Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Is The Most Deserving?

Nadeem is a dental nurse. She works full time and has two small children. She's had MS for 8 years and slowly, it has got progressively worse. Her speech is now affected, her hands don't always do what she needs them to do and the daily exhaustion of a long term, degenerative condition has become impossible to bear. She can no longer do her job. Her employer no longer wishes her to do her job. She can't manage the housework or look after her children properly. Her condition will only get worse.

Pete was a line manager at a local factory. He'd worked there for 32 years. His spine is crumbling and he can no longer stand for any length of time. Despite several operations to reverse the damage, he suffers terrible pain, all day every day and can no longer do his job. His employer no longer wishes him to do his job. He's become a Health & Safety risk. His surgeon says there is nothing more he can do and he will need to use a wheelchair within the next year or two. His condition will only get worse.

Mary is an HR manager. She has breast cancer. This is the third time the cancer has returned and she's exhausted. Her employer has been very supportive, but it's a small company and he just can't afford to support her through another round of chemo and radiotherapy and surgery. Her grandchildren do her shopping and clean the house when they can, but they have no idea if she will survive yet again. Mary's job is her life. The thought of losing it fills her with despair.

Dan was a soldier. He served in Afghanistan. After just three months in Kabul, he stepped on a landmine and his left leg was blown off. He lost part of his left hand too. He is extraordinarily depressed. A young, fit man who feels his life is over. He may not always feel this way, but he needs intensive physio and counselling to get over the terrible trauma he's been through. It could take months or it could take years, no-one can say. His parents are heartbroken and desperately want to give him all the support they can to recover and live an independent life again.


Yesterday and today, the Telegraph and the BBC carry yet another DWP story trumpeting the great "success" of Employment Support Allowance. They are delighted to announce that of 1,175,700 new claims since 2008 a massive 887,300 failed to qualify for assistance. That's 75%. Isn't that wonderful? Hardly anyone was sick or disabled after all!

So which one will you choose? Nadeem? Pete? Mary? Dan? Which one should we help? You see we can't afford to support them all. MS, "Back problems" Cancer and amputation are all conditions up for debate under Employment Support Allowance. All have been found "Fit for Work" amongst these wonderful figures.  We are told that our 4th richest economy in the world just can't afford to help them all any more , so which one do you think ought to qualify?

Remember, you can only pick one. Only one in four are really in need of our help, after all. 

Behind these headlines are real lives. Real suffering. Real despair. Most of all they disguise real need. What happened to the 36% of claims that were "abandoned?" No-one knows. The DWP don't keep statistics. How many of those considered perfectly able to work got jobs? No-one knows. 

These headlines actually tell us that ESA marks the end of sickness benefits. Make no mistake, of the paltry 25% who were considered sick or disabled, a large proportion around a further 18%) were then put into the Work Related Activity Group. They were considered capable of doing some work with the right support. After a year, they will lose all of their ESA too unless they've found a job. Just 7% were considered deserving of unconditional support. 7%!!

If you ever find yourself in the same position as Nadeem or Pete or Mary or Dan there simply won't be state support any more to catch you when you fall. That's the story behind these headlines. One day, statistics show that it will be you or your Gran or your Mum or Dad or son and there just won't be any help available any more. At the moment, you probably find it impossible to believe that it could happen to you. OR that you could be as ill as the people above and be found "Fit for Work". I hope you believe me before the Welfare Reform Bill goes through and it's too late to stop it. 
I would advise everyone who does not agree with this to contact the BBC and the Telegraph and ask them to stop peddling the government's line and ask them to start telling the truth as the truth is and not what this duplicitous government are leading people to believe - BEFORE the Welfare Bill goes through and BEFORE this affects YOU or YOUR loved ones. It is heartless, cruel and wrong. If we have £1 BILLION to spend every few months in Libya, then we MUST have money to look after our own citizens.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Economy Flatlining - The Tories Are NOT Working.

ed ballsEd Balls MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, responding to figures showing GDP growth of 0.5% in the first quarter of 2011 following the 0.5% contraction in the previous quarter, said:
“These figures show an economy that has flatlined since the autumn. By making a political choice to cut further and faster than any other major economy this Conservative-led Government has choked off the recovery when it should have been secured and pushed up unemployment too.
“In the six months since George Osborne's spending review and VAT rise the economy has ground to a complete halt and not grown at all. In contrast, in the previous six months, the economy grew by 1.8%. Moreover the economy has flatlined before the bulk of the spending cuts and tax rises have kicked in.
“Today's figure is significantly lower than the Office for Budget Responsibility's most recent forecast, which has already been downgraded three times. And these figures raise the very real possibility of the OBR having to downgrade its growth forecast for 2011 a fourth time.
“If George Osborne thinks zero growth over six months is good news and a sign that the recovery is on track then he is more out of touch and out of his depth that I feared.
“The Chancellor needs to get his head out of the sand. He doesn't seem to understand that without jobs and growth you can't get the deficit down. The slower growth, higher unemployment and higher inflation we now see under George Osborne means he is now set to borrow £46 billion more than he was planning to. That's a vicious circle and makes no economic sense at all.
“Families know that cutting too far and too fast is hurting, but now we know it’s not working either. George Osborne can't keep making excuses – it's not the wrong kind of snow that's to blame, it's the wrong kind of policies. He needs to think again before it's too late.
“Of course, after the biggest global financial crisis since the 1930s, every major country faces tough decisions to get their deficits down. Labour's plan to halve the deficit more steadily over four years, in line with the G20 pledge, meant that a year ago the economy was starting to grow strongly, unemployment was falling and borrowing came in £21 billion lower than planned.
“The warnings we and the Lib Dems made in the general election a year ago that putting up VAT and cutting spending on jobs programmes and school buildings in the last year would put the recovery at risk have now come true - although the Lib Dems have helped make those fears a reality. Before George Osborne ripped up our plan to halve the deficit over four years growth in 2011 was forecast to be 2.6%, but that now looks like an impossible prospect.
“George Osborne needs to accept there is an alternative, as Labour has set out – reducing the deficit in a steadier way, putting jobs and growth first and repeating the bank bonus tax to build thousands of new homes, create over 100,000 jobs and support small businesses.”

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why Are The Two Former Labour PM's Left Off Of The Royal Wedding List?

I refuse to believe (unless it is confirmed) that the Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been instrumental in the omission from their wedding list, the two former Labour Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. I am not a keen royalist, but respect the queen in many ways and one way because she simply stays out of this kind of "dirty politics", I believe that this is something that she just would not do. In fact, I find this so strange, I do question if the Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton even realise that this has happened? I think on behalf of all labour MPs and all labour supporters, who will all feel snubbed, that an official statement must be issued as soon as possible, if this doesn't have the propensity to overshadow the coming wedding, then it certainly has the propensity to become a huge hot topic after the big day! This is like a huge snub to every single labour supporter in the country and if this is of the Prince's making then it is a huge mistake by him, because what it is saying that the future King doesn't rate labour governments or labour supporters and I just cannot see the prince allowing this to happen.
I wish there was some way we could officially protest, but as usual there isn’t, is this the “new politics” Cameron and Clegg promised us in action? I found those excuses from St James palace to be ridiculous,

 A St James’s Palace spokesman, said: “Sir John Major is the only former prime minister going. Baroness Thatcher was invited, as were all Knights of the Garter, but is unable to attend. It is not a state occasion so there is no reason why they [Mr Blair and Mr Brown] would be invited.”

