Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Who Is Behind Fatcat Bosses the 49 "Percenters"?

With news that FTSE 100 directors have seen their earnings increase by almost 50 per cent, I done a little digging on the lives behind the faces.

Michael Davis...Xstrata... £18,426,105 million

Michael Davis is number one on the list. Mr Davis is a big financial backer of the Conservative party he gave £150,000 to Conservative party central office over the last 21 months according to Electoral Commission records.

Over the past few months Mr. Davis has also given money to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove who raised £30,000 from donors – one of whom provided money for Dr Liam Fox’s unofficial adviser, Adam Werritty.

Mr Davis, the chief executive of the mining company Xstrata, gave Mr Gove £7,500 to support him “in the capacity as an MP”. Mr Davis has declined to comment.

Gus O'Donnell's report into the Liam Fox affair identified two previously unknown funders of Pargav, the company which paid more than £140,000 towards Werritty's first class flights and five star hotels.

One of these was Mick "the miner" Davis, the boss of the FTSE 100-registered mining company Xstrata and a leading figure in the UK Jewish community.

In June, Davis was among a delegation that included Zabludowicz, the chairman of Bicom, which met the foreign secretary William Hague to discuss the impact of the Arab spring on Israel. Last year Davis was at the centre of a fierce controversy within the UK Jewish community after he made highly critical remarks about the Israeli government.

Bart Becht ...Reckitt Benckiser...CEO...£17,879,000

Number two on the current list endorsed the Conservatives pledge to reverse a planned rise in national insurance. Cameron and Osborne deliberately misled the public in the run up to the 2010 general election, they let people believe that they would halt the planned national insurance rise, but in fact they did this for employers only, national insurance contributions were raised for employees - once again the Tories helping their corporate friends out while making workers pay extra taxes.

Bart Becht the man behind the Cillit Bang kitchen cleaner has shattered British records for executive pay after taking home more than £90m in cash and shares in one year. In addition to crystallising the long-term schemes, Becht received a salary of £987,000, a cash bonus of £3.5m and had £296,000 as a contribution to his pension fund. Becht was granted a further 900,000 options and share-related awards in 2009, which will pay out in future years.

He has been head of the company since it was created through a merger in 1999 with Norwich-based Reckitt & Coleman, he once let it slip that he thought some of the Cillit Bang products were very stupid. He doesn’t seem to mind fooling the public with his "stupid products" and taking home millions of pounds, while other people who struggle to buy his overpriced products struggle to live under the extreme austerity measures of the Conservative government.

Michael Spencer...ICAP...£13, 419, 619 million

Mr Spencer is number three on the list, and who is one of David Cameron’s closest allies is. He resigned as Tory party Treasurer after admitting to his inner circle that having two jobs means he is spread too thin and that "mistakes have been made" in the way ICAP has developed. He resigned after over-seeing the Conservative fund-raising push, through the election. When he became treasurer in 2006, the party had an£8m deficit. Today the Tory party is the richest party in political history and has in excess of £55 MILLION in its coffers.

Michael Spencer is/was the Chief Exec and founder of Experian. (More about Experian below) Mr Spencer alone has donated £2.6m to the Tories since January 2006, making him one of the party's most important donors.

Sir Terry Leahy ...Tesco...£12, 038, 303 million

In 2009 Sir Terry collected £ 5.2million in pay, bonuses and perks, while he is understood to have shares in Tesco worth more than £10million.
Sir Terry Leahy retired as head of Tesco it wasn’t to spend more time with his family it was probably "to spend more time with his private investments!

Lord Boswell of Aynho - Conservative Peer. Has or had shares in Tesco’s and Barclays

Forget the glowing Leahy eulogies that the right wing press has force feeding us about Leahy which can only be described as a cheap “fatty “diet abundant in sycophantic goo with a side order of gush. I'd say Sir Terry has done more damage to the fabric of British life than any other businessman in modern times, he’s helped destroy towns and the countryside and growers, dairy farmers and general farmers don’t like him very much either. He is well in with David Cameron too. In fact Cameron made good use of Leahy in his 2010 general election campaign. Cameron's new planning laws should pass the mustard with people like Leahy with their endless scandals - on land grabbing, price-fixing, the breaching of planning law, the shameless misleading of millions of customers into grabbing illusory bargainsand Tesco is at the illusionary bargains again, reducing things across their stores by a penny or two but vastly raising the prices of other items to pay for it, it is just a huge scam and Cameron allows this to happen. The core of “Leahyism”, and its supposed "brilliance", was the relentless forcing down of prices, but their producers and farmers do not get a share of those eye watering profits, they get paid a pittance for their produce.

