Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good News Bonuses Are Back! "We're All In This Together" Huh?

Same old Tories!

Bonuses are back
Billionaire Fat Cat Banker
Tory Donor
No wonder Cameron sent Nick off to America, Cameron was too busy here to carry out his prime ministerial duties, not helping his wife with their newborn like he said however, Cameron was off to a champagne do, where he rubbed shoulders with millionaire Tory donors who donated millions to the Conservative party at the last election, he was doing the rounds tapping them up for further huge donations in order to help them fight the next election. It is the hypocrisy, the rank Tory hypocrisy that I find hard to stomach.
The Conservatives have more money in their coffers than any political party has ever had, this is just pure greed and while he is attempting to get yet more money, he is trying to stop the tradition of the unions donating to the labour party, in the hope that they will be too broke to fight a proper campaign at the next election. Cameron not only wants to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries, he wants cripple labour financially so he has a clear run, he is a despicable cheating  lying "gerrymanderer".

Yesterday while many people the length and breadth of this country were fearing for their jobs, worrying about paying their rent or mortgages, worrying about paying their council tax, worrying about their businesses and worrying if they will be able to feed and clothe their children and keep them warm this winter, with rising utility and fuel bills and Christmas just around the corner and a massive hike in VAT coming in January set to push inflation up still further, while these people, many of them public sector workers worried out of their minds about their jobs and pensions, David Cameron was swanning about drinking champagne with Tory hedge "funders" that trade on our misery in banks and boasting of making savage cuts and refusing to do a U-turn on VAT, despite dire warnings of the effect this going to have on the British economy.

Another Glass of Champers George?
"Whato Old Boy"
Is David Cameron for real?

How many "non doms" were at his champagne bash?  How many of the business leaders who signed his and Osborne's letter about national insuarance contributions, were there knocking back the Bollinger? (Remember during the election campaign, Cameron said he would not put up NICs? Well he didn't for the bosses, but he did for us!) Were there any Liberal democrats there? How much did the Tory party spend on champagne yesterday? How many people who make their millions betting on hedge funds and trading in our misery in a downturn were at that reception? How many people were promised a knighthood or a peerage in return for a hefty donation to the Tory party?

Did you vote for this? One rule for Cameron and another for us? What does he care, he has an excess of £30 million in the bank, probably in off-shore accounts too, he and his family will not go cold this winter and he is not fearing having no money to feed his children, we cannot do much about thatm but US, WE the public CAN take Cameron's job away from him!

"We are all in this together"? Like hell we are!

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