Just In Case Coward Cameron Orders Its Removal Look what He promised in February 2009

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No bank bonuses over £2,000

Sunday, February 15 2009

A £20 note
David Cameron has stressed that no cash bonuses over £2,000 should be paid to any employee of a bank which has a significant taxpayer shareholding.
In an interview on the BBC Politics Show, David said, “People who work hard are seeing billions of pounds of their tax money being paid out and are rightly angry about it.”
And he attacked Gordon Brown for failing to put conditions in place to limit the bonuses paid by those banks that have taken taxpayers’ money - RBS, Lloyds, B&B and Northern Rock.
“Unfortunately the only action the Government has taken is to announce a review into bonuses which will not report until the end of the year.  Because of this dithering we could see bonuses being paid out for a second year to executives in taxpayer owned banks which is unacceptable.”
Putting the limit at £2,000 would mean bank tellers are not unfairly punished.

 Cameron Lies About Bankers Bonuses

Well what do you expect?  All his mates and big Tory party financial backers are bankers, he wouldn't want to upset them would he now?

David Cameron's plug for crony's firm

David Cameron 450 (Pic:AndyStenning)
David Cameron used Prime Minister's Questions to plug the firm of a leading Tory supporter and a Bullingdon Club crony yesterday.
Mr Cameron revealed that he uses upmarket grocery delivery service Ocado, founded by Jason Gissing and run by Tim Steiner, at the highprofile Commons showdown. Backbencher Christopher Pincher mentioned that the firm had created 2,000 jobs near Tamworth, Staffs.
Mr Cameron said: "I am happy to congratulate the person running Ocado, not least because I am one of their customers."
Tory Mr Steiner backed the coalition's cuts last month. Like Mr Cameron, Mr Gissing was a member of Oxford University's notorious Bullingdon drinking club.

How many more times is Cameron going to do this and get away with it? It is shameless. During the general election campaign, Cameron plugged many top firms, giving them high profile totally free advertising, this is bad enough, but look into a little deeper and you discover that many of the companies he plugged have signed the letters that George Osborne wrote. The NICs letter, these people signed was abut the Tories promising to halt Labour's planned NI rises, only what Cameron and Osborne negated to tell people was that they only planned to halt them for their big boss friends (which they did) and you and I still have to pay the rise in national insurance contributions, which is due to come in shortly. Another BIG lie of Cameron's and Osborne's exposed. Not only do these names appear on that letter, many of them appeared on the more recent letter "BACKING THE CUTS". These people are multi-millionaires and many of them are bankers who caused the problems who are now telling us we MUST pay for them! If you think that is bad, then we go on to discover that many of these people that have signed the Tory letter and backed the Tory cuts and who Cameron plugs, ate not only Cameron's cronies, they also happen to be TORY DONORS, some donating thousands and thousands of pounds to the Conservative party coffers!
Now do you still believe that

"We Are All In This Together"?

Source: The Mirror
George Osborne Fit To Be Chancellor?

___________Friday 17th September 2010______________

Banking Reforms Will Give Mervyn King Too Much Power
Mervyn King

Former City minister says government's planned banking reforms are too complicated, fail to address key issues and rely too heavily on Bank of England
The Treasury's plan to switch regulation of the financial sector to the Bank of England concentrates too much power in the hands of the bank governor, a former City minister warned today.
Lord Myners, a frontbench Treasury spokesman in the previous Labour administration, said planned reforms to banking regulations were complicated, failed to address key issues and relied heavily on the Bank of England to monitor the entire financial services industry.
Myners was responding to questions from the all-party Treasury select committee, which is examining reforms put forward to prevent another banking crisis.
Asked if the reforms, contained in a government white paper, would make a positive contribution, Myners said it was misguided to focus on "the regulatory architecture and who sits where" when the most important factor preventing another failure was employing people with the skills to tackle bankers and stop them taking excessive risks.
He said the coalition's reforms were overly complicated and had the potential to make regulation more difficult. He argued it was unclear how a new fiscal policy committee would communicate with a prudential regulatory authority and the existing monetary policy committee ahead of a potential crisis.
"We are placing a considerable burden of expectation on a single person. To make it work the bank will need to make considerable changes," he said.
"I don't think there is anything in the white paper that will allow firms to better manage risk or help shareholders hold firms to account. But I wouldn't expect this or any structure to make a large difference."
Charles Goodhart, a former top official at the Bank of England now a professor at the London School of Economics, added: "There is a danger when you are putting so much power in one institution."

