Monday, August 23, 2010

Same Old Tories!

David Cameron and Nick Clegg made much about this new kind of politics when they first formed the coalition, we are 100 days into this new government, so I think we are entitled to ask "just where these "new politics" are?
In less than 3 weeks into the new government, David Laws the millionaire Liberal Democrat MP appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was forced to resign over an expenses scandal, after it was revealed that he had claimed more than £40,000 to live in his partner's house. Commons rules introduced in 2006 barred such claims by MPs.
The YEOVIL MP later faced renewed calls for his resignation following speculation about a possible police investigation into his expenses claims.

It has been claimed that "In the May 2010 general election David Laws misled people first by encouraging tactical voting to keep the Tory candidate out and secondly by claiming his expenses were whiter than white."

Yet a couple of weeks ago, the prime minister of the new "Con-Dem" government of "new" politics, requested a polling company to carry out a survey to ask the public if was now the right time to bring Laws back into the cabinet? Unsurprisingly and knowing how the public feel about MPs and their expenses, the public were not in favour of it and no doubt the public were billed for this piece of total waste of money too! That Cameron should attack who he has termed "welfare scroungers" for allegedly falsely claiming "housing benefit" etc, while secretly trying to get Laws back into the cabinet, after Laws falsely and knowing claimed over £40.000 of taxpayers money for rent paid directly to his partner, smacks of duplicity and total arrogance.

If Cameron and Clegg really were in favour of these "new politics" then I am afraid they would have sacked the Education Secretary Michael Gove for gross incompetence and also Health Minister Anne Milton and Mid beds MP Nadine Dorres who both once again have big question marks hanging over their expense claims. Anne Milton's came to light after she tried to rob tiny children of their free school milk.

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