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Where Is The Tory Justice Secretary's Moral Compass?

Secretary Of Justice Ken Clarke

After being sworn in full regalia and all the pomp and circumstance we could stomach, the so-called party of "Law and Order" justice secretary Ken Clarke decided that locking up fewer criminals to save money, was a good idea. Now I am all for the punishment fitting the crime and actual rehabilitation in our prisons would be an excellent place to start, instead of herding them in and forgetting about them and just expecting them to be rehabilitated on their release, but there are ways that this could be achieved and locking up fewer criminals and also advertising the fact that this government will be locking up fewer criminals? Is this really the best way to go about this problem? This government is so intent on saving money that it is actually putting every decent law abiding person at risk from crime.

The Past Labour Government's Record On Crime

Over the 13 years the labour government were in power (1997 - 2010) they strived to put more officers on the beat and they gave us Police Community Support Officers. As well as seeing actual "Bobbies" walking around our streets, we are now rarely surprised to see these PCSO's walking about in pairs. Reassuringly, they walk past our homes, shops and are visible in shopping centers and everywhere the public is. They are polite, amenable, they smile and pass the time of day, they ask if you have any concerns, they talk to little children and their parents, they engage the youth in conversation, they talk video games with them, they chastise them if need be (equivalent to the "Bobby's clip round the ear" of a bygone era), they call for assistance for more serious offences. They are, I feel an absolute must, a reassurance to us the general public and an asset to police officers and probably a good proportion of the reason why this "visible policing" and interaction with communities, has seen overall crime tumble by a huge 42%, since the labour government came to power.

"Broken Britain"

Never let David Cameron tell you that your country, was broken, it wasn't, "Broken Britain" was a catchphrase thought up probably by Saatchi & Saatchi, or Andy Coulson. Andy Coulson is the Conservatives' director of communications and the man who directs media strategy for David Cameron, in other words Coulson is a "spin doctor" just like his boss David Cameron used to be at "Carlton TV". This is a phrase likely to have been born from some kind of "brain storming" session held between media strategists and Cameron and Osborne, when in opposition and plotting their way into Downing Street. It did not matter a jot to these people, that we did not have a broken country and that actually under labour crime was falling rapidly, whereby under the previous Tory governments, crime actually doubled. The thought up a catchy catchphrase and then callously set about making the country fit what they wanted people to believe and NOT what was actually happening. They had all their right wing papers plaster stories of stabbings and shootings etc every single day, to give the wrong impression, they were so successful at this, that the Tory opposition as well as our right wing media managed to affect the tourist industry, because would be tourists were put off visiting this country, believing that every second person on our streets were the victims of a stabbing or a shooting. However this kind of Tory and right wing media scaremongering, was just a warm up for when they actually got into office! In truth, Britain was no worse than any other country and in most cases Britain is a lot better and a lot safer, with falling crime. What the Tories did was successfully install the "fear of crime" into the minds of people, unforgivable, when it made prisoners of the elderly who believed they would be attacked by "rampaging, stabbing and shooting "hoodie types" every time they stepped foot outside their homes. Of course there were incidents, but they were NOT like they were being portrayed by Cameron and his Tories and his right wing newspaper editor mates and right wing scum newspaper owners.

"Broken Britain" Never Existed!

Never forget that "Broken Britain" was a Tory brainchild, something that they wanted you to believe, in order to fool you and scare you into voting for them. David Cameron and his Tory right wing mates did not care who they hurt in the process, just as long as they got your vote. "Broken Britain" never existed, you were fooled and lied to by Cameron the ex-spin doctor and his spin doctor mates, remember this under labour crime actually FELL by a huge 42%, remember it because from here on in, crime is now set to soar and I will not lie to you, I will simply set out the reasons why crime is almost certainly likely to soar under the Conservative led Coalition "Con-Dem government.
Recessional Crime

As the austerity measures bite and this government attempt to scaremonger you and fool you into believing that such rapid and deep cuts were necessary in order to pay off the structural deficit (remember here how the Tories and Cameron and Osborne lied to you and fooled you into thinking crime was rising and that Britain was broken when it wasn't). Using the "Fear Factor" (the F-Factor) this government have from day one of their tenure have been lying to us and trying to scare us into believing that the books were "worse than they thought". The fact that this has already been proven to be a huge lie, by Osborne's own supposedly "independent" Office of Budget Responsibility" (OBR), seems to be totally irrelevant, they have continued to scare the elderly, the young, the sick, the vulnerable, the disabled, the poorest and those unfortunate enough to be on benefits, into believing that all these cuts are necessary and that these groups MUST pay for the sins of the greedy bankers! Bankers who by NO coincidence, turn out to be old friends and relations of our prime minister and chancellor! Look at this blog, see how many of Cameron and Osborne's old Etonian school boy millionaire chums are actually bankers and have a look at those that deal in Hedge Funds and profit out of our collective recessional miseries. When these "investors" gambled on our banks failing and when they won and made huge telephone number profits, they then donated some of their millions of pounds to the Conservative party! This means of course that good old Dave and George and the Conservative party actually profited out of our misery, out of us losing our jobs, businesses and homes and pensions and then Dave and George use this obscene amount of money/funds in the Tory coffers, to lie to us and fool us into voting for them!

