Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cameron Should Be Stamped - "Just For Show Meant For Electioneering Purposes Only".

Come not between the dragon and his wrath
(King Lear1.1.124) 
Have you ever notice anything odd about the prime minister as if you can never quite make him out? Always something that seems not quite right, a niggling little feeling but could never put your finger on it, or find the right words to explain what you feel about him? Then read on:

We all know by now that the prime minister is a veritable stranger to the truth. David Cameron thinks absolutely nothing about intentionally misquoting others and deliberately misleading the public the man is  simply incapable of telling the truth about anything. As with all liars they are difficult to gauge, so sooner or later there comes a point where we simply cannot believe a word a liar says. I believe we have now reached that point with the prime minister. The result is that the nation is living under a completely false misapprehension of what is actually going on in the country, we have been lied to about some very serious issues and manipulated into believing things that were untrue. It's never good when a prime minister constantly lies to the public but when he heads a government that is trying to reform the NHS, welfare, police, defence and education all at the same time it can have very serious implications for the people.  When Cameron told us on several occasions "there will be no top down reorganisation in the NHS", we were entitled to believe him. However that turned out to be a blatant lie and furthermore he knew it to be untrue, at the time he told the public this both he and Andrew Lansley were actually working on completely reforming the NHS and had been doing so for some years before they got into government. The same goes with the armed forces. When in opposition Cameron slated the then Labour government for not providing enough Chinook helicopters to troops in Afghanistan promising them more yet in power Cameron slashed the number from 22 Chinooks that Labour had on order to just 14 . Cameron has also  axed  troops by email, frozen their pay, scuttled our only aircraft carrier as well as now ditching the 8 Chinooks in a devastating attack to destroy Britain’s military.
This attack amounts to nothing less than a demoralising and dreadful betrayal or our armed forces fighting in Afghanistan, Cameron should be deeply ashamed, but he isn't and he isn't because he simply does not care. In fact in military circles he would probably be known as a "Walter Mitty" type character, someone who pretends to be someone heroic, however, it is hard to differentiate if we have a "Billy Liar" or "Walter Mitty" for a prime minister, perhaps we have both all rolled into one? Whatever he is it is certainly no joking matter.

Cameron is not only destroying this country, he is destroying our reputation abroad, other countries now think that we are a complete joke, but sadly for us it is no laughing matter, especially as events have a habit of turning dangerous and very sinister at a moments notice as the recent riots clearly demonstrated.  Cameron was informed that this country was in serious trouble and bizarrely he ignored the warnings and preferred to stay on holiday having his photo taken with his arm around a Tuscan waitresses and playing tennis rather than return and take control of the country he is meant to be leading!  Serious lawlessness, rioting, looting and arson and where sadly four innocent people lost their lives due to the extreme violence before he decided he had better come home. How funny is that? How amusing is it that other countries now look at images of this country out of control with rioters and looters running wild, with homes and businesses burning to the ground now they believe this is what life is like in this country so why would they want to come and invest here, or come on holiday here? Is that funny in this economic climate? It is not just this either it is a great many things. Taking five luxury holidays in a year while the country struggles under the austerity measures he has imposed, is not just complacent, it is totally and utterly contemptuous of the British people and it is all mixed with his lies. he came back from holiday and promptly started to tell lies about the police, trying to claim he had to tell them how to do their job.

It is true to say that over the years we have all heard some tall stories from politicians of all colours so we have come to expect a certain amount of it, but blatant and deliberate dishonestly like this? and over such serious issues like our NHS, police and defence? I have always taken a keen interest in politics but never before have I witnessed any politician, (let alone a prime minster) appear so pathologically incapable of telling the truth as David Cameron.

Without a doubt David Cameron is a "leader" of no real strength or intellect to speak of, his only job before becoming prime minister was a spin doctor for Carlton TV. The only thing he seems to possess is the ability to ape other people's strengths, however, possessing the ability to ape them doesn't mean he actually has those strengths - which clearly he doesn't.  How would you describe Cameron's judgement? Appalling or just non-existent?

Cameron reminds me of some form of living breathing human collage. It's almost as if he and his proponents have  deliberately come up with a plan to formulate a person that they knew people would vote for, without a care for the consequences afterwards, all they cared about was getting into power at any price. Setting about cutting out all the bits they like from other existing real people and then assembling all the pieces together. There is no depth and no meaning there and there never can be because the David Cameron we all see is not real, he doesn't exist, he is a creation without a soul formed specifically for the role of prime minister and placed in that position specifically to do the bidding of the bankers, the multi national corporations, the hedge funders, the venture capitalists and the arms dealers etc.  David Cameron is just one consolidated cardboard cut out mass of contradictions, hypocrisies and insincerity all held together by invisible "conglomerate super glue". There is absolutely no passion to deliver a better place for all the people of this country as cardboard is an inanimate object it is not real so is incapable of feeling emotion or remorse. Cameron is all lies and make believe so what ever he promises will never happen because it was never meant to happen, it was all part of the meaningless bits pasted together to make it look good to the voters, he and his promises should have come stamped with a warning "Just For Show - Meant For Electioneering Purposes Only" and beware choking hazard!

It is simply no good expecting Cameron to show remorse because he is a fake and fakes do not feel let alone show remorse. David Cameron is devoid of humanity when he looks at us he doesn't really see us as real thinking caring people with families and lives to support, what he sees is dregs and  a drain on society and resources. When he looked at Libya, he did not see a chance to help, what he saw was a chance to snatch glory for himself and shore himself up for future elections.  Cameron  is a vacuous empty shell, a nonentity existing only in the minds of those who created and shaped  him  he comes complete with "added rhetoric". He is programmed to tell people what they want to hear, whether it can be delivered or not makes no odds to him because he never intended or intends to deliver it anyway. If he gets caught out in a lie he will simply invent more lies to cover his original lies up and he thinks nothing of using and misquoting others in order to do this. If he finds himself in a tricky situation then he will just turn around and blame someone else, it matters not if those people are his closest allies, or his friends, or the opposition, to Cameron people are just there to be used. We have seen this with the way he shamelessly blamed Gordon Brown for what was a global recession, he told blatant lies about him and he totally and utterly ruined the career of a good, decent and honest man, politics is a rough game yes, but this wasn't politics, it was an despicable act, it was coldly ruining a person that had done nothing but devote his whole adult life to this country, but it did not matter to him just as long as David Cameron was OK. We have also seen him blame Nick Clegg and set him up to be the fall guy for his lies and Clegg is so up his Tory master's backside that he keeps returning for more of the same. We have even seen Cameron turn and blame his own ministers hanging them out to dry over things that were his fault and we saw it again when he suddenly turned on his "friends" Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks cutting them off when he thought they could harm his chances. David Cameron is a user and abuser and he doesn't care who he hurts or upsets either. Why else would he faithfully promise to help the parents of disabled children and then turn his back on them and bring in policies that would actually greatly harm them and their lives with their children? He even used  the disability and then the death of his own dearest little boy when he thought he needed extra sympathy.I hate even thinking this let alone writing it, but it is true and we have all heard him doing it, he even mentioned this in the televised leadership debates. Gordon Brown has suffered like this too, but we never heard him mention his dearest little daughter. That is something so heinous to most of us, but not apparently to Cameron, it seems that nothing is sacred as long as it helps him to get his own way.

