Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Day ~ Another Tory In Trouble

Fury Over Tory 'Mad' Email Jibe.

August 26 2010

A 28 year old Norfolk man who tried to contact his local Tory MP Elizabeth Trussm was judged as "unhinged" by the MPs secretary.
The man was sacked from his job as a Care Team leader after whistle-blowing, and reporting and alleged indecent assault on a resident at the care home where he worked, to the police.
All the man did was try to talk to his MP, he repeatedly contacted the constituency office but did not receive any replies, last week he emailed again asking for an appointment to see his MP at her surgery last month.
Then Ms Truss' secretary Fiona Walker mistakenly sent him a reply meant for the MP's eyes only. It read: "This is the chap who keeps going on about the care home... call him beforehand just to see what he is like. If he is unhinged you don't want him kicking off in Waitrose."

How rude! Typical of the way Conservatives treat people they feel are beneath them. It took all this time to reply to the man who has some very real concerns and specific problems he feels his MP can help him with and when after waiting weeks, he does finally get a reply, it is not meant o for him and he discovers that he is being insulted and called "unhinged". One wonders of course if this secretary and the MP did not get found out, if they would have carried on referring to him as 'unhinged'? Why didn't thy reply to him before? Why did they keep on ignoring him? hoping he would go away perhaps? If his allegations are true, then they are serious and must be investigated and he is obviously concerned enough to have contacted the police and his MP.

Thomas said: "I was confused, shocked and angry. All I did was ask my MP to help me - then I get accused of having a screw loose."

Thomas claims he was dismissed from Iceni House in Swaffham for "whistleblowing".
Ms Truss said: "My staff member's comments were completely unacceptable and I severely reprimanded her. I have arranged a surgery time with Mr Ryan to discuss his issue."
Pam Finnis, of Southern Cross Healthcare that runs the home, said they had tried to resolve his issues. "The company has a zero tolerance to all forms of abuse in our homes and takes such claims very seriously." She added: "Despite our attempts... he continues to escalate his campaign and make unfounded allegations.

The Mirror

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