Tom Albanese... Rio Tinto... £11,623,162

Chief executive, BS (Mineral Economics), MS (Mining Engineering).

Dominic Grieve, Conservative Attorney General had or has registered share holdings in Rio Tinto

Mr Grieve held or holds at least 240,000 of shares in mining firms Anglo American and Rio Tinto, bank Standard Chartered and oil giant Shell - all of which work in Zimbabwe.

In 2008 he defended his position, saying all the shares had been properly declared.

Robert Mugabe was sworn in as president in 2008 after a meaningless election 'run-off' in which his only opponent had pulled out after weeks of violence and intimidation.

Robert Mugabe said of David Cameron: "he's a man I could do business with".

Sir Martin Sorrell ...WPP Group...£8,949,985

Mr Sorrell was the face that took to the air to "justify" the 49% pay increases of CEOs and sits on David Cameron's business council and apparently it is only a matter of time before Sir Martin is ennobled as Lord Sorrell (he could be Lord Sorrell of taking your business out of the UK to avoid paying UK tax)

Previously Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of WPP, has said it is right that the BBC takes a substantial cut in its funding, he also said that he believed it was right that the BBC was being forced to take a budget cut of 16% in real terms over the next four years from April 2011, following the corporation's six-year licence fee settlement with the government.

Sorrell half-jokingly went on to say that "maybe Rupert and James Murdoch were right, maybe [the BBC] is too broad", citing the corporation's reduced licence fee funding as part of a broader global trend. "In a way what is happening here with the BBC is that its subsidy is being reduced. It is going in that direction. It is a sign of the times, of the straits we are in. Everyone has to do their part."! Mr Sorrell could always "do his bit" and forego his 49% pay rise as a sign of solidarity with those who have very little and who are being forced by the Tories to pay for the greed of the few in this country! Hypocrite!

In 2008 Martin Sorrell moved WPP Group to the republic of Ireland for tax purposes; he maintains it was a difficult decision made in the interests of shareholders. (How many UK jobs went with it?)

Before Osborne's budget, there had been speculation that the Treasury was aiming to get a high-profile company to announce its return to Britain. Business publisher United Business Media, which left three years ago, was first to oblige in the hours after Wednesday's budget, saying that it was "actively reconsidering" its tax base.

And after the budget in what appeared be to a carefully stage-managed announcement, Sorrell used an early morning appearance on the BBC's Today programme to declare his support for the changes in the budget that will cut the tax paid by UK-based companies on overseas earnings by three quarters. Barely two hours later, Osborne was also on the programme and welcomed WPP's potential return.

Sorrell said: "I wouldn't say it was orchestrated or choreographed." But he admitted there had been discussions between the government and WPP for many months, and particularly since the Davos summit.

So is WPP returning to the UK? Well if they have any plans it doesn't look like it is in the immediate future. This is just more deliberately misleading guff from the Tories, designed to make them look like they are doing better than they actually are.

Don Robert (Experian) £8,601,984

This is so hypocritical, Don Robert and Experian is the company selected by David Cameron and the “Tory” government to crack down on benefits fraud! What a pity that Cameron does not crack down on obscene pay and bonuses of Experian’s CEO, who make money out of other peoples misery! What a pity Cameron does not use Experian to crack down on those tax cheats that avoid paying their UK taxes and shift all their money into off-shore accounts. Benefit cheats are far outweighed by the type of tax dodging that goes on. Benefit fraud is estimated to cost around £1.5 billion, tax cheats like Vodafone is let off their £6 billion tax bill by Tory chancellor George Osborne and it dwarfs benefit fraud. Both is wrong, but benefit cheats in general tend to do it as a means to an end to survive and feed and clothe their families, while the likes of all these tax dodgers do it because they are greedy and want more and more money than they or their families can ever spend in their lifetimes.

