Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Could Theresa May's Vans Be About To Make a Comeback?

  Cold? Go home and put on a vest

Remember when Theresa May was Home Secretary and she sent around vans telling immigrants to "Go Home or Face Arrest"? Could her vans be about to make a comeback this time telling people how to keep warm as energy prices start to soar?

Another day and another broken Tory promise. Just a few weeks ago during the general election campaign, Theresa May promised if the Conservatives won the election she would "cap energy prices" obviously, that promise went in the bin along with other promises in the Tory manifesto just a few short weeks after the election that May says she won ( but didn't really as she lost her majority). She was forced to do a deal with Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in order to stay in power as prime minister, that deal bung cost the British taxpayer £1billion and is likely to grow exponentially as time passes and the DUP spends all the money.

Where is the outrage at May's broken election promise in the MSM and broadcast media? They are strangely quiet about this BROKEN PROMISE, yet just a few days ago the entirety of the Tory right-wing press and the Conservative party themselves were in meltdown over something leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn DIDN'T say or promise!

Proof, if proof were ever needed that our MSM and broadcast media are Tory biased and are actively interfering and spreading malicious lies in order to sway public opinion against the Labour party.

May I suggest Mrs May if we need any funds to help our most vulnerable citizens, the sick, the disabled (whose cars, wheelchairs and benefits you have already removed), the young and elderly to pay their energy bills this winter, perhaps we could tap up the DUP for a bung loan?

Another Day ANOTHER Conservative Promise Broken
(and it's only a few weeks since the general election!)

Who could forget the vans that shamed the entire British nation?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Nick Ferrari and LBC Radio

On Sunday I heard a clip of Nick Ferrari the LBC radio presenter speaking to Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond, in it Ferrari and Hammond deliberately mislead listeners about what Jeremy Corbyn did not say about student debt (Independent). Why is LBC Radio deliberately spreading what they know to be false information? It's 'fake news' which they are now making themselves a part of.
Ferrari has not only been told countless times that Corbyn did not say what he repeatedly says he did, he has been shown the actual proof in the NME video.

Yet still Ferrari is permitted by LBC to deliberately spread what they know to be false information, this has a name it is called disinformation.
The clip has Ferrari talking to Hammond asking him about what he thought about Corbyn's promise to students, Hammond replies he was outraged. Why didn't Ferrari ask Hammond if he was outraged that the entire Tory manifesto went into the bin?
Why didn't Ferrari point out that the only numbers in the Tory manifesto were page numbers and not one single policy was costed, unlike the Labour manifesto where every policy was costed in a separate booklet.
Why didn't Ferrari mention to Hammond that over 128 leading economists actually backed the Labour manifesto spending plans?
Hammond was asked by Ferrari if he thought Mr Corbyn had lied about the student debt policy and Hammond neatly swerved the question and Ferrari allowed him to get away with it. Hammond never answered the question because he knows fully well that Corbyn never lied and so does Ferrari.

The NUS backs Jeremy Corbyn and has told an LBC presenter that Corbyn never promised to wipe out existing debt and yet LBC persist with this black propaganda.

As for Hammond what a complete joke of a man, he has the gall to accuse Corbyn and Labour over a promise that is impossible to know would be kept as Labour did not win the election and there was NOTHING in the now binned Tory manifesto about students and since the election Hammond has overseen slyly pushing through and INCREASE in student fees just before the election.
I wonder is Hammond 'outraged' about the fact that he and his government are presiding over an increase in student fees from 4.6 percent to 6.1 percent? Fees will increase to £9,250  this year. Why didn't Nick Ferrari ask the 'outraged' Chancellor about this or the fact that according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) student debt is now reaching over £50,000? Strangely quiet about this is Nick Ferrari and the 'outraged Tory Chancellor!
Why doesn't Ferrari grill Hammond about what the Conservative government have done to students instead of attacking Jeremy Corbyn the only leader actively trying to help students? It's absolutely absurd the lengths that Ferrari is prepared to go to in order to damage Jeremy Corbyn, that said, Ferrari, is nothing but a liar and LBC should not allow him to spread his lies on national radio!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Is Another Tory Recession Coming?

