Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Human Face Of Cameron's and Osborne's Cuts. "War veteran Wilfred, 94, has his carer axed as councils react to Government cuts "

 "I'd Be Better off Dead" Says Wilfred!

(No Wilfred you won't, try not to worry, just as you once fought for us, we will now fight this Fascist Tory and Liberal [poodle]Democrat Government for you)

A war veteran of 94 has been told his “lifeline” carer is being taken away in a heartless decision that should leave Chancellor George Osborne ashamed of his brutal cuts.
Wilfred Hardy – who has a heart condition and can walk only short distances with a stick – was ­assessed by doctors and approved for a carer by his local council after he suffered a stroke in 2008.
He relies on his carer’s daily visits, for as well as looking after him she is his only real contact with the outside world.

(Is this is the kind caring "compassionate Conservatism" that David Cameron was talking about?)

But last week he was told that town hall bosses – struggling to balance the books after Osborne announced 28 per cent cuts for local councils – are axing his care.

(Is this what you voted Cameron and Osborne in for? Did you give them a mandate to do this?)

“Having a carer was my lifeline – now they’ve taken it away what have I got? I feel the best thing to do now would be to kick the bucket.
“I spent the three years in the desert fighting for this country and I’ve worked hard all my life, and this is the thanks I get from David Cameron and George Osborne.”
“I can’t walk very far and sometimes I have to stop people and ask them to help me if I can’t carry on – I’m always falling over.

(That doesn't matter Wilfred, Cameron and Osborne do not care, you are not part of their rich elite, would David Cameron have treated his disabled father in this fashion?)
"It’s so nice to see a friendly face and have someone to talk to. It was the only contact I had with the outside world
(All you who think these cuts do not matter, this is the very human face of them. Wilfred is NOT a scrounger, but David Cameron and George Osborne would have us believe that he is, which is their excuse for these swingeing welfare cuts! "Swingeing Cuts" That Cameron PROMISED us he would NOT do - He LIED!)

Then last week a lady from the council came round. She told me they had decided I didn’t need care and there would be no one coming round again. I was very upset.”

(Can't you just weep for him? But tears are no good, our tears will not help Wilfred, he needs us to get out there and fight for him, just as he once fought for us. There are hundreds more "Wilfreds" whose plight is not noticed, we MUST fight for them. Remember Wilfred and back the strikes if and when they happen, workers are not losing their pay for nothing, they are sacrificing it for us! Go On the marches, write your to your MPs, join pressure groups, join the Labour party and help us put pressure on the government, what ever you can do, please do it - Together we can help Wilfred and all those like him - Together we can bring this heartless fascist government to its knees - They work for us - They do as we tell them and we tell them to leave Wilfred and other vulnerable people alone!)

Wilfred’s former carer Natalie Temple, 24.
“He can’t cook for himself very well – he drops things if he tries to get them from the oven. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been scalded.
“And he is he is very unsteady on his feet and has had a lot of falls. If he didn’t have someone coming in regularly I would worry that if he fell it would be days before he was found.”

(This is back to the nasty party, back to the 80's, back to the Tories who rode roughshod over us then and are trying to do worse now, by picking on innocent vulnerable people)

A council spokesman said they stood by their decision to take away ­Wilfred’s carer ­according to “fair access to care” criteria. He said: “Mr Hardy is a ­remarkably resilient person who, despite his 94 years, is able to live in his own home.
“He has been given and will continue to get the support he needs. He lives in sheltered accommodation with a scheme manager on hand.”

The council would know that a 94 year old is a resilient? Are they completely insane? I'll try to find out who runs this council, my guess it will be a Tory or a Liberal Democrat controlled council, or a Tory/Lib Dem coalition council. The scheme manager the council mentions, would this be a warden on the premises, or a manager that has several schemes to manage at once, making their response times longer? How long would it take this "scheme manager" to find Wilfred if he had a fall? How many times per day is this "scheme manager" actually present in the building for and for how long? Where does this manager run the daily check on all residents in all the schemes she/he manages per day from? Is it from a central control or is it from the building itself? The council says that Wilfred is mobile, so would the scheme manager put a non reply of a check down to him being out? Or perhaps on the floor waiting to be found? Would David Cameron have had his own father subject to this abuse of the elderly and infirm?
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