Perhaps they have forgotten that the princes used to play with the Blair’s children at Balmoral and Chequers, but I haven’t!

If anyone deserves to attend this wedding on merit then it is Gordon Brown, who since losing the election has donated half a million pound to various charities and towards working for charity, rather than salt away earnings made on the back of his time in the Labour government unlike Tony Blair, John Major and Margaret Thatcher.

Why would the Queen allow herself to become embroiled in these unseemly politics? Surely she should have just told Cameron, the two former prime ministers are on the guest list and that is that? I cannot believe that she would take political sides and neither can I believe this was the wish of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince William’s mother Princess Diana was known to be very fond of the Blairs, so that doesn’t make sense, none of this makes sense. I think this is more than likely to be a political decision and one of the Prime Minister David Cameron's spiteful decisions than it has anything at all to do with the queen or the prince. Prince William does not strike me as being the petty petulant kind of man who would deliberately go out of his way to cause upset, hurt or embarrassment like this. Protocol would have been followed here and it is just not feasible that the two immediate former prime ministers would have been deliberately over looked, this has all the machinations of David Cameron, who has already proved himself not to be above being spiteful and vindictive.

Since becoming Prime Minister, David Cameron has demonstrated a vindictive petty streak, never has that been more evident than it was last week when Cameron publicly humiliated and embarrassed his immediate predecessor, Gordon Brown, on the world stage by publicly declaring he would not support Mr Brown's application for MD at the IMF should the position arise, he cited a feeble excuse which in itself was a complete lie, the truth is of course that if Mr Brown was to take the IMF position it would greatly undermine Cameron's whole ethos of  blaming Brown for the global economic crisis and the banking crisis that affected so many different countries, it would of course completely expose Cameron's ethos as being the total bizarre enigma that it really is and Cameron would never allow that to happen. It matters not that Brown in the MD position of the IMF could actually be beneficial not only to to this country but to the world, and because Mr Brown is deeply respected and admired for his part in stopping the global financial meltdown and for his charitable work and his theses on why it is so vitally important that China and America agree on an exchange rate. Why it is vital to the world's economy that China has a "middle-class" and that the lower classes in China be brought up to decent living standards and lifted out of poverty and that Africa must play a part in the rebalancing of the global economy, without all this happening then we are all heading for another huge global financial crash (looking ever more likely with the price of gold bubble that will soon burst AFTER the bond market bubble bursts). Brown understands all the macroeconomics of "minilateralism" and "multilateralism" and he is so respected for his work in the third world it all adds together to make him an ideal candidate for MD at the IMF, in order to bring nations together to discuss a global solution to what is a global financial crisis. Cameron knows this and so does Osborne and they are both jealous of Brown's economic and intellectual clout in the world, (something these two could never even hope to aspire to) that he has blocked Brown from the one thing that could have brought this country stability and real hope for the future and all in the name of stupid partisan politicking and being afraid of losing the next election, how utterly appalling is that?

It is also a strange position not least because of the tireless work that Gordon Brown does for Africa and both the princes have connections with African charities. I smell a huge political rat all over this and it has David Cameron written on it!

So yes David Cameron could have very easily vetoed Gordon Brown and Tony Blair's name from the guest list.

Why doesn't one of the national papers actually ask Downing Street directly if David Cameron had anything to do with with choosing the politicians that were included in the guest list? A lot could be gained from how they worded their answers!

As a citizen of this country, a loyal subject of the queen and country and a labour supporter, I demand to know the truth about why these two former prime ministers were left off of the invitation list.

Was this David Cameron's doing? Yes or No?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How Much Did Cameron Pay That Bird?

The Pain of Misrata and The Problem I Have With David Cameron

In  the Mirror newspaper Tony Parsons has written a piece about Misrata, he does not take sides, I believe this makes his piece even more powerful.  Misrata: A new name to define the mindless cruelty of war - Tony Parsons.

My Thoughts
I understand that sometimes someone has to step in and act, I am just not convinced that when we took action in Libya that is was the right time. Equally though, I would not like to be the person who tries to judge when the "right time" is, I cannot do that, I do not have the capabilities, I only know what I am told by my government. The consequences of war are paid by both sides, who can say or judge whose pain and suffering is worse? The price to be paid is usually paid heavily by ordinary civilians that suddenly find they are living in a war zone. During the Libyan conflict I have watched the news bulletins and listened to the language used. For the so-called "rebels" fighting Gaddafi, when they suffer loss, they are mainly described as "innocent civilians" and women and children caught up in the fighting, and "young men fighting oppression of Gaddafi" yet when Gaddafi's people are hit, they are described as "forces loyal to Gaddafi" there is no picture painted in words about the horrors of the loss of life and the terrible injuries suffered there, these people remain the faceless "forces loyal to Gaddafi", no innocent bystanders? No children? No women? No elderly defenceless people? Just "forces loyal to Gaddafi"? Do the forces loyal to Gaddafi not bleed or scream in pain when they are hit by a bullet or are blown up as they walk along the street? Who is tending the injured "forces loyal to Gaddafi?" What is happening in Tripoli? Are the people there being oppressed by Gaddafi? Are they under siege too scared to go out in case they meet "forces loyal to Gaddafi" or even these so-called "rebels"? Are mothers and fathers being forced to attend Gaddafi's compound and place their children there for the night to protect Gaddafi from coalition air strikes? Why have our journalists stopped reporting what is happening in Tripoli where Gaddafi actually is? I have tried to find up to date news for Tripoli, I can only find entries for March, we are now almost in May has Tripoli somehow ceased to exist? Could it be because just maybe without "rebels" and without the machines of war Tripoli has returned more or less to where Tripoli was before this "uprising" started? So no news to be had just at this moment? No gruesome pictures? No rebels fighting the "forces loyal to Gaddafi"? No innocent bystanders, women and children being horrifically injured and mutilated by "grown-ups war games" to report? Hence no story, or perhaps just not the kind of story that the West and Nato and the Coalition forces want to be told on our TVs, radios and published in our newspapers? "Tripoli returns to peace after rebels flee", definitely would not please Western governments involved in the Libyan civil war!

I have no idea if Gaddafi would have carried out his threat to massacre the many thousands of people we were informed  would be massacred if the West (we) did noting, in fact, I have no idea if the threat Gaddafi made was the way he intended us to hear it, how would I know? I do not speak Arabic and the little I do  know about translations no matter how good  they are, is they can easily be misunderstood eg "lost in translation", and this strangely is all that David Cameron can know because I am sure he doesn't speak Arabic, he doesn't even speak French, so we are being asked to bomb Libya on the say so of a translation of something that Gaddafi may or may not have said, or may or may not have meant? I find this a dangerous situation, from the little I know of Gaddafi, he is not quite right mentally and he does say a lot of bizarre and groundless things often saying things he doesn't mean. Why is Nato and Cameron and Sarkozy choosing to believe some of what Gaddafi says (like the threat of massacre) while choosing not to believe him when he says he wants a cease fire? Is selective "believing" a good enough reason to carry out acts of aggression in another country? Why do our leaders act surprised when Gaddafi does not carry out a promised cease fire after coalition forces have just gone in and bombed his army and continuing to take out his military capabilities? Of course he is going to retaliate, wouldn't we if someone came and started bombing us?

