Sunday, September 12, 2010

Osborne, Cameron and Clegg Don Their "Jackboots" Again - This Time To Kick The Sick and Disabled.

George Osborne's secret plan to slash sickness benefits Chancellor plans to slash welfare bill by £2.5bn for people who are disabled or too ill to work!

Apparently no one is safe from these millionaire toffs, they obviously have no compunction about taking away and harming the quality of life for those least able to defend themselves, or those too sick to muster a fight against the "jackbooted" brutal cruelty of David Cameron and George Osborne and Nick Clegg.
The benefits that these sadistic bastards intend to take away from people, can mean the difference between purchasing something that makes their lives more bearable, like appliances or some medications that are not available on the NHS, or not, leaving many in pain, discomfort and distress, it can also simply mean the difference between staying safe and warm during the winter or disabled immobile people becoming dangerously cold leading to hypothermia.

I know people who voted Tory, I know people who voted Liberal Democrat, who I do not know, is anyone that voted for this government to do this kind of thing to the most poor and vulnerable people in our society. They simply do not have a mandate to to do this, where was the box that said "Coalition Government"?  Where was the box that said tick here if you want to privatise the NHS, ruin education, have 45.000 less police and kick the elderly, young, sick and disabled in the teeth? The cold hard fact is that NONE of this was even so much as mentioned in the election campaign, I am experiencing great difficulty in trying to explain what I actually feel about this very "UnBritish" government.

What experience do any of them have to run this country, especially at this crucial time? David Cameron the prime minister is proving to be a gaffe prone ignoramus klutz, who has had one job as a spin doctor with Carton TV before joining the Conservatives.

George Osborne the chancellor studied History at Oxford, done a few days work experience selling wallpaper for his father and had one unsuccessful attempt at becoming a journalist before joining the Tory party.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg he worked  for a short time as a lecturer and journalist, before moving  to the European Commission, managing aid projects and trade negotiations. He later became and MEP for the East Midlands but stood down after five years in 2004 saying it was incompatible with family life. In 2005 he became the MP for Sheffield Hallam and then eventually went on to become party leader.

None of these three men have the experience between them to be any one of the positions they now hold and what is more frightening, they are holding these positions at a time of great importance to the country.

How come we in the UK have a system that allows complete novices without any previous experience at all to become Prime Minister, Chancellor and Deputy PM? How can we at this crucial time hand control of the country's finances to a complete novice like George Osborne who s completely without any experience in economics?
He hasn't even got the sense to listen to the advice he is being given from the world's leading economists, last week alone he was warned by no less than they OECD and the IMF that e is making grave fundamental errors and is gambling with the livelihoods and futures of every single person in this country.
We should not have to put up with this, if he was in any other job he would have been fired by now for his complete arrogance alone!

Last week Osborne coolly announced he had plans to shave a further £4 billion off of the welfare bill, this announcement came completely out of the blue, it was thought that Osborne was attempting to get Andy Coulson the prime minister's director of communications off of the front pages of the press.

Now today we have a leaked letter, said to have been purposefully leaked from Osborne's office to "bounce Ian Duncan Smith's department into accepting these further £2.5 billion cuts from the welfare bill of the sick and disabled, as well as making a further attempt at getting Coulson off of the front pages.

Details of the plan, spelled out in a confidential letter from Osborne to Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, sparked a furious row as Labour accused the coalition government of targeting "the most vulnerable people in the country" with "shocking, arbitrary cuts".
The letter, written by Osborne on 19 June to Duncan Smith and circulated to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, will fuel mounting concerns that the government's assault on spending – and particularly Osborne's determination to slash the cost of welfare – will hit those on the lowest incomes the hardest.
Reform to the employment support allowance is a particular priority and I am pleased that you, the prime minister and I have agreed to press ahead with reforms to the ESA as part of the spending review that will deliver net savings of at least £2.5bn by 2014-15."

In a further extraordinary development, sources within Duncan Smith's department turned their fire on the Treasury, insisting nothing had been decided and suggesting Osborne's department may have leaked the letter to bounce them into accepting the plan.

With under six weeks to go before Osborne's comprehensive spending review, senior ministers are growing increasingly sensitive to charges of unfairness. Last week, Nick Clegg sought to dispel anxieties by pointing out that the cuts would not fall at once, but over five years. And, in an article for the Observer, Cameron insists that the government's commitment to devolve power from Whitehall to the people is driven at least in part by the quest for greater "fairness".

"There's the efficiency argument – that in huge hierarchies, money gets spent on bureaucracy instead of the frontline. There's the fairness argument – that centralised national blueprints can entrench unfairness because they don't allow for local solutions to major social problems. And there's the political argument – that centralisation creates a great distance in our democracy between the government and the governed," the prime minister argues.

It seems to me that David Cameron has very very little control over his ministers, while his deputy Nick Clegg has none at all, and is a deputy PM in name only. We have a government of children who are drunk on power, acting like thugs and playground bullies and all the prime minister can do is witter on about hierarchies and national blueprints, for goodness sakes.

Can someone inform the prime minister that he is, "wittering while Osborne slashes and burns"?

Ministers and those appointed as advisers to the government seem to be rampaging around completely out of control, doing just what they want, when they want, hacking here, there and everywhere in scenes resembling the "Bullingdon Club", wrecking the country just for the sheer hell of it,  only this time much worse, we seem to have the "Bullingdon Club" on speed and of course this is the country they are wrecking, not hotel rooms, bistros, bars and restaurants, so no amount of "Daddy's money" is going to be able to put this right. The power has gone completely to their empty vacuous pompous heads. they are behaving in a deplorable patronising and condescending way, with absolutely no regard for who they are treading on and hurting in the process.

For those of you that wondered what labour ever done for you, perhaps that is now becoming very apparent?

One thing is for certain, we cannot continue like this, the government is in disarray, we have empty headed inexperienced kids ruining the country (not running it). I think the Liberal Democrats who entered this coalition government telling us that they were going to control the Tories, curb their excesses or whatever, better admit they have failed miserable, they have agreed to every single thing. Perhaps it is time to admit they have failed and pull out of this government, BEFORE it brings this country to its knees and let's force a general election before it is too late!

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