Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Danny Alexander Ruled Out Tax Cuts Until 2015 (Now there Is Political Opportunism If Ever I saw It!)

Two days ago we had Danny Alexander the Treasury chief thicko secretary, Danny Alexander ruling  out a cut in the overall tax burden for up to five years, which will take us neatly up to 2015, the year of course that this Tory coalition "ConDem" government hope and pray will see the next general election, well this is what the hapless, hopeless Liberal "Dumoprats" pray for anyway. The Tories are easy either way, if they get to 2015 or thereabouts without having to dump their new found Tory apparatchiks Lib Dem colleagues that is fine by them. The only thing worrying the Tories is if they can ram through their fixed term parliament and gerrymandering of parliament and the boundaries before fissures in the coalition turn into the Grand Canyon type cracks, which will bring the the government down no matter what it tries to do, so they desperately want this through before then, which is of course why Cameron and Osborne have made free with the taxpayers money and dished out a £100 million to Nick Clegg, for what he laughably calls his "political" reform for AV Referendum and why the date has been set for next May 2011, against all advice.
The Tories have used this bill to piggy back a very  important amendment:

The labour opposition are the only main party of opposition and  it has to oppose these changes, they are profoundly undemocratic.
"The shadow justice secretary, Jack Straw, insisted  that Labour was trying to stop the government using the voting reform legislation to smuggle in changes which would allow "gerrymandering" of parliamentary constituencies.
He challenged the government to split the issues of voting reform and constituency boundaries into two separate bills, promising Labour would then back the referendum.
Labour claims the boundary reforms would benefit the Tories so much that the Labour party would find it impossible to win a general election again.
Conservatives complain that the current boundaries require them to win more votes than Labour to gain the same number of MPs, because on average Tory seats have more constituents
Straw insisted today the difference was only "marginal" and could be dealt with by the existing system of Boundary Commission reviews."

The challenge for Cameron is that they separate the two and then the referendum bill could go ahead, but of course Cameron does NOT want this, he is desperate to ram through this undemocratic changes that would keep him and his party in power forever more, no matter what they did to us and to this country. There are also claims that a government minister will be given powers in the bill to change boundary review recommendations without an appeal mechanism, if this happens, this means that the Tories can do what they liked to the boundaries, whenever they liked and we the people would be powerless to stop them, we will not even be able to vote them out!
No wonder during the hustings in the run up to the general election, David Cameron could be heard all over the constituencies (and in the leadership TV debates) saying; "If you don't like us after five years - you can kick us out" the clue was in the five years and of course he knew that they had secret plans to rig the constituencies, gerrymander the boundaries and gerrymander parliament, to make it virtually impossible to vote him and the Tories out! This is of course our punishment for actually have the cheek to vote the Tories out in 1997, they do after all see themselves as the only party with a divine right to power and see themselves as the "natural party of government"! When we voted them out it was such a shock to them, that they swore then when they got back in they would make it impossible to ever get voted out again, we do not have a democracy anymore in the the UK we have a dictatorship and each one of us, no matter what we vote, should be extremely worried about this.
The Liberal Democrats are showing themselves to be complete muppets by going along with this, because if Cameron gets his way then there will only ever be one government and one party in town and that is the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats will be a complete spent force. It is hard to know what is in the minds of the favoured 23 Liberal Democrats now languishing in government with their ministerial cars and lackeys, do they honestly not see what the rest of us see? Or are they so awe struck by their Tory puppet masters, that they are totally blinded? People call them the "orange Tories", I would go further and call them complete and utter prats, who have dumped all their principles, gone weak at the knees at the first sniff of power and are now going along with anything and everything their Tory masters ask of them, frankly they deserve all they get they have asked for it, they are sitting on their brains, however, their supporters and their loyal grass roots workers did not ask to be treated like this and their betrayal of their loyal core support is shocking, shocking and very very sad, Nick Clegg a Tory by any other name should be ashamed of himself, deeply ashamed, but more than that, he should be kicked out of the party and a new leader chosen ASAP, because if this doesn't happen, by the time the next election comes around, the only Liberal Democrats in the country will be the few in parliament and those in government and a few die hards and stragglers and that will be it.

 Unbelievable Hypocrisy From Cameron

So utterly hypocritical and breathtakingly arrogant it causes a sharp intake of breath!

David Cameron has accused the Labour party of "descending into complete and utter opportunism" after it emerged that the shadow cabinet has decided to vote against a bill introducing reform to the voting system, raising the prospect of a Commons defeat for one of the governing coalition's flagship policies.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme:

"That is the interesting story of the day; the descent into complete and utter opportunism by the Labour party. They were the only party who had a commitment to an AV referendum in their manifesto and they are now backtracking on that. I know what it's like to be in opposition ... the temptation to jump on the bandwagon and be opportunistic is always there and should always be resisted."

Astonishing! As "Nan" (Katherine Tate) would say:

"What? What did 'e say?"..."What a f-*-*-*-*-*-*g  l-i-b-e-r-t-y"  "well did you ever a"? "What a f******g LIAR!"

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have reneged and gone back on virtually every single one of their policies in their own party manifestos and more than this, much more actually, they wrote a "coalition paper" and even before the ink was dry, they started breaking all the pledges on that too. They are duplicitous liars practising the dark arts of media manipulation and disinformation.

Cameron, Osborne and Clogg are such blatant opportunists, it is unbelievable that Cameron could even think of saying this and just shows how far into his own ego he has slipped. They cannot be trusted they are liars and liars cannot be trusted and all the rest of their millionaire, public schoolboy, Bullingdon club cabinet mates, are just pathetic wets who have no brains, only a big dose of ego and mama and papa's money and are just tagging along for the ride, well it beats sitting about on horses watching dogs tearing wild animals to pieces all the time I suppose, anything to break the boredom!

Yes labour did have a commitment to holding a referendum in their manifesto, what they did not have a commitment to do was to attach a blatant piece of gerrymandering onto the legislation. Cameron may think that the Lib Dems are turkeys voting for Christmas, but the labour party isn't. If Cameron is so set on holding this AV referendum, then he should separate the bills and allow the AV bill to go through on its own and stop trying to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries, if he does this then labour will back the bill and it will pass through parliament unopposed, however, Cameron does not want this, what he wants is a Tory party in forever and he is going to try his hardest to see that this happens. Human Rights? What bloody human rights?

I firmly believe that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are a real and ever growing danger to this country and I ask you, no matter what you vote, or what your political allegiances are, to make your feelings known about this blatant vote rigging to your MP, unless of course you really do want to wake up in a dictatorship? We do not have a proper government, we have a minority government propped up by the Orange Tories Liberal Democrats, who are riding roughshod all over us and our rights. Who gave this government the mandate to privatise our NHS?  Who gave them the mandate to try and get rid of state education? Who gave them the mandate to politicise our police force and get rid of 60.000 police officers, Police community support Officers? Did you give this government the mandate to take away pensioners heating allowances? Their free bus passes? Their Free eye tests? Their free TV Licences? Did you give them the mandate to take away their free swimming, that kept them socialising and active, saving the NHS millions of pounds? Did you give them the mandate to push elderly people out of their homes and their neighbourhoods where they have lived for many years, causing them distress and anxiety, in many cases will kill elderly people?
Did you? Did you honestly think you were voting for this? These elderly people could be your parents/grand parents.

NHS Direct Or Nanny 111? You Decide!