Cameron has effectively put a price on the heads of people on benefits and Experian will act like a bounty hunter and will get a payment for each “fraudster” its sophisticated systems uncover. Cameron grossly overestimated benefit fraud and now companies like Experian will be making an estimated £50 million at least out of the state.

If Experian makes mistakes it could deprive rightful claimants of much-needed benefits, not mentioning the distress that can be caused. Experian holds records on 45m Number of UK adults!

Conservative Welfare Minister, Chris Grayling said:

"Why should the government not use the same tools available to independent organisations?"

"This is data that is publicly available, that is publicly on sale that is available to set out spending patterns – what loans you have taken out, what your overall patterns of spending in your life are.

"If there is a huge mismatch between the way you are living your life and the amount of money you are supposed to be receiving from the state in benefits, surely it is right and proper that we should be saying, 'How is that happening?' Where it is legitimate and legal to use data, I see no reason why government shouldn't do so."

Well Grayling would say that wouldn't he? Graylin was or is a shareholder of Experian.

Grayling also defended the payment of "bounties" to credit rating agencies that help to identify benefit cheats, while complete ignoring that this country has more of a problem with tax dodging cheats, many of which reside in the Conservative

Nobody approves of benefit cheats. But mining private data on a routine basis on the off-chance of catching people out is a disproportionate invasion of privacy.

There's a presumption of innocence in this country, and trawling everyone's credit data and treating us all as suspects seriously brings that into question.

George Osborne the Tory chancellor hired a team of accountants to avoid paying inheritance tax. People like Osborne let off companies like Vodafone, Phil Hammond Defense Secretary and Andrew Mitchell Overseas Aid Secretary, Welfare Minister, Chris grayling, Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, all have avoided paying UK tax in one way or another, or have all been shareholders in suspect companies yet these are the people sanctioning “bounty hunters” not only to wheedle out benefit cheats, but to spy on all of us!

Furthermore, by taking powers of legal investigation and enforcement which ought to sit with the state, and granting them to private organisations is a dangerous thing to do, especially when the same harsh lines are not being employed with the big tax avoiders in this country! This is the Tories genre after "privatisation" and use the private sector which ends up taking money out of the state and putting it in the bank accounts of people like those mentioned above and company shareholders. Some of these ministers are even benefiting from the laws and policies they are issuing.

Cameron and Osborne want to stop well off people claiming things like disability benefits, child benefits etc. yet Cameron has claimed disability benefits for his late son Ivan, he claims child benefits and so does George Osborne, they are both multi-millionaires and have been in politics for some time, receiving and excellent salary and expense claims, why do they need to claim and why are they pointing to others while doing the exact same thing? To put benefit fraud into perspective Cameron says£1.5bn is fraudulently claimed, the budget for social security/Benefits is£158bn, benefit fraud against tax avoidance is a drop in the ocean. Not a peep about the £15bn per annum of tax avoidance by the rich, or about the £5bn loophole for the Non Doms who fund the Tories. This country’s problems can be addressed if tax avoidance was tackled, but it isn’t, not properly I wonder why?

Dominic Grieve the Conservative Attorney General also has or had registered share holdings in Experian also has or had Registrable shareholdings: Rio Tinto Shell Diageo GlaxoSmithKline Reckitt Benckiser Schroders Home Retail Group Anglo American Platinum Corp Astrazeneca Ord. Standard Chartered LVMH BHP Billiton Experian

Dominic Grieve also received financial support from the “Midlands Industrial Council” read all about the MIC on this blog here

Grieve also has this listed with the Remunerated employment, office, profession etc: Barrister. Ex-member of Lloyds' reinsured into Equitas and a member of NACDE, a Names Action Group.

Michael Spencer (registered number 3 on the 49% CEO List) is/was the Chief Executive and founder of Experian and is also a major Tory party donor!

Bob Diamond....Barclays....CEO....Awarded Himself £27 million paydeal

Shortly before the highly controversial chief executive of Barclays went on the John Humphrys show on BBC Radio 4 to lecture us all on credit and the need for austerity measures, he had awarded himself a 327 million pay deal.

Jonathan Djanogly, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice who is piloting controversial plans to cut legal aid and curb pay-outs – a move that could benefit the insurance industry to the tune of £1bn a year – has investments worth at least £250,000 in companies with insurance arms.

