Monday, October 11, 2010

The Utter Sham and Shame of Today's Tories and Liberal Democrats.

The Tories are up to their old tricks, but this time it is different, this time they are more dangerous, they have the Liberal Democrats to use as "fig leaves" to hide behind and to support them willy nilly which is enabling this fascist Tory government to get anything it likes through parliament. There will be a price for the Liberal Democrats to pay for this, but I'll cover it in a separate post.
Last week the Tories were up to quite a lot, using their conference to announce policy that should be announced in parliament, by doing this they are showing utter contempt for parliamentary procedure. Currently the Tories are scapegoating the jobless because they are unemployed.
This government have demonised public sector workers for having a public sector job and then when they have sacked them, they demonise them all over again for being unemployed. The Tories have also successfully managed to get worker to turn on worker in a sort of private sector vs public sector war of words.
It is not a life of luxury on benefits, especially when Jobseekers Allowance is just £65.45 per week. The government's own maths expose their breathtaking cynicism of the attacks on the poor under the guise of reform. Where are all these people that are supposed to be living a life of luxury on benefits? The truth is they do not exist, they are made up by the right wing media in order to perpetuate the myth of Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Andy Coulson and Rupert Murdoch. The Tory Coalition government has launched a tirade and an astonishing attack on the poor, at the Tories conference last week they all lined up to stick their "jackboots" into the defenseless and the most vulnerable in our society, from the chronically sick, to the disabled to the unemployed.

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt the Multi-millionaire Culture Secretary came dangerously close to saying that only rich people could have children, while speaking about the proposed Tory/Lib Dem cap on benefits, he said that there should be a cap on benefits and the state will not support children if the parents had children they could not afford. There are many ways a parent or parents can find themselves in difficulties, it does not follow that they all just produce children without a care on how to support them. For many couples, it is the fact that they had a job which they were secure in and did everything right, but then found through no fault of their own they lost their jobs, very much like what is going to happen to at least 1.3 million EXTRA people, many who are public sector workers, who will lose their jobs under the governments austere retrenchment. You get the impression that the likes of Mr Hunt will not be happy until us ordinary folk, (who he obviously views as the underclass) are all tugging at our forelocks and standing to the side of the road when we pass him and his millionaire pals.

The Tories disguise their hatred of us and their ambition to see the welfare state taken away, so they do not have to pay tax and they can revert to the times when they do not have to pay taxes on their large estates, they are not bothered that children will suffer, they honestly see ordinary people as plebs and they do not care if our children go without a decent standard of living and they care even less if our children are poorly educated in sub-standard buildings, the poor should only be able to breed on a controlled basis and in any case our children should only be bred for their purposes, to serve them, to clean their houses and wait on them. The Tories are made up of people that are ruling by fear and intimidation, keeping us and our children ignorant and poor, in other words, keeping us in our place.

Removing, freezing and capping state benefits will cause hardships, the Tories and the Lib Dems are trying to tell us that this is for our own good, we must not live on benefits. This is a fallacy in itself, less than 1% of all claimants of benefits do so illegally or because they cannot be bothered to go to work. They say they will remove 1 in 5 people from claiming Disability Living Allowance, remove 25% of those claiming Incapacity benefit, the Tories are suddenly going to work miracles and give the blind their sight, the deaf their hearing, the disabled their mobility, the chronically sick will suddenly be cured and all these people will suddenly become fit for work and future employers will be queuing up to employ them, even though these people may have serious health problems and have been out of the workplace for at least 10 years and have little or no experience, or just unable through disability to follow their previous occupations. Of course there is not a jobs shortage which is expected to soar under the governments cuts and unemployment programme as they seek to dismantle the welfare state and the NHS and education, so the above mentioned people will be easily shepherded back into gainful employment, which will pay them at the very least the £10.00 per hour they will need to live on , pay work expenses and support their families.

The prejudice shown by the Tories and the Liberal democrats who laughingly call themselves the "coalition" is said to be like Margaret Thatcher's Tories, but it is much worse than that and it is worse because it is done in a deceitful underhand way, with everyone in the government from the prime minister down telling blatant lies, this government is like no other government before it, it has purposefully lied to gain power and it has had the help of Rupert Murdoch to do so.  This government and Tory and Lib Dem minister sneer at who they refer to as "shirkers" and "welfare scroungers", yet over 29 million of us in this country work hard for a living. No one is saying that the welfare state does not need to change, be reshaped and be equipped to progress and move forward, but this shameless government with its sneering millionaire ministers is doing more than reshaping the welfare state, what they are doing is actually trying to dismantle and disband it, it is not being done for us, it is being done to spite us! The services, the NHS, the education system that we lose now will never ever be reinstated, it will prove impossible to do so. It is not just the poorest in society, but the middle classes too, who will be hit, the every person that voted for this brutal fascist government. Cameron's new slogan is "Together In The national Interest", he had to get a new slogan, because his other one "we are all in this together" has pretty soon fallen upon deaf ears as people realise we are not all in this together and why on earth should the poor and the middle classes be forced to pay for the Tory banking crisis? As David Cameron tries to wrap himself in our national flag, people should be mindful of just what he is trying to do. He is trying to be the fascist BNP without the BNP tag, he is using the sublime to weasel his way into our psyche's and he is trying to turn us into a nation of spiteful people who could not give a damn about anyone else - just like Thatcher before him!

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