsense right ring rhetoric, often without a grain of truth in it, their aim was to harm and tarnish Gordon Brown, ridicule him and bring him to his knees. It is a testament to Gordon Brown that he never succumbed to this pressure and that despite David Cameron and the Conservatives having every single thing going for them in terms of electoral success, they still fell well short of an overall victory. Perhaps this stunning failure tells us far more about Cameron and the Tories, than anything else actually can?

Some may argue that what happened to Mr Brown is politics and politics is a dirty game, I argue if it is, then it should not be. Politics is not a game, it effects the lives of every single one of us, and what Cameron and Osborne did with the help of their right wing mates in the press, and with the help of people that shy away from paying their UK taxes, like Conservative peer Lord "Cashcroft" [Ashcroft] throwing his "untaxed" millions of British pounds into the Tory marginal seats, is not only brutal and callous in their efforts to personally destroy Mr Brown, a man who is actually  good, decent, honest, kind and really quite brilliant and, who really did care, and who really did have this nation's best interest at heart, but to destroy him with the use of blatant lies and to use this country's emotional stability and financial stability just to get elected into Government, is not just utterly reprehensible, it is a criminal act and should be judged as a criminal and the perpetrators brought to book. I do not say this lightly, however, I have never seen the like of this before. When Blair and New Labour were swept to power on a landslide in 1997, that happened with virtually no interference from Labour and mainly because the Tory party itself imploded from within. Day after day there were different stories of actual truth and substance, like the bitter divisions between the "Europhiles" and the Euro-sceptics, the appalling way in which BSE was handled and the cash for questions scandal that actually ended with the imprisonment of Tory high flyer and cabinet minister Jonathan Aitkin etc and lets not forget Neil Hamilton and "cash stuffed brown envelopes", also that other famous Tory Lord Jeffrey Archer chairman of the Conservative party also ended up the wrong side of the prison bars, as well as the personal stories and yes Labour exploited the shenanigans of the Tories and used them for all they were worth, but they did not have deliberate programme of lies, what happened to the Conservatives happened because basically they were actually corrupt and arrogant and genuinely thought they were the "natural party of Government" and that they were never going to be voted out. Right up to when some of these Tory MPs were voted out, ("Were You Still Up For Portillo"?) I believe the Conservatives were not expecting it and could not quite comprehend what the electorate had done to them the length and breadth of this country. Now the Tories are back (well almost) and they are seeking revenge on people for casting them out, everything that the Labour government have done while in government, whether it is good, excellent or bad or indifferent is being ripped up and thrown out, this is the politics of hate, this is the politics of envy and this is the politics of insanity.

As a nation we are used to the broken promises of politicians and their "dodgy dossier manifestos", but to deliberately mislead the British people into believing something when it was patently untrue, as I believe that Cameron and Osborne did, is not only a cold and calculating deceit, it is shockingly harmful to our country. However,  the Tories were only able to do this with the help of the Murdoch right wing media and other right wing newspapers. When the Tories failed to secure a majority in May 2010,  David Cameron simply went out and bought himself the 23 MPs he needed to form his majority and the electorate should not think that the negotiations were held in the aftermath of the election either, this is yet another deceit from the Tories and Liberal Democrats. Negotiations and the divvying up of cabinet jobs began in 2009 when it first looked like Cameron would not secure a majority for his party, all this was sorted out well in advance of the May 2010 general election.

All those talks said to be held in the days immediately after the hung parliament came about, were just a sham, they were a show, it was all done and dusted months before hand. I don't believe Nick Clegg was serious in their talks with Labour, I believe that Clegg was deliberately operating yet more deceit and was deliberately stringing Brown along, Brown of course realised this, intellectually Clegg is no match for Gordon Brown and Brown called Clegg's bluff. The whole idea of that little game of Liberal Democrat charades was to have the right wing press damage Gordon Brown still further and they duly obliged, probably with pre-written headlines, like "Brown Clinging on to Power" etc etc, just a complete load of lies and nonsense. Brown was not clinging onto power, he was waiting for Cameron, Osborne and Clegg, to finish playing their political games out on the world's stage, one of the reasons was to raise the profiles of barely known politicians of course, which is why we were all treated to images of Laws, Cable and Alexander etc going in and out of talks. I have it on good authority that those talks were a sham and when Hague reported they were all relaxed and amicable he was actually telling the truth, they just sat about playing games on their laptops, watching news reports, chatting and drinking coffee etc, precious little (if any) negotiating was taking place, they were just keeping the country on tenterhooks as part of this political sham and showmanship, the details of power sharing had already been worked out long long before the actual election result. The "unwritten" agreement between  the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, was that each party fought the election as they would normally fight it and if the result of it was a hung parliament, then their plan would automatically kick in.

This makes the show that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg put on before and during the election campaign one huge lie and a complete farce. We were all politically and news managed. The leadership debates were just a complete sham, the only person who was genuine, and whom we all now know was actually telling us the truth, the whole time was in fact Gordon Brown. All the little "feuds" between Cameron and Clegg were just a smokescreen, just acting. The way the media first bumped up Clegg and then attacked him after the first leadership debate, was just pre-arranged claptrap, it was all done to news manage the electorate. Ask George Osborne about the meeting he had with editors of all the right wing media, which was held on the first Monday after the the first leadership debate was held.

Britain not only had two power crazed morons, somehow or another we landed up with three of them!
David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg.

Now we know why Clegg was able to renege on Liberal Democrat key pledges, ie VAT, the timing of cuts and tuition fees, because it was all show to garner as many votes away from labour as they could,  they were never firm commitments, they were all just complete lies to make labour vulnerable not only in Tory marginal seats, but Liberal Democrat marginal seats also. Individually it would help the Tories and LDems, but combined it would give them more seats and make the Conservative party the biggest party and help push out the Labour party. The one thing that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne really feared was the Labour party being the largest party after the general election.

George Osborne and David Cameron and Nick Clegg deliberately fooled people into believing that this country was bankrupt when we were not. They callously placed at risk the futures of everyone in this country and now in the most spectacular fashion, Osborne, Cameron and now Clegg have been found out.

If Britain was bankrupt how could our chancellor even contemplate borrowing money to loan to Ireland?

It makes what is going to happen to Andy Coulson even more interesting. David Cameron is truly terrified that he will be found out, he knows his Government is built in the sand and the sand is beginning to shift. I believe this is why Andy Coulson is still in his position, because he along with Rupert Murdoch knows how this coalition government was formed and that the electorate has been played and deliberately lied to and in the process they tried to politically assassinate Gordon Brown, simply because he stood in the way of Cameron and Murdoch.

If Andy Coulson thinks he is being bombed on from a great height, or it looks like he could face trial and even prison for what he has done, I expect revelations that will shock this country to the core. Why else do you think that Rupert Murdoch was the first visitor to Downing street and he entered and left by the rear door? Why else do you think he has been a frequent visitor since? Why do you think that Murdoch's team have been in talks with Cameron's team? Why do you think there has been a virtual news blackout of the Couslon phone hacking story?

Over 60.000 Signatures Delivered To Ofcom Offices
 By 38 Degrees
Protesting At Rupert Murdoch's Proposed
Take-Over of BSkyB
Cameron is now doubly terrified of course, with the 60.000 plus signatures delivered to Ofcom offices last week all strongly objecting to Murdoch's take over of BSkyB, if that is not allowed to happen, there is going to be one very unhappy Rupert Murdoch. Couple that with Murdoch's hopes to be dashed of infiltrating the BBC  and he is going to be furious and "Hell hath no fury like Rupert Murdoch scorned".
Come on, weren't you just a little bit surprised and puzzled that the government during its austerity measures decided not to raise the BBC license fee for six years? Why do you think that happened? Could it possibly be that the government did not want to be seen as taking license payers money for a corporation that they knew fully well was going to wound down, dismantled and privatised? selling off the most lucrative parts to the "highest bidder"?

We are being governed by three people that have not got the foggiest idea about what they are doing, they are not fit for purpose and it is now beginning to show in the most alarming ways. But equally we are also being governed by an unelected news baron, money is not the motivation, power to manipulate and control is.

How Dumb Is This Coalition Government?

Is This man Fit Enough To Decide
Our Chldren's Education?
The coalition government have decided in their lunacy to scrap School Sports Funding, having already scrapped free swimming for our senior citizens and youngsters, obviously keeping people fitter, healthier and more active throughout their lives is not deemed important. It is an extremely shortsighted decision, healthier fitter people tend not to smoke, not to take drugs and are less likely to be obese, or become obese, ultimately, in the long term this would prove far more beneficial to the national purse than saving this money now. The "Con-Dem" government appear to know the price of everything and the value of nothing and even more alarming, they seem devoid of rational and logical thinking and have no idea of the effects their short term savings are going to have on the long term health of the nation and on public services.