Who Is it really that is "all in it together"?

Prime Minister David Cameron called for more boardroom responsibility. Deputy PM Nick Clegg called it a "slap in the face" for millions who were struggling.

During the run-up to the general election Cameron also pledged that he would ensure that the pay between boardroom and shop floor was narrowed in fact the gap between boardroom and shop floor pay has got wider and wider and while workers pay is not keeping up with inflation and some workers pay is frozen and others have taken an actual pay cut to help out "struggling bosses", no we see the gap between workers pay and their bosses has just increased by 49% and all that Cameron and Clegg can do is offer patronising mealy mouthed words.

These greedy bosses sit on each other’s ‘remuneration committees and wave through each other’s’ offensive pay rises. An average rise of 49 per cent includes vast rewards for failure while employees, shareholders and customers suffer. It is the greedy bosses and the Conservative party enabled by the Liberal Democrats t who are in it the trough together, while we are left floundering and struggling with this craziness.

Many FTSE bosses then have the brass neck to whine about paying 50 per cent tax. It’s high time they showed leadership and restraint. Perhaps HMRC should also conduct enquires as to where these people keep their money.

Labour said the pay increases were part of a "something for nothing" culture. While he said that "People are not against those at the top getting higher rewards if those rewards are earned, if more wealth is created, if more jobs are created," Ed Miliband, also said this was not the case here as the stock market had not risen to match the salaries.

In fact it was to this very thing that Ed Miliband spoke of in his conference speech, for which he was much ridiculed by David Cameron and assorted Tories and their cohorts in the right wing press "red Ed" they started screaming again, while denouncing what he had said, now a few weeks later the truth has emerged and we discover that Ed Miliband is correct once again.

Ed Miliband the leader of the labour party is the only mainstream politician to be trying to offer a change in the way this country does business,, we the public must make up our minds whether we are going to fall for more of Cameron's lies and deliberate misleading’s, or we are going to try and trust someone who is basically an decent honest man who has the brains and the integrity to try and get us out of this mess , one thing is for certain, the Tories do not have either!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alistair Darling Kept Britain Out of the Permanent Euro Bailout Fund

Who kept Britain out of the permanent Euro bailout fund?

Alistair Darling - according to documents released by the Treasury following an FoI request made by Douglas Carswell.

Mr Darling made it clear "there could be no question of a residual liability on non-euro area member states".

View Freedom of Information papers Here

Once again David Cameron is caught out lying to the public and totally misleading them, this is happening every time Cameron comes to Parliament, when is the Speaker going to do something about this?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Fun Being Part of the Lower 99%

Occupy London - has arrived and looks like it is here for the duration. 

Peaceful demonstrations have been taking place outside St Paul's Cathedral in London and as more demonstrators arrive another camp is being erected elsewhere. Demonstrations that started in Spain by a group calling themselves "Indignados" and then spread to Greece and Europe, and then into Wall Street in America, before going global and spreading to 900 cities have now arrived in Britain. These "occupations" are a sign of growing anger against corporate greed and the banking industry that caused many of the world's financial problems and hardships. If our governments choose to ignore this rapidly growing movement, they do so at their peril. This is a sign that the "people" have finally had enough and are now attempting to take power back from "capitalistic greed mongers". This is a rapidly growing wave of anger aimed at social and economic injustice meted out upon the 99% by governments and financiers and corporations known as the "1%".

So now people can plainly see that it wasn't Gordon Brown and the previous Labour government's spending on schools, hospitals, nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers and police to the great benefit of the country and our people that caused the problems in the UK or the global financial recession and all the problems in Europe and the "euro-zone" after all. This was all lies, smokescreens and fabrications invented by the present prime minister, David Cameron, his chancellor George Osborne and lackey "pretendy" deputy prime minister, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, in order to get their own greedy capitalistic hands on Britain's reins of power. In fact, despite coming through the worse global financial recession and banking collapse for over 100 years when Labour lost the general election in May 2010, they handed over the country's economy to George Osborne, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg  in much better shape than it is now! 