Why didn't NATO and our leaders understand when Gaddafi's son spoke on TV before the conflict started and said "we are Libyan, we die Libyan" that there was no way on this earth that Gaddafi and his sons would surrender? I am no war expert, but I had Gaddafi's measure and so did many thousands of other people in this country, yet apparently David Cameron and his new best mate Nicolas Sarkozy could not understand about Gaddafi? Or perhaps they did understand and the pull of accumulating "good will" easy votes and better poll ratings was just too good an opportunity for them both to miss?

When this began in the West had to ask ourselves if could we stand back and watch while this supposed threat to massacre women and children was carried out, and if it was carried out and we did nothing, would we deserve the condemnation we would receive for doing nothing from other countries? Would the "accusers" the "usual suspects" ask of the West "was there not enough oil for you to bother with Libya?" I have no answers to these questions and I do not pretend I do, so therefor, I do not consider myself to be fully equipped to give a judgement or help make an informed decision, however, I listened to the British prime minister David Cameron deliver his speech to a hushed House of Commons when he *told* us that we were going to be bombing yet another Arab country and from what Cameron said in the House, I still was not convinced of the "impending massacre" but then what do I know? I am the first to admit that I have a major problem with whatever David Cameron says or does, simply because because I honestly do not trust him and I do not believe a single thing he says. Party politics aside for one moment, he has destroyed any trust that I would have had in him under these "special" circumstances to judge and therefor come to a sound and sensible conclusion. Am I partisan to point out that since assuming power barely one year ago, David Cameron, has repeatedly lied to us about everything and anything, he has broken all of his promises so how do I now know he is not lying about Gaddafi? I can only judge Mr Cameron on his record thus far  and his record is absolutely dire. David Cameron's judgement both at home and on foreign policy has been hopelessly flawed, hopelessly compromised and virtually non-existent, so now when it really matters how can I trust his judgement? How can I give my blessing to Cameron, to go ahead and bomb the hell out of "forces loyal to Gaddafi" because I trust him to tell the truth and I trust his judgement as my prime minister? How will  I trust that he will do his level best to ensure we treat the "forces loyal to Gaddafi" with the same respect we would treat any human being?  Are those forces loyal to Gaddafi not "freedom fighters" too? I am scared that these "Forces loyal to Gaddafi" are being looked upon as faceless clones fighting a civil war in a country most of us have never visited in a town virtually none of had ever heard of before now, it is as if these are not real people with real lives and real families with little children that cry when their daddy goes out because they are scared he is not going to come back alive? Or do faceless forces loyal to Gaddafi not become injured by "rebels" bullets and coalition air strikes, are they somehow immune? Children in Libya are becoming traumatised some incapable of speech such is their pent up fear, one little boy on today's news is 8 years old, he was out playing and it is said a sniper shot him, the way it was reported made it sound that the sniper shot him on purpose. How does the reporter know this, how do they know it was a sniper and not one of the "rebels" bullets that caught him? The truth is they do not know and the way it was reported was sensationalised, as if a little 8 year old lad getting shot in the head with ANY bullet and is blinded and so traumatised he now refuses to speak isn't sensational enough. It makes my blood run cold.

So when Mr Cameron has lied and cried wolf and broken as many promises as he has, how can we trust him or his total lack of judgement at a time like this?

How can we trust him when every day he lurches from one extreme statement/speech/attack on a minority group to another in order to procure votes for his party? How can we trust him when he behaved in an ill-conceived spiteful way towards Gordon Brown last week announcing publicly he (Cameron) would personally block Mr Brown becoming the MD of the IMF?  Mr Cameron behaved in a really unbecoming way for a British prime minister he purposefully and publicly embarrassed, berated and belittled the former prime minister who was his immediate predecessor.  How does this that kind of behaviour from Cameron inspire trust in his ability to tell the truth, to make sound judgement calls and to behave like a statesman representing this country? How do we trust him to get his calls right, especially, when he is sending our armed forces into yet another Arabic country to bomb them? How on earth can we trust a man who has continually let us down and shown such appalling judgment as Mr Cameron has on many important occasions? This is what happens when we have an ex PR man spin doctor for a prime minister, and a deputy prime minister who continually lie to our faces and absolutely know the truth that the global problems that befell this country were not the fault of one man yet carrying on lying and deliberately misleading us telling us our problems are all caused by Gordon Brown. Of course it suits Cameron politically to carry on blaming the deficit on Brown and Labour in order to impose their Tory ideologies on us all. They desperately want to shrink our society and get rid of the welfare state, the NHS and state education, this is what Tories do it is in their blue blood! How do we trust and believe a man that does and says all of this purely for Tory dogma and ideology, when truth is that far from causing the world's problems, Gordon Brown helped prevent this country suffering a catastrophic fall, as well as helping other countries in the process? We should be thanking Mr Brown and Mr Darling, instead of that we do as Britain always does, build someone up and then take great pleasure in knocking them down.this time using the pack of lies we have all been fed the last three years by David Cameron and his mates in the right wing press.

With elections coming up and the referendum for AV voting, Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are men who now want our votes and who are once again asking us to trust them! These are the same men who think absolutely nothing of breaking their promises to us and to each other, and blame each other and the coalition for their broken words and lies and take absolutely no responsibility for what they have done and what they are doing to the hardest hit, the disabled, the vulnerable, the sick, unemployed, young and elderly and are using each other, Gordon Brown and the deficit to destroy people's lives?

 David Cameron is the kind of man and prime minister who thought it was a good time to join forces with his arms dealer buddies and then hawk arms across the Middle East and flog them to small Arabic countries at a time that region was witnessing uprisings. When innocent civilians were actually being massacred in Bahrain while we and the rest of the world stood idly by doing nothing and meanwhile the royal family of Bahrain is invited and  going to attend our royal family's wedding - so what makes Libya a special case for attack and not Bahrain? Or Syria and Iran?

When Egypt had just deposed of its leader for the last 40 years and when the trouble in Libya was intensifying, Cameron was oblivious and carried on his arms trip with his arms dealer mates, many of which back the Conservative party financially, meanwhile the British government back home was incapable of doing anything about getting our nationals out of Egypt and out of Libya they had not got a clue and The Foreign Secretary, William Hague was behaving like a bunny caught in the headlamps just wanting to wash his hands of the whole "Libyan thing"  and fly off to Washington as planned; The Defence Secretary Liam Fox had left his post and gone down the pub to sink a few pints with his mates; The Home Secretary, Theresa May, was nowhere to be found, probably off to buy some designer shoes; The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, was where he usually is "in La La Land trying to get his white paper right", The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley was busy putting the finishing touches to his bill designed to disband and destroy the NHS placing millions of lives and jobs at risk; The Tory Chancellor George Osborne was as usual nowhere to be found, probably hidden away somewhere studying "Economics for Dummies". Where was the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg? Well when he was eventually tracked down he told us all that  while the prime minister was away he had "forgotten he was in charge of the country" and in any case it didn't matter as "someone else would have to do it" because come his usual knocking off time (every day at 3pm to stop him getting too tired), he was going off on an expensive and probably "freebie" skiing holiday!

