Friday, August 27, 2010

Yet AGAIN Labour Proved Right On the Economy As UK Economic Growth Is Revised Upwards!

Friday 27th August 2010.

Yet MORE figures out today that CONFIRM the last labour government had called it right on the economy. Figures for spring and early summer, see "UK economic growth revised upwards, this is down to a record-breaking performance in construction sector output, revised upwards from 6.6% to 8.5% - its strongest rate since the quarter of 1982 - led to the upward revision of the GDP growth rate".

The sad thing is that we all now know what the Tories are doing to the construction industry, they are STOPPING building in schools and AXING the building of new council houses, they were warned by Ed Balls and economists that their MANIC CUTS were going to harm the industry and the economy, now when this all goes pear shaped, we KNOW who to blame and it will NOT be labour!

During the 2010 general election campaign the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown was asked about the UK economy and when it was likely to come out of recession, he replied, that if labour is elected and a responsible package of cuts were followed, not only would the structural deficit be more than halved within four years, that the then fragile *RECOVERY* would continue to grow and strengthen and we would be out of recession within a year.

Since then every single set of figures, from growth to falling unemployment and retail sales have confirmed what Mr Brown and Mr Darling were saying.

The sad thing is that now that growth is faltering in the US economy ("when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold") and all the predictions purely because o the UK government's manic insistence on cutting too far, too deep and shrinking the state, for no other reasons that ideological reasons, virtually every leading world economist is now predicting the UK will enter a double dip recession. This crazy government is going to stymie the recovery they were handed on plate by the outgoing labour government, they are going to make the poorest in society pay for their Tory mates greed, the TORY bankers will get away with murdering the UK economy, being bailed out by the taxpayer and then paying themselves huge telephone number bonuses, while they and this Tory Lib Dem government, will make us pay, without jobs, businesses, homes, pensions and savings and the poorest will be robbed and kept poor, in order to sustain this Tory Government. By the way anyone who is labouring under the misapprehension that this government is anything but a extreme right wing TORY government, doesn't understand the situation. We have a TORY government by default of the Liberal "Dumoprats" who insist on propping this government up.
Come the autumn their already seriously flat-lining poll ratings will literally be through the floor, yet they still do not see it!

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