Monday, October 18, 2010

George Osborne Is A Blatant Liar!

George Osborne has said of the June 2010 public borrowing figures, which have come in above analysts’ expectations: (Thanks to the Labour Government) 
“The public finances numbers today remind us why we need to get on top of the budget deficit”.
Which is entirely consistent from the Chancellor because when the borrowing figures for May 2010 came in below analysts’ expectations he said:
“The public finances numbers today remind us why we do not need to get on top of the budget deficit”.
He did say that didn’t he? Answer YES he did!
On the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning, Conservative Chancellor George Osborne twice said that this country was almost bankrupt, and because of him  apparently, we now are not! Big claim to make since the Tories sorry the Coalition Government have only been in power for 5 months and for most of that time Osborne, Cameron and Clogg have been busy doing  well, nothing actually, unless you call being full time scaremongers and occupation! The only thing this trio have done in that time is to nearly destroy consumer confidence and repeatedly tell blatant lies! Claiming that he [Osborne] somehow single handed saved this country from bankruptcy is patently untrue and he knows it, next he will be making his announcements with his underpants worn over the top of his trousers as he elevates himself to superhero status, perhaps someone should tell "Boy George" that self praise is no recommendation? Osborne is such an arrogant ignorant person, he has appalling over inflated opinion of himself and his capabilities, if only he was as good as he thinks he is, the country would not now be on the eve of  financial destruction! The truth is of course that the Labour Government, handed over this country's economy in recovery, after going through one of the worse GLOBAL downturns since 1929, the labour government managed to save thousands of people from losing their jobs, thousands from losing their homes and prevented thousands of businesses from going under, on top of this they successfully stewarded this country through a banking crisis that was caused by the selling of sub-prime mortgages in the United States, causing billions of toxic debt. It is not good enough that we have a chancellor and a prime minister that think it is OK to lie to the people of this country about anything, but to lie about something that is so vitally important to the nation is despicable and unforgivable and to blatantly lie in order to gain political approval for using the deficit as an excuse to carry out Tory dogma and ideology is more than unforgivable, it should be classed as a criminal act.

  • If this country was bankrupt when the Tory Coalition Government took office why had the UK still got her triple A rating? 
  • If we were on the verge of bankruptcy in May, how come the IMF were predicting a GDP growth of 2.5% for 2010/11?
  • If the Coalition fiscal 'plan' is so wonderful, why did the IMF downgrade that growth prediction to 2.1% in the summer, and ...again to 2% in October?
  • That's down from a projected £1.460 trillion* under Labour to £1.454 trillion* under the coalition.... a 'loss' of £6 billion.... leading to an overall 'loss' of £38 billion over the course of this parliament... £7.7 billion per year
Aren't you glad that we've got a 2nd-class History graduate - who has no experience whatsoever of finance or economics - in charge of the Treasury?

[* sources: Labour figures, HM Treasury 23rd April 2010; Coalition Figures, HM Treasury 30th September 2010; IMF figures, World Economic Outlook April & October 2010]

The cold hard facts are that the Tories were handed this country in recovery, since labour left office set after set of figures have been released that actually confirm what Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown did was not only the right this for tthe British economy, it was the right thing for many other countries too, we were on track to be out of recession and recovery by the end of this year, now all we have to look forward to is a deepening recession and it all could have been so different.

Last August those claiming benefit rose again by 3.800 for the 2nd consecutive month and although unemployment fell, this was mainly because of the rise in part-time workers, there was a fall in the number of full-time jobs available. Workers who have families and have been in full-time work have suddenly lost their job and been forced to take part-time work, this is course works out very well for the employers 1) they do not have to pay so much national insurance contributions and 2) part time work is poorly paid in comparison, thus saving these company bosses (mates of Osborne and Clegg) money. However, yet again it is the taxpayer that suffers and who is forced to subsidise these people's past times.
Also in the same month George Osborne also borrowed a record breaking £15.9 billion, this was an increase of £3 billion, this was a direct result of his £6.75 cutbacks..  when we get £80 billion worth, goodness knows what

Because of George Osborne's crazy economics it is estimated that 50.000 businesses will go out of business over the next few years and there will be at least an extra 1.5 million people unemployed.

This chancellor and the Prime Minister David Cameron are taking a huge gamble with people's livelihoods and all our children's futures and he is at fault no one else and when his plan A fails (and it will) there is no plan B, as Osborne has said that he intends to ram his cuts home regardless. Apparently Osborne knows better than leading economists.

Don't let George Osborne fool you into believing there has to be cuts, there doesn't, Osborne and Cameron are using the deficit to roll back the state and cut welfare, they are ideological cuts because Tories do not like the NHS, state education or the welfare state, the British Tory party wants to be more akin with their cousins across the pond in the US - the Republicans and Cameron has his friend Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, out in the States appearing on Rupert Murdoch's Fox news, doing this country down and doing our wonderful NHS down, thanks to David Cameron, Andy Coulson, Daniel Hannan and Rupert Murdoch, people in America think our wonderful NHS is a joke! Where to describe the NHS as a "sick" joke in 1997 where the Conservatives left it and  when labour took it over would have been a fair description, to describe it that way now is nothing but another criminal despicable lie, one that the Tories want propagated in America in order that the Tories can sell off huge lucrative chunks of the NHS to American health care companies. Our NHS is not a joke it is a vibrant ultra modern service and in the last 2 months we have seen state of the art brand new modern hospitals opening in Selly Oak, Birmingham and Peterborough, in fact since labour came to power in 1997 we now have approximately 120 BRAND NEW modern hospitals, we no longer have waiting lists months and years long as we had under the last Tory government, we no longer have patients waiting months to be seen in out patient clinics and we no longer have people waiting over 6 hours to be seen in our A&E departments and we no longer have people waiting days on hospital trolleys in corridors for beds in the hospital to become available, in fact our NHS is unrecognisable from where the Tories left it in a parlous state in 1997.
Beware though, the Tories have taken the targets out of the system and already thanks to the Tories waiting times, and waiting lists are now beginning to creep upwards again, the Tories are purposefully ruining the NHS, so when their completely unnecessary top down dismantling of the NHS goes wrong, they can blame labour, just like they keep trying to blame the labour government for everything else the Tories are getting wrong.
More lies from Osborne, Cameron and Clegg, every time their lips move they are lying, they are going to ruin this country if we do not stop them.

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