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_________________Thursday 9th September__________________

Brace yourself for the hurricane says leading economist Professor David Blanchflower.

Three of the most important sectors of the economy are slowing sharply, making a double-dip recession alarmingly possible.

Jonathan Loynes of Capital Economics said: "The three major sectors of the economy are now slowing sharply in tandem. The dangers of a double dip are growing alarmingly.

Can someone explain just how it has come about that this country has handed the control of the nation's finances to an untested person such as George Osborne at such a critical moment?
George Osborne studied History at Oxford, having left there and trying unsuccessfully to carve a career in journalism for himself he joined the Tory party and at age 39, with absolutely no experience in economics, he has control of the nation's finances and along with his millionaire pals Cameron and Clegg are just about to take the most irresponsible, reckless and "unwinnable" gamble with our livelihoods and our children's futures and we are just sitting back and allowing him to do so?

For goodness sakes this is not a game of Monopoly, Osborne is dangerous, he obviously has no idea what he is doing and he, Cameron and Clegg are playing ideological politics with peoples lives!
As well as assorted leading world economists, the TORY Adam Smith Institute, the OECD, now the IMF, telling Osborne he is wrong and yet he is still ignoring them. Apparently premature fiscal consolidation could damage growth and lead to even larger deficits and debts.  The exact opposite of what Osborne is meant to be achieving. All Osborne can say when questioned is to talk about the deficit that labour left etc, completely ignoring that labour had to deal with a sharp global downturn, a banking crisis and a credit crunch because of the miss selling of sub prime mortgages in the US, creating toxic debts! The fact that they got us through, and got the economy back to growth with falling unemployment and unemployment never reaching the figures that some were predicting and they did this in just about 2 years, is nothing short of amazing!

Dangerous Gamble

The recovery is clearly slowing in the UK, where the housing market seems to be turning down again. Nationwide reported that house prices had fallen by almost 1 per cent in August, and poor lending data suggests more house-price drops are on the way.

The latest data on US jobs was also bad news. Unemployment increased to 9.6 per cent, while non-farm payroll employment changed little (-54,000) in August. President Obama is likely to announce further stimulus measures shortly, but Britain's Chancellor, George Osborne, is doing the opposite. This is a giant risk, without historical precedent.
On 2 September, Martin Wolf argued in the FT: "If the government were wrong on its gamble on recovery through retrenchment, the result would be a disaster for the country, not to mention the coalition." Even Boris Johnson has expressed worries about a double dip.
The data suggests that an economic hurricane is barrelling down on the British Isles. And the chances are this isn't going to be a sideswipe. It's heading straight for the coast. Watch out.

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______________Friday 10th September 2010________________
It's the Economy Stupid!

Question Is, Do You?
This is George Osborne's chance to back away from austerityThe OECD's volte-face over the dangers of spending cuts gives the chancellor plenty of cover to rethink his approach. If he doesn't, he will be making a catastrophic blunder 

