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Cameron's Bullingdon Cronies

The Bullingdon Club
Demonstrates The Privileges and the Excesses of Our Prime Minister
our Chancellor, and the Mayor of London
The Bullingdon Club
This is the photograph which reeked of privilege so much, there was talk that it could cost Cameron votes. Cameron was so worried that the electorate would actually see his privileged lifestyle that the picture was withdrawn from circulation!
The suits worn in this picture cost £1200 EACH.
On the night the picture was taken, some Buller members were arrested after a pot plant was thrown at a restaurant window, on fact such is the poor little bored rich boy's every whim catered for, they were allowed to wreck halls of residence and create havoc wherever they went, still there was always papa's money to get them out of any awkward situations!
The Bullingdon Club is now theoretically - a dining club which exists to support hunting, and has a traditional breakfast every year at the Bullingdon point to point.
So far 13 Old Etonian pals of David Cameron's have been placed in top positions within government, *WITHOUT* being elected.
this shows the duplicity of Cameron, especially when he repeatedly ridiculed former prime minister Gordon Brown for being an unelected prime minister! However Cameron and Clogg soon forgot about their apparent aversion to non elected prime ministers and other non elected entities, the pair of them soon persuaded their respective parties that a coalition government was the best way to go, instead of Cameron leading a minority one and facing the electorate after a while. Cameron obviously knew about his plans to attack the young, the elderly the sick and the disabled, to say nothing of the extra 1.3 million people he intended to put out of work. For Clegg persuading 23 of his Liberal Democrat MP's to ditch their principles, their core beliefs and prostitute themselves for power after coming a very distant 3rd in the polls, was apparently very easy. Both these men never had the confidence of the people to form a government, they are both using each other to cling onto power and they both do not care who they hurt in the process. It is a sign of weakness that Cameron did not have the balls to form a minority government and take his chances with the electorate, well who could blame him? After all he did manage to squander a double figure poll lead in just under a year as people woke up to him and his Tories and what he actually stood for, chances are had he gone much further the Tories would have lost their lead altogether.
The fact that David Cameron and Gideon [George] Osborne had to call in favours from all their Bullingdon cronies, their parents connections in the right wing press and actually sat back and worked out a way to humiliate and ridicule Gordon Brown for 2 solid years seems to sit alright with them. I realise that politics is a dirty game, but this dirty? These two men (I use the term "men" loosely) actually though it was OK to actually destroy another human being just so they got their greedy grasping hands on the reins of this country, it did not matter to them that they were both totally and utterly incapable of running this country, just so long as they got it, their spoiled little rich kid rearing, they want so therefor they must have.
Cameron was also supposed to be getting rid of unelected quangos. So far Cameron promised us NO top down reform of the NHS, and the first thing he does is give us top down reform of the NHS and the first steps to privatising it. He also promised to get rid of quangos, yet is in the process of abolishing 152 Primary Care Trusts and 12 Strategic Health Authorities and replacing them with at least 600 GP consortium quangos and one huge super consortium quango to oversee the lot of them. He promised us an elected House of Lords and has promptly been stuffing the Lords with as many of his Tory cronies as possible, in order that he may need them to get his legislation through.
There will be a price to pay for the "I wants" of Cameron, Osborne and Clogg, the trouble is that it will be the ordinary, the poorest and the most vulnerable people that will be paying the price for these people who would do anything to get hold of this country and make it pay severely for having the cheek to vote the Tories out for 13 years.
By Rosie Wednesday August 25th 2010
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So Who Are The Cronies Pictured Alongside The Pretendy Prime Minister?
  1. Sebastian Grigg
    Still close to David Cameron, Grigg knew him from Eton and lives nearby, in Holland Park. Born into privilege - he is the oldest son of Baron Altrincham, Anthony Ullick David Dundas Grigg, and went to Eton before going to Oriel College - he is now a member of the moneyed aristocracy. Current chairman of UK Investment Banking of Credit Suisse.