This decision to scrap the £162 million PE and Sports Strategy is so ridiculous that questions should be asked of the people who made it, as to their suitability for high office. I believe this one decision alone will prove to be one of the biggest monumental blunders of this crazy government, it is right up there with the unprecedented gamble with the economy that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are taking with all our livelihoods and all our children's futures.
Fitter, healthier children learn better in school, children that train for sports are more disciplined, sport teaches discipline.
If Cameron is serious about the "Big Society" then where does this latest piece of sheer stupidity fit in?

Labour MP Ian Austin blasted: "Parents and coaches across the country will be appalled to see the damage David Cameron is about to do to youth sport. David Cameron might not value sport, but parents know it teaches kids crucial lessons about discipline, teamwork and how to compete in the right spirit, that hard work and training bring results."

This decision has been condemned by a whole list of sports personalities and the list is growing longer each day.

How does this fit in with Britain staging the Olympics in 2012? How will this decision do anything to help discover our future gymnasts and athletes?

The Observer Says:  Since SSPs became operational, the number of children involved in inter-school competition has increased by 1.63 million; the number involved in competition within schools has increased by 1.15 million. There have also been increases in the numbers of children volunteering in sports activities outside school. Under Labour, the proportion of children in state schools fulfilling the curriculum requirement of at least two hours' PE per week increased from 25% to 95%

Meanwhile, schools that specialised in sport show higher than average improvements in other fields. The ancient wisdom that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind is borne out by the data. Besides, healthy bodies – especially young ones – are a public policy goal in their own right. So are the social benefits of giving teenagers something worthwhile to do with their time. Not surprisingly, the Department of Health is reported to be unhappy with the cut. Other senior ministers are hardly overjoyed.

What was an excellent world cup bid is now floundering, mainly  because of the interference of this government's right wing friends in the press and their proclivity to use entrapment and sensationalist headlines. "Coincidentally" yesterday amid the furore surrounding this government's intention to completely axe the sports funding for schools, David Cameron's office announced he will be flying to Zurich to lobby for our World Cup bid. I have the feeling he is only doing this because Blair did something similar and was thought to be a key role in securing the 2012 Olympics, unfortunately David Cameron is no Tony Blair and where undeniably Blair was a true statesman, David Cameron is sorely lacking. While he is lobbying, Cameron may like to ask himself where this country's future world class footballers will come from?

Should we be surprised at this move from a government that has asked McDonalds and Pepsicola about our food strategy?

Should we be surprised at this move from a government that has abolished the Food Standards Agency,  and has caved in to big business.

The bottom line is, if schools wish to continue with this sports partnership then they will have to divert funds from existing budgets, each day we are discovering that this coalition government is devious and duplicitous and totally disingenuous.

At this rate there will be no children fit or interested enough to take part in this "Schools Olympics" to run alongside the 2012 Olympics which will cost £10 million, I can't help feeling that this government knew what they were going to do when they announced this policy, which is why they were so generous, as I said, profoundly devious, duplicitous and disinigenuous.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"You've Never Had It So Good"!

Lord Young
"You've Never Had It So Good"
In This "So-Called Recession"!
 The resignation of prime minister David Cameron's old chum, and enterprise guru Lord Young, after his comments about the British public "never had it so good" and this "so-called recession", are just about par for the course.
Really it is probably quite unfair to ask for the resignation of Lord Young he was just voicing what everyone involved with this government believes, these were obviously not just isolated comments,  they are actually what this government as a combined entity actually thinks. Lord Young sat down to lunch with a journalist, and was eating and drinking his way through food and wine at a cost of what an ordinary person would probably have to work a few days for and yet the irony of that seems to have passed right over his head and the entire Tory coalition government "whooooosh"!
Individually, I do not find Young's comments anymore offensive than I find this entire Tory led coalition government. Fundamentally I find the whole lot of them totally offensive, obnoxious and the biggest set of arrogant liars I have ever had the misfortune to witness in any government, and that includes the last round of Tory governments that lasted 19 years! Anyone who lived through the Thatcher and Major years (why should Major get away with it?) and was on the receiving end of the Thatcher brand of Tory dogma, will understand exactly what I mean, ask any coal miner, ship, steel or car worker and railway employee and one of the millions of people those Tory governments put out of work and branded as  being "unemployed, a price worth paying for low inflation", ask any of the people that were forced into bankruptcy, lost their businesses, lost their jobs or had their homes repossessed, God knows that was bad enough, but this shower we have in government now, are overtly and distinctly so much worse than any previous Tory administration.
Grant Shapps the Housing Minister who thinks everyone who lives in a council house is lazy and the poor should not have children.
The Deputy PM Nick Clegg, who changes his mind about major Lib Dem pledges before the election, but carries on campaigning on the back of them, that is called voter fraud and gross deception ergo Nick Clegg is a blatant liar.
George Osborne who thinks it is OK to bail Irish banks out, but when UK banks were failing he did not want our government to bail our own banks out. Osborne also accused people of drawing unemployment benefit as choosing that as a "lifestyle choice".
David Cameron the Prime Minister, refers to all people unfortunate enough to be drawing benefits as "welfare scroungers!
The whole government want to put  people out of their homes and drive poor people out of city centers by removing their housing benefits, forcing them to live in ghettos which will spring up all over the country.
Lord Young also said  he dismissed the 100,000 job cuts expected each year in the public sector as being "within the margin of error" in the context of a 30 million-strong workforce, and said complaints about spending cuts came from "people who think they have a right for the state to support them".

