Monday, August 8, 2011

London's Burning, London's Burning - Fire, Fire - Fire, Fire - Economy's Burning, Streets are Burning - Fire, Fire - Fire, Fire

Carpet-Right 130 year old Building Destroyed
Tottenham Riots 2011
There is absolutely no excuse for arson, violence, rioting, looting  and mindless thuggery that happened on London's streets over the weekend, sparked off by events in Tottenham last Thursday when Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police. There are questions the police must answer concerning that incident, I do not know the full story so I am not going to give an opinion at this time, needless to say that if people carry guns, why are people surprised when they get shot?

However, there is also something else there is absolutely no excuse for and that is the appalling and shocking fact that all of our top leaders were out of the country on holiday at the same time and if that wasn't bad enough with the capital going up in flames and the world's economy overheating and the British economy burning too, still our leaders have not seen the need to come back to their desks and take back control of a country that has slipped out of control in their absence.

What impression is Britain giving to the rest of the world? Next year London is due to host the world's biggest sporting event and in the past 15 months since the Tories assumed power images of half a million people on cuts protest march; student riots on two occasions; Bristol riots over Tescos; Tottenham riots and riots in Brixton, Walthamstow, Enfield, Waltham Cross and spreading. Looting and shops and residents homes burning, police cars and buses burning and over 40 families now left homeless with all their possessions burned. The British economy is also near meltdown in reaction to what is happening in the world's economic crisis - we have all of this and yet the prime minister, David Cameron, chancellor George Osborne, Home Secretary Theresa May, Deputy PM Nick Clegg and London Mayor Boris Johnson all booked their luxury holidays at the same time and are all out of the country at the same time. Notably not one of our senior politicians wanted to cut their holiday short and come back and take control of the situation. What does this say about our Government?

Yesterday it was hours before Theresa May gave a four line statement on the escalating problems from an undisclosed location, but today we are told that at last she is flying back to the UK.

Foreign Secretary William Hague was said to be in charge of the country astonishingly had not a single word to say about the violence, arson and rioting on our streets and yesterday was holed up in official country residence staying silent and refusing to comment on the situation.

If you think this is bad, it gets worse. A few weeks ago the country's two top police officers resigned amid allegations of phone hacking and corruption, however, they are supposed to be staying in post until replacements are found to take their place, so can anyone tell me where Sir Paul Stephenson the Metropolitan  police Commissioner and his Deputy Commissioner John Yates were when these horrific events were taking place? Are they out of the country on their luxury holidays too?

These questions must be answered and taxpayers have a right to have these questions answered.

John Yates was in charge of anti-terrorism after the scenes over the weekend of London literally burning and rioting looters being allowed to run amok, leads me to believe if we are open to this then we are certainly open to terrorist attacks.

Yet our Conservative prime minister, David Cameron was too concerned with being asked to take his own coffee to his table, upsetting an Italian waitress in the process and apparently while London was burning and rioting and the world's economy collapsing Cameron's most "burning" priority yesterday was to indulge in a publicity shoot with the "errant" waitress and his photo "hugging" the waitress and both beaming broadly appeared in today's newspapers - alongside the images of burning buildings and the smouldering ruined shells of people's homes and livelihoods! One image was of a homeless family with a little girl pictured sitting on the roadside with one carrier bag with a couple of possessions in and nowhere to go, they cannot even take refuge in the father's work van because that was burned out by rioters too! Hey but never mind first things first, the most important thing for Cameron yesterday (after his publicity stunt photograph) was to sack his Italian tennis coach and fly out his tennis coach from the UK. No one can accuse Cameron of not getting his priorities "right" can they?

George Osborne also sees nothing wrong with staying on his £1100 per night vacation in LA. Most important thing for the Mickey Mouse chancellor yesterday was having his photo taken with other Disney characters and riding on a water ride - good for him! Never mind that there are families back in the UK buckling under his austerity measures, losing their homes, jobs and pensions as billions are wiped off of shares and families are struggling to pay their utility bills and feed and clothe their children, when the cost of gas has risen by 19%, electricity 14% and the chancellors massive hike in VAT to 20% has forced up the price of food and clothes and now British people are being forced to use their credit cards or flog their gold to pay their bills. Why on earth is there a reason for Osborne to cut his ultra luxury holiday short and come back and face the music over his disastrous performance over the UK economy?

