Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tory Millionaire Buffoons Take Us To the Brink of Double Dip recession

"Brokeback Coalition" Barebacks Us Towards Death at The Not so OK Corral
They will not be told this new government, none of them have had a proper job before, except as spin doctors. Cameron himself runs the country like an inept trainee used car salesman, and his okyah mate Gideon Osborne, the lack lustre chancellor, has put this country on collision course with a double dip recession, the housing market now sinking faster that the Titanic, when unemployment starts to rise and no one has any money come the winter and [pensioners start freezing to death in their homes, perhaps people will start seeing how bad this government is for the nation's health!
They have now been told by virtually every single leading economist that they are going to harm the British economy, but apparently the terrible trio know best, it doesn't matter a Liberal democrat "Fig leaf" that this certifiably insane shower of a government are pushing hard working families towards negative equity on their homes, preventing many from moving house.
We have a couple of cowboys running the country and they do not much care where they tether their horses down.

The Telegraph;  Will House Prices Fall Further?

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