Image result for recession economy

Hold on because it looks like things are going to get very very bumpy and this time there is no 'big clunking fist to steady the tiller"!

There has been a slow down in Construction, the housing market, the car industry and manufacturing in general. These are all serious barometers which can predict the future of the UK economy.  The country cannot live on the service sector alone as we are about to discover!

An interest rate rise is teetering on the brink and was only saved from a rise this time because of falling oil prices. The reason why when asked, the Chancellor Phillip Hammond was very reluctant to crow about it, is because RPI (including housing) and used by pay negotiators is 3.5%, signifying a nasty cut in the value of wages and living standards.(Again another time the Tory supporting press is keeping quiet, where previously this would have made headline news!)
Rising numbers of people are once again living on the personal debt of credit cards and loans (a trend that was seen previous to the 2008 crash) but they are not buying fancy goods, many are using their credit cards as bridging loans to get them from payday to payday to pay rent, rates and mortgages etc! Is this the start of the Brexit Bite or an indication that another financial crash is heading our way, or both? The gap between consumer debt, flat-lining pay and low pay is widening - up 10 percent in just the last year alone.
Leading economists are asking if the widening gap is the start of another credit crunch and financial crash,

There are also serious doubts about the real levels of unemployment that are now so low that the figures are in danger of exposing the level of lies and disinformation this government are operating in.  The figures show unemployment levels at 4.5% levels we haven't seen since early 1970, truly remarkable, yet the right-wing Tory supporting press never backwards in going overboard and OTT to support their party have hardly whimpered about it, where is the huge splash across the front page and inside pages telling us how great everything is? Even stranger is we are in 'silly season' the papers are all looking for something to report but they have hardly mentioned this 'astonishing achievement' - why?  To say that Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond was reticent to talk about this 'achievement' is putting it mildly - why? Tory MPs who are known to be able to crow for England are strangely silent - why?  If you go back into the history of this blog you will see that I have been pointing out that the unemployment figures are artificially low for years and explaining why I believed this. Are the levels of unemployment now so low that they are in danger of busting the Tory lie that is unemployment wide open?  Here Jim Edwards of the Business Insider explains why he believes "Unemployment in the UK is now so low it's in danger of exposing the lie used to create the numbers."
Mr Edwards believes that unemployment is 3 or 4 times higher than the official figures, here he attempts to unpick the gobbledegook from the Office National Statistics (ONS) that usually goes right over normal people's heads (including mine).

The official unemployment rate in the UK right now is 4.5% — a record low. But, as the ONS makes clear, that number doesn't count part-time workers who want full-time jobs, "inactive" workers alienated from the workforce, people who retire, students, or those who work in the home. Once you wrap all those people in, the number of jobless people is actually 21.5% of the workforce, according to the ONS. 

The true level of unemployment Even now the ONS is not counting those forced onto government workfare contracts (who are unwaged) and those who are sanctioned by Jobcentres for a whole myriad of reasons, I have long argued that the ONS should be allowed to include these figures but they can't because they are not given the figures by the Government, so the Government are purposefully withholding statistics they know could drastically alter the official number of unemployed. The ONS also does not include those claimants that Jobcentre's forced into self-employment who are not idle because they do not want to work but are idle because there is NO work for them to take, they are waiting for the phone to ring. These people are often experiencing weeks between jobs, yet are unable to claim unemployment benefit and thus are not included in the official statistics.

The economic outlook for the next few years as we go into Brexit is looking decidedly unsettled and the Conservative Government is complacent, it's doing nothing to offset the looming financial problems, they are all too busy fighting each other and planning leadership bids and the prime minister Theresa May is weak and has no authority over her cabinet ministers and has even had to resort to calling an extraordinary cabinet meeting to attempt to assert her authority with the 1922 Committee being forced to back her by giving her authority to sack errant ministers, this comes after weeks of open squabbling and damaging internal leaks. Former PM David Cameron called the EU referendum purely to get him out of a political fix from his right-wingers when he lost the referendum he ran away before he could be blamed for the carnage. Mrs May then became PM, she held a snap election despite saying five times she wouldn't and lost her majority and has caused absolute chaos in the country and this will only get worse. we are about to tread unknown territory with a recession coupled with Brexit. This is seriously bad news and it is entirely of the Conservative government's making. Not one of the government's Brexit team seems to know what they are doing, all they have done so far is alienate the countries we need onside for our own financial good. The Tories are all running about like chlorinated headless chickens!