Is it any wonder that so many now have serious difficulty placing their trust in Mr Cameron and they doubt his judgement and have profound difficulty believing anything he tells us?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Growing Arrogance of David Cameron Sparks Fears He's Unfit For High Office

Cameron Praising Ms Darqwar on Sky News
2 Days After He Withdrew Funding
Which Now Threatens
The Charity She Runs"
It seems hardly a day passes where we are not treated in some way to the growing arrogance of David Cameron. It seems he just cannot keep the overbearing side of his nature under control. Obviously at some point in his life Cameron has been led to believe that he is in some way superior to everybody else. While Cameron was still in opposition we witnessed displays of his pretentiousness especially during the three historical leadership debates. During one of the leadership debates he openly accused former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, of telling lies and scaremongering over “pensioners” winter fuel allowance payments. Cameron publicly harangued Mr Brown and openly called him a liar challenging him (Brown) to tell the public truth. However, as it turns out, Brown was actually the person telling the truth and Cameron was yet again – lying! David Cameron’s government is in fact cutting pensioners winter fuel payments.

David Cameron's arrogance is never so evident than when the prime minister is on the subject of Gordon Brown, this is when the prime minister's haughtiness turns into a deeply sinister and unpleasant personal vendetta, it’s unnerving to witness because it is made even more potent by the fact that no previous serving prime minister has ever publicly belittled or insulted a predecessor – again, another display of David Cameron’s appalling un-statesmanlike very arrogant behaviour!

It is common knowledge that Cameron fears Mr Brown’s intellect and that Cameron has a vendetta against him which began almost as soon as Brown took over the premiership from his predecessor Tony Blair. Cameron made much about Brown supposedly being unelected, while at the same time suffering from amnesia as neither was former Tory PM John Major elected after the Tories dumped Lady Thatcher when she became a liability! Hey never let it be said that the Conservatives are afflicted and held back by loyalty!

Cameron of course had help in his vendetta against Brown which came from the might of all the Tory right-wing newspapers, especially those from Rupert Murdoch's News International group. Strangely, Rupert Murdoch has publicly counted himself as a "friend" of Mr Brown and is said to like and respect him! (With "friends" like Rupert Murdoch, who needs enemies?) However, this is one more thing that Cameron holds against Brown, as it is also well known that Rupert Murdoch doesn't like Cameron very much and had to be persuaded and cajoled into allowing his newspapers to support Cameron and the Tories. It is thought that the reason why Rupert Murdoch allowed himself to be won over in the end was because the promise of an “easy passage” for him from any future Tory government which would facilitate the means by which Rupert Murdoch could purchase the remaining shares of BskyB, something that James Murdoch is said to desperately want, as much as Murdoch senior wants to get his hands on the BBC!  The Conservative Culture and Media Secretary, James Hunt, is currently doing "all he possibly can" to smooth the transition of Murdoch's bid to take-over BskyB, a fact that is causing raised eyebrows and accusations of possible corruption, especially in the light of further arrests in Murdoch’s News International News of the World phone-hacking scandal and the involvement of Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch which goes straight to the heart of the present British government.

Beneath all the “dubious machinations” of this Tory-led government we have a prime minster who suffers with bouts of extreme jealousy and Cameron's “green-eyed monster” is now beginning to be a bit of a habit! Just a couple of days ago the news broke that Gordon Brown who is respected and held in high esteem the world over for the way he handled the global banking crisis, may be being considered to take over as MD of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Any other prime minister of any other country would be pleased to have a former prime minister in such a prestigious position. It can only be good for the country, but not David Cameron apparently. Mr Brown is considered one of the few with a plan for a "global growth pact" and also a plan to help prevent another global financial recession, many other countries would benefit too and that in turn would benefit the UK economy. By announcing publicly that he would personally block the former prime minister from the appointment and at the same time choosing to spuriously attack the integrity of Mr Brown seeking once again to undermine him and blame him personally for the *global* recession, David Cameron has once again succumbed to his petty vindictiveness and arrogance and placed his own personal feelings above that of the country’s needs. Despite his protestations, Cameron did not do this for our country, he did this out of his own self-serving narrow-interests, knowing fully well if Brown did secure the position with the IMF, he (Cameron), and the Tory chancellor would never again be able to blame Brown for what thousands of people are now realising to be a serious global problem, which would make Cameron and Osborne look like the arrogant chumps they are!. By his own admission Cameron said that “he had spent very little time thinking about it”, if this is the case, why offer an opinion? Doesn’t he think the public deserve far better from their prime minister? Also to indulge in a hugely personal attack on Mr Brown and publicly denigrate a man who is respected globally and thought of as a good, decent and honest man is unbefitting of a serving prime minister and it clearly shows that Cameron is lacking in the statesmanlike qualities someone in his position must own. This is a typical example of David Cameron arrogance! Cameron’s decision on Mr Brown will do this country's reputation harm and is already being viewed with disbelief abroad, among prime ministers, presidents, charity leaders and eminent economists etc.  Mr Brown's quick action to recapitalise the banks is credited with helping to prevent a global economic meltdown. The real reason why Cameron does not want to see Mr Brown in that job is not because he thinks that Brown should not hold that position, but because he knows that he *should*.  

When in opposition Cameron made much out of wanting to take the "yah-boo" out of politics, he told us he wanted 'joined up government' and an end to “Punch and Judy” politics. How quickly this has been forgotten barely just one year in and Cameron's displays at the dispatch box in the House of Commons have been unnecessarily unpleasant, rude and arrogant, he is like the school bully who derives pleasure out of belittling others in the presence of his classmates. Cameron hurls his insults about almost on a weekly basis. In a clear display of his arrogance he has called the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, (who he obviously considers beneath him) a "nothing man" and on another occasion alluded to Mr Miliband as being out of the animated puppet show “Wallace & Gromit!” Cameron has also accused Mr Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back", this has all stemmed from the leader of the opposition doing what oppositions do and ask the prime minister questions and the pm obviously unable to answer them, so becomes rude, aggressive and very arrogant.
Just recently Mr Cameron shouted at the shadow chancellor Ed Balls that he was “the most annoying man in modern politics” again this stemmed from the fact that the pm was being asked questions, Cameron obviously believes that gibes, sneers, flouts and jeers and vulgar personal abuse are the way to reply to questions in the House. Obviously he does this in order to make himself look "big and important" and to give his backbench MPs something to jeer and sneer about, this is what Tories do they jeer, sneer and look down on people they feel are beneath them and that basically is anyone without millions in the bank or who is self-made!

