Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep Laughing Dave, George & Danny The Tory Scrounging "Arrogant Posh Boys"

Glad they think the dire consequences
 people find themselves in as one big joke!
I still haven't got over the sight of Cameron, Osborne and Alexander, laughing and sneering and jeering at Ed Balls for having a stammer and at the poor from their front bench last Wednesday, and I doubt I ever will forget it and I hope others never forget that ugly sight either, it should be etched into people's psyches. Their disgusting behaviour actually epitomises what the Tories (and the Liberal Democrats) actually think of us, just look at that photo, so glad they think what we are going through is funny.

It actually proves that Andrew Mitchell the former Tory Chief Whip was speaking for all Tories and Lib Dems, when he swore and abused police in Downing Street, when he called them "fucking plebs" who should "know their fucking place"! Suddenly it all becomes crystal clear.

I am still seething with anger at the shocking appalling behaviour of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat front benches after chancellor George Osborne had read out his Autumn Statement. There are people living in dire consequences as a direct result of this Government's failing policies, yet they think it's funny! Apparently the grim Autumn Statement was a time for great hilarity in the House of Commons for the Tories and Liberal Democrats. It's one huge joke and a fitting circumstance to laugh, jeer, sneer and behave like "arrogant posh boys". I wonder if the lady who hadn't eaten for days and who was forced to walk 16 miles to a food bank to get a food parcel  in order to feed herself finds her situation funny? To say I was shocked and outraged is an understatement. I wonder too do the general public find it funny that we have this arrogant out of touch, tax dodging, expense claiming, millionaire government, who are laughing down at people from their lofty cossetted positions and insulting them by inferring that the unemployed sleep all day and are nothing but "feckless scrounging idle scum"? Do this government understand that they are insulting hundreds of thousands of people who are out every day looking for work and trying their utmost to get a job? That there may be a 101 genuine reasons why their "blinds are still down"?

There is mounting concern over the impending changes in welfare at a time when people are already struggling and are unable to feed themselves or heat their homes. People are being forced to live on food bank parcels and apparently they can only have them three times, so when that third time runs out what then?  Go hungry? Pillage from bins and skips for scraps of food thrown away off of peoples plates? Break open bin bags for leftovers? Beg on the streets and get abused called unemployed benefit scrounging scum, or perhaps be arrested, or even physically attacked?

Does Cameron, Osborne, Alexander and Duncan-Smith find it amusing that thanks to their attack on the disabled and that their inference that the disabled are nothing but work shy malingerers and shirkers, and thanks to right wing Tory supporting papers like the Mail, the Sun and the Express, who the Tories actively encourage to publish such divisive rubbish and lies that a blind man and his guide dog were viciously set upon and beaten up in a completely unprovoked attack? Do they think it funny that these kind of hate crime attacks on the disabled are soaring thanks to the Tory controlled government's tactic of "divide and rule" and their attempts to blame the disabled for being disabled and get the public to do the same?

What happens when the Universal Credit comes in next year and the cap on Housing Benefit forces people out of their homes because they can no longer afford the rent? The government say that landlords will drop their rents - the government are fools, this is never going to happen! Just in case it escaped the government's attention, it's a landlords market, rented property is at a premium because people cannot get on the housing ladder, they cannot get mortgages and they cannot get a council house and there is a dire shortage of affordable homes, because the government against all the best advice cut all building projects when they first assumed power and added to this chronic housing shortage.

The mixed messages coming out of this government are confusing too, one minute they are telling people they must stand on their own two feet, and the next they are telling them to go back and live with their parents. How can parents cope with a sudden influx of an entire family of  3/4/5? Especially if they do not have the room? It may come as a shock to Cameron, Osborne, IDS and Clegg, but most people do not live in mansions, or sprawling farm houses like they do, most people do not have up to five homes, or homes with six bedrooms, most people have just one ordinary house with barely enough room to swing a cat!

Already we have homeless charities warning this government that we are heading for mass homelessness, it really is frightening and is made all the more so because of this government's care a damn attitude and their refusal to listen to people who know what they are talking about. This government are behaving like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

According to a report from Heriot-Watt University and the University of York, all forms of homelessness are rising in England and argues that "deepening benefit cuts are likely to have a much more dramatic impact on homelessness" -  does Danny Alexander, George Osborne, David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith think this is a huge big joke to be laughed at and sneered? Enjoy a few giggles to while away Osborne's attack on the poor and vulnerable in the House? What does it matter? After all these people are only "benefit scrounging scum" from the ranks of the "undeserving idle feckless poor" and the "great unwashed" - who the hell cares? It's all good, all one big josh and the government believe that the "idiots" will all vote for them again, especially if they keep preaching that "we-re all in this together". Meanwhile the rich millionaire cabinet from the PM down will all have a jolly good holiday and spiffing Christmas, lots of expensive pressies under the tree in their nice warm taxpayer funded homes, where taxpayers pick up the bill for the gas, electricity and water and all the fine wines, champers and quality foods and probably all the Christmas trimmings too. Will George Dave, Danny, Nick and IDS think it amusing that for some Christmas dinner will come out of a dust bin? Hey but never mind folks "we're all in it together" quaff - quaff - quaff!

