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The "Quiet Man" Housing Cuts IDS Gets His Mansion Free (And Avoids Paying UK Inheritance Tax)

Tory Welfare "Cutter" and UK Inheritance Tax
"Quiet Man" Iain Duncan Smith (IDS)

Tory welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith - the man slashing housing benefit for hard-up families - is living in a £2million Tudor country pile for FREE.

Unlike worried Britons facing homelessness because of his savage cuts, the former Tory leader, 56, has the run of a palatial home which doesn't cost him a single penny in rent or mortgage.

 (How utterly surprising - not - IDS is in charge of cutting YOUR benefits and Jobseekers allowance and told us recently that we must all get on a bus and find work, because it really is that easy! Remember your JSA will be cut and your housing benefit will be cut by 10% if you, like the other 4 million the Tories intend to have unemployed, cannot find work within the year! Good of the mega filthy rich bastard isn't it?)

The Grade II listed building, complete with swimming pool, tennis court and five acres of gardens, is the ancestral home of his wife Betsy's multimillionaire aristocratic family.

(If we really are "all in this together", they won't mind if I take the kids and pop round to take a dip in their posh pool - will they?)

Not only does the house come free, he doesn't have to worry about his four children paying inheritance tax on it because he and his wife are not technically the owners of the 16th Century home, in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire.

(TBF, IDS is not the only one in the Tory party who lives virtually "tax free" and not have to pay inheritance tax, neither does the Tory Chancellor and "cut-ter" (sorry I accidentally omitted the 'n') extraordinaire - George Osborne, he and his siblings and father all got together and devised a way to use a loophole so they did not have to pay their proper UK taxes either, clever at this tax dodging these Tories aren't they?)

(Hampstead the home of the mega-rich)

Mr Brooks lives in a stately home in Wistow, Leicestershire, and Conservative activist Mr Knocker, 74, lives in a £650,000 country home near Salisbury, Wilts.

(Whoops naughty naughty Mr IDS, you are using tax loopholes to avoid paying UK tax again! can we do that too? Or will we be prosecuted and imprisoned?)

They [the IDS's] lived in a townhouse in Fulham, south-west London, but sold it for £721,000 in 2002 after moving into the huge ancestral house in Swanbourne.

Mr Duncan Smith commutes between Westminster, Swanbourne and his constituency of Chingford
and Woodford Green on the wealthier fringes of east London, where he rents a flat in a converted house.

(It's alright for some all these big posh homes all over the place, still no doubt IDS and Betsy, will of course turn over a couple of their homes to help house the homeless when the Tory chancellor cuts their housing benefits.
Remember IDS? He was once the Tories leader, he is the "Quiet Man" seems he has been very quiet abut his taxes.
I did not vote for him! Still if you did, I hope you realise that you have been well and truly conned, shafted and that is not really your fault you fell for the confidence tricksters, just don't let them fool you anymore and vow, NEVER, EVER vote Tory again!)


Read The Full Story - IDS ~ The Sunday Mirror

Mrs Duncan Smith's brother is listed on the electoral roll as living at the house, but is understood to spend most of his time at a property 50 miles away in Hampstead, north London.

The Human Face Of Cameron's and Osborne's Cuts. "War veteran Wilfred, 94, has his carer axed as councils react to Government cuts "

 "I'd Be Better off Dead" Says Wilfred!

(No Wilfred you won't, try not to worry, just as you once fought for us, we will now fight this Fascist Tory and Liberal [poodle]Democrat Government for you)

A war veteran of 94 has been told his “lifeline” carer is being taken away in a heartless decision that should leave Chancellor George Osborne ashamed of his brutal cuts.
Wilfred Hardy – who has a heart condition and can walk only short distances with a stick – was ­assessed by doctors and approved for a carer by his local council after he suffered a stroke in 2008.
He relies on his carer’s daily visits, for as well as looking after him she is his only real contact with the outside world.

(Is this is the kind caring "compassionate Conservatism" that David Cameron was talking about?)

But last week he was told that town hall bosses – struggling to balance the books after Osborne announced 28 per cent cuts for local councils – are axing his care.

(Is this what you voted Cameron and Osborne in for? Did you give them a mandate to do this?)

“Having a carer was my lifeline – now they’ve taken it away what have I got? I feel the best thing to do now would be to kick the bucket.
“I spent the three years in the desert fighting for this country and I’ve worked hard all my life, and this is the thanks I get from David Cameron and George Osborne.”
“I can’t walk very far and sometimes I have to stop people and ask them to help me if I can’t carry on – I’m always falling over.

(That doesn't matter Wilfred, Cameron and Osborne do not care, you are not part of their rich elite, would David Cameron have treated his disabled father in this fashion?)
"It’s so nice to see a friendly face and have someone to talk to. It was the only contact I had with the outside world
(All you who think these cuts do not matter, this is the very human face of them. Wilfred is NOT a scrounger, but David Cameron and George Osborne would have us believe that he is, which is their excuse for these swingeing welfare cuts! "Swingeing Cuts" That Cameron PROMISED us he would NOT do - He LIED!)

Then last week a lady from the council came round. She told me they had decided I didn’t need care and there would be no one coming round again. I was very upset.”

(Can't you just weep for him? But tears are no good, our tears will not help Wilfred, he needs us to get out there and fight for him, just as he once fought for us. There are hundreds more "Wilfreds" whose plight is not noticed, we MUST fight for them. Remember Wilfred and back the strikes if and when they happen, workers are not losing their pay for nothing, they are sacrificing it for us! Go On the marches, write your to your MPs, join pressure groups, join the Labour party and help us put pressure on the government, what ever you can do, please do it - Together we can help Wilfred and all those like him - Together we can bring this heartless fascist government to its knees - They work for us - They do as we tell them and we tell them to leave Wilfred and other vulnerable people alone!)

Wilfred’s former carer Natalie Temple, 24.
“He can’t cook for himself very well – he drops things if he tries to get them from the oven. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been scalded.
“And he is he is very unsteady on his feet and has had a lot of falls. If he didn’t have someone coming in regularly I would worry that if he fell it would be days before he was found.”

(This is back to the nasty party, back to the 80's, back to the Tories who rode roughshod over us then and are trying to do worse now, by picking on innocent vulnerable people)

A council spokesman said they stood by their decision to take away ­Wilfred’s carer ­according to “fair access to care” criteria. He said: “Mr Hardy is a ­remarkably resilient person who, despite his 94 years, is able to live in his own home.
“He has been given and will continue to get the support he needs. He lives in sheltered accommodation with a scheme manager on hand.”

The council would know that a 94 year old is a resilient? Are they completely insane? I'll try to find out who runs this council, my guess it will be a Tory or a Liberal Democrat controlled council, or a Tory/Lib Dem coalition council. The scheme manager the council mentions, would this be a warden on the premises, or a manager that has several schemes to manage at once, making their response times longer? How long would it take this "scheme manager" to find Wilfred if he had a fall? How many times per day is this "scheme manager" actually present in the building for and for how long? Where does this manager run the daily check on all residents in all the schemes she/he manages per day from? Is it from a central control or is it from the building itself? The council says that Wilfred is mobile, so would the scheme manager put a non reply of a check down to him being out? Or perhaps on the floor waiting to be found? Would David Cameron have had his own father subject to this abuse of the elderly and infirm?
Read Wilfred's Full Story:    ConDem Cuts

Fascist Tory/Coalition Government ~ Now Cameron's War on Workers Rights!