Next time you hear the Tories and their mates in the Tory right-wing press telling us how Labour 'crashed the economy' and how it is all Labour's fault that greedy Tory bankers gambled with customers money (and lost) and gave credit out to anyone who asked for it and took part in the sub-prime mortgage fiasco that set the world up for the 2008 financial crash, ask them what the real level of unemployment is and ask them why this government are presiding over escalating borrowing, yet have absolutely nothing to show for it, ask them why seven years later they have not cleared the deficit up, the same deficit they promised to clear by 2015, yet now say they'll clear sometime never in the future.

The truth is that austerity has not only failed, it has absolutely failed. One example of this government's short sightedness is, when Iain Duncan-Smith (IDS) was Work and Pensions Secretary he was in charge of the Tiry welfare reforms, part of those reforms were targetting disabled people and bullying them back into non-existent work in non-existent jobs. IDS had a doctor devise the new Personal Independence Payment forms to deliberately make disabled people short of the points (usually just 2 points) short of the total they need to claim middle rate mobility payments which allows them to lease a 'motability' vehicle. This has resulted in thousands of seriously disabled people losing all or part of their allowance and Motability had no choice but to take back the cars from disabled people, not only has this had an effect on employment of mechanics for servicing the cars etc, it has had a direct effect on the sale of new cars, so this so-called reform has ended up not only costing the disabled person their liberty and peace of mind, it has ended up costing the taxpayer more than it has saved, it is a false economy. The only change this reform has had is that disabled people are forced to pay out of their own pockets and more often than not they just do not have the extra money so go without. This, of course, all feeds into the local economy and the national economy.

Muscular Dystrophy reports that 900 disabled people are losing their cars each week due to Tory cuts
that 's 50,000 specially adapted vehicles removed and of course, these people not only lose their car but will not be ordering a new car when their lease is up!

50,000 Disabled people losing their cars

Our government are not protecting us and are totally clueless and because the Tories are scared of losing power they are allowing a weak, damaged ineffectual incompetent prime minister in Mrs May to limp on and the people picking the cost up will be us, the 95% and NOT the top Tory 5% high earners who will make millions out of our misery in a recession of their making!

If Labour had won the general election they would now be busy implementing their policies for big infrastructure investments, taking the railways and other utilities back into public ownership, they would be borrowing the same amount the Tories are currently borrowing but instead of lining the pockets of the right-wing establishment, they would be using the money to benefit 95% of us!

Instead, the taxpayer is being forced to cough up £1 billion to pay off the Democratic and Unionist Party (DUP) to keep this zombie government in power and this is absolutely and categorically wrong.

Coming Soon, The Tories New NHS

The Tories New NHS

The Tories New NHS will be here with us all shortly. Richard Branson is working on a take-over as I write this, the Conservatives have already sold huge swathes of the most lucrative parts of the NHS to Virgin Care.
The big trade deal that Donald trump talks about is American health companies who are already circling our NHS like vultures, waiting to swoop to take over our NHS, best get your finances in place to take out expensive health insurances. Healthcare bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy and homelessness in the United States!

Watch what Michael Moore has to say about our NHS, everything he said is coming true. We are sleepwalking towards a privatised NHS, Jeremy Hunt is privatising our NHS  right now under our noses.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt has been allowed to get away with telling barefaced lies about mental health nurse numbers and the papers have not even mentioned it, they've been too busy trying to distract us by feeding us lies to try and damage Jeremy Corbyn. Read the full story in Evolve Politics Here.