Cameron entered parliament as PM riding the moral high ground, talking about “his” transparent, new and exciting politics where MPs would be held to account, how quickly he has forgotten the promises he made he has broken virtually all of them, David Cameron’s promises have turned out to be utterly worthless and not worth the back of the fag paper they have hastily been scribbled on.  People are now beginning to see Mr Cameron as he really is, a rich and arrogant friend to the bankers, someone who has previously boasted to bankers that "the city is my blood". Since then of course we have held the election, which despite all the massive odds in his favour Cameron failed to win outright, so with the help of the Liberal Democrats, and in particular that other “breathtakingly arrogant” liar, Nick Clegg, Cameron is busy making the poor, and all those that can ill afford it, pay for his banker buddies greed, arrogance and gambling. That is gambling with our savings, pensions, mortgage and rent money, money set aside for our children’s futures/education/weddings or hard earned holidays on the world financial markets, not to mention them gambling with all the local authorities banked money too, which in turn would have affected all of our public services, in the process these greedy bankers nearly pushed us all over the edge of a financial cliff, if it were not for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling we would have lost everything, yet Cameron has deliberately fostered the lie that all the world’s financial problems and the global banking crisis were the fault of Gordon Brown, it is  a huge deception and to this day he continues to carry on deliberately misleading the British public. Cameron's arrogance lays in him believing that we are all too stupid to spot that he is lying to us and misleading us.

Another example of Cameron's lies and arrogance recently is his disingenuousness towards a charity hailed by Cameron himself as "a fine example" of his "Big Society" in action. Ms Darqwar is the founder of Vision Housing, a charity that helps re-home prisoners upon their release, she appeared on Sky News alongside Mr Cameron and was flattered by him and praised for her work. She said when I left the event I was excited because of his (David Cameron's) enthusiasm... but 48 hours later it was gone”. Cameron and his government had refused her application and withdrawn the charity’s funding, now thanks to Cameron's government the charity looks as if it will have to close its doors, which is a shame because they have an excellent record of cutting the re-offending rate. Apparently Ms Darqwar understandably very upset, was said to be "absolutely gobsmacked" at Cameron's duplicity! The good lady may have been "gobsmacked" but unfortunately those that have come to know what the real David Cameron is like, know that this is the way Cameron has a habit of behaving in front of cameras, he lies and deliberately misleads people, what does he care if he lets people like Ms Darqwar down, as long as the general public is being fooled into thinking he is something he is not and never has any intention of being?  
Cameron must have known that this lady was going to lose her funding but it did not stop him politicking and playing to the camera, the man is obsessed with spin. He has done more or less the same to the parents of disabled children, he promised them all the help under the sun when he was in opposition and then dropped them as soon as he got power.

David Cameron's arrogance was again on show when he is decided to press ahead with sweeping changes to the NHS despite warnings from clinicians, nurses, GPs, unions and other health experts. Only when it seemed like everyone in the country was criticising him and his NHS reforms and he thought it would damage his chances of re-election did he act and decided on his strategy of "pause, listen and reflect", however as with everything else Cameron promises it should be taken with a huge pinch of salt and the caveat added "buyer beware"! Don't be fooled, the government is still "ploughing on regardless" and at great speed with its unprecedented restructuring of the health service in England. The head of the NHS, David Nicholson, inadvertently exposed the government's duplicity when he told staff to "maintain momentum" for the planned changes during the listening exercise being undertaken by ministers. Showing once again that David Cameron cannot be trusted and in his arrogance he truly believes that he can tell such brazen lies, is above questioning and can get away with it.  At the moment all eyes will be trained on the expected "substantive changes", which no doubt will turn out in true "David Cameron form" to be tinkering around the edges and presented with many leaks beforehand with much fanfare as major changes by Cameron and his lackeys in the Murdoch press, in the hope of fooling all people all of the time by totally misleading them.

Cameron's arrogance is on display in his bizarre speech on "multiculturalism" and "muscular liberalism" in Munich, to his stupid gaff on WW2 when he said that Britain was America’s “junior partners” at the time America was not even involved in WW2. It was Cameron's arrogance that allowed him to carry on with an arms trip with his arms dealer buddies hawking arms around the Middle East selling them to small Arabic countries, even though that whole region was becoming increasingly unstable. It is through arrogance that he thinks it is OK to continually berate and belittle people publicly and mislead the British public. It is his vile unpleasant nature that makes him think it is OK to attack immigrants those on welfare, alcoholics, obese people and single parents in the run-up to elections in order to procure cheap and nasty votes.

David Cameron  tells so many lies it is impossible to know when he is telling the truth, he has broken so many promises that anything he promises in the future will be totally valueless, he does all of this and then has the audacity to talk about what he sees as other peoples’ "dishonesty" and "broken promises". However, although Cameron does not realise it (his own hubris prevents it) he is busy setting the stereotype of himself in the public's eyes and minds and so evident is his self-love it is hard to ignore the vanity. Cameron is a truly supercilious character, a deeply unpleasant shallow man who somehow has managed to blag his way into being prime minister. There is a consensus brewing even among Tory voters that David Cameron is out of his depth and is completely unfit to hold the high office of prime minister. There will soon come a time when the Tories as well as the rest of the country will be itching to get rid of him – Cameron definitely does not live up to his own self-praise!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch George Osborne Squirm When He Is Forced To Admit Labour's Debt NOT That High!

Laugh when you see Osborne squirming away when he tries to make light of the fact that he a MILLIONAIRE claims child benefits. When asked he says; "of course"
 Well he doesn't HAVE to claim them he could refuse to it's easy enough.
Then watch him try to get out of admitting that the UK's debt is not that high.
Apart from the fact he is a bare faced liar, he also dyes his hair black.
Don't forget that this lying government would not be able to do any of these horrendous things if the Liberal Democrats did not prop them up!

David Cameron - Unravelling - He's Lying AGAIN!

David Cameron's Government is cutting £335 million from our community's public services. And now, to add insult to injury, he's telling lies to blame Islington for the cuts.

In a speech to Tory Party activists earlier today, he claimed that... we are refusing to cut waste, and he lied about the cost of our Chief Executive.

Please join me in sending him a message telling him to apologise for the lies he tells.

Today David Cameron, campaigning in the local elections, claimed that Islington is refusing to cut our Chief Executive's salary, even though we have cut it by £50,000 to one of the lowest levels in London.

The Tories are desperate to distract from the damage that their unfair cuts are doing to our community and communities up and down the country. They want to claim that councils like Islington are just cutting for fun - but nothing could be further from the truth.

We have made more than £25 million in back-office savings and we have fought tooth and nail to keep vital services in place. We have kept all of our libraries and children's centres open, despite getting the largest cut in London.

The truth is that David Cameron and his Tory Lib Dem Government are pushing through unfair cuts that hit inner city communities hardest.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have chosen to target communities like Islington, and now they are trying to pin the blame wherever they can.

Don't let him spread lies and distraction. Join me in telling David Cameron to apologise to Islington's community.

Thank you,

Cllr Catherine West
Leader, Islington Council

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nick Clegg Taking The Fight to The Conservatives

 I bet they are really scared of you Nick, must be as ferocious as being kissed by a butterfly

Nobody likes a Lib Dem

Who's Crying Now?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

UNELECTED Pal of David Cameron & Tory Donor To Influence Your Child's Education!

Sebastian James
Prime Minister, David Cameron's
Old Etonian Buddy.
Oh "spiffing" what a surprise. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, that great "bastion of intelligence" orders a review headed by Sebastian James who is a Tory donor and an ex school buddy of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Yet another *unelected* crony of Cameron's brought in, this time to influence what kind of school building our children are educated in.

