Saturday, September 25, 2010

Congratulations To Ed - The Lousy Coalition Government's Days Are Numbered!

Ed Miliband
Leader of the Labour Party
25th September 2010

Congratulations to Ed Miliband on becoming the leader of the labour party. Despite the disappointment of those that backed David Miliband, there is a real buzz about the labour party.

Ed Miliband has come from behind to take this contest and win and anyone that can do that must have something about them.

I watched Ed speak when he announced his campaign and I was extremely impressed with him, he has the ability to connect with the ordinary people. Despite the press really wanting labour to lurch to the left it has not done so. Ed Miliband is not  on the left, he is on the side of good sense and more he is on the side of the people of this country in these difficult times and make no mistake Ed Miliband will reach out and connect, not only to the 5 million voters that Labour lost, he will reach out to all people and reassure then that their cries and needs and concerns and fears are being heard and they have a whole party, the "Progressive Labour Party" on their side.

Ed listens, he is able to connect and he is looking to the future and this is what people want us to do, this is what we must do.

Ca-moron is apparently saying privately he is delighted with the choice of Ed, this just shows his propensity to get things wrong, if they think this, then they are seriously underestimating Ed Miliband, he is not only untainted by the Iraq war, he is fresh and is intellectually more than a match for Ca-moron, Osborne and Clegg. So let them become seriously complacent, they will wake up when they are across from him in the House!

Congratulations Ed and look forward to listening to your speech on Tuesday and I look forward to you becoming the next prime minister.

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