Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is This a Government or Omnishambles?

Seems that most people are sick to the back teeth of the ludicrous coverage the bullying ex Tory Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell is now receiving in the press and on TV, his bleeding heart act is becoming both a bore and an irritant.

The whole saga has descended into yet another government omnishambles, which is going to end up costing the taxpayer dearly.

David Cameron could have called a halt to this immediately. He had an admission from Andrew Mitchell that while still at work he had gone into Downing Street, lost his temper, had an altercation with police protection officers and used the word "fucking", he swore and was abusive and offensive. It matters not if he said the word "pleb" or not, the prime minister should have sacked him on the spot.

If any other public servant had behaved in that fashion they would have been suspended and then sack closely following.

Turn it around, what if police had lost their temper and sworn at Mitchell in Downing Street? For example: "go take your fucking bike through the side gate" and "I thought you politicians were supposed to be fucking helping us"  how long would he/she have stayed in the job? I bet they would not have lasted their shift out.

What about if a nurse had sworn at his/her patients or other staff members while on duty? The government is for ever attacking and demonizing nurses anyway, what would the Health Secretary and the PM  have said? Exactly, we all know what would have happened, yet we are all supposed to ignore Mitchell's crass behaviour and feel sorry for him now? Well no it doesn't work like that, he's a public sector worker and he should have been sacked on the spot, no ifs or buts. If Cameron had not dithered and sacked him like he should have done this would not have got out of control. And what happened to Cameron's p[re election promise of us being able to recall our MPs, supposedly for exactly this kind of thing? Yet another lie and yet another false and broken promise from the prime minister.

Mitchell is bemoaning that this was a conspiracy to "ruin his political career" and "toxify the Tory party", he is lashing out at all and sundry, it is everyone else's fault barring his own and far from toxifying the Tory party, this habit of blaming everyone else is synonymous with this ramshackle incompetent government, each and every omnishambles that comes along, from the economy to the mess they are creating in the NHS and education, it is always the fault of something or someone else.

It is no ones fault but his own that it appears many backbench Tory MPs do not like him or his bullying ways and even Mitchell's neighbours have said he is prone to losing his temper and not one of them had a good word to say about him. Who's fault is that?

I have news for poor little "victim" Andrew Mitchell, he ruined his own career when he overstepped the mark and tried to bully and intimidate police officers doing their job and protecting him and when he decided to shout and swear and abuse police officers in the street, which he admits to doing whether he called them plebs or not.

Also no one has toxified the Conservative party, it was already toxic enough and well known for looking down its noses at the unemployed, the disabled, the sick, the vulnerable, single parents and immigrants etc. Look at what this toxic government is doing to people now? It is bullying, demanding, dogmatic and is trying to set sections of society against the other in classic divide and rule, it has the poor queuing up at soup kitchens and food banks and wants them given food tokens in future, so they cannot have a fag or a beer. Why not go the whole hog and have "working class scum" tattooed on us? They have forgotten the expense accounts they all enjoy, hope none of them spend that money in the bars, clubs and restaurants of Westminster etc, perhaps they should be given an expense card which prevents them spending out on such luxuries as red silk cushions and luxury loo brushes (Employment minister Mark [expense account] Hoban.)

The Tory party is already toxic and has always been toxic and the present lot are no exception, only in as much as they are worse than any other toxic Tory!

So hopefully Andrew Mitchell will grow up and will not be treating us to anymore long winded sob stories in the Times and take his medicine, the same medicine he and his government dish out to others. Not wait until he has seen the video footage and see a way he can back into government, despite what he admits to doing.

If Cameron brings him back into the government it will be the biggest mistake he has made to date. Can you imagine it a cabinet with David Laws (housing benefit cheat stole £60,000 from taxpayer). Jeremy Hunt who admits misleading parliament over his involvement in the Murdoch BSkyB take over bid. Andre Mitchell who   is a foul mouthed bully who shouts and swears in the street at police and it is even rumoured that Cameron wants to bring back Lib Dem liar Chris Huhne, who hasn't even appeared in court yet and then Liam Fox of the corrupt Adam Werritty Atlantic Crossing affair, he is rumoured to be on his way back too.

Good lord, what do you have to do to get the sack and stay sacked from Cameron's government? Murder someone?

Friday, December 21, 2012

David Cameron is a Dangerous Joke of a PM.

It's going to take a bit more than a suck up publicity seeking kiss to bury your attitude towards the police and the general public Mr Mitchell!

What the hell is David Cameron up to?  Is this Tory controlled coalition a proper Government or just a dangerous joke? Not only do we have one of the nastiest, duplicitous, disingenuous, spiteful, trouble making incompetent government's in the history of the country, but we have a prime minister that lurches from one crisis of his own making to another - equally of his own making!

It seems to me that the prime minister is going out of his way to placate the former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell, after sitting on this video (which doesn't actually prove a thing).

Is this why are we wasting all this time on Andrew Mitchell, and holding an investigation and pulling THIRTY detectives away from proper duties, to get to the bottom of something even David Cameron obviously wanted to kept hidden?

It turns out that dithering David Cameron our dangerously incompetent joke of a PM, knew about the Mitchell tape 3 months ago, and knew about it while the whole thing was playing out, and he did precisely nothing. Why? Why do nothing then, but look at the tape now and start demanding an inquiry?

One of the main things that Mitchell has pushed about this tape, is (he states) the lack of people who witnessed the incident. If there was a lack of people, then why has he left it until he has seen the tape before commenting on it? Why didn't he comment on it before? Mitchell was there, he would have seen the number of people present and he picks now to comment and not before? Why?
Is it perhaps because he was a hell of a lot angrier than he cares to admit and didn't notice how many people were actually outside the gates at the time of the incident? I counted 2 officers, 3 people outside the gates and two people at the side gates a total of 7 people and there was also someone looking in through the railings on a later clip.

Same thing with the prime minister, Cameron had seen this tape, he knew what the police were saying about people standing there being "visibly shocked", why did he not mention the so-claimed "lack" of people?

I've watched this footage and depending which footage you watch, there are clearly more than just a couple of people present at the time of the incident and Mitchell had plenty of time to say what is claimed he said. If police protection offices fabricated their evidence, then why would they include the part about the number of members of the public present? Especially, when they above all would know the whole things would have been caught on film and they would be found out? It doesn't make any sense at all.

Why is Cameron claiming now that the whole thing is extraordinary when he has known about it all for three months?

The leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband asked the PM to order an inquiry in order to get to the truth. Why when he had seen this tape did David Cameron flatly refuse to hold an inquiry?

Does Channel 4 and Andrew Mitchell think the public are all stupid "plebs" and think we would not notice the bus, the shadows and the minutes and seconds on the CCTV clock have been blocked out? Why did they do this? Is it because the scene outside the gates is not the time when Andrew Mitchell actually emerged from inside them? It is plainly obvious that there were quite a few people milling about outside and passing up and down at the time Mitchell goes through the gate and at that time the clock disappears from the shot, yet the CCTV footage shows us only a couple of people? What the hell is going on here?

UPDATE: (you are best off doing this on mute so Mitchell's voice does not distract you from observing the monitor)

  • Look at the video timing at around 0:57 when Mitchell leaves the gates in a huff with his bike.
  • The CCTV camera date and time stamp disappear
  • Clearly there are about three people walking towards Mitchell from the left nearish the road, they actually pass as Michell goes out.
  • There is clearly someone (maybe two people) walking near the gates towards Mitchell from the left 
  • There is also what appears to be a person (maybe two people) walking very near the gates towards Mitchell
  • And when Mitchell passes through the gate these people appear to stop and walk backwards then disappear! 
  • Were these people looking and listening to the carry on between Mitchell and the police?
  • There is also what appears to be about a 3 second time discrepancy, at about 0.55 on the video clip timer there is a shadow of a largish person beginning to walk into shot from the left (towards Mitchell) he then disappears and Mitchell walks through the video timer is showing 0.58. (Do this in mute and in freeze frame, because you have more control over what you are seeing)
  • Now FF video to around 1:26, here you see clearly a man walking briskly from the left towards Mitchell but he stops.
  • Now look at the main CCTV date stamp and time on the video as Mitchel is leaving through the gate, it says 19:36 59.
  • Now the camera cuts back to Mitchell and when the video footage is shown again, Mitchell is pointing to one person ambling about outside the gates, the CCTV time on this footage in the top left hand corner of your screen clearly shows the clock has been deliberately obscured. AND where is the man we can clearly see walking towards Mitchell as he is leaving the gates? On the footage outside it is almost deserted and this man is nowhere to be seen. yet previously as Mitchell is passing through the gates, we can clearly see there is quite a bit of pedestrian activity.

