Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chancellor and 'Ginger Rodent' Danny Alexander To Face Questions Over Child Benefit Reform Plans

Danny Alexander
The Ginger Nutted Whinger
Treasury committee to hear from George Osborne and Danny Alexander as adviser says changes are 'administrative burden'

Attention has turned to how the government will enforce the policy after a report on Thursday suggested Treasury officials believe the rule change to be "unenforceable" because it relied on one earner being forced to declare each other's earnings.
(And if they are all like Lord Ashcroft and Sir Philip Green then the Treasury has two hopes - Bob Hope and no hope!)

Yesterday, in Brussels, David Cameron said he did not "predict a problem" in implementing the changes. (yeah well Cameron is a flat faced, two faced, know nothing twat anyway).

The Treasury insist the change has been stress-tested confirming this morning that those higher earners who did not give up their child benefit would face a civil fine, to be stipulated by forthcoming parliamentary legislation
(Well that's it then - guaranteed to fail, the Treasury is reversed Midas touch, everything gold that it touches turns to dust!)

Those who are taxed through the pay-as-you-earn system will be asked to declare the benefit, putting them in a different tax code. (ha ha ha ha ha then Osborne and the Ginger whinger woke up)

The benefit will then be recouped in the following tax year. (They'll probably be bankrupt by then)

But those ranged in opposition to the change threw up a myriad situations in which couples would end up being fined should one spouse not know the full financial affairs of the other or should the couple temporarily separate.
(Yep this sounds about right for Oddborne and the ginger rat faced whingeing rodent)

Tax expert John Whiting, who was appointed director of the Office of Tax Simplification by the chancellor, warned that clawing back the cost of the benefit from higher rate taxpayers through the tax system would be "intrusive" and involve lots of form-filling.
(lmao the Office of Tax Simplification? The only thing simple about this is  frogspawn Osborne)

It would also be "an administrative burden" that would "make a dent" in the estimated £2.5bn in savings the Treasury claims the change will bring, Whiting added.
(FGS give George his bloody calculator back)

A Tory MP and expert on taxation Ian Liddell Grainger – chair of the all party parliamentary group on taxation – said yesterday morning the move would be "virtually unenforceable" until HMRC was able to process real-time information.
(Even their own MPs are telling them! Camoron, Frogspawn, Ginger nuts (perish the thought) and Clogg - otherwise known as the "unenforceables")

If your circumstances change they will not be able to enact it in real time. The ramifications for getting it wrong are enormous for the taxpayers and the citizens of the UK.
(Well rats don't think, they just eat, perhaps we should send in the "Grime Busters"!)

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