David Cameron is plotting to strip millions of workers
of their protection from the sack in advance
of one million job cuts.
That is YOUR Rights He is Taking Away
Did You Vote Him In To Do This?

 David Cameron is plotting to strip millions of workers of their protection from the sack in advance of one million job cuts.
The Prime Minister wants to double to TWO years the time staff must be employed before they can claim unfair dismissal, leaked Government plans reveal.
At present, anyone who has kept the same job for 12 months can take their boss to an employment tribunal if they think they have been unfairly fired.

Mr Cameron will sell the move as part of his "pro-business" crusade to put Britain's fragile economy back on track. But the plan has stoked fears that rogue bosses in the public or private sectors could use the change as cover to fire staff without any fear of a legal challenge.
Len McCluskey, of union Unite, said last night: "This is turning the workplace clock back to the 1980s with a vengeance. Thatcher's heirs are again putting business ahead of ordinary people's interests."
The Government's £81billion cuts will put 500,000 public sector workers on the dole. Experts say it will lead to another 500,000 job losses in private firms.

11:45 AM on October 31, 2010 Sunday Mirror

This is nothing new and nothing to do with the deficit!
He has stated a long time ago that he did not want to sign up to EU's social charter, which means no protection or rights for workers as such as paid holidays, redundancy payments, no mimimum wage, forced working of longer hours etc.
I am afraid that honest workers who voted Tory are sleepwalking into another Dickensian Era, be aware that he is not on your side, he is on the side of power,elitism, privilege, inherited wealth and the super rich of which he is a member!"

Well said bobbo 11, only a fool will not be able to see the pattern and the intention of this multi-millionaire government by now.

Source:   The Sunday Mirror

Vodafone Dodge £6 billion Tax Bill

Pay Your Taxes Vodafone

This Multi-Millionaire Government are forcing children, women and the elderly to pay for the bankers greed, while Tory Chancellor George Osborne waives the tax bill of corporate businesses like
Vodafone UK.
It is NOT fair and it is NOT right it's downright bloody IMMORAL!

Does The Director of Vodafone UK 'Andy Halford' or any other Directors or Persons Connected with Vodafone Donate To The Tory Party?

More on Vodaone, Politics and Our Millionaire Overlords

 "For years now, Vodafone has been refusing to pay billions of pounds of taxes to the British people that are outstanding. The company – which has doubled its profits during this recession – engaged in all kinds of accounting twists and turns, but it was eventually ruled this refusal breached anti-tax
avoidance rules. They looked set to pay a sum Private Eye calculates to be more than £6bn.

Then, suddenly, the exchequer – run by George Osborne – cancelled almost all of the outstanding tax bill, in a move a senior figure in Revenues and Customs says is “an unbelievable cave-in.” A few days after the decision, Osborne was promoting Vodafone on a tax-payer funded trip to India. He then appointed Andy Halford, the finance director of Vodafone, to the government’s Advisory Board on Business Tax Rates, apparently because he thinks this is a model of how the Tories think it should be done.

By contrast, the Indian government chose to pursue Vodafone through the courts for the billions in tax they have failed to pay there. Yes, the British state is less functional than the Indian state when it comes to collecting revenues from the wealthy. This is not an isolated incident. Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK, calculates that UK corporations fail to pay a further £12bn a year in taxes they legally owe, while the rich avoid or evade up to £120bn."

From: The Independent Newspaper

The Tories accept financial donations to the Conservative party coffers from people who avoid
and evade paying their UK taxes. They are not fussy, they accept donations from Hedge Funds and people like Lord Ashcroft who has donated millions to stop the labour party being elected. This is our "wonderful" Tory/coalition government. This is the government that the dumbo Liberal Democrats are bending over backwards to support and to make sure that all the Tory cuts to our welfare state and that £1.3 million lose their jobs, get through parliament. This is today's Liberal Democrat party and this is what the Liberal Democrats stand for today. The Liberals back this government to the hilt, back the attacks on women, children, the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the unemployed and they say NOTHING, yet today's Liberals are more concerned with Harriet Harman calling Danny Alexander a "Ginger Rodent", than they are about what they are helping to do to the most vulnerable in this country! Well done Liberal Democrats - TRAITORS, BETRAYERS and LIARS.

Vodafone UK was just about to pay their UK tax bill, when Tory Chancellor George Osborne stepped in and stopped them, he (Osborne) actually waived Vodafone UK's tax bill! If you or I avoided paying our tax we would be prosecuted, would Osborne step in and waive our tax bills? India forced Vodafone to pay their taxes to the Indian government, but the George Osborne let them off - WHY?

Recently the Tax office started sending out letters demanding tax that the tax off ice did not collect
through their own stupid mistakes, that amounts to £1.2 bn, how come us ordinary people are forced to pay back tax we did not even know we owed, while the head of Inland Revenue and Conservative chancellor George Osborne, allowed Vodafone OFF of their tax! That is tax that this company had deliberately set out to avoid paying? That is defrauding the state, that is defrauding you and I! Shame on Vodafone and Shame on the Tory Chancellor and the Tory party and the Tory/coalition government.

Tory and Liberal Democrat Govenment Are A Bunch Of Fraudsters!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chancellor and 'Ginger Rodent' Danny Alexander To Face Questions Over Child Benefit Reform Plans

Danny Alexander
The Ginger Nutted Whinger
Treasury committee to hear from George Osborne and Danny Alexander as adviser says changes are 'administrative burden'

Attention has turned to how the government will enforce the policy after a report on Thursday suggested Treasury officials believe the rule change to be "unenforceable" because it relied on one earner being forced to declare each other's earnings.
(And if they are all like Lord Ashcroft and Sir Philip Green then the Treasury has two hopes - Bob Hope and no hope!)

Yesterday, in Brussels, David Cameron said he did not "predict a problem" in implementing the changes. (yeah well Cameron is a flat faced, two faced, know nothing twat anyway).

The Treasury insist the change has been stress-tested confirming this morning that those higher earners who did not give up their child benefit would face a civil fine, to be stipulated by forthcoming parliamentary legislation
(Well that's it then - guaranteed to fail, the Treasury is reversed Midas touch, everything gold that it touches turns to dust!)