In Tory Britain today December 2012, we have unemployed and low waged people who haven't eaten for days and who have been forced to walk 16 miles to get charity handouts from food banks, after being handed food vouchers at the Job Centre by staff who either don't care, or, are unable to help if people have no money for bus fares, or other means of transport to get to these food banks. "Ha - Ha - Ha. It's so funny", let's all laugh, judge and point a finger while they struggle to exist.

We have an alarming situation where charities and centres for the homeless are seriously concerned about when the country switches over to Universal credit. Experts are already warning that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen, they believe the reforms are unnecessary and have been rushed through in great haste and not been thought out properly, there are also grave concerns if the government's IT system can cope. This should be a great jape, when the the system crashes and people are left without money, heat or food in the middle of winter, they can all jump up and down to keep warm. This is another Tory car crash policy waiting to happen, it is going to have a catastrophic effect on thousands of people and a simple Tory "u-turn" will not sort this problem out, this is the kind of magnitude of problem that could take weeks and months to sort out.

 I don't think many people really know what is about to happen to them, or the cuts that are going to suddenly show in their benefits and allowances. The first they will realise something is wrong is when their benefits fail to arrive, or is slashed to an unsustainable amount. This government say they are cutting benefits for the next three years because they said, the public want them to punish the "shirkers and scroungers", but this has now been exposed as a bare faced lie as this government's measures are going to affect 60% of people who are actually striving in full-time low paid work. If the government does go ahead and cuts the benefits of the unemployed, how will this encourage them to get work? They wont be able to afford to attend interviews for a start, it's totally ludicrous.

Is it funny that people in low paid part-time work because it is the only work they can find, if they do not or cannot get their hours increased to more than 16 per week, then their tax credits will be cut, how is this "making work pay"? Tory bosses do not want to employ people for more than 16 hours per week because they want to employ 2 part-timers instead of one full-timer because this is cheaper for them to do so. People are in for a really unpleasant nasty shock when their *working benefits* are stopped or slashed. Still the Tories can have a good old laugh at the suffering of innocent children when suddenly they have no food, heat etc, perhaps the Tories could film them as some kind of latter day Tory Scrooge show and then show it to future people as a threat of what will happen to them if they so much as ask for help if they need it? Bah humbug!

Is this what David Cameron, George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Iain Duncan-Smith were all laughing about? Is this what they all found so funny that they could hardly contain themselves?

Will they think it funny when entire families end up being turfed out onto the streets by landlords because they could no longer afford to pay the rent? Will the public think it fair and just that innocent children suffer with no food, no heating and then no home? Especially when their parents are trapped in low paid work and have had the rug pulled from beneath by this Tory controlled coalition government? How funny will the government and their respective back bench Tory and Lib Dem MPs find it when little kiddies and babies are pulled screaming and terrified from their parents arms because social workers are forced to take them into care to and to a place of safety, because their parents no longer be able to provide a roof over their heads or feed and clothe them, keep them warm, dry and safe because they have lost their homes due to this callous government's Housing Benefit and welfare caps? And social services are no longer able to cope with the sudden influx of homeless people because they have run out of funds due to government cutbacks? This is the cold stark truth, this is the harsh reality of what  is about to happen as a direct result of this government's cutbacks! Funny is it Dave and George?

We are reaching a point where our towns and cities are going to be "socially cleansed" of people who are unable to afford to pay their rent any longer due to  the Housing Benefit cap. To use the term "social cleansing" would imply that once the poor of London or Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere are forced out of the homes they can no longer afford to rent, there would be somewhere else for them to go, but where is that place? Don't bother asking the Tory controlled coalition government because according to them, there isn't going to be any loss of homes, and their cap on Housing Benefit is not going to cause mass homelessness because landlords are going to allow people to carry on living in their homes at greatly reduced rents out of the goodness of their hearts.

These cuts are not being introduced to reduce the debt because we have seen they have abysmally failed, this government are using austerity as an excuse to cut welfare, privatise education and the NHS, which are all fundamental to the way British society operates.

Meanwhile as all these cuts are happening and the pain, distress and hardship they are causing is biting deep into peoples lives, next year in April 2013, the Tory government are giving each person earning over £1 million per year a tax cut of £107,000 each! Courtesy of their Tory friends in government - David Cameron, George Osborne and Danny Alexander. That is more money in one fell swoop than most ordinary people will earn in years! Yet this government find nothing wrong and offensive about it, in fact they think it is highly amusing when they laugh last Wednesday in House when it was pointed out to them.