The James review has reported and is saying that the previous Labour government's school building programme wasted as much as £2.5bn a year in bureaucracy and design costs.  Straight away I have a problem with this Sebastian James is head of group operations at Dixons, so I feel I'm justified in asking what Seb James actually knows about building and building contracts and architecture and planning etc?  Surely if such a review was needed would it not have been better for Michael Gove to order it from a independent neutral person and someone that actually knows and understands all the complexities of contractors,  contracting builders, architecture, design and planning of schools?  I feel I am also justified in pointing out that if they did this then perhaps Gove and Cameron would not have got the kind of answers they actually wanted. Does this feckless government not realise that every single time they use one of their Tory doning cronies they open themselves up to accusations of cronyism and corruption? I could ask what is in this for Seb James, but the clue is in his company - Dixons. The Dixons who sell computers, televisions, wifi equipment etc, assuming of course that "institutionalised" state schools for the poor who cannot afford private education will have enough money to modestly equip themselves with all kinds of electronic technology?

 Seb James has reported back with a report that quite frankly any one of us could have written, it is risible and quite laughable, but this is what you get when you put someone that knows nothing in charge of such an important review.
"The days of swanky new flagship academies operating in "truly world class" school buildings are over, according to a government review published yesterday. Instead, the schools of the future will be built to a more standardised design which can be replicated across the country".
This just about sums the report up. It is plainly obvious that this over privileged millionaire pal of the prime minister's does not want ordinary kids to be educated in excellent state of the art schools, I mean God forbid they are given anything decent in life to adhere to and aspire to. (Seb James is an ex Etonian and ex Bullingdon Club member just like Cameron) What kind of message is this sending our children? That we do not think they are worth an excellent school? Where is all the big ideas that head teachers will be handed control over thier school buildings and budgets gone then? More lies from this lying prime minister? Or is this another way of forcing schools to opt out of the state system into academies in order to boost yet another "flagging" Tory flagship policy?  The PM made so much of "Britain being Broken" over the past few years, (although he seems to have conveniently dropped that soundbite since assuming office), however of course Britain was never broken, and what this Tory led government dishonestly and conveniently forgets to tell us is the previous Labour Government launched the BSF scheme in 2003 with the aim of refurbishing or rebuilding every secondary school in England by 2020. By March this year some 310 schools had benefited from BSF investment and a further 700 would have been rebuilt or refurbished by 2015. This review now throws this all up in the air.

The Bullingdon Club
Bet Eton Isn't made To Conform To
A State Controlled Uniformed Standard!

What Seb James is advocating that we have some kind of national institutions the state laughably will call schools, they will be uniformly built all resembling each other, maybe if they are lucky the school will get a chance to pick from a couple of different designs, no individuality, no spontaneity, no involvement of teachers, children and parents in choosing the design. Who gets the contracts to supply sports halls, refectories, class rooms, staff rooms, toilets, showers washrooms, kitchens etc. etc. etc? and IT? Private companies offering one size fits all discounts for quantity? A sort of Tescos mentality, pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap? While the government and Gove are busy forcing the same school designs on all of our state schools, is the same criteria going to be applied to these so-called "free schools" run by over privileged rich people with time on their hands for their over privileged rich off-spring? Will they be capped and limited to what kind of school design they can have and how much it will cost? Will local authorities be prevented from shelling out millions on school buildings for just a privileged few children to have their "private" education paid for by the state?

 Meanwhile in order to justify this government's attack on our children and their education, they have let all their little minions loose to try and trash the exam result achievements by decrying the huge efforts our children and their teachers have put into passing their exams, we see and hear this nonsense all the time. David Cameron even lied when addressing the Tory Conference 2007 when he Told a *false* story about a pupil attacking a teacher which he said he witnessed. Anita Harrison said: "It is an appalling allegation" it's not true, the college demanded an apology. Is there no depths this liar of a prime minister will not stoop to?

While we are still on the subject of these lies, lies and more damned lies and unsightly uniformed state school buildings, when is the Tory-led government going to come clean about the number of contractors who are suing them for breach of contract?

If Gove and this government get their way, this awarding of contracts to all their mates who are already hovering and inevitably it will lead to accusations of corruption. As it already stands now Tory donors are now already dominating the department of education!

Two *UNELECTED* Tory donors, John Nash and Theodore Agnew, have been appointed to the board of the Department for Education and have been given the power to sack senior civil servants and totally override any decisions.

John Nash is the man who still has his fingers in Care UK, hovering waiting to take contracts out of the NHS and into privatisation under the government's preferred "Any Willing Provider" scheme.

John Nash (amongst other fingers in other lucrative government pies) is the person who subbed Andrew Lansley the Health Secretary to the tune of £21.000 during the 2010 general election. See the connection Care UK and Lansley.

John Nash also is chair of a Hedge Fund and hedge "funders" are those that short sell and make money out of people's misery, especially in times of recession.

John Nash and his wife Caroline have given the Tories at least £182,500. Fellow Education Department director Theodore Agnew has donated £134,000 to the Conservative Party.

Now why are they doing this? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Or do they sniff the smell of new and very lucrative government contracts?

This whole school building programme has been plunged into chaos and confusion and just like any other department this government has tried to change, it has become one big huge mess beset with problems and pitfalls, in this instance all brought about by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove an education secretary that cannot even add up and who was forced  to present his white paper no less than 6 times because of appalling mistakes still failing to get it right.  Michael Gove is the minister who told some schools their new buildings were safe, then told them they were not, then told they were, and then told they were not, leaving heads, teachers, and the children and parents totally bewildered, distressed and confused. he said he would go and meet some to apologise in person, but then changed his mind, presumably he did not want to run the gauntlet of justifiably angry parents and pupils upset at his incompetence, he made a select couple travel to London instead.
 I would put it to Gove and this hopelessly incompetent government, that the only bureaucratic nightmare that has occurred, is one that they themselves have created and which simply did not exist before they started to meddle with a school building programme that was well under way, working very well  and delivering the best of schools to our deserving children, teachers and parents! Gove and this government have just meddled for the sake of meddling and in the end they will not save any money because they will have to pay compensation to the contractors whose contracts they reneged on, quite apart from the fact that for every £1 bn saved by Gove, he spent £2 bn saving it - where is the sense in that? Once again we see a totally inept incompetent government run by inept people totally and utterly out of their depth and once again we see Tory cronyism, Tory donors and the prime ministers Etonian mates at the centre of it all.

NHS Hospital Waiting Lists Grow - The NHS is NOT Safe In Tory hands!

All my fears and concerns for our NHS are coming true. NHS waiting lists are growing, more operations are being cancelled and treatment is being rationed in the first signs that a funding crisis is threatening care, thanks
to the Tory-led government.

How long has David Cameron and  his Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, known about this? Is this why the prime minister hung Mr Lansley out to dry last week over the ill-fated NHS reforms? Is this what their hastily announced listening exercise is all about? So really as suspected "the pausing, the listening and the reflecting" had nothing to do with anything, what really happened is Cameron was shown these latest findings of his government's useless policies and total incompetence and recklessness and got the wind up, so he used his Health Secretary as a human shield.