Those who are taxed through the pay-as-you-earn system will be asked to declare the benefit, putting them in a different tax code. (ha ha ha ha ha then Osborne and the Ginger whinger woke up)

The benefit will then be recouped in the following tax year. (They'll probably be bankrupt by then)

But those ranged in opposition to the change threw up a myriad situations in which couples would end up being fined should one spouse not know the full financial affairs of the other or should the couple temporarily separate.
(Yep this sounds about right for Oddborne and the ginger rat faced whingeing rodent)

Tax expert John Whiting, who was appointed director of the Office of Tax Simplification by the chancellor, warned that clawing back the cost of the benefit from higher rate taxpayers through the tax system would be "intrusive" and involve lots of form-filling.
(lmao the Office of Tax Simplification? The only thing simple about this is  frogspawn Osborne)

It would also be "an administrative burden" that would "make a dent" in the estimated £2.5bn in savings the Treasury claims the change will bring, Whiting added.
(FGS give George his bloody calculator back)

A Tory MP and expert on taxation Ian Liddell Grainger – chair of the all party parliamentary group on taxation – said yesterday morning the move would be "virtually unenforceable" until HMRC was able to process real-time information.
(Even their own MPs are telling them! Camoron, Frogspawn, Ginger nuts (perish the thought) and Clogg - otherwise known as the "unenforceables")

If your circumstances change they will not be able to enact it in real time. The ramifications for getting it wrong are enormous for the taxpayers and the citizens of the UK.
(Well rats don't think, they just eat, perhaps we should send in the "Grime Busters"!)

For Full article:    Click Here!

David Cameron The Hypocrite & the Homeless

These Multi-Millionaires
 Had Somewhere Comfortable Warm and safe
To Take Their Baby
(At the taxpayers expense)
Will You?
Will your Son/Daughter/Grandchild?
Will your parents/grandparents/children
Be struggling Next Year?
David Cameron has to go down as one of the most hypocritical disingenuous liars that Britain has ever had the misfortune to have for a Prime Minister.

Cameron is a multi millionaire, his wife Samantha part of the aristocracy landed gentry and heiress to a fortune, is already a multi millionaire in her own right, Cameron himself stands to inherit a couple of million from his recently deceased father's estate. It all tots up nicely for the Camerons, they will never have to worry about being homeless, or worry where the money was coming from to feed and clothe their children, they will not lose a wink of sleep worrying if they can afford to turn the heating on, although Cameron himself may worry if he will lose his cushy job at the next election. (God willing.)

Cameron has waged all out war on those claiming housing benefit in London, where it is very hard to get a house to rent privately for under £400 per week, there is a lack of affordable housing in London which left these people little alternative but to seek tenancies from private landords. It has emerged by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Tory Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander, that indeed most people claiming Housing Benefit are in fact in work but are on low wages and do not earn enough to pay all of their rents. As ever with this government they have rushed out a policy which turns out to be ill advised and ill thought out and stands to cause mass confusion and if implemented will cause "Social Cleansing" , not just in inner London either, this will apply to people on housing benefits right across the country, especially those living in inner cities where private accommodation is always more expensive.

However, one thing is certain, before this housing benefit was awarded the people in receipt would have gone through means testing and if they were found to have been earning over a certain amount the would not have been awarded housing benefit. So now we have that clear, perhaps David Cameron could tell us why he claimed for a second home in Notting Hill and then in North Kensington in the years prior to him becoming prime minister?

Why should the British taxpayer be forced to pay out to keep multi-millionaire Cameron and his multi-millionaire wife and family in a second home, just because he chose to become an MP? Would anyone else get the council to cough up that kind of money if they went and got a job that was miles away from their family home? No you would have to take all your expenses out of your wages and if it was not economically viable for yo to work, then of course you stayed unemployed. (Pity Cameron didn't).

Prime Minister David Cameron's Expense Claims.

In 2004-5 he claimed.........£20.902
In 2006-7 he claimed.........£21.359
In 2007-8 he claimed.........£20.563

That is a total of................£62.842, the British taxpayer has paid off this multi-millionaire couples mortgage on their 2nd home.

Further they bought a grand home in Dean, Oxon, in 2001 with a £305.000 mortgage, which taxpayers paid the interest on the loan for the house.
Months later the Camerons paid £75.000 off the mortgage on their trendy home in Notting Hill. Experts say that they could have saved the taxpayer £22.500 in interest payments by reducing the loan on their second home instead.
the Notting Hill house was later sold for £1.1 million four years ago when the Camerons traded up to a larger property in neighbouring North Kensington. The Edwardian property in Kensington is now rented out and is worth at least £2 million. Their Oxfordshire property is valued at £1 million.

Why was the taxpayer forced to pay for these mega rich people's extravagant life-styles? they could have afford to pay for their homes themselves.

Shouldn't MPs be means tested to see if they should receive a second home allowance?

The claims by the prime minister and chancellor George Osborne and the hapless dolt George [where is my calculator] Osborne, that the proposed changes to housing benefit will target scroungers have been exposed as a complete lot of nonsense.
New figures exposed by the Mirror newspaper show that the impact will be felt all over the country and it is NOT the minuscule amount of people playing the system, that the Tories and Liberal Democrats like to talk about.
In fact many Tory MPs are adding their voices to the concern of the impact of this policy on their constituents. When the changes come into effect in April 2011, families will get no more than £400 per week for a four bedroomed property, £340 pw for a three bedroomed property and £290 for a 2 bedded home and £250 for one bedroom.
This change will have the biggest impact in London, where property prices are at their highest, forcing families from their homes and turning large swathes of the capital into no-go areas for the poor.

Meanwhile in a second change to Housing Benefit will have an even bigger impact on than the proposed cap and will effect many families outside the capital. Housing benefit for those in private properties is currently limited to half of the average rent in the local authority area, but will be cut to a  third.
The FACTS Speak for
That will mean that 775.000 households across the country losing an average of £39.00 per month. Even in London it will affect more people than the national caps will.
Taken together the two measures are expected to hit 939.220 households including almost 800.000 outside the capital.
More than a quarter of those affected. 241.700, are in work compared to the 206.470 on Jobseekers Allowance.
The numbers of workers who qualify for help with rent has risen sharply over the last two years as struggling firms have cut back on their hours.
Only on in 20 jobless people claim unemployment benefit for more than a year meaning that most claiming now will have been recently laid off.
More than 50.000 pensioners are among those who will be worse off because of the housing benefit cuts.
Another 308.540 people on disability benefits or Income support will lose cash too.
Things will get even tougher for those who rent privately because the coalition will change the way that housing benefit rates are increased. In future payments will rise in line with shop prices rather than rents.
This is not about a handful of people living in expensive homes that the right wing press love to splash across their front pages, living in expensive homes in central London. These cuts are going to affect almost ONE MILLION households right across the country and in many cases the affects are going to be devastating.

So before people think that this housing benefit cap/change is all about that handful of people living in expensive central London homes and that all people who are on housing benefit are somehow in that bracket, they are NOT. Think about it, how does your pensioner parents/grandparents, other elderly relatives pay for their rent? The chances are they receive some kind of help. How does your recently unemployed son/daughter and their families pay their rent/mortgage when they have just been made jobless by this government?
In the future are you sure you will not be needing these benefits? Is your job safe? Are the jobs of your parents/grandparents, brothers/sisters etc etc safe? With these measures how will they/you manage when you have lost your job?