Cameron appealed directly to the base instincts of some because he/they know this is a good way to win "cheap and nasty votes". Immigrants, single parents, the disabled, the unemployed and public sector workers have all been singled out for a "bashing" from Cameron because he is playing to the weaknesses of people and he is playing the divide and rule game, we, like it or not are being manipulated by a corporate banking puppet.

He's good at manipulation too - look at the people he has fooled: The Murdochs, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, two Metropolitan police chiefs, Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates, he manipulated all of these people into supporting him and then turned around and dropped them as soon as the going got rough, especially when he thought they could harm his position. Cameron knew exactly what he was getting into with all those people, but he needed to use them in order to get to be prime minister. He is still manipulating many TV presenters and journalists in the press even now and they are still allowing him to get away with it. Look at the pathetic Nick Robinson, Kay Burly and Adam Boulton they literally fawn at Cameron's feet, it would be laughable if it were not so acutely cringe making and vomit inducing, who needs an emetic when we can see Adam Boulton sucking up to Cameron and making excuses for his lies and despicable behaviour?

The right wing press aka the Telegraph and basket case Sun, Daily mail and Daily Express still do not seem to realise they are being taken for complete gullible idiots by Cameron, one wonders when it is they will awake from their stupor and start actually reporting accurately just what a complete mess this fool is making of this country, what do they get out of such loyalty to a liar and someone who can barely tell reality from make-believe? Look at where the news of the World landed up partly because of its association with David Cameron.

How much more of David Cameron are they going to take? How much more of David Cameron do we all have to suffer before the whole nation wakes up and realises what David Cameron actually is? When he wrecks the NHS? When he gets rid of so many police that crime is soaring and no one feels safe? When we see our military reduced to such an extent that the nation's safety is compromised and we are a sitting duck terrorist target?
David Cameron is an ineffectual person and an ineffectual leader who appears to spend more time gadding about the world trying to impress other world leaders that he is some kind of "statesman" than paying attention to the very real problems this country is facing and I have to add, these are problems mainly brought on by him and his "choker" of the exchequer, George Osborne both are too arrogant and too inexperienced to understand or see the harm are doing. In the end Cameron's  intentional attempts to mislead or convince other world leaders that he is something that he is not, is going to greatly harm this country.(If it hasn't already) 
Look at the man's judgement calls, he always seems to be out of the country when we are in trouble. he knows there is trouble brewing yet he never cancels a trip he just goes ahead anyway and to hell with the consequences for the country.

Cameron is a ex PR man who chanced his arm and got lucky and now we are all being forced to pay the price and for us a nation that could prove very costly indeed.

Cameron is a complete joke!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ministers Try To Shift Blame To GPs & Nurses For NHS Failures and For Rising Waiting Times

One of the first things the Conservative  Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley did within the NHS upon taking office, was to abolish the 18 week referral to treatment target which had been implemented by the previous Labour government.  Nothing is ever perfect and some clinicians thought that targets interfered with clinical decision making because some patients needs would always be more urgent than others. However, in this case the benefits of having this target outweighed the drawbacks. The initial drawback was not an insurmountable problem as GPs and hospital clinicians always had the option of using their initiative and discretion when considering people for appointments etc. For those patients suspected of having a more serious conditions such as cancer or a heart condition, the previous Labour government had also introduced the right for patients to be seen by a consultant more urgently - usually within 2 weeks of being referred by their GP.

When abolishing  the 18 week target Andrew Lansley maintained that lifting the target would have limited effect upon waiting times, all things considered, it is hard to try and understand how he arrived at that decision as before the 18 week target was introduced people were waiting many months for an hospital appointment, and it was for this very reason that the 18 week referral to treatment target was introduced in the first place! After the introduction of the target most people were seen within the target time and waiting times fell dramatically so it was seen as very successful.

Before the Conservatives took over and the NHS was still reasonably funded and waiting times had been brought under control, perhaps GPs and hospitals could have worked together to remove the targets, and provided patients were being seen appropriately and timely manner the NHS could have moved on and replaced targets with their own innovations in order to keep waiting times down, nothing is set in stone and the NHS will innovate itself given the chance. However, that action has now been made impossible by the government forcing hospitals to cut their budgets by a collective £20 billion. By forcing hospitals to "save/cut" £20 billion  is why we are seeing hospital waiting times now beginning to rise sharply. In any case funding cut or no funding cut, wouldn't it have been altogether better idea and more thought out and planned if Mr Lansley had trialled removing the targets in certain areas judging how the trial areas went *before* rolling it out nationally?

No matter how the government tries to "spin" it the Treasury (Chancellor Osborne) has cut funding to the NHS by £20 billion. When Cameron, Lansley and Clegg announced their "listening exercise"  they preferred to call it "savings", however, call it what they will "cuts" or "savings" at the end of the day the government is forcing the NHS to make "savings" of £20 billion and that will result in money *not* being spent in the health service and even if it us used in another part of the NHS it doesn't change the fact that the NHS has to try and manage on £20 billion less and that it will ultimately lead to a major impact and cuts in patient services somewhere within the health service.

This is now evident as we see cracks appearing all over the NHS and especially in patient waiting times. Freeing PCTs from the 18 week referral to treatment target may have been OK when the NHS has ample funds under the previous labour government however, figures now prove that  the proportion of patients made to wait longer than 18 weeks has increased along with the average waiting times, and that is very bad news for patients waiting for a diagnosis at an often very worrying and distressing time. Andrew Lansley's rather  laissez-faire decision to get rid of the target  as soon as he was installed as health secretary in the Department of Health is proving to be an ill-thought out premature and foolish decision, one born out of ignorance and inexperience.
Bizarrely, just like his colleague chancellor George Osborne tried to blame the snow for the economy's poor performance,  Andrew Lansley also tried to blame the snow for longer waiting times  when the health charity The Kings Fund also warned about increasing waiting times!
It is now an indisputable fact that people waiting on lists to be diagnosed has increased by ninefold in the past 15 months since Mr Lansley abolished the 18 week GP referral - to treatment target.
  "The NHS Confederation, which represents managers across the NHS, warned the gains that had been made to reduce waiting times were already being lost as finances were squeezed, and that NHS managers were concerned about a ‘deterioration in standards' The number of people waiting more than 13 weeks for one of the tests. In June, there were 1,763 people waiting more than 13 weeks, up from just 190 in June 2010.
The DH figures show that in June, there were 12,521 people waiting more than six weeks for one of 15 key tests, including MRI, CT and heart scans, ultrasound, barium enemas and colonoscopies. This is up on the 3,510 waiting more than six weeks in June 2010".