There is something really very odd here, why have they occluded the CCTV clock?

It looks very much to me that Mitchell has studied this tape and believes that not much can be deduced from it, so he has chanced his arm, in order to get himself back into the Government. In fact the only thing that can be deduced from this tape is the sudden disappearance of the date stamp and time and blocked out camera timings.
If the tape which has emerged now is found to have been tampered with, David Cameron is in a whole shed load of serious trouble and it is going to take more that Andrew Mitchell kissing WPC's for the camera to explain just what mess the prime minister has created - yet again!

Mitchell swore at police and that was totally unacceptable for a man of his experience, in his position and it is not the first time that he has lost his temper wither. If Cameron brings him back into the cabinet, yet again he will be demonstrating how beneath contempt he holds the public!

I do not like Andrew Mitchell and I do not trust him and why should we trust him? In fact why should we trust any of this government?  Mitchell is the man who when he was Overseas Aid Development Secretary was severely criticised over his decision to grant £16m in aid on his last day in office as Overseas Development Secretary before becoming the Tory Chief Whip, a move that was actually backed by David Cameron and the Foreign Office. He also faces question because Mitchell is known to have forged a strong political relationship with the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, while the Tories were in opposition!
Britain originally put a block on the our annual contribution of £37m to Rwanda, because Kagame's forces are facing accusations of arming the M23 rebels in the DRC and because of other atrocities, including mass rape! Mitchell has been known to have a close relationship with Rwanda through Project Umubano and has visited the country eight times in six years! These serious issues have not been cleared up.

In 2010, Mitchell a former City banker, was found to have sizeable investments in two properties that are registered in the British Virgin Islands. The firms, which own hotels and shops in Britain  are able to reduce corporation tax by registering outside of this country. It's thought that Mitchell's off shore investments are worth at least £270,000.

In September 2012, it was discovered that Andrew Mitchell accepted donations to his office totalling £11,000 from Brompton Capital, and offshore tax haven of Jersey. Brompton Capital is also the biggest corporate backer of the Liberal Democrat party of which Nick Clegg has accepted £770,000 since the 2010 general election.

There are three government ministers who use offshore trusts, Jeremy Hunt (who Cameron rewarded with a promotion for misleading the House and making dodgy deals with Rupert and James Murdoch over BSkyB take-over bid - and another minister that Cameron refused to hold an inquiry into and HUnt avoided paying £100,000 in tax to the Treasury just before the last election), Philip Hammond, Chancellor George Osborne (apparently £4.5 million offshore trust), and  David Cameron's late father made the family's fortune in offshore trusts and of course Andrew Mitchell.

Andrew Mitchell is a bad tempered bully and while he protests that "pleb" is not a word he would use, Kevin Maguire a Daily Mirror journalist has written  that at least one person who does not want to be named has told him they have heard Mitchell using this word before.

Apparently according to the Daily Mail, on being appointed Tory Chief Whip, Mitchell strode into the office throwing his weight about saying there were going to be changes mad around there and astonished people by launching into a class-war attack on his working-class predecessor, Patrick McLoughlin! He said: "For far too long this place has been run like a sergeant's mess, I want it to be run like an officer's mess"

So why should I trust that any of the above are going to tell us the truth about what happened and why all the faux concern by Cameron now, when he knew 3 months ago?

It appears that Cameron only wants inquiries when it suits him to have one and not for the purpose which they should be held, they should not be held for his personal benefit, they are supposed to be held to get to the truth, but maybe this is the problem? Perhaps Cameron doesn't want us members of the public to know the truth about him and his elitist government, of liars, cheats, tax dodging incompetent hypocrites? We have a cabinet full of people that scrounge off of the tax payer, claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses, live the life of O'Riley, dodge paying their taxes and yet think they can rule us?

If that is not treating us like "fucking plebs" and total idiots, I really don't know what is.

Andrew Mitchell has said: "he has no confidence in Met Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe." 

When asked if Mitchell will be brought back into the Government, David Cameron said: "let's get to the truth of the matter first".

Quite apart from the fact that if Cameron brought Mitchell back into the government after he admits swearing at police officers in the street setting a really bad example on law and order, it seems to me that these two short statements speak volumes.

Andrew Mitchell appears to be trying to preempt what the police investigation may turn up. While also the prime minister, wants to get to the truth of matter first.

Seems to me when Andrew Mitchell shouted at police officers "you haven't heard the last of this" he was right, we haven't. This story will have a few more twists in it before it is done, and I reiterate, David Cameron,  is going to regret Andrew Mitchell  reigniting this, which is probably why the prime minister has tried so hard to keep the whole thing under wraps, which is why he ignored the video in the first place! This could get very,very serious for the prime minister.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mitchell Swore At Police - Why All The Fuss? Get Rid of Him For Good!

Anyone would think that we didn't have major problems in this country being caused by this hideously incompetent government and that the prime minister, David Cameron is bored with nothing much to do, with all the fuss they are kicking up over the Andrew Mitchell #plebgate businesses.

Yesterday we all saw the red faced bully David Cameron ranting away in the House of Commons, pity he can't work up all that passion for the plight of the people he has forced into poverty and who are now being forced to use food banks because they can no longer afford to eat and turn their central heating on at the same time. Cameron's Tory controlled coalition government and his mate "gormless" George's policies are leaving people penniless and without hope and this country is becoming a cold, hard, uncaring place. Homelessness is rising, we have millions of people who are underemployed, the government have no control over the utility companies the Tories privatised the last time they were in power and people are struggling to pay their bills. Personal debt is rising as more and more people are forced to used legal loan shark companies like Wonga, or are forced to use their credit cards in order to pay their bills. (Wonga has connections to the Conservative party and donated cash to the Tories in exchange for meetings.)

Construction is falling off a cliff and manufacturing is not far behind, the whole country is grinding to a halt under the stewardship of this reckless incompetent back of a fag packet government, there must be a million and one things that Cameron could turn his attention to, but no, he prefers to get on his high horse over the Mitchell #plebgate affair.

When this first blew up Ed Miliband leader of the opposition asked David Cameron to order an inquiry in order that we could get to the bottom of it, but Cameron being Cameron thought of himself first and refused, if he had ordered the inquiry then, we would not now have to drag THIRTY police officers away from their duty to investigate this matter now. Yet another ludicrous error from clown PM Cameron.

Cameron has even hinted that he is prepared to bring Mitchell back into the government! Hang on a minute, by his very own admission, Andrew Mitchell admitted losing his temper in Downing street and swearing at police protection officers and this is simply not good enough for man in his position, he behaved like an out of control thug, that is not in dispute, he has admitted it. So why is Cameron trying to get this man back into government? It seems that you can steal £60,000 from the taxpayer, blame it on being gay and get away with a 7 day suspension from the House and brought back into government at the earliest opportunity, as Davis Laws was.
You can admit to taking £90,000 from taxpayer and knowing break parliamentary standards and regulations  and still retain the backing and the full support of the prime minister.
Like Jeremy Hunt interfere with the deal going through in his constituency between hospitals and Branson's Virgin care. Hold private conversations talking about the BSkyB bid, mislead parliament and the PM refuses to hold an inquiry and at the earliest opportunity actually promote the minister.

It seems that Cameron is quick to demand and get an inquiry when it suits him, but when it concerns the dodgy deals of his own ministers he flatly refuses to hold one, he said at the time that an investigation by Jeremy Heywood was enough, well it wasn't and everyone knew it.  In my opinion not for the first time David Cameron is abusing his power and the only reason he is now backing Jeremy Heywood after Tory MPs attacked him, is of course because he influenced Heywood, like he has done before and he doesn't want this to come out.