Will he back away? Doesn't look like it, his reply to the OECD is to stick his well used middle finger up at them click the heels of his brand new "jackboots" together and totally ignore people that have forgotten more than Osborne is ever likely to know.  However it is strange as the OECD was the very thinktank that Osborne used to justify his £6 Billion cuts immediately after coming to office. (I won't say winning the election), because despite having every single paper in this country except the Mirror,  urging voters to vote for someone else and every single TV channel giving heavily biased reports towards the Tories, the labour party still denied the Conservatives an outright election win  and the Tory lead in polls dwindled daily, if the election was held a wek longer, the Tories would probably have lost! This means that the majority of people in this country did NOT want a Tory government, but thanks to the Liberal Democrats selling their core beliefs, their principles and their electorate completely down the river for the trappings of power and ministerial cars, this is exactly what we got, no way can the Tories and the Lib Dems claim that they have been given a mandate to carry out these brutal attacks on our people. Don't let the Liberal Democrats fool you that they accepted the challenge of forming a coalition government, to "curb the excesses of the Tories" and to "keep the Tories in check" and all the rest of the stuff they espoused at us, because as we know, this has been proved utterly ridiculous and totally untrue, the Lib Dems in government are just Tory tossing poodles, they are yes men, they are there simply to make the numbers up, Cameron bought them all, gave them jobs made them think they would be respected and now just refuse to listen to them and they now find themselves stuck and put out to defend the Tory cuts, but make no mistake because they defend these cuts, they are also their cuts and this is something that will never be forgotten.

Further Reading On cuts and OECD Response:   The Guardian

                                                      Tuesday 7th September 2010                                             

New Parliamentary Inquiry Looms as Coulson Agrees To Talk to Police
It Just Will NOT Go Away

David Cameron's director of communications, Andy Coulson, faces a fresh parliamentary inquiry after more allegations into the illegal phone-tapping at the News of the World under his editorship. The Home Affairs Select Committee will meet today and question the Metropolitan Police Assistant
Commissioner John Yates about Scotland Yard's handling of the investigation.

*Mr Coulson, the Conservative Party's most senior spin doctor, agreed to meet detectives to discuss developments in the case;
*Tony Blair had contacted the Met fearing that his phone had been tapped;
*The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, told the Met that there was evidence his phone had been hacked;
*The Prime Minister's spokesman repeatedly ducked giving a direct answer when asked whether David Cameron believed that Mr Coulson knew nothing about phone hacking at the News of the World;

Should the Home Affairs Committee investigate, it will be the second select committee inquiry into the scandal. Last year Mr Coulson told the Media Committee that he did not "condone or use" phone hacking techniques as editor of Britain's biggest-selling newspaper. But the committee condemned the newspaper executives' "collective amnesia" and "deliberate obfuscation".
The New York Times has claimed that the practice – which resulted in a reporter, Clive Goodman, and Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator employed by New International, being jailed – was more widespread. It is also claimed that detectives failed properly to investigate how pervasive the practice was, and that many potential victims were not alerted that their mobile voicemails may have been hacked.

Keith Vaz, the committee's chairman, said that Mr Yates will be asked about phone-tapping: "Since the New York Times publication and because of the concerns expressed in the House and beyond, it is obviously in the public interest that we should be questioning Mr Yates on this issue."
One member of the committee, the Liberal-Democrat MP Julian Huppert, has written to Mr Vaz asking that the committee begins an investigation into the police inquiry.
The Metropolitan Police has said that the investigation will remain closed until new evidence is produced.
Officers are keen to speak with Sean Hoare, a former News of the World, reporter who has claimed that phone hacking was rife. Scotland Yard refused to say when it would meet Mr Coulson.
Politicians and public figures have come forward to say that their names or phone numbers were found on the list but they were not notified by the Met until they approached the force.
Yesterday, the Labour MP Tom Watson raised the issue in Parliament, saying that Goodman was not the only journalist at that paper involved in the activity. Mr Watson named four others suspected of similar activities, and demanded to know which of them, if any, the Met had interviewed.
Any new inquiry would want to hear from Mr Coulson, Mr Yates and from Andy Hayman, the former Met assistant commissioner who oversaw the original investigation.