"Labour is demanding an inquiry into the privatisation of a government-owned NHS recruitment firm that saves hospitals £70m a year.NHS Professionals helps the health service in England tackle its staffing crisis by arranging for doctors and nurses on its books to cover potentially harmful gaps in rotas." Full Story at the Guardian Here.

We never ever know when we may need our NHS, are you prepared to stand by and do nothing and allow the Conservatives to deliberately destroy so they can tell us it's not working so will have to privatise it?

Stand up and fight for our NHS because when it's gone it's gone and we will never ever be able to get it back.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Tory MP accuses Corbyn’s team of lying. Minutes later, she gets caught lying herself [TWEETS]

MP Lucy Allan is best known for fabricating a death threat. Which is why it was surprising to see her sharing an article that accused Labour supporters of lying. Again. Especially as Allan actually lied in response to criticism of what she’d shared.

Oh dear

Allan shared an article from Order Order:

In response, one Twitter user mimicked Allan’s tweet:
Allan denied this to be true though – seemingly having forgotten that the internet never forgets:
For full article please read at The Canary HERE:
Well worth reading the full article which exposes another Tory MP Lucy Allan of telling blatant lies. Obviously the Tories are in panic mode over Jeremy Corbyn's rising popularity, after all, they have spent the last 2 years telling lies and deliberately misleading the public about the man. Look what happened as soon as the public got to read about and see the real Jeremy Corbyn, where the right wing Tory press like The Sun, Times, Telegraph etc could not disinform people. His rise was almost meteoric and today he is more popular than Theresa May!

Vince Cable Calls Jeremy Corbyn Out on Tuition Fees? Seriously?

The Liberal Democrat Student Fee Pledge

The newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable is another politician deliberately lying about Jeremy Corbyn. What a way to commence his leadership by lying! Seems Vince has the same kind of relationship with the truth and inability in sticking to their party manifesto pledges as Theresa May, no wonder he's in secret talks with the prime minister about entering another coalition with the Tories! Let's face it it's the only way he and the Liberal Democrats are ever going to get into power again. He denies it of course, but as Vince and Theresa are both strangers to the truth how can anyone believe a single word they say? I certainly don't! How do we know they are not plotting to be very 'naughty' and go running through wheat fields together? Mrs May is looking to shore up her position as prime minister for when her blood money £1 billion DUP bung has expired in a couple of years. Prior to the 2010 general election and entering the coalition with the right-wing Tories Vince Cable signed a pledge promising not to raise tuition fees the ink wasn't even dry on his signature when he backed the Tories to the hilt in TREBLING tuition fees and yet he has the brass neck to call Jeremy Corbyn out about a non-existent pledge on clearing student debt? I could quite easily slip over into a hyperbolic rant here, but I'll settle for calling Cable a total and utter hypocrite. I also haven't forgotten that the Liberal Democrats voted with the Tories to make law the health and social care bill (now an Act) which is directly responsible for the funding cuts, privatisation and the utter chaos in our NHS now, but don't expect the 'Fib Dems' to ever admit they are a bunch of lying hypocritical politicians, they'll just start whining that they helped stop the excesses of the Tory policies - yeah right of course they did, believe that and you'll believe anything. Anyone up for a naughty gamble through a wheat field?

If you believe that the Liberal Democrats are left leaning I'm sorry you're wrong, they are every bit as right wing as Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, they lie from constituency to constituency and say whatever they think will get them elected and their problems started (which all but finished the party) when the Liberal Democrats found themselves in government and were expected to keep their promises, they didn't, they failed and they failed because they lied and because they are all but Tories under a different name, it is why hard right wing Tories feel comfortable in voting for them.

Tory Lies

Some things never change!

Only Three things are certain in life, death, taxes and Tory lies!

It's been a truly bizarre few days in Tory La La Land the Conservatives and their supporters in the right-wing press and the broadcast media and who appear to have been teetering on the brink of 'the political abyss' have gone and fallen completely in.

