Saturday, September 4, 2010

Right On Cue

Saturday September 4 2010

Here Comes Mark Seddon The Guardian Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire:

May the "saints" preserve us from the parochial emotional wreckage of the Guardian's Mark Seddon spilling over in his article about David Miliband and did he or didn't he, know about the alleged torture of prisoners passing through Britain's airspace, timed of course to be published on the very day voting for the labour leadership opens. For all Mark's "worldly" experience, I hope he can forgive me for saying that he appears to be  on the little emotionally stunted side, although having once been the New York correspondent for Al Jazeera International, I cannot say that this completely surprises me either, Al Jazeera International, has never struck me as being free thinking with unbiased reports and correspondents.

Many people in the UK bemoan that this country despite our warts 'n all, is more a force for good than the evil in the world, but barely gets a fleeting recognition for it. The majority of people in this country are good, decent and always want to help and would not dream of turning away genuine asylum seekers, we are often the first to put our hands in our almost empty pockets, wallets and purses and soon to be depleted bank accounts, when some truly awful catastrophic natural disaster hits another part of the world  which to many of us is just a name on a map, but we none-the-less, cannot bear to see a people in need, indeed, we are just not a country made up of the kind of people that can easily walk past on the other side. However, Mark Seddon and a few others with a political agenda seems to want us to believe that the former Foreign Secretary is such a man that is capable of ignoring the suffering of others suffering, and not only this, Mark Seddon and his fortunately forever dwindling group of "bemoaners" want to have this believed not by everyone in this country, but by the rest if the world too! Why? Seddon has no proof, his article contains nothing but a few concocted sentences of journalistic licence and some salacious tittle tattle heavily hinted to give the impression that these "knowledgeable! insights come from people "who know". Unless he is prepared to put up, it is time for Mark and people like Mark, to shut up, their predispositions that UK is wrong, rest of the world right" are becoming repetitive and their public hand-wringing grandstanding is becoming mind numbing and boring and they are damaging our country.
If we want other countries to start treating us with a bit of the respect that I think this country truly deserves, then it is about time we started to respect ourselves. I really am becoming increasingly irritated with the need by some in politics and the media to repeatedly "self flagellate" on the world stage, over things that this country did not do and had no intention of doing. Let the US deal with this, it is their problem not ours. At the end of the day, flights pass through our airspace, we cannot know what is on every single one of them, as a matter of interest are any other countries whose airspace was also used beating themselves up over this, or is it just the UK?

Carry on like this and the whole argument is going to become completely diluted and people will simply tune out. God preserve us from the moral outrage and public hand-wringers, like Mark Seddon, if the truth was known, people like Mark are the people that really make people turn away from politics.  A plane travelled through our airspace, it will have travelled through other countries airspace "240" times too, are their government and former government ministers being openly attacked in the press? Or do we in this country reserve the right to self-destruct? For goodness sakes, "conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy, save us from the loony conspiracy theorists, perhaps Mark Seddon may like to join forces with David Icke?
Stop attacking David Miliband, fortunately we are not all barking mad inward looking conspiracy theorists, just as well really, the "real enemy" the Tories, aided and abetted by Dumbo of the Orange Tories, are getting away with murder, in case you hadn't noticed.

Time to give it a rest Mark.


Based On a Mark Seddon Report  The Guardian

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