However hard it is to accept, during a recession cash strapped people under pressure to provide for their families,pay their rents or mortgages etc may turn to crime, I am not saying they all do, I am not condoning it, I am just saying it as it is.
We have this government needlessly cutting back too fast and too deep on everything, not least benefits, they will remove benefits from drug addicts, they will remove benefits from petty criminals, as well as remove benefits from innocent people falsely accused by the "Scum" newspaper. removing benefits from drug addicts, alcoholics and just the bone idle, WILL result in crimes being committed. Again I am not condoning it, again I am not saying this is wrong or right, but what this will create for absolute certain is a surefire two pronged way in which people will turn towards crime. 1) Stopping the benefits of those hooked on drink and or drugs will for definite result crimes being committed in order to finance their habits (these people will not suddenly cease being addicted because their supply is cut off)..2) Alcoholics and drug addicts have families, if their benefits are stopped or reduced, then children and spouses will suffer as a direct result of this, so who feeds and tends the children? These are the people who may commit crimes in order to feed, clothe and keep their children warm. Again I am not moralising, not condoning, just saying it as it is. These people will not suddenly be able to magic childcare up and magic a job up, (when there are no jobs) and go to work to earn money.

For each of this government's "knee jerk" actions, their preferred method of governance, there will be dire consequences, and if these problems in society were so easily fixed by doing all of this, do you really and truly believe that previous governments of red or blue, would not have attempted to do it sooner?
After all attacking all those on benefit (whether they are genuine claimants or not) is seen to improve government approval ratings. David Cameron has demonised and exploited vulnerable people who cannot fight back for some cheap and nasty free publicity by referring to these people (human beings) as "welfare scroungers". Taking it all out on those less fortunate in our society has become "acceptable" for the pompous and pious amongst us, who have never done a thing wrong in our entire lives "right"? Cameron has abused his position and has cultivated and generated and purposefully driven the lies and innuendos and the myths that surround our welfare system. These unscrupulous power hungry ideologues Cameron, Osborne and Clogg get away with it because people [us] do not see themselves in the category of benefit cheats, they do not see their parents, or their relatives in these categories, after all they are "genuine", right? So therefore it is suddenly acceptable to attack others who we feel are not genuine, the fact that really the vast majority of us have no idea if others are genuine or not, is neither here nor there, we have all served our purpose for generating the myth and in turn for us generating their "planted" lies and innuendos we then think the government is doing a good job in attacking all these alleged "welfare scroungers". The absolute hard fact that these people only make up a mere 1% of ALL benefit claimants and this amounts to approximately £3 billion per year. Now we are all brainwashed into turning a collective blind eye to David Cameron and George Osbourne's cronies, people like Lord Ashcroft, Lord McAlpine, Lord Bagri, Sir Philip Green, David Rowland etc etc etc people that have made their fortunes in this country and all "legally" avoid paying tax with the Tory/Coalition government's blessing, the fact that if these people coughed up their taxes as THEY are telling us we MUST do, it would reach the staggering amount of a collective £74 BILLION, one wonders why Cameron doesn't go after them and insist they all pay their taxes to the country that has enabled them to earn their vast wealth and amass their huge fortunes. After all if the deficit is so bad and the Tories want to reduce it so badly to the point where they are financially crucifying us and the country, if they collected the amount owing in tax avoidance, it would more than HALVE THE DEFICIT in one fell swoop in a fraction of the time. However, if Cameron, Osborne and Clogg were to do this, it would of course mean that they would be out of favour with their Tory paymasters, their Tory hedge fund donors etc and the millions these people all donate to the Tory party would quickly dry up, so the Tories choose to go after us and ruin our lives and ruin our children's futures instead - "Simples"!
Going further, taking into consideration Cameron, Osborne and Clegg's budget proposals on axing benefits, like child tax credits and freezing child family allowance etc as well as increasing the rate of inflation to 20% knowing that this is turn will affect those poorest most vulnerable families, they know this, yet still do it! It means in simple terms as a direct result of the coalition Tory government's actions, families on an income of £20.000 per year will see it REDUCED by 4% and those poorest families in Britain, those who live on benefits of approximately £10.000 per year, their income will be reduced by a huge 5%. While it hardly affecting those earning top incomes and the tax evaders, the cronies that are now all working UNELECTED for this government, installed by and working for David Cameron and are telling us that we must all lose our money and see our lives and those of our children and elderly parents suffer greatly for something that was not our fault, well they all get off totally and utterly free.
Ask Philip Green's wife, he gives her £1.2 BILLION per year and refers to it as a "bit of housekeeping", yet Green is going to decide where the axe falls and what cuts and savings are to be made BY US!
Hey but it is OK 'cos David Cameron is going to go after "welfare scroungers" and he is not going to miss one single chance of telling you that this is what he intends to do, he loves basking in the glory of it all you see.
But *WE* can actually stop that, by letting him know that we are not idiots and have twigged what he is up to and we are not going to allow him to get away with it.
This will *DEFINITELY* lead to crime.