I expect the Tories to make capital out of the opposition's foibles it's par for the political course, after all, all the opposition parties will do exactly the same but the Tories have gone completely nuclear over something Jeremy Corbyn didn't say! A proposal on student debt, which Corbyn spoke about weeks ago! 

The incontrovertible truth is that all the while the Tories are ranting away about something Mr Corbyn didn't say bizarrely they are drawing attention to the fact that they binned off their entire manifesto within a couple of weeks of publishing it, why would they do this? Not forgetting that the Tories have made more u-turns than the BSM school of motoring and broken more promises than any government in British history! However, there is a serious note here, if there wasn't such a fuss over Theresa May's dementia tax and plans to scrap pensioners winter fuel allowance and she wasn't forced to do a U-turn during her dreadful election campaign (remember "strong and stable?) and if she hadn't lost her majority in the House of Commons, she would definitely have gone through with these harmful policies. Even scarier is this if Theresa May or any other Tory leader get a working majority in a future general election how do we know they will not implement the 'dementia tax policy'? They are already planning to hit the disabled with even more punitive cuts so the truth is we don't know, we know absolutely nothing because Theresa May has been proven to be so erratic, so unpredictable, incompetent and such a blatant liar.  How many times did she say this "there will be no general election before 2020"? Before calling an election completely out of the blue and creating absolute chaos in the country. I believe they will implement these harmful policies and I believe it no matter how many times they deny it, look at their history, they promised not to raise VAT before raising VAT (several times). Former Tory PM David Cameron faithfully promised us that there would be "no more top down reorganisation of the NHS" just a few weeks before ordering the biggest reorganisation in NHS history, which is resulting in huge swathes of our NHS being sold off to the private sector. You can 'never trust a Tory' not ever, lying is in their DNA!

The Tories going bizarrely OTT about something Corbyn did NOT say shows us one thing very clearly, they are liars and don't care who they hurt as long as they cling on to power. remember this the Conservative party is desperate and they are worried about Jeremy Corbyn's popularity so please do not be complacent as history shows us, a wounded and desperate Tory is a very dangerous Tory and power means everything to them, power is the Tories God!

Here is what Jeremy Corbyn actually said.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Impressed With JCCCC - Cool Calm and Collected Corbyn!

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's appearance on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday, was a classic lesson in; "how to keep your head while all around you is losing theirs"!  After the week he had to endure, you may have thought he would appear stressed, edgy evasive, jumpy, you may even have been a little concerned for his health, after all, like many of us he is no spring chicken! But no there he was giving a lesson in cool -  Mr JCCCC, Jeremy Cool Calm and Collected Corbyn!

Andrew Marr did his job, he tried to trip him up, but to paraphrase "you stumble if you want to, the gentleman is not for stumbling",  JCCCC remained eloquent, cool calm and collected, directly answering questions from Marr with the customary direct answers that have become the honest man of politics political trademark.

While a few of  his errant malcontent MPs all ran around like the headless chickens they have become ie, Emma Reynolds, Simon Danczuk etc and even the Tom Watson, (although Watson's head seems to have taken on a life of its own and was last seen trying to force itself through the doorway of House of Commons creaky old toilets), Corbyn gave a master class in how to remain calm and influence people. His appearance on Marr, shows the side of him that the Tory press and the Tories do not want us to see. We saw the sensible man, the man that doesn't want to rush to war, the man who wants heels to cool and for all to be given time to think things out, logically, calmly and rationally. If this is a taste of a future prime minister Corbyn, I say bring it on, the public are ready for a proper PM who takes his office seriously and who is more concerned with the people than he is about his celebrity.

David Cameron;s indecent rush to bomb yet another Arab country was done more to try and divide the Labour party, than it was to help (or most probably hinder) any peace efforts, Cameron has obviously sunk to a new low, using the plight of war torn Syria as a political football to play for his own advantage. Of course anyone with half a brain cell knows this vote was planned to cover up Tory chancellor's embarrassment in making a U turn after Mr Corbyn and Labour forced him to turn back on tax credits cuts. The public have sussed this, but not apparently some malcontent Labour MPs who are b not only intent on undermining Corbyn at every twist and turn as they make new 'friends' with the Tory press, they are obviously intent on undermining their own political careers, as soon as they serve their purpose to the Tory press, their new bestest mate right wing journos will turn on them just as ferociously as they turn on Corbyn, not only that, these MPs will soon discover the wrath of the vast majority of the Labour membership and Labour supporters in general. They should remember Karma, she can be a real bitch when she bites!