Lord Young was trade and |Industry secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government.

It is not the first time part of Cameron's "chosen ones" have made insensitive remarks.
Another who has made crass remarks is millionaire business woman and handbag designer friend of David and Samantha Cameron, Anya Hindmarch trade ambassador in Cameron's government made offensive and hurtful’ remarks after saying she ‘likes’ economic slumps.

This whole government is crass, vulgar and totally insensitive to peoples needs and feelings at a time of heightened anxieties about the recession, jobs and mortgages.

But then what do we expect of a government made up entirely of multi-millionaire cabinet ministers and multi-millionaire advisers and "old school pal" jobs for the boys Cameron and Osborne's cronies? They haven't got the first idea of what it is like to be us and furthermore, they just don't care their only cares are for their mega rich families and friends.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tory Coalition Playing Politics With Our Lives!

Get Used To Seeing This
As The Tories & Liberal Democrats
Get Ready To Axe Our Hospitals
Maternity Units and Accident Service Departments
As Part Of Their Creeping Privatisation
During the 2010 General Election campaign, the Tories reacted with fury when Labour accused them of plotting to axe targets for cancer test waiting times. The then shadow spokesman for health Andrew Lansley, led demands for Labour to withdraw their comments.
So can David Cameron, George Osborne and Tory tea boy Nick Clegg explain why within a few days of slithering their way into office, did the Tories Coalition government abolish targets, in Accident Service waiting times, out patient appointments and waiting list appointments for operations? Among these abolished targets was a whole series of "cancer test" targets placed there by the Labour government and which were aimed at ensuring people suspected of having cancer were seen within 2 weeks and treatment commenced within one month.

Andrew Lansley must come to the House and explain why he did this, because the result of his political interference in these targets, has been a catastrophic rise in the number of people waiting for these tests, which could mean the difference between life and death.

When Labour were in Government, there were regular complaints from the Tories about these targets, accusing Labour of being overly bureaucratic, but as is plainly obvious now, the targets were in place for this vitally important and genuine reason, *they helped save lives*, by ensuring people were seen quickly.

Latest figures show that 5,583 people were kept hanging on for more than six weeks before they are sent for, for a test requested by their GP - a rise of a huge 128% on the 2,439 figure of a year ago.

The times waiting for MRI scans and other diagnostic scans for cancer and heart disease have rocketed since the Con-Dems came to power and abolished waiting times last June.

Make no mistake, this move is claiming lives and causing unnecessary suffering and distress to thousands of families.

Lansley's department blames this rise on "seasonal variations", that is ridiculous, the seasons have no bearing on people who may be suffering from cancer and it is a poor excuse to explain why he has ordered the end of the Labour government's target that people must be seen within 18 weeks, from referral to commencement of treatment.

This is yet another clear cut case of this blundering government, blundering in and changing things for the sake of changing them, not only to try and save money, but changing things often for no other reason than because Labour had put them into practice and they were working, the Tories and Liberal Democrats are showing scant regard for people's lives and well-being. It is blatant ideological politicking.

Patients groups, doctors, consultants and nurses are extremely worried about this attack on our services at one of the most devastating and distressing times in peoples lives.

Thousands of job losses at NHS hospitals, including 500 staff to go at a trust where cancer patients recently suffered  delays in diagnosis and treatments because of staff shortages and scrapped waiting time targets.

