Monday, September 27, 2010

So What About This So-Called Lurch To The "Left"?

Baroness Warsi
The right wing press and the Tories were quick off the mark to caricature the new Labour Leader as a lurch to the left. Failed Tory MP candidate no Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Warsi has been speaking as only she can, in uninformed and ignorant arrogant terms.  

"Ed Miliband wasn't the choice of his MPs,
wasn't the choice of Labour Party members but was put in to power by union votes.
I'm afraid this looks like a great leap backwards for the Labour Party."

What she of course fails to say is that she failed to get elected as a Tory MP and failed badly, so she was given a peerage and the chairmanship of the Tory party, it is not clear why David Cameron would bestow such "gifts" on a failed Tory candidate. That aside, she is a NON elected member of a NON elected House of Lords and she was put in power by the votes of not one single person.

The Tories say Ed is no threat etc etc etc, if he is not a threat then why are they wasting so much time and energy trying to delegitimize him and his leadership and what has the way labour choose their leader got to do with the Tories anyway?

Labour members voted in Ed Miliband and the union members voted privately in their own homes and the  unions do NOT have a block vote, the unions did not sway this leadership contest. If all the multiple votes were taken away and we had one member one vote, then Ed would still have around 30.000 votes more than David Miliband and more people voted for Ed Miliband, than who voted for David Cameron and Nick Clegg combined!

Ed Miliband said that " he is no one's man" and  this "red Ed" is "quite frankly rubbish"!

Let the Tories and the right wing press carry on underestimating Ed Miliband, they are behaving like right wing idiots!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Labour party Memberships Continues To Climb

 Ed Miliband

Since Ed Miliband was announced as the new Labour Leader at 5pm yesterday 726 people have
joined Labour.

In the first hour 200 joined, 1 every 30 seconds.  

Of the 726 over 500 are not trade union members, 347 are women and 214 are under 27.

 Join Labour Here  The Labour Party

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Congratulations To Ed - The Lousy Coalition Government's Days Are Numbered!

Ed Miliband
Leader of the Labour Party
25th September 2010

Congratulations to Ed Miliband on becoming the leader of the labour party. Despite the disappointment of those that backed David Miliband, there is a real buzz about the labour party.

Ed Miliband has come from behind to take this contest and win and anyone that can do that must have something about them.

I watched Ed speak when he announced his campaign and I was extremely impressed with him, he has the ability to connect with the ordinary people. Despite the press really wanting labour to lurch to the left it has not done so. Ed Miliband is not  on the left, he is on the side of good sense and more he is on the side of the people of this country in these difficult times and make no mistake Ed Miliband will reach out and connect, not only to the 5 million voters that Labour lost, he will reach out to all people and reassure then that their cries and needs and concerns and fears are being heard and they have a whole party, the "Progressive Labour Party" on their side.

Ed listens, he is able to connect and he is looking to the future and this is what people want us to do, this is what we must do.

Ca-moron is apparently saying privately he is delighted with the choice of Ed, this just shows his propensity to get things wrong, if they think this, then they are seriously underestimating Ed Miliband, he is not only untainted by the Iraq war, he is fresh and is intellectually more than a match for Ca-moron, Osborne and Clegg. So let them become seriously complacent, they will wake up when they are across from him in the House!

Congratulations Ed and look forward to listening to your speech on Tuesday and I look forward to you becoming the next prime minister.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scrapping ASBOS - We're All In Crime Together.

Those Boots were made for Walking
Hopefully This is What Theresa May Will Do!
The crazy government wants to scrap ASBOS, I haven't said anything about it before, I was hoping it would die a natural death, but no today it rears its crazy head again. Theresa May, the gray lady with copious pairs of  "Marks & Spencer" style shoes, says we must scrap ASBOS. What then is to be put in their place? Nothing according the certifiably insane coalition government, we are just going to "hug them poor little hoodies" instead and everything will be OK, I mean God forbid we offend their human rights in any way and make them see what they are doing to people is wrong and if they continue there will be consequences for their appalling behaviour!

Is Theresa May of this planet? Where does she think these panels of "willing residents" willing to put their heads on the block and risk bullying, vandalism and intimidation in their own homes as their only reward are going to come from? Does she even know how terrifying it can be for people who are the victims of these out of control mindless thugs? ASBOS were far from ideal, but they do go a long way to helping stop a situation, a thug whose parents cannot be bothered, can go out of their parents sights and minds and if there is no come back, then they simply do not care what their offspring are doing and may even do it with their parents blessings, but when councils or landlords are able to come back and threaten the parents of a yob with eviction and ASBOS, that soon has the propensity to sharpen and focus the mind! Tough, but it is necessary and it does work. These yobs need to know that we are no longer going to associate their sub-human behaviour and they will behave themselves and if they do not then their parents and them can be evicted from their home. Take this away and replace it with a hotch potch of "willing residents" and this kind of crime is going to soar once again.

Theresa May has been warned by the police and from different agencies, she comes from the government that says it will listen, my advise to them would be to take their bloody earplugs out, because so far, they are cutting and slashing without a second thought about the people they are going to affect. they aim to cut 60.000 personnel from the police, among them police officers and police community support officers, who keep the police visible on the streets, this government aims to do this at a time they are cutting poor people's benefits  and raising VAT, this is going to provoke a serious crime wave and on top of all of this they are to take away CCTV cameras and ASBOS, why? It is absolutely crazy. We need both of these things, it is how the previous government were able to reduce crime by 42%.

Further Reading: Dad's Army To Tackle Anti Social Behaviour

Good News Bonuses Are Back! "We're All In This Together" Huh?

Same old Tories!

Bonuses are back
Billionaire Fat Cat Banker
Tory Donor
No wonder Cameron sent Nick off to America, Cameron was too busy here to carry out his prime ministerial duties, not helping his wife with their newborn like he said however, Cameron was off to a champagne do, where he rubbed shoulders with millionaire Tory donors who donated millions to the Conservative party at the last election, he was doing the rounds tapping them up for further huge donations in order to help them fight the next election. It is the hypocrisy, the rank Tory hypocrisy that I find hard to stomach.
The Conservatives have more money in their coffers than any political party has ever had, this is just pure greed and while he is attempting to get yet more money, he is trying to stop the tradition of the unions donating to the labour party, in the hope that they will be too broke to fight a proper campaign at the next election. Cameron not only wants to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries, he wants cripple labour financially so he has a clear run, he is a despicable cheating  lying "gerrymanderer".

Yesterday while many people the length and breadth of this country were fearing for their jobs, worrying about paying their rent or mortgages, worrying about paying their council tax, worrying about their businesses and worrying if they will be able to feed and clothe their children and keep them warm this winter, with rising utility and fuel bills and Christmas just around the corner and a massive hike in VAT coming in January set to push inflation up still further, while these people, many of them public sector workers worried out of their minds about their jobs and pensions, David Cameron was swanning about drinking champagne with Tory hedge "funders" that trade on our misery in banks and boasting of making savage cuts and refusing to do a U-turn on VAT, despite dire warnings of the effect this going to have on the British economy.

Another Glass of Champers George?
"Whato Old Boy"
Is David Cameron for real?

How many "non doms" were at his champagne bash?  How many of the business leaders who signed his and Osborne's letter about national insuarance contributions, were there knocking back the Bollinger? (Remember during the election campaign, Cameron said he would not put up NICs? Well he didn't for the bosses, but he did for us!) Were there any Liberal democrats there? How much did the Tory party spend on champagne yesterday? How many people who make their millions betting on hedge funds and trading in our misery in a downturn were at that reception? How many people were promised a knighthood or a peerage in return for a hefty donation to the Tory party?

Did you vote for this? One rule for Cameron and another for us? What does he care, he has an excess of £30 million in the bank, probably in off-shore accounts too, he and his family will not go cold this winter and he is not fearing having no money to feed his children, we cannot do much about thatm but US, WE the public CAN take Cameron's job away from him!

"We are all in this together"? Like hell we are!

Vince Cable - The Acceptable Face of Tory Capitalists!

Anyone who watched and listened to Vince Cable give his conference speech and believe any of that guff has got to be as deluded as those people in the Liberal democrat conference hall. 

Vince Cable Had to Have His Conference Speech Vetted By
George Osborne, David Cameron and 
Tory "Phone Hacker"
Andy Coulson.
It was just words and meant nothing, will never amount to anything and will "deliver" nothing.

Cable had to have his speech approved by Tory chancellor George Osborne and Tory prime minister David Cameron, as did the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.
How can you take a political party seriously when they tell you they are a separate entity from the right wing government they support, when all their "keynote speeches" have been vetted by George Osborne, David Cameron and that "phone hacker" extraordinaire Andy Coulson? So much for keeping the Tories in check then, so much for being a separate party, read my lips I did not have sexual relations with the woman oops sorry wrong politician. So much for keeping the Liberal Democrat identity, that is long gone.

I wonder can we report the blue Tories and the orange Tories to the "Monopolies and Mergers Commission"?