Did you give this government the mandate to take NHS Direct, rid it of its professionally trained nurses and replace them with telephonists with only 60 hours training to give you and your family medical advice? YOUR child's life could depend on this, you may just as well go and ask your neighbour for their advice, after all they certainly will not be less qualified, in many cases probably more qualified. The Tories LIED about this, they said that they were trialling something completely different and then Andrew Lansley the health secretary slipped up and let the cat out of the bag and said they were going to replace NHS Direct with this cheap inferior service. Questions I would like to ask Lansley and Cameron

Who are the private companies that will take over NHS Direct and run it?
How much are the contracts worth?
Are any of these companies Tory party donors?
Do any of these companies have a vested interest in the Tory party?
Will any of these companies be called Tribal? Healthcare UK? or Care UK?
Will the names John Nash and Sir Peter Gershon et al likely to pop up anywhere?

People WILL lose their lives,  it is a foregone conclusion, if we cannot stop the Tories doing this, then people are going to die as a result of Tories lies and unnecessary penny pinching. NHS Direct saves the NHS millions, so I am very interested to see who is going to be awarded lucrative PRIVATE contracts!
Please sign the petition to save NHS Direct, you will find it to the right in the tabs bar, or at the foot of this post. We need 100.000 signatures, if we manage to obtain these Cameron has promised any petition of 100.000 will be debated in parliament (yeah I know he has lied and is a liar), but we have to try, the time to stop them destroying, dismantling and privatising our NHS is NOW. Please help.

These people masquerading as politicians in our government, who are not really politicians, they have no substance, they do not even have any style, they are blank dangerous and ugly extreme right wing fools, who have not even had a real job prior to coming into government. They are pretendy ministers, we have a pretendy prime minister, a pretendy chancellor and a pretendy thicko deputy prime minister.
However it is more than this, what we are seeing developing day by day is a kind of neo fascist government and David Cameron is a neo fascist dictator prime minister and if we do not stop them, they are going to bring this country to its knees and completely destroy the economy, make millions unemployed and because they will have rigged the vote and gerrymandered parliament and the boundaries, there will be absolutely nothing we can do about it.

They may be idiot toffs playing politics with our lives and our children's futures, with their right wing ideologies, but they are dangerous fools and this lot are even more so as they have conned us and lied their way into power! We can stop them! We have to stop them. In the coming 2 years you may be asked to support an action, attend meetings attend demonstrations, you maybe asked to do many different things, even as a very very last resort, you may be asked to support industrial action or asked to support those taking industrial action. Please do not moan, think about why the people are doing it, giving up their time and their pay for us, for our children,  for our NHS, for our elderly people, for our way of life.

Things may get rough in the UK, but we have to do this, in order that we may have a DEMOCRATIC government back and I would prefer it to be a labour government, but as long as it is a fair and democratic government that's OK too.

The Independent : Alexander Rules Out Tax Cuts For 5 Years
The Guardian:     David Cameron calls Labour opposition to voting reform 'opportunism'
Help Save NHS Direct:  Sign The Petition

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yet AGAIN Labour Proved Right On the Economy As UK Economic Growth Is Revised Upwards!

Friday 27th August 2010.

Yet MORE figures out today that CONFIRM the last labour government had called it right on the economy. Figures for spring and early summer, see "UK economic growth revised upwards, this is down to a record-breaking performance in construction sector output, revised upwards from 6.6% to 8.5% - its strongest rate since the fir...st quarter of 1982 - led to the upward revision of the GDP growth rate".

The sad thing is that we all now know what the Tories are doing to the construction industry, they are STOPPING building in schools and AXING the building of new council houses, they were warned by Ed Balls and economists that their MANIC CUTS were going to harm the industry and the economy, now when this all goes pear shaped, we KNOW who to blame and it will NOT be labour!

During the 2010 general election campaign the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown was asked about the UK economy and when it was likely to come out of recession, he replied, that if labour is elected and a responsible package of cuts were followed, not only would the structural deficit be more than halved within four years, that the then fragile *RECOVERY* would continue to grow and strengthen and we would be out of recession within a year.

Since then every single set of figures, from growth to falling unemployment and retail sales have confirmed what Mr Brown and Mr Darling were saying.

The sad thing is that now that growth is faltering in the US economy ("when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold") and all the predictions purely because o the UK government's manic insistence on cutting too far, too deep and shrinking the state, for no other reasons that ideological reasons, virtually every leading world economist is now predicting the UK will enter a double dip recession. This crazy government is going to stymie the recovery they were handed on plate by the outgoing labour government, they are going to make the poorest in society pay for their Tory mates greed, the TORY bankers will get away with murdering the UK economy, being bailed out by the taxpayer and then paying themselves huge telephone number bonuses, while they and this Tory Lib Dem government, will make us pay, without jobs, businesses, homes, pensions and savings and the poorest will be robbed and kept poor, in order to sustain this Tory Government. By the way anyone who is labouring under the misapprehension that this government is anything but a extreme right wing TORY government, doesn't understand the situation. We have a TORY government by default of the Liberal "Dumoprats" who insist on propping this government up.
Come the autumn their already seriously flat-lining poll ratings will literally be through the floor, yet they still do not see it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Day ~ Another Tory In Trouble

Fury Over Tory 'Mad' Email Jibe.

August 26 2010

A 28 year old Norfolk man who tried to contact his local Tory MP Elizabeth Trussm was judged as "unhinged" by the MPs secretary.
The man was sacked from his job as a Care Team leader after whistle-blowing, and reporting and alleged indecent assault on a resident at the care home where he worked, to the police.
All the man did was try to talk to his MP, he repeatedly contacted the constituency office but did not receive any replies, last week he emailed again asking for an appointment to see his MP at her surgery last month.
Then Ms Truss' secretary Fiona Walker mistakenly sent him a reply meant for the MP's eyes only. It read: "This is the chap who keeps going on about the care home... call him beforehand just to see what he is like. If he is unhinged you don't want him kicking off in Waitrose."

How rude! Typical of the way Conservatives treat people they feel are beneath them. It took all this time to reply to the man who has some very real concerns and specific problems he feels his MP can help him with and when after waiting weeks, he does finally get a reply, it is not meant o for him and he discovers that he is being insulted and called "unhinged". One wonders of course if this secretary and the MP did not get found out, if they would have carried on referring to him as 'unhinged'? Why didn't thy reply to him before? Why did they keep on ignoring him? hoping he would go away perhaps? If his allegations are true, then they are serious and must be investigated and he is obviously concerned enough to have contacted the police and his MP.

Thomas said: "I was confused, shocked and angry. All I did was ask my MP to help me - then I get accused of having a screw loose."

Thomas claims he was dismissed from Iceni House in Swaffham for "whistleblowing".
Ms Truss said: "My staff member's comments were completely unacceptable and I severely reprimanded her. I have arranged a surgery time with Mr Ryan to discuss his issue."
Pam Finnis, of Southern Cross Healthcare that runs the home, said they had tried to resolve his issues. "The company has a zero tolerance to all forms of abuse in our homes and takes such claims very seriously." She added: "Despite our attempts... he continues to escalate his campaign and make unfounded allegations.

The Mirror

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

George Osbourne's Cuts Attack Children!