Yesterday Mr Hayman described the new allegations as "very interesting", adding: "If there is fresh revelations, everyone involved would want people to then revisit that so we can either draw a line underneath it or if someone needs to be held to book for it, then that can happen as well."
Mr Hayman, who now writes for one of Mr Murdoch's other papers, The Times, said there was nothing improper about him accepting a contract from News International soon after leading an investigation into one of its papers.
Any new evidence which implicates Mr Coulson would leave No 10 's director of communications fighting for his career. Mr Cameron's official spokesman repeatedly avoided giving a direct answer when asked if the Prime Minister believed Mr Coulson's account.

The New York Times Has Won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism and is resected worlwide.

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_________________________Monday 6th September 2010________________________

So Now Coulson "Volunteers" to Talk to  Police!

Well that is big of him, as almost certainly the police will be wanting to talk to him, he must think it is better thanbeing arrested!  I suppose he thinks he can head off a further investigation like this?
It Gets Worse For Andy Coulson, Prime Minister David Cameron's close aide and PR chief, as
MPs To Seek Fresh Investigation Into Phone-Hacking

Is this where the Brown "Bullygate" came from too? How about all those other leaks "coincidentally" making the public at critical times for the previous government? Where did all those leaks come from and how were they obtained?

Tories attempt to recast scandal as political point-scoring, as Labour MPs call for parliamentary investigation.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May are blocking attempts to have a fresh inquiry on the grounds that no new evidence has emerged, well it has according to the respected New York Times who ran this story over 7 pages, the New York Times won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism.

Well they would do and say this wouldn't they? The worry is that the Assistant Commissioner John Yates, may succumb to Tory government pressure and will not investigate this as fully as it should be investigated and this does not bode well for Cameron's plans to politicise the country's regional police commissioners as a whole.
Cameron has dug himself an even deeper hole by publicly backing Coulson 100%. Cameron was warned against hiring Coulson but chose to ignore advice making the very odd statement "that everyone deserves a 2nd chance", as first time round Coulson always declared his innocence and only resigned from his job at the News of the World because he said he took responsibility even though he maintained he knew nothing about these hacking claims, by saying that he deserves a 2nd chance is tantamount to admitting he was guilty of something in the beginning!

This whole affair goes directly to the heart of the Tory party and David Cameron's government. There is all kinds of connotations and connections here.
Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper, the sister paper of the News of the World, was the first paper to declare for Cameron's Tories prior to the UK general election. Murdoch owns News International and his papers and his news channels, Sky and Fox were the main culprits in running a hate campaign against Gordon Brown, using information gained from "investigative journalism". Murdoch is thought to have been granted swathes of the BBC, if it is broken up and sold off, which looks ever more likely. Rupert Murdoch's son and Rebekah Bloom gatecrashed the offices of the Independent newspaper during th election campaign, demanding that the Inde withdrew an advert about the Tories it was due to run.  Many has wondered just what Cameron has promised Rupert Murdoch in return for news International support, it is common knowledge that Rupert Murdoch himself was reluctant to support the Tories and was persuaded to do so by his son and since then they ran one of the most hate filled, vicious and untrue personal vendetta hate campaign against Gordon brown and the labour party.
It is thought that Cameron has promised Murdoch parts of the BBC as a pay off and shortly after the election, Rupert Murdoch was photographed entering and leaving 10 Downing Street by the rear entrance to try and  avoid the press.
 A very strange way for a news magnate to behave!
Of course Murdoch and Murdoch's son will know Andy Coulson, this story is beginning to take legs and walk in different directions.
For Cameron to publicly back Coulson like this could lead to bringing this government down, especially if it can be proved that Cameron interfered with any police investigation, or aided and abetted Coulson, knowing he had been lying to police and to Parliament.
If Cameron does not sack Andy Coulson, the very east he will be accused of is appalling judgement.
So much for "Mr David 'new politics' Cameron.
Seems to me this is not only old politics, but politics as bad as it can get. Cameron promised to sack failing ministers and MPs, so far he has not sacked anyone. we have a chancellor that cannot count and education secretary that cannot read and a home secretary that is not doing her job properly and a foreign secretary that employs his driver as an aide and sleeps in the same hotel room as him.

