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Danny Alexander Ruled Out Tax Cuts Until 2015 (Now there Is Political Opportunism If Ever I saw It!)

Two days ago we had Danny Alexander the Treasury chief thicko secretary, Danny Alexander ruling  out a cut in the overall tax burden for up to five years, which will take us neatly up to 2015, the year of course that this Tory coalition "ConDem" government hope and pray will see the next general election, well this is what the hapless, hopeless Liberal "Dumoprats" pray for anyway. The Tories are easy either way, if they get to 2015 or thereabouts without having to dump their new found Tory apparatchiks Lib Dem colleagues that is fine by them. The only thing worrying the Tories is if they can ram through their fixed term parliament and gerrymandering of parliament and the boundaries before fissures in the coalition turn into the Grand Canyon type cracks, which will bring the the government down no matter what it tries to do, so they desperately want this through before then, which is of course why Cameron and Osborne have made free with the taxpayers money and dished out a £100 million to Nick Clegg, for what he laughably calls his "political" reform for AV Referendum and why the date has been set for next May 2011, against all advice.
The Tories have used this bill to piggy back a very  important amendment:

The labour opposition are the only main party of opposition and  it has to oppose these changes, they are profoundly undemocratic.
"The shadow justice secretary, Jack Straw, insisted  that Labour was trying to stop the government using the voting reform legislation to smuggle in changes which would allow "gerrymandering" of parliamentary constituencies.
He challenged the government to split the issues of voting reform and constituency boundaries into two separate bills, promising Labour would then back the referendum.
Labour claims the boundary reforms would benefit the Tories so much that the Labour party would find it impossible to win a general election again.
Conservatives complain that the current boundaries require them to win more votes than Labour to gain the same number of MPs, because on average Tory seats have more constituents
Straw insisted today the difference was only "marginal" and could be dealt with by the existing system of Boundary Commission reviews."

The challenge for Cameron is that they separate the two and then the referendum bill could go ahead, but of course Cameron does NOT want this, he is desperate to ram through this undemocratic changes that would keep him and his party in power forever more, no matter what they did to us and to this country. There are also claims that a government minister will be given powers in the bill to change boundary review recommendations without an appeal mechanism, if this happens, this means that the Tories can do what they liked to the boundaries, whenever they liked and we the people would be powerless to stop them, we will not even be able to vote them out!
No wonder during the hustings in the run up to the general election, David Cameron could be heard all over the constituencies (and in the leadership TV debates) saying; "If you don't like us after five years - you can kick us out" the clue was in the five years and of course he knew that they had secret plans to rig the constituencies, gerrymander the boundaries and gerrymander parliament, to make it virtually impossible to vote him and the Tories out! This is of course our punishment for actually have the cheek to vote the Tories out in 1997, they do after all see themselves as the only party with a divine right to power and see themselves as the "natural party of government"! When we voted them out it was such a shock to them, that they swore then when they got back in they would make it impossible to ever get voted out again, we do not have a democracy anymore in the the UK we have a dictatorship and each one of us, no matter what we vote, should be extremely worried about this.
The Liberal Democrats are showing themselves to be complete muppets by going along with this, because if Cameron gets his way then there will only ever be one government and one party in town and that is the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats will be a complete spent force. It is hard to know what is in the minds of the favoured 23 Liberal Democrats now languishing in government with their ministerial cars and lackeys, do they honestly not see what the rest of us see? Or are they so awe struck by their Tory puppet masters, that they are totally blinded? People call them the "orange Tories", I would go further and call them complete and utter prats, who have dumped all their principles, gone weak at the knees at the first sniff of power and are now going along with anything and everything their Tory masters ask of them, frankly they deserve all they get they have asked for it, they are sitting on their brains, however, their supporters and their loyal grass roots workers did not ask to be treated like this and their betrayal of their loyal core support is shocking, shocking and very very sad, Nick Clegg a Tory by any other name should be ashamed of himself, deeply ashamed, but more than that, he should be kicked out of the party and a new leader chosen ASAP, because if this doesn't happen, by the time the next election comes around, the only Liberal Democrats in the country will be the few in parliament and those in government and a few die hards and stragglers and that will be it.

 Unbelievable Hypocrisy From Cameron

So utterly hypocritical and breathtakingly arrogant it causes a sharp intake of breath!

David Cameron has accused the Labour party of "descending into complete and utter opportunism" after it emerged that the shadow cabinet has decided to vote against a bill introducing reform to the voting system, raising the prospect of a Commons defeat for one of the governing coalition's flagship policies.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme:

"That is the interesting story of the day; the descent into complete and utter opportunism by the Labour party. They were the only party who had a commitment to an AV referendum in their manifesto and they are now backtracking on that. I know what it's like to be in opposition ... the temptation to jump on the bandwagon and be opportunistic is always there and should always be resisted."

Astonishing! As "Nan" (Katherine Tate) would say:

"What? What did 'e say?"..."What a f-*-*-*-*-*-*g  l-i-b-e-r-t-y"  "well did you ever a"? "What a f******g LIAR!"

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have reneged and gone back on virtually every single one of their policies in their own party manifestos and more than this, much more actually, they wrote a "coalition paper" and even before the ink was dry, they started breaking all the pledges on that too. They are duplicitous liars practising the dark arts of media manipulation and disinformation.

Cameron, Osborne and Clogg are such blatant opportunists, it is unbelievable that Cameron could even think of saying this and just shows how far into his own ego he has slipped. They cannot be trusted they are liars and liars cannot be trusted and all the rest of their millionaire, public schoolboy, Bullingdon club cabinet mates, are just pathetic wets who have no brains, only a big dose of ego and mama and papa's money and are just tagging along for the ride, well it beats sitting about on horses watching dogs tearing wild animals to pieces all the time I suppose, anything to break the boredom!

Yes labour did have a commitment to holding a referendum in their manifesto, what they did not have a commitment to do was to attach a blatant piece of gerrymandering onto the legislation. Cameron may think that the Lib Dems are turkeys voting for Christmas, but the labour party isn't. If Cameron is so set on holding this AV referendum, then he should separate the bills and allow the AV bill to go through on its own and stop trying to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries, if he does this then labour will back the bill and it will pass through parliament unopposed, however, Cameron does not want this, what he wants is a Tory party in forever and he is going to try his hardest to see that this happens. Human Rights? What bloody human rights?

I firmly believe that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are a real and ever growing danger to this country and I ask you, no matter what you vote, or what your political allegiances are, to make your feelings known about this blatant vote rigging to your MP, unless of course you really do want to wake up in a dictatorship? We do not have a proper government, we have a minority government propped up by the Orange Tories Liberal Democrats, who are riding roughshod all over us and our rights. Who gave this government the mandate to privatise our NHS?  Who gave them the mandate to try and get rid of state education? Who gave them the mandate to politicise our police force and get rid of 60.000 police officers, Police community support Officers? Did you give this government the mandate to take away pensioners heating allowances? Their free bus passes? Their Free eye tests? Their free TV Licences? Did you give them the mandate to take away their free swimming, that kept them socialising and active, saving the NHS millions of pounds? Did you give them the mandate to push elderly people out of their homes and their neighbourhoods where they have lived for many years, causing them distress and anxiety, in many cases will kill elderly people?
Did you? Did you honestly think you were voting for this? These elderly people could be your parents/grand parents.

NHS Direct Or Nanny 111? You Decide!

Did you give this government the mandate to take NHS Direct, rid it of its professionally trained nurses and replace them with telephonists with only 60 hours training to give you and your family medical advice? YOUR child's life could depend on this, you may just as well go and ask your neighbour for their advice, after all they certainly will not be less qualified, in many cases probably more qualified. The Tories LIED about this, they said that they were trialling something completely different and then Andrew Lansley the health secretary slipped up and let the cat out of the bag and said they were going to replace NHS Direct with this cheap inferior service. Questions I would like to ask Lansley and Cameron

Who are the private companies that will take over NHS Direct and run it?
How much are the contracts worth?
Are any of these companies Tory party donors?
Do any of these companies have a vested interest in the Tory party?
Will any of these companies be called Tribal? Healthcare UK? or Care UK?
Will the names John Nash and Sir Peter Gershon et al likely to pop up anywhere?

People WILL lose their lives,  it is a foregone conclusion, if we cannot stop the Tories doing this, then people are going to die as a result of Tories lies and unnecessary penny pinching. NHS Direct saves the NHS millions, so I am very interested to see who is going to be awarded lucrative PRIVATE contracts!
Please sign the petition to save NHS Direct, you will find it to the right in the tabs bar, or at the foot of this post. We need 100.000 signatures, if we manage to obtain these Cameron has promised any petition of 100.000 will be debated in parliament (yeah I know he has lied and is a liar), but we have to try, the time to stop them destroying, dismantling and privatising our NHS is NOW. Please help.

These people masquerading as politicians in our government, who are not really politicians, they have no substance, they do not even have any style, they are blank dangerous and ugly extreme right wing fools, who have not even had a real job prior to coming into government. They are pretendy ministers, we have a pretendy prime minister, a pretendy chancellor and a pretendy thicko deputy prime minister.
However it is more than this, what we are seeing developing day by day is a kind of neo fascist government and David Cameron is a neo fascist dictator prime minister and if we do not stop them, they are going to bring this country to its knees and completely destroy the economy, make millions unemployed and because they will have rigged the vote and gerrymandered parliament and the boundaries, there will be absolutely nothing we can do about it.

They may be idiot toffs playing politics with our lives and our children's futures, with their right wing ideologies, but they are dangerous fools and this lot are even more so as they have conned us and lied their way into power! We can stop them! We have to stop them. In the coming 2 years you may be asked to support an action, attend meetings attend demonstrations, you maybe asked to do many different things, even as a very very last resort, you may be asked to support industrial action or asked to support those taking industrial action. Please do not moan, think about why the people are doing it, giving up their time and their pay for us, for our children,  for our NHS, for our elderly people, for our way of life.

Things may get rough in the UK, but we have to do this, in order that we may have a DEMOCRATIC government back and I would prefer it to be a labour government, but as long as it is a fair and democratic government that's OK too.

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