Jobless Families At Risk ~ Incomes To drop 8%

The ConDems were accused of a "shocking attack on children" yesterday because cuts are hitting poor families hardest.
Jobless couples with children will suffer most from tax rises and benefit cuts, losing about 8.5% of their income over four years, said the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies. Families with one working parent will experience an income drop of more than 5%.
The findings come the day after the Eton-educated PM had his fourth child and the Mirror trashed Chancellor George Osborne's claims to have delivered a fair budget.
The IFS report, commissioned by the End Child Poverty campaign, said Mr Osborne's emergency Budget was regressive while Labour had helped the poor.
Shadow work and pensions secretary Yvette Cooper said: "These figures show that the Government is pursuing a shocking and unfair attack on children and families."
The Unison union yesterday applied for a judicial review of the Government's NHS shake-up. It said ministers had failed to consult the public over plans to "fundamentally change" the NHS. "The changes weren't in the Government's manifesto and the public, staff and patients have an absolute right to be consulted about whether they want them," said Unison's Karen Jennings.

Proof ConDem Coalition Tory Cuts Hit The Poorest Hardest

Poor People Are Just A Joke To These Pathetic Creeps

Chancellor George Osborne a multi millionaire at just 39, who comes from a privileged background and was born into money, insists that his budget with its £40 billion of cuts and tax rises, is progressive and fair. However, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) have insisted that the measures in the emergency June budget are "regressive".

The IFS analysis suggests that low income families with children are set to lose the most - about 5% of net income - due to benefit cuts announced in the Budget.

Virtually every single economist in the world have told Cameron, Osborne and Clogg that they are cutting to fast and too deep and that they risk seriously harming the UK economy, but they refuse to listen. They have also been told by many leading economists that their austerity measures are regressive and will hit the poorest people and families the hardest, now they are being told by the IFS and yet again, the "breathtaking" arrogance as Cameron, Osborne and Clogg point blank absolutely refuse to listen and the Treasury said that it did not accept the "selective" findings of the IFS.
Cuts to areas such as housing benefit and disability allowance will hit the poorest to the tune of £422 between the Budget and April 2014.

Other income groups are forecast to lose larger amounts in cash terms, but as a percentage of take-home pay, the poorest 10% will be hardest hit, the report says.

The Treasury said the IFS's analysis ignored the pro-growth and employment effects of Budget measures, such as helping households move from benefits into work, and reductions in corporation tax.

George Osborne Thinks It's Funny Too!

Poor People Must Be A Truly Hilarious Joke To The Multi-Millionaire Ex-Public Schoolboy.

Osborne has totally ignored that the growth he talks about came from when we had a labour government and that labour had the country on the road to recovery and that the previous chancellor Alistair Darling and previous prime minister Gordon Brown have repeatedly warned against cutting too fast and too deep and making 1.3 million people unemployed, would seriously jeopardise the fragile recovery and the growth reported that Osborne points to was stronger than expected, only because of the measures put in place by the labour government, measures that George Osborne have removed.
Osborne is also relying on the private sector to make 2 million jobs, something which the private sector repudiates it will be able to do.

Liberal Democrats

In June, Nick Clegg reassured his Lib Dem colleagues that fairness was "hard-wired" into the Budget.
The Liberal Democrats are supposed to be in the coalition to keep the Tories at bay, however, they have agreed with every single policy and proposed cut, how can Liberal Democrats back a budget that a respected think tank like the IFS has condemned? They need to ask themselves if they would be backing this budget if they were still sitting on the opposition benches? There are 23 Lib Dem MPs with government positions and they are taking everything that their Tory masters are ordering without so much as a whimper, but what about the other Liberal Democrat MPs? What are they doing and what are they saying? Do they agree with this? Are they comfortable with supporting a right wing government who are attacking the poor the hardest and making them pay for what greedy banks did to this country? What about Charles Kennedy, who last weekend denied reports that he was to join the labour party? Is he going to continue being a member of a party that is viciously attacking the poor and vulnerable? Is this what he became a Liberal Democrat for, to back the Tories and prop them up in government so they can launch vicious cruel attacks on the poor?
Are the Liberal Democrats going to keep blind following their leader who seems hell bent on leading them into political oblivion as their poll ratings plummet and get worse week upon week? Clegg who used to be a member of the Conservative party when he was at University, it is safe to say is more right wing than many on the right of the Tory party, are Lib Dem MPs happy about this and are their grass roots supporters and voters? Isn't it time that the Lib Dems grew a pair and kicked Clegg out before he totally ruins the Liberal Democratic party? How long can they go on like this? They are currently begging Clegg not to front the referendum on AV voting reform because they fear that he will damage their chances of a yes vote.
This report from the IFS casts doubt on his claim and has already been seized on by Labour, who accuse the Lib Dems of providing cover for an old-fashioned Tory Budget.

Budget Soft On The Banks and Hard On The Poor

This a serious charge for the Tories and the Lib Dems to answer, but Nick Clegg, says no, it is not the budget, it is the IFS at fault! Cameron, Osborne, Clogg and Danny Alexander are behaving like stupid naive children, pretendy politicians running the country, millionaires all of them who have not got a clue what it is like to live on such a low income. What is it going to take for these fools to understand what they are doing to this country?
The fact is that on Budget day George Osborne and then David Cameron said; "this was a progressive Budget, there would not be a single child put into poverty as a result,".

George Osborne said that with his budget what you see is what you get, obviously he was being economical with the truth as well as our money because, what is now being discovered, when the detailed analysis has been done, is that the Treasury excluded certain things from that analysis. They excluded the impact of cuts in tax credits, in disability living allowance.

On a closer look at the facts, the fact is that a family with children on the lowest incomes gets hit the hardest by this Budget.

The BBC's chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym says:

"The disagreement between the Treasury and the IFS over their forecasts was about timescales.
When George Osborne said in the Budget the measures were progressive he was referring to changes taking effect by 2012. The IFS argues that we should look at a longer period, up to 2014, taking in a fuller range of measures including cuts to housing benefit.
On that basis the IFS stands by its analysis that the full package of measures, taking in Alistair Darling's last Budget and Mr Osborne's changes, is regressive, our correspondent says.
The report said that more than three-quarters of benefit claimants were affected by increases in housing costs, which are included in the RPI.
The report said: "Low-income households of working age lose the most as a proportion of income from the tax and benefit reforms announced in the emergency Budget.
"Those who lose the least are households of working age without children in the upper half of the income distribution.
"They do not lose out from cuts in welfare spending, and they are the biggest beneficiaries from the increase in the income tax personal allowance."
In George Osborne's June Budget, the chancellor increased VAT from 17.5% to 20% and cut welfare spending.
Child benefit and public sector pay were frozen and 25% cut from public service spending.

Where Is The Tory Justice Secretary's Moral Compass?

Secretary Of Justice Ken Clarke

After being sworn in full regalia and all the pomp and circumstance we could stomach, the so-called party of "Law and Order" justice secretary Ken Clarke decided that locking up fewer criminals to save money, was a good idea. Now I am all for the punishment fitting the crime and actual rehabilitation in our prisons would be an excellent place to start, instead of herding them in and forgetting about them and just expecting them to be rehabilitated on their release, but there are ways that this could be achieved and locking up fewer criminals and also advertising the fact that this government will be locking up fewer criminals? Is this really the best way to go about this problem? This government is so intent on saving money that it is actually putting every decent law abiding person at risk from crime.

The Past Labour Government's Record On Crime

Over the 13 years the labour government were in power (1997 - 2010) they strived to put more officers on the beat and they gave us Police Community Support Officers. As well as seeing actual "Bobbies" walking around our streets, we are now rarely surprised to see these PCSO's walking about in pairs. Reassuringly, they walk past our homes, shops and are visible in shopping centers and everywhere the public is. They are polite, amenable, they smile and pass the time of day, they ask if you have any concerns, they talk to little children and their parents, they engage the youth in conversation, they talk video games with them, they chastise them if need be (equivalent to the "Bobby's clip round the ear" of a bygone era), they call for assistance for more serious offences. They are, I feel an absolute must, a reassurance to us the general public and an asset to police officers and probably a good proportion of the reason why this "visible policing" and interaction with communities, has seen overall crime tumble by a huge 42%, since the labour government came to power.

