Thursday, October 28, 2010

The World Should Know The Real David Cameron - Millionaire, Toff, Liar and Social Cleanser

They Think What They Are Doing Is Funny
They Think It Is A Big Joke
Do You?
British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and Deputy PM Nick Clegg are trying to push  housing benefit cuts through, cuts that will affect at least 25.000 families in inner city London. Cuts that will affect certain groups more, like those suffering with mental health problems. Elderly people that have lived in their homes for a great many years. People that have lived in an area and put down roots. Uprooting families with children settled in at school, it just goes on and on and on.
Just like their child benefit cuts, the cuts to housing benefit are ill thought out piece of trickery, designed to grab headlines, they are without doubt "social cleansing" and "socially engineered".

The whole world should look upon David Cameron with disdain for what he is attempting to do to the British people, but this headline grabbing trickery goes further than this, I believe this is just part of a plan to cause maximum damage between people who previously lived in harmony. If you took Cameron's lies at his word, you would be forgiven for believing that all people drawing housing benefit, live in plush houses mingling with toffs in elite London boroughs, whereby, a handful of people will have somehow managed to get themselves residences like this, they probably only represent 0.001% of those claiming housing benefit to pay private landlords.

In Cameron's one and only job before he joined the Conservative party, he was a "spin doctor" for Carlton TV and it shows, Cameron as been spinning the story against people on benefits eve before he formed the coalition government, David Cameron is a cheap narcissistic fascist spiv and the sooner the rest of the world realises what is running Britain the better.

No wonder Robert Mugabe said that "David Cameron was a person he could do business with"!

The cuts to HB will cause unnecessary distress and untold heartache and hardship to good decent working people and today in parliament the  Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, admitted that nearly all those claiming housing benefit, were in fact in work, so so much for the welfare cheating scroungers that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg would want us to believe they are. There are glaring problems to these proposed cuts.

People working and on low incomes will not be able to afford their rents one HB is cut
This is going to cause mass homelessness, this is families with children earning the minimum wage and not much higher, being paid these low wages by Tory voting Conservative backers in many cases, the whole system is corrupt. Instead of attacking the people that insist on paying their workers slave labour wages and instead of attacking private landlords and preventing them from charging too much rent, the Conservatives have one again attacked the vulnerable person who simply has no control over this problem.
If these people are forced to move who is going to pay their moving costs? This runs into thousands, even if they move themselves it will cost hundreds, these people simply do not have this kind of money.
If they have their HB cut and they cannot pay their rent, they cannot afford to move and they cannot find other accommodation, whole families will become homeless. Some boroughs are already block booking bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless people, which ironically will cost more than the government will save on Housing benefit cuts!
If a people are forced to move, how are they going to find alternative accommodation? Were is the huge deposits going to come from that private landlords demand up front?
If people do by some outside chance get to move to outside London, how will they then be able to afford to commute to work? If they  have a car, how do they afford the congestion charge? If they go by public transport, how will they afford the extra expense on fairs? If they are forced to give up work because work suddenly becomes untenable, how will they get another job in a depressed market that has very few vacancies? If they cannot get another job then they will have to go on benefits.
This whole housing benefits proposal is just one huge big mess and it is due to start in under 6 months time.
Besides all the practical issues, there is the certainty that as thousands of displaced people are forced out of the capital, ghettos of deprived people will form, is this what we really want for out country and the terrible shame it will bring upon us?

Or government the Conservative led coalition government is engaging in "social cleansing", they are pushing people forced to live on benefits and those with low paid jobs around, like a crazed class room bully that has just been bestowed with power.

Since before Cameron and Osborne were elected they have been declaring war on those unfortunate enough to need state help, they have looked down their noses and sneered at the poor, the young, the elderly, the sick and the disabled and they have publicly bullied these vulnerable people and it is an absolute abominable way for a British government to behave. They have been aiming to pit worker against worker, they have demonised public sector workers for having a job, pushed them out of a job and then demonised them all over again for not having a job. The Government have pitted private sector workers against public sector workers, they have turned workers against those not in work by giving a completely false and misleading impression that *everyone* unfortunate enough to need state help is a scrounger and they have marginalised those on benefits, to the point where the suicide rate in Britain has started to rise.
It will not be long before we see civil war like fights on our streets between the haves and the have nots as Cameron, Osborne and Clegg continue to set the people of Britain against one another. Britain is also bracing itself for riots on the streets as those people affected by Cameron's cuts take to the streets to demonstrate against the cuts.
One of the most sickening aspects is, the Liberal Democrats actually back their Tory masters, without them, the Tories could not get these cuts through parliament. The Lib Dems were supposed to be controlling the Tories, instead they have backed every single cut and despicable treatment of the poor and vulnerable, I wonder if they are proud to be Liberal Democrats?

The irony is that George Osborne, the man making all the cuts is not making any sacrifices himself, in fact our chancellor is DODGING  paying British inheritance tax along with his siblings, he is set to inherit millions of pounds when his father dies, when he inherits his part of a £4 million trust fund, to add to his millions already and he will NOT be paying one penny in British taxes!

"Only the son of a ­baronet who is sitting on a £4million trust fund would have the arrogance to ­destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of ­people.
This pompous toff – who’s among 17 other ­millionaires in the Cabinet – has no idea how tough life is for ordinary people. It is unforgivable that this ­father of two who preaches “fairness” has waged a ­ruthless cam­paign against families".

David Cameron - Son Of Thatcher
The way this government has chosen to go about reforming housing benefit is cynical and combative, very soon in Britain, there will be very real wars being fought on our streets, unless we manage to stop this certifiably insane government from carrying out this utter foolish and reckless gamble with all our livelihoods and our children's futures and turning this country into a nasty, selfish, cold, callous uncaring country, the only other time we came anywhere near being like this, as the haves trampled over the faces of the have nots, was in Margaret Thatcher's Britain, we have barely recovered from that, yet here we are staring down the barrel of that particularly Tory gun again and it is frightening to say the very least.
This is a form of social engineering  and it is also gerrymandering - the cynical manipulation of constituency boundaries for electoral gain - on a mass-scale.

 I hope other countries are taking note at what is happening in the UK today, right here and right now and never, ever let David Cameron fool and manipulate you, like he has fooled and manipulated the British people. David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are liars, manipulators and are attempting to socially engineer the poorest people in Britain, no one should take any lessons from them!

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