When is Cameron going to start cleaning up his filthy appalling sleaze ridden toff government?

"This case is much bigger than the voicemails of sports stars, or political point-scoring. Quite apart from the huge question marks placed over Coulson, a man at the epicentre of Cameron's circle, police integrity has been undermined. In the absence of a full inquiry, a proper parliamentary investigation could be the next best thing. A clear precedent for this was set when the privileges committee launched an inquiry into the arrest of the Tory MP Damian Green over the alleged leaking of documents.
Downing Street has remained silent, with sources saying that Coulson is "going nowhere" and that Cameron "totally and utterly" rejected the claim that he knew about phone hacking. But how much longer can they hold out for"?

The police are saying this was a thorough inquiry, but John Yates is now judging himself and his organisation.

This goes straight to the heart of the Tory Lib Dem Coalition government, it is making serious allegations about a member of staff that is in an extremely classified and privileged position, it is also calling into disrepute the Metropolitan police.
Just so there is no misunderstandings at all there should be a fresh police investigation, looking into Andy Coulson's past etc and there must also be a parliamentary inquiry, anything less is going to leave an indelible stain on this government, on the police, on proper investigative journalism and on this country's reputation abroad.

Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times, said: "Scotland Yard has declined our repeated requests for interviews and refused to release information we requested months ago under the British freedom of information law. After our story was published, Scotland Yard expressed renewed interest in the case and asked us to provide interview materials and notes; we declined, as we would with any such request from police. Our story speaks for itself and makes clear that the police already have evidence that they have chosen not to pursue."

The New York Times is renown for its  award winning investigative journalism, it ran a 7 page article, it would not have done this had it thought this matter had been investigated thoroughly and that the British police had acted properly.

If Cameron does nothing, the questions will be what he personally has to hide from preventing this story being investigated properly.

• No 10 PR chief says he will meet voluntarily

• May to answer urgent Commons question

• Detectives studying fresh claims
For Full Story see:


_______________________Monday 6th September 2010_____________________

Come On William "Out" With It!

It has emerged today that Conservative Foreign Secretary, William Hague and his [erm cough cough] young advisor on a taxpayers funded trip to Afghanistan *BEFORE* he was appointed his aide.
This is just going from bad to worse, not only is the foreign secretary probably being economical with the truth, he is funding his "lifestyle" with taxpayers money, while being part of a government that is attacking the poorest people, the elderly and women and the vulnerable  and making them pay more to subsidise greedy bankers while the MORE  rich and affluent you are the more you get away with it. The foreign secretary and his adviser also spent two days in Bahrain on the way back from Afghanistan, before flying 1st class back to the UK.
William Hague has demonstrated very poor judgement and it is not the first time his judgement has been questioned.
Hague should resign immediately!

_    ________________Sunday 5th September 2010_________________    __ 

Mr Hague's and Mr Myers Hotel Room

I  believe Mr Hague, although thousands don't wouldn't!

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"said Bill Clinton
Er oh yes you did, you little liar!

I wonder how long this ridiculous charade is going to be kept up? Hague has Cameron's  100% backing, but then so does Andy Coulson!  As I have said repeatedly Hague's sexuality is of no concern of mine, I really do not care, maybe his wife does but who knows? If these allegations turn out to be true, the truth will come out because it always does, he should know this!
What I do care about is the foreign secretary using his wife's miscarriages as some kind of virility totem pole.
Secondly I do care about Hague's lapses of judgement as I have set out further down the page, I think they compromise this country's security and they could leave him open to blackmail. Perhaps if Mr Coulson did not hack into any phones and computers etc, but he may " know a man who can? Maybe we could get to truth this way, this is one private life that actually does matter and the public do have a right to know if our security has been compromised.
One thing is for certain, the only person William Hague is fooling is himself. resignations, deeply personal statements?
Question for Hague the break in Bahrain did the taxpayer pick up the tab for this one?

