Sunday, September 30, 2012

Labour Party Political Conference - Manchester Opens

Labour opened their 2012 conference with a minutes silence showing respect for the two fallen unarmed female police officers in Manchester. 
Thoughts and wishes of peace go out to the families of these two officers and every other officer who has died in the line of duty. 
Such a wanton act of cold blooded murder, senseless, profoundly senseless.

Andrew Mitchell Will Re-Toxicfy the Tory Brand!

Andrew Mitchell
Swearer and Tax Dodger Extraordinaire!
For someone who says he wants to draw a line under the whole sorry business of  the "plebgate" scandal senior member of the Conservative party and Conservative Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell is going a strange way about it!

He says he didn't scream at members of Scotland Yard's Diplomatic Protection Group SO6  "Best you know your fucking place" and "you don't run this fucking government, you're fucking plebs". He says: "I didn't use the words attributed to me", in fact Mitchell has been saying an awful lot for someone who doesn't actually want to tell us what he did say! Personally I think he "doth protest too much!" Nowhere has this been more apparent than in his local paper the Sutton Coldfield Observer, where he hopes that his friends and constituents will know not believe that he could use the words "pleb" and "moron". (The clue is in the word 'hope'!)

The trouble for Andrew Mitchell is that at least two Conservative MPs have spoken off of the record to a tabloid columnist and stated quite clearly that they have heard him use the word "pleb" several times before this blew up, and while his "friend" (I've heard only one), has publicly said that this doesn't sound like the Andrew Mitchell he knows, there seems to be no shortage of other people willing to come out and speak against him calling him "ignorant" and "arrogant", and "rude" and have said that he loses his temper a lot and is a bully. (Which is most probably why Big Dave picked him for the job of Conservative Chief Whip after all!)

However that aside, apparently we shouldn't believe that he called police protection officers "fucking plebs" because some of his best friends are police officers he visits his local police station every year at Christmas to thank them for helping to keep us safe, and apparently he enjoys a warm and close relationship with police. Really? Well there's a clue if ever I saw one, don't they say that "familiarity breeds contempt?" And there is nothing more contemptuous than a senior government politician who has led a life of privilege calling police protection officers "fucking plebs" and "know your fucking place" and trying to scare them by threatening "that you haven't heard the last of this", I suppose. By inference when he (allegedly) called those officers "fucking plebs" he also meant us too. I suppose we must get used to being "fucking plebs" and we should all "know our fucking places", that is, until it's time to turn out and vote for this shower again and then we will become "those nice voters" and we can all line up to be patronised and condescended to by big Dave and his Tory toff mates (just like the Liberal Democrats were in those few days after the 2010 general election, when the Tories needed their seats to form a government).  Suddenly the "be-sandaled" long haired unwashed corduroy jacket pipe smokers became "those nice Liberal Democrats", and well, of course it's perfectly understandable that the party and their supporters who were always nearer to the Tories than Labour would want to sell their Lib Dem souls to the right wing Tory nutjobs and help Mein Fuhrer David Cameron in his quest to destroy the NHS, education, welfare, and persecute disabled people, single parents and immigrants and then as soon as the coalition agreement was signed, the effusive words and the a false burblings of praise and gratitude for their newly found "friends"were quickly forgotten, now it's hard to find a Tory who will admit that the Liberal Democrats actually exist, never mind share a Government with!

Of course Big Dave should have at the very least suspended his friend Mitchell until an investigation over who said what was held and the truth known, but of course Dave didn't want to, because this would mean that the truth may indeed come out and that Andrew Mitchell did in fact scream at police protection officers "Best you know your fucking place, you don't run this fucking government, you're fucking plebs" and then what would Dave have done? Admit to the electorate that behind closed doors, (just as they all whooped and cheered and banged desks and tables when the news of the demise of their NHS reforms bill had passed through parliament), that all the over privileged public school boy multi millionaire cabinet do in fact think we are all "morons" and "plebs"?

When Andrew Mitchell turned up for work at number 9 Downing Street in a beat up old VW Polo on the Monday after the week before he really thought that would be enough and we would forgive him and say " Aww, look he's in a beat up Polo, he's one of us really, he's not so bad after all". Are these silly people for real? Are they? That was just adding insult to injury!

Cameron taking Mitchell's side, even after he had read the police report of the incident, is shocking yes, but can anyone say they were surprised? Cameron has said that Mitchell has apologised and that should be that, wonder if he would be so lenient if it was a Labour MP who had got himself into a position where he had abused police officers who were on duty to protect them?

