Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Judgement of David Cameron - Just Who The Hell Is Running the Government & This Country?

This Coulson debacle is not going away for David Cameron, probably something to do with the fact that actually Coulson is not very good as a spin doctor  and he and his team are in fact quite useless and their judgement is as good as their boss's 'David Cameron' - pathetic.

Assistant Met commissioner John Yates.
He is personally accused
in the claim by alleged victims of phone hacking

Andy Coulson should have long since "gone down the road", he certainly should still not be in situ when it emerges that a former  Metropolitan police commander Brian Paddick, and labour MP Chris Bryant  has launched a law suit, to force the Met and John Yates to reveal the extent of hacking into their personal affairs and that the former deputy pm, Lord Prescott and one other person also intend to launch their own lawsuits demanding to know the same things.

What on earth is Cameron doing allowing Coulson to stay? It is obvious that something very wrong has occurred and that wrong is actually very wide sweeping. I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that before this business is over it will encompass some top people, which is why John Yates the Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner has tried his best to keep this story under wraps, but try as he might, he can't, the people who have had their phones tapping and hacked have a right to know and because of the seriousness of these claims, this is well within the public interest. What is John Yates thinking of? Who is putting pressure on him preventing him from revealing the extent of this hacking? Cameron? Rupert Murdoch? Andy Coulson? Andy Hayman? Who?

The judgement and incompetence and stonewalling coming from the prime minister is mystifying, there has to be a reason. One could possibly say that he has the death of his father on his mind, fair enough, but this story broke well before the unfortunate death of his father and sorry to be harsh, but Cameron is the prime minister, is he fit for purpose? Is he intellectually fit enough to do this job? Is he strong enough? Just who is running the government? More to the point, just who the bloody hell is running this country? Please do not tell me it is the hapless hopeless laughingly compromised  and totally ineffectual Nick Clegg, the supposed deputy prime minister, because then I will start to worry.

Over the past 28 months we saw a concerted vicious and highly personal attack on Gordon Brown, where the Tories successfully managed to persuade people that the global financial recession was in fact his, fault they could only achieve this with the help of the right wing press and in particular News International which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the News of the World is owned by Murdoch and Andy Coulson was the editor of the News of the World. Andy Hayman former assistant police commissioner investigated and there is now a big question mark over this investigation that it was nowhere near as thorough as it should have been, After the investigation Andy Hayman left the police and took up writing a column for the News of the World! Andy Coulson resigned and a few months after took up his position as director of communications with David Cameron and the Tories while they were still in opposition. Last week Coulson divulged the contents of a private conversation he had when the former pm Gordon Brown telephoned him.

The question is if David Cameron is heavily compromised, just who is in fact running this country? Is he having his strings pulled bu "business leaders yet to emerge in this scandal? Business leaders who stand to gain millions from the fragmentation  and privatisation of services like education and the NHS? Who's idea was it to "politicise the police service, to have elected regional police commissioners? There are huge clouds hanging over former assistant police commissioner Andy Hayman as, well as the present assistant police commissioner, John Yates, this is the type of problems that arise from "politicising" the police force. News International? What did Cameron promise Rupert Murdoch in return for his support in all of his papers and Sky News channel? Was this a two way support? "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" sort of thing? Cameron to say nothing of Murdoch and News International involvement in phone hacking, in return for political support and the chance to own the most lucrative parts of the BBC in any break-up and commercialisation of the service?
Who knows where all of this is going end?

I believe that Former Met police commander Brian Paddick a Liberal democrat and former leadership contender ,Chris Bryant MP, Lord John Prescott and all the "others" are right to demand that they are given access to what is held on file about them. What is also a serious breach of security, is how the now imprisoned private detective got his hands on Personal Identification Numbers from the telephone companies, were these PIN numbers given by one of the Sky companies that hold details about phone numbers etc and who provide phone services as part of their Sky packages? Or have they come from BT? Whatever it is, whoever these cme from and whoever took money for giving out hghly classified information, needs to be investigated too!

If it can be proved that  Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, David Cameron, George Osborne, Andy Hayman and John Yates are involved in some sort of stitch up of the labour party and Gordon Brown and other high profile figures, Lib Dem MPs playing up will be the least of his worries, this could yet prove to be the mother of all scandals that will bring down the Tory Lib Dem government as well as badly damage the Conservative party. Something is stinking here and it is the strong whiff of corruption!

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