Now as a direct result of Cameron badly handling the Mitchell affair, we are wasting money on police investigation and taking away 30 officers from their duty, all this and yet it still doesn't alter the fact that Mitchell swore at police officers and admitted it. Never mind resigning, he should have been sacked on the spot for what he did. Now we have the undignified image of the PM losing his temper over this in the Commons and Mitchell himself giving interviews concerning a video tape, which it turns out proves absolutely nothing. There were people there, you can plainly see them. There was plenty of time for Mitchell to have said what he said and Mitchell admitted swearing at the police in the street. Mitchell was also given every opportunity to say what he said, but flatly refused to each time he was asked. Nothing much has changed except for the idiots who decided to give a false statements to the police and the original officers concerned had no control over this, they are hardly likely to fabricate evidence as they would know they would be on camera it doesn't make sense.

Study the video below, you can quite clearly see 5 people (including two police officers) standing there and at least 4 people walking up and down the road just outside the gates and keep looking as Mitchell goes towards the side gate and you can clearly see many people walking up and down, it was very busy, yet the video footage that Ch4 and Michael Crick showed the other evening made it look like there was hardly anyone there - why? Why is he saying this didn't happen, when he has admitted using the F word at officers? He can quite easily have said all those things as he was walking off towards the gate in a temper, the camera doesn't show his mouth. You can quite clearly see by his mannerisms he was in a temper and then there is another time when police are opening the gate he has another chance to swear at officers. It seems to me that Mitchell is seizing on this video and trying to re-write history trying desperately to save his career. I don't care if he said pleb or not, now that I have had time to study this footage, quite clearly he was in a huff, the way he moved his bike showed us this and he admits it anyway, why all the fuss? He should not be allowed back into government. Mitchell says himself that there were not crowds of people, but by the time he got out the people had walked on by and while there weren't crowds there were clearly enough people there to be visibly shocked. If he was shouting and swearing (as he admits he was) when those people were walking by, they would have heard and they could have looked shocked. I really hope one of them comes forward and shows Mitchell for the desperate person he is.

The video that proves nothing was shown by Channel 4 news the other evening and was given to them by Michael Crick a journalist, who proceeded to give an over egged report on the video and appeared to be trying to influence viewers by a series of suggestions, not facts. he said there was no one at the gates in the clips of the film he showed, but subsequently other clips of the film have shown that there were people there, just like the officers said there were. I would like to know why Crick and Ch4 decided to edit the videos and to give a misleading impression of who was actually there and Crick's assertions that Mitchell didn't have time to say those things are utterly absurd, of course he did.

Why would Michael Crick a journalist go to these great lengths? Well it turns out that not only is Crick a close friend of Andrew Mitchell, it was Michael Crick that Andrew Mitchell was in a hurry to dine with at St James's on the evening of the plebgate affair. Why is Michael Crick interfering in this? Would he if it was a Labour minister? I doubt it very much. The officers made a statement because they were worried about Mitchell's threat to them "I'll have your fucking jobs for this".

I do not really care if Mitchell used the word "pleb" or not, I have long suspected that this is what the Tories think of the public anyway it's nothing new and I don't need confirmation of it, I pick that from Tory MPs and minister actions that they think they are better than us, everytime I hear them speak, this is a prime example of a Tory MP, Alec Shelbrook who obviously feel that those unfortunate enough to be on benefit are scum and should not be allowed to spend their money on drink or Sky TV.I hope he doesn't spend any of out of his generous expense acount on booze in the House of Commons bars he is known to frequent  Who the hell do these people think they are? Andrew Mitchell's expenses caused more than just a few raised eyebrows when he spent £19,000 of taxpayers money in a few months on his homes, Mitchell is a multi-millionaire.

What is undeniable is that Mitchell admitted swearing at police in Downing St, the most famous street in the world. A senior member of this government lost his temper and swore at police in the street, he was lucky he wasn't arrested, he should have been, that behaviour should not be tolerated from anyone, let alone a man in his position. He should have been sacked instantly and remember he was still at work, if you or I were at work and we carried on like Mitchell did it would have been instant dismissal, no ifs or buts, why is it different for Cameron's cronies?

Mitchell says on the film that previously he wouldn't have believed what took place, could have happened in Britain today - really? I am constantly surprised and appalled by this hideous government and I simply cannot believe on a daily basis what this government are doing, how they are dividing this nation, attacking the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the unemployed and making them pay for the sins of the greedy Tory bankers. I can't believe we have almost 200,000 people relying on food banks to eat, or that homelessness is soaring and underemployment is affecting and blighting millions of our peoples lives and all because of the insane policies and barking mad measures implemented by the government that Mitchell belongs to and fully supports. So I won't be shedding tears for that millionaire who decided to call officers plebs and c got caught and is now whining about how unfair it all is. It ISN'T, Mitchell swore at police, he lost his temper in the street and abused police officers, he admits it, what is is problem?  He is not above the law, he should have been arrested at the time because we would have been if we had behaved that way outside Downing street, let alone in it!

The hypocrisy of Cameron's Conservative cronies is really beginning to stink. All Mitchell and Cameron have succeeded in doing is opening up a running sore again and they are going to regret this.

Osborne Awards New Governor of the Bank of England With £250,000 Housing Benefit

In the chancellor's Autumn Statement George Osborne outlined that there will be a cap on some benefits which actually amounts to a real terms cut. It means that 60% of workers on low wages will see their incomes fall by as much as between £350 - £500 per year with a loss of tax credits etc.

Also due to come in next year is the Government's flagship "Universal Credit" policy, a sort of one stop benefits fits all type payment, except there are so many exceptions, it is likely to cost the taxpayer more in administration costs and cause untold distress, chaos and confusion and on top of this the government have been repeatedly warned that their IT system will be unable to cope with the changes.

If this isn't bad enough, in April, another government policy is due to begin whereby those in part-time work will somehow have to get their employer's to give them more hours and if they can't do that will have to try and find another part-time job in a depressed jobs market. If they fail to do this then they face stringent cuts in their family tax credits.

You would think this was enough to be going on with? Apparently not, as the Government, namely Iain Duncan Adolf-Smith in their infinite "wisdom" are introducing a Housing Benefit cap, which is going to mean that many thousands of people (most of them actually IN work) will suddenly find they can no longer afford to pay their rent and will face eviction from their homes. Whole families with little children will suddenly become homeless, with all that this entails and which will have devastating consequences for the children involved. Others will be driven out of towns and cities into cheaper accommodation (if they can find it) where they will be miles away from their work, thus giving them extra fare money to find when their incomes are already stretched to the limit! When families are already being forced to use food banks because they can no longer afford to feed their children or heat their homes. (Thanks to Tory privatisation  of the utility companies when Thatcher was PM).

On top of this we have to stand aside and say nothing while George Osborne, David Cameron and Nick Clegg give a mega tax break to their Tory supporting millionaire mates, which will result in them being given £175,000 each from the Treasury.

Now we learn that George Osborne has given his friend the new Bank of England Governor, Canadian, Mark Carney a £624,000 top salary, more than DOUBLE his predecessor's Mervyn King and on top of that Osborne is giving Carney a £250,000 HOUSING BENEFIT allowance, while he (Osborne) caps the poor, disabled, vulnerable and jobless.

Welcome To Tory Britain 2012

Where the rich get richer and poor get "kicked" and insulted daily by a government that loves attacking those  less fortunate in our society.

And they still think it's a jolly good laugh!

Monday, December 17, 2012

David Cameron's Freudian Slip

Last Wednesday in Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), the PM made a very revealing Freudian slip and inadvertently revealed that indeed the Tories really are the party for the rich and well heeled. Listen to the video below at around 08:37, David Cameron admits that the Conservative are:

"Raising more money for the rich"

Good to know prime minister, now everyone knows what you are up to they can make an informed choice next time they are in the polling booth! Preferably before you have had much more time to inflict the irreparable harm on this country through your complete and utter incompetence!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Dodgy Stats From A Bent & Twisted Coalition Government

Virgin Care has taken over Health Care services across Surrey; child care services in Devon and various other services across the country, does this mean that all the staff that were formerly NHS staff are now reclassified as private sector workers, working for Virgin Care?

Do these thousands of staff feature in the Government's and Office National Statistics claims that a record number of private sector jobs have been created to take the place of a fall in public sector jobs?