Don't fall for the Cameron/Osborne/Clegg lies, most people who claim housing benefit are good decent people who have lost their jobs, or are in low paid jobs because this is all they can get, the extremes that this lying trio talk about are just in the tiny minority. Don't let this toff multi-millionaire government turn you against your relatives, your neighbours and your friends, because this is exactly what they are trying to do, it is called "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" don't be taken in by them. Fight to protect our services and our welfare state, yes the welfare state needs reforming and modernising, but that should not mean the persecution and the horrendous treatment of almost a million people and those who may need help in the future - think on, that person could be you and your family.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boris Publicly Takes Aim At David Cameron

The World Should Know The Real David Cameron - Millionaire, Toff, Liar and Social Cleanser

They Think What They Are Doing Is Funny
They Think It Is A Big Joke
Do You?
British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and Deputy PM Nick Clegg are trying to push  housing benefit cuts through, cuts that will affect at least 25.000 families in inner city London. Cuts that will affect certain groups more, like those suffering with mental health problems. Elderly people that have lived in their homes for a great many years. People that have lived in an area and put down roots. Uprooting families with children settled in at school, it just goes on and on and on.
Just like their child benefit cuts, the cuts to housing benefit are ill thought out piece of trickery, designed to grab headlines, they are without doubt "social cleansing" and "socially engineered".

The whole world should look upon David Cameron with disdain for what he is attempting to do to the British people, but this headline grabbing trickery goes further than this, I believe this is just part of a plan to cause maximum damage between people who previously lived in harmony. If you took Cameron's lies at his word, you would be forgiven for believing that all people drawing housing benefit, live in plush houses mingling with toffs in elite London boroughs, whereby, a handful of people will have somehow managed to get themselves residences like this, they probably only represent 0.001% of those claiming housing benefit to pay private landlords.

In Cameron's one and only job before he joined the Conservative party, he was a "spin doctor" for Carlton TV and it shows, Cameron as been spinning the story against people on benefits eve before he formed the coalition government, David Cameron is a cheap narcissistic fascist spiv and the sooner the rest of the world realises what is running Britain the better.

No wonder Robert Mugabe said that "David Cameron was a person he could do business with"!

The cuts to HB will cause unnecessary distress and untold heartache and hardship to good decent working people and today in parliament the  Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, admitted that nearly all those claiming housing benefit, were in fact in work, so so much for the welfare cheating scroungers that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg would want us to believe they are. There are glaring problems to these proposed cuts.

People working and on low incomes will not be able to afford their rents one HB is cut
This is going to cause mass homelessness, this is families with children earning the minimum wage and not much higher, being paid these low wages by Tory voting Conservative backers in many cases, the whole system is corrupt. Instead of attacking the people that insist on paying their workers slave labour wages and instead of attacking private landlords and preventing them from charging too much rent, the Conservatives have one again attacked the vulnerable person who simply has no control over this problem.
If these people are forced to move who is going to pay their moving costs? This runs into thousands, even if they move themselves it will cost hundreds, these people simply do not have this kind of money.
If they have their HB cut and they cannot pay their rent, they cannot afford to move and they cannot find other accommodation, whole families will become homeless. Some boroughs are already block booking bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless people, which ironically will cost more than the government will save on Housing benefit cuts!
If a people are forced to move, how are they going to find alternative accommodation? Were is the huge deposits going to come from that private landlords demand up front?
If people do by some outside chance get to move to outside London, how will they then be able to afford to commute to work? If they  have a car, how do they afford the congestion charge? If they go by public transport, how will they afford the extra expense on fairs? If they are forced to give up work because work suddenly becomes untenable, how will they get another job in a depressed market that has very few vacancies? If they cannot get another job then they will have to go on benefits.
This whole housing benefits proposal is just one huge big mess and it is due to start in under 6 months time.
Besides all the practical issues, there is the certainty that as thousands of displaced people are forced out of the capital, ghettos of deprived people will form, is this what we really want for out country and the terrible shame it will bring upon us?

Or government the Conservative led coalition government is engaging in "social cleansing", they are pushing people forced to live on benefits and those with low paid jobs around, like a crazed class room bully that has just been bestowed with power.

Since before Cameron and Osborne were elected they have been declaring war on those unfortunate enough to need state help, they have looked down their noses and sneered at the poor, the young, the elderly, the sick and the disabled and they have publicly bullied these vulnerable people and it is an absolute abominable way for a British government to behave. They have been aiming to pit worker against worker, they have demonised public sector workers for having a job, pushed them out of a job and then demonised them all over again for not having a job. The Government have pitted private sector workers against public sector workers, they have turned workers against those not in work by giving a completely false and misleading impression that *everyone* unfortunate enough to need state help is a scrounger and they have marginalised those on benefits, to the point where the suicide rate in Britain has started to rise.
It will not be long before we see civil war like fights on our streets between the haves and the have nots as Cameron, Osborne and Clegg continue to set the people of Britain against one another. Britain is also bracing itself for riots on the streets as those people affected by Cameron's cuts take to the streets to demonstrate against the cuts.
One of the most sickening aspects is, the Liberal Democrats actually back their Tory masters, without them, the Tories could not get these cuts through parliament. The Lib Dems were supposed to be controlling the Tories, instead they have backed every single cut and despicable treatment of the poor and vulnerable, I wonder if they are proud to be Liberal Democrats?

The irony is that George Osborne, the man making all the cuts is not making any sacrifices himself, in fact our chancellor is DODGING  paying British inheritance tax along with his siblings, he is set to inherit millions of pounds when his father dies, when he inherits his part of a £4 million trust fund, to add to his millions already and he will NOT be paying one penny in British taxes!

"Only the son of a ­baronet who is sitting on a £4million trust fund would have the arrogance to ­destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of ­people.
This pompous toff – who’s among 17 other ­millionaires in the Cabinet – has no idea how tough life is for ordinary people. It is unforgivable that this ­father of two who preaches “fairness” has waged a ­ruthless cam­paign against families".

David Cameron - Son Of Thatcher
The way this government has chosen to go about reforming housing benefit is cynical and combative, very soon in Britain, there will be very real wars being fought on our streets, unless we manage to stop this certifiably insane government from carrying out this utter foolish and reckless gamble with all our livelihoods and our children's futures and turning this country into a nasty, selfish, cold, callous uncaring country, the only other time we came anywhere near being like this, as the haves trampled over the faces of the have nots, was in Margaret Thatcher's Britain, we have barely recovered from that, yet here we are staring down the barrel of that particularly Tory gun again and it is frightening to say the very least.
This is a form of social engineering  and it is also gerrymandering - the cynical manipulation of constituency boundaries for electoral gain - on a mass-scale.

 I hope other countries are taking note at what is happening in the UK today, right here and right now and never, ever let David Cameron fool and manipulate you, like he has fooled and manipulated the British people. David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are liars, manipulators and are attempting to socially engineer the poorest people in Britain, no one should take any lessons from them!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vince Cable pulls out of Oxford seminar

Vince Cable
of the
Liberal Democrat
Dead Bird Party

 Another member of the so-called "coalition" government that has not thought things through and has a policy disintegrating, and yet another government minister that does not have the courage of his own convictions. Why did the police advise Mr Cable not to go? It is totally ludicrous! These students have a right to protest at a policy they feel is unfair and Mr Cable should have the guts to attend and face his critics. If Cable is so sure he is doing the right thing and that this lousy government that he is an integral part of is right, then why is he not doing as planned and going to Oxford tomorrow, instead of hiding behind the "skirts" of the chief constable?
I would suggest Mr Cable is not going because deep down inside he knows that the students are right, he knows very well they have valid points. Mr Cable lied to these students and so did the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, more than that, each Liberal Democrat MP signed a pledge promising not to raise tuition fees and promising NOT to remove the cap and they have reneged on every single one of their promises.
If Mr Cable is afraid of these students and what they wanted to say to him, then he should have stayed a Liberal Democrat MP and been true to his word, not lied and not kept his promises! Cable is discovering that in all the years that the Liberal Democrats were in opposition, and the 3rd party, they could say and promise more or less what they liked, because they were never going to be called on to deliver it, however, suddenly it is different when you are in government and are asked to deliver on what you promise. The days of the Liberal Democrats promising one thing in one constituency, and the polar opposite in another just to win votes are long gone. These days the Liberals are just seen for what they really are opportunistic liars and they are no better that any other political party, in fact they are much worse, at least the other parties stick to their main principles, the Lib Dems change theirs like the wind!