Another Side To These Cuts

There is also another side to the abolition of targets in the health service. Lansley has also scrapped the cap on the number of people each hospital can see and treat privately. This means that hospitals will be able to treat as many private patients as they want. The proceeds to be put into the hospital, but is this before or after the consultant takes his fee for private consultancy and surgery or medical treatment out?

Equally, this also means that private fee paying patients will be seen and or treated in NHS hospitals taking up appointment times and also the beds of NHS patients. They will be nursed and treated by NHS nurses and seen by NHS registrars and housemen. They will be given precedence over NHS patients for time allocation bookings for MRI and CT scanners and ordinary x-rays etc etc, they will be seen and treated by NHS technicians and radiographers and no doubt should they need it, NHS physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

While all this is increasing, this will force up the times of those on NHS waiting lists who are waiting for treatment or surgery and beds will be taken up by private patients.
Some of the most common operations — including hip replacements and cataract surgery — will be rationed as part of attempts to save billions of pounds, despite government promises that front-line services would be protected.
Patients’ groups have described the measures as "astonishingly brutal"
No wonder we have people like Sir Peter Gershon helping the Tories, Sir Peter Gershon chairs General Healthcare Group, the largest private sector health firm in the UK, who  openly admitted during the 2010 General Election that they stood to gain massively from NHS spending cutbacks.

When Andrew Lansley was opposition Health spokesman he accepted a £21.000 donation
for his private office from John Nash, chairman of Care UK.
Last night he was accused of a direct conflict of interest because Care UK makes 96 per cent of its money from the NHS.

Mr Nash runs several other firms that provide services to the NHS and stands to gain hugely from Tory plans to increase private sector involvement.
There are also foreign healthcare providers (many of them American) waiting for the creeping privatisation of our health service to begin, they are circling now like vulchers, waiting to pick the most lucrative contracts up.

The UK NHS is fast heading for creeping privatisation and an American healthcare style system.

Corruption ~ Corruption ~ Corruption

Tories and Liberal Democrats Cuts Affect Children's Hospitals

Proposals to change the way hospitals are paid will mean a "top-up" fund which is paid to specialist paediatric centres would be slashed by two thirds.
The head of one children's hospitals said if the plans went ahead, the implications were "extremely serious," threatening the future of services.
Currently, centres which provide specialist children's services receive 78 per cent more than the standard "rate" paid to other hospitals carrying out the same procedures

A Department of Health memo, dated September 30 proposes reducing the top-up to just 25 per cent, as part of plans to make hospitals more "efficient".
It is understood this would mean a loss of more than £70 million in funds for England's specialist children's hospitals, with Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Sheffield Children's Hospital and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital worst affected.
The drastic cuts would reduce the level of top-up by two thirds, meaning the total payment for such operations subject to the top-ups would fall by one third.

More Than 30 Maternity Units & Casualty Departments To Face Axe Under Tory and Liberal Democrat Plans

More than 30 hospitals have either closed major services since the General Election, or are making plans to do so, an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has found.
In addition, five NHS trusts are in talks about centralising units at hospitals in their areas, but have yet to say where the axe will fall.
Patients' groups said the scale of the closures was "unprecedented," and would threaten public confidence in ministers' pledges to protect the NHS frontline. They warned that lives would be put at risk by the drastic cuts.

Since May's General Election:
  • Six hospitals have decided to downgrade Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments, in four cases permanently. The downgrade means they can no longer take the most serious cases.
  • Seven maternity units have suspended or agreed closures of services, or said they will only be able to take "low-risk" cases.
  • Decisions on plans to downgrade a further 19 maternity and A&E units and to centralise emergency surgery at other hospitals are expected within months.
The disclosures are likely to prove an embarrassment for the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, who in the run-up to the May election promised a "moratorium" on any decisions on hospital closures.

Mr Lansley said that all proposals for major changes to services must be reviewed by next month, and only allowed if they have the backing of local people, including GPs.

Katherine Murphy, from The Patients Association, said: "Despite everything this Government said, this shows that the NHS is ploughing ahead with closures of major services, on an unprecedented scale.

"We know the NHS faces financial pressures, but drastic cuts like this will put lives at risk."

Prof Cathy Warwick, General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, said:

"We would be very worried if reconfigurations were being driven through because of the economic circumstances.
"Any decision taken about the future of maternity services needs to be in the interests of the women they serve."

