Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cover-Up of a Failing Economy

Today in an open letter to the Telegraph 55 academics have signed a letter attacking David Cameron for sowing the seeds of sectarianism and division over what they perceive to be his inference that the UK is a Christian country. What they seem not to understand in Cameron's sudden sojourn into matters ecclesiastical is not so much that he believes politics is an ecumenical matter, but it is more fuelled by his desire to cash in on what he believes is the religious vote sitting there for his taking and he sees this deception that he is religious as a way of rectifying his bad press. Everything cameron does is done with an ulterior motive! In recent months he has been attacked by the church for his government's appalling record on rising poverty, low paid jobs, fuel poverty and the escalating use of foodbanks. This Tory - Liberal Democrat government have literally pushed people into poverty on purpose making the vulnerable, the poor, the disabled, the elderly etc  pay for the sins of the greedy Tory bankers, the very people who helped cause the downfall of the *global* economy. While the rich have got richer and Tory millionaires have enjoyed a £100,000 tax cut gifted them by the Tory chancellor George Osborne, the poor and the low paid have got poorer and poorer until we have now reached a stage where we have over a million people in this country forced to use foodbanks because they cannot afford to feed their families.

This situation has been ignored by the Tory supporting right wing press, the Sun, the Daily Mail etc and this appalling government have been allowed to get away with the war they have declared on the majority of people in this country. The reason why they have been allowed to get away with it is because they pin the blame for the worse global recession  for a hundred years on the former Labour government.

In today's attack by leading academics although they are correct to point out that the PM is being divisive and sectarian in his comments about religion in this country, I believe they are totally missing the point, this is just one aspect of Cameron's government's attack on the poor, the truth is that Cameron, Osborne and the Liberal Democrat leader and MPs have been using the politics of division to inflict their policies ever since they were elected.

This government have governed by divide and rule, they have sought to blame the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, public service workers etc for the state of the economy and they have made them pay for the money the greedy Tory bankers took out with cuts, and the withdrawal of workers rights and the driving down of wages. It's no good having a recovery that is only benefitting a few at the top, but this is exactly what is happening and the low waged are now powerless to do anything about it because all their rights have been taking away. Workers rights, the right to tribunal, the right to claim for unfair dismissal, the right to legal aid.

This has been the plan of this government, to come in remove rights from ordinary people, keep them poor and downtrodden, reduce the payroll of Tory big business owners so they can employ two people for the price of one, so this government can falsely claim that unemployment is falling and also by forcing people to work for nothing on workfare schemes under threat of sanctions (removal of JSA and benefits etc). The millions of people now working on zero hour contracts who cannot plan their finances because they never know if they will have work or not and the government Work and Pensions enforced self employment.

All this is going on in this country and peoples standards of living is falling and  the use of foodbanks is escalating, personal debt is rising and people are in distress because they cannot pay their debts, or afford to pay their energy bills, yet we are told by the right wing press and Murdoch owned Sky News that everything is hunky dory because inflation is low.

Of course inflation is low and falling, this is because people are not spending because they have no money to spend.

The entire UK economy is now being underpinned by the insanity that is the Tory chancellor's Help to Buy (votes) scheme. In his last budget it went unmentioned that Osborne has extended HTB until 2020, this is because he knows and the Governor of the Bank of England knows that if they stop HTB then the mirage of this 'recovery' is going to disappear and the entire thing will come crashing down. Osborne dare not halt HTB and he has put off doing so until 2020, this is shocking, yet its dangers is being deliberately ignored.

There are already warning signs in the economy, house prices are escalating, first time buyers are priced out of the market and the government are not building anywhere near the amount of houses we need. Pretty much the only people who can afford to buy a house in London are the Chinese, Arabs or Russians. It is unsustainable and despite what is being said, wages are nowhere near keeping up with house prices, we are heading for a huge crash and already the construction industry is showing signs of collapse, whereby they record a sharp 2.8% fall in February which is being blamed on the 'bad weather'! However, the truth is that while there were a few floods which affected construction, this was only in a very small part of the country the rest of the country had a very mild winter which in no way affected construction.

How long will it be before the press start reporting accurately what is really happening in the UK economy? How long before they report that unemployment figures are being rigged and that the only people paying for this so called economic 'miracle recovery' are the poor, the low paid, the disabled?

I guess not while we have a Tory government, the right wing press will start reporting after the next election if Labour win and form the next government and then they will blame the downturn (which is definitely coming) on Labour - it's all part of the plan between the press barons, the bankers and the Conservative party and Nick Clegg's Liberal democrats are aiding and abetting this lunacy and deceit!

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