              William Hague - Foreign Secretary Saturday 4th September 2010           

Well it appears the Story of Little Billy's willy is still upwardly mobile and refusing to lie down. We are told that it is perfectly normal for a multi millionaire to share his room with his young er [cough] adviser, nothing at all odd with that, even though it happened several times. Apparently, Willy was trying to save money and there was absolutely nothing in why the young advisers better qualified colleagues were put up in separate hotel rooms in another hotel nearby the luxurious hotel Mr Hague and Chris Myers were staying in.

Apparently is was just a lapse of judgement that the couple shared rooms, several times. Mr Hague tried to denounce rumours about Mr Myers and said he was indeed adequately qualified for his "position".

Whether this will die down or not, depends very much on what is revealed next, it doesn't look good though as little Billy is said to be thinking about his position, which points to something else yet to hit the newsstands. I wonder if Mr Hague is worried about the "new clothes", or perhaps the foreign holidays? No? That makes me wonder if Mr Myers who comes from Mr Hague's constituency, accompanied Mr Hague on foreign jaunts trips recently, say to Indian or the States etc? I wonder if they did, did they share a room to save costs?

No one seems to be asking this question so I will ask it, is My Myers Gay? If he is not, then perhaps this is what should have been mentioned in Mr Hague's statement, instead of using his wife's miscarriages, that would have been more to the point.

Of course Hague's judgement is flawed, it is actually deeply flawed, he has made a number of serious errors. He backed Lord Jeffrey Archer, for Conservative London Mayor and said Archer had his 100% support and that he was a "candidate of probity and integrity", er no he wasn't, days after that announcement, Archer was charged and later went to prison for his crimes.

Recently Mr Hague has been involved in Lord Ashcroft's dirty millions donations to the Tory party, Hague refused to answer questions put to him by Jeremy Paxman see the interview here Jeremy Paxman Tries To get Hague To Answer Question William Hague about 17 times to answer the question if he knew Lord Cashcroft Ashcroft was not registered in the UK for tax purposes and Hague avoided answering. If Hague has lied about this, how can we believe anything he says? Let's see if the Sunday papers bring anything tomorrow.


BBC News BBC Paxman/Hague Interview

Police and dirty politics The latest phone hacking revelations make the story even more shocking. David Cameron must sack Andy Coulson

More sleaze for the the Tories! Now it is Cameron's best buddy and adviser Andy Coulson.
What next for Mr New Clean Politics? 
It is barely 4 months into this new government and already they are deeply mired in sexual and financial sleaze and now possible corruption involving the police?

So far Cameron has been faced with some pretty serious sleaze, most of it proven and despite promising us all "clean" politics and we are in charge, load of guff, and promising that anyone discovered doing wrong will be sacked, Cameron has not yet managed to sack one person, he backs all the wrongdoers 100%
Cameron is revealing himself to be 100% Liar!
Now we know how he obtained stories while he was in opposition - probably illegally, oh I do hope this can be proved, a prime minister elected (or rather almost, nearly but not quite elected) and found to have used these kinds of methods, will have to go to the country and call a general election!


Read The Full Story -The Guardian: Andy Coulson-Police and Dirty Tricks

              William Hague - Foreign Secretary Thursday 2 September 2010                   

William Hague is forced to make a statement about his sexuality, after he was found to have shared a hotel room with one of his young advisers.
It is not his sexuality that bothers, quite frankly who cares, (except maybe his wife!) It does however bring his judgement seriously into question and he is the Foreign Secretary, this could compromise national safety as well as his own and his team.

Hague's Extraordinary Statement In Full:
"I feel it is necessary to issue this personal statement in response to press and internet speculation over the last ten days.
"Earlier this year a Sunday newspaper began questioning whether my marriage to Ffion was in trouble, and last week another media outlet asked whether there was a statement about our supposed separation. This seemed to be linked to equally untrue speculation surrounding the appointment of Christopher Myers as a Special Adviser.