Remember this report from the Telegraph about Virgin care takeover of NHS healthcare on the very day the queen gave royal assent?
Even the doctors and nurses who work in Surrey’s hospitals and healthcare centres taken over by Virgin Care are no longer employed by the NHS and instead have had to become corporate lackeys. They had no choice: a Virgin Care spokesman confirmed to me that if they didn’t want to work for the company when it took over services from the NHS, their only option was to resign. The Telegraph - Healthy Competition in the NHS Is A Sick Joke

Proving that not only is competition in the NHS a "sick joke" so are today's claims about falling unemployment and the "rising" number of jobs created in the private sector. This example is not the only example we have of the Government misleading people over the public and private sector job losses and creation, they reclassified 200,000 public sector workers who were working in higher education as private sector workers, which gave the false and misleading impression that the private sector had created 200,000 more jobs than it actually had. All this lying over public and private sector, all this encouraging animosity and a rift between public and private sector workers, all this lying over "falling" unemployment, will only end in tears - ours.

The government are lying to us and they are manipulating and massaging the unemployment statistics. What a mess this Tory controlled government are making of this country, it's horrendous.

When is this government going to STOP deliberately misleading the public?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Labour Oppose 1% Cap On Benefits!

Tory front Bench After Delivering Grim Autumn Statement
Which Will Affect Hundreds of Thousands of Poor,
vulnerable and middle income earners
Yesterday in the House of Commons the glee on the Tory benches when Shadow chancellor, Ed Balls announced that Labour will be opposing the 1% cap on benefits, confirms once again, (if it needed confirming after last week's disgraceful display in the House after Osborne's Autumn Statement) that the Conservative party really have become a sick joke.

The fact that the Tory and Liberal Democrat front bench see the Labour opposition's intention to stand up for the poor, vulnerable, disabled and low waged as a "weakness" explains a lot about the type of people Cameron, Osborne, Alexander and Duncan Smith are.

In what could prove to be a significant move and a turning point for the Labour opposition, Labour are attempting to draw clear boundaries between the three parties. The Tory controlled coalition government's policy to cut the benefit of 60% of low income wage earners and the unemployed etc, is something that the Labour opposition obviously feels they cannot support, for Labour, doing the right thing, for the right reasons is far more important, even though it may harm their support in the country. If opinion polls are to be believed the public want welfare spending cut, however, I believe that David Cameron and George Osborne and their immigrant hating, welfare loathing right wing advisers have totally misjudged the public, they have made the politically fatal mistake of believing their own spin and have fallen for their very own hype. This is the danger of governing in this media obsessed way, the Tories have forgotten that right wing newspaper tycoons and editors no longer have the influence they once had and the public are far more savvy than they realise.

The government believe they have backed Labour into a corner, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were they. Ed Miliband has gone out on a limb over bankers, Leveson etc and been proven to be in line with public thinking. Today we have the release of the unemployment figures, we are asked to believe that unemployment fell by 82,000. This figure is a totally misleading figure:

  • August and September figures have already been counted, so that just leaves October
  • So again we have double presenting of the Olympic effect in these figures
  • Overall employment figures include 200,000 public sector worker jobs being reclassified as private sector jobs.
  • Up to 500,000 people who are being forced to work for nothing on government work schemes and courses etc are being taken OFF the unemployment register (ONS)
  • Part-time jobs have risen sharply as employers take on two part-time workers because the government have made it cheaper for them to do this through employer national insurance contributions, rather than employ one full-time worker.
  • Manufacturing output fell sharply.
  • Construction fell by 2.4% last quarter and by 10.8% over last 2 years. Manufacturing and construction are our two main industries for proper full-time jobs.
  • Subsidiary companies that depend upon manufacturing and construction are not hiring or making jobs
  • So where are all these private sector jobs being created - exactly?
  • We have millions UNDEREMPLOYED like subbie builders waiting for the phone to ring, who are NOT registered as unemployed.

The public are not stupid many people are reporting that they go for jobs but full-time proper positions are becoming fewer in number and harder to get. Underemployment is the real picture, but the government, far from acknowledging it and doing something about it, they are actively encouraging it as it helps them in their deception and misleading of the public.

We have travelled from secure full-time employment to a position where most jobs today are precarious and people are employed in low paid part-time positions with unstable hours and no contracts and it is these very people that the government are now attacking and it is these people that the Labour party are trying to defend.

Now that Labour have drawn the boundaries, where does this leave Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrat party? Do they support the Tories and risk alienating still further many of their supporters who have just about clung on during this past 2½ years, or do they side with the Labour party? If the Liberal Democrats back this move, I believe their remaining support will erode, how could left leaning supporters support an attack on 60% of low wage part-time workers?
How do the Liberal Democrat leaders explain away underemployment? Most people living in poverty today are actually in work, so how can the Lib Dems support an all out assault on them?

It's not the Labour party that have been pushed into this position, it is the Liberal Democrats and by the party they are supporting to actually do it.

From April 2013, many low paid workers will have their housing benefit capped, they will also lose tax credits if they cannot force their employer to give them more hours, For many of these people the sudden change in their circumstances will force them under and they will be evicted from their homes for non-payment of rent.

Does Cameron honestly believe that when the public start seeing and reading about families being evicted from their homes and their children taken into care because their parents can no longer afford to keep them or pay their rent, that people are going to back his outrageous attack on the poor and most vulnerable in society? What Cameron and Osborne are doing is bullying people they feel cannot fight back and who they think have no voice and will not speak up to defend themselves. In an act of despicable cowardice they are using people they deem are weak as tools to get other people to vote for them. They are trying to turn working people against working people, just like they have caused a rift between private sector workers and public sector workers.

I believe Cameron and Osborne have seriously misjudged the mood of the majority of the general public. The Labour party are opposing the government's unfair bill on  the grounds that it is unfair not only to those that exist on benefits, but to the 60% who work for a living in low paid jobs. They are opposing it not because they think it will win them votes (because the polls say otherwise), they are opposing it because  they believe that this is the right thing to do by people.

Since the Tory controlled coalition government assumed power, the use of food banks has soared to  FOUR times the number it was 2 years ago and now over a quarter million starving Britons will have used emergency food banks by the end of this year. It's a shocking indictment on the sixth richest country in the world, that we have a government that are purposefully forcing people into poverty in order to score cheap political points.

Will Nick Clegg keep in power the party that is now causing a class war and attacking the poor in order to pay for the rich tax cuts? Over £170,000 each? The ball is in his court, not the Labour party's.

And remember this is the government that find all this highly amusing!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep Laughing Dave, George & Danny The Tory Scrounging "Arrogant Posh Boys"

Glad they think the dire consequences
 people find themselves in as one big joke!
I still haven't got over the sight of Cameron, Osborne and Alexander, laughing and sneering and jeering at Ed Balls for having a stammer and at the poor from their front bench last Wednesday, and I doubt I ever will forget it and I hope others never forget that ugly sight either, it should be etched into people's psyches. Their disgusting behaviour actually epitomises what the Tories (and the Liberal Democrats) actually think of us, just look at that photo, so glad they think what we are going through is funny.

It actually proves that Andrew Mitchell the former Tory Chief Whip was speaking for all Tories and Lib Dems, when he swore and abused police in Downing Street, when he called them "fucking plebs" who should "know their fucking place"! Suddenly it all becomes crystal clear.

I am still seething with anger at the shocking appalling behaviour of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat front benches after chancellor George Osborne had read out his Autumn Statement. There are people living in dire consequences as a direct result of this Government's failing policies, yet they think it's funny! Apparently the grim Autumn Statement was a time for great hilarity in the House of Commons for the Tories and Liberal Democrats. It's one huge joke and a fitting circumstance to laugh, jeer, sneer and behave like "arrogant posh boys". I wonder if the lady who hadn't eaten for days and who was forced to walk 16 miles to a food bank to get a food parcel  in order to feed herself finds her situation funny? To say I was shocked and outraged is an understatement. I wonder too do the general public find it funny that we have this arrogant out of touch, tax dodging, expense claiming, millionaire government, who are laughing down at people from their lofty cossetted positions and insulting them by inferring that the unemployed sleep all day and are nothing but "feckless scrounging idle scum"? Do this government understand that they are insulting hundreds of thousands of people who are out every day looking for work and trying their utmost to get a job? That there may be a 101 genuine reasons why their "blinds are still down"?

