Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alistair Darling Kept Britain Out of the Permanent Euro Bailout Fund

Who kept Britain out of the permanent Euro bailout fund?

Alistair Darling - according to documents released by the Treasury following an FoI request made by Douglas Carswell.

Mr Darling made it clear "there could be no question of a residual liability on non-euro area member states".

View Freedom of Information papers Here

Once again David Cameron is caught out lying to the public and totally misleading them, this is happening every time Cameron comes to Parliament, when is the Speaker going to do something about this?


prickly said...

It infuriates me that had this been a Labour PM it would have made headline news and we'd never have heard the end of it!

Nicky said...

Good point by prickly.

Cameron gets away with lying so much because our feeble, Tory-loving media lets him get away with it.

It's on the record that Justine Greening (formerly at the Treasury and now Transport Minister) responded some time ago with a handwritten note when requested information about Darling's role regarding bail-outs. Darling had phoned Osborne to consult him (it was during the few days hiatus after the General Election) and Boy George had agreed with Darling's decision.

Osborne and Cameron later lied about this.

Gracie Samuels said...

Exactly so, we have this terrible almost pathological liar in number 10, yet the papers all seem to be cahoots NOT to expose him and this "Tory" government for exactly what it is. I am honest, I am pragmatic, I know when Labour were in power they did things worng, made mistakes etc, but I also know they did much right. Things were never as bad as this, not even when we were in the midst of the global financial recession and the banking collapse.

Where are the people that will stand up for the ordinary person in this country? Every time that Ed Miliband tries to make a stand against the establishment, the establishment rolls into action and tries to crush him - what is going on? Could Cameron, Osborne and Clegg be even more corrupt than we are now beginning to find out?