The NHS Confederation is a respected body and it isn’t  usually known for speaking out and causing problems where none exist so when it starts warning of the dangers of ‘further declines in access to appointments and treatments perhaps we should all start sitting up and take notice? 
The problem now is that it will be GPs who are likely to be blamed for the increase in waiting times and on several different fronts  (some of which are already happening).
Delay to diagnosis is already the most common cause of legal action against GPs and claims against GPs have jumped by a fifth in the last year. View the latest statistics from Medical Defence Union  Here..
GPs will be blamed for long waits for diagnostic tests as NHS waiting times Increase.
Then we get into the very complicated "thorny" realms of GPs’ increasing responsibilities as commissioners, which mean it will be general practice that takes the blame as waiting times continue to go up, particularly so as GPs are a much more accessible target for angry patients than PCTs ever were.
The Government is rushing to wash its hands of any responsibility for rising waits, by insisting – as junior health minister Simon Burns did– that its funding for the NHS is leaping by £12.5 billion by 2015. What the government do not tell you is that the increase in funding is barely keeping pace with inflation.
Ministers say they are doing their part so if waits go upwards it will be because GPs are failing to do theirs.
Yet the DH’s claims about increases in funding in real terms are only true in a purely technical sense – failing to take account of the money set aside to cover shortfalls in the social care budget, or the fact NHS inflation typically runs above that of the economy in general, or the fact the headline inflation rate is higher than had been anticipated.
Under the last Conservative administration, it should not be forgotten that not only were waiting lists for appointments very long, the actual time people spent waiting on lists for treatment were also extremely long. In fact some people died while they were on the waiting lists waiting for treatment and others were forced to wait in agony for up to two years for operations like hip and knee replacements. In many cases patients were or became immobile while a waiting for their surgery costing the NHS far more than if they were given their operations immediately.

Just remember that when apportioning blame for the failures in the NHS and for the total mess that is now being made of it, don't just blame the health secretary Andrew Lansley, blame David Cameron and his infamous poor judgement as well because the mess is as much Cameron's (and Nick Clegg's for that matter) as it is Lansley's! They have all been warned repeatedly by clinicians, GPs, nurses, health charities and other organisations that what they were attempting to do is unworkable but they steadfastly refuse to heed the dire warnings. They have all previously voted on these reforms in parliament, not once, but twice and both Cameron and Clegg  publicly offered Lansley their 100% support before the public outcry forced their "listening exercise".  A listening exercise where they all promised to "pause, listen and reflect"  and then just days after announcing their so-called "listening exercise" they were shown to be "ploughing on regardless" with the restructuring of the health service in after it was revealed in a leaked letter that the head of the NHS, Sir David Nicholson, had instructed staff to "maintain momentum" for the planned changes during the listening exercise being undertaken by ministers. It was all just a very big, very expensive sham!

The BMA have asked the government to withdraw its reforms bill entirely so in view of this rather than the BMA going ahead an making plans just in case the government does not withdraw the bill night it be better that they threaten action? In order  to stop the lies of Cameron and  Lansleys when they claim of 90% of the country is now being covered by consortia and that somehow it is all "magically" working so well, GP’s need to get tough and threaten to pull out of consortia- period! GPs can do this as they have all the power because without them on board, the government could not go ahead with its planned "reforms"anyway! Doctors trained to be doctors they did not train to be accountants! It is simply unbelievable that GPs have behaved so mildly andlike the  proverbial  sheep all meekly following each other into these consortia! What are they all waiting for, someone to come along and dye them with a number? I know that many feared the collapse of the NHS if they did not do cooperate, but perhaps non cooperation is what was needed and then the government would have been forced to stop this madness?

If GPs fail to do anything now then they will be the ones who ultimately get saddled with the blame for when things go badly wrong and this is something that Andew Lansley has already made abundantly clear when he issued a stark message to nurses –informing them that there is quite simply “no excuse” for the most serious failings in care. Although when Lansley did his medical training and ran a 30 bed high dependency unit on a skeleton staff  which gave him the experience and knowledge to make such a sweeping judgement is yet to be revealed!This government are fine ones to talk about responsibility, when they were all out of the country on holiday at the same time refusing to come back and taken control when the country suffered from anarchic riots and looting recently when four innocent people lost their lives! However, it is clear that this health secretary intends to blame the snow, the wind, the rain, doctors, nurses anything or anyone else rather than admit to his own culpability when things go wrong as they undoubtedly will. he is already lining up his "scapegoats"! No wonder is it then that nurses have accused Andrew Lansley of not being up to the job and have passed a motion of having "no confidence" in him, time for GPs to make a stand!.

The BMA really does need to challenge the Government more robustly on its claims for NHS funding, because the more the public comes to believe that the health service is being amply funded over the years to come, the more GPs and nurses etc will take the blame for any failure to deliver - which is all the more reason why GPs and all concerned parties need to get together, unify and act now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

This Is The True Face Of The Tory NHS Reforms

 I warn you not to be disabled; I warn you not to be female: I warn you not to be Young; I warn you not to be Old; I warn you not to be unemployed;

All these groups  now find themselves discriminated against when  it comes to being treated fairly in Tory Britain in 2011.

However, I now also warn you not to smoke; I warn you not to drink; I warn you not to be overweight;  In a little known or reported policy "initiative" GPs are now acting more like health fascists than doctors and this is only part of the most unpleasant face of what the Tories are doing to the NHS and it is still happening under our very noses.
GPs have signed off a series of sweeping referral restrictions by NHS managers that will bar smokers and overweight patients from being referred for surgery, as PCTs across the country bring in new cost-saving restrictions

Doctors from 50 GP practices in Hertfordshire providing care to 450,000 patients have agreed to block those who smoke or have a BMI of more than 30 from being referred for routine hip or knee replacement surgery, without first being referred to a weight management or smoking cessation scheme.

Treatments being limited are those to deal with cataracts and acne scarring, scans to detect osteoporotic bone fractures and treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. Perhaps someone could explain why cataracts and those unfortunate enough to be scarred by acne are being termed as low priority on the same list as the "overweight smoking drinker"? So if you are fat, spotty, blind and drink, just crawl away and hide somewhere, because the Tories and Dr Kostick now say you cannot be treated on the NHS (the NHS you have probably paid into by the way!) Is this Dr Kostick truly serious when he suggest that those (usually women) who suffer from bone injuries due to osteoporosis, should not be diagnosed and hence not be treated? That they should be forced to live with excruciatingly painful fractures and that they should be left to heal themselves and all the inherent dangers to the patient this would mean, just because the person is overweight? And may only be overweight because they have seriously restricted mobility due to their osteoporosis? What kind of world is Dr Kostick residing in and what kind of world does he want us to live in? 

The restriction, introduced in May, is to be extended to all routine surgery over the next few months. Similar moves to ration care are being debated by family doctors across the country, in fulfilment of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's plan to move the bulk of the NHS budget from managers, who don't spend resources, to GPs, who do.

This is exactly what campaigners have been warning against. Which group will next be discriminated against? Perhaps the elderly because they are old? After all they are a soft target, many are frail and can hardly fight back. Why not stop treating children because being a child means that you are likely to pick up childhood diseases. It is ludicrous, Dr Kostick is ludicrous.