She expressed particular concern about maternity services being suspended, or closed for parts of the day, making it impossible for women to rely on them, and making the units vulnerable to full closure.

David Cameron Breaks Promise to Provide 3000 Extra Midwifes

The Prime Minister made the promise to provide funding for 3,000 Extra Midwifes before the election.
Midwives say the demands for the service are growing due to the increasing number of complicated births caused by factors such as older mothers.
Cathy Warwick, general secretary of the RCM, said the service is at "cracking point" but the government had reneged on its promise to create more midwifery posts.

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Before the election both David Cameron and Nick Clegg pledged more midwives. As recently as January David Cameron had an article in the The Sun where he talked about the importance of midwives to mothers and said that if he was in power he would give us 3,000 more midwives."
She explained: "We've now had a meeting with Andrew Lansley the Secretary of State for Health and they are clearly not prepared to fulfil that commitment."

Mr Cameron made the promise in an article he wrote for the Sun Newspaper in January 2010. All attempts to retrieve that article in that newspaper have failed, it appears to have been taken off.

Wonder why?

Still think the NHS is Safe In The Tories Hands?


People Rise Up and Overturn Their Plan!
It's YOUR services, YOUR benefits, YOUR NHS
Fight Like you have never fought before
Fight for your children, your parents, your grandparents,
fight for everyone else too.
It is US that is in this together
This God Forsaken Certifiably Insane Government
Who are in the process of wrecking our country,
our NHS, our Education
It is NOT the deficit, it  is the Tory ideology that is driving these cuts!
Fight now or lose everything we hold dear which makes Britain a decent democratic country.

Since when has caring about our people been deemed as a socially unacceptable thing to do?
Since David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg
sold us all down the river
Since they LIED to us repeatedly.
This is our country, our money, our services, we say what is done with them
NOT this barking mad government who are gambling with our livelihoods and all
our children's futures.

People Rise Up and Fight!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

David Cameron Full of Balony and Empty Promises

David Cameron Makes Empty Promises to
Victims of Salford gas Explosion
Another empty promise, another busted pledge from David Cameron. Just 2 weeks ago, David Cameron promised the Salford Gas Explosion victims the help they needed, that help it transpires is their council will have to spend £700.000 of their own money before central government will help them. This means of course, that the poor people, and pensioners etc will once again be caught  in the middle of Cameron's empty gestures and broken promises.

Talking is cheap Mr Cameron - Actions speak louder than words.

The victims of the Cornish floods should also be very wary, Cameron promised them help too, no doubt he almost certainly will find a way to renege on that promise too. They should be expecting it, because previous to the flooding the Tories had already pledged to cut the money to flood defences.

"There could be “dozens” of flood measures  among the casualties of the spending round including a £100m flood prevention scheme in Leeds.
The budget for building new flood defences and upgrading existing defences has been reduced from an average of £335m a year to £261m a year for the next four years.

Insurance companies have warned that they will be unable to offer cover to people living in flood areas if government funding is reduced and flood defences suffer.

You could say this is unsurprising in the context of wider cuts to almost all parts of government. But it flies in the face of comments by ministers: such as Caroline Spelman and her insistence during the summer that she would ensure the protection of vital spending on the key areas of animal health and flood prevention."

The Institution of Civil Engineers
has has warned that these cuts could end up
costing more than they save:
 The Institution of Civil Engineers has warned that these cuts could end up costing more than they save:
"According to the Environment Agency, for every pound spent on flood defences we save eight in the future in terms of reduced damage. By this argument, and in the worst case scenario, a reduction of £150m in the budget over the next four years could cost the public circa £4.8bn in the future."
This is yet another policy that the Tories have not thought through properly, they seem to lack logic and cohesive thought process, this policy will end up being more expensive in the long run, this government doesn't appear to have a clue! It is the same in the NHS, in education, child benefit and housing benefit, the brutal cuts in all these areas will in the long run end up costing the country far more and the deficit will increase instead of reducing, while causing untold pain and distress to thousands of people. This government is a total nonsense, and a complete farce, like kids being let loose in a sweetie shop do not know when to stop eating, this government does not know when to stop cutting.

Last week speaking in Cornwall Tory minister Caroline Spelman said the budget was increased, which is yet another complete distortion of the truth, as figures have proved.

I sincerely hope the victims of the Cornish floods are not expecting much from this government. The residents of Tewkesbury and Cockermouth etc need to feel alarmed too. The government's planned cuts in flood defences is going to leave them (and other flood threatened areas) fatally exposed!