"Libetory Dumoprats"
How can political shows like BBC Question Time, continue to allow two MPs from the same party on the show to gang up on  the only MP from the only progressive party now in opposition? Although the Liberal Democrats and now almost fully fledged "Blue Tories" and a standing joke, serious questions about these matters still need to be asked.
Vince Cable is nothing but a political opportunist, a political "flip-flop", he has no more idea about the UK economy, than George Osborne does and the pair of them are being allowed to run rampaging around completely clueless. Osborne and Clegg think a "key policy" is something that you get into Foreign Secretary William Hague's cheap hotel room with, to check out the singles!

The sad thing is that Cable used to command respect across the political divide, now all he commands is laughs at best and sneers at worse. However, don't rush to feel sorry for the man, it is all of his own making, he need not have sold himself out so cheaply at the first sniff of power, he could have stood firm with his principles, but he chose not to, he now deserves the political barracking he is going to get. The trouble is with his position, is that he will get the flak from all sides! but if you want to be a political chameleon that is the price you pay!

Cable was never going to help put Britain back on the financial map anyway, he kept changing his mind about what to do every day it was something different. His political "Tom Tom" needs sorting!

The Liberal Democrats loved his speech, but what does that say about the hapless hopeless Nick Clegg? If the delegates like Cable's phony attack on capitalism in his phony left wing speech, obviously the conference was full of left wingers, or are they really phony left wingers, just planted there for show to appease the growing despondency and plummeting support for the Lib Dems out in the constituencies?

Did the same people who designed the set for the Tories, design the Liberal Democrat set too? I mean a BLUE backdrop at a Lib Dem conference, even the lectern was blue! And that message on it "Delivering For Britain" had no mention of the Liberal Democrats it just portrayed a picture of an almost extinct bird!  the Liberal Democrats have not delivered anything for Britain and come to mention it, neither have the Tories, although I suppose they did push the claimant count of those claiming benefits up by 2.300 last August and at the same time increased government borrowing to a record high of £15.9 billion pushing up the deficit, I am confused too, were the governments immediate £6.75 billion of cuts immediately after the election meant to decrease borrowing not put it up? (Still they did have Alistair Darling, the former chancellor's bank windfall tax of £3.5 billion to offset the money this coalition Tory government lost while trying to save money!)
There was no clear message to emerge from the Lib Dem conference, the only real message was one of  complete confusion. No one there seemed to know what or who they are, or what they actually stand for anymore and frankly after listening to the heavily Tory vetted speeches of Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and even Simon Hughes, I am not at all surprised, the surprising thing will be if next year the Lib Dems still gather at a separate conference to their new bed fellows the Tories, why bother with two separate venues when one will do?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Saturday.............

A Contest Fought With Strength of Character and Dignity
Come Saturday One of These MPs Will Become Labour Leader
The Labour Party Is Lucky To Have Them
Good Luck To All And Our Thanks For a Good Clean Contest

Today at 5pm the labour leadership fight ends. Good luck to ALL the candidates.

I do not think there is a candidate among them that does not understand the gravity resting upon their shoulders should they win.

So Good Luck for Saturday and Good luck to all our children too, because on Saturday as the fight for the leadership ends, but the fight for a "decent" future for all our children begins.

According to the latest YouGov poll, labour would be just 2 seats short of an overall working majority, well actually 1 in real terms. Labour will soon go ahead in the polls, we may even creep ahead in one or two before our conference, even before Saturday, who knows? If it does, it does, if it doesn't happen now, it will happen in the not too distant future. However, when we do get past the blue Tories, there will be a fair few whoops within labour and in labour supporters across the country and on labour websites and network pages on the internet, it will be long awaited, it will be a sign that the labour party is on its way back. We will allow ourselves a small amount of time to celebrate because we know it means a lot to us and if the public do not see us as a credible opposition then we can have all the fine and dandy ideas, they'll matter for nothing because they will all come to nothing if we are not in government to serve and help the people by putting into action the policies that we know will help and building on the the good that we actually done in our 13 years in government and we did a power of good for the people, although again the Tories and the Liberal Democrats will now try and convince the electorate that we did not. I just heard the biggest Liberal Democrat turncoat of all "Vince Cable" say in his speech, that we built houses in the sand, he is talking metaphorically of course but he knows he is lying, he has become like any other Tory, provided that "soundbite" for the media. The truth is, we did build *REAL* houses, but we did not build enough and those houses were NOT built in the sand, but they were built on strong footings.  Labour's time in government was brought to an end by the world banking crisis, the global recession and the lies of David Cameron and George Osborne and Rupert Murdoch, along with Andy Coulson and now aided and abetted by the lies of Vince Cable, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.  However that has happened, it is gone, it is n the past and now with our new leader we MUST move ahead, so when we do move into the lead in the polls and after the whooping has died down, we all know we have a serious job to do and we must fight to stay ahead and challenge every bit of injustice served up to the people by this heartless right wing coalition government and we must never be complacent, this country is depending on us being radical in opposition, having good feasible policies based in reality and not ideology.
Whoever wins on Saturday, there will be no silly nonsense flouncing from us activists and supporters because each and everyone of us realises the enormity of what is happening in our country and we realise how unfair and unjust on the people it actually is, so whoever is elected to lead us, no matter if  it is our choice or not,  we must and we will get behind that person 100%.  We know that now in Britain 2010, the labour party is the ONLY party of opposition and the ONLY party of progressive politics and we must NOT fail, the British people are depending upon us.

'Come Saturday' we must unite and start the serious job of pulling this pretendy government down, because united we CAN do it and more, we KNOW we CAN but even more importantly we know we MUST. Our children and our children's children deserve to have a future and we MUST assure they have their chance, it is down to us. We must stop this planned VAT rise which will hit the poorest the hardest, we must stop this government sacking our police, teachers, nurses and doctors, we must stop them providing "Free schools" (private education paid for by the state for the middle and upper classes)  for the privileged few at the expense of all our children. We must stop the planned destruction of the NHS and privatisation of three quarters of it, we must tell the Tory donors who own health care companies who are now circling around our NHS just waiting to swoop in and take the most lucrative parts in order to make billions for their companies and line their own bank accounts with millions of pounds of taxpayers money, this is our NHS and we do not want it "Americanised", we MUST stop it. We also must stop the shrinkage of the welfare state, something that is inherently GOOD and DECENT about our country, it is not bad or evil, as the Tories and their new friends the Lib Dems would have us believe. What is so wrong with having a caring decent society, where we put out our arms and try to stop people falling through at at time when they need us? Why has being all that is decent, all that makes us British, suddenly become something dirty? We MUST stop it. Not everyone who claims welfare is a bad "welfare scrounger" as Cameron inferred, in fact only a mere 1% are thought to abuse the system and that is a far cry from the lies put out by Osborne, Cameron and Clegg. We MUST expose their lies and expose them as the cheats and liars they actually are!

At the moment this government of ideologues is ruining the chances of your children, my children, our grandchildren. In fact every single child from whatever background in this country, is at present having their chances of a decent future,  living in a decent country, with a decent education system and a decent healthcare and YES a DECENT welfare state, absolutely ruined and we can no longer stand back and allow this to happen. Whoever wins on Saturday must NOT shy away from the long and rocky fight before us, we will do what we have to do and although sometimes it will not feel like it, we will be doing it for all the right reasons. It is going to get really tough and rough, but we have to stand firm and we have to stand united, the time for the lazy days of summer debate belonging to a leaderless party are virtually over, now we must stand and be counted and be ready to face out critics down.

The one thing the labour party is, is good in a crisis and have no doubt my labour brothers and sisters, our beloved country is in crisis. A crisis that was not made by labour, despite what the blue Tories and the orange Tories try to tell us. In fact before this pretendy coalition government decided they were the ones to run this country and just assumed leadership, even in the dying days of Gordon Brown's premiership, they actually treated that good decent man appallingly, they knew his job was to stay in number 10 while these two political charlatans decided what they were going to do with us and yet they were rude and abusive towards him, so utterly uncalled for and so utterly unfair and unjust and "UN-BRITISH"!  At that time although we did not know it, this country was settling back down after a turbulent 2 years where the *WORLD's* economy went pear shaped. Remember the times when the global leaders were panicking and running around like headless chickens? Well there were two men who stood firm, one unflappable resolute man came up with the answers which were eventually adopted and adapted to suit each country and which saved so many countries from toppling over the edge of a financial precipice,  that man was Gordon Brown, the then British Labour Prime Minister. The other man who stood resolute and calmly beside him, was the then British labour chancellor Alistair Darling, and thanks to these two men the world was pulled back from the brink of global financial ruination. You would have thought that their actions would have been enough to have then voted in and returned to power and lead Britain, which thanks to them was once again heading for the good times? But no, they were the subject of a right wing campaign of lies and a personal vendetta to destroy them, especially the good and very decent Gordon Brown and David Cameron and George Osborne the now British pm and chancellor were two of the people along with Rupert Murdoch of the right wing gutter press, that set out to destroy these men and their reputations, with their lies, innuendos and deceit and somehow they managed to convince the British public that Gordon Brown was responsible for all the ills that beset the financial *world*! Utterly ridiculous, they should not have been able to do it, but they did it, they succeeded because they used spin and fear, and the method of "disinformation" through Murdoch's Sun, Times, news of the World and Sunday Times, Sky News and even Fox News. They were cold and ruthless and they did not care that they were destroying a man who had spent his entire adult life trying to help others and serving this country, they just cared about getting power and in Murdoch's case maybe even parts of the BBC and silence over the Andy Coulson phone hacking affair and this is how Britain ended up with this nasty lying, spiteful right wing government, which has NO mandate to do the things it is doing, but it is using bullying and intimidation and lies to do them anyway. Britain is NOT a right wing country, we were CONNED by the CONservatives and now we are being CONNED not only by the CONservatives, but by their right wing Tory mate and leader of the Liberal Democrats (orange Tories) Nick Clegg, aided and abetted by Vince Cable (of all people)  and the moronic Dummy Alexander, who is being used yet just cannot see it, and he is rolled out to defend extreme right wing TORY policies and he and apparently some 48% of Liberal Democrats just cannot see that they are being cruelly used. Even their leader Nick Clegg was FORCED to run his party political speech past David Cameron of the TORY party, can you believe that? And still there are some Lib Dems that cannot see the writing is is on the wall for their party and one of them is the "numpty" in chief and former leader Paddy Ashdown, who has proved he just wants power at any price too. So the Lib Dems are being led down the Tory path they should be helping labour oppose this vicious right wing government, but they are not, they are actually helping them!

So as the labour leadership draws to and end, it is becoming clearer and clearer that our country needs us, now, perhaps more than it ever did.

So now we have this coalition government who have assumed power, (almost coup like,) and  have managed to take an improving economic situation and reverse it. They are in the process of shoving this country into into crisis, where no one knows what is happening,  where both public and private sectors are unsure sure of their jobs. No one is sure what they have or do not have, anymore, or what is being taken away from them, or what is being given in one hand and taken back with another, our people are worried, anxious and scared for the their futures and their families futures and many elderly people are sitting terrified in their own homes, fretting over if this cold unreasonable idealistic government are even going to allow them to stay there, in the homes they have known for many more years than some of us have been alive. Is this fair? Is this right? Is this just?

Is this what you voted for?

On Saturday the arguments in the labour party of left and right, the tussles, the time we had for luxurious debate, ends. On Saturday it becomes now  it becomes "time to do" and each of us must become as one, we have something very important to do, we have to take the fight right to the center of this brutal cold callous right wing government. We must expose the empty void where its heart should be, and we must expose the vacuous space where its brain should be. We must expose to the many that we have no have a soulless cruel right wing ideological government, who are being kept in office by 23 Liberal democrat MPs who are there because they are enjoying the trappings of power. we must expose that those Liberal Democrat MPs and their true blue Tory leader, who told us all they were entering this unspeakable alliance to hold the excesses of the Tory government to book,  have NOT once held this Tory coalition government to rights over any policy that actually matters to the British public! We must do all of this, but yet still more, we MUST have the right plans and polices to put in place.
Political dogma and ideology is ripping this country apart day by day and minute by minute. We cannot afford the luxury of political ideals, the last thing the British public want at this time is more of the very same thing that is currently frightening the lives out of most of u!  We MUST show we are not opposing  change for opposing sake, we MUST show that the labour party is opposing these changes because they are NOT good changes, they are not just to reduce the deficit. We MUST show that this government are actually using the deficit as an excuse to roll back the state and that this is what David Cameron and George Osborne always intended to do and just neglected to tell the electorate, because if they had shown this extreme right wing zealot side of them and were honest about what they intended to do to the NHS, education, the police, the elderly, the young, the disabled, the chronically sick, the vulnerable and the unemployed, they know they would not have stood a cat in hells chance of being elected, so we MUST expose them for what they are, liars and cheats from privileged backgrounds who have personal wealth of millions and have no idea what it is like to be "us"! We MUST expose that the Tories and Lib Dems have made the words "state" and "public sector" and "public sector workers" and "welfare", dirty words and somehow unclean, something to be ashamed of!  This government have demonised public sector workers for going to work, they then demonised them for being out of work and accuse them of being "welfare scroungers" or "work shy", or choosing a life on benefits as a "lifestyle choice" of watching daytime TV, they have inferred that all of us ordinary people are somehow future audiences of the Jeremy Kyle show and have the morals of gutter snipes and that we all sit around in our string vest all day drinking strong lager, taking drugs and abusing our children and think nothing of having unprotected sex and knocking out copious numbers of babies to get a council house and live a life of luxury on welfare! This is EXACTLY what David Cameron and George Osborne and the Tory party think of us, they even think of it of many of the people that actually voted for the Tories in the last election! To their eternal shame Nick Clegg has abandoned the left of his party, stuck two fingers up at the ex-labour voters who joined them and who voted for them in past elections, Clegg no longer wants a "left" in his party, in fact he has made no secret that he no longer wishes to be in opposition and he will do and say anything he can to help Cameron and who ever leads the Tories to stay in power, come what ever, so we can effectively rule out that the Liberal Democrats remain a party of opposition, they are not, they are now firmly part of the Tory party they are true "Orange Tories", so labour is alone in opposing this cruel, brutal government, who only cares for itself and the rich and the bankers who nearly ruined this country.

So come Saturday is the very first day of the *REAL* fightback, we have a serious job to do and more, the country expects us to do it.

  For ALL Our Tomorrows - It is now time to do!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can Nick Clegg Give Straight Answers To Straight Questions?

What Now For The "Orange Tories"?

Nick Clegg: The Messiah?
If this Liberal Democrat conference is not fraught then it certainly ought to be and if it isn't then members either do not realise the seriousness of the situation their party is in, or they don't care because they are drunk on their first  sniff of power. If their leader, Nick Clegg is not taken to task, then the writing is clearly on the wall for the Liberal Democrat party.  No ordinary member of the public appears to know what being a Liberal Democrat actually stands for these days and the members themselves seem just as bemused.  Clegg arrived for the conference in a ministerial Jag, his right trouser leg rolled up looking a little "masonic" ("was that a dagger I see before thee"?) 

Addressing the party faithful inside, he told them to take a little bit of time and enjoy the experience of being in government, honestly he looked and sounded like he was talking to a load of kids, so patronising and condescending that one has to wonder if he should start "taking more water with it". He told activists this is what they had been waiting for, as they worked night after night, doorstep after doorstep, be that as it might, but the message that these members were selling on the doorsteps before the election and what is now being done in Liberal Democrat name now are polar opposites and that will not be going down too well on the doorsteps in the future, as Liberal Democrat councillors the length and breadth of this country are finding out as they lose their seats in by-elections. Clegg seems as oblivious to that as he is to the new poll on the BBC news, showing as many as 52% of voters now think that the Liberal Democrats have sold out to the Tories! Oh happy clappy days!

Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems are not "left wing" and that "there is no future future for Lib Dems as the left wing rivals to labour", if this is so, this is going to come as a huge surprise to many in his party, if not left of labour then where does the party stand? It certainly cannot claim somewhere in the middle. Since the May general election and an ongoing fraternisation with the Tories, Clegg and the other carefully selected 22 Liberal Democrats have backed all the Tory policies. Oh they have won a few minor concessions, but nothing spectacular, and now we learn that the Lib Dem *Must*  in their manifesto, "the scrapping Trident in favour of cheaper alternatives," is to be put on the back burner until after the next election"! Heralding yet another sell out.  Should we be surprised? I don't think so, a short look at the names of the MPs chosen and it quickly becomes apparent that they have been chosen not for any special talent, but because these MPs are the least likely to cause any disquiet in the government,  and 23 was the magic number for David Cameron, any less and he could have been facing a vote of no confidence and his government brought down.  The Lib Dem members of the government have signed up with no apparent resistance to all the right wing demands of their Tory task masters. Clegg's party is confused and bewildered, it does not know what it is or what it stands for any longer and that is being reflected in the opinion polls.

Activists have rallied at their conference and are looking for leadership from Clegg and they are getting precious little, plenty of being told what to do and what they must accept and being told to be quiet, reflect and enjoy the experience of being in government, yes, but actual leadership? No!  Is Clegg up to giving leadership? Is Clegg up to giving straight answers to straight questions? No, not if his performances on BBC Prime Ministers Questions are anything to go by, he has yet to answer one straight question with a straight answer!   His procrastination and  arrogance has come as a shock to many in the party. Clegg seems to have very little understanding of what it is like for Lib Dem grass roots trying to explain this sudden and very abrupt turn to the right on the doorstep. They are constantly told to ignore the polls,  polls that have consistently pointed to an abysmal showing, if there was an election tomorrow there would probably be an absolutely culling of Liberal democrat MPs, there is a distinct possibility that the Lib Dems may be left with less MPs than there is the 23 in the coalition government right now indeed since the election, in council by-elections up and down the country, both the Lib Dems and the Tories have lost out heavily to labour. Clegg seems to be in total denial, indeed he is gambling all on support recovering in five years in time for the next election, yet he admits in the Independent that this is only a "maybe". He is taking a huge gamble, thwart with so many pitfalls it is hard to see how that is going to happen, for a start he is gambling on the economy coming good, yet every indicator is that we will go into the dreaded double dip recession and this is before the cuts start taking effect and before the cuts are even announced in the autumn spending review.  He must be aware that most leading economists are trying to advise this very inexperienced chancellor that he is cutting too far and way too deep and that this coalition government is taking an "unwinnable" gamble with the UK economy and all our livelihoods and our children's futures, yet in his arrogance the chancellor, aided and abetted by Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander are totally ignoring advice from leading economists that have forgotten more about world economies than Osborne and Alexander have ever know. This is beginning to sound like some kind of "soap opera" and is is starting to resonate with people.  Meanwhile Clegg however, is convinced that this coalition is going to last the full five years. This depends heavily on Liberal democrats staying with the government when the true extent of the pain and distress of these cuts is felt, that is going to prove increasingly hard to do. Maybe it is more than hoping it will last, as Clegg along with Cameron is trying to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries in order that the coalition cannot be voted out, this is deeply undemocratic and we could end up with a lame duck government, that cannot pass any laws, but no one can actually vote out. Clegg is also pinning his hopes on winning the referendum on AV voting system and the no camp is growing gradually as people decide that they do not actually like this coalition government, he appears to be in denial about this too. So this conference  Clegg and the Liberal democrats have to make up their minds if they are going to be right wing as the Tories, it is obvious that this is where Nick Clegg is most comfortable.

Clegg made a massive "faux pas" while standing in for Cameron at prime ministers questions, when asked what he would do if they lost the referendum Clegg replied that no matter what happens the coalition government would continue, this actually takes power away from the Tory whips, now when next they have a vote, they cannot say that coalition will break and lose, because MPs will now know differently.

Liberal Democrats seem impervious to the protests and accusations that they are actually helping to hurt and cause deep concern and distress mostly to women, to the poor, the elderly, the young, the most vulnerable, the sick, the disabled and the unemployed.  What about education, university funding, the NHS? What about immigration? Clegg has gone from allowing everyone into the country to placing a cap on non EU immigration, they were warned that this would have an affect on the kind of workers companies wanted to bring in, but ahead of the temporary bill becoming permanent next month, bosses are already complaining it is restricting their companies. No other than Vince Cable said so, but it is yet to be discovered if Cable was just saying that because he is due at conference? All the things that the Liberal Democrats once stood for, now they trample on them, forgotten policies of a dwindling party. Clegg maybe blase' because he thinks that if Labour win the majority of seats at the next election, he can hold the balance of power again and carry on being deputy prime minister riding about in his ministerial Jag. Clegg also speaks about going into a coalition with the labour party if the situation arose, again he shows his appalling arrogance, it wasn't so long ago he was dictating who would be labour leader and he also said that he and Cameron would keep labour out of power for a 100 years! (I don't know how long he thinks they will live for).

So now the Lib Dem conference is underway amid much purple balloon bouncing and party poppers popping, it is hard to see where they will be one year from now, I suspect that they will be living off of their memories and be residing in the political wasteland.

"The Lib Dems are achieving "great things" in government, Nick Clegg has told party members, that is odd because up until now this government have achieved nothing, none of its policies have been put into action except for the sacking of 20.000 public sector workers and so much scaremongering that they have destroyed consumer confidence and harmed the fragile recovery!

"Protesters gathered outside the Echo Arena in Liverpool ahead of the Liberal Democrat's annual conference.
Alec McFadden, president of Merseyside's TUC, was among a number of trade unionists who said they were angry at the coalition's proposed cuts to public services.
The second protest, which will involve about 2,000 TUC members, will take place on Sunday at the Salthouse Dock."

BBC News Online: Protest at the Lib Dem conference in Liverpool

Friday, September 17, 2010

So It's Official - According To Mervyn King Of the Bank of England the Banking Crisis Was NOT Gordon Brown's or Labour's Fault

So perhaps David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg can stop lying through their back teeth now.

This is serious, because if the above have called this wrong, then they have put in place the incorrect measures to deal with the deficit. This is not just me saying this, it is one of the world's leading economists, Josef Stiglitz, (the man who predicted the credit crunch) saying it, we in this country are all at terrible risk, our homes, our jobs, our businesses, and our children's futures, as well as our education system and our NHS. (Look a little further down this blog and you will find a link to Josef Stiglitz, please read this and join with us in condemning this certifiably insane government and bringing them down BEFORE it's too late. It is not too late now, if we unite and act together we can still save our children's futures.

Mervyn King Too Late for Prayers!
"King, the second Bank governor to address a TUC conference, placed the blame squarely on the financial sector for the economic crisis of 2008, claiming that the structure of financial sector bonuses had encouraged excessive risk-taking.
And he admitted that the Bank of England, along with the financial sector and other policy-makers, had let go of the steady growth, low inflation and low unemployment that "was in our grasp".
"We let it slip," he told delegates. "We that is, in the financial sector, and as policy-makers – not your members, nor the businesses and organisations around the country which employ them."
What a pity this man did not speak up when he just sat back and allowed Gordon Brown the then labour prime minister shoulder the blame for the "global financial recession" and the banking crisis, a banking crisis that not only played out in this country, actually started in America because of US policy and the the sub-prime mortgage selling fiasco and toxic debt.
Mervyn King above most people would have known just what Gordon Brown did and what he had to do to keep this country from entering financial meltdown. Brown was faced with a matter of dire emergency he had to act and act quickly when he was told the news, if he had not, then the  next morning banks and ATM's across this country would not have dispensed money. Gordon Brown halted that emergency, he safeguarded the homes, businesses, jobs, savings and pensions of the people of this country with his knowledge, his tenacity and ability to keep calm, because of Brown when the banks opened the next morning it was business as usual. It is worth remembering here that George Osborne and David Cameron were actually *AGAINST* bailing the banks out, if they were in power when this GLOBAL crisis, which started with the Lehman Brothers hit this country, they would have done *NOTHING*. Whether this is through ignorance or complete stupidity and inability to grasp the seriousness of a situation, is not clear, I suspect it is a bit each. Which does not bode well should there be another such crisis because I fear 1) this incompetent duo will fail to recognise it 2) they will do nothing and if that happens then it will effect every single one of us. Factor in that prior to the banking crisis Gordon Brown requested in the EU that we regulate the banks and the money markets, something that was ignored by all the other countries and David Cameron, did as David Cameron does, jumped on the bandwagon and said that we needed LESS banking regulation not more  and then when the banking crisis hit, again Cameron jumps n the bandwagon, this time saying that we need more not less banking regulation. How can you take anything this political opportunist and neo fascist Tory toff says seriously?
So why did Mervyn King make a highly politically motivated speech during the election campaign appearing to criticize Gordon Brown? King was totally and fundamentally wrong then too, so who put him up to making those remarks? Had Mervyn King already held meetings with David Cameron and George Osborne?
Under Brown and labour, we had a chance of being so much more in this country and the banks ruined it all, the banks greed and money lust, ruined it all.
The right wing press in the UK lead by Rupert Murdoch's International News companies, Sky news, Fox News, The Sun, the news of the World, The Times and the Sunday Times, all lead the charge against Gordon Brown and they did this purely for political reasons, they knew this was not his fault, yet they maligned Brown and they openly lied and deliberately mislead people. David Cameron, George Osborne, Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Andy Coulson, Rebekah Wade, actively mislead people, they spread what amounts to a concerted attack of disinformation against Brown and the then labour government. Look at those names and then compare those names to the names involved in the phone hacking scandal that has engulfed Cameron and the Tories, are we to add the name of Mervyn King to this list of people? Or is Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England just a weak "yes man"? King knew the right wing press were out to get Brown and he thought he would ingratiate himself with his new political masters? This is another scandal waiting to erupt.

Mervyn King is a very poor Governor and he should resign, he has called every major decision wrong, he told us there would not be a recession and look what happened, not only did the UK experience a recession, there was a global recession, but we had the sub-prime US led mortgage fiasco and the credit crunch. He has got growth wrong repeatedly as well as inflation, he is now telling us there will not be a double dip recession? Why should we believe him when he has spectacularly got everything else wrong? of course there will and what is more, if there is a double dip recession, this will be ENTIRELY the fault of George Osborne and David Cameron, Danny Alexander and Vince Cable as well as Mervyn King, because NONE of these blithering idiots know what they are doing. If it ever emerges that Mervyn King knew all of this, knew the chancellor George Osborne is totally incompetent and yet he said nothing to stop this country really going down the pan, then he should be prosecuted for it. Why is King so scared of George Osborne?

The sad truth of the matter is, because of Rupert Murdoch, his son James, Andy Coulson, David Cameron and George Osborne, this country was robbed of the two people that were the steadying influence on it, that do not panic and knew what to do in a crisis. Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling played an absolute blinder during the 2 years this country was gripped by the GLOBAL economic downturn, because of Brown's plan, he helped stop countries from falling off the edge of a financial cliff, despite the most horrendous circumstances, Brown and Darling were able to stop unemployment from reaching 3 million and they returned this country to stronger than expected growth, falling unemployment and kept interest rates low, which saved many businesses from going bankrupt and saved many people from losing their homes.