Car Thieves - Burglars - Shop Lifters - Muggers - Fraudsters

Are all the type of criminals that this Tory government aim to prevent going to prison, so what kind of message will this now be sending out to these people and to the others above, that if they commit crimes, they will not necessarily go to prison? Then what will happen to them? More to the point, what will happen to us? We all stand to be victims of this kind of crime.

The Tory/Coalition "Con-Dem" Government is Set To Reduce Police Numbers by 60.000

As cost cutting method and using the deficit to scaremonger us into believing they need to save money, the Tories are going to cut staff and front line police numbers by a huge 60.000 personnel.

If the Tories really believed their own hype about "Broken Britain", perhaps they should explain why; 1)... they think it is a good idea to axe the ASBO, (Antis Social Behaviour Order)the only way we through our local authorities, and the police had of empowering ourselves to bring reckless anti social behaviour into line and 2)..To then axe 60.000 crime fighting and crime PREVENTION staff from their posts?
It's obvious that the Tories really didn't believe their own hype about "Broken Britain" or they would not be doing this. (Remember their lies about this and the economy?)

However, axing 60.000 police staff, axing the ASBO, reneging on the Tory promise of building many new prisons and all but reassuring criminals that they will not be going to prison for their crimes, as well as forcing the number of unemployed up, cutting benefits, and forcing the country into an unnecessary double dip recession (by flying in the face of all expert advice), is going to almost absolutely certainly provide the ideal climate for crime to rise substantially.

So when crime does begin soar, remember the lies the Tories told you and don't let them fool you into believing it is labour's fault or our fault because it isn't, the coming rise in crime will entirely down to the Conservative Coalition government, it will be the fault of Cameron, Osborne and Clogg, the blue Tories and the orange Tories (Liberal Democrats) and their insane cuts.

Early Proof that The Blue Tories and the Orange Tories Cuts Will NOT Work.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, I can reveal that, the government and Ken Clarke at the Ministry of Justice introduced a pay freeze and a freeze on recruitment in May 2010. This means that as civil servants left their posts, they were not replaced and Mr Clarke's department now employs 1.717 AGENCY & CONTRACT STAFF. This is making a nonsense of the £6.25 Billion that the Tory Coalition government savings announce by a fanfare last June. What savings is this producing? Obvious the staff that left were needed by the department, or they would not now be employing agency staff. This is NOT saving the taxpayers money, this is more likely to be COSTING the taxpayers MORE money, as it is well known that "agency staff" cost far more to employ than permanent staff. Is this going to be lost in the "creative accounting" of the Justice Secretary, at the Ministry of Justice? Or are we going to be told exactly what this method of hiring and firing going to cost? ALSO there is a more sinister side to this, those actually hired to carry out the jobs may not be paid the going rate for the job, but their agencies WILL be raking it in, at an overall increase at a cost to the taxpayer. Perhaps we should be looking into to who actually owns the agencies now supplying the government with staff, to replace those the government have sacked or those that have left and not been replaced?
Especially when the FOI has also revealed that in total, central Government, is now employing some 4.320 agency workers since it came to office, but is intending to make savings of at least 25% in each department. this means that along with the Ministry of Justice and all other Government departments, they will be laying off permanent and full time staff. the Ministry f Justice alone will be axing around 15.000 jobs.
If they cannot manage on the staff they have now and are hiring in agency staff and this is BEFORE the 25% cuts actually start having an effect, how is this department going to manage when it axes 15.000 staff? And who will suffer as a result?

Remember this when crime starts rising.

By Rosie. 25th August 2010...
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