Anyway  back to JCCCC's Marr performance, no wonder the Tories and the Tory press and  some of the right wing malcontent Blairites in the Labour party do not want us to see this side of Corbyn and want us to believe he is bumbling, indecisive and all the rest of it (which is patently untrue), they're terrified the public will listen to his common sense, like his cool, clam, collected rational approach and that would be a disaster for them, because the British public would flock towards Jeremy Cool-Calm-Collected Corbyn in droves - as proven throughout all last summer when he drew crowds of thousands at each venue he appeared at.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

No David Cameron - #DontBombSyria

David Cameron wants to bomb IS/Daesh in Syria, however, Daesh is also in the UK, Belgium and France etc so does he intend to bomb us and them too?  Of course not, so why is David Cameron so keen  to bomb Syria? It's fact that David Cameron has been trying to bomb Syria for virtually all his premiership  and I am wondering why?

Saudi Arabia has been a big buyer of UK made weapons since the 1960s and this practice has intensified since David Cameron came to power in 2010. Cameron has led several arms selling conventions to Saudi Arabia. Cameron has defended British arms selling conventions to Gulf countries and insisted that the Arab Spring was a positive development and that there were "no no go areas" in talks with autocratic allies. One has to wonder here how this quote would be met by the Tory press and Tory MPs and their hysterical supporters if it had come from the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn? One or two papers (Sun, Mail & Telegraph) would surely be demanding Corbyn's head on a stake that's for sure.
David Cameron wants us to show respect to Saudi Arabia because he wants his friends to be able to go on selling arms to Saudi and the Saudis want to stay friends with David Cameron, so we can do the Saudis dirty work for them and carry on bombing Syria. Note that Saudi Arabia has not done a single thing to help stop the situation in Syria, yet has been waging war on Yemen. A bloody conflict in Yemen has been raging for many months - but largely ignored by the UK and the rest of the world. The Yemen has suffered devastating air strikes, led by Saudi Arabia, they have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians and destroyed homes, schools and hospitals. Meanwhile, the UK government has been providing weapons to those committing these horrific war crimes. Where is the outrage in our parliament? Where are the MPs all queuing up to condemn Saudi Arabia and threaten them with airstrikes if they do not stop bombing Yemen? Why is the Tory press and the broadcast media not covering this and informing the British public?

If Britain bombs Syria, how do we know that we are bombing where Daesh actually is? Does David Cameron really believe his own  nonsensical claims that Daesh leaders are all sitting around in Raqqa just waiting to be exterminated by coalition bombs? "Hey! Here we are Mr Cameron, come drop your bombs on us". Does Cameron really believe that these inhuman sub species do not have prior warnings that a bomb is coming their way, and they they don't disappear into the crowds of innocent Syrians within seconds of being told warplanes are coming? So perhaps Mr Cameron should actually tell us on whose heads his British sent bombs will be falling? Hospitals, schools, shops, markets, full of the poorest most vulnerable Syrian citizens trying to live in their civil war torn country. These are the people too poor to get on a boat and try to get out of that hell hole, so I don't suppose they matter too much to anyone, they're just "collateral damage" as the Americans say, unfortunate but hey shit happens in war ------next.  'Hell', Cameron doesn't even care about those highly educated people his bombs have helped to displace, they make it on to the boats and if by some miracle they and their families arrive intact and don't lose their tiny children and babies to death by drowning in the cold sea waters, they are soon made aware that they can expect little or no help at all from Britain. Cameron wants all the 'glory' of bombing the hell out of Syria, but he wants to quickly run away from the responsibilities dropping those bombs on innocent people give us. Cameron has made it virtually impossible for refugees (he has helped to displace) to seek asylum from the bombs that he (Cameron) is having dropped upon them in their own country. What an utterly shameful appalling indictment on us the British people, Appears "British fair play" went out of  Downing Street window the day Cameron became prime minister in 2010.

