Monday, September 13, 2010

Andy Coulson. David Cameron's Media Adivser Has Become The Story

When a media monitor director becomes the story it is time for him to go, actually it  is well past time for Andy Coulson now up to his ears in dark arts and sleaze.

You Can't Hide Andy!
"Labour's acting leader, Harriet Harman, is to confront David Cameron for the first time over the appointment of the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as Downing Street's communications chief.
Ms Harman is expected to use Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday to raise the issue of what Mr Coulson knew about the hacking of MPs' phones.
Speaking yesterday to the BBC, Ms Harman said there was a "great deal of concern" over Mr Coulson's appointment and the Prime Minister's decision to appoint him "at the heart of Downing Street" was a reflection on his judgement."

If Andy Coulson has not gone by Wednesday, then I think we can all guess what Cameron is going to say. That this is a labour story , why did they not speak up before and that he supports Coulson 100%

No it is not a labour story, it is a public interest issue and the reason why labour did not speak up before was because the acting Metropolitan police Commissioner, Andy Hayman, neglected to tell the people concerned that they had been the subject of phone hacking. Now we need to know just how deep this goes and just how much David Cameron himself knew while in opposition.

So much for Cameron's "new politics".  Cameron said he would sack anyone not measuring up, so far several people have failed to measure up spectacularly, David Laws, Lord Ashcroft, William Hague,  Andy Coulson and David Cameron himself does not measure up, no one has got the sack yet!

However, the longer these people remain in the government the more harm it will do to the Tories and to the coalition and the longer Cameron chickens out and backs away from sacking his chief spin doctor, the more Cameron's judgement will be called into question and should he keep Coulson on, then Cameron will find this dogs him and the life of his sleaze ridden government.


The Independent     Harriet Harman To Question Cameron Over Coulson Affair

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