Report From the BBC Follows:
"The Business Secretary Vince Cable has pulled out of a planned visit to Oxford University where students were planning a protest.
He was due to take part in a seminar organised by Brasenose College.
Students from Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities had planned to demonstrate against the government's higher education policies.
A spokesman for Mr Cable said the decision was taken after advice from the police."

University Funding

"He said: "Vince Cable has postponed a visit to the University of Oxford tomorrow where he was due to speak to students in his capacity as an MP about his life in politics.
"This followed advice from Thames Valley Police about threats of a protest and his concern about the level of disruption this could cause to the people of Oxford plus the possible cost of policing."
The government is preparing to announce its plans for the future funding of England's universities following the Browne Review which called for a lifting of the cap on university tuition fees.
The group - called the Oxford Education Campaign - is made up of students and academics from both of the city's universities.
A spokesman said: "It is absolutely laughable that he should abandon his commitments due to a peaceful protest.
"A government minister should have the courage to face the electorate - even those who disagree with him."
The demonstration was being promoted via the group's Facebook page.
Students were planning on marching to the examination schools in the city centre where the business secretary was due to speak.
Students and lecturers are organising a national demonstration against the higher education cuts in London for later this month.
The government announced a 40% cut to the higher education budget in the spending review and offered protection only to teaching budgets for subjects such as science, maths and engineering.
Subsequent comments from the Universities Minister David Willetts suggest the government expects teaching for arts and humanities to be mainly funded by students' tuition fees.
The details have not yet been confirmed."

Student Protests Will Still Go Ahead!

All These Benefits Taken Away Is What People Got For Voting Tory

They Think It's Funny
Do You?

Labour steps up campaign against cutting housing benefit for people out of work for 12 months

Douglas AlexanderFollowing Ed Miliband's challenge to David Cameron at PMQs – Labour is stepping up its campaign against cutting housing benefit for people out of work for 12 months.

Today Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Douglas Alexander wrote to thousands of Labour Party members urging them to join the campaign.

Tomorrow he will hold a summit with representatives of housing organisations and charities to hear their views and he has also spoken to Lib Dems MPs in the last few days.

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, responding to David Cameron's response to Ed Miliband at PMQs, said;
"David Cameron further raised the stakes and divided his coalition today by confirming his policy to punish those who can't find work by cutting the cash they get to help with housing costs.

"Although he is clearly not listening to the Lib Dems we are ready to work with all sides of the House to defeat these unfair plans.

"Ed Miliband told David Cameron it was time to listen – now I'm telling Lib Dem MPs it's time to talk and work together to force the government to think again."

What Does "2 Stags Dave" Have To Say About The Slaying of Britian's Largest Red Stag?

The Magnificent Red Exmoor Stag
"The Emperor"
Killed For Fun & Trophy
British Prime Minister Loves DeerStalking
"2 Stags dave"

The killing of this animal is an absolute abomination against wildlife. A magnificent healthy animal was slayed for the fun and enjoyment of a paying trophy hunter, who was it? What does Britain's Prime Minister "2 stags Dave" have to say about the totally unnecessary killing of this animal? What can he say when he loves nothing better than to kill health stags himself? How come that most Tories love nothing better to don hunting attire and go hunting foxes, stags and other wildlife? What is it with these people that fail to be able to respect other life forms? It is 2010 for goodness sakes. If the Tories cannot even respect innocent wildlife, how can they respect the millions of people their cuts are going to affect, from their housing to benefits, to the 1.5 million the Conservatives (Tories) are going to make unemployed?
David Cameron wants to repeal the "Hunting ban", this is what he had to say on BBC Radio 5 Live to Nicky [Tory Biased] Campbell:
British Prime Minister
"2 Stags Dave"
In Pursuit of Foxes
(Something Else He Loves Killing)

Asked to explain what Campbell called "the joys of hunting", Mr Cameron responded: "I’m a country boy, I was brought up in the countryside and I love walking in the countryside and riding in the countryside and every aspect of growing up in the countryside.
"I was taught to fish by a wonderful grandfather. I was taught to shoot rabbits by my dad. I’ve always been a country boy and I went hunting as well."

What "2 Stags" has failed to tell you here is that he *USED* to take holidays in Jura, on his wife's stepfather's huge Scottish Estate, specifically, so he could go "Deer Stalking" this is where he learned to kill two deers at once, crawling on his fat belly through the under-growth picking off innocent stags, Cameron is a despicable! Yet he KNEW if he admitted in that interview and spoke of his passion for killing stags and hacking their heads off for trophies, with the blood of those magnificent animals all over his hands and wiped over his fat spoon-like face, he would cause an outcry in the electorate, so the cowardly duplicitous murderous arsehole just kept quiet, like the coward and the liar that man is.  If he cannot respect innocent animals, how can he respect the people of this country? Animals provide the nation with food, to treat them so disrespectfully, to kill them for pleasure is despicable.

Tories love to hunt.
Read about Cameron's hunting ways Deerstalker Dave can fell two stags with one shot

Report Below Take From The New i Newspaper

British Prime Minister
"2 Stags Dave"
Murders Stags For Pleasure

"The hunt for the marksman who slew Britain's largest wild animal, the 9ft tall stag known to Exmoor residents as the Emperor, escalated yesterday, with suspicion turning towards a handful of landowners, one of whom is suspected of co-operating with an out-of town trophy hunter.
The stag had been protected, even by local hunstmen, because he was such an impressive specimen.
The search for the killer has to the bucolic north Devon village of Rackenford, eight miles from the safety of Exmoor National Park. The 300lb stag could habitually be found in the nearby Worthy Folly wood, where he and his hinds were protected by the wood's owners. He was shot after straying from the haven of the trees onto surrounding land.
The atmosphere in Rackenford has turned sour. People there are furious that the Emperor was shot in the middle of the rutting season, preventing him from passing on the genetic bounty that allowed him to achieve such stature. A good stag fetches £1000, but the Emperor's would have obvious inflated trophy value.
"He went out of those woods and into someone else's land," said a local source, who wouldon't speak on condition of anonymity. "People are facing hard times and struggling to make ends meet. When they can get thousands pf pounds from this, they do"
Exmoor, a former royal hunting ground, is popular with wealth outsiders who fly in on jets or helicopters to stalk red deer. They pay landowners to hunt legally on their land.
The restaurateur and property businessman Richard Caring, who last year offered £15.000 reward for information after two stags were killed on his 500-acre Exmoor estate, is among those demanding to know how the Emperor came to be killed.
"It's diabolical," Mr Caring said yesterday. "It's a healthy animal, 9ft tall. It's a beautiful animal. A farmer will have sold the rights to someone to come on to his land and kill that animal. I would understand if it was infirm. But I don't think people should be allowed to wander around and murder such a magnificent animal that way.
The vice president of the Exmoor Society, Ian Liddel-Grainger, who is the CONSERVATIVE MP for nearby Bridgewater and West Somerset, said he was "bloody furious" and plans to establish the identity of the culprit. "it is inexcusable," he said.
John Norris, a huntsman with the Tiverton staghounds close to Rackenford, said that the hunt had chosen to protect the stag because he was such an impressive specimen.