There is mounting concern over the impending changes in welfare at a time when people are already struggling and are unable to feed themselves or heat their homes. People are being forced to live on food bank parcels and apparently they can only have them three times, so when that third time runs out what then?  Go hungry? Pillage from bins and skips for scraps of food thrown away off of peoples plates? Break open bin bags for leftovers? Beg on the streets and get abused called unemployed benefit scrounging scum, or perhaps be arrested, or even physically attacked?

Does Cameron, Osborne, Alexander and Duncan-Smith find it amusing that thanks to their attack on the disabled and that their inference that the disabled are nothing but work shy malingerers and shirkers, and thanks to right wing Tory supporting papers like the Mail, the Sun and the Express, who the Tories actively encourage to publish such divisive rubbish and lies that a blind man and his guide dog were viciously set upon and beaten up in a completely unprovoked attack? Do they think it funny that these kind of hate crime attacks on the disabled are soaring thanks to the Tory controlled government's tactic of "divide and rule" and their attempts to blame the disabled for being disabled and get the public to do the same?

What happens when the Universal Credit comes in next year and the cap on Housing Benefit forces people out of their homes because they can no longer afford the rent? The government say that landlords will drop their rents - the government are fools, this is never going to happen! Just in case it escaped the government's attention, it's a landlords market, rented property is at a premium because people cannot get on the housing ladder, they cannot get mortgages and they cannot get a council house and there is a dire shortage of affordable homes, because the government against all the best advice cut all building projects when they first assumed power and added to this chronic housing shortage.

The mixed messages coming out of this government are confusing too, one minute they are telling people they must stand on their own two feet, and the next they are telling them to go back and live with their parents. How can parents cope with a sudden influx of an entire family of  3/4/5? Especially if they do not have the room? It may come as a shock to Cameron, Osborne, IDS and Clegg, but most people do not live in mansions, or sprawling farm houses like they do, most people do not have up to five homes, or homes with six bedrooms, most people have just one ordinary house with barely enough room to swing a cat!

Already we have homeless charities warning this government that we are heading for mass homelessness, it really is frightening and is made all the more so because of this government's care a damn attitude and their refusal to listen to people who know what they are talking about. This government are behaving like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

According to a report from Heriot-Watt University and the University of York, all forms of homelessness are rising in England and argues that "deepening benefit cuts are likely to have a much more dramatic impact on homelessness" -  does Danny Alexander, George Osborne, David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith think this is a huge big joke to be laughed at and sneered? Enjoy a few giggles to while away Osborne's attack on the poor and vulnerable in the House? What does it matter? After all these people are only "benefit scrounging scum" from the ranks of the "undeserving idle feckless poor" and the "great unwashed" - who the hell cares? It's all good, all one big josh and the government believe that the "idiots" will all vote for them again, especially if they keep preaching that "we-re all in this together". Meanwhile the rich millionaire cabinet from the PM down will all have a jolly good holiday and spiffing Christmas, lots of expensive pressies under the tree in their nice warm taxpayer funded homes, where taxpayers pick up the bill for the gas, electricity and water and all the fine wines, champers and quality foods and probably all the Christmas trimmings too. Will George Dave, Danny, Nick and IDS think it amusing that for some Christmas dinner will come out of a dust bin? Hey but never mind folks "we're all in it together" quaff - quaff - quaff!

In Tory Britain today December 2012, we have unemployed and low waged people who haven't eaten for days and who have been forced to walk 16 miles to get charity handouts from food banks, after being handed food vouchers at the Job Centre by staff who either don't care, or, are unable to help if people have no money for bus fares, or other means of transport to get to these food banks. "Ha - Ha - Ha. It's so funny", let's all laugh, judge and point a finger while they struggle to exist.

We have an alarming situation where charities and centres for the homeless are seriously concerned about when the country switches over to Universal credit. Experts are already warning that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen, they believe the reforms are unnecessary and have been rushed through in great haste and not been thought out properly, there are also grave concerns if the government's IT system can cope. This should be a great jape, when the the system crashes and people are left without money, heat or food in the middle of winter, they can all jump up and down to keep warm. This is another Tory car crash policy waiting to happen, it is going to have a catastrophic effect on thousands of people and a simple Tory "u-turn" will not sort this problem out, this is the kind of magnitude of problem that could take weeks and months to sort out.

 I don't think many people really know what is about to happen to them, or the cuts that are going to suddenly show in their benefits and allowances. The first they will realise something is wrong is when their benefits fail to arrive, or is slashed to an unsustainable amount. This government say they are cutting benefits for the next three years because they said, the public want them to punish the "shirkers and scroungers", but this has now been exposed as a bare faced lie as this government's measures are going to affect 60% of people who are actually striving in full-time low paid work. If the government does go ahead and cuts the benefits of the unemployed, how will this encourage them to get work? They wont be able to afford to attend interviews for a start, it's totally ludicrous.

Is it funny that people in low paid part-time work because it is the only work they can find, if they do not or cannot get their hours increased to more than 16 per week, then their tax credits will be cut, how is this "making work pay"? Tory bosses do not want to employ people for more than 16 hours per week because they want to employ 2 part-timers instead of one full-timer because this is cheaper for them to do so. People are in for a really unpleasant nasty shock when their *working benefits* are stopped or slashed. Still the Tories can have a good old laugh at the suffering of innocent children when suddenly they have no food, heat etc, perhaps the Tories could film them as some kind of latter day Tory Scrooge show and then show it to future people as a threat of what will happen to them if they so much as ask for help if they need it? Bah humbug!

Is this what David Cameron, George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Iain Duncan-Smith were all laughing about? Is this what they all found so funny that they could hardly contain themselves?

Will they think it funny when entire families end up being turfed out onto the streets by landlords because they could no longer afford to pay the rent? Will the public think it fair and just that innocent children suffer with no food, no heating and then no home? Especially when their parents are trapped in low paid work and have had the rug pulled from beneath by this Tory controlled coalition government? How funny will the government and their respective back bench Tory and Lib Dem MPs find it when little kiddies and babies are pulled screaming and terrified from their parents arms because social workers are forced to take them into care to and to a place of safety, because their parents no longer be able to provide a roof over their heads or feed and clothe them, keep them warm, dry and safe because they have lost their homes due to this callous government's Housing Benefit and welfare caps? And social services are no longer able to cope with the sudden influx of homeless people because they have run out of funds due to government cutbacks? This is the cold stark truth, this is the harsh reality of what  is about to happen as a direct result of this government's cutbacks! Funny is it Dave and George?

We are reaching a point where our towns and cities are going to be "socially cleansed" of people who are unable to afford to pay their rent any longer due to  the Housing Benefit cap. To use the term "social cleansing" would imply that once the poor of London or Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere are forced out of the homes they can no longer afford to rent, there would be somewhere else for them to go, but where is that place? Don't bother asking the Tory controlled coalition government because according to them, there isn't going to be any loss of homes, and their cap on Housing Benefit is not going to cause mass homelessness because landlords are going to allow people to carry on living in their homes at greatly reduced rents out of the goodness of their hearts.

These cuts are not being introduced to reduce the debt because we have seen they have abysmally failed, this government are using austerity as an excuse to cut welfare, privatise education and the NHS, which are all fundamental to the way British society operates.

Meanwhile as all these cuts are happening and the pain, distress and hardship they are causing is biting deep into peoples lives, next year in April 2013, the Tory government are giving each person earning over £1 million per year a tax cut of £107,000 each! Courtesy of their Tory friends in government - David Cameron, George Osborne and Danny Alexander. That is more money in one fell swoop than most ordinary people will earn in years! Yet this government find nothing wrong and offensive about it, in fact they think it is highly amusing when they laugh last Wednesday in House when it was pointed out to them.

Look at them all, look how funny they find this situation.

This government say they do not like imposing these austerity measures on people, yet they do nothing to stop it happening when it is plain to see that they are not working. Their policies have failed and failed abysmally, but they were never going to work in the first place and they were told this countless times by the Labour party and virtually every world leading economist. They were warned if VAT was raised it would strangle economic growth - so they raised is a massive 2.5% and it strangled economic growth! (Funny eh?)