If things are this bad now think what they will be like when this feckless government attempt radical reforms while demanding £20bn in efficiency savings and forcing GPs (with maybe a couple of token clinicians thrown in) to become accountants as well as doctors when official figures already suggest pressure is already mounting in hospitals.

David "pathological liar" Cameron promised in his party conference speech in 2006, "no more pointless and disruptive reorganisations" and pledged: "The NHS is safe in my hands.", well his words are now just empty rhetoric, meaningless, he and the Tories are no defender of the NHS, that is quite clear as we slide back to a return to health service chaos seen under the Tories in the early 1990s.

The number of emergency operations cancelled by hospitals in England has risen by a quarter in the past seven months to almost 250. Separate statistics show a rise in the average monthly number of cancellations of routine operations for non-clinical reasons. This rate from April to December was higher than in the previous year at 40 per cent of hospitals. Nineteen trusts cancelled more operations in the nine months to December than in the whole of the previous year.
On Friday, it emerged that Imperial College Healthcare Trust, which runs several hospitals in London, is facing a £40m shortfall in its finances and a backlog of orthopaedic and trauma cases.
Growing numbers of patients are having to wait for more than four hours to be seen in casualty departments, and the proportion who still had no bed four hours after being admitted doubled between April and December.
The Independent on Sunday has also learned that some doctors are rationing contraception to save money, and that child obesity programmes have already been cut back.

I wont say I warned you what this idiotic dishonest shambolic government's policies would do to the NHS, but I did - repeatedly.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Andrew Lansley Rap

Andrew Lansley
The NHS is NOT For Sale

Lying Prime Minister, David Cameron, Is A Political Disaster Already Happening!

Cameron The Pathological Liar!
David Cameron assumed the role of prime minister almost one year ago and yet it is still not clear what he actually stands for. What has become clear however, is his propensity for not telling the truth and his proclivity for making offensive personal remarks to what has now become a very serious extent. My comments are not some flippant remarks aimed at insulting Mr Cameron, I am deadly serious, this is what I have observed and the evidence is all around all over the internet for anyone to observe. Worryingly Mr Cameron appears to have all the traits of a narcissistic personality disorder and pathological lying can be part of that disorder. While people who have narcissism may at first come across as reasonable, likable and affable, gradually they are unable to hide their real personality traits and this is what I believe is happening regarding the prime minister.
David Cameron fits the narcissistic personality disorder almost perfectly, he is goal-oriented, manipulative, cunning and egotistical and often unbearably arrogant. If he gets his own way he may be just about tolerable for a short while, but if he doesn't get his own way, or someone he [Cameron] sees as beneath him has the "audacity" to actually address him, or worse still challenge him, he will fly into a rage and will rant and rave almost hysterically trying to crush the person using any means possible, bullying, arrogance and personal insults will be par for the course and Cameron will use them with absolutely no compunction. In fact he has demonstrated this part of his personality in the House of Commons on many occasions, often attacking the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, not on policy but on personality. David Cameron has often jibed about Mr Miliband's relatives, especially about his brother David Miliband. Mr Cameron's remarks are often deeply personal and offensive at the same time as also indulging in almost childlike bullying and name calling. Typical of a bully he can be observed puffing up and playing to his backbenchers in an arrogant bullying fashion, with an ugly smug sneer on his face he often turns to his backbenchers as signal for them to shout the opposition down and shut down the debate rather than give a direct answer to a direct question to  Ed Miliband. As is normal with bullies they always egg on their accomplices to bully too, this way the bully feels all important and this aspect of  Cameron's behaviour in the Commons is crystal clear. True it must be said that sometimes the Commons feels like an arena, but even the exchanges between Thatcher and Kinnock are put into the shade by Cameron's narcissistic performances, there is a line of etiquette that Cameron breaches almost every time he is at the dispatch box. An example of this is when in PMQs Ed Miliband tried to question the prime minister about dwindling police numbers and Cameron twisted it around and accused Ed Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back", astonishingly this brought guffaws and shouts of "more" from the Conservative cabinet members and backbenchers, however, if you watch the clip look in the background at the Minister for Justice, Ken Clark, Clark a man of integrity, did not seem to find the PM's performance funny and he was right, it wasn't funny, it was a deeply offensive personal and vicious remark designed to try and cause conflict between the two brothers for Cameron's own political advantage. Here is another clip where the PM is inferring that Ed Miliband is Basil Brush and another of the many times that Cameron has likened Ed Miliband to Wallace & GromitHere he tries to belittle Ed Miliband telling him he is only fit to be a student politician (08.30), at the end of this tape he arrogantly says that the opposition will never be a party of government. These outbursts are not one off behaviours, or a bit of light rigging by the prime minister they are nasty, childish and designed to belittle and they happen regularly and this is not the kind of behaviour we have come to expect from the British PM and notably on all occasions Cameron fails to address the questions he has been asked properly and politely.
David Cameron's offensive and odd behaviour is not only confined to Ed Miliband, he also attacks  members of the shadow cabinet and opposition backbenchers in the same way, here is one clear example when he personally attacked the shadow chancellor Ed Balls after Mr Balls had been shouting a question at him, again this was not the first time that Cameron had tried to attack Ed Balls, he seems to make a point of doing sohere we see the PM blatantly lying about what Ed Balls actually said, not for the first time is David Cameron caught out in a blatant lie. 

David Cameron has simply been the most lying, duplicitous, two-faced, power hungry politician this country has ever seen, he has blatantly lied throughout his career, since becoming Tory leader, and he has not stopped since assuming the role of prime minister. I say this is simply unacceptable and he is a danger to every single person in this country. Here are just a few of his lies.

  • Cameron's deliberate attempt to completely mislead audience about the whole Iran/Israel issue.
  • Cameron deliberately misled parliament and lied over EU bailout.
  • Cameron and Clegg misled parliament on Sheffield Forgemasters
  • During the leadership debate Cameron promised he would NOT cut pensioners winter fuel payments he lied - they are to be cut by up to £100.
  • He LIED over Pensioners credits, said he would keep them and are now cutting them.
  • He lied over student tuition fees.
  • He lied when he said the Tories would have "no top down reorganisation of the NHS"
  • Lied about Sure Start centres closing and funding for Sure Start
  • 6th Formers lose Educational Maintenance Allowances he said he would keep.
  • Bankers enjoy tax cuts instead of hefty curbs
  • VAT went up when he said he had “no plans” to raise it.
  • Cameron lied when he told police service they’d be protected, instead he is slashing their numbers.
  • Cameron promised to jail blade-wielding criminals for a first offence HE LIED now they are guaranteed to escape jail under terms his government are introducing.
  • Cameron LIED about protecting Defence, he is in the process of making 17.000 troops redundant.
  • Lied about national Insurance Contributions, he said they would not  raise them, bu they have just gone up.
  • Cameron said Welfare and tax credit fraud and error costs the taxpayer £5.2 bn per year - he lied! DWP estimates that it actually costs about £1bn per year.
  • Cameron said no frontline staff would lose their jobs in the NHS - The Royal College of Nursing has identified almost 27,000 jobs under threat in 100 hospitals.
  • During the election campaign, Mr Cameron repeatedly pledged there would be no changes to bus passes and accused Labour of "lies and scaremongering". Pensioner groups branded Mr Cameron a "liar". (This link is utterly breathtaking lies by Cameron - laid bare)
  • Cameron campaigned by soft-peddling Tory cuts, deliberately creating the impression a war on paperclips would wipe out the deficit, were wholly deceitful.
  • Cameron LIED when he told voters "no Tory government would introduce swingeing cuts or threaten jobs and security"
  • Tory Conference 2007 David Cameron lied. Told a *false* story about a pupil attacking a teacher which he said he witnessed. Anita Harrison said: "It is an appalling allegation" it's not true, the college demanded an apology.
Cameron simply cannot tell this many lies without them becoming a problem and this is only a few of the untruths he has told, there are many more and if Cameron's has got a pathological lying problem, then by default so does this country have a probelm and a very very big problem. The lies have been regularly peppered  in PMQs and the prime minister is becoming known for his outbursts, he is also widely disliked in parliament, number 10, Whitehall and even by his own party.  There have been reports of him shouting and swearing using the foulest of language, he refuses to even acknowledge people he feels are beneath him, let alone talk to them and listen to their concerns. He has told blatant lies to groups like Age Concern, Mumscape, schools, colleges, hospitals.