When Gordon Brown visited Cockermouth and Tewkesbury during their floods, he promised them help as well as increased funding to flood defences in threatened areas, they received this help, now this Tory Coalition Government, are brutally removing all the safeguards that the Labour government tried to give. I do hope they remember this the next time it comes to marking a cross on their ballot papers!
"Eeny Meany, Miny Mo"
Britain's Flood defences
Have to Go

Should anyone really be surprised at "spiv" Cameron? Recently when Salford's MP, Hazel Blears spoke in the House at PMQs, asking for assurances of help  from the prime minister David Cameron for the Salford gas blast victims, Tory and Liberal Democrat front and backbenchers started jeering and booing and heckling her trying their best to drown her  questions out, what a despicable way to behave! This was real people with dire problems, their homes had literally been blasted away, but again should we be surprised at such crass behaviour? After all, these Tories and Liberal Democrats are the exact same people who shouted and hurrahed, and whooped with joy while waving their order papers about when their Tory chancellor, George Osborne sat down after just announcing that 500.000 public sector workers were to lose their jobs in the recent spending review!

 Cameron - Once a spiv PR conman spin doctor, always  a spiv PR conman spin doctor.

Typical Tories, what is staggering however, they are now being egged on and enabled by Liberal Democrats!

Who would have thought this, this time last year?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Danny Alexander Has 2nd Job!

I think Harriet Harman was wrong to call the Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander a "ginger headed rodent", personally I think he looks more like this.

Danny Alexander
(Stuffy From Show Me Show Me)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

George Osborne Stands Ready To Bail Out Ireland.

Ireland stands as a shining example
 of the art of the possible in long-term economic
policy making,
and that is why I am in Dublin:
to listen and to learn
So at last the truth is coming out, it always does.

Britain was NEVER nearly bankrupt and everything that Osborne, Cameron and Clegg have said about the British economy during the election campaign and since taking office has been clearly shown to be a series of huge lies.

Is this the real reason why Sir Alan Budd left the Office of Budget Responsibility? Because he knew the lies this government were telling and he did not want to be part of those lies, knowing that at some point they would all come out?

Osborne, Cameron and Clegg have repeatedly blamed the UK's Labour government and Gordon Brown for the global economic crisis, how come Osborne and Cameron blamed Brown and Labour for the effect of the global economic crisis and has not blamed the Irish government? Just a short while ago Osborne was heaping praise on the Irish and telling our Government that we should be following their example, all I can say is thank goodness the UK Government and Gordon Brown had the sense NOT to follow the The Irish. Today George Osborne has been offering Ireland billions of pounds of UK taxpayers money in an effort to keep the Irish economy stable? What the hell is Osborne playing at? Let the EU or the IMF bail the Irish out, it is not for us to do it. Why is he even thinking of doing this when he says this country has no money? It is astonishing.

How come George Osborne can bail the Irish banks out, but did not want the Labour Government to bail the British banks out? Osborne was prepared to allow our banks to go under, taking with them, peoples businesses, jobs, homes, pensions and savings.

If Osborne bails Ireland out, what happens in the even of more UK banks needing a bailout as has been predicted next year?

Osborne is in the process of destroying the NHS, destroying education, destroying our children's futures, displacing thousands of people by taking their housing benefits away, destroying the construction industry, making over 500.000 public sector workers redundant and over 500.000 private sector workers too, saying we have no money and then he offers Ireland billions to save their jobs and services?

Why is Osborne offering to pay for another country's mistakes?  He says it is in the national interest to bail Ireland out. I would like to know why he thinks it is in the national interest to bail Ireland out, while reneging on a promised loan to Sheffield Forgemasters of just £80 million? Which would have been paid back with interest, which would have put British manufacturing at the forefront of new green nuclear power technology, which would have supported the local economy and also supported subsidiary companies who supply Sheffield Forgemasters. How come billions of pounds of British taxpayers money can be found to support Ireland, while denying one of our own companies a loan? I understand that the denial of this loan has nearly bankrupted Sheffield Forgemasters. None of this makes any sense.
The chancellor is stepping in to give billions to Ireland yet has cancelled our schools for the future programme, which is now beginning to have a devastating effect on British construction.