Boris Johnson London Mayor, sees no reason to come back either, after all it is not really a problem that half of London which he is mayor of is burning down and the police appear clueless as to what to do to control it. If this is what it is like when just a minority of the 40.000 police officers have gone, that are due to lose their jobs, who needs the police right?  At least 18 of his police officers have been injured in the riots, a few seriously with head injuries (because they were caught without riot gear on) are still in hospital, no one knows how seriously these officers have been hurt because no one has told us anything. No one knows if anyone has burned to death in the Tottenham fires because no one has told us anything.

No one has told us anything, because quite simply there is no one left in charge in the British government to tell us anything. Cameron has deemed to give us a short statement from his luxury villa in Tuscany today, saying he is in touch about the riots - I beg to differ, the PM is definitely not in touch, he is decidedly out of touch if he thinks his reprehensible behaviour will be tolerated.

Yet still today, days after the economic crisis began, days after the rioting, looting and mob violence began on our streets and began spreading on our streets, our prime minister is still on holiday and obviously sees no reason to return home to a country that is out of control and falling to bits in front of peoples very eyes!

The prime minister and the rest of this government have these past few days turned their back on the country when the country needed them the most, they have shown a staggering out of touch and arrogant attitude and  they have treated the British people with complete and utter contempt and breathtaking arrogance.

This is  a criminally incompetent  Tory government who are clearly out of their depth and have shown that the British people can have absolutely no confidence in their ability to lead this country. Once again the appalling judgement of David Cameron has been laid bare, how many more times is this government going to fall at the first hurdle? Egypt? Libya? Andy Coulson? Rebekah Brooks? Rupert and James Murdoch? The Chipping Norton set? The NHS allegations of corruption and sleaze, mismanagement and total confusion and chaos? the demonisation of disabled people and public sector workers? The funding cuts of £4.4 billion to chairties and youth outreach schemes which work with the kind of youths seen taking part in the weekends riots. The cutting of the Educational maintenance Allowance that helped many of Tottenham's youngsters to stay on at school and study - now they can't. Well Cameron has just discovered the "myopic-ness" of his crazy measures, the "devil makes work for idle hands"!

This is a feckless arrogant prime minister who is leading a reckless arrogant government and they are endangering the British peoples lives, livelihoods and children's futures. What will this government help inflict upon us all next through their gross arrogant stupidity? A full-blown terrorist attack? Maybe in Olympic year?

 God help us because David Cameron wont.


Robert said...

Everyday the bucket goes to the well, one day the bottom will drop out - B. Marley

Anonymous said...

He is more then reckless Gracie and i doubt the Olympics will even go ahead because of the cuts that will be in full force at that time

As you know Gracie i myself look like a prisoner of war victim through the stress of illness over many years but the DWP still makes things worse for me on a regular basis
I cant help but wonder i am not alone which is an horrific thought for anyone to take on board i look like this in this picture

and there are others out there in society equally as bad I'm sure some may even have good health but have lost faith in the system

What hope is there for the younger generation today ?

None that i can see all of my long time friends have all long since immigrated every single one of them leaving me without any UK friends whatsoever all i have is my wonderful family but there will be others who don't even have that

The future for me has always been very bleak through illness and will continue to be bleak with the likes of David Cameron and co around but what of the young today how will they react to a lifetime of nothing ?

Well i can assure you they wont have my mindset that i do know my wife says i have the patience of a saint and for 30 years that has been true but as i have got older i feel i am losing the sense to go on

I hope and pray that the youth of London will have a brighter tomorrow

I was born in Lewisham so i know how difficult life can be when starting out which was indeed very difficult but survived none the less