Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cameron's Back (at last) But He's next To Useless

A woman jumps for her life out of a burning building
Is this what it took to bring Cameron and the rest  of the Tories home?
He came (eventually) - He saw (what he wanted to see) - He waffled (aimlessly)

Three days of being begged to come home and take control of this rapidly escalating situation and three days of rioting and images of the capital ablaze and people losing their homes, their businesses and their vehicles were being transmitted around the world is what it took for the Tory prime minister, David Cameron, and London Mayor Boris Johnson to finally cut their holidays short and come home. David Cameron from his luxury villa in Tuscany, and Boris Johnson from Canada and the Home secretary, Theresa May finally decided to fly back from Switzerland and Nick Clegg the Deputy PM returned a few hours before from Spain and France. George Osborne the chancellor is finally returning home from his £1100 per night hotel in LA sometime in the next day or so!

This morning Cameron finally chaired a Cobra meeting, a meeting that should have been chaired on Sunday and plans made should further violence erupt on our streets. He came out and spoke at his lectern in Downing Street and what he said could have been written on a postcard.

Looking tanned from his holiday and very sheepish he issued a few threats to those that have been engaging in this violent activity and said that all police leave will be cancelled and all special constables have been asked to report for duty. He said that 10.000 extra police would be on duty this evening.

Unusually for Cameron who usually loves the camera once he finished his short statement he refused to answer questions and beat a hasty retreat back into number 10.

Cameron said that "if you are old enough to take part in the violence then you are old enough to be punished for it" really? the irony of those words has not escaped many who believe that he and the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson should be punished for what they have done.

One of the questions that people may have wanted Cameron to answer was why did he take so long to realise that things were completely out of control and that he should return to the UK from his holiday? After all it was his third holiday of the year!

Another question would be to ask does he believe the same as his Home Secretary, Theresa May, when she "dismissed fears that deep spending cuts could undermine the ability of the police to tackle possible civil unrest, and insisted the British did not respond to austerity by rioting on the streets". 
Perhaps the prime minister could have also explained why he thinks that cutting police numbers while giving those who earn over £110.000 per year a tax break is a good idea?

And are those 5000 special constables Cameron is asking to come in and help the same special constables that his home secretary wants to get rid of?

At the end of this (if there is ever an end) is the government going to rethink shedding 35.000 police officers and are they going to start recruiting and training new police officers again?

Cameron went out to visit Croydon today, notably he was kept well away from the public and when he did meet some of the public all reporters and TV cameras were sent away.

Cameron is scared of the political fall-out of this, people are angry and we have a right to see our prime minister meet those people and see them express their anger at him - he is a coward and it shows even now he is more worried about the political damage to his career then he is about the people that were so badly affected by the violence of the past three days - three days when he was topping his tan up at his luxury Tuscany villa.

They keep saying it is not political, but the very fact that they are saying this suggests that even now they are failing to understand the reasons why people are doing this and if they are failing to understand it then they will fail to prevent it and protect people in the future from this kind of violent civil unrest.

Of course it is political, if these youths had meaningful lives, proper schooling, decent standard of education and jobs they would be less disposed to coming out on the streets and violating people and their property.

Perhaps one of the biggest questions Cameron should be asked is why his government is cutting funding to youth outreach programmes; youth support workers; early intervention schemes, sacking early intervention officers; family support workers in schools; educational welfare officers, why he has scrapped Education Maintenance Allowance and why he appears to be actively singling out the young and youth for his vicious agenda of ideological cuts?

Of course its political, the sheer number of Tory MPs all dispatched in front of cameras to sing from the same hymn sheet tells me that.


Anonymous said...

Indeed Gracie this Tory right wing agenda is way out of line and David Cameron should step down
London is not Tunisia or Egypt with large open spaces to riot in but extremely small and it's imperative that it's infrastructure is improved as soon as possible

The mp's of all of the boroughs concerned have also over the years done very little for their constituents. Mrs thatcher in the early eighties said that she would tackle the inner cities and the deprivation that surrounds them but she failed to act like all have done since

All young fit people between the age's of 18 to 30 should be by law in full time work or on a world class training course so that they have the skills to immigrate anywhere in the world should the need arise

If this policy had been in place none of these riots would have ever started in the first place. Either implement this very simple policy David Cameron or do the Honourable thing and move out of no 10 as that should only ever house a world leader which is not you

Robert said...

Well said.

Now the loathsome bastards have an excuse for their destruction of the economy now. Instead of the wrong kind of snow they have the riots. If I was a cynical person I might start to wonder if they deliberately cut youth programmes hoping they would riot to give them their excuse.

These cynical evil treasonous economic terrorists are capable of anything.