I doubt if Andrew Mitchell  will resign, he looks set to join others  Jeremy Hunt; Theresa May; Ken Clarke; Warsi, etc who the prime minister should have fired but didn't because he is too much of an incompetent coward. However, I believe Cameron's total lack of judgement is once again letting him down, it's obvious to anyone no matter who they vote for that Cameron should have sacked Mitchell on the spot, you cannot have someone in his position screaming profanities in the street, no matter if he called the police officers plebs or not - end of story! It shows that Mitchell has absolutely no self control and this will not be the first time he has lost his temper and it will not be the last. If he has lost his temper like this before it will come out and just how stupid is that going to make David Cameron look?

The Swanky Cinnamon Club
Where Starters Start at Price £20 and Fillet Steak Will Set you back £95
 is  this is paid for by taxpayers? While disabled people are having their benefits stopped and their cars taken away from them by this Tory government?

Mitchell has not only sworn at and insulted the police and the public, he has lied to cover it all up. He said the incident came at the end of a long tiring and frustrating day. Again he has treated the public with disdain and contempt by assuming we are too stupid to discover that he was lying.
Exclusive Carlton Club
I hope the lunch he had at the exclusive Cinnamon Club in Westminster wasn't too taxing, nor the the Tory fundraising dinner he attended at the Carlton Club later that day. Nice to observe where all out tax-pounds go! Mitchell's biking days also appear to be at an end, as I hear he has been given a chauffeur driven Jaguar to take him the 3 minute 200 yards walk from Downing street to Parliament. I wonder how that makes the disabled people feel who have had their car taken away from by this uncaring ideological government?

Andrew Mitchell also invested funds in a network of privately owned firms which is now at the centre of a tax avoidance case.  The article in the Daily Telegraph claimed that a subsidiary of DV3 purchased the lease on the Dickins & Jones department store building in central London for £65.1 million and sold it a month later to a partnership controlled by DV3 for £65,100, thus avoiding stamp duty. 

No wonder Nick Clegg didn't want to condemn Mitchell's tirade against the police, "they are all in it together" Andrew Mitchell and Nick Clegg have accepted thousands of pounds in donations from a company owned by an offshore firm in the tax haven of Jersey. 

In 2010 the Channel 4 Dispatches programme asks why Mr Mitchell, ‘whose job [it was at the time was to] alleviate world poverty’, has made large returns on investments in the British Virgin Islands, another tax haven.

Mitchell has continued to infer that the police officers were lying and by taking his word over that of the police, David Cameron has also implied that he thinks they are lying. This will be bad enough but if something else is leaked out about him, or he lapses again, it will bring the whole lot up to the surface. If Cameron had sacked him immediately he would have been given credit for it. It shows once again that Cameron has absolutely no judgement, this is just the latest in a long line of truly hideous judgement calls.

It hasn't helped that Tory councillor David Stephenson  was sacked for telling a crass joke about the two female police officers who were murdered on duty. Once more it shows how beneath contempt the party of public schools and privilege actually hold for the British people and by befriending Andrew Mitchell and not sacking him when he knew he should, David Cameron has clearly demonstrated what he feels about us - we're all "fucking plebs"!

However, Andrew Mitchell's continued presence in the cabinet will do more to damage the Tories than anything the opposition can do and come the next general election the "plebs" will have the last word!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Time For Liberal Democrats To Admit Who They Are!

Nick Clegg has signalled that he intends to stay with the most right wing government this country has ever known and has indicated that if people do not like it then they should "bail out".
If Clegg really does believe this and also believes that his and the Liberal Democrat party's future lies with the Tory party, then it is he that should do the decent thing and cross the floor of the House and join the Conservative party taking with him every Liberal Democrat MP who feels the same. Then when the final number of MPs wishing to join the Tories is known, there should either be by-elections held, or the Tories should do the decent thing and call a general election on the basis that the coalition agreement had been broken because there is no coalition. How can there be a coalition government when there is no opposition from the coalition partners?

There is something profoundly flawed in a person who believes it is OK to change the entire ethos of  a political party, in order to gain power without even consulting the voters who put them them in that position. What Nick Clegg has done is not only wrong, it is inherently deceitful and immoral. He knew before the 2010 general election that he was going to renege on the Liberal Democrat tuition fees pledge, yet he still chose to dupe people into voting for them and that is defrauding people out of their votes. Why is there absolutely nothing being done about this?  Clegg has actually stolen peoples votes, surely this must be in breach of parliamentary standards? In his conference speech (and not for the first time) Clegg has told voters if they do not like what he is doing then they should vote for someone else. Last time he said that he more or less told all former Labour voters who had voted for the Lib Dems as a protest, or for tactical reasons that the party was not some vessel for dissatisfied Labour voters. If Clegg really does believe this then he should give voters their votes back and the  chance to do just that!

 I fervently hope that when it comes to election time people remember what he has said and vote accordingly! I for one will be remind them and I will urge every other Labour campaigner to do likewise.