If Cameron has his way and his wish to bomb Syria is granted and the UK starts filling up the already crowded airspace with British Tornado warplanes helping to bomb the living hell out of Syria and terrifying Syrian citizens, can he tell us whose side we are actually going to be on?

In 2013 Cameron and his then foreign secretary William Hague wanted to bomb Syria along with President Obama, the then Labour leader Ed Miliband stopped him and in turn was treated to a vitriolic foul mouthed outpouring of personalised abuse from number 10. "a fucking c**t and a copper bottomed shit" and the French hate you were amongst  the insults coming directly from PM Cameron's Downing Street office. Yet Ed Miliband who was at that time backed by the current leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, were categorically proved ten thousand percent right not to attack Syria, The then so called "rebels" that Cameron and Hague wanted to fight alongside and help their attempts to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian President Assad, were not "Syrian freedom fighters" they turned out to be members of IS/Daesh and Al Qaeda. Cameron and Hague not only wanted to support these terrorists with British bombs, they wanted to support them with British taxpayer funding and a British taxpayer funded supply of arms. Yet absolutely nothing is said of this in the Tory supporting right wing press and much of it has been expunged from the internet by Conservative Central Office, it's as if history has been re written. Can you just imagine the who-ha if Jeremy Corbyn had done this? Would the Tory press and Tory biased broadcast media have kept so quiet? Miliband was accused of siding with Russia, now Cameron wants to side with Russia and Russia is fighting to keep Assad in power, the same Assad that Cameron wanted to arm so called 'rebels' to dispose of in 2013. Most Syrians just want the bombing to stop and want their country left alone with Assad in control, so is Cameron on their side?
Miliband and Corbyn were absolutely correct to vote to stop the foolhardy rush to bomb Syria in 2013 and they are absolutely correct to try and cool the war heels of Cameron now.

France has been bombing Syria for months has it prevented a terrorist attack in France? Did France bombing Syria prevent the devastating Paris attacks that resulted in so much loss of life, bloodshed and ruined lives? Where was the wall to wall coverage of bombing of a Syrian school in Raqqa with the loss of life of five little children?

When the UK joins Russia, the US and France in dropping bombs on Raqqa, how will it be known that Daesh fighters have not entered a school or hospital using hostages to hide amongst endangering the lives of innocent children and Syrian citizens - or is this OK because it's 'collateral damage?'

Our number one action should be not to bomb and attack Syria using the language of war, it was NOT Syria, or the Syrian people or even President Assad who attacked Paris, it was Daesh terrorists. In my opinion the president of France Francois Hollande announcing that France/the west was at war with Daesh is fundamentally a huge error. That must have been music to the ears of Daesh leaders, to be told they are at war with France/Europe is just the kind of legitimation they want, this gives them an excuse in their eyes to "legitimately attack" other countries and most of all it gives them ammunition to recruit impressionable minds to their 'cause' and if we are to get anywhere at all, it is this that we must try and stop first and foremost.

How far has our country Great Britain sunk when we allow a peace loving man to be mocked, lied about and totally and utterly and deliberately misrepresented, simply because he believes that bombing another country causing pain, distress, fear, grave injuries and deaths is the wrong thing to do and that we should exhaust all other avenues before taking such actions first?

Cameron and the American president Obama has only now started talking about how we must close down the bank accounts of Daesh. stop them selling oil, stop their supply of arms, destroy their training camps etc etc. Yet this is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn has been calling for, for YEARS not months YEARS! Jeremy Corbyn was calling for action on 'IS' before it became "fashionable" by the chattering classes, armchair generals and bar stool preachers to do so. Yet this is ignored and he is crucified in the Tory press for NOT wanting the deaths of the innocent, and for NOT wanting the lives of members of our armed forces put at risk and above all for NOT wanting to increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack here in the UK and the horrors of that.