"Broken Britain"

Never let David Cameron tell you that your country, was broken, it wasn't, "Broken Britain" was a catchphrase thought up probably by Saatchi & Saatchi, or Andy Coulson. Andy Coulson is the Conservatives' director of communications and the man who directs media strategy for David Cameron, in other words Coulson is a "spin doctor" just like his boss David Cameron used to be at "Carlton TV". This is a phrase likely to have been born from some kind of "brain storming" session held between media strategists and Cameron and Osborne, when in opposition and plotting their way into Downing Street. It did not matter a jot to these people, that we did not have a broken country and that actually under labour crime was falling rapidly, whereby under the previous Tory governments, crime actually doubled. The thought up a catchy catchphrase and then callously set about making the country fit what they wanted people to believe and NOT what was actually happening. They had all their right wing papers plaster stories of stabbings and shootings etc every single day, to give the wrong impression, they were so successful at this, that the Tory opposition as well as our right wing media managed to affect the tourist industry, because would be tourists were put off visiting this country, believing that every second person on our streets were the victims of a stabbing or a shooting. However this kind of Tory and right wing media scaremongering, was just a warm up for when they actually got into office! In truth, Britain was no worse than any other country and in most cases Britain is a lot better and a lot safer, with falling crime. What the Tories did was successfully install the "fear of crime" into the minds of people, unforgivable, when it made prisoners of the elderly who believed they would be attacked by "rampaging, stabbing and shooting "hoodie types" every time they stepped foot outside their homes. Of course there were incidents, but they were NOT like they were being portrayed by Cameron and his Tories and his right wing newspaper editor mates and right wing scum newspaper owners.

"Broken Britain" Never Existed!

Never forget that "Broken Britain" was a Tory brainchild, something that they wanted you to believe, in order to fool you and scare you into voting for them. David Cameron and his Tory right wing mates did not care who they hurt in the process, just as long as they got your vote. "Broken Britain" never existed, you were fooled and lied to by Cameron the ex-spin doctor and his spin doctor mates, remember this under labour crime actually FELL by a huge 42%, remember it because from here on in, crime is now set to soar and I will not lie to you, I will simply set out the reasons why crime is almost certainly likely to soar under the Conservative led Coalition "Con-Dem government.
Recessional Crime

As the austerity measures bite and this government attempt to scaremonger you and fool you into believing that such rapid and deep cuts were necessary in order to pay off the structural deficit (remember here how the Tories and Cameron and Osborne lied to you and fooled you into thinking crime was rising and that Britain was broken when it wasn't). Using the "Fear Factor" (the F-Factor) this government have from day one of their tenure have been lying to us and trying to scare us into believing that the books were "worse than they thought". The fact that this has already been proven to be a huge lie, by Osborne's own supposedly "independent" Office of Budget Responsibility" (OBR), seems to be totally irrelevant, they have continued to scare the elderly, the young, the sick, the vulnerable, the disabled, the poorest and those unfortunate enough to be on benefits, into believing that all these cuts are necessary and that these groups MUST pay for the sins of the greedy bankers! Bankers who by NO coincidence, turn out to be old friends and relations of our prime minister and chancellor! Look at this blog, see how many of Cameron and Osborne's old Etonian school boy millionaire chums are actually bankers and have a look at those that deal in Hedge Funds and profit out of our collective recessional miseries. When these "investors" gambled on our banks failing and when they won and made huge telephone number profits, they then donated some of their millions of pounds to the Conservative party! This means of course that good old Dave and George and the Conservative party actually profited out of our misery, out of us losing our jobs, businesses and homes and pensions and then Dave and George use this obscene amount of money/funds in the Tory coffers, to lie to us and fool us into voting for them!

However hard it is to accept, during a recession cash strapped people under pressure to provide for their families,pay their rents or mortgages etc may turn to crime, I am not saying they all do, I am not condoning it, I am just saying it as it is.
We have this government needlessly cutting back too fast and too deep on everything, not least benefits, they will remove benefits from drug addicts, they will remove benefits from petty criminals, as well as remove benefits from innocent people falsely accused by the "Scum" newspaper. removing benefits from drug addicts, alcoholics and just the bone idle, WILL result in crimes being committed. Again I am not condoning it, again I am not saying this is wrong or right, but what this will create for absolute certain is a surefire two pronged way in which people will turn towards crime. 1) Stopping the benefits of those hooked on drink and or drugs will for definite result crimes being committed in order to finance their habits (these people will not suddenly cease being addicted because their supply is cut off)..2) Alcoholics and drug addicts have families, if their benefits are stopped or reduced, then children and spouses will suffer as a direct result of this, so who feeds and tends the children? These are the people who may commit crimes in order to feed, clothe and keep their children warm. Again I am not moralising, not condoning, just saying it as it is. These people will not suddenly be able to magic childcare up and magic a job up, (when there are no jobs) and go to work to earn money.

For each of this government's "knee jerk" actions, their preferred method of governance, there will be dire consequences, and if these problems in society were so easily fixed by doing all of this, do you really and truly believe that previous governments of red or blue, would not have attempted to do it sooner?
After all attacking all those on benefit (whether they are genuine claimants or not) is seen to improve government approval ratings. David Cameron has demonised and exploited vulnerable people who cannot fight back for some cheap and nasty free publicity by referring to these people (human beings) as "welfare scroungers". Taking it all out on those less fortunate in our society has become "acceptable" for the pompous and pious amongst us, who have never done a thing wrong in our entire lives "right"? Cameron has abused his position and has cultivated and generated and purposefully driven the lies and innuendos and the myths that surround our welfare system. These unscrupulous power hungry ideologues Cameron, Osborne and Clogg get away with it because people [us] do not see themselves in the category of benefit cheats, they do not see their parents, or their relatives in these categories, after all they are "genuine", right? So therefore it is suddenly acceptable to attack others who we feel are not genuine, the fact that really the vast majority of us have no idea if others are genuine or not, is neither here nor there, we have all served our purpose for generating the myth and in turn for us generating their "planted" lies and innuendos we then think the government is doing a good job in attacking all these alleged "welfare scroungers". The absolute hard fact that these people only make up a mere 1% of ALL benefit claimants and this amounts to approximately £3 billion per year. Now we are all brainwashed into turning a collective blind eye to David Cameron and George Osbourne's cronies, people like Lord Ashcroft, Lord McAlpine, Lord Bagri, Sir Philip Green, David Rowland etc etc etc people that have made their fortunes in this country and all "legally" avoid paying tax with the Tory/Coalition government's blessing, the fact that if these people coughed up their taxes as THEY are telling us we MUST do, it would reach the staggering amount of a collective £74 BILLION, one wonders why Cameron doesn't go after them and insist they all pay their taxes to the country that has enabled them to earn their vast wealth and amass their huge fortunes. After all if the deficit is so bad and the Tories want to reduce it so badly to the point where they are financially crucifying us and the country, if they collected the amount owing in tax avoidance, it would more than HALVE THE DEFICIT in one fell swoop in a fraction of the time. However, if Cameron, Osborne and Clogg were to do this, it would of course mean that they would be out of favour with their Tory paymasters, their Tory hedge fund donors etc and the millions these people all donate to the Tory party would quickly dry up, so the Tories choose to go after us and ruin our lives and ruin our children's futures instead - "Simples"!
Going further, taking into consideration Cameron, Osborne and Clegg's budget proposals on axing benefits, like child tax credits and freezing child family allowance etc as well as increasing the rate of inflation to 20% knowing that this is turn will affect those poorest most vulnerable families, they know this, yet still do it! It means in simple terms as a direct result of the coalition Tory government's actions, families on an income of £20.000 per year will see it REDUCED by 4% and those poorest families in Britain, those who live on benefits of approximately £10.000 per year, their income will be reduced by a huge 5%. While it hardly affecting those earning top incomes and the tax evaders, the cronies that are now all working UNELECTED for this government, installed by and working for David Cameron and are telling us that we must all lose our money and see our lives and those of our children and elderly parents suffer greatly for something that was not our fault, well they all get off totally and utterly free.
Ask Philip Green's wife, he gives her £1.2 BILLION per year and refers to it as a "bit of housekeeping", yet Green is going to decide where the axe falls and what cuts and savings are to be made BY US!
Hey but it is OK 'cos David Cameron is going to go after "welfare scroungers" and he is not going to miss one single chance of telling you that this is what he intends to do, he loves basking in the glory of it all you see.
But *WE* can actually stop that, by letting him know that we are not idiots and have twigged what he is up to and we are not going to allow him to get away with it.
This will *DEFINITELY* lead to crime.