Now we have this Tory government who did NOT win the election, just assume he could take control of this country with the help of the useless Liberal Democrats. They are taking all the wrong decisions and they are treating the country's finances as they would a domestic household expenses and this just cannot work, the two are completely different. Suddenly we have everyone running around saying the deficit must be tackled and tackled now, no it doesn't, it is just not true. Since the Tories came into office, they have brainwashed people telling us that we are all doomed, the country is bankrupt etc etc etc no it is NOT, the country is still one of the richest SOLVENT countries in the world and the Tories scaremongering has ruined consumer confidence.

Osborne and Cameron have NO experience in economics, they have never even had a proper job before, why the hell were they handed this country's finances at such a crucial time? It is utter madness.

If they carry on with these planned cuts then millions are going to be out of work claiming benefits and the figures the other day prove this, last August alone, saw those unemployed and claiming benefits actually rose by 2.300. This is just the start of it, soon the government who are demonising public sector workers will be making at least 60.000 unemployed, teachers, doctors, nurses, police etc and those claiming benefits will rise, the private sector will not be able to take up the slack and we will have soaring unemployment, falling house prices, consumer confidence zero, banks still not lending, we will be back in recession and will have an increasing deficit not a decreasing one and all because of this certifiably insane government!

There is nothing wrong with people being employed to look after people and when all those people who have been joining in the demonisation of public sector workers can't get a  doctor's or hospital appointment, cannot get their operations or treatment fast enough and there are not enough teachers to go around again, they may like to think about that.

Make no mistake, these cuts are not being carried out to reduce the deficit, the  deficit is being used as an excuse to hack into the state and reduce the size of it and that means all of us will suffer in one way or another and more to the point, so will our children and our children's children.

Us Losing Our Homes, Jobs and Businesses
 is Funny Apparently.
 This government namely the moronic, nasty and arrogant  George Osborne, are taking an "unwinnable" gamble without livelihoods and our children's futures, Mervyn King KNOWS this yet he is too weak to say or do anything. He should resign and he should state unequivocally why he is resigning.
We should also ask the question of the Conservatives, just how much money was donated to them by people hedge fund betting? That is betting on banks failing and cashing in on our misery, the Tories have received very large donations from people making money out of us losing our homes, jobs and businesses etc.
Why should the poor, the sick, the young, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed and the vulnerable be forced to pay for this sins of the city and Cameron and Osborn's mates?

We should have stuck with Brown and Darling, if we had we would all be looking forward to a better future today.

Further Reading

The Guardian:  Mervyn King: Banks should never be allowed to threaten recovery again

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Judgement of David Cameron - Just Who The Hell Is Running the Government & This Country?

This Coulson debacle is not going away for David Cameron, probably something to do with the fact that actually Coulson is not very good as a spin doctor  and he and his team are in fact quite useless and their judgement is as good as their boss's 'David Cameron' - pathetic.

Assistant Met commissioner John Yates.
He is personally accused
in the claim by alleged victims of phone hacking

Andy Coulson should have long since "gone down the road", he certainly should still not be in situ when it emerges that a former  Metropolitan police commander Brian Paddick, and labour MP Chris Bryant  has launched a law suit, to force the Met and John Yates to reveal the extent of hacking into their personal affairs and that the former deputy pm, Lord Prescott and one other person also intend to launch their own lawsuits demanding to know the same things.

What on earth is Cameron doing allowing Coulson to stay? It is obvious that something very wrong has occurred and that wrong is actually very wide sweeping. I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that before this business is over it will encompass some top people, which is why John Yates the Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner has tried his best to keep this story under wraps, but try as he might, he can't, the people who have had their phones tapping and hacked have a right to know and because of the seriousness of these claims, this is well within the public interest. What is John Yates thinking of? Who is putting pressure on him preventing him from revealing the extent of this hacking? Cameron? Rupert Murdoch? Andy Coulson? Andy Hayman? Who?

The judgement and incompetence and stonewalling coming from the prime minister is mystifying, there has to be a reason. One could possibly say that he has the death of his father on his mind, fair enough, but this story broke well before the unfortunate death of his father and sorry to be harsh, but Cameron is the prime minister, is he fit for purpose? Is he intellectually fit enough to do this job? Is he strong enough? Just who is running the government? More to the point, just who the bloody hell is running this country? Please do not tell me it is the hapless hopeless laughingly compromised  and totally ineffectual Nick Clegg, the supposed deputy prime minister, because then I will start to worry.

Over the past 28 months we saw a concerted vicious and highly personal attack on Gordon Brown, where the Tories successfully managed to persuade people that the global financial recession was in fact his, fault they could only achieve this with the help of the right wing press and in particular News International which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the News of the World is owned by Murdoch and Andy Coulson was the editor of the News of the World. Andy Hayman former assistant police commissioner investigated and there is now a big question mark over this investigation that it was nowhere near as thorough as it should have been, After the investigation Andy Hayman left the police and took up writing a column for the News of the World! Andy Coulson resigned and a few months after took up his position as director of communications with David Cameron and the Tories while they were still in opposition. Last week Coulson divulged the contents of a private conversation he had when the former pm Gordon Brown telephoned him.

The question is if David Cameron is heavily compromised, just who is in fact running this country? Is he having his strings pulled bu "business leaders yet to emerge in this scandal? Business leaders who stand to gain millions from the fragmentation  and privatisation of services like education and the NHS? Who's idea was it to "politicise the police service, to have elected regional police commissioners? There are huge clouds hanging over former assistant police commissioner Andy Hayman as, well as the present assistant police commissioner, John Yates, this is the type of problems that arise from "politicising" the police force. News International? What did Cameron promise Rupert Murdoch in return for his support in all of his papers and Sky News channel? Was this a two way support? "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" sort of thing? Cameron to say nothing of Murdoch and News International involvement in phone hacking, in return for political support and the chance to own the most lucrative parts of the BBC in any break-up and commercialisation of the service?
Who knows where all of this is going end?

I believe that Former Met police commander Brian Paddick a Liberal democrat and former leadership contender ,Chris Bryant MP, Lord John Prescott and all the "others" are right to demand that they are given access to what is held on file about them. What is also a serious breach of security, is how the now imprisoned private detective got his hands on Personal Identification Numbers from the telephone companies, were these PIN numbers given by one of the Sky companies that hold details about phone numbers etc and who provide phone services as part of their Sky packages? Or have they come from BT? Whatever it is, whoever these cme from and whoever took money for giving out hghly classified information, needs to be investigated too!

If it can be proved that  Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, David Cameron, George Osborne, Andy Hayman and John Yates are involved in some sort of stitch up of the labour party and Gordon Brown and other high profile figures, Lib Dem MPs playing up will be the least of his worries, this could yet prove to be the mother of all scandals that will bring down the Tory Lib Dem government as well as badly damage the Conservative party. Something is stinking here and it is the strong whiff of corruption!

Read About Phone hacking: Brian Paddick and Chris Bryant launch legal action  The Independent

Monday, September 13, 2010

Andy Coulson. David Cameron's Media Adivser Has Become The Story

When a media monitor director becomes the story it is time for him to go, actually it  is well past time for Andy Coulson now up to his ears in dark arts and sleaze.

You Can't Hide Andy!
"Labour's acting leader, Harriet Harman, is to confront David Cameron for the first time over the appointment of the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as Downing Street's communications chief.
Ms Harman is expected to use Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday to raise the issue of what Mr Coulson knew about the hacking of MPs' phones.
Speaking yesterday to the BBC, Ms Harman said there was a "great deal of concern" over Mr Coulson's appointment and the Prime Minister's decision to appoint him "at the heart of Downing Street" was a reflection on his judgement."

If Andy Coulson has not gone by Wednesday, then I think we can all guess what Cameron is going to say. That this is a labour story , why did they not speak up before and that he supports Coulson 100%

No it is not a labour story, it is a public interest issue and the reason why labour did not speak up before was because the acting Metropolitan police Commissioner, Andy Hayman, neglected to tell the people concerned that they had been the subject of phone hacking. Now we need to know just how deep this goes and just how much David Cameron himself knew while in opposition.

So much for Cameron's "new politics".  Cameron said he would sack anyone not measuring up, so far several people have failed to measure up spectacularly, David Laws, Lord Ashcroft, William Hague,  Andy Coulson and David Cameron himself does not measure up, no one has got the sack yet!

However, the longer these people remain in the government the more harm it will do to the Tories and to the coalition and the longer Cameron chickens out and backs away from sacking his chief spin doctor, the more Cameron's judgement will be called into question and should he keep Coulson on, then Cameron will find this dogs him and the life of his sleaze ridden government.


The Independent     Harriet Harman To Question Cameron Over Coulson Affair

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Osborne, Cameron and Clegg Don Their "Jackboots" Again - This Time To Kick The Sick and Disabled.

George Osborne's secret plan to slash sickness benefits Chancellor plans to slash welfare bill by £2.5bn for people who are disabled or too ill to work!