Commissioning GPs will be working to a finite budget so some will discover in order to enforce the budget constraints they will be unable to treat everyone on their list, so being forced because of lack of funding to restricting the number of people they can treat could become the norm. I believe this is very likely to be one of the biggest problems  facing GPs when they are forced to take up commissioning yet it has hardly been touched upon! But here we can clearly see how it is already starting to take shape under Kostick's implementations. Very soon GPs will have no choice but to ration the number of people they are *able* to treat who fall into certain categories and they are likely to be the elderly, disabled, or those who drink, smoke or are overweight,  in fact practicing it is already in practice in Hertfordshire and the practice is spreading to other parts of the country. We are shortly going to see certain "patient groups" of people without a regular GP, they will probably be able to be seen as emergencies, but will not be able to find themselves a regular GP and this will be down purely to funding issues. So people will be forced to go from doctor to doctor in order to get their medication or be seen, they will have no continuity of care which is so vitally important.

 GPs should be acting as advocates for their patients, not as rationers of NHS service. The NHS was founded to be delivered "free at the point of need", Why are GPs who are in effect *private* businesses being allowed to ration treatment on the NHS when the NHS is not a private concern? (Not yet anyway!)
By being selective and  rationing treatment and in certain cases denying treatment altogether is in fact discriminating against certain groups of people, who some GPs say cannot be treated judged on the basis of their "apparent" lifestyle choices! Surely this undermines the whole ethos of the NHS? This not only appears "unethical" it also appears "illegal", doctors may very well be healthcare practitioners however,  this does not give them the right to sit in judgement over who can and cannot be treated, The question has to be asked why GPs are being allowed and encouraged by the Conservative government reforms to sit in judgement over who can and who cannot receive treatment?

Dr Tony Kostick, chair of the north east Hertfordshire clinical commissioning group,(new consortium) said: "This is about GPs accepting a greater gatekeeping role. The NHS spends a fortune on treatments of limited clinical value. We trawled through the evidence and found outcomes were poorer for smokers and the obese. They are in hospital longer, have more complications, more post-operative infections and do less well." Limited value to who? Dr Kostick or the patient who was in pain and is now out of pain thanks to surgical intervention? This is a prime example of a doctor looking at someone, not as an individual patient but as a walking talking £ sign! this is where the rot sets into the NHS and from where it will start its journey to the point of no return and full-scale privatisation.
Dr Kostick continued: "We are trying to get GPs to understand that if we spend money on one patient, that money is not available to spend on the next. If an obese patient loses weight they may not need surgery. We are not saying no to anybody but there are things you can do for yourself which will make you healthier before you have treatment. That is rationing but on the basis of the best clinical practice."  As I explained above, best practice for who? The patient or Dr Kostick?

However, who is Tony Kostick to make that decision? Who invested in him the as a private business the power to weild over the will of the people? He should remember he is a doctor, he is not God! However, what does one expect from a Government lackey who thinks that competition in the health service is a good thing? It is obvious that Kostick is a proponent of the government's reforms of the NHS and if this is what is going to come from them and they have doctors like Kostick prepared to do their dirty work for them, then the NHS is in very serious trouble.

However, Dr Mike Ingram, a member of the county’s local medical committee, said: “I’m very worried about denying people care on the basis they are fat.

Worried Dr Mike Ingram should be because if this is allowed to go unchallenged then where will it all end?  Fitness fanatics and sporting enthusiasts follow dangerous pursuits, they climb, they race bikes and cars, they white water raft, they run over extreme terrains. Children climb, they ride bikes, they do scary things on off-road bikes and their skate boards, they roller-blade etc, are we to deny all these people treatment if they become injured doing something they knew could injure them?

The obese, smokers and drinkers are not the only ones to use the NHS, no doubt all these groups also pay into the NHS, who is Dr Kostick to say they cannot be treated?

I have no doubt that Dr Kostick is a doctor because he wants to help people however, this is a classic example of one GP helping to spread inequality in healthcare throughout an entire region and also to opening it up to private practice. Patients desperate to control their weight, or stop smoking or drinking in order to have NHS surgery may feel they have little choice but to turn to expensive alternate therapies like "Hypnotherapy". I am not going to advertise for them, but I know of several hypnotherapy practices that has used Dr Kostick's policies and words to attach their practices to them so they come up in searches, this is unscrupulous behaviour. it is the kind of behaviour that can only increase as measures implemented by Dr Tony Kostick and his ilk become more frequent. It is becoming beyond ridiculous when doctors like this are allowed to foist their prejudices onto their patients when their patients are at their most vulnerable, ridiculous and dangerous to health and to a decent society. I say this a non smoking and non drinking former health care practitioner so my opinions are completely unprejudiced.

These kind of decisions may go down well in the Telegraph and Basket cases Sun, Express and Mail newspapers or in the shires or between the "chattering classes" in the "Chipping Norton set", but they are wholly impracticable and open to legal challenge in the real world.

This is but one example, but people need to wake up, this is now happening all over this country, people are being cast out of healthcare. The Tories so called "listening exercise" was nothing but a big sham, privatisation of our NHS is still happening at pace.

Health secretary, Andrew Lansley is hiring a special team of spin doctors to spin his reforms to the public in a favourable light and people need to be aware of this because this conservative government is not going to stop until it sees the NHS privatised!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holidays R Us - By Disappearing Dave Cameron.

The prime minister, "Disappearing Dave"  is in a state of flux, he is unduly concerned, not about Libya, or the recent riots, or the plummeting economy, or about rising unemployment and zero growth, he is very worried that work could interrupt his holidays.

He has sent a  note to Libya to Gaddafi pleading with him to surrender so he can quickly make a speech and resume his fifth holiday -  as yet he hasn't heard back.

The shock of actually working instead of dossing around living the privileged high life at his parents expense has hit  him really hard and is beginning to tell on him, as he is fast approaching burn out one wonders if he will be able to manage another year at this rate - perhaps the only thing to do is to take another "well earned" holiday and try to get his strength back?

He said if he doesn't get to relax he suffers with "fried brain",I dispute that, in order to have a "fried brain" first you have to possess one.

What a difference to Gordon Brown who insisted on staying in this country for his family holiday and when the credit crisis and global recession hit which affected many families making it impossible for them to go on holiday, Gordon Brown insisted on staying home in a sign of solidarity with them.

Alas the current Prime Minister can't do very much  (but he is good at taking holidays).

Where's Willy 2 ? - Free Willy!

When "Disappearing Dodgy Dave" Cameron, our "illustrious" prime minister was in Tuscany on holiday refusing to return home to the country he is supposed to be leading when it was in crisis with the economy,  riots, looting, violence and arson, "DDD" was quite content to allow "Free Willy 2" to hold the fort. At that time Cameron didn't care that  images of a burning Britain were being transmitted all around the world while he and other cabinet members such as his non deputising deputy pm, Nick [where the hell are you] Clegg; the chancer chancellor George Osborne; Bonking Bonkers Boris the Tory Mayor of London and  "nasty party" Secretary Theresa May[be] all stayed away on their respective holidays soaking up the champagne and sunshine. The only man in the entire millionaire "Billy Bunter" and "Lord Snooty" Tory cabinet  left in this country was the Foreign Secretary, William [Billy no-mates] Hague, who was forced into a defensive position over the economy which is not even his brief.