They were warned if they sacked a million public sector workers that the economy and tax receipts would suffer - and that is exactly what has happened. But it hasn't stopped them encouraging ill-feeling between those workers in the private sector and those in the public sector, in fact in a typical divide and rule tactic, David Cameron and George Osborne have actively encouraged it and far from regretting the harm they have done to the economy George Osborne announced that he is sacking a further 50,000 public sector workers on top of those he has already sacked or will be sacking.
The sad and inevitable truth is that the public sector pay tax, national insurance, they pay into pensions funds, they shop, they buy soft furnishings, they buy DIY goods, they have kitchens replaced, bathrooms replaced, they have conservatories built, extensions built and they move home, buy curtains carpets and all the myriad of things that the private sector make, if you make a million public sector workers redundant, not only does this have a paralysing effect on public services (which we all use) but is has a catastrophic effect on the economy, they stop doing all these things and this affects the private sector and then the private sector lose their jobs and throw on top of that the a massive 2.5% VAT hike, it's not hard to see why this country has been slowly sinking ever since this incompetent *unelected* shower assumed government!

Danny, George and Dave All splitting their sides
at the thought of another 50,000 public sector workers losing their jobs
because of Tory incompetence.

Is it funny to cause division and bitterness between the private sector and public sector with complete untruths? And it's obviously hilarious that a further 50,000 people will lose their jobs to pay for a school building programme that the Tories were warned they shouldn't scrap because of exactly the problems it has now caused. Is this what they were all laughing about last Wednesday, when they announced that 50,000 people will now have a worrying bleak Christmas terrified that their jobs will be next to go?

Ho - Ho - Ho

I don't find it funny that thanks to this insane and incompetent Tory controlled coalition government's actions, people may be made homeless and be forced into hardship and a life of spiralling debt from which they may never be able to break free from. Yet this is exactly what is going to happen, this is the reality of Tory Britain 2012, where people have sold their gold wedding rings and other sentimental pieces in order to feed and clothe their children and pay their rent/mortgage. I don't find it funny that people are being forced to borrow money from payday loan companies like the Tory supporting and Tory owned Wonga at grossly inflated interest charges, that push them into a black sea of debt which many can never climb out of. Yet this is what George Osborne is doing, he is forcing people to uses these legal loan shark companies, he is forcing people to use their expensive credit cards, not to buy luxuries, but forcing them to use them to live because their incomes are in negative territory and they no longer cover their household expenses due to soaring Tory privatised rail fares, Tory privatised gas, electricity and water companies. All this and more is how George Osborne, David Cameron and Danny Alexander are giving a false picture of an economy emerging from recession, it hasn't because it was on the back of the temporary Olympic Games effect and on the back of increasing personal debt boosting the financial sector.

George Osborne used all the sales from Olympics in order to give the false appearance that the country had emerged from recession, even when all of them were not in. He used exactly the same kind of trick on his borrowing figures in last week's Autumn Statement when he included the sales from 4G phones (which have not yet been sold) and funny money QE. What does he think he is doing? At some point it will all come crashing down and valuable time is being lost. Time which could be used to start putting this country right and repairing the horrendous damage this Tory controlled government have caused.

Glad they have found something 
to laugh about!

Food banks and scavenging for food scraps out of refuse tips and bins in 
Conservative Britain in 2012 
is really something to laugh about
isn't it?
Merry Christmas You lying insensitive incompetent Tory bastards
I have a "deep burning hatred of you"
I am not alone!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Question Marks hang Over The Heads of Cameron and Osborne's Fitness To Run This Country!

Left to Right
Danny Alexander, George Osborne and David Cameron
Pictured in the House of Commons Last Wednesday 5th December 2012
After Announcing a series of measures that are going to cripple this country and cause utter misery, low living standards, homelessness to thousands.
These Blithering Idiot Multi-Millionaires Think It Is Funny!

Regarding George Osborne's Autumn Statement last Wednesday.

When the shadow chancellor, Ed Balls gave his response to George Osborne's autumn statement in the House of Commons last Wednesday, it was obvious he was having a problem controlling his stammer. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Iain Duncan-Smith and Danny Alexander are well aware that Mr Balls has a stammer, instead of behaving like adults and allowing him to bring it under control they began heckling, barracking him, laughing at him and deliberately making it as hard as they could for Mr Balls to get control, and in doing so encouraged their respective back bench MPs to join in the heckling and sneering. In the normal rough and tumble of politics, Ed Balls, can give as good as he gets, however mocking someone with a speech problem is not part of the rough and tumble of politics, it is cruel, insensitive and profoundly disgraceful and not behaviour fitting of a prime minister, chancellor and other front bench ministers. The aptly named "Mr Speaker" (John Bercow) should have intervened, he too is aware of Mr Balls difficulty, but he stayed cowed and silent and let this disgraceful farce continue, one wonders if he had his orders from the Tory whips office prior to the statement?

 Mr Balls showed great courage and tenacity as he battled on and eventually won through. All David Cameron and George Osborne and the other front bench ministers showed is that they are just a bunch of rude, out of touch, immature over privileged feckless "arrogant posh boys" about as statesmanlike as "Comical Ali"and just as totally unfit to hold high office!

What kind of example did Cameron, Osborne and Alexander set with their disgraceful behaviour to the many young people who watch parliament, among them many people young and old who may have speech difficulties? Don't bother trying to overcome them because in the end even the people charged with running the country will sit back and mock and jeer at people's attempts to get on and overcome difficulties? Utterly appalling behaviour.

I think anyone who has difficulties like this and chooses to speak in public and on TV and radio etc, like Mr Balls does is extremely brave and I hope the disgraceful scenes they witnessed last Wednesday do not affect them in any way, thankfully the vast majority of the British public are more mature than our current leaders!

The chancellor delivered a dreadful indictment born out of a catalogue of his economic failures. Announcing a further year of austerity and a real terms cut in statutory maternity pay, and cuts to pensioners tax allowances. The House of Commons Library research shows that women are four times more likely to be adversely affected  by Osborne's latest austerity measures than men, and the poor and vulnerable are being disproportionately affected by austerity as their whole income is used in a hand to mouth existence in order to survive. Any freeze or less than inflation rise is a real terms cut in their income.

For the record George Osborne is paid £134,565 per year by the tax payer, he has a lucrative taxpayer funded expense account which means he pays for very little in his life, free food, shopping, phone, electric, gas and internet bills etc. He also has a £4 million Trust fund. On his taxpayer funded expense account he recently made £1 million out of flipping his taxpayer funded country house, paddock and "room for a pony". When quizzed by a HoC Select Committee over his expense claims he failed to declare that his taxpayer assisted country home with an acre of land included a paddock, his excuse for not declaring the paddock is because he said: "It didn't have a horse on it".  George Osborne who is destroying peoples lives and jobs etc and who is making the poorest in society pay for the sins of his greedy Tory doning, tax dodging banker mates, has the bare faced cheek to claim that "we're all in this together"?

Ever since they assumed the roles of unelected prime minister and unelected chancellor, David Cameron and George Osborne have been on an agenda to encourage hate and ridicule towards the poor in this country from day one of their unelected government.

Right from the start they embarked on a divide and rule strategy,  I pointed this out from the very beginning and wrote about what I thought their deliberately divisive tactics would do to society and it is all coming true and only lately, have the press began to pick up on it! How can George Osborne who has taken over £100,000 of taxpayers money, flipped his second home and made £1 million and banked £450,000 profit, even have the nerve to imply that other people are "scroungers"? Most people on low incomes do what they have to do to survive and feed and clothe their families and keep a roof over their heads, George Osborne flipped his taxpayer funded country mansion in acre of land purely for financial gain and has pocketed his £1 million profit and added it to the millions already sitting in his bank accounts.Incidentally Osborne hired a firm of accountants to get him and his siblings out of paying inheritance tax on their millions, and he talks about tax dodgers?

Cameron and Osborne have deliberately targeted people on welfare in order to push through their harsh austerity measures, they have done so by publicly ridiculing the unemployed and those on benefits, inferring that they lie in bed sleeping all day with their blinds down while others go to work. There may be a few like this, however Osborne and Cameron know fully well that for the vast majority this is a blatant lie and is patently untrue. Perhaps if the PM and chancellor stopped watching Jeremy Kyle on day time TV while thy are supposed to be working and got out more and met real people, they would learn that the majority of people just want a decent job, with decent pay so they can support their families, these people are not "feckless, workshy scroungers", they are people searching for jobs, many of whom have been put out of work by the government which is now attacking them for being unemployed!

