Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh No Not Again!

The grinning faces of Dave and Sam Cam are back this time pictured on the steps of 10 Downing Street. Yet another one for the album, the baby is beautiful, apparently "It's good to be photographed".

Bringing Home Baby Nicky
 As I look upon these two standing outside that famous front door,  again I am struck with this weird feeling that this man does not really belong there. I had the same feeling the day he went in with that strange Nick Clegg. I've come to the conclusion that actually "call me Dave" doesn't belong there, he is just a pretendy prime minister and any time soon the police will come up and shoo him off and the real PM will appear.

Dave and Sam took their family away on a  much needed "private" family holiday in Cornwall. What an eventful holiday that turned out to be, as soon as they got there, the Tories ratings in the polls started to slide and oddly everywhere that they went a pap, papped them, shopping, breakfasting whatever, they were photographed, no peace for the "wicked" eh Dave? I wonder who  told them where the PM and his family would be? Perhaps no one did, perhaps their phones were hacked into or something? You never know, best ask Andy Coulson, maybe he knows something? If that wasn't bad enough an assorted set of problems back home set the Tories off in a sort of "pre-wash spin cycle". The coalition's attacks on the NHS were beginning to get noticed too.
Suddenly after an exhaustive round of photographing and eating breakfasts and being photographed some more after eating breakfast, the Cameron's disappeared for a day while back in London the World Cup delegation arrived amid much talk about President Putin breaking off his holiday arrangements to meet with the delegation, while it was in Russia, on and on the media coverage went, mentioning each time that the delegation understood the PM was holiday and that they did not mind etc, but we who knows our press sensed the press and TV were starting to turn their fire against Cameron for not attending the meeting. I think everyone was half expecting Cameron to zoom in at the last minute and meet  the delegation before the planned meeting with the pretendy dep pm in number 10. Nick Clegg apparently doesn't do opening doors to important visitors, apparently he could not even be bothered to come and meet the delegates and welcome them when they arrived at the door of No 10.  Then wonders will never cease an extraordinary coincidence, not long after the delegation moved on, it was announced that the PM and his wife had gone to an NHS hospital, in a marginal seat and some time later Sam had given birth  3 weeks early to a baby girl by "Cesarean section". Phew that was close, things were starting to get a bit uncomfortable for a while there.

Baby barely more than a day old and already the photographs started appearing in the papers, now if I were not such a cynic, I would think that *the* Andy Coulosn, the PM's private press secretary, had a hand in this set of extraordinary set of coincidences.

Meanwhile back at home the deputy PM "look at me I'm "orange Tory" Nick" took time off from being a pretendy deputy pm in charge of running the country to re-launch of himself but alas it never really happened. I think the main reason for this was well, basically, no one was really interested in him, or collaborator Alan Milburn's upwardly mobile thingy, or was that "socially mobile"? Never mind, a lot of people found their feet and mobilised themselves - in the opposite direction. Yawwwn next?

Judging by that outfit, I see Samantha doesn't do subtle either, what was that orange and blue thing she was wearing? A little garish to say the least, but perhaps I am being just a tad cynical here and Sam was just touching base, dropping the baby off before rushing off to go on duty as Easy Jet cabin crew or ground-staff? "Did you pack your case yourself sir?" She wasn't forced/emotionally blackmailed asked by "call me Dave" to where the coalition colours for that staged photograph on the steps of number 10?

As I mentioned earlier, I am very pleased that the little one is safely here now bless her little heart, but will this be the last picture until her 1st birthday? I am getting a little bit alarmed at the way the pretendy pm is using his family each time the going gets a bit tough, it is unfair, especially since it was the Tories who accused Tony Blair of somehow exploiting his family, (even though he rarely let them be photographed). The Camerons make the Blairs look like recluses.

4th September 2010

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