***October marks the beginning of the red deer rutting season. The biggest strongest male rounds up a harem of hinds and challenges rivals with a guttural roar, driving them off with his antlers if necessary***" (Taken from the new paper the Independent's 'i' only 20 p, not available online- so no link)"

Just One Word Describes The British Prime Minister "2 Stags" *BASTARD!*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming Soon To a Village Hall or Community Centre Near You!

Nick Clegg
He Thinks He's Such a lady Killer!

Gideon George Oliver Osborne
He Thinks He's So Slick

 With hunting bill to be reformed and Osborne, Cameron and Clegg's attack on the poor and most vulnerable, I envisage the "big houses" in communities making a resurgence, with Lords and Ladies (Cameron's cronies) making a come back. In case we have all forgotten how to behave in the presence of the landed gentry, there will be lessons in service and forelock tugging, these lessons will be called subservience instructions, and will be held in every village hall and or community centre across the country. Attendance will be compulsory, and unpaid, and will be a condition of receiving Job Seekers Allowance. This is to be ordered by the toff millionaire government, and Vince Cable will be made super quango butler to oversee it all!
Some of The Ruling Tory Government
at Elitist
Bulligdon Club
2. David Cameron...8.Boris Johnson

Am I Missing Something? Since When Has a Fall of 0.4% In Growth Been Good For The Economy?

The economic growth figures released this morning were apparently not as bad as feared, now there is a surprise - not! Call me cynical, but when the day before the Q3 figures were released the media starts reporting in a frenzy about how bad the figures are going to be and that a sharp decline is expected, I start to think that our expectations are being managed and that we are being heavily manipulated by the spin doctors in the Tory coalition government.

The media were trying to whip people up into a state of flux yesterday to expect very bad economic news this morning and then hey presto, as if by magic, when the figures were eventually released this morning, the government is now saying that actually the fall was not as bad as expected and that the figures of 0.8% from the last set of figures showing a robust growth of 1.2% were really quite good!

I mean really, did anyone not really see this one coming?

Are these people insane? Of course these figures are NOT good. Apparently we have to do a bit of adding and subtracting to see that these are strong figures, we are told to strip out construction because actually in the last set of figures this was higher than expected and then add the 0.8% figure into Q1. Q2 and Q3 and we arrive at a figure of 2% growth, so apparently, that is OK then? NO IT IS NOT!

However, let's play the Tory game with Britain's finances and take out the growth in construction and we get to an approximate figure of the magic 0.8%, which by even more magic, is virtually the same as the latest set of figures, which means that the UK economy did NOT grow at all in this last quarter and we are supposed to think this is good?

[1].The salutary lesson here is that if construction is not growing, the housing market is flat and consumer confidence is low, this all precedes an impending recession.

[2].To have an economy stuck at 0.8% growth (which incidentally means the BoE AND the IMF have predicted the UK economy INCORRECTLY yet again) and going into a savage round of spending cuts, of £83 billion, is complete and absolute LUNACY!

[3]. Far be it for me to "wee wee" on the chancellor's fireworks, but I would also like to remind him and the "whooping media" that the stronger than expected growth in Q1 and Q2 was entirely down to the outgoing Labour government's management of the economy and as the chancellor has now stripped virtually all of Labour's policies out of the system, we are actually seeing the first quarter of this Tory/coalition's financial period and it is recording only 0.8% growth, an actual FALL of 0.4% on the outgoing Labour's figures. What is good about that?

[4]. More if this trend is to continue into Q4 and we see another fall of 0.4%, what then? Q4 will be the quarter immediately preceding the £83 billion pounds being taken out of the economy by this Conservative chancellor and the massive hike in VAT up to 20%. The news today is not good, in actual fact it is abysmal and I cannot see how these so-called economists on the news cannot see what is plainly staring people in the face. But then this conservative chancellor and Mervyn King, the OECD and the IMF all FAILED to see the looming credit crunch the banking crisis and the global financial crash. But ordinary little NON economists like me saw it coming!

As I mentioned above I am not an economist and I do not pretend to be, but here I think not being any of these things enables me (and others) to see things more clearly, we are not blinded by those trees, so we can see the woods! We do not factor in the overly and often unnecessarily complicated "ifs and buts", which enables me to see that the UK economy is on the verge of contracting and this is without the chancellor's insane spending cuts.
They can ignore construction if they like, this lady's not for ignoring!
Construction and the building industry is always the first hit in this country and the last to recover, in January and under the auspices of the Labour Government and after a horrendous time, it started to pick up and the economic figures confirmed that, HOWEVER, ask any builder, the industry has SHARPLY declined in the past 3 months and the order books are sparse and empty once again and this certifiably insane government's, cancellation of the "Schools for the Future" programme of the previous Labour government, will go down as what actually really started the contraction of the UK economy and into a double dip recession.

Remember you read it here first!

Monday, October 25, 2010

BBC's Very Own Biased Tory Boy 
Nick Robinson
Loses it With Demonstrator!
Looks Like Nick Has Been Taking Lessons From
"Sadam Boulton"
Of Sky News
Seig Heil Mein F├╝hrer - Rupert Murdoch
'Achtung! 'Achtung! 'Achtung!

David Cameron To Award His Cronies With 'Peerages'!

If you ever wanted proof that the British Prime Minister is a corrupt gerrymanderer, then look at the list of "would be" people to be awarded with peerages.

The news has broken today that David Cameron and his  faithful nodding dog "Little Nicky", plan to flood the Lords with 44 new peers in an effort to stop Labour sabotaging their policies in the upper house.
Cameron reportedly intends to award 29 peerages to Tory donors and other political allies, with 15 for Mr Clegg's Liberal Democrats. By contrast, Ed Miliband will get just ten new Labour peers.
Well so much for democracy then Little Nicky! Does the nodding dog not remember he promised a re-alignment of the relationship between the people and the state? “The biggest shake-up of our democracy in 178 years”? a "fundamental resettlement of the relationship between state and citizen that put you in charge". Obviously he has decided against his fundamental resettlement and just gone for the 'mental resettlement'! This turns out not so much an Apocalypse of the Lords, as  "A-pox-on-the-lips" of Nick Clegg and David Cameron! Again we witness the lies and the broken promises of the promise of "New Politics". I worry about the damage that is being done to politics in general. Politics already buffeted badly by the MPs expenses scandals, is now being hit again with a tsunami of lies, broken promises, corruption, sleaze, self interest, arrogance, political manipulation and gerrymandering from this government that promised so much and so far has delivered nothing, all this and it is only month 5! Clegg promised PR for the House of Lords, is that before or after he helps David Cameron flood it with his lousy stinking, letter writing, Tory doning, business leading cronies?