Look at them all, look how funny they find this situation.

This government say they do not like imposing these austerity measures on people, yet they do nothing to stop it happening when it is plain to see that they are not working. Their policies have failed and failed abysmally, but they were never going to work in the first place and they were told this countless times by the Labour party and virtually every world leading economist. They were warned if VAT was raised it would strangle economic growth - so they raised is a massive 2.5% and it strangled economic growth! (Funny eh?)

They were warned if they sacked a million public sector workers that the economy and tax receipts would suffer - and that is exactly what has happened. But it hasn't stopped them encouraging ill-feeling between those workers in the private sector and those in the public sector, in fact in a typical divide and rule tactic, David Cameron and George Osborne have actively encouraged it and far from regretting the harm they have done to the economy George Osborne announced that he is sacking a further 50,000 public sector workers on top of those he has already sacked or will be sacking.
The sad and inevitable truth is that the public sector pay tax, national insurance, they pay into pensions funds, they shop, they buy soft furnishings, they buy DIY goods, they have kitchens replaced, bathrooms replaced, they have conservatories built, extensions built and they move home, buy curtains carpets and all the myriad of things that the private sector make, if you make a million public sector workers redundant, not only does this have a paralysing effect on public services (which we all use) but is has a catastrophic effect on the economy, they stop doing all these things and this affects the private sector and then the private sector lose their jobs and throw on top of that the a massive 2.5% VAT hike, it's not hard to see why this country has been slowly sinking ever since this incompetent *unelected* shower assumed government!

Danny, George and Dave All splitting their sides
at the thought of another 50,000 public sector workers losing their jobs
because of Tory incompetence.

Is it funny to cause division and bitterness between the private sector and public sector with complete untruths? And it's obviously hilarious that a further 50,000 people will lose their jobs to pay for a school building programme that the Tories were warned they shouldn't scrap because of exactly the problems it has now caused. Is this what they were all laughing about last Wednesday, when they announced that 50,000 people will now have a worrying bleak Christmas terrified that their jobs will be next to go?

Ho - Ho - Ho

I don't find it funny that thanks to this insane and incompetent Tory controlled coalition government's actions, people may be made homeless and be forced into hardship and a life of spiralling debt from which they may never be able to break free from. Yet this is exactly what is going to happen, this is the reality of Tory Britain 2012, where people have sold their gold wedding rings and other sentimental pieces in order to feed and clothe their children and pay their rent/mortgage. I don't find it funny that people are being forced to borrow money from payday loan companies like the Tory supporting and Tory owned Wonga at grossly inflated interest charges, that push them into a black sea of debt which many can never climb out of. Yet this is what George Osborne is doing, he is forcing people to uses these legal loan shark companies, he is forcing people to use their expensive credit cards, not to buy luxuries, but forcing them to use them to live because their incomes are in negative territory and they no longer cover their household expenses due to soaring Tory privatised rail fares, Tory privatised gas, electricity and water companies. All this and more is how George Osborne, David Cameron and Danny Alexander are giving a false picture of an economy emerging from recession, it hasn't because it was on the back of the temporary Olympic Games effect and on the back of increasing personal debt boosting the financial sector.

George Osborne used all the sales from Olympics in order to give the false appearance that the country had emerged from recession, even when all of them were not in. He used exactly the same kind of trick on his borrowing figures in last week's Autumn Statement when he included the sales from 4G phones (which have not yet been sold) and funny money QE. What does he think he is doing? At some point it will all come crashing down and valuable time is being lost. Time which could be used to start putting this country right and repairing the horrendous damage this Tory controlled government have caused.

Glad they have found something 
to laugh about!

Food banks and scavenging for food scraps out of refuse tips and bins in 
Conservative Britain in 2012 
is really something to laugh about
isn't it?
Merry Christmas You lying insensitive incompetent Tory bastards
I have a "deep burning hatred of you"
I am not alone!


Gillian Kalter said...

Excellent blog!
People with empathy or who have suffered themselves, will care. These individuals are incapable of compassion or of walking in someone else's shoes. They don't and can't care and can not be trusted with the wellbeing of this country.

Unknown said...

Excellent Blog,
The Tory Party do not care, the only people they care about is themselves & their own, they do not have any idea of what it is like in the real world. One thing is for certain Tories do not have to decide weather to EAT OR HEAT or have to visit FOOD BANKS. Every time we have a Tory Gov Tories do the DIVIDE & RULE turning neighbour against neighbour & friend against friend. Tories will never change, don't care & cannot be trusted to even look after a CAT.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gracie,

Picking up on the net that at PMQs Cameron said "we are taking more money FOR the rich."

Don't know if this is true.


R33 said...

@ Terry

Enough said.

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi Terry, I found the video and posted it. Truth always outs doesn't it?