"Christopher Myers has demonstrated commitment and political talent over the last eighteen months. He is easily qualified for the job he holds. Any suggestion that his appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.
"This speculation seems to stem from the fact that whilst campaigning before the election we occasionally shared twin hotel rooms. Neither of us would have done so if we had thought that it in any way meant or implied something else.
"In hindsight I should have given greater consideration to what might have been made of that, but this is in itself no justification for allegations of this kind, which are untrue and deeply distressing to me, to Ffion and to Christopher.
"He has now told me that, as a result of the pressure on his family from the untrue and malicious allegations made about him, he does not wish to continue in his position. It is a pity that a talented individual should feel that he needs to leave his job in this way.
"Ffion and I believe that everyone has a right to a private life. However, we now feel it necessary to give some background to our marriage because we have had enough of this continued and hurtful speculation about us.
"I have made no secret of the fact that Ffion and I would love to start a family. For many years this has been our goal. Sadly this has proved more difficult for us than for most couples. We have encountered many difficulties and suffered multiple miscarriages, and indeed are still grieving for the loss of a pregnancy this summer. We are aware that the stress of infertility can often strain a marriage, but in our case, thankfully, it has only brought us closer together.
"It has been an immensely traumatic and painful experience but our marriage is strong and we will face whatever the future brings together.
"Several years ago one Sunday paper reported that Ffion was three months pregnant, without ever checking the story with us. This made even more difficult the fact that we had only just experienced another disappointment.
"We have never made this information public because of the distress it would cause to our families and would not do so now were it not for the untrue rumours circulating which repeatedly call our marriage into question. We wish everyone to know that we are very happily married.
"It is very regrettable to have to make this personal statement, but we have often said to each other "if only they knew the truth..."
"Well, this is the straightforward truth.
I will not be making any further comment on these matters."
William Hague has been around parliament long enough to know that if knowledge of him sharing a room like this would cause him an immense amount of anxiety and may even yet bring about his resignation, yet he still went ahead and done this, not once but several times.
Rumours were already circulating about his sexuality BEFORE this emerged, yet he still went ahead and shared a room.
The other two advisers did not stay in the same hotel as Hague, they had to stay nearby in a cheaper hotel.
MR Hague is a multi millionaire, yet he chose to share a room, why?
If Christopher Myers has done nothing wrong then why resign?

I also bring into question his personal judgement in making such a deeply personal statement revealing his wife Ffion's multiple miscarriages, it is bad enough bearing the pain of one miscarriage, let alone multiple losses like this and if that wasn't bad enough she has to put up with these allegations and then have her private life splashed across every TV screen and every front page in the country, this is just ridiculous and not good enough. It is as if Mr Hague was trying to demonstrate his virility by boasting about his pregnancies, using them and her for sympathy and cover, it is as if he is saying look at me my wife has been pregnant several times, so I cannot possibly be Gay.

Mr Hague had better pray that no one discovers any thing about Myers. or anything else, if they do then he is gone.

"This is quite serious. We are now not talking just about Ashcroft's non-dom status, but about systematic tax avoidance in funding Conservative party activities such as polling. How far were the Conservatives aware that Ashcroft did not pay VAT, as would have been incurred by any normal polling activity?"The new allegations came amid growing concerns in David Cameron's circle over the handling of the affair by William Hague, his shadow foreign secretary.
It emerged earlier today Hague kept Cameron in the dark for at least a month after he learned that Ashcroft had renegotiated the terms of his peerage and acquired non-dom status
Hague Shows Poor Judgement On Non Dom Status
Hague's In Trouble Over Ashcrot's Millons.
William  Hague Shows Poor Judgement
The Tories can run but they cannot hide. Asil Nadir, Tory sleaze ball from 1980's and 1990's is back to haunt them. Amazing isn't it, that as soon as we have a TORY government, back comes Asil Nadir. Coincidence? You decide.

Saturday 28 August 2010 
  One of The Tory's Nemesis ~ Fugitive Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir returns to UK 

Who Is Asil Nadir?

Nasil Nadir is a former Tory Donor and has donated at least a million pounds to the Tory party in the past.