 It is obvious he is lying  to control and get his own way and that he has lied his way into office. When he is caught out lying he quickly changes his story, which in turn causes chaos and confusion - after all he is the prime minister, we should be able to believe what he is saying. just like in the situation told above where he lied about the boy in the school he grossly exaggerates and lies about almost everything, it is almost like lying is second nature to him. He does not value truth, he lies to get what he wants and he must have what he wants all the time.
Cameron has lied so much about the last Labour government that  he now resides in his own parallel world most of the time, he probably believes his own lies now. Of course labour were powerless to defend themselves against this kind of liar, people generally are, they are genuinely bemused and shocked by such lies emanating from people that should know better. Challenging and questioning Cameron will bring on aggressive defensive behaviour as his behaviour been described in the House of Commons above.
I hate to say this, but David Cameron has even lied for sympathy, he has told parents of disabled children he would do certain things for them because he knows what they are going through, when in reality he has reneged on every single promise made to these parents. Cameron will never admit he lies, but he knows he does, he has deliberately misled the House of Commons many times and he also contradicts himself badly because David Cameron does not possess the flawless memory he needs to be a "good" liar!

What has always struck me about David Cameron is that he believes he has a sense of entitlement and grandiosity and can do what he pleases and never has this been so apparent than since he has become prime minister, this is evident in the way he thinks some people are not worthy to talk to him, it is evident in the way he becomes rattled and aggressive and defensive when he is forced to answer a question in PMQs, he simply does not believe that as PM he should answer anyone or anything that he does not want to. Cameron has frequently exaggerated his achievements and many times (like in PMQs towards Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Alan Johnson etc he has shown a distinct lack empathy and  readily exploits others.

Before Cameron became prime minister it was easier for him to get away with his lies and unless the lies were glaringly obvious, it was hard to separate his lies from the truth, but now he is pm, virtually everything he says is recorded and this has proven to be a massive problem for him.

So what happens now? Many of us realise that we have a big problem with the PM and his lies, the question is, is there precedent set for dealing with someone that obviously has a serious problem with telling the truth?

The frightening thing is that even though they have been presented with the truth many times over and presented with facts as I have done on here, some people still believe every single thing that Cameron says, even though on most occasions what he is saying is an obvious lie, or is later proved to be a lie. Do these people realise they are making him worse by colluding with him and allowing him to get away with his outrageous lying? it is almost as if they believe it is OK for cameron to lie because it is all part of his political strategy, which it probably is, but it doesn't make it right. what it does is make it impossible for others like Ed Miliband who is a truthful honest person to operate, dealing with a pathological narcissistic liar like David Cameron is almost impossible.
 If the Tory supporters are confronted with Cameron's behavior, instead of checking their facts they simply justify thier belief in him and the party they support, this is made even more difficult because now we have the Liberal democrats lining up to support not only the lies of David Cameron, but the lies of their own leader too and the whole situation is now approaching dangerous levels of toxicity, they have heard so many lies that they now do not know what or who to believe.

Public trust in our political system and in politics has become a joke due mainly to the lies and greed of our politicians of all colours and their expense scandals, Cameron and Clegg said they would clean it up, Cameron especially went on about new clean politics and transparency and instead of that he has given the most lies, the most half truths, the most innuendos and broken promises that I have ever heard from one single politician in my life and it is not even a year into his administration. Cameron has thrown morality aside and dumped ethical practice in the bin, he is single handed ruining our democracy and way of life, his lies are turning worker against unemployed, person against person, he is demonising public sector workers and those unfortunate enough to be on benefits, he is making genuinely sick people afraid to claim and he is brutally attacking the rights of disabled people, in fact, no person in need is spared Cameron's rod of hatred. he is destroying the very fabric of our society and all that makes this country British.
People in this country make much out of their belief in human rights, freedom and democracy  but  by supporting the behaviour of David Cameron they are as guilty of destroying our democracy as he is! It does not matter how many people tell the same lie, like the lie all Lib Dem and Conservative supporters like to foster about Labour being responsible for the global financial recession, and the banking crisis, and sub-prime mortgage fiasco and toxic loans, it does not and will never make that lie the truth and in the end people will see straight through it. Allowing David Cameron to get away with such behavior is not only very wrong, it is frightening.
What kind of country are we creating where we are just standing back and allowing our prime minister to get away with his blatant story telling and down right lying? Cameron is not only damaging politics, he is seriously damaging our country and our reputation abroad. I truly believe that David cameron is a walking, talking, lying political disaster, but the harm he is inflicting is a disaster in the making which we are all going to suffer for, but more importantly our children's futures will be seriously tarnished because of this man, his lies, his excuses for cuts that are just ideological and his absolute inability to see that what he is doing is very very wrong.
Cameron feels no shame when his lies are pointed out to him because in his eyes they have become legitimate, but we do not have to accept them and the Liberal Democrats certainly do not need to go on knowingly propping this man and his party up. 
By hook or by crook David Cameron just had to get himself through that door in Downing Street, the trouble is now that he has got the job, he has no idea how to cope with it, he is a man that clearly believes he is far better than he actually is, but what is becoming more and more evident with each passing day, Cameron is not up to the job of prime minister, he is clearly out of his depth, thank God we have civil servants, because if we had no "Humphrey" then God alone knows what would become of us, however, here is a chilling thought, I totally believe that Cameron's arrogance and his false self belief is leading him to overrule his advisers and civil servants, which is why this country is steering closer to economic disaster and the abyss every single day.
Britain hasn't got a proper Government, what we have is one man who wants his own way no matter what, a man who is blatantly over confident, extremely conceited, controlling, and hungry for admiration. What  we have is the pretence of a government with just one man is heading it and he is the pathological liar, we have a dictator in a nice suit with a posh accent - David Cameron. If this isn't bad enough, throw into the mix somewhere a very short news baron who is pulling the strings of the prime minister, hopefully between the pair of them they will not see that what they are doing is about to bring this government crashing down about its ears - it cannot come soon enough for me!