Monday, October 25, 2010

Coalition Cracks? Simon Hughes Says Welfare Cuts Need Changing!

Clegg Changes Direction With The Wind
He Just Loves His Position
and his Jaguar!

So Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has warned coalition ministers that they will have to change their planned welfare cuts if they are to get them through Parliament?

This could not possibly be that at last Hughes has found the balls to stand up to this abomination of a government, because his constituency is known to have the highest concentration of council homes and council tenants - could it?

Mr Hughes said that three of the proposed seven changes to housing benefit set out in Chancellor George Osborne's spending review were the "wrong ones" and would need to be altered if Lib Dem MPs were to support them.

Nice of you to agree Mr Hughes, But only 3 of them?

On Sunday, Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister strongly defended the Government's deficit reduction plan, saying that it was essential to lift the "dead weight of debt" from the economy.

Here we have it, Clegg strongly defends the government's deficit reduction plan, he is not an economist, Cameron is not and economist, Clegg is a nodding dog, he is not an economist, Osborne is not an economist, he is a dolt, but they that doesn't matter, they must be right because Clegg supports the plans. It doesn't matter of course that all the world's leading economists like Josef Stiglitz; Professor Pissarides; Professor David Blanchflower and Mark Gilbert of Bloomburg, all say that the chancellor is a barking mad basket case, like Norman Bates with a red box has got this completely wrong, and that these cuts are a "terrible, terrible mistake" all that is by the by, because Nick Clegg, Professor of Nodding Dog Land, strongly defends all the cuts that are going to make life hell for the poor, sick, elderly, young, women, vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the poorest in society and put over a million people out of work -that's OK then.

However, the strains within the coalition were again apparent, with fresh rumblings of discontent within the Lib Dem ranks over university tuition fees and funding for disadvantaged schoolchildren.
Mr Hughes said that he and other Lib Dem MPs were making it "loud and clear" to ministers that they would have to re-think the housing benefit plans, which form a key plank of Mr Osborne's £18 billion of welfare cuts.
On Sunday, Mr Hughes said; "I don't think there will be a parliamentary majority in the House of Commons for the current plans - not for all the seven proposals. So I don't think they will go through as they are, and I think Government understands that there has to be negotiations."

I would like this to be true, however excuse me for being cynical, I have seen these Lib Dem revolts before. Here is what will probably happen. Hughes will threaten a revolt, the government will concede on a minor change, the Lib Dems will hail it an outstanding victory for democracy, the best very best thing since sliced bread, and it will be a wonderful day for the wonderful coalition and the country and all the Liberal Democrats who are deserting their party for Labour, will feel all warm and fuzzy inside, decide they still love Clegg and the orange fluffy Lib Dems and return to the party fold. And then Simon Hughes woke up!

This is just a cynical ploy designed to reassure Liberal Democrats as their poll ratings slip to 10% and head for single figures. it is a cold and calculated political decision, it is all about Nick Clegg and not about the council tenants up and down this country who now feel unsure, unsafe and threatened in their very homes, they literally feel under attack from their very own government and this will not stop because of Simon Hughes pseudo threats to a government who could not care less who they trample on and who they hurt. Hughes is being used and the poor sap cannot even see it!

Liberal Democrats
Are Dead In The water!

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