Car Thieves - Burglars - Shop Lifters - Muggers - Fraudsters

Are all the type of criminals that this Tory government aim to prevent going to prison, so what kind of message will this now be sending out to these people and to the others above, that if they commit crimes, they will not necessarily go to prison? Then what will happen to them? More to the point, what will happen to us? We all stand to be victims of this kind of crime.

The Tory/Coalition "Con-Dem" Government is Set To Reduce Police Numbers by 60.000

As cost cutting method and using the deficit to scaremonger us into believing they need to save money, the Tories are going to cut staff and front line police numbers by a huge 60.000 personnel.

If the Tories really believed their own hype about "Broken Britain", perhaps they should explain why; 1)... they think it is a good idea to axe the ASBO, (Antis Social Behaviour Order)the only way we through our local authorities, and the police had of empowering ourselves to bring reckless anti social behaviour into line and 2)..To then axe 60.000 crime fighting and crime PREVENTION staff from their posts?
It's obvious that the Tories really didn't believe their own hype about "Broken Britain" or they would not be doing this. (Remember their lies about this and the economy?)

However, axing 60.000 police staff, axing the ASBO, reneging on the Tory promise of building many new prisons and all but reassuring criminals that they will not be going to prison for their crimes, as well as forcing the number of unemployed up, cutting benefits, and forcing the country into an unnecessary double dip recession (by flying in the face of all expert advice), is going to almost absolutely certainly provide the ideal climate for crime to rise substantially.

So when crime does begin soar, remember the lies the Tories told you and don't let them fool you into believing it is labour's fault or our fault because it isn't, the coming rise in crime will entirely down to the Conservative Coalition government, it will be the fault of Cameron, Osborne and Clogg, the blue Tories and the orange Tories (Liberal Democrats) and their insane cuts.

Early Proof that The Blue Tories and the Orange Tories Cuts Will NOT Work.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, I can reveal that, the government and Ken Clarke at the Ministry of Justice introduced a pay freeze and a freeze on recruitment in May 2010. This means that as civil servants left their posts, they were not replaced and Mr Clarke's department now employs 1.717 AGENCY & CONTRACT STAFF. This is making a nonsense of the £6.25 Billion that the Tory Coalition government savings announce by a fanfare last June. What savings is this producing? Obvious the staff that left were needed by the department, or they would not now be employing agency staff. This is NOT saving the taxpayers money, this is more likely to be COSTING the taxpayers MORE money, as it is well known that "agency staff" cost far more to employ than permanent staff. Is this going to be lost in the "creative accounting" of the Justice Secretary, at the Ministry of Justice? Or are we going to be told exactly what this method of hiring and firing going to cost? ALSO there is a more sinister side to this, those actually hired to carry out the jobs may not be paid the going rate for the job, but their agencies WILL be raking it in, at an overall increase at a cost to the taxpayer. Perhaps we should be looking into to who actually owns the agencies now supplying the government with staff, to replace those the government have sacked or those that have left and not been replaced?
Especially when the FOI has also revealed that in total, central Government, is now employing some 4.320 agency workers since it came to office, but is intending to make savings of at least 25% in each department. this means that along with the Ministry of Justice and all other Government departments, they will be laying off permanent and full time staff. the Ministry f Justice alone will be axing around 15.000 jobs.
If they cannot manage on the staff they have now and are hiring in agency staff and this is BEFORE the 25% cuts actually start having an effect, how is this department going to manage when it axes 15.000 staff? And who will suffer as a result?

Remember this when crime starts rising.

By Rosie. 25th August 2010...
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cameron's Bullingdon Cronies