Clegg is insisting on giving the Liberal Democrats blessing and backing to inflict yet more austerity measures on those least able to sustain their effect. The working masses, the most vulnerable, the elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled are all being forced to pay for the greed of the Tory supporting, Tory funding City bankers and Clegg thinks this is the right thing to do.

Osborne's plans are not working, that much is obvious, but I no longer think that this matters to this government. it is not getting the country out of debt that drives them, what is driving the Tories is their ideology to change everything. To make the state smaller, to take away workers rights, to take away human rights. To take away welfare. To take away the NHS. To drive down wages and living standards of the masses in this country, while allowing those at the top to become richer and richer at out expense.

This is what Clegg is giving his consent and backing to and this is what every single Liberal Democrat MP will be consenting to if they continue to go along with Clegg and continue what they have done since 2010 and give their votes to help get the Tories legislation through parliament. From cutting welfare to privatising the NHS.

Never has a political party so sickened me as the sight and sound of the Liberal Democrats all scratching around for ways not to condemn Andrew Mitchel the Tory Chief Whip when he called serving police officers "fucking plebs" and told them: "They should know their fucking place". Their halfhearted attempts to condemn Mitchell while at the same time keeping his and David Cameron's "favour" were nauseating. If a Labour MP had done this would they have been so easy going? No of course they wouldn't, which makes it even more hypocritical and sickening. When Mitchell called police officers "fucking plebs" he also inferred that we are all "fucking plebs" who should know our places!

How can anyone who once called themselves Liberal Democrats even think of voting for this opportunistic, sniveling lying shower?

It is time the Liberal Democrats stopped this pretence and actually admitted that they are now true die in woad Tories and allowed their supporters to make up their minds if they still want to support them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Andrew Mitchell "Pleb-gate" Scandal Rumbles On!

Andrew Mitchell

Adam Boulton on Sky news broadcasting from the Liberal Democrat conference this morning was in full "look at me I'm a Tory sycophant mode" and was trying his best to play down "pleb-gate" scandal and in so doing attempting to dig his bestest Tory buddies out of  a hole. Very laudable towards his preferred government, however, if Adam Boulton has got any balls he would admit his politics, resign his position at Sky News and seek a position within the Tory party.

Having got that mini rant off my chest, I now go on to the main thrust of this blog and it is to "Sweary Gate" the story which will not go away (despite what Adam Boulton professes).

Andrew Mitchell: Police refuse second apology as calls for inquiry grow

No doubt David Cameron and Andrew Mitchel were hoping this story would go away by this morning, no chance of that, mainly because of the way it has been so badly handled by Cameron.

Our dithering incompetent Prime Minister has yet again clearly demonstrated his total absence of judgement. This time his very own privileged upbringing preventing him from understanding immediately how Mitchell's obnoxious odious behaviour towards the police would actually play out in the country.

For once I am in agreement with the Sun newspaper, this is a serious story and it needs telling and it most definitely is in the public interest:

  • We have a right to know if a senior member of the government is attempting to mislead the prime minister 
  • We have a right to know if David Cameron actually knows what Mitchell has said and is attempting to bury this story and is in fact  misleading the public himself.
  • We have a right to know exactly what Andrew Mitchell said to those police officers.
  • We have a right to know if a senior member of the government has behaved in an abusive offensive manner towards anyone let alone the police
  • We have a right to know how much beneath contempt this over privileged millionaire government actually hold us.
  • We have a right to know if they think we are "plebs" so we can adjust our voting intentions when next at the ballot box if we so wish!
People really do not take very kindly to privileged millionaire former cabinet ministers using abusive foul language and talking down to the police in a derogatory way! Both Mitchell and Cameron must be made to understand that politicians must be above this sort of thing, he cannot be allowed to get away with yelling:
  "I'm the Chief Whip, I tell you, open these gates" and when he doesn't get his own way and is politely asked to dismount from his bike and use the pedestrian gate let loose his foul temper on police officers.
The Officer concerned reported that Mr Mitchell told him : 
"Best you learn your fucking place. You don't run this fucking government. You're fucking plebs" 
The Sun claims to have read the report the police officer made and the report confirms what the Sun has reported. The officer made the report because Mr Mitchell threatened the officer saying: "you haven't heard the last of this". Read More: The Sun

Last year at the Conservative party conference, Boris Johnson said this:

"In the same spirit of zero tolerance, if people swear at the police they must expect to be arrested, not just because it's wrong to expect officers to endure profanities - although I happen to believe that it is, it's about the experience of the culprits, if people feel there is no boundaries, or come backs, for the small stuff, then they will go on to commit worse crimes"
Far be it from me to agree with Johnson, because I happen to believe he is a foul mouth hypocritical thug with a briefcase too, (remember Darius Guppy?) but nonetheless, what he said in this short clip is 100% correct. In my experience working in Accident Service and dealing with foul mouthed people sