Sunday, September 12, 2010

So What Took The OECD Four Months To Learn What We All Knew Back In May?

In May, the OECD Economic Outlook recommended that;

 Exit from exceptional fiscal support must start now, or by 2011 at the latest, at a pace that is contingent on specific country conditions and the state of public finances.
The Chancellor lapped this up, and repeatedly used it as a stick to bash his opponents.

We Don't Care What We Cut As Long As It's You!

However last Thursday the west's leading economics thinktank told George Osborne that he may need to delay plans to cut Britain's budget deficit as it warned that the pace of recovery was slowing in developed nations Where public finances permit, planned fiscal consolidation could be delayed.

Offered this "Get Out" clause, did George Osborne delay his plans to ruin this country with his madcap austerity plans?

Not a bit of it, his reply to the OECD was to arrogantly stick his proverbial middle finger up at them and announce that he was going to cut a further £4 BILLION off of the welfare budget!

What is it going to take before this blithering idiot pretendy chancellor stops these insane cuts before he ruins nearly every single one of us?

Pity that the OECD did not warn Osborne that these cuts were too hard and too deep back in May, instead of giving "soft lad" an excuse to carry on.

This is George Osborne's very last chance to back away from these ridiculous austerity measures. measures this country does not need and at a time we do not need them.
The OECD's volte-face over the dangers of spending cuts gives the chancellor plenty of cover to rethink his approach. If he doesn't, he will be making a catastrophic blunder!

Osborne cannot say he hasn't been warned, yesterday the IMF (International Monetary Fund) also warned Osborne to back off.

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Peter Robson said...

Well said Gracie, Gideon will not be deflected from the ideologically driven cuts as he has the L/Deluded Party to take the flak for him and his party. Why the LDs cannot see this escapes me, they were given a disproportionate amount of cabinet/ministerial positions for precisely this reason and they are fulfilling there role with gusto. It will eventually dawn on them but it is already too late as the cuts will be remembered by the public as having been announced by the LDs and the backlash will be felt by them and not the tories, serves them right. Unfortunately the real cost will fall on the most vulnerable of our society.
Keep up the good work.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thank you Peter.

This is what I just cannot understand, we had Lib Dem Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander on Sky News today actually defending these cuts, cuts that virtually every single leading economist has now denounced, not least the OECD and the IMF!
In one way we expect this callous viciousness from the "Nasty Party", however even the Tories are being particularly brutal in their attacks on people who can least defend themselves, but it is not something that any of us expected the Liberal Democrats to defend, I do not think that ordinary Lib Dem supporters expected to be shoved into a position to defend them and the Tories either. I know many Lib Dem supporters who are deeply upset about this and who are seriously thinking of voting labour, if not completely joining them to register their disgust at what Nick Clegg and the other "Tory chosen few" are doing in their name!