He tried to handle the press enquires about the the UK's failing economy and the effect that the EU's sovereign debt crisis was having on this country's economy, not convincingly, but at least he was here to do it and gave it his best, he even managed to scramble the very junior gormless Lyn Featherstone Liberal democrat MP and even more gormless, and even more junior Tory Treasury minister the hapless Justine Greening to try and reassure the thousands that were seeing billions wiped off of their pensions etc that things would eventually settle down. That was all week leading up to the Friday before the Tottenham riot and that was when Hague was last see on TV since then no one has seen neither hide nor "hair" of him!

Then the Tottenham riots happened on the Saturday night and during this time not one single announcement from government to inform the public that they (the government) were in control and were working to restore law, order and calm. Bizarrely the next morning after Tottenham there was still no announcement from the government, the only politician we saw on our screens was David Lammy Labour MP for Tottenham who gave a long statement and was filmed walking the streets of Tottenham - still nothing from the government. It was not until lunchtime that Theresa May gave a short couple of lines to the news and that was it. The news stations reported that there was no word from the prime minister and still no word from William Hague who had apparently gone to his official summer residence and was NOT available to comment on the riots in Tottenham.

The next evening came (Sunday) and it was then obvious we were in  for trouble as the violence, rioting and looting and arson was spreading across London and to other parts of the country. Still no word from Cameron and still no word from Hague.

Come Monday morning eventually we got a one line response from David Cameron, that he was aware of the riots and was being kept abreast of the situation! (but still not returning home), however, there was still NO word from Willy!

Eventually when "leafy Ealing" was set alight and looted on the Monday evening, Disappearing Dodgy Dave decided he had better return home (at long last). Still no word from Willy, not then or in the subsequent days post-riots.

Now these past few days the situation in Libya is reaching some sort of end game and this is definitely William Hague's job, so where the hell is he? I know when Libya firs kicked off Willy was filmed giving bizarre interviews telling us he had it all on good authority that col Gaddafi was on a plane out of Libya as we speak (he wasn't of course, he was till very much in control of Libya then) and later when the whole Libyan crisis went pear shape in this country "jet set Willy" told us all he was not in charge of the country as  "I knock off at 3pm" Nick [where the hell are you] Clegg was and "Jet Set Willy" was leaving on a jet plane to Washington that night in any case. Remember at that time Nick (where the hell are you) Clegg had forgotten he was in charge of the country (or Cameron had forgotten to tell him)?

Now that Disappearing Dave cut his fifth holiday of the year short (poor thing) to return home, we would have also expected to hear from the Foreign Secretary too, but we haven't, not a peep!  As Disappearing Dave  knew things were reaching a tipping point in Libya, the wise thing would have been not to go away in the first place, then he would not have felt compelled to rush back to Downing Street to bask in any glory he could find, however, now he is back and jumping in front of any camera available giving the impression that it was all thanks to him, while the rest of the world's leaders are taking a very downbeat measured response to the news, probably sensible as this morning Gaddafi's son Saif who was supposed to be arrested yesterday, has popped up in front of cameras and reporters overnight and one is now left wondering just what kind of last ditch defence Gaddafi and his sons are going to mount, so muted dignified response by other world leaders is probably the correct thing to do. Not so for Disappearing Dave, he wants to get in first, still it is not as if he is known for his excellent judgement is it? this is just one more view of this incredibly idiotic ineffectual prime minister, who has managed to make a fool out of this country on the world stage - yet again!

Pity "DD" did not deem it important enough to return to this country when people desperately needed our prime minister during the riots, but it is noted that he can manage it when he thinks there is something in it for him!

However, isn't it odd that the person who has seen this thing right through, has taken all the knocks when things went wrong, took all the bad publicity when Disappearing Dave was out of the country when Libya first kicked off and was doing nothing about our nationals stranded in that country in fear for their lives is not now here to explain about Libya and what is happening? Why?

Where is William Hague the Foreign secretary, has he been kidnapped? Has little Willy caught the "disappearing bug" from Disappearing Dave?  has "Jet Set Willy" indeed jetted off somewhere on holiday and cannot be asked to return home to do his job at such an important time in his career?

Something is wrong, wonder why the papers have not picked it up? Perhaps it is something personal, even so, I would still have expected the foreign secretary to have given a statement to camera for this occasion.

Is Cameron keeping him away from the cameras because Cameron wants to hog all the glory for himself?

Has there been some kind of huge falling out between Disappearing Dave and  "Jet Set Willy"?

When parliament returns from the summer recess, is William Hague going to resign?


Willy just spotted on Sky News (at last)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why When Cameron Sinks To Writing in Basket Case Sunday Express - Britain Not Only Has The Wrong Answers - Cameron Has NO Answers!

Camerons Enjoying Their Fifth Holiday This Year!

Perhaps it is because he is missing the Murdochs and the now defunct News of the World, but bizarrely the prime minister, David Cameron has actually sunk to new depths to writing in the "basket case" Sunday Express, where next will his pen land? The Daily Star perhaps?

Why is he writing in such a depraved newspaper as the basket case Express?

I sense that he is writing this article because he feels personally under attack for his appalling judgement, arrogance and breathtaking complacency.

Cameron is a populist PM who only acts when he thinks his popularity is under fire, nothing he does is done for  the good of the country or the people, it is only done if David Cameron thinks it is good for David Cameron.
In the article he talks about the riots, and responsibility etc but he was on a luxury holiday in Tuscany ( his fourth of the year, fifth since he assumed the role of prime minister), yet hell had to visit our streets in outbreaks of violence, rioting, looting and arson all over the capital and in other major towns and cities across the country, before he even considered returning home to his country. Images of the country burning to the ground where people were losing their lives, homes and businesses were being beamed around the world and the official line from his luxury £9.400 per week villa in Tuscany was "I am being kept informed about the riots" and that was it, so where was Cameron's responsibility towards this country? It was not until the riots had spread to so-called "leafy Ealing" did he decide that perhaps he had better come home. He showed us all a lack of empathy, lack of responsibility and total lack of judgement.

Cameron only wants to associate himself with the good things and things that can look favourably on him, which is why when he did eventually return to this country he refused to meet ordinary people, he went to affected areas but stayed well clear of the angry public and briefly spoke to a fire crew. By direct contrast even though the leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband knew people were angry, he went right into the heart of affected areas and spoke directly to the people concerned.

So Cameron and the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson, were only pictured with brooms and the PM can only talk about the good people who came out after the riots to help clean up our city streets. Yet while he was in opposition Cameron regularly preached to people that Britain was broken, well it wasn't then and thankfully it is isn't now. This is a law abiding country the vast majority of people are good, decent kind people, yet Cameron is giving the impression that we are all bad and that this country is all bad, he has already greatly harmed our reputation abroad, it looks very much now that he is going to finish the job off.

You can always tell when Cameron is in trouble or an election is due, he starts running down single parents (namely single mothers), he attacks immigrants and he attacks people on welfare.

Home Secretary, Theresa May once referred to the Tory party as the "nasty Party", which she said  had sunk into "corruption, incestuous feuding and the electorally disastrous exclusion of women and minorities."
She was right then and if she repeated  her remarks today, she would be right now!