Apparently no one is safe from these millionaire toffs, they obviously have no compunction about taking away and harming the quality of life for those least able to defend themselves, or those too sick to muster a fight against the "jackbooted" brutal cruelty of David Cameron and George Osborne and Nick Clegg.
The benefits that these sadistic bastards intend to take away from people, can mean the difference between purchasing something that makes their lives more bearable, like appliances or some medications that are not available on the NHS, or not, leaving many in pain, discomfort and distress, it can also simply mean the difference between staying safe and warm during the winter or disabled immobile people becoming dangerously cold leading to hypothermia.

I know people who voted Tory, I know people who voted Liberal Democrat, who I do not know, is anyone that voted for this government to do this kind of thing to the most poor and vulnerable people in our society. They simply do not have a mandate to to do this, where was the box that said "Coalition Government"?  Where was the box that said tick here if you want to privatise the NHS, ruin education, have 45.000 less police and kick the elderly, young, sick and disabled in the teeth? The cold hard fact is that NONE of this was even so much as mentioned in the election campaign, I am experiencing great difficulty in trying to explain what I actually feel about this very "UnBritish" government.

What experience do any of them have to run this country, especially at this crucial time? David Cameron the prime minister is proving to be a gaffe prone ignoramus klutz, who has had one job as a spin doctor with Carton TV before joining the Conservatives.

George Osborne the chancellor studied History at Oxford, done a few days work experience selling wallpaper for his father and had one unsuccessful attempt at becoming a journalist before joining the Tory party.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg he worked  for a short time as a lecturer and journalist, before moving  to the European Commission, managing aid projects and trade negotiations. He later became and MEP for the East Midlands but stood down after five years in 2004 saying it was incompatible with family life. In 2005 he became the MP for Sheffield Hallam and then eventually went on to become party leader.

None of these three men have the experience between them to be any one of the positions they now hold and what is more frightening, they are holding these positions at a time of great importance to the country.

How come we in the UK have a system that allows complete novices without any previous experience at all to become Prime Minister, Chancellor and Deputy PM? How can we at this crucial time hand control of the country's finances to a complete novice like George Osborne who s completely without any experience in economics?
He hasn't even got the sense to listen to the advice he is being given from the world's leading economists, last week alone he was warned by no less than they OECD and the IMF that e is making grave fundamental errors and is gambling with the livelihoods and futures of every single person in this country.
We should not have to put up with this, if he was in any other job he would have been fired by now for his complete arrogance alone!

Last week Osborne coolly announced he had plans to shave a further £4 billion off of the welfare bill, this announcement came completely out of the blue, it was thought that Osborne was attempting to get Andy Coulson the prime minister's director of communications off of the front pages of the press.

Now today we have a leaked letter, said to have been purposefully leaked from Osborne's office to "bounce Ian Duncan Smith's department into accepting these further £2.5 billion cuts from the welfare bill of the sick and disabled, as well as making a further attempt at getting Coulson off of the front pages.

Details of the plan, spelled out in a confidential letter from Osborne to Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, sparked a furious row as Labour accused the coalition government of targeting "the most vulnerable people in the country" with "shocking, arbitrary cuts".
The letter, written by Osborne on 19 June to Duncan Smith and circulated to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, will fuel mounting concerns that the government's assault on spending – and particularly Osborne's determination to slash the cost of welfare – will hit those on the lowest incomes the hardest.
Reform to the employment support allowance is a particular priority and I am pleased that you, the prime minister and I have agreed to press ahead with reforms to the ESA as part of the spending review that will deliver net savings of at least £2.5bn by 2014-15."

In a further extraordinary development, sources within Duncan Smith's department turned their fire on the Treasury, insisting nothing had been decided and suggesting Osborne's department may have leaked the letter to bounce them into accepting the plan.

With under six weeks to go before Osborne's comprehensive spending review, senior ministers are growing increasingly sensitive to charges of unfairness. Last week, Nick Clegg sought to dispel anxieties by pointing out that the cuts would not fall at once, but over five years. And, in an article for the Observer, Cameron insists that the government's commitment to devolve power from Whitehall to the people is driven at least in part by the quest for greater "fairness".

"There's the efficiency argument – that in huge hierarchies, money gets spent on bureaucracy instead of the frontline. There's the fairness argument – that centralised national blueprints can entrench unfairness because they don't allow for local solutions to major social problems. And there's the political argument – that centralisation creates a great distance in our democracy between the government and the governed," the prime minister argues.

It seems to me that David Cameron has very very little control over his ministers, while his deputy Nick Clegg has none at all, and is a deputy PM in name only. We have a government of children who are drunk on power, acting like thugs and playground bullies and all the prime minister can do is witter on about hierarchies and national blueprints, for goodness sakes.

Can someone inform the prime minister that he is, "wittering while Osborne slashes and burns"?

Ministers and those appointed as advisers to the government seem to be rampaging around completely out of control, doing just what they want, when they want, hacking here, there and everywhere in scenes resembling the "Bullingdon Club", wrecking the country just for the sheer hell of it,  only this time much worse, we seem to have the "Bullingdon Club" on speed and of course this is the country they are wrecking, not hotel rooms, bistros, bars and restaurants, so no amount of "Daddy's money" is going to be able to put this right. The power has gone completely to their empty vacuous pompous heads. they are behaving in a deplorable patronising and condescending way, with absolutely no regard for who they are treading on and hurting in the process.

For those of you that wondered what labour ever done for you, perhaps that is now becoming very apparent?

One thing is for certain, we cannot continue like this, the government is in disarray, we have empty headed inexperienced kids ruining the country (not running it). I think the Liberal Democrats who entered this coalition government telling us that they were going to control the Tories, curb their excesses or whatever, better admit they have failed miserable, they have agreed to every single thing. Perhaps it is time to admit they have failed and pull out of this government, BEFORE it brings this country to its knees and let's force a general election before it is too late!

Further Reading:  The Observer

The Shame Of The Cameron "Terrorist" Effect

David Cameron and His Big Mouth!

'Wholly Damaged'! This is the effect that David Cameron's big ugly spiteful, mean mouth had on the appeal for donations to help combat the terrible effects the floods are having in Pakistan.

Please Help Them
 He may remember Pakistan, it's that country our allies in the war against terror use. The country whose people suffer daily at the hands of extremists. It's the price the Pakistani people pay for their government allowing the UK and the US to use their country's borders with Afghanistan in order to fight the Taliban. The same country whose people Cameron slagged off for what he called "their links with terror". The people Cameron did not even know who suffer daily with loss of life, while others are being terribly injured on a daily basis, for giving the UK and the US their support.  Cameron shamelessly forgot that Pakistan's president Zadari's late wife, Benazir Bhutto, herself a former prime minister of Pakistan, was murdered by terrorists during her election campaign. Not only did Cameron dreadfully insult the vast majority of good decent Pakistani people in his own ignorance, he chose to do it from neighbouring India! Knowing that relations between India and Pakistan are volatile. I say knowing, but of course he may not have known, after all Cameron's grip on historical knowledge is a bit tenuous to say the least, so why would we expect him to know the history of Pakistan and India, when he doesn't even know the history of his own country?
Cameron's 8 days of visiting overseas really showed the lack and depth of  knowledge of the British prime minister. This will not be the last time he offends people of course, Cameron is proving to be a klutz, so expect many more gaffes from this gaffe prone imbecile. Cameron blustered and barged in all over the place and  managed to insult half the world, in the case of Pakistan it was to try and gain favour with India and almost unreported, Cameron went on to axe the £825 million the UK gives in aid to India and chose to sell them arms and fighter planes instead, despite being advised not to do so.  Obviously Cameron has no ethical foreign policy, actually Cameron has no ethics, he also has none of that other 'E' word - empathy! All he was concerned about was trying to make a name for himself as a 'tough talking statesman', he failed of course, and he failed miserably. Cameron came across as a huge joke and not only embarrassed himself, he embarrassed this country on the world stage and now the rest of the world thinks we have a total chump for a prime minister, well of course they are right, a chump is exactly what we do have. Cameron is not a real prime minister, he is a pretendy one, a complete joke, but the trouble is no one is laughing!

Please Help The Children
David Cameron's big mouth singularly damaged the appeal in the UK for donations to relief funds for those millions of people affected by the natural disaster in Pakistan. First of all he pledged a joke £5 million, when he then came under pressure he pledged £50 million, not enough, nowhere near enough. People must understand that this country, despite what pretendy pm Cameron and pretendy chancellor Osborne and the fat headed joke deputy pm would like us to believe, is actually one of the richest country's in the world, 'despite the deficit', we are not bankrupt, we are nowhere near bankrupt. We have a morally bankrupt sleaze ridden government, who would not know the truth if it bit their spreading backsides and who are fast becoming the biggest danger faced by people in peacetime Britain. A way of increasing aid to flood stricken Pakistan is to force this pretendy joke government to cancel that ridiculous waste of £100 MILLION it has given to pretendy deputy prime minister, 'fat head' Nick Clegg to have "fun with", by giving us a referendum the majority of people do not want, at a time we do not want it,  when we could not be less interested in it, as we fight to protect our families and ourselves from this vicious, callous, brutal Tory-Lib Dem government, who are intent on destroying and privatising our NHS. Give that £100 million to the Pakistani people where it would literally save the lives of thousands of little children and babies by providing medicines and fresh water and decent sanitation, and all the UK would suffer, is not having referendum that most of could not care less about and do not want anyway!
There have been tails of mothers giving birth in flood waters unaided and then walking 40 miles through flood waters and searing heat to get their baby to the nearest hospital for treatment, a far cry from the arranged Cesarean birth Cameron's own wife had while on holiday, in a marginal constituency as the Tory approval ratings slipped! In a nice clean, well equipped NHS hospital with treatment still free at the point of need, thanks to the outgoing labour government, a hospital that is now under siege from this callous vicious extreme right wing fascist type government of Cameron's and who will have to shed many of its staff in order to save money!