Some of the biggest welfare scroungers in this country are the Conservative supporting multi-national companies who could afford to pay their staff a decent living wage but instead pay them the barest minimum, or slightly above the minimum wage. These huge companies payrolls are being heavily subsidised by the taxpayers as their employees are paid low wages, the state has to step in and top their pay up in order for them to survive. In April next year, may people who work hard for low wages are in for a really nasty shock which many of them do not realise is going to happen. Iain Duncan-Smith the Conservative work and pensions secretary, is going to be cutting working families tax credits. If they do not work extra hours (which may not be available), if they do not work 16 hours per week and cannot find an extra part time job, then the government will be cutting their tax credits, which will make it harder for them to survive, harder for them to get to work and harder for them to keep their families - what happened to "making work pay?" Alterations to the tax threshold will not make any difference to them as many do not earn enough to pay tax on their part time earnings any way!
It is no coincidence either, that ever since assuming power Cameron and Osborne and the entire cabinet made up out of both Tory and Lib Dem ministers have been busy trying to drive down workers pay and conditions, to make it easier for the multi-nationals etc to hire and fire as cheaply as possible. These companies have been doing a lot of hiring of two part-time workers, instead of one full-time worker, as the Government have made it cheaper for them to do so with the national insurance contributions (NICs) anomaly, where it is cost effective to hire two part-timers rather than one full time worker. This is one of the reasons why unemployment has been falling in a recession, instead of rising and why there has been a huge 50% increase in the number of part-time positions. These are the cheap inferior private sector jobs that the Tories keep mentioning are being made, they are not proper living wage full-time positions.

Then there is the government's work programme which forces job seekers to work for multi nationals full-time for absolutely nothing! If people refuse then they are sanctioned with the withdrawal of their job seekers allowance, once again the taxpayer is funding private sector multi-national companies like Tesco, Poundland, Argos etc payrolls, selling them our labour for nothing, the reason why this is done is because while many thousands of people are being forced to do this their names are taken OFF of the unemployment register (confirmed by the Office national Statistics), which in turn is making unemployment look like it is falling when it isn't. Not only this this government are wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers money on recruitment companies like A4e, who have been found to have been fiddling the books, their CEO, Emma Harrison and friend of David Cameron's has been forced to resign amid fraud probe of her companies concerning over £200 million of government contracts. yet still the government are handing them contracts and now these companies have been finding less than two people in every hundred permanent jobs and are being paid millions to do so.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has announced that Osborne's latest austerity measures will hit the poorest 40% more than the richest 10%.

Osborne and Cameron's measures also hit the 60% of people actually IN work, proving that their claims that they are onside of the "strivers" are totally false, another great big fat lie from the Tories.

I am sick and tired of the dreadful "arrogant posh boy" behaviour, the blatant lies, the twisting of the truth and all the deliberate misleading from both Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Iain Duncan-Smith and the entire cabinet. The entire autumn statement was meant to deliberately deceive and the whole thing was a charade and a cheap conjuring trick, an illusion, which is currently unravelling.

The Chancellor's borrowing announced in his autumn statement was lower than all the economists thought it would be, the reason for this is because he pencilled in the sale of 4G licenses. What Osborne did not explain in his statement is that this sale hasn't actually happened yet, so what he has pencilled in is something he "hopes" may happen. What happens if the sale fails to produce the projected sale price? It may make more, it may make less, we have as yet no way of knowing, but this is a gamble being taken by Osborne and all his gambles with the economy, peoples livelihoods and predictions for growth so far have failed abysmally.

Osborne should not be using the money from 4G sales to pay down the debt, in order that it makes him look better politically, and he hopes, increases the Tories chances of re election. IMO, he should be using that money on building much needed houses to tackle growth by creating jobs and kick starting the construction industry which has fallen off a cliff thanks to Osborne's austerity measures. the construction industry has fallen 10.8% since Cameron and Osborne took charge of the British economy! However, once again we see Osborne is putting himself and David Cameron's political aspirations and re election hopes before the needs of the entire country.

Osborne also used a sleight of hand over Quantitative Easing (QE) to make it look like he is borrowing less than predicted! Basically, the Governor of the Bank of England has created new money electronically (QE) and  used it to buy government debt to then inject the money into the economy,he then put this money this on the BoE balance sheets, George Osborne then asked for it back and he then promptly transferred the interest it receives to the Treasury balance sheets; which Osborne then used to falsely reduce the level of its borrowing. It's like us getting a load of Monopoly money and paying it into our accounts through the ATM, it will look good on our accounts for a while until its  time to total and balance and then we will be left with a black hole in our accounts, much the same as the £27billion black hole George Osborne has now created in his accounts and as time passes this will not get better, it will get worse, there is only so much "funny money" can do and the day of reckoning is getting ever nearer, what then?!

Osborne has based all his accounting on the figures and forecasts of the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) which Osborne himself set up and which is supposed to be independent of Government (yet it never is). Worryingly for us the OBR has never got a single forecast right, how can it, when it in turn bases its calculations on Osborne's economic trickery and on money that simply isn't there and never actually existed?

Osborne is lying to the House, lying to the public, misleading the public and causing nothing but fear, chaos and confusion through his complete incompetence as a politician and a chancellor. He is causing very real damage to the lives of poor, vulnerable, unemployed and disabled, all those least able to withstand his trickery, slurs and vile untrue allegations. He is now causing fear and damage to those Ed Miliband refers to as the "squeezed middle" and all the while this is going on he, David Cameron, Iain Duncan-Smith, Danny Alexander and Clegg are sitting there sniggering, jeering, laughing and treating the whole thing like one big joke, not giving a twopenny damn about who they are hurting and whose lives they are destroying, quite frankly, I have never witnessed anything like it in this country, ever before. What on earth type of people have running this country? When things got bad during the crash and global recession in 2008, did we see Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling etc, sitting there laughing, joking, giggling and sneering and jeering after having to deliver life changing policies to the public? Have you ever stopped and thought that if we did not actually have Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Ed Balls etc in power then, what an unholy mess this incompetent feckless arrogant lot of Tories would have caused us? This Government couldn't even get the figures right in the Government and South West trains contract. Two damning independent reviews have concluded that Government cuts and a botched reorganisation and seriously poor management of the government Department of Transport, have all contributed to "unacceptable flaws" in deciding who should run the main railway line between London and Scotland. This botched rail contract fiasco by the government at the Department of Transport is going to cost the country at least £100 million to correct and some economists are putting the true cost nearer to £400 million.
Even more alarming the minister who was part responsible for this fiasco is Philip Hammond and is now Defence Secretary in charge of the defence of this country, he has recently decided to stand down almost the entire armed forces over the Christmas period to make up for the fiasco this government caused in security at last summer's Olympic Games! He is also in the process of sacking thousands of troops leaving the country unable to cope should there be a terrorist attack.  Justine Greening who was also part responsible has now been moved and she is now in Overseas Development Secretary busy concealing her predecessor Andrew Mitchell's "dodgy" Rwandan deal. (Andrew Mitchel is the minister who shouted, screamed and swore at police protection officers in Downing Street and referred to them as "fucking plebs" who should "know their fucking place".)

Railways are not the only fiasco either, it is every single policy from this government of u-turns, granny tax, caravan tax, skip tax, charity tax, forests, books for children, school milk cancellation, schools sports programme  to the ridiculous cancellation of the previous Labour government's Building Schools for the Future programme. This programme when it was cancelled by Education secretary Michael Gove was warned that it would adversely affect the economy and leave us short of the number of schools required for the future, he wouldn't listen, and this is exactly what has happened and now this ludicrous government have had to perform yet another u-turn and reintroduce another school building programme and still they refuse to admit they got it wrong. It's not just the inconvenience and the damage to the economy they caused but it actually cost this country over a £1 billion to cancel and now they have to go back and spend that money again, that's a billion pounds lost to the economy, think what a billion pounds could have done for schools right across this country! There is also the "bonfire of the quangos" fiasco. This government have sacked hundreds of thousands of civil servants and in many of the departments where they used to work, the offices have been left seriously understaffed and unable to cope with the workload, so ministers responsible for the sackings in their departments are now forced to hire in staff from agencies to carry out the work and this is costing the country quadruple what it would have cost if the civil servants were not sacked in the first place and in a further ludicrous twist to the story, in many cases it is the exact staff who were sacked by ministers who are being hired from agencies and brought in to do their old jobs! It is exactly the same as is happening in the NHS, this government have forced the sacking of thousands of nurses and now hospitals are so short staffed they are bringing agency staff in at quadruple the cost and yet again in many cases these agency staff turn out to be the nurses who have been previously sacked! This government are also forcing the terminally ill to work for nothing and if they refuse then they will have their benefits stopped, where is the compassion and the sense? Honest to God you couldn't make this stuff up!