It has taken Cameron, Osborne and Clegg barely 17 months to ruin the economic recovery that was under-way under the previous Labour government and reverse growth, falling unemployment and consumer confidence. They were told repeatedly that their austerity measures were going too far and cutting too deep but buoyed by Labour's economic recovery they inherited, they thought they could afford to ignore all the advice from most the world's leading economists and still inflict their misery upon us all. 

George Osborne who is not and economist ignored world leading economists warnings, just like the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley who is not a doctor, is ignoring all the advice and warnings from virtually every part of the medical world in order to inflict his Health and Social care reforms bill upon us, Osborne and Lansley are from different departments but the agenda is the same  -  cuts and privatisation! The introduction into all our public services of the private sector, the big health care providers and financial corporations that actually caused the world's problems are now being encouraged to come in and take from the state even more money which will result in funds being diverted away from all public services, schools hospitals and the NHS in general and find its way into the bank accounts of these private corporation shareholders - the 1% which will cause utter devastation chaos and confusion in the NHS, education, police and all our public services.

The people profiting out of our misery in this depression are the very people who clearly caused the worse global recession for over 100 years, which are usually found among "friends of the Tory party", hedge funds, City analysts, bankers and greedy corporations. These are the very people who donate millions of pounds to the Tory party, see my comprehensive list of Tory donors and remember that these are the same kind of "Conservatives" in other countries who run their banks, hedge funds and corporations who all go to makeup - the 1%. 

The word "Conservative" is not just a political party in the UK; it is used to describe all those that live and die by the rules of "conservatism". Their rules are simple, Conservatives advocate the preservation of the rich elite at the expense of the 99% and they will give who they deem to be the underclass (the 99%) just enough to keep them solvent and now in these days of financial turmoil they are seeking to take away what little some have in order to make them pay to keep the 1% in their way of life. The British Conservative party and the British Government are part of the 1%!

The Conservative chancellor George Osborne came in after the election probably with an already devised plan to make 99% of people pay for what the richest 1%, better known as the financiers, the investors, the bankers, the corporations, the traders and those vile creatures - the hedge funders and all those that make money out of our debt and our misery had done to this country through their appalling greed and reckless gambling with our money which was/is deposited in their banks. Significantly it is now the very same people that caused our current problems who are now causing even bigger problems and it is those very same people who are now being consulted by governments to find ways of getting us out of the mess they themselves have created. It is like having a murderer investigate his own crime, or a wheel clamper in charge of clamping his own vehicle! These people are doing this while maintaining their own lifestyles and forcing us -the people - the 99%  in all countries into the harshest of austerity measures, cutbacks on public spending in welfare, health and public services and in each of these countries the dramatic cuts in public spending is having a catastrophic effect in the world's markets by choking off economic recovery and strangulating growth, and without growth, then the world is just going to keep going round and round and round on this gross financial nightmare merry-go-round. The people that will suffer the most will be the 99%. 

In the UK, George Osborne's plan to sack 500.000 public sector workers and civil servants is now in progress and with devastating results not only on those being sacked and their families, but on the nation as a whole and standards of living are falling dramatically. Not only has Osborne inflicted measures that are having a catastrophic effect on unemployment but he has also frozen wages of nurses and midwives, armed forces, all public sector employees and all civil servants, he has slashed benefits and services causing distress and hardship to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. It is bad enough to be a part of the so-called "99%" however, if you happen to be at the lowest or lower end of the 99% then you are going to be disproportionately affected by Osborne's austerity measures. The evidence is now clear, Osborne's plans are not working and it is the lower end of the 99% who are feeling the most pain, it is almost as if this Conservative government are punishing people for being poor, or sick, or disabled, or young, or female, or elderly.

For example we have reached a situation where disabled people feel they are being attacked not only by their government, but by others higher up the 99% chain. It works like this,  in order for the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to get the electorate to accept their attacks on ordinary people, the vulnerable, the disabled, women, children and the elderly etc., all people that in normal circumstances most people would want to see protected and not damage their chances of re-election, David Cameron and George Osborne are employing the nasty politics of hate and envy and the old "divide and conquer" rule. They have set out on a mission to set person against person within the 99% group by encouraging attacks on each other, it's;