The now Tory government (because this in effect is what it is aided and abetted by the poodle Liberal Democrats) is evry inch the "nasty party", in fact it is not only nasty it is an abhorrent and vile government run by millionaire elitist  ex public school boys, who have demonised our public servants and it is now attacking our most vulnerable people in the form of the disabled; the unemployed; the elderly; women; children; youths; students; and anyone claiming benefit whether they are genuine or not. They are even closing down children's parks and forcing parents to pay for their children to use other children's playgrounds. Cameron's government is attacking minority groups, but he should be careful because even though they may be minority groups, together they form something else entirely.

"But what is clear in the aftermath of these riots is that we don’t just need to reclaim our streets, we need to reclaim our society. The greed and thuggery we saw during the riots did not come out of nowhere. There are deep problems in our society that have been growing for a long time: a decline in responsibility, a rise in selfishness, a growing sense that individual rights come before anything else" - David Cameron

What does Cameron mean by this? Reclaim our streets? The majority of our streets are perfectly law abiding, this is just more sensationalist clap-trap from this out of touch prime minister. What we have seen in certain areas is a backlash against the very measures Cameron is trying to inflict, he is in the process of taking much away from people that already have next to nothing and if he is to continue doing this then we are going to see further violence on our streets. Cameron talks about "greed and thuggery", but forgets to mention the greed and white collar thuggery of the bankers who got this country into this state, whereby the vulnerable are now being forced to pay for it all. Cameron talks about greed, but he himself is a very greedy immoral man, he has taken £42 million for Tory party coffers from the very bankers that caused this pain and hardship for ordinary people. Cameron takes money the bankers "looted" from the British taxpayer to stash away to help the Tories fight the next general election, the bankers give him this money in order that they can influence Tory party policy to make the rules that we are forced to live by!

It just goes on and on with this government. How has David Cameron got the brass nerve to mention a "broken society" when he has spent the last 15 months blasting huge holes into it from all angles and his much admired predecessor Margaret Thatcher once claimed there was "no such thing as society"? we do not need to reclaim our streets, we need to stop attacking the people that live in them and continue the work that was already being done in them by so many great and caring people. If we want those people to continue working with the young and families and communities then we needs to STOP cutting their funding and help them in their aims not hinder them, as Cameron and his Tory government have been doing and will continue to do because they just do not care about us, they do not understand working people, because they are too far removed from working people. They think we are all here purely to "tug our forelocks as they ride by in their bullet proof luxury taxpayer funded limousines!

This government also needs to lead by example and needs to start chasing down those companies like Vodafone who owe this country £6 billion in unpaid tax. Unpaid tax that George Osborne has waived so that his friend who owns Vodafone does not have to pay us the people!

It is estimated that large corporations and individual bankers with off-shore accounts and other individuals like Tory Lord Ashcroft, (who bankrolled the last general election for the Tories throwing millions of pounds into marginal constituencies) owe this country at the very least £120 BILLION in unpaid taxes. If they were forced to pay this country what they owe us then there would be no need for these insane cuts that are harming our people, our growth, our economy, and our country. Most of these people who are being allowed to get away with not paying their proper taxes donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Tory party. (See links above) It absolutely reeks and the stench of corruption is so high it is now affecting our ability to function properly in the world. How can we expect other nation s to behave properly towards their people when we have a government that cannot behave properly towards our own people and who appears to be systemically corrupt? Where is the answers to the recent rioting, looting and arson on our streets contained in this behaviour from the Conservative government?

How about David Cameron explain why it is that bankers rights have been placed by him, and his government, and his chancellor George Osborne, over and above the rights and needs of an entire nation?

Libya is now at a vital stage, the country is still cleaning up from the riots and what is the prime minister doing? NOTHING, he is away on his FIFTH holiday of the year, supping pints at the cricket and  then playing cricket on the beach and having barbecues. Once again the PM shows his appalling insensitivity in the fact that people are struggling to live under the weight of his austerity measures and absolutely appalling judgement.

He hopes that "people will not begrudge him his 5th holiday and a work day afternoon at the cricket, he said he needs it or his brain will fry. I dispute that to have a "fried brain", first you must have a brain to fry!

Now it is reported that he has returned from his holiday to deal with the Libyan uprising. Perhaps as he knew before he went away that Libya was reaching a critical stage it may have been a good idea not to go away in the first place? One gets the sense that the only reason why David Cameron returned from his holiday to talk about the Libyan conflict is because he wants to bask in any reflected glory going. Cameron is a shallow minded narcissistic pathological liar.

We haven't got a government in the UK what we have is a band of playboys that think they can do and say what they like and think they can ride roughshod over people.

This Tory government is a joke on law and order and a complete farce in running this country, they are ruining it, and denigrating it on the world stage in front or our very eyes. We have become a complete and utter joke. Look what the respected paper the New York Times - Wrong Answers In Britain has written about David Cameron.

I have read all what Cameron has written, I have listened intently to what he has to say and I have come to the conclusion, that Cameron has absolutely no answers to the problems that he is creating and has created in Britain. This country can have absolutely no confidence in Cameron or his government. Cameron should worry less about poking his nose into Libyan affairs when he has enough problems of our own to contend with and he should concentrate less on instructing how Libya should govern and form a government when it is absolutely clear that he has no idea of how to govern his own country and his own government is a complete sham!

Cameron also needs to stop talking this country down and giving off the completely wrong impression of lawlessness on our streets. He gave the impression that "Britain was Broken" once before when he was in opposition for his own political ends and helped top prolong the recession and damage this country's reputation abroad and now he is doing exactly the same again. He is blaming the country because he lost control of it while he was on holiday and now because it suits him politically he is giving the impression that this country is "broken" once again. David Cameron is actually harming this country and no one will be wanting to come and invest here when he is giving the impression that there is a "broken society", because he allowed images of burning Britain to be beamed around the world, now who will want to set up a business here? David Cameron is a danger to this country and every single person in it.

Perhaps it is time we had a "very polite English Uprising" of our own and overthrow this bunch of incompetent clown jackasses, before Cameron, the Tories and Liberal Democrats ruin this country completely?

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Demise of British Justice - Thanks To The Conservative Government

The Prime Minister's Friend Andy Coulson Deserves a Second Chance
After allegedly phone hacking and ordering the hacking of murdered teenagers phone etc

But a Young Person With No Previous Convictions Who stole a bottle of water Doesn't
and is sent to jail for 6 months!

I read this is the Daily Mail:

A mother yesterday allowed her teenage son to be jailed over rioting allegations rather than run the risk of being evicted from her £1million council house. 

David Cameron Said:

"For too long we’ve taken a too-soft attitude towards people that loot and pillage their own community,’ he told BBC’s North West Tonight last week. ‘If you do that you should lose your right to the sort of housing that you’ve had at subsidised rates."

Really David Cameron? What about all the "looting" and "pillaging" the city bankers have engaged in? Those same bankers many of whom donate heaftily to the Tory party coffers and who brought this country to its knees?

What is the prime minister, David Cameron,  waffling about "looting" and "pillaging"? Exactly what other events of this magnitude (apart from that carried out by Cameron's friends the bankers) resulting in riots where people have "looted" and "pillaged" their own community and where our courts have taken a "too soft an attitude for too long about"?  Did anyone bother to inform the prime minister that he is talking complete rubbish? Perhaps Cameron could explain exactly where these unprecedented events happened before, I wonder, did they occur here in this country or in some parallel universe that the prime minister occupies?  The prime minister's behaviour is becoming more remote and weird and with each passing day he is giving the impression that he is living on some distant planet, his behaviour is now becoming totally bizarre, and as he is the prime minister this is definitely cause for concern.  David Cameron looks to be exhibiting signs of mental illness as if the power has affected him, he doesn't appear able to differentiate between truth and fiction and he cannot be allowed to continue like this, if he does then he is going to put this country in serious danger, more danger than he has already!

These terrible riots were thank God, unprecedented, and hopefully will never be repeated, however, they happened and they happened on Cameron's watch and the prime minister was shown to be wanting in the basic common sense and judgement needed to control the situation. Tottenham had happened with rioting and looting leaving Tottenham's 130 year old building razed to the ground and more importantly peoples homes were actually burned completely out resulting in them being forced to run for their lives and these poor people were left with absolutely nothing. Anyone with anything about could almost touch the atmosphere hanging over this country it was almost palpable, yet Cameron chose to stay away on his luxury holiday. Cameron has shown himself an incompetent idiot who refused to do HIS duty and return home from his luxury holiday it took a further two nights of anarchy, rioting, looting and arson. Tragically people also lost their lives trying to protect their property before Cameron decided to return home to this country, the country he is supposed to be leading!

For the nights following the Tottenham catalyst I totally blame Cameron for much of what happened. I'm not going in for niceties I am just going to say it as I see it. This situation is far too serious for pussyfooting about, if things need to be said about the situation that the prime minister has helped bring about, then I am going to say them. Cameron is quick to judge "bad parenting" and "sheer criminality" and "state dependence"  why should Cameron himself escape judgement? Why should he now suddenly start panicking wanting to  *USE* people's distress for his own political ends in order to make himself look tough? He has been warned repeatedly that what he was doing was going to lead to social and civil unrest, he ignored it, so that makes him just as culpable and just as feckless as those people that went out rioting.

This isn't Cameron caring about what happens to people affected by rioting and looting, this is Cameron in a tail spin realising too late that he should have returned to this country immediately to do the job he is paid and *trusted* to do and this is Cameron trying to recover lost ground and lost credibility. Lost because of his own appalling judgement which has left him looking weak and ineffectual. If Cameron really did care about those affected by the rioting and looting, then why did he not meet them face to face when he went to visit some of the affected areas? Why did he hide behind his bodyguards and allow his advisers to arranged "sanitised" meetings with fire crews, keeping well away from shock residents and local business people? The only businessman he chose to meet he met in private, the owner of a business that was burned down on Croydon. He obviously doesn't want his already tarnished reputation to be tarnished further by being put on the spot by genuine people asking him genuine questions, one of which would have no doubt been to ask why he didn't bother returning to this country for three days when it was out of control and burning and rioting and looting was taking place?

I don't say the following lightly but Cameron is genuinely coming across as a pathological liar and a megalomaniac. He is interfering in the justice system and meddling with sentencing and is hell bent on criminalising stupid little kids and idiotic youths who got carried away in the moment and who done stupid stupid little things like nicking an ice cream, or placing a hand around the door and stealing a pack of chewy worth £1,or helping themselves to a bottle of water. These people have got 6 months in prison - totally absurd! I am NOT referring to those involved in violence against police and innocent people, or those making off with thousands of pounds worth of designer clothing and electrical goods etc, they deserve what punishment the law depicts, but even this should be done without Cameron pressuring the judiciary.

Cameron said this is pure "criminality" no doubt some of it was, however, once again he is on the backfoot so takes the easy way out by picking on soft targets just to make himself look tough and in control, whereby, the truth is that if he had bothered to come home immediately from his luxury holiday this may never have happened, this situation may never have reached the level of sustained and organised violence that it did. Despite what Cameron has said and wants us to believe, part of what happened was down social unrest and a reaction to his draconian austerity measures and attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society and this outbreak of lawlessness is also something to do with the way he keeps trying to turn sections of society against one another. No doubt also that part was also most likely organised rioting and looting after Tottenham. However, so far all we have seen in the dock are mostly habitual petty offenders and also a lot of kids with no previous convictions and the people who actually pumped these kids up and then let them loose have so far escaped justice.

 Where is all the evidence of tough  sentences for those known to be in gangs that the prime minister keeps referring to? We heard the story told by one looter with his face covered that these riots were organised by hardened criminals who supplied people with stolen vans to go out and loot as much stuff as possible and to take it back to a designated spot unload and then go off again. These are the real criminals, the drug suppliers, and the pushers. Where is the evidence that police have apprehended any of these people and forced them to face justice? These are the people that already have a great many of these kids involved in habitual offending who live in areas like Tottenham they are completely under their control and they control them with fear, drugs and threats against them and their families, yet there is absolutely no sign that any of these people are alongside others facing harsh justice in our courts. Instead of those that deserve to be in court we have a stream of petty offenders and stupid little kids that just behaved basically like kids and got caught up in the "excitement" of the whole thing and did things which if they were thinking properly they probably would not have done, the real culprits of the extreme violence, rioting, looting and the recipients of all that stolen designer gear and high end technical goods have got clean away - as usual.

Cameron talks about setting examples, but look at the example he himself has set ever since he assumed the job of prime minister. In just over 15 months he has lied continually, he has broken virtually every promise he has made. He is guilty of intentionally misquoting people and he has deliberately and repeatedly misled the British people. Everything he and his government have done has ended in complete farce, chaos and confusion and Cameron's handling of these riots is certainly no exception to what has become the way of this totally incompetent Tory government.

Talking about setting examples, Cameron is a multi millioanaire and so is his wife in her own right own right and yet Cameron's very own parliamentary expenses claims have raised eyebrows! Four months after the Tory leader took out a £350,000 mortgage on his Oxfordshire second home and started claiming close to the maximum allowance, he used his own money to pay off the remaining £75,000 of the mortgage on his London home.

The Mail on Sunday said accountants they had contacted calculated that between 2002 and 2007, Cameron could have saved taxpayers £22,000.
Cameron defended why he had not paid off more of his second home mortgage with the £75,000, saying that even if he had done so, he would still have needed to claim the maximum allowed by the Commons' authorities.
He said: "I think what I did was very reasonable, which is that I bought a house in my constituency in 2001 at the time of the election. I claimed the mortgage interest on that house. I was actually paying out more in mortgage interest than I was claiming. But, yes, I was claiming a large amount. And over a time I managed to pay down some of that mortgage and I'm now claiming, as well as the mortgage interest, for some very basic bills like council tax, electricity and heating and the rest of it..
Yes "and all the rest of it" if only the parents of some of these kids up in the dock now had, had the chance to claim from their employers what Cameron has claimed from us, the taxpayers, what a differenc that would havemade to their lives!  Just one of the promises Cameron broke is his promise to introduce an "MPs recall system" where errant MPs can be recalled to face questions or be forced to face a by-election for those MPs found to have flouted parliamentary rules of exactly the kind that Cameron himself  has engaged in, had we had the promised recall system, we most surely would have recalled Cameron himself by now. Yet Cameron thinks it is OK for two idiotic immature young men of previous good character, who stupidly watched all the riot footage flooding our TVs and newspapers and internet and decided to try and organise a riot over facebook, how utterly stupid is that?  So stupid are they that their actions  led the police straight to their doors, they were arrested, charged and trialled and now face 4 years in prison each. For such a lengthy sentence it seems absolutely no time for their solicitors to be able to gather a case for them, how is this justice? I fully realise what they attempted to do was serious and they needed to be taught a lesson but their sentences were definitely disproportionate and are a miscarriage of our very famous fair justice system. To over sentence someone is just as much as injustice as to under sentence someone. If they fail to win their appeals against their insane sentences they will cost the taxpayer at least £400.000, at the very least with legal aid and their appeals they are going to cost this country at least £200.000! Not bad for a few minutes work writing some stupid juvenile post on fb! Why not put the fear of God into them and then have them tagged to curtail their freedom (something that really does hit home with people of their age) and force them to do community service around their studies or employment? By making them do something useful  may help teach them the value of community and that what they did was serious and unacceptable and will cost this country far less in the process? Instead we now have placed immature fools directly into harms way in prison and God alone knows what will happen to them in there, I just shudder to think. Where they went into prison stupidly ignorant they will probably come out hardened criminals and angry young men with chips on their shoulders and axes to grind against and insane society that deliberately placed them in harms way, just to make David Cameron look good. Cameron who is actually no better himself after all what did he and his chancellor along with Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson do to Gordon Brown? Didn't they incite a whole country to believe a whole load of vicious lies? Didn't they incite a whole country to believe that the global financial recession was solely down to Gordon Brown? Didn't they use lies and vitriol to persecute an innocent man just to gain power?

Why should Cameron get away with his very own vile disgusting behaviour towards another human being especially while dictating to others about their "bad behaviour", when his own behaviour is questionable to say the very least?  The riots are an embarrassment to this country and the way they were allowed to exacerbate by the prime minister and get out of control is even more of an embarrassment.  However now with Cameron interfering in our justice system and pressurising judges and magistrates to issue this kind of sentencing is putting us on a par with countries where people caught chewing gum in the street are sentenced to prison and it is really embarrassing. It is as if somehow the country has reverted back to the Victorian era overnight, where people were dragged before the courts and were sentenced by judges that were not interested in if they were guilty or not and were thrown in prison for next to nothing and left to rot there for years. Other countries are laughing at us, they think we have totally lost the plot and it is all down to the buffoonish behaviour of the incompetent clown Cameron. watch this following video for how the rest of the world is now viewing us thanks to David Cameron:

The measures that have been taken often win applause in the aftermath of something serious, however, these are knee-jerk reactions and as with all such reactions they usually turn out to be the wrong thing to do. If this interference in our judicial system is allowed to continue then Cameron and Clegg risk long term damage, to an already damaged communities in deprived areas.

Failure to understand the root cause, failure for justice to be seen to be done fairly will have a serious affect on our society as a whole and not just in deprived areas.

Ever since Cameron became prime minister he has actively sought to single out those on welfare who he referred to as "welfare scroungers", he has purposefully set one section of society against the other he has inferred that all those on benefits are cheats, scroungers and fraudsters. He has implied that all people on disability benefits are swinging the lead he has provided the fodder for the immigrant bashing, benefit bashing right wing press, but when DWP figures are proved incorrect, he doesn't bother to correct the press, he allows this impression of "sick note Britain" to fester, the result is that it turns person against person. He done exactly that same by encouraging the private sector to attack the public sector because this will help him sack 500.000 people for their jobs without hardly any protest. He has successfully demonised public sector workers and made large sections of the public hate them for having the "audacity" to work for a living! Cameron may think he is being clever, but what this is leading to is very large sections of our society left feeling disgruntled and angry and as the cuts bite, this will only get much worse, resulting in more violence and bloodshed on our streets. Making poor people poorer will not make them less likely to steal, it will actually increase the likelihood. Taking benefits away from people who cannot find work is utter madness, it will not help, it will only force them onto streets and into crime. There is no work available and that is a direct result of the insane austerity measures that Cameron, Osborn and Clegg have inflicted upon this country.

How will evicting families from their homes help this situation? How is forcing a mother and an 8 year old innocent child from their home in order to pay for what was in all respects a very silly petty crime the elder 18 year old son allegedly committed going to repair the damage to society? It will not it will further damage society and will create a whole domino effect set of problems, it is utter insanity.

David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are actively creating a "underclass" they are seriously damaging our society and communities and they need to stop this phony war they have created between people who work and the unemployed, the private sector versus the public sector and they need to stop attacking parents. This Tory government has withdrawn funding from youth centres, youth workers, public libraries. They have cut funding to local authorities who have in turn sacked public service workers such as Educational Welfare Officers, early intervention officers, social workers, family liaison officers, they have losed drug rehabilitation centres and cut funding to those that help people who have addiction problems. While they have let the people that caused these problems the bankers to walk away free to pay themselves huge bonuses and while he (Cameron) has taken over £42 MILLION in donations from City bankers etc.  MPs like Liberal Democrat David Laws defrauded almost £50.000 out of the tax payer for rent for his partner, rent he (Laws) knew he was not eligible to claim, yet the only punishment Laws received was a 7 day suspension from parliament and as a millionaire he paid the money back. He should have been prosecuted, it was a deliberate act yet he got away with it and not only that, Cameron has always backed Laws 100% and has stated publicly he would like to see laws back in the cabinet. One law for the rich and another for the poor in this country. Cameron has also d said the reason why he gave Andy Coulson a job was because he deserved a second chance, well in that case don't these bits of kids who stole a £1 pack of chewing gum (when they could have stolen much, much more) deserve a second chance not to go prison and have a criminal record for the rest of their lives? Cameron is making a mockery out of our justice system and now the system is creaking to a halt and we are running out of prison places, so the likelihood of serious offenders being sent to prison will lessen while kids who nicked an ice cream are serving 6 months. It is totally ludicrous.

"Making them, or their families, homeless will not promote respect for the law. Trying to shut down the Internet in neighborhoods would be an appalling violation of civil liberties and a threat to public safety, denying vital real-time information to frightened residents" - New York Times
Since David Cameron became prime  minister, Britain has lost a lot of respect in the world, on various world events Cameron has caused this country embarrassment and we have become a laughing stock, from his gut wrenching ridiculous crawling to president Obama and his insulting of our troops that fought in the war, to other faux pas, he has totally embarrassed this country. The rest of the world stood back with disbelief as our chancellor put this country's economy on a collision course with disaster and waited for us to crash, which we are now in the process of doing.

The one thing we had left which was intact was this country's hard earned famous "British justice"  and fair play which were renown and respected throughout the world and now because of David Cameron and the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats, our justice system is causing hilarity and disbelief right across the world - so we have lost that too.

Not bad for the Conservatives who have always prided themselves on being the "party of law and order".

Children as Young as 11 years locked away and given referral Orders
For stealing silly petty things
Yet Millionaire David Laws Former Secretary To treasury Of Cameron's Government
Defrauded the taxpayer of almost £50.000 in Rent he was not entitled to
and was given a 7 day suspension from the House of Commons and NO prosecution and Cameron wants him back in his former job!
Where is the parity of justice here David Cameron?