Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why David Cameron is Not PM Material and Ed Miliband Is!

What I would like to see investigated and questions asked is why all of a sudden Ukip has 'seemed' to have resonated with some people, although it must be said that the Ukip 'phenomena' should be kept very much in context and we should not be carried away with the ridiculously OTT coverage of Ukip which seems to have overtaken the Tory right wing press and the biased broadcast media, hardly a week passes on BBC Question Time with David Dimbleby that Nigel Farage is not on the panel.

If we are to take the the right wing press and the heavily biased BBC, Sky at face value this past few days, we would be forgiven for thinking that Labour had done appallingly badly in the local elections (Euro results come late tonight) and that Nigel Farage is now prime minister!

If we are looking to point a finger about the so-called rise of Nigel Farage, we need to look first at the behaviour of David Cameron. It was Cameron right from the start who has come out and attacked immigration and it's an absolute fallacy to suggest that Ukip is about the EU, it is not it is all about 'immigration - immigration - immigration' and it is David Cameron who has lit this xenophobic fuse.

Ukip has become the 'acceptable' wing of the BNP and Farage can deny it all he likes, this is what has happened and if any of the main party leaders were brave enough they would come out and actually say it.

Cameron has got himself into a terrible muddle and he had better hope and pray that he and the Tories do lose the next election, because if they don't and people vote to exit the EU in 2017 referendum, then this country will be plunged into a dire position.

To try and attract votes and appease the nasty party's right wing elements David Cameron has bashed immigrants, bashed the unemployed, bashed those on welfare, bashed the EU. Privatised the NHS and attacked the poor, disabled and vulnerable with cuts and he has blamed all these cuts on immigrants. Is it any wonder Nigel Farage (an opportunist stock broker) saw the potential in Cameron's repeated attacks and applied them to his own party who were languishing in the polls at the time?

Cameron has sparked panic and confusion about immigration and its effects on the NHS, employment etc and he has done this deliberately in order to garner the cheap and nasty vote, however, what he did not bargain on was the Farage factor and Farage's ability to do and say anything and promise what he likes (because he will never have to deliver), taking his scaremongering and turning it into Ukip policy.

Add this with the fact that David Cameron tells the most blatant lies and what do we have as a prime minister? An extraordinarily weak xenophobic pathological liar who will willingly put this country and her people at grave risk for his political aspirations.

Ed Miliband on the other hand despite how the right wing press and biased broadcast media portray him, has shown himself to be strong, resolute and unafraid to take on the vested interests that are currently driving down wages and exploiting workers, removing their rights and all with the help of David Cameron. Miliband has had an extraordinary term as opposition leader, he has taken on the energy companies and won. Taken on President Obama, Cameron and Hague and forced them back from bombing Syria. he has taken on the 'Tory handbook' Mail and Paul Dacre and won. He has taken on Rupert Murdoch and the Sun and won. He forced Cameron to change his mind over the Leveson phone hacking press regulations. He forced Cameron into holding the Leveson inquiry. Miliband has Labour councils paying the Living wage, he has Labour councils finding bedroom tax loopholes to help people. He has raised the cost of living to the top of the agenda and forced Cameron to address it.

Miliband has been a successful leader who has pulled Labour back to a winning position after an electoral disaster in 2010 and he has done that without attacking minorities and the EU. He has been so successful that he hasn't given the Tories and their mates anything to go on, all they do is roll out silly pictures of Miliband and go on about him eating a bacon sarnie, all stupid petty stuff, which actually underpins how scared they are of Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband is every inch the statesman and when the polling companies asked the daft red herring question about who will make the best PM out of four leaders where only one has been PM (what reply do they expect from asking such a slanted and loaded question?) When they actually ask who is the most honest and decent compassionate leader, Ed Miliband wins hands down, add that to his obvious capabilities and intellect, it's not hard to see why Miliband is far superior PM material than David Cameron could ever hope to be.

What did David Cameron ever do while in opposition that actually helped people? (Apart from hugging a husky?) Start asking the questions like this and it's not hard to see why Cameron is outshone by Miliband and why he and the Tories and their advisers (Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor fame) are absolutely terrified of Ed Miliband and will do and say anything to prevent the British public from discovering what the Tories already know. It is why Cameron and his advisers are throwing every spanner into the works to try and prevent the live leadership debates from taking place and why Cameron will not even discuss their scheduling now (he wants to do this when it's too late)

As an aside about the recent local elections it's worth remembering that Labour are the only party out of the main four to have:

  • Increased their share of the vote in the local elections
  • Ukip's share of the vote actually decreased from last year
  • The Tories share of the vote decreased
  • The Liberal Democrat vote collapsed
  • Labour won 338 seats
  • Labour won councils
  • The Governing Tories lost councils
  • The Governing Lib Dems were wiped out in many councils
  • In London Ukip polling as absolutely abysmal
  • Labour is still very much on course to win the 2015 general election

The only pollster worth taking note of is ironically Tory Lord Ashcroft's mega poll of the marginals which gives a more accurate reflection of what is actually happening in the country than the heavily biased Tory run YouGov does.

If Ed Miliband wants to take my advice he will not only go on the cost of living crisis (which it still is for millions of people) he should also go on the cost of debts. Personal debt has soared in this country and with the news that the Bank of England will soon be starting to raise interest rates, millions of householders will be in danger with defaulting on their mortgages. George Osborne's help to buy scheme has put people their livelihoods and their homes in serious jeopardy and far from trying to rectify this scheme he has extended it to 2020 because he is too scared of the effect that ending it will have on the economy, because he knows and cameron knows that ending HTB will also end the farce of the so-called improving economy.