  • Private Sector workers....versus....Public sector workers
  • Able bodied people.... versus.... Disabled People
  • Haves...versus....Have Not’s
  • Employed...versus...Unemployed
  • Those not claiming benefits....versus....those forced to claim
  • Couples....versus....single parents
  • The childless....versus....those with children
  • The public school educated...versus...state educated
  • Society......versus.....society
The results of this appallingly dangerous policy of re-election that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are playing can only be termed as nauseating and reckless in the extreme and will without a single doubt have a catastrophic effect on the very fabric of our society and if it is not stopped we will see the devastating effects in communities up and down this country and in record time. I state this without the slightest hesitation or exaggeration. We are all witnessing the stirrings, the beginnings of these very frightening phenomena on our streets, in our towns and in our cities. Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are playing to the very base instincts of frightened people, people that they (Cameron, Osborne and Clegg) have previous and purposefully frightened and deliberately misled.

Now that the dust has settled on the summer of rioting in the UK, take a closer look at "cause and effects" of the dangerous game that Cameron is playing with the 99% in this country. It is too easy for glib publicity seeking politicians like David Cameron to turn around and blame what happened on “poor parenting” and “lack of discipline in the home and school” and on “single parents” etc, yes some of it may play a part, however, the causes of such behaviour go far deeper than that, the roots of this behaviour are deep and they are now propagating and sending up shoots in the most unlikeliest of places. I believe the summer riots were an accumulation of many different factors within our society where smouldering resentment suddenly came to a head and caution, common sense and social responsibility went right out of the window which is why there were people from all walks of the 99% who would not normally even dream of becoming involved in those riots and that kind of behaviour became caught up in it all. It was as if something was triggered deep down inside their psyches and it all just boiled over into the street and it is all too easy to just attribute blame to those from poorer sections of society that behaved in this fashion as David Cameron has done, but it is not just them and if the lesson of the 2011 summer rioting is not heeded then repeats of it will become all the more frequent and it is probably all building up again as we speak. The unfortunate death of Mark Duggan shot dead by police was not the cause of the rioting but it was the catalyst!

So in the future if needed, how do the police forces of this country hope to be able to respond to such wide scale violent civil disorder when their numbers will be drastically cut by Osborne and Cameron?  Such violent civil disorder will almost inevitably be seen as the fruit of the seeds of resentment that
Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are sowing now as they seek to turn citizen against citizen, in order to carry out undisturbed their right win ideological agenda?

Especially when the Conservative government of David Cameron and George Osborne is being fully enabled by the doltish Liberal Democrats "pretendy" deputy pm and "pretendy" cabinet and government ministers in cutting at least 13,000 police officers and 18,000 backroom staff that enable  police officers to get on with the job of policing?  How will they flood the streets of London (or any major City) with 10,000 extra police like they were forced to do last summer when they have sacked 13,000 officers? How will the inadequately trained special constables which is policing on the cheap and policing on the free who are not, and will not, be riot trained cope with violent disorder on the scale we saw last summer? Will we be asking these people and their families to pay with their health or even their lives all in the aid of David Cameron's vanity "Big Society" project, where we the 99% give everything, even our lives and he sits back in Downing Street and accepts the plaudits?  Who suffers in clashes of violent civil unrest the most? Of course it is us, it is the 99%! We are the vulnerable ones, we are not able to sit in large houses protected by security guards high fences and electric gates, and we are those who are living in the towns and Cities on the roads and housing estates that will take the brunt of civil disorder and violent unrest.  Crime is already starting to rise again as a direct consequence of the Tory cuts in policing, the last time crime rose was 16 years ago, the last time we had a Tory government in Britain. 

Take a look at the situation in Greece; our government is fond of telling us if we do not accept these austerity measures they are forcing upon us then we will end up like Greece. This is just not true that is yet another complete Conservative/Cameron/Osborne/Clegg lie for a number of reasons, not least because our ability to pay back our debt in the UK was never in doubt and we are not in the euro and we set our own interest rates and the last Labour government handed over historically low interest rates, however, as the Tory imposed cuts in public services bite and unemployment soars and living standards plummet, what is happening on the streets of Greece will eventually reach this country as the government force more people out of work and people are forced to fight for their families and their very existence, in fact, with the peaceful "Occupy London" demonstrations, the fight back has already started, this the thinnest end of the wedge is already here and if our concerns and needs are continued to be ignored by government it will mushroom until our leaders concede that capitalism in its present state does not work, has never worked, and will never work!

When leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, made his speech at the Labour party conference recently, he was shouted down very quickly, big business, bankers and the Tory party leading the shouts, this happened because they (the 1%) recognised something in that speech that chilled them to the bone. Ed Miliband said we have to find an alternative to the way we do business as a country and we have to have "ethical" trading, ethical banking and ethical corporations, notably the most outspoken critics of Ed Miliband's words came from the 1% and it came from them for the very reason that under a new working system of ethical business practices and ethical banking practices it will be this country's top 1% that will then become the hardest hit and if it spreads, so it would be in other countries too. Why should those people that run those corporations, which run the utility companies, be allowed to profiteer forcing millions into poverty and fuel poverty, forcing people to choose between heating their homes or eating?  In my opinion, far from being afraid to be seen on the left, Ed Miliband should take it and embrace it and combine an ethical left, with and ethical right and ethical green policies and some sort of Robin Hood tax, I believe he and others would be pleasantly surprised and would welcome a readjustment in the way we do business in this country, it is the way forward and I believe it is the way forward for every single country, including China and India, because without the rest of the world and ethical  global economy those two countries will not be able to sustain themselves either.

The realignment of the world's economy is taking place right now and if the 99% do not stake their claim then we will be left out again for the next 100 years, as the realignment is being influenced once again by the top 1%, we cannot afford to allow these people, the 1%, to take all of the world's wealth, this time it can and it must be distributed properly and fairly, everyone must feel part of our society and every one must be given the opportunity to work for a fair share in the stakes and the wealth of our country.

Without a doubt we are witnessing one of the most deceitful, corrupt sleaze ridden governments of all time, from Murdoch, Coulson to the Fox/Werritty affairs it is corruption on a grand scale and the people at the heart of it all are prime minister, David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne and the people picked upon so badly and "demonised" by this Conservative led government are, ironically, the people that could help us out of recession they are the ordinary people, the builders, the production workers, the small businesses etc., who would be gainfully employed by the state to build the things that this country really needs. The public sector workers and the civil servants, if they were not sacked they would be spending in the economy, houses would be being bought and built, extensions built, soft furnishings, DIY thriving, leisure centres bursting with life, theatres thriving, cinemas busy, shopping centres and high streets not resembling ghost towns any longer - we the 99% actually have the solution to our problems, but we have been fooled into thinking the solution is actually the problem and that is Cameron and Osborne's biggest and cruellest lie of all. We can get out of this position however, first the British have to grow a spine and stop fighting each other (as Cameron and Osborne wish us to), and stop believing Cameron who is the biggest liar in the history of British politics, we must make it known we have no confidence in this government who blatantly lied and tricked us into giving them power and demand a general election in order to get rid of this lying conniving Conservative government and throw out their evil forces of "conservatism" once and for all and this must take place in every single country. These are our countries they do not belong to the 1% the power is not their divine right the power is ours and we must take our destiny into our own control "United we stand divided we fall" has never been truer than it is today and for the first time we Brits must make a stand. We have to go for something like Ed Miliband's vision of an "ethical" economy if we fail to do this, then be prepared for at least 100 years of abject misery and be prepared to inflict this pain upon our children, their children and their children and so on. We have to learn as a nation there is nothing wrong with a government in power hiring people to look after our people, there is nothing wrong with having an excellent and free health service, education service and welfare service, as is being proved now, none of us 99% know when we may be in need of it. What else do we actually want a government for? The choice is now bleak, it is ours and it is staring us in the face, do we choose to be part of the downtrodden subservient 99% or do we stand up to the 1% and take our futures and our future generations futures into the control of the people? Not Capitalism, not Communism, but an ethical green economy and ethical taxation system.

The way forward is ours we just have to seize it back from the evil that is the forces of conservatism!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cameron Misleads Parliament and the Public Again!

How many times is Cameron going to be allowed to get away with deliberately misleading the House of Commons and the public? This time he deliberately trashed the reputation of Gordon Brown with a deliberate lie and he should be made to retract his comments.