Where are we as a country when we persecute a leader whose anti war stance has been proven right on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and countless other occasions?
Where are we as a country when the right wing press are so venomous they hound, bully and persecute a person for wanting peace and for wanting to try and find a peaceful solution to try and end this conflict?

In the end all the bullets, bombs and talk of war will not save a single life but talking and trying to find a political solution will.

Jeremy Corbyn is not saying we should not go into Syria, or that we should do nothing, what he is advocating is the thinking man's war. Cut off Daesh money supply, cut off their arms supplies, cut off their oil revenues, destroy their training camps and above all cut off their supply of impressionable minds which they use to recruit as foot soldiers.

How many times are the British public going to allow themselves to be fooled by war hungry Tory press presenting them with jingoism and contrived answers polls?
How many times are we going to meekly allow the likes of the Tory press and Tory broadcast media using phrases like "mastermind" to describe daesh terrorist leaders? These people are not masterminds they are a ramshackle subspecies getting lucky, they are cowards because they don't blow themselves up, they recruit impressionable young men and women to do that, while they carry on their cushy lives and we keep giving them the ammunition to use to do it, with each and every single bomb we drop on another defenceless people in yet another Arab country.

Go into Syria with crack forces of all countries under one command, but not to bomb or kill. Go into Syria and start rebuilding their infrastructure their schools, hospitals, clinics, shops and markets etc train their doctors, nurses, police etc and each time Daesh bomb it down - rebuild it! Show people in Syria we will not stop and leave them without a life and show them that terrorists will nkt win. Show people here in the UK, France Belgium, Russia the US etc that we want to help positively not want to hurt their people, Carry on until Daesh and their destruction becomes reduced and isolated.  If we keep doing this then we stand a chance of positively influencing would be recruits to Daesh terrorism and we can win the war, battle by battle without dropping a single bomb. In short what we as a huge coalition would be doing is removing the number one tool Daesh use to recruit their foot soldiers and in this way we can and will eventually beat terrorism. We will never beat it by bombing and killing.

If we back Cameron bombing Syria we substantially increase the likelihood of another terrorist attack in the UK and each time David Cameron sings his war tunes and makes his war phone calls to Labour MPs trying to drum up support for something those MPs instinctively know will do nothing but increase the risk to the UK and if they give him their support, then they are enabling the hell that will be visited upon so many of our own people.

Cameron's way is insanity, it is not the way. The only reason he is doing this now is politics, pure and simple politics. He doesn't have to do this now, the reason he is is doing so, is to try and cause more unrest in the Labour party. If Labour MPs consent to this, then they will have helped unleash what will visit us.

There is another way and I prefer that way, the way of Jeremy Corbyn.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Ed Miliband Doesn't Wobble and he Doesn't Fall Down!

Once gain the leader of the Labour opposition has come in for a barrage of negative articles in the Tory supporting press, in papers like the Daily Mail and Sunday Mail, the Sun, Telegraph, the Times, Express, Star etc.
It's no coincidence that all these business people suddenly felt they had to share 'concerns' about Ed Miliband with the right wing Tory supporting press! This was people who were obviously contacted by the Conservative party and asked to smear and personally attack Ed Miliband in public through the Tory press and the biased broadcast media.
If the Conservatives and their mates in the Tory press expected Ed Miliband to buckle falter they were always going to be disappointed, Ed Miliband doesn't wobble and he doesn't fall down. he's made of stronger stuff than that.  Much strong than the pathological, narcissistic lying incompetent David Cameron. Under the instructions of Lynton Crosby they threw everything at him last week, and he turned their fire back on them and managed to raise Labour in polls by 2 points, they are starting this week in the same way and Ed Miliband is growing into it, he's ignoring their negative smearing mud slinging and just calmly telling the British people what Labour will do if elected.

The more the Tories and the Tory press lie about Ed Miliband, or try to malign him, or just plain bully him, the stronger he is becoming.

Keep going Ed, we are liking it and the more they do it, the more resolute I become and so do many others I know and: