Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scrapping ASBOS - We're All In Crime Together.

Those Boots were made for Walking
Hopefully This is What Theresa May Will Do!
The crazy government wants to scrap ASBOS, I haven't said anything about it before, I was hoping it would die a natural death, but no today it rears its crazy head again. Theresa May, the gray lady with copious pairs of  "Marks & Spencer" style shoes, says we must scrap ASBOS. What then is to be put in their place? Nothing according the certifiably insane coalition government, we are just going to "hug them poor little hoodies" instead and everything will be OK, I mean God forbid we offend their human rights in any way and make them see what they are doing to people is wrong and if they continue there will be consequences for their appalling behaviour!

Is Theresa May of this planet? Where does she think these panels of "willing residents" willing to put their heads on the block and risk bullying, vandalism and intimidation in their own homes as their only reward are going to come from? Does she even know how terrifying it can be for people who are the victims of these out of control mindless thugs? ASBOS were far from ideal, but they do go a long way to helping stop a situation, a thug whose parents cannot be bothered, can go out of their parents sights and minds and if there is no come back, then they simply do not care what their offspring are doing and may even do it with their parents blessings, but when councils or landlords are able to come back and threaten the parents of a yob with eviction and ASBOS, that soon has the propensity to sharpen and focus the mind! Tough, but it is necessary and it does work. These yobs need to know that we are no longer going to associate their sub-human behaviour and they will behave themselves and if they do not then their parents and them can be evicted from their home. Take this away and replace it with a hotch potch of "willing residents" and this kind of crime is going to soar once again.

Theresa May has been warned by the police and from different agencies, she comes from the government that says it will listen, my advise to them would be to take their bloody earplugs out, because so far, they are cutting and slashing without a second thought about the people they are going to affect. they aim to cut 60.000 personnel from the police, among them police officers and police community support officers, who keep the police visible on the streets, this government aims to do this at a time they are cutting poor people's benefits  and raising VAT, this is going to provoke a serious crime wave and on top of all of this they are to take away CCTV cameras and ASBOS, why? It is absolutely crazy. We need both of these things, it is how the previous government were able to reduce crime by 42%.

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