Pakistani flood survivors shelter from rain in a makeshift
roadside camp
Thanks to David Cameron's ignorance, many in this country now think that Pakistan is made of entirely of terrorists and because of this have not donated any money to the relief aid. One in 8 people are now homeless and if they are lucky they have a makeshift torn and tattered tent by the road side, with no fresh water and disease rife.
TB and Cholera and Diphtheria, etc and pitifully malnourished and dehydrated children and babies are dying every minute of every day, in their parents bereft and helpless arms, while disaster was hitting Pakistan, so too was David Cameron hitting Pakistan, with his cruel, ignorant and arrogant words.

Real Suffering £100 Million To Waste On a Referendum
Or give It To Pakistan to help the Millions
Of Displaced People?
 No Pain To Us, But Real Gain To Them!

What a complete joke Britain has for a prime minister, only no one is laughing anymore. 
This just isn't very funny.
Charity begins at home does it Mr Cameron?

After the pretendy British PM and pretendy chancellor grows up a little and takes stock,  perhaps they may like to look at the terrible suffering he and Osborne are about to inflict on our own people, as they lose their jobs, lose their businesses, lose their homes and the vlnerable, sick, young and elderly lose benefits as they brutally and viciously attack the elderly, the young, the disabled, perhaps they should listen to the OECD and the IMF and stop these insane cuts?  Before it is too late?

So What Took The OECD Four Months To Learn What We All Knew Back In May?

In May, the OECD Economic Outlook recommended that;

 Exit from exceptional fiscal support must start now, or by 2011 at the latest, at a pace that is contingent on specific country conditions and the state of public finances.
The Chancellor lapped this up, and repeatedly used it as a stick to bash his opponents.

We Don't Care What We Cut As Long As It's You!

However last Thursday the west's leading economics thinktank told George Osborne that he may need to delay plans to cut Britain's budget deficit as it warned that the pace of recovery was slowing in developed nations Where public finances permit, planned fiscal consolidation could be delayed.

Offered this "Get Out" clause, did George Osborne delay his plans to ruin this country with his madcap austerity plans?

Not a bit of it, his reply to the OECD was to arrogantly stick his proverbial middle finger up at them and announce that he was going to cut a further £4 BILLION off of the welfare budget!

What is it going to take before this blithering idiot pretendy chancellor stops these insane cuts before he ruins nearly every single one of us?

Pity that the OECD did not warn Osborne that these cuts were too hard and too deep back in May, instead of giving "soft lad" an excuse to carry on.

This is George Osborne's very last chance to back away from these ridiculous austerity measures. measures this country does not need and at a time we do not need them.
The OECD's volte-face over the dangers of spending cuts gives the chancellor plenty of cover to rethink his approach. If he doesn't, he will be making a catastrophic blunder!

Osborne cannot say he hasn't been warned, yesterday the IMF (International Monetary Fund) also warned Osborne to back off.

Read More: 

The Guardian:  Osborne warned To Back Off From Cuts By OECD

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Andy Coulson "Stench of Corruption" Gets Stronger


How deep does this go in the Conservative party and now the coalition government, in a story that just refuses to go away?
Conservative Chancellor George Osborne
Has New Pair of "Jackboots"

Yesterday, Conservative chancellor George Osborne waded into this rapidly escalating controversy wearing his brand new "jackboots" and tried to kick the Coulson story off of the front pages, by laying into and picking on some of the most vulnerable people in Britain, in a vicious and highly vindictive nasty attack. Out of the blue Osborne promised to make an extra £4 Billion of cuts, apparently designed to save this lousy God forsaken coalition government.  Osborne's speech which no one knew was coming, cuts which no one knew were going to be announced, left some Liberal Democrats MPs incandescent with rage at Osborne and the Tories.

Mostly these attacks go unreported in the right wing press, in view of all the alleged phone hacking and phone tapping and dirty tricks employed by newspaper editors and their owners, should we now be seriously asking just who in the press is helping the Tories get away with this callous vindictive bullying of people unable to help themselves and in no position to fight back? Are the right wing press and James and Rupert Murdoch involved with Cameron, Osborne and Clegg in hiding the dirty tricks and the ferocious nastiness of Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties and the coalition government?

We should all be demanding to know just how entwined are the involvements of  Andy Coulson; James and Rupert Murdoch; Rebekah Brooks; Andy Hayman (former Met. Police Assistant Commissioner); David Cameron; George Osborne and now Nick Clegg? And how deep is the extent on any "involvement"?

Rebekah Brooks
Will the alleged "meetings" between James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron and George Osbourne, on how they colluded to try and win the 2010 general election by making a series of highly untrue and personal attacks on Gordon Brown and how they purposefully undermined him with a drip, drip effect  starting slowly in the two years prior to the election, now be confirmed?  It appears that slowly the truth is now beginning to emerge about a campaign of dirty tricks against Gordon Brown that dogged him and his premiership, which mostly had no truth but were blown up into ridiculously overstated exposures in the Sun and and the Times and then rolled out repeatedly on Sky News and even Fox News. Gordon Brown did not stand a chance against this media onslaught of lies and innuendo. I ask; "was the shameless bullying Andy Coulson responsible for this"?

Andy Coulson the Bully!

Are Cameron and Osborne afraid of leaks coming out about them and the Tories and the extent of their involvement in the "anti-Brown" campaign? Could this be why Andy Coulson is still in his position? Could Cameron and Osborne be too scared to fire Coulson for fear he may talk? After all Andy Coulson is a known bully and this is not simply speculation.

"Bully"Andy Coulson Taxpayer Funded £140.000 Per Year

Coulson also has a history of "bullying". Not my view, or the view of Labour spinners, but the verdict of an east London employment tribunal in November 2009, which awarded close to £800,000 to the former NotW reporter Driscoll for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. The tribunal singled out the Prime Minister's chief propagandist: "The original source of the hostility towards the claimant [Driscoll] was Mr Coulson, the editor."

This is what Matt Driscoll told the New Statesman who has corroborated some of these claims;

"I didn't get involved in the so-called dark arts, as it was always handed over to specialist people working for the news and features desks," says the former NotW sports reporter Matt Driscoll
He tells me that he was given access to private phone and medical records on "six or seven different occasions" - on one occasion, he was handed a copy of the footballer Rio Ferdinand's mobile phone record by an editor. Another former NotW reporter says: "There were so many NotW stories [based on phone-hacking] that I wouldn't be able to count them."
The Tories have dismissed the claims as part of a politically motivated campaign by the Labour Party.  David Cameron has stated that he backs Coulson 100% and says "everyone deserves a second chance" odd choice of words, especially as Coulson denies knowing anything about the phone hackings, so why did Cameron say he deserved a second chance?
The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has said: "It is for the Metropolitan Police, on an operational matter, to decide what the right course of action is." But the Met has been castigated for its decision to "ring-fence" the evidence in the original phone-hacking investigation in 2006.
“The key issue is that the police didn't tell the Crown Prosecution Service how much evidence they actually had," a former senior Met official tells me. "You now have to have a judicial inquiry or you have to get the inspectorate of constabulary to come in [and investigate].
I ask another former Met commander if the New York Times allegations of a "long-term" relationship between News International and Scotland Yard are true. "I couldn't possibly comment," he tells me with a chuckle, adding: "But feel free to draw an inference from my silence." The former senior Met official draws my attention to how the former assistant commissioner Andy Hayman, who led the original police investigation into the phone-hacking allegations, is now a columnist on the News International-owned Times. "It's not necessarily improper but it doesn't help, does it?" says the retired officer.

"Coulson, whose £140,000 taxpayer-funded salary is notably higher than that of every cabinet member except the Prime Minister, is a man "who, at best, was responsible for a newspaper that was out of control and, at worst, was personally implicated in criminal activity . . . The exact parallel is surely with Damian McBride."
That was the view of Cameron's cabinet colleague Chris Huhne - now the Energy Secretary - speaking in the pre-coalition days of July 2009."