So Much For Cameron's Faithful Little
Nodding Dog Nick Clegg's
New Politics
Where is this "New Politics" we were promised by Cameron and Clegg? Is this their idea of democracy? They are already trying to gerrymander the boundaries and parliament, now they step up to the House of Lords and apparently try to do the same thing?
If this is coalition government in practice, if this is the "new politics" in practice, then Clegg and Cameron can keep it, and Clegg can stuff his AV in PR (per rectum) because I want none of it.

"Sources say that Tory peerages could go to outgoing Marks & Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose, and millionaire businessman Andrew Feldman, an Oxford University friend of David Cameron who was appointed party co-chairman earlier this year.
Others tipped to become peers are Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe, fellow former Tory MP Angela Knight, who is now head of the British Bankers' Association, John Tusa, the former head of the BBC World Service, and spread-betting multi-millionaire Michael Spencer, who stood down as Tory treasurer earlier this month.
Tory grandees Sir Patrick Cormack, former Deputy Speaker Sir Michael Lord and Richard Spring, who all left the Commons at the last Election, are also expected to be elevated to the Lords.
But a number of MPs who were in line for peerages are thought to have been dropped from Mr Cameron's list after being tarnished by the parliamentary expenses scandal."

Hey look and dontcha just love it, Cameron and Clegg are even trying to get their mates the bankers into the Lords!

The comes Sir Stuart Rose asset stripper extraordinaire the grim reaper of struggling companies, cometh the hour, cometh Sturat Rose, cometh the axe man, to cut of your job. (Ask Bookers PLC etc etc etc) He has been responsible for making thousands of people redundant and shoving them out of the door as cheaply as possible, while himself accepting "Golden Hellos", "Golden Handhsakes", "Golden Goodbyes" and "Gold Plated Pensions", he must be almost a billionaire, if he is not already and he is one of the people who have signed both letters of Osborne's, one on National Insurance Contributions and the other recently on backing the cuts.

This will be his reward no doubt! Ad this government gets older it gets more, bent twisted and corrupt!


Part From  The Daily Mail

Government To Introduce £1 Billion Green STEALTH TAX!

"Chancellor George Osborne, failed to mention a green stealth tax in his comprehensive spending review, the details of which are hidden in the official publication of the CSR paper.  Business leaders have already calculated that around £1 billion a year in green stealth taxes will be raised by the authorities adding around 11% to the average energy bills of British companies. Much of the extra funding will be raised by the carbon reduction commitment scheme which was initially set up to reward companies who were more efficient than their counterparts. However, this has all changed!
In simple terms companies will be penalised financially depending upon the level of carbon dioxide they release into the atmosphere. Yet again green issues have transformed themselves miraculously into green taxes and despite the fact that businesses are complaining about a potential £1 billion a year extra bill it will inevitably be consumers who pay the price in the long run. While the government would argue it has been pushed into a corner due to the state of the UK plc balance sheet, very few people had expected such a hit in the green sector when the authorities have been building up this particular area as a future growth industry."

How is this going to help start the green economy to provide jobs for the future? Next time you are in your local shop, ask about their electricity bills, ask how much they have to pay on "Green Tax", you may be surprised and it may give you some idea of why many corner shops in communities and villages across this country are disappearing!
If governments want to bring the people along on green issues, then they have to stop using green issues as some kind of cash cow and above all they need to STOP doing what George Osborne has just done and introduced a further tax hike by the back door. Why did the chancellor not mention this in his CSR speech last Wednesday? Too afraid of a bad press? Too afraid of businesses? Again the small and medium sized businesses will be forced to pay this and bear the brunt and it is just completely unfair.

We need small and medium sized businesses to help grow our economy and make it stronger, it is from these businesses that will employ people in their millions across this country, we depend on them far more than big business and it is about time this government recognised this fact and started pandering to small and medium businesses instead of sticking their Pinocchio noses up the rear ends of people like Sir Christopher Gent, Sir Peter Gershon and Sir Stewart Rose, and Sir Philip vomit inducing Green. Green employs people for a pittance in sweatshops in poverty stricken countries and avoids paying his UK taxes, he is a bloody disgrace and a big fat embarrassment to this country!

Sir Philip Green
"Hey Fatty Bum Bum"
David Cameron's Chum, Chum
Sir Fatness Philip Green, is the person that our imbecilic afflicted gaffe prone prime minister David Cameron phoned up on the spur of the moment and asked to conduct a review of how government money could be saved. The review wasn't worth the paper it was written on, but part of the nonsense was this:
His "fatness" actually recommended that the government did NOT pay its bills on time and that this would make the government money in interest. Well to the small and medium sized business this would have struck fear into their hearts, this cash flow problem is the problem that has pushed many a small solvent business to the brink of disaster. Not only does the small business that may even be trying to expand themselves into medium sized businesses and employ more people, have to contend with greedy bankers more intent with growing themselves large bonuses, than actually lending these businesses money at competitive rates in order to help grow the economy, they read a man like Philip Green advising the government of all people to pay their bills late, thus causing business horrendous cash flow problems forcing them to borrow money just to keep their businesses afloat at exorbitant rates. Totally and utterly reprehensible behaviour from the fat one who should know better. But what should we expect from the person that avoids paying UK taxes, has phantom offices in the Cayman Islands and Jersey and has a wife who is a Non Dom living in Monaco? If that is not bad enough, when questioned about the money he gave to his wife in their little tax haven love nest, he described the £1.5 bn he gave her as a "little bit of house keeping" and this is the person Cameron asked to carry out this overhaul of government spending?

Where the hell is David Cameron's judgement


In Italics from - Financial Advice

Coalition Cracks? Simon Hughes Says Welfare Cuts Need Changing!

Clegg Changes Direction With The Wind
He Just Loves His Position
and his Jaguar!

So Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has warned coalition ministers that they will have to change their planned welfare cuts if they are to get them through Parliament?

This could not possibly be that at last Hughes has found the balls to stand up to this abomination of a government, because his constituency is known to have the highest concentration of council homes and council tenants - could it?

Mr Hughes said that three of the proposed seven changes to housing benefit set out in Chancellor George Osborne's spending review were the "wrong ones" and would need to be altered if Lib Dem MPs were to support them.

Nice of you to agree Mr Hughes, But only 3 of them?

On Sunday, Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister strongly defended the Government's deficit reduction plan, saying that it was essential to lift the "dead weight of debt" from the economy.

Here we have it, Clegg strongly defends the government's deficit reduction plan, he is not an economist, Cameron is not and economist, Clegg is a nodding dog, he is not an economist, Osborne is not an economist, he is a dolt, but they that doesn't matter, they must be right because Clegg supports the plans. It doesn't matter of course that all the world's leading economists like Josef Stiglitz; Professor Pissarides; Professor David Blanchflower and Mark Gilbert of Bloomburg, all say that the chancellor is a barking mad basket case, like Norman Bates with a red box has got this completely wrong, and that these cuts are a "terrible, terrible mistake" all that is by the by, because Nick Clegg, Professor of Nodding Dog Land, strongly defends all the cuts that are going to make life hell for the poor, sick, elderly, young, women, vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the poorest in society and put over a million people out of work -that's OK then.