The only excuse David Cameron and George Osborne have when questioned on their terrible incompetence is bizarrely they try and blame the previous Labour government for this governments abject failures. How can it be that this government think they can blame world events for their own ever growing list of utterly disastrous total failures, but still maintain that the Labour government was the cause of the global financial recession, the international banking collapse and infer that Labour was responsible for the collapse of the Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Greek and Spanish economies and trying to scaremonger that the British economy would go the same way if we did not elect them (the Conservatives) to government? We have a Tory controlled government now, have they made things better? No, Cameron and Osborne have made them a thousand times worse and if they are not stopped then there is going to be catastrophic consequences for this country in the very near future as well as the coming years! How can this government accuse Labour of waste when they themselves are wasting billions of taxpayer money on error after error after error? At the very least when we had a Labour government we had a vastly improving NHS, education etc and the Labour government actually cared for and looked after the e welfare of the people in its care, what have we now? An incompetent administration wasting billions on incompetency and driving down the living standards for everyone in the country except for the rich and it is beginning to have catastrophic consequences.

How can Cameron and Osbonre accuse the previous Labour government of profligacy when in 1997 Labour inherited a debt of 42% of GDP from successive Conservative governments, however, by the start of global banking crisis in 2008 the debt had fallen to 35%? That is, Labour had reduced the debt by 22%! How is this waste? Yet during the banking crisis there was Osborne and Cameron trying to deliberately make things worse by intentionally talking down the British economy and causing fear and chaos with their scaremongering, travelling the country and the world telling everyone that "Britain was broken" causing the stock markets to dip over a debt of 35% which was actually 22% lower than the 42% Labour inherited from the Tories in 1997, did Labour say back then the sky was falling in? No, of course they didn't, they got on with the job of reducing the debt without thrusting the country into recession and causing unemployment to rocket!
I remember this time well, day after day, week after week, month in month out for about 2 years we had the Tory supporting right wing press, bully Gordon Brown, blowing things right out of proportion and making the whole thing worse, blaming Labour for every little thing, it was totally ridiculous. Yet despite all of this the Labour government managed to get this country through the worse *global* recession for 100 years, got unemployment falling again and returned the economy to growth.

If the Tories really want to play the blame game then the roots for the UK banking collapse were first laid down in Margaret Thatcher's tenure as PM when she single handed decimated British manufacturing, destroying coal mines, the steelworks and ship and car building. It was Thatcher who deregulated the banks and made this country solely dependent upon the financial sector. It was Thatcher who caused the North South divide, almost destroyed the NHS and state education and then sold off gas, electric and water to foreign investors, something we are all paying the price for today in soaring utility bills. It was under the Tories that we had Black Wednesday, it was under the Tories we had interest rates of 15.9% causing bankruptcies, negative equity and home and business repossessions. It was Thatcher who insisted on introducing the poll tax (against all advice, just like what is now happening to the NHS and welfare) which cost this country billions and forced people to pay money they simply did not have, which subsequently caused the poll tax riots. It was under the Tories that underemployment reached 3 million officially, but everyone knows that due to the Tories fiddling the unemployment stats by removing people from the unemployment register and placing them on long term sickness benefits, unemployment was put nearer 4 million as a direct result.

It is actually the Tories who mismanage the economy each and every single time they get the chance and they are doing exactly the same again right now!

Labour left the economy in recovery and warned the Tories repeatedly that they would harm the recovery if they cut too far, too fast, Cameron and Osborne with their eye on re election in 2015 refused to listen, they began implementing known failed Thatcherite policies and this is exactly what has happened, they ruined the economic recovery which was underway when Labour handed it over to them.

The mess we are in today is not because Labour spent money investing in the NHS, education, roads and railways and thousands of extra nurses, midwives, police, teachers, troops, or building over 149 brand new hospitals and thousands of new schools, refurbished schools, well equipped schools etc and the banking collapse wasn't caused by nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers, police, lolly-pop ladies, dinner ladies, Teaching assistants etc, it was caused by greedy Tory bankers gambling with our money.

The reality is that Cameron and Osborne aided and abetted by their Tory supporting editors who run all of the right wing press, told blatant lies to the public, lied about the facts, lied about their capabilities, told lies about Gordon Brown, worked on innuendo and disinformation in order to get into power, they did not manage to fool everyone which is why they were short in the 2010 election, so they purchased the number of Lib Dem MPs they required to run which can only be termed as some kind of fascist but totally incompetent government, who refuse to listen and who are governing in a truly idealistic and dogmatic style. they know their insane measures are not working but they refuse to change direction, which not only makes them incompetent, it makes them criminally negligent and they are failing those most vulnerable, the poorest, the elderly, the terminally sick and the disabled and the unemployed, they are dividing society and turning neighbour against neighbour, employed against unemployed, able bodied against disabled, couples against single parents etc, in short we are all now living in a society that couldn't give a damn about anyone else, cameron and Osborne have divided us as a society and turned parts of society into the nasty parts, just like the Tories are known as the "nasty party" and it wasn't Labour that called the Tories that, it was their very own Home Secretary, Theresa May when she was in opposition. They have us hating each other, resenting the unemployed and blaming immigrants for every thing that goes wrong, this government are stirring up a hornets nest of seething resentment and it will in the end implode, it always does.

Since when has it become a crime for a government to spend money on its people and to look after its people, provide them with warmth, sustenance, education and quality health care and hire civil servants and public sector workers to deliver all these things? If you read through my article, you could not help but see how it is the private sector that is bloated, inefficient, and far more costly than the public sector. It is the private sector that is bleeding the state dry, through subsidies, low wages and tax dodges and who are completely unaccountable for the billions of pounds of taxpayers money they receive and which finds its way into the bank accounts of the shareholders etc and now our beloved NHS is going the same way towards privatisation and 'unaccountability' as the railways did when the Tories privatised them! Why is it such a bad thing to have a government that governs for "the many not the few" and delivers a caring society fit to live in, jobs, and a safety net?

The very simple truth is that this country was in recovery and returned to growth when Labour handed it over to Cameron and Osborne in may 2010 and it isn't now.

We have had the longest double dip recession in history and after a brief respite due to the previous Labour government bringing the Olympics over and putting in place the major infrastructure required, we are now on course for a triple dip recession and the economy is due to contract yet again. this isn't just down to global events, as many countries in Europe and the rest of the world are now beginning to recover strongly, just like the UK would have if we had the courage to stop listening to the lies being force fed us by Cameron, Osborne and their mates in the right wing press.

This Tory controlled government of utter incompetence are in the process of destroying the NHS, education, police, defence and welfare. They are making sweeping changes in every major part of the infrastructure of this country, they are wasting £3 billion in reforms of the NHS which nobody wants and they have already wasted countless billions on their failure to get to grips with their own policies. What gives them the idea that they are fit and proper enough to carry through these major reforms when to date they have failed and fluffed every single policy they ave tried to introduce?

How does this bode for the change over and implementation of the  Health and Social care Act in the NHS? And the welfare reform bill next year to Universal Credit? The government have already been warned that the IT system they have in place for the switch over next year will fail and will be totally unable to cope or process claims. Millions of people are going to be left without food and without heating and many will lose their homes, many more will be unable to get to work because they will not be able to get there. Yet this Tory controlled government are once again refusing to listen to people and we as a country are on cause for a head on collision with utter catastrophe.

I honestly do not believe that the country can cope with another two years of this dreadfully incompetent government, yet thanks to Nick Clegg's and the Liberal Democrats total support of everything Tory, we are being forced to go down that road. How long before this country implodes under a blanket of buffoonery, nastiness, spitefulness and utter, utter Tory incompetence?

God help us, we are being driven into a brick wall by a pair of attention seeking, marauding, incompetent, arrogant feckless public school boys, for those of us who remember how bad things were under Thatcher and Major, this lot do not even come close, they are much much worse!