Thanks to the Labour the UK Government did not make the same mistakes as the Irish government did, and once again thanks to the Labour government the UK weathered the GLOBAL economic storm far better than most other countries have done. Yet Osborne, Cameron and Clegg said we were going the way of Greece and were nearly bankrupt, if that is the case, then we certainly do not have the money to help the Irish out. Truth is all about what Osborne is planning to do to the UK economy and without the Irish economy, we are well and truly up the creek without a paddle and this is the real reason why Osborne is panicking and offering Ireland billions of pounds!

Is Osborne Running Scared?

The wheels are already off his wagon here in the UK, he and Cameron and Clegg know that the UK does not manufacture or export nearly enough to underpin this coalition government's insane cuts. For the Tories insane gamble with the UK economy to work, Ireland has to keep importing 40% of goods and services from the UK, which when you look at the position of the UK and the situation we all knew Ireland was in (including George Osborne), this actually makes Osborne's gamble not just totally insane, but completely irresponsible and utterly foolhardy. it is actually criminally negligent, Osborne simply cannot be allowed to continue like this.

How on earth could he have gambled all our livelihoods and children's futures on a country in worse shape than the UK? It is obvious to anyone with just half a brain that Ireland's people are totally cash strapped, their pay cut and frozen, unemployment rising and youth unemployment running at 32%, so how was this country going to afford to continue ordering 40%  of goods and services from the UK? It is not rocket science! There are people over there handing their keys back to their mortgage lenders because they can no longer afford the mortgage. Is George Osborne and David Cameron totally and utterly insane?

If Osborne starts throwing our money at Ireland in a bid to stop her going bankrupt, this will be throwing good money after bad, it will be reminisce of the last Tory government's "Black Wednesday" when Norman Lamont and John Major started throwing all our money at the ESR and manged to lose this country billions of pounds in the process.

The whole thing is an absurd hypocrisy from Osborne and the Tories, who have no idea about running a sweetie shop, let alone the finances of a country. Has Osborne chastised the Irish government for spending too much on their public services? In 2006 Osborne said this:

In Britain, the Left have us stuck debating a false choice. They suggest you have to choose between lower taxes and public services. Yet in Ireland they have doubled spending on public services in the past decade while reducing taxes and shrinking the State’s share of national income. So not only does Ireland now have lower business and income taxes than the UK, there are also twice as many hospital beds per head of population."

Osborne even accused the then UK Labour government of not spending enough on public services.

Where has all these billions of pounds suddenly come from in order to help Ireland out? And if there is any spare cash, then shouldn't this cash be given to cash strapped councils who are on the verge of making 25% budget cuts and cutting services like care to the UK's elderly and disabled children?

George Osborne has today said that Britain stands ready to bail Ireland out. Really? Has he bothered asking the British people what we have to say about this, or has he just assumed it and is now telling us what we think? Who the hell is George Osborne to make such a decision?

If looking and learning from across the Irish Sea was of paramount importance to George Osborne in February 2006, who was then in opposition, can he now tell us what he has learned?
because from where I am standing shortly after Osborne went to Ireland on his learning mission, they started to go down the tubes along with the rest of the world.

So Mr Osborne, care to say why the Irish model has not worked? And why you are over there today offering them our money? More to the point, we have seen several attempts of cutting Irish spending to the bone and it has NOT worked, why is George Osborne insisting on taking the UK down exactly the same route to certain disaster?

"A GENERATION ago, the very idea that a British politician would go to Ireland to see how to run an economy would have been laughable. The Irish Republic was seen as Britain’s poor and troubled country cousin, a rural backwater on the edge of Europe. Today things are different. Ireland stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking, and that is why I am in Dublin: to listen and to learn. " George Osborne

Just as well that George Osborne was not the chancellor when he visited Ireland in 2006, or we would have gone down the same road as them and would now be in the same situation as them, needing a bail out from the IMF. 

The most ridiculous think is that despite Ireland's obvious mistakes with their economy, and despite their austerity measures failing, Osborne is still trying to copy them, he appears devoid of any kind of ideas or economic know how. Osborne simply has to go before he messes this country up entirely, he is just not fit for purpose.

The offer of this money to the Irish, just demonstrates clearly the huge and "unwinnable" gamble this totally barking mad government is taking with all or livelihoods and our children's futures, they have not only pinned all their hopes on exporting and British manufacturing which was ruined by Margaret Thatcher, they have done exactly the same ting by taking a colossal gamble on the Irish economy coming good and it just 'ain't gonna happen.

Truly we are being governed by idiots, all spin and no substance, they have not got a bloody clue what they are doing!

Seriously, we have to get this shower out of Government because if we do not, they are going to destroy all our lives as well as the country.
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