Has Coulson any morals? Last week in the weekly televised Prime Minister's Questions, when he thought he could gain the political advantage, Coulson had obviously briefed Cameron and Clegg the details of a private phone call the then prime minister Gordon Brown had apparently made to Coulson, when he (Coulson) was forced to resign as editor from the Rupert Murdoch's News of the World Sunday newspaper. As David Cameron had to attend family emergency in France when his father died suddenly, it fell to the hapless and now tarnished and compromised Nick Clegg the deputy prime minister to reveal that when Coulson resigned, Gordon Brown telephoned him to commiserate in what was obviously a friendly phone call of support. A personal and private phone call which was obviously never meant for publication but nonetheless, stored and no doubt recorded for future use which was then ruthlessly taken and used by the Andy Coulson in an effort to score cheap and nasty political points and to divert attention away from himself and this lousy sleaze ridden coalition government. However, the irony seems to have escaped Cameron, Coulson, Osborne and Clegg as well as the right wing press, Coulson already under heavy fire for knowing about phone hacking and tapping into people's private voicemails etc, apparently thought nothing of betraying yet another confidence, by revealing the details of a private and personal phone call, in an attempt to belittle a man who was not even present at the time! Obviously Andy Coulosn fears hacking enough to keep a record of his personal conversation with the then prime minister! It appears that the bully in Andy Coulson has not gone away, but worse his bullying mates Cameron, Osborne and Clegg have once again joined in the kicking.

Now the Prime Minister's director of communications, Andy Coulson, is once again being buffeted by a political and media storm over allegations of phone-hacking during his period as editor of the News of the World (NotW), from 2003 to 2007.
In April 2009, at the height of the row over the Downing Street aide Damian McBride's email slurs against leading Conservative politicians, David Cameron berated the then prime minister thus: "I do not know what Gordon Brown knew and when he knew it but what I do know is that he hired these people, he sets the culture, he is the leader and we need change in order to change the culture."
Choice words indeed from David Cameron, who is now giving a bullying ex tabloid editor a phone tapping, hacking alleged liar his 100% support and backing and forcing the taxpayer to fund his salary to the tune of £140.000 per year!
Everything that David Cameron says and does either turns out to be an eggageration, false, or just double meaning half baked pledges and contradictions. Cameron leads a sleaze ridden government of sham, cast adrift in a sea of broken promises and patronising condescention,  full of lies and total hypocrisy, and it is barely 4 months old!
Some Puzzling Facts
  • Rupert Murdoch's News International owns the News of the World, the Sun and the Times, he also owns Sky News and Fox News
  • Two reporters are jailed for their part in the News of the World phone hacking scandal
  • Then editor Andy Coulson says he knew nothing but resigns anyway
  • Coulson quit as editor in January 2007 on the day Clive Goodman, the paper's former royal editor, was jailed for four months for illegal phone tapping
  • Barely 3 months after he resigned from the NotW,  Andy Coulson became the Conservative Party's director of communications, in May 2007, as David Cameron's right hand man.
  • Andy Hayman the controversial Assistant Commissioner who oversaw the original investigation into the NotW phone hacking, left his post and joined to write for Murdoch's Times, just three months later!
  • Rupert Murdoch's News Group News­papers has paid out more than £1m to settle legal cases that threatened to reveal evidence of his journalists' repeated involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories.
  • Murdoch's News International who own the Sun and the Times, switch from supporting New Labour to the Tories
  • Rupert Murdoch's son James who is reported to have had to persuade his father to switch support stormed into the offices of the Independent Newspaper with Rebekah Brook demanding they desisted from running a set of advertisements claiming "Rupert Murdoch Won't Decide This Election, You Will!"
  • Throughout the years when Coulson went from the NotW to David Cameron's director of communications, there were a series of leaks concerning the Labour government, how much of this involved phone hacking?
  • Damian Green Conservative frontbench spokesamn on immigration was arrested for obtaining leaked information leaking from the Home Office. How did Green come by this information? Had Andy Coulson a hand in getting it?
  • Hacking into medical records
  • Rebekah Brooks was called to to the Commons to answer questions about "hacking allegations" but repeatedly refused to attend.
  • Conservative member of the committee, who I know was in direct contact with executives at News International, that if we went for her, called her back, subpoenaed her, they would go for us.
  • A senior member of the Conservative party and member of the committee Conservative member of the committee, who was in direct contact with executives at News International, said they decided to fall short of forcing her, four members of the committee had considered asking the Sergeant at arms to issue a warrant forcing Brooks to attend. That if we went for her, called her back, subpoenaed her, they would go for us.
  • So what have the Tories got to hide that they chose NOT to pursue Ms Brooks?
Questions that need to be asked! Was Murdoch's repeated involvement  in the hacking affair to be kept secret by the Tories, if the Sun, the Times, and Sky switched support from Labour to the Tories? Was this some kind of settlement?  It is well known that Rupert Murdoch describes Gordon Brown as a "friend", strange way to treat a friend!  Has Murdoch any involvement in the now coalition government threats to carve up and sell off parts of the BBC?  Is there any collusion between Andy Coulson, The Conservative Party, David Cameron and George Osborne, Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brook and Andy Hayman the former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner?
How much of this phone hacking involved obtaining private information abut Gordon Brown? Who gave BBC journalist Andrew Marr the information  that Gordon Brown was taking medication, alleged to be anti-depressants (later vehemently denied)?

After the leaders first televised debate where Clegg 'apparently' bettered Cameron during the 2010 general election campaign. On the following Monday 19th April, the then shadow Conservative chancellor George Osbourne met with political editors of the right wing press, following that meeting, no fewer than four newspapers promptly ran different front page attacks on Clegg on the eve of the next televised debate, including claims that he was funnelling money from businessmen into his private bank account and that he had committed a "Nazi slur" against the British people. Where did these editors obtain their information? is there any truth in these allegations?

What of the PCC? (Press Complaints Commission)

Mr Coulson admitted to taking "ultimate responsibility" for the hacking scandal, but a Press Complaints Commission investigation found no evidence that he or anyone else at the paper had been aware of Goodman's activities. Yet now there are at least 6 journalists on record as saying that phone hacking was so widespread at the paper that people did not even think it was wrong and Coulson himself stating that he regretted them happening on his watch, while denying knowledge of widespread hacking on "his watch"?!
Press Association
 Despite the sustained bullying incidents by Coulson on Matt Driscoll and Mr Driscoll being the highest payout of its kind on record, the newspapers and, in particular, the Murdoch-owned press - largely chose to ignore this story!
 Yet when the Press Association (PA) reported last year on the bullying verdict, Coulson himself rang PA to issue a warning: "Do you want to piss off the bloke who runs the next government?"

That "bloke" David Cameron has said nothing about his aide's "bullying".  Driscoll is amazed. "It's not surprising behaviour for a tabloid newspaper editor but I wouldn't have thought such behaviour was in keeping with the director of communications for the Conservative Party and then the Prime Minister." (The New Statesman - Link Below)

Andy Hayman: Former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner

Andy Hayman when he was leading this investigation did not inform anyone that their phones had been hacked, apparently this could run into many hundreds, among them  the then labour MP John Prescott, now Lord Prescott, who has vowed to take out a private prosecution to force the Metropolitan police to hand over information it has about him on file, if the Met continues to deny requests for this information. Andy Hayman, a controversial figure, is now facing claims that the investigation was not thorough enough and ignored great swathes of evidence of telephone hacking.

Telephone Companies:

Someone from within bt is obviously selling 'Personal Identification Numbers' (PINs), yet there has not been any attempt to discover who did this or how they did it. These numbers enabled the private investigaors hire by the News of the World to hack into people's personal comunications ie voicemails and gain access to highly classified, personal and private information, from celebrities, to sports personalities to politicians.  This is very much in the public interest to know what is happening, especially as it would seem that our present government is involved, if only because the prime minister refuses to sack the person alleged to be at the center of this telephone scandal from his taxpapyers funded government position. How do we know they are not using Coulson's methods to spy on all of us? After all David Cameron has already vowed to hire credit Reference Agencies to spy on all of us and check us all out! is this another of Andy Coulson's ideas?

George Osborne and his "jackboots" have failed to knock this story out of the news and out of the papers, has now wheeled out Frank Field, even though Field's 30 pieces of silver report is not completed, seems they are getting a tad desperate down at Tory party HQ, well they should, for David Cameron to say he backs Coulson 100% is almost akin to political suicide. No one in No 10 seems to have a clue about what they are doing, either managing the press or running the country, this government is proving dangerous mayhem for the UK and this is the party and the chancellor that is has never had a proper job and is now ignorantly and arrogantly ignoring virtually every think tank and leading economist and ploughing ahead with austerity measures that could ultimately ruin the country and cause people's homes to be repossessed, jobs and businesses lost, force many into crime and ruin or children's futures. Seems conservtaive David Davis was right when he said the country is being run by a "Brokeback Coalition"!

David Cameron - Liar, Cheat & Hypocrite

Since Cameron "hired" Coulson, is this the "change of culture" he promised? Is this Cameron's "new politics"? I thought Cameron promised to sack anyone embroiled in scandal? Once again the judgement (or lack of it) of David Cameron is being brought into question. However can we expect more for Cameron who has never had a proper job before becoming prime minister? His one and only position as a "spin doctor" for Carlton TV!

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