In a bid to evade answer questions about his former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, Cameron read out a list, the list contained a comment about the former prime minister Gordon Brown:

"Gordon Brown has received £120,000 for giving speeches to organisations like Credit Suisse. We knew he had put money into the banks, Cameron says. We did not know he would be getting money out of them so quickly"

Cameron deliberately gave the impression that Mr Brown had pocketed this money when nothing could be further from the truth, since leaving office Gordon Brown has donated all the fees he has received from talks and lectures and appearances and  he has given to charity, he has not profited one iota from his work, or from any book he has ever written, it has all gone to charity. This is the measure of the man, what a pity that David Cameron cannot say that about himself or his greedy grovelling power starved money hungry ministers and cabinet ministers.

The British prime minister continues to heap shame and ridicule on this country, he is a despicable lying runt of a man, who is only in politics for the kudos he thinks it brings him. this government is incapable of getting anything right, it is totally incompetent and devoid of common sense or any ideas and it is ruining this country.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Day George Osborne Shot David Cameron's Huskies

The Tory government in opposition promised to be the "greenest government ever", but yesterday the chancellor put paid to any lasting hope that they would keep their promise when he confirmed:

 "that Britain will abandon its leadership role in climate change when he said it would not go further than other EU countries in its commitment to cut its carbon emissions.
              "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business".

Thus delivering the final blow to his boss David Cameron fictitious "green campaign promise, by "shooting his huskies stone dead"!
Cameron and his photo Opportunity Huskies

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"If You're Not Careful the Newspapers Will Have You Hating The Oppressed And Loving The Oppressors"

Last Tuesday Ed Miliband delivered his second speech to the Labour party conference since he became leader of the opposition and days later the speech was still being debated on TV, radio and the press, whatever you may think of Ed Miliband this has to be considered a success, he wanted to start a debate off and this is exactly what he has done.

He has been pilloried in the right wing press because he has dared to signal he is prepared to take on the bankers, the asset strippers and the hedge funders to bring about much needed change to the way this country does business.

"If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the oppressed and loving the oppressors" 
Malcolm X.

Labour is the only real party of opposition, certainly the only party who stands a chance of ousting Cameron from number 10, we cannot depend on the Liberal Democrats who sold their granny for a shot of power and now find themselves stuck to a deviant Tory party hell bent on destroying the NHS, education, and the welfare state.

David Cameron is behaving like a megalomaniac on speed. His behaviour is becoming increasingly bizarre, yet no one in his party is either prepared or capable of stopping him. He is riding roughshod over parliamentary democracy and constitution and is now trying to take away workers rights in the work place and also human rights.

The Tories are ruining this country, they are tearing it apart, they had no mandate to privatise the NHS but this is what they are doing, they had no mandate to deny people their basic human rights, but this is what they hope to do, they had no mandate to take away workers rights, but this is what they are going to do.

For all those people who work in the private sector and were used by David Cameron as his personal "attack dogs", fired up and then set loose on the public sector over pay and pensions and redundancies, remember this Tory party conference, because this is where the rights of the private sector workers will start  to be eroded too. You have been used and you have been warned.

Yesterday it was public sector workers, today it is you and your rights, and you and your children's futures hanging in the balance.   Cameron has already started his attack on pensioners, Disabled people, the young, the sick and the vulnerable and now today we learn that Cameron is to start attacking the unemployed, he is going to cut the allowance of those still attending job clubs if they do not get a job after six months, yet there are NO jobs to be had and it is this Tory government who have pushed up unemployment which is now threatening to spiral out of control.

Who or what will it be tomorrow?

The only reason that David Cameron and George Osborne can do what they are doing to British society is because of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, they are an abomination and a blot on the history of our country for enabling this most right wing of Tory governments impose their right wing ideology upon us. An ideology that will see the ruination of hundreds of thousands of jobs and public services, push hundreds of thousands out of their homes and on to the streets, a privatised NHS, a two tier education system, fewer police, doctors, nurses, teachers and our country's defence left weak and unable to protect us, especially against terrorist attacks.

 If the Liberal democrats had a spine they would walk away from this Tory government that is growing more repugnant with each passing day, they would force it to govern as a minority government and then take part in a vote of no confidence to help remove this evil Tory scourge from our country before it can harm anyone else, but alas the Liberal Democrats have no spine they are "weak...weak...weak" and they have truly shown they can never be trusted in government.