The Bullingdon Club
Demonstrates The Privileges and the Excesses of Our Prime Minister
our Chancellor, and the Mayor of London
The Bullingdon Club
This is the photograph which reeked of privilege so much, there was talk that it could cost Cameron votes. Cameron was so worried that the electorate would actually see his privileged lifestyle that the picture was withdrawn from circulation!
The suits worn in this picture cost £1200 EACH.
On the night the picture was taken, some Buller members were arrested after a pot plant was thrown at a restaurant window, on fact such is the poor little bored rich boy's every whim catered for, they were allowed to wreck halls of residence and create havoc wherever they went, still there was always papa's money to get them out of any awkward situations!
The Bullingdon Club is now theoretically - a dining club which exists to support hunting, and has a traditional breakfast every year at the Bullingdon point to point.
So far 13 Old Etonian pals of David Cameron's have been placed in top positions within government, *WITHOUT* being elected.
this shows the duplicity of Cameron, especially when he repeatedly ridiculed former prime minister Gordon Brown for being an unelected prime minister! However Cameron and Clogg soon forgot about their apparent aversion to non elected prime ministers and other non elected entities, the pair of them soon persuaded their respective parties that a coalition government was the best way to go, instead of Cameron leading a minority one and facing the electorate after a while. Cameron obviously knew about his plans to attack the young, the elderly the sick and the disabled, to say nothing of the extra 1.3 million people he intended to put out of work. For Clegg persuading 23 of his Liberal Democrat MP's to ditch their principles, their core beliefs and prostitute themselves for power after coming a very distant 3rd in the polls, was apparently very easy. Both these men never had the confidence of the people to form a government, they are both using each other to cling onto power and they both do not care who they hurt in the process. It is a sign of weakness that Cameron did not have the balls to form a minority government and take his chances with the electorate, well who could blame him? After all he did manage to squander a double figure poll lead in just under a year as people woke up to him and his Tories and what he actually stood for, chances are had he gone much further the Tories would have lost their lead altogether.
The fact that David Cameron and Gideon [George] Osborne had to call in favours from all their Bullingdon cronies, their parents connections in the right wing press and actually sat back and worked out a way to humiliate and ridicule Gordon Brown for 2 solid years seems to sit alright with them. I realise that politics is a dirty game, but this dirty? These two men (I use the term "men" loosely) actually though it was OK to actually destroy another human being just so they got their greedy grasping hands on the reins of this country, it did not matter to them that they were both totally and utterly incapable of running this country, just so long as they got it, their spoiled little rich kid rearing, they want so therefor they must have.
Cameron was also supposed to be getting rid of unelected quangos. So far Cameron promised us NO top down reform of the NHS, and the first thing he does is give us top down reform of the NHS and the first steps to privatising it. He also promised to get rid of quangos, yet is in the process of abolishing 152 Primary Care Trusts and 12 Strategic Health Authorities and replacing them with at least 600 GP consortium quangos and one huge super consortium quango to oversee the lot of them. He promised us an elected House of Lords and has promptly been stuffing the Lords with as many of his Tory cronies as possible, in order that he may need them to get his legislation through.
There will be a price to pay for the "I wants" of Cameron, Osborne and Clogg, the trouble is that it will be the ordinary, the poorest and the most vulnerable people that will be paying the price for these people who would do anything to get hold of this country and make it pay severely for having the cheek to vote the Tories out for 13 years.
By Rosie Wednesday August 25th 2010
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So Who Are The Cronies Pictured Alongside The Pretendy Prime Minister?
  1. Sebastian Grigg
    Still close to David Cameron, Grigg knew him from Eton and lives nearby, in Holland Park. Born into privilege - he is the oldest son of Baron Altrincham, Anthony Ullick David Dundas Grigg, and went to Eton before going to Oriel College - he is now a member of the moneyed aristocracy. Current chairman of UK Investment Banking of Credit Suisse.
    He and his wife, former Times journalist Rachel Kelly, host an annual Christmas drinks in Lansdowne Crescent which is very much a fixture for Notting Hill grandees. Grigg made an unsuccessful bid to be a Tory MP
  2. David CameronMisdemeanours with cannabis aside, Cameron was clearly a surefooted operator at Eton, for by the time he arrived at Oxford he had the social connections to make joining the Bullingdon Club easy.
    He still found time for work, though, getting a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics before going on to work at the Conservative Research Department. Spells at the Treasury and Home Office, then seven years as communications head at Carlton TV. Elected MP for Witney in 2001, and became Tory leader in 2005.
  3. Ralph Perry Robinson
    A former child actor, he had a walk on part in the 1984 film Another Country, that study of public school homosexuality and betrayal.
    At Oxford he once paraded round Oriel quad dressed as a monk and calling for virgins to be sacrificed. A former pupil of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, he was recruited by Richard Rogers to help him design a virtual reality centre in Japan. He now lives in a village near Salisbury, Wiltshire, where he makes furniture
  4. Ewen FergussonGenerally thought of as the "quiet one" of the group, Fergusson also had a wild side and is thought to have been responsible for a notorious Bullingdon incident in which a plant pot was thrown through a restaurant window, resulting in six members spending a night in police cells.
    The son of former rugby international turned British ambassador in Paris Sir Ewen Fergusson, Ewen Junior - Rugby and Oriel - is now a partner in the banking and finance section of City law firm Herbert Smith.
  5. Matthew BensonBorn into proper money - his family were wealthy merchant bankers - Benson spent three years working for Morgan Stanley before setting up a property consultancy.
    Now a director of Rettie and Co, an Edinburgh-based property company, he married in 1997 Lady Lulu Douglas-Hamilton, ex-wife of Lord Patrick Douglas-Hamilton, at a ceremony which involved a ruined castle being rebuilt over three floors.
  6. Sebastian James "Another old crony of Cameron given a top job in government *WITHOUT* being elected". Bullingdon blue blood, James is the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner from Kent. Something of an entrepreneur, his business ventures have included a DVD rental business, Silverscreen, and a dotcom business, ClassicForum, which was supposed to be an eBay for rare books. "David Cameron has put his Old Etonian chums in charge of state school spending.
    Mr James, appointed to a panel to decide how money is spent on new schools, becomes the 13th former Eton pupil to land a top government job since Cameron got in to No10. How is this ludicrously rich person who has NEVER been to a state school going to have the first idea in working out where money should and should not be spent"?
  7. Jonathan FordThe president of the Bullingdon - a post to which Boris Johnson aspired, but never succeeded in attaining - the Westminster-educated Ford was elected to the post because "he had a mad genius about him".
    After Oxford, where he read modern history, he had a spell in the City as a banker with Morgan Grenfell before going into financial journalism. He is now deputy editor of a financial website, and married to Susannah Herbert, literary editor of the Sunday Times
  8. Boris Johnson
    He looked much the same then as he does now, albeit a trifle slimmer, and was regarded in much the same light: ludicrous, but with an ambition that is not to be underestimated. Beaten by Ford for the post of president of the Buller, he made up for it by becoming president of the Oxford Union.
    Editor of the Spectator from 1999 to 2005, and MP for Henley since 2001, his chief occupations outside journalism and politics would seem to be amusing television quiz show audiences and being unfaithful to his wives (two, at the last count).
  9. Harry EastwoodAnother old Etonian, after Oxford Eastwood worked in corporate finance at Storehouse, the retail group. Later tried his hand at setting up his own business, co-founding a firm called Filmbox which aimed to operate vending machines for people to rent videos from. They were persuasive enough to get backers to stump up £450,000, but the business was a failure before it even got off the ground. Is now commercial director for a company called Monkey.

Seems David Cameron Has Always Been A "Gaffe Man"!

Cameron has made horrendous gaffes on the world stage, showing his talents definitely do not lay as a statesman able to deliver an "ethical foreign policy" for Britain. He referred to this country as the "junior partners" to the US and had us taking a minor role by with the Americans in WW2 in 1940, when in truth Britain was fighting the Nazis alone, the US did not come into the war until after Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941.
Unperturbed Cameron then went on to diss Israel when he referred to the Gaza strip as one big "prison camp".
Then Cameron went to India, inferring that Britain is India's "junior partners", during a speech when he was crawling to the Indian prime minister, he more or less accused Pakistan of aiding and abetting terrorism, completely insensitive to the fact that the Pakistani people suffer injuries and death terrible terrorist attacks from the Taliban and the president of Pakistan's own wife was actually killed in a terrorist attack while campaigning for their elections.
Cameron was warned against do arms deals with India, but did them anyway, so this country now sells arms and fighter planes to India, while at the same time as delivering aid of £825 million. India apparently cannot care for its own poverty stricken people but can buy arms from the UK, how ethical was this deal?

However his recent many gaffes were not unique, one of his previous Oxford girlfriends, Francesca Ferguson, said that one time she brought him home to meet her father and her German mother.

Cameron gave them a Monty Python record, which, unbeknown to him, included a famously bad-taste Hitler and Goebbels sketch in which the two Nazi leaders have taken over a B&B in Minehead after the war.
When Francesca's family insisted on immediately playing the record, Cameron apparently doubled over in embarrassment.


The Bullingdon Boys Named.

Eight Out Of Ten Tory Millionaires Prefer The Bullingdon Club!

No.2 Nat Rothschild and No7 Gideon (George) Osborne, are definitely not so friendly now, the ex members of the elite Bullingdon Club, wouldn't be trusted with guns in colse proximity of each other these days, especially after their spectacular falling out over who said what in front of a Russian billionaire, the friendship fermented at the Bullingdon drinking club at Oxford University has lost its fizz.

Giddy's Voice Still Hasn't Broken

(Either that or his plus 4s are too tight!)

Slimy boy George, rarely has there been a more nasty, self opnionated, rude and smug arrogant squeaky voiced little ar*ehole than Gideon (George) Osborne, not since Thatchers reign, but then wait 20 odd years and three turn at once. Osborne, SCameron and Clogg.

So Where are they now?

    Second son of the 3rd Viscount Bridgeman, he became heir after the death of his older brother. Married with two children, he works for a private equity firm.
    The only son of Jacob Rothschild and heir to a £750million fortune. After turning his back on alcohol he made a second fortune in his own right with the £11bn Atticus hedge fund. Links to Peter Mandelson and Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska under scrutiny.
    Believed to have moved abroad.
    After completing a geography degree he went to Sandhurst.
    Served as an infantry officer in Germany, Bosnia, Canada and Northern Ireland before leaving the Army. Now a City high-flyer, working as senior fund manager of Henderson's Global Care Income fund.
    From a prominent German family. A relative of Baron Bruno Schroder, owner of Schroder private bank. Now a senior manager for a consulting firm and lives in London.
    Son of the 4th Marquess of Linlithgow, his family seat is Hopetoun House, near Edinburgh. Left merchant banking to enter the art world. Now director of UK business development for Christies.
    The now pretendy Chancellor is the eldest son of baronet Sir Peter Osborne, the founder of wallpaper merchants, Osborne & Little.
    His real name is Gideon but he has used his grandfather's name George since the age of 13. He says: 'Life was easier as a George.'
    At Oxford he edited the university magazine Isis.
    One issue was printed on hemp paper, made of the stems of cannabis plants.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1081357/Shotguns-dawn-Osborne-Rothschild-days-sights.html#ixzz0xXaG0hg5

This is No Time For A Boy - George!

Gordon Brown said "He's all in favour of apprenticeships, but let me tell you this is no time for a novice" How true the former PMs words and how utterly prophetic. Now we have this boy doing a man's job, a boy along with his two millionaire chums playing at politics with people's lives and our children's futures and we are all heading for a smash. Our economy is sinking faster than the Titanic and we haven't even his the cuts package yet, or the autumn's spending review. God Save Us All From the incompetence and the economic illiteracy of George Osborne, David Scameron and Nick Clogg!

Not Blairites ~ Not Brownites ~ Just "Bitterites"

Lord John Prescott
I unashamedly declare my love for his normal speak, his poclivity to say what he thinks and stuff the rest and he almost always turns out to be right.
I guess I am declaring myself as a "Prescottrite"I don't care if he has 10 Jags, I don't care if he is now a Lord, I just care that he still cares enough to care for us by telling us the truth!

More Shady Deals Concerning Conservative Party Finances - And This is the Government That Expects Us To Lose Our Jobs & Benefits and Not Complain!

And The Very real Threats To Our Democracy From This Coalition [Tory] Government Will be Overloooked At All Our Cost!

Controversial business man David Rowland who is estimated to be the 25th richest man in the country, gave the Tories £137.000 just weeks before stepping down as party treasurer. Rowland helped David Cameron and George Osbourne rake in a record £12.3 million into the Tory party coffers!
Further, Rowland 65, gave the Tories a cash injection of £2.7 million in the run up to the 2010 general election. This man is well known to have shady deals, yet David Cameron the prime minister of Britain, personally hired him to be the Conservative Party treasurer- why? Now why would Cameron do this? What kind of judgement (or lack of it) is Cameron displaying here? Add this to his one a minute gaffes on foreign policy the other week and it makes for a frightening picture of exactly what, or who, we have running this country at this crucial time. Could Cameron's motive be to install Rowland in this role and launder him over a few years? To "launder" Rowland so-to-speak, just like people launder money to clean it up? The when the time is judged to be "politically correct", Rowland would be given a "knighthood" at the very least, for services to the Tory party, but more likely, Rowland would probably end up with a ticket into the House of Lords, and could become "Lord Rowland of Dodgy Deals and Donor to the Elitist Tory party" where he could sit and preside over us and help make laws that should we break, would find us in court and prison, in essence, one law for the rich, famous and privileged Tory voter and financial backer and another for us!
In Westminster, the David Rowland story was the talk of the hour. It seems that Lord Ashcroft and Michael Spencer had both warned Cameron that Rowland would come in for unfavourable coverage from the media if appointed and that they worried that other donors would not want to deal with him. Apparently it was feared that his appointment could undo much of the work they had done to strengthen the party’s finances.

Yes you did read that correctly, Lord Ashcroft, better known as Lord "Cashcroft" the king of dodgy deals, who has avoided paying taxes here in the UK and in a poor country like Belize, was actually warning Cameron about appointing another person of dodgy heritage, one's mind boggles, if "Cashcroft" was warning about Rowland just what on earth is lurking beneath the filthy scum and lightly baked crust of today's Tory party?

Last week at a moments notice Cameron phoned up Sir Philip Green and parachuted him into a role to look at spending savings, yes this is the man, the known tax evader who lives in Monaco on a multi billion pound fortune that he made mainly in the UK, but avoids paying tax on, not only this, Green describes giving his wife £1.2 billion pound per year as a "bit of housekeeping".

If all this is not enough we are now informed that Stanley Fink is to take over as the Conservative party’s treasurer following the resignation of businessman David Rowland.
Mr Fink, 52, currently serves as co-treasurer alongside Michael Spencer but will take on the top job following the Conservative party conference in October.

Stanly Fink is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management and according to the 2008 Sunday Times Rich List he has a personal fortune of £116 million.

Mr Fink is also another Tory party donor this time to Boris Johnson the London Mayor, it seems that the "dodginess" is like some contagious disease, more potent than "swine flu" and is spreading through the Tory party like an unchecked Australian bushfire! Not only was Fink a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election!

"Legally, hedge funds are most often set up as private investment partnerships that are open to a limited number of investors and require a very large initial minimum investment. Investments in hedge funds are illiquid as they often require investors keep their money in the fund for at least one year".
For the most part, hedge funds (unlike mutual funds) are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors. Investors like the Conservative Party who has taken huge donations running into millions of pounds from people who have invested their money in "Hedge Funds" and make money out of betting that the UK banks would fail!

Is it any wonder then that David Cameron and George Osbourne famously did NOT want Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling the pm and chancellor of the then labour government to bail out the banks? If these banks did not fail, then investors in "hedge funds" would not make so much money and perhaps would NOT then donate much of that money made out of the recession and failing banks to the Tory party.

Something really stinks in the Tory party and I have a feeling that it is all bubbling away under the surface, of that thin Tory crust, but one day very soon, just like the famous Icelandic volcano, it is going to erupt and the fall out for the Tories will be felt far and wide and have the propensity to shock the country, like nothing ever before.

Nick Clegg must be aware that anything that sticks to the Tories and takes them down, will also take down the Liberal Democrats, it is not as if this is not widely known, yet Nick Clegg is still willing to risk everything his party has ever stood for, every single stand or principle it has ever made in its entire political life, just so he can strut around like some kind of arrogant "anti-peacock" as deputy PM and be driven around in his ministerial Jaguar and be a pretendy prime minister, a not even almost, not even nearly, not even quite deputy pm, who is only there because Cameron needed to shop for numbers to make his minority Tory government into a majority one, when Cameron has his required number to govern and the Lib Dem lackeys accept it all without so much as a murmur of discontent and the chosen 23 Lib Dumoprat MPs just lay back and "think of their fame and fortunes" and accessions to knighthoods and the Lords and just allow themselves and the rest of their party and worse still the whole country, to be shafted viciously and cruelly by a masochistic Tory Master with a whip for every occasion and all for self aggrandisement and the headiness of sudden power and its trappings.

Is this bad enough? You would think so but it gets worse, much worse as gently that crust is being scraped away.