However, the strains within the coalition were again apparent, with fresh rumblings of discontent within the Lib Dem ranks over university tuition fees and funding for disadvantaged schoolchildren.
Mr Hughes said that he and other Lib Dem MPs were making it "loud and clear" to ministers that they would have to re-think the housing benefit plans, which form a key plank of Mr Osborne's £18 billion of welfare cuts.
On Sunday, Mr Hughes said; "I don't think there will be a parliamentary majority in the House of Commons for the current plans - not for all the seven proposals. So I don't think they will go through as they are, and I think Government understands that there has to be negotiations."

I would like this to be true, however excuse me for being cynical, I have seen these Lib Dem revolts before. Here is what will probably happen. Hughes will threaten a revolt, the government will concede on a minor change, the Lib Dems will hail it an outstanding victory for democracy, the best very best thing since sliced bread, and it will be a wonderful day for the wonderful coalition and the country and all the Liberal Democrats who are deserting their party for Labour, will feel all warm and fuzzy inside, decide they still love Clegg and the orange fluffy Lib Dems and return to the party fold. And then Simon Hughes woke up!

This is just a cynical ploy designed to reassure Liberal Democrats as their poll ratings slip to 10% and head for single figures. it is a cold and calculated political decision, it is all about Nick Clegg and not about the council tenants up and down this country who now feel unsure, unsafe and threatened in their very homes, they literally feel under attack from their very own government and this will not stop because of Simon Hughes pseudo threats to a government who could not care less who they trample on and who they hurt. Hughes is being used and the poor sap cannot even see it!

Liberal Democrats
Are Dead In The water!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Liberal Democrats - Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

Nick Clegg and Lib Dem Pledge On University Funding 
Which Each Lib Dem MP Signed
Not Worth The Paper It's written On!
 Many political pundits just could not believe it when Clegg announced he was going to take the Liberal Democrats into a coalition with the Tories, many in his own party to this very day, wish he had allowed the Tories to form a minority government, but Clegg knew best, he was he said, going to be the Tories conscience and the Lib Dems were there to keep the excesses of the Conservative in check, so what happened? To date, the 23 Liberal Democrat MPs that were chosen out of the 57 that were elected in last May's general election have not opposed one single policy, they have voted through some pretty right wing reforms, "right wing" even by the Tory right wing standards! I still think that the Tories cannot believe their luck that they have all these MPs falling over themselves to help them get their radical reforms through parliament, but at what cost? They have reneged on virtually every single election pledge they made in the Liberal Democrat manifesto, before the ink was even dry! It seems that the whiff of power and the ministerial cars was just to much of a temptation after being 63 years without power. The latest broken promise was spectacular, even by Westminster list of "broken promises", they all reneged on a pledge each Liberal Democrat signed over not to raise tuition fees and as the Liberal Democrat support is garnered a lot from university students, that has to go down as one of the dumbest political moves in history, it will never be forgotten and especially as there is plenty of press and video coverage of the pledge signing, it is always going to be brought up and thrown in their faces of evidence that Nick Clegg and every single Liberal Democrat MP blatantly lied to the electorate.  Just look at the side panel to the right of this blog, here are two video clips about Nick Clegg, one shows just how blatantly he lied. How come the next election, will the electorate be able to believe a single word he says, or any Liberal Democrat says?

  It is almost as bad as the Liberal democrat "VAT Bombshell" if as Clegg wants us to believe he had an "epiphany" moment in the run up to the election does he not think that he should have at least had the decency to tell the truth?

Another Liberal Democrat Lie
They Helped The Tories To Pass a Massive Hike in VAT
It Will Be Raised to 20% In January 2011

The Liberal Democrats have lost their identity, it was absolutely galling to watch Clegg and Danny Alexander, back slapping the extreme right wing Tory George Osborne, as he sat down after delivering notice of £82 billion worth of cuts, that will cut back the welfare state, cut front line services like schools, hospitals, the police and the military and will put over a million people out of work in both the public sector and the private sector. Osborne sat down to the backslapping and wild joyous cheering of Tory and Lib Dem backbenchers, not a thought or a quiet moment taken for the 1.3 million people and their families that are going to be facing heartbreak and hardship very soon, it was the most despicable piece of political triumphalism that I have ever witnessed in my entire life, it made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

People have been long telling the Lib Dem supporters that they were losing their identity and being used and abused and swallowed up by the Conservatives, they would not believe it, but perhaps they will now they have dropped yet again in the polls to around 10%, they flat-lined at 11% for a while but that has dropped further, at this rate they will be in single figures very soon and will be in danger of being that "asterisk" they used to be in the polls before Charles Kennedy dragged them up by their boot straps! However, when they do sink to lower poll ratings, at least they will be easier to merge with the Tories as is now being predicted by many senior Conservatives.

"There was very little difference between the parties, he said, [Francis Maude] and many Tories wanted the pact to carry on far beyond the present five-year deal.
‘Even if the Conservatives win a majority at the next Election, there will be a desire to continue with the Coalition among parts of the Conservative Party,’ he told a private gathering in Westminster.
It is the closest any senior member of the Government has come to saying the two parties could be linked permanently  - or merge.
Mr Maude is one of Mr ­Cameron’s closest advisers. His comments will fuel suspicion among Right-wing Conservatives that the Prime Minister sees the Coalition as part of a long-term strategy, not a short-term fix after the Election result."

This is going to alarm some Liberal Democrats, but anyone with a modicum of x common sense saw this one coming long ago, as Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have become more Tory and more right wing than most Tories. So there was truth in labour's election slogan "Vote Clegg get Cameron"? there is going to be many supporters and grass roots activists up and down the country assessing their positions, this coming on top of the utterly smashed Liberal Democrat broken pledge on university tuition fees, is going to prove to be the last straw! Liberal Democrat support may harden off at around 5% or 6% , if it does, will they even be any good to the Tories at all in another hung parliament?

It is not looking good for the Liberal Democrats, but they did this to themselves, they went for this for the power and lure of government, at the first hurdle of power they fell and succumbed to the Tories every whim. They should have stuck to their principles and their core beliefs and allowed the Tories to form a minority government, if they had done this, then they would have been free to oppose them and be part of the opposition this country so desperately needs at the moment.
The Liberal Democrats must face that they have actually enabled one of the most cruel, vicious and brutal right wing government's this country has ever seen, to carry out an outright attack on the poor, the elderly, the young, women, the disabled, the sick, the vulnerable and the unemployed and the electorate, will not forget this in a hurry.

Still after all they have done to enable this government and do untold damage to themselves in the process, they still have the power to actually do something about it, they can stop their support, withdraw it right now immediately and bring this government down BEFORE it fatally wounds this country and her people, they can come to their senses, if they do this, then they may just get their party back, if they refuse, then they may just as well do as Francis Maude is suggesting and merge with the Tories, because for sure, they are no longer Liberal Democrats, they will have become true blues!

The Dead Duck Bird
Of The Liberal Democrats

 Source for Francis Maude quote   The Mail On Sunday