For those who do not remember and for those too young to remember, Asil Nadir is the Turkish Cypriot was the darling of the stock market in the 1980s because of the extraordinary growth in the value of his Polly Peck business empire, which he turned into a FTSE 100 component by 1989.  (See the Tory connection already?)
Nadir was allowed to to go on a rampage by the Tory government in the 1980's (Thatcher) and mastered a string of takeovers, Polly Peck went from being a small textile firm, to being a huge company, owning many household names, even delving into to fresh fruit and vegetable empires.

"Polly Peck collapsed in 1990 amid allegations, strenuously denied, that Mr Nadir had taken so much money out that it was unable to function. The Serious Fraud Office investigated and he was due to stand trial in 1993.

The affair was embarrassing for the TORY government. Mr Nadir had been a major donor to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party and the Northern Ireland Minister Michael Mates resigned over his links to Mr Nadir.

Just before his trial, Mr Nadir escaped in a private jet and travelled to northern Cyprus, which has no extradition arrangements with the UK. After 17 years, he has now returned to Britain to fight the charges. "
"Speaking from Turkey before flying to the UK, Mr Nadir told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Nadir said, he believed the legal "environment" was right for him to return." 

What does Nadir mean by the "legal environment"? Does he mean that we now have Tory government, with a Tory Home Secretary - Theresa May and a Tory Attorney General- Dominic Grieve and a Tory Minister of Justice - Ken Clarke? You decide!
Nadir returned to the UK and was immediately granted bail with bail conditions. *Surrendering his passport *Reporting to a police station once a week *Being prohibited from going near any airport.
Mr Nadir was charged with fraud and 66 counts of theft when he was chief executive of Polly Peck, a business empire he built from scratch which traded in products as diverse as groceries and electronics.

How Can Nadir Be Granted Bail?

It was alleged that he secretly transferred £34m out of the company, leading to its collapse. In 1993 just before he was due to stand trial, he fled to live in his native Cyprus.
How could bail possibly be granted in this case?  This case is about a man who is a multi-millionaire and who has already absconded from this country before he could be charged with serious fraud. What is to say he will not be simply abscond again if he feels things are going badly for him?
In 1992 he had pleaded not guilty to the SFO's allegations but was allowed to leave the court without a judge deciding whether he should be bailed or remanded.

When Mr Nadir fled in 1993, a judge issued an arrest warrant for breach of bail.
However, the Old Bailey ruled that Mr Nadir had not breached his bail because it had never been granted in the first place. It seems that Nadir has benefited from a "legal fog", it beggars belief that so many judges from the "old school tie establishment" could preside over a series of cock-ups!
The UK does not have an extradition agreement with northern Cyprus, because it does not have diplomatic relations with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The TRNC is recognised only by Turkey.

I wonder if this has any connection at with prime minister David Cameron want to "clear the path for Turkey to join the European Union"?

There is a human cost to all of this, some shareholders who lost money and faced financial ruin, were left almost penniless, are astonished that Nadir has been left to roam the streets and think he should go to prison.

Electronic Tag

Mr Nadir's trial is not expected to take place until 2012 because of the complexity of the allegations. He will have to wear an electronic tag until it ends.
However, here we get a real sense of why Nadir now thin ks that the "legal environment" is right for him to return as his his lawyer, Giles Bark-Jones, said they would launch an abuse of process argument, arguing there could not be a fair trial. There is no way this greedy man would leave his life of luxury in his beach house over looking the sea in Cyprus, if for one split second he thought there was the tiniest of risks that he would go to prison in the UK.

Personally I think this absolutely reeks of Tory government corruption and political interference. Asil Nadir has caused more controversy, it has been revealed that he donated £440.000 to the previous Tory government and Margaret Thatcher was know to regard Asil nadir as one of her "favourites".
Since coming back to the UK he has been seen laughing and joking outside his town house in London's exclusive Mayfair and has said that he is supporting the Tories and may even make more cash donations to them!


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