Monday, September 27, 2010

So What About This So-Called Lurch To The "Left"?

Baroness Warsi
The right wing press and the Tories were quick off the mark to caricature the new Labour Leader as a lurch to the left. Failed Tory MP candidate no Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Warsi has been speaking as only she can, in uninformed and ignorant arrogant terms.  

"Ed Miliband wasn't the choice of his MPs,
wasn't the choice of Labour Party members but was put in to power by union votes.
I'm afraid this looks like a great leap backwards for the Labour Party."

What she of course fails to say is that she failed to get elected as a Tory MP and failed badly, so she was given a peerage and the chairmanship of the Tory party, it is not clear why David Cameron would bestow such "gifts" on a failed Tory candidate. That aside, she is a NON elected member of a NON elected House of Lords and she was put in power by the votes of not one single person.

The Tories say Ed is no threat etc etc etc, if he is not a threat then why are they wasting so much time and energy trying to delegitimize him and his leadership and what has the way labour choose their leader got to do with the Tories anyway?

Labour members voted in Ed Miliband and the union members voted privately in their own homes and the  unions do NOT have a block vote, the unions did not sway this leadership contest. If all the multiple votes were taken away and we had one member one vote, then Ed would still have around 30.000 votes more than David Miliband and more people voted for Ed Miliband, than who voted for David Cameron and Nick Clegg combined!

Ed Miliband said that " he is no one's man" and  this "red Ed" is "quite frankly rubbish"!

Let the Tories and the right wing press carry on underestimating Ed Miliband, they are behaving like right wing idiots!

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Anonymous said...

I really cannot abide this arrogant ignorant woman.