In order to cling on to this and shore himself and the Tories up in government for what Cloggy has arrogantly boasted will keep the labour party out of power for over a 100 years!

Lays the intention of David Cameron and Nick Clegg to gerrymander not only parliament, but the boundaries as well. These two men actually want to change the way parliament votes in order to win a vote of no confidence against a government that is failing its people, hurting its people, viciously and cruelly, and so render us the people who are supposed under Cameron's "New" politics, to have the final say, absolutely impotent and powerless. If they get their wish, not only will this be the most profoundly undemocratic piece of parliamentary legislation to have ever been passed in the history of the House of Parliament, it will render the government itself useless and powerless and unable to pass critical and vital acts for the well-being of the country, in short we will have a "lame duck" government which parliament is powerless to vote out.

Is that enough for the "chameleons" of politics, whose only real needs and wants is to cling on to power at any price? No it isn't, because not only do the Tories David Cameron and Nick Clegg and George Osbourne (yes I do consider Clegg a fully fledged Tory), want to cling onto power at any price and detriment to the British people, they actually want to make sure that the labour party NEVER again has a chance of being elected. They are setting about this by:

  1. Gerrymandering Parliament
  2. Gerrymandering the constituency boundaries
  3. By attempting to bring in legislation which will prevent the unions from making donations to the labour party.

Not only is this mind blowingly and wholly hypocritical when you read above (and so much more) what the Tories do to get their money to fund their election campaigns and all the dirty donations they readily accept from so-called "business leaders", the Tories, with their greedy dirty grasping hands held out in private and behind closed doors willing prostitute themselves like some kind of high class hookers for money, more money and even more money and their bank account swells daily and is groaning under all the donations from the rich and powerful, that always want more "bang for their bucks", they are trying to stop the unions donating to the labour party, in effect they are attempting to stymie their political opponents and render them unable to fight back. The unions have donated to the labour party for donkeys years, it has NEVER been concealed, all donations are recorded and announced, in fact the labour party has a very open way of declaring donations to their party, while the Tories take the laws and manipulate them to suit themselves and now they are in a position to make the laws to suit themselves and have them passed in parliament ENABLED by a lame duck 23 Liberal Democrat MPs. These idiots have not yet cottoned on to the fact, that not only are the Tories trying to render the labour party unable to fight them fairly and squarely in the next election, they are doing the same to the Lib Dems and the idiots are helping them to do it!

If the Tories are not stopped come the next election the Lib Dems can forget about two party politics, there will only be one party and that will be the Conservative party and once the Tories have managed to do this, they will spit the Lib Dems out into the gutter, their use for them totally expended. The Lib Dems can completely forget about winning any referendum on AV voting, that is destined to be lost, it is why Cameron granted it, AV lost and FPTP firmly ensconced, if the Lib Dems still harbour any thought of ever obtaining full PR, then they should all be locked away in the nearest asylum for the "politically insane", it "aint" never going to happen.

The Liberal Democrats are actually aiding and abetting a "neo" fascist government, with a "neo" fascist prime minister, who is not only going to hurt the Lib Dems and make it virtually impossible for any other political party to beat them fairly and squarely, this fascist government has declared war on anyone unfortunate enough to have to claim welfare for whatever reason, they are attacking our young and elderly before our very eyes and they are abusing and scaring disabled people and the sick and most vulnerable in our society and when the Tories have finished doing this, they will come for the ordinary people, in fact, this has already started with the demonising of public sector workers for having a job and then when the government puts them out of a job, they demonise them again for being unemployed and bully them into picking up litter daily and if they refuse then they will take their job seekers allowance away from them and starve them and their families and there wont be a single thing we can do about it.

Will Nick Clegg mind? Of course not, he will pop up somewhere in some nice safe Tory seat after he has crossed the floor of the House, his reward for being the dumbest of all of all Liberal Democrat leaders, his reward for helping Cameron turn this country into a country of a few haves and a majority of have nots, with a ONE PARTY system and we can all look forward to having a neo fascist tinpot dictator Tory prime minister, whether it be Cameron or someone else, someone like George Osbourne (God help us), who doesn't care a stuff about poor people, we will be those people that "one has to step over when one leaves the opera" the people that live in cardboard boxes on the Thames Embankment, or the people begging in shop doorways, all relics and not too distant memories of the last Tory stint of 19 years in government, the time when they almost succeeded in killing the NHS and education and turning the country into a police state! Guess what? The NHS is again under fire, it is going to be privatised, it is happening. All aided and abetted by the "ILLiberal Dumoprats"!

Wake up and smell the coffee BEFORE it is too late!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Same Old Tories!

David Cameron and Nick Clegg made much about this new kind of politics when they first formed the coalition, we are 100 days into this new government, so I think we are entitled to ask "just where these "new politics" are?
In less than 3 weeks into the new government, David Laws the millionaire Liberal Democrat MP appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was forced to resign over an expenses scandal, after it was revealed that he had claimed more than £40,000 to live in his partner's house. Commons rules introduced in 2006 barred such claims by MPs.
The YEOVIL MP later faced renewed calls for his resignation following speculation about a possible police investigation into his expenses claims.

It has been claimed that "In the May 2010 general election David Laws misled people first by encouraging tactical voting to keep the Tory candidate out and secondly by claiming his expenses were whiter than white."

Yet a couple of weeks ago, the prime minister of the new "Con-Dem" government of "new" politics, requested a polling company to carry out a survey to ask the public if was now the right time to bring Laws back into the cabinet? Unsurprisingly and knowing how the public feel about MPs and their expenses, the public were not in favour of it and no doubt the public were billed for this piece of total waste of money too! That Cameron should attack who he has termed "welfare scroungers" for allegedly falsely claiming "housing benefit" etc, while secretly trying to get Laws back into the cabinet, after Laws falsely and knowing claimed over £40.000 of taxpayers money for rent paid directly to his partner, smacks of duplicity and total arrogance.

If Cameron and Clegg really were in favour of these "new politics" then I am afraid they would have sacked the Education Secretary Michael Gove for gross incompetence and also Health Minister Anne Milton and Mid beds MP Nadine Dorres who both once again have big question marks hanging over their expense claims. Anne Milton's came to light after she tried to rob tiny children of their free school milk.

Conservatives Profit From Recession ~ So Much For New Politics!

David Scameron
The face of "New" Politics Who Likes To "Hedge" His Bets!


Britain's Conservatives profit from recession David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative Party, has taken millions of pounds in donations from hedge-fund managers whose firms made fortunes taking bets that the share price in British banks would fall. Donors are entitled to attend intimate suppers with Cameron.

Previously these were held at his House of Commons offices but after being criticised by the standards watchdog they now take place outside parliament.

Hedge fund managers whose donations entitle them to membership of the group include Michael Hintze of CQS, who has given £662,500 and whose organisation shorted shares in Bradford and Bingley. Two other men who qualify as members of the group are Paul Ruddock, who has given almost £210,000, and David Craigen, who has donated £50,000. The pair's investment firm, Lansdowne, short sold shares in HBOS. The Conservative Party insist that all donations are legal and comply with Electoral Commission rules. David Cameron stated in March 2006 that he intended to 'expunge the impression, now deep in the public mind, that influence, access and honours can be bought by wealthy institutions... and individuals'.The Conservatives continue to receive money from Lord Laidlaw, a Monaco-based tax exile who has given the party more than £3m. One donation came after the fact that he had taken part in orgies with prostitutes was exposed in the tabloids. (Observer, 28/9/08)