    He and his wife, former Times journalist Rachel Kelly, host an annual Christmas drinks in Lansdowne Crescent which is very much a fixture for Notting Hill grandees. Grigg made an unsuccessful bid to be a Tory MP
  2. David CameronMisdemeanours with cannabis aside, Cameron was clearly a surefooted operator at Eton, for by the time he arrived at Oxford he had the social connections to make joining the Bullingdon Club easy.
    He still found time for work, though, getting a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics before going on to work at the Conservative Research Department. Spells at the Treasury and Home Office, then seven years as communications head at Carlton TV. Elected MP for Witney in 2001, and became Tory leader in 2005.
  3. Ralph Perry Robinson
    A former child actor, he had a walk on part in the 1984 film Another Country, that study of public school homosexuality and betrayal.
    At Oxford he once paraded round Oriel quad dressed as a monk and calling for virgins to be sacrificed. A former pupil of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, he was recruited by Richard Rogers to help him design a virtual reality centre in Japan. He now lives in a village near Salisbury, Wiltshire, where he makes furniture
  4. Ewen FergussonGenerally thought of as the "quiet one" of the group, Fergusson also had a wild side and is thought to have been responsible for a notorious Bullingdon incident in which a plant pot was thrown through a restaurant window, resulting in six members spending a night in police cells.
    The son of former rugby international turned British ambassador in Paris Sir Ewen Fergusson, Ewen Junior - Rugby and Oriel - is now a partner in the banking and finance section of City law firm Herbert Smith.
  5. Matthew BensonBorn into proper money - his family were wealthy merchant bankers - Benson spent three years working for Morgan Stanley before setting up a property consultancy.
    Now a director of Rettie and Co, an Edinburgh-based property company, he married in 1997 Lady Lulu Douglas-Hamilton, ex-wife of Lord Patrick Douglas-Hamilton, at a ceremony which involved a ruined castle being rebuilt over three floors.
  6. Sebastian James "Another old crony of Cameron given a top job in government *WITHOUT* being elected". Bullingdon blue blood, James is the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner from Kent. Something of an entrepreneur, his business ventures have included a DVD rental business, Silverscreen, and a dotcom business, ClassicForum, which was supposed to be an eBay for rare books. "David Cameron has put his Old Etonian chums in charge of state school spending.
    Mr James, appointed to a panel to decide how money is spent on new schools, becomes the 13th former Eton pupil to land a top government job since Cameron got in to No10. How is this ludicrously rich person who has NEVER been to a state school going to have the first idea in working out where money should and should not be spent"?
  7. Jonathan FordThe president of the Bullingdon - a post to which Boris Johnson aspired, but never succeeded in attaining - the Westminster-educated Ford was elected to the post because "he had a mad genius about him".
    After Oxford, where he read modern history, he had a spell in the City as a banker with Morgan Grenfell before going into financial journalism. He is now deputy editor of a financial website, and married to Susannah Herbert, literary editor of the Sunday Times
  8. Boris Johnson
    He looked much the same then as he does now, albeit a trifle slimmer, and was regarded in much the same light: ludicrous, but with an ambition that is not to be underestimated. Beaten by Ford for the post of president of the Buller, he made up for it by becoming president of the Oxford Union.
    Editor of the Spectator from 1999 to 2005, and MP for Henley since 2001, his chief occupations outside journalism and politics would seem to be amusing television quiz show audiences and being unfaithful to his wives (two, at the last count).
  9. Harry EastwoodAnother old Etonian, after Oxford Eastwood worked in corporate finance at Storehouse, the retail group. Later tried his hand at setting up his own business, co-founding a firm called Filmbox which aimed to operate vending machines for people to rent videos from. They were persuasive enough to get backers to stump up £450,000, but the business was a failure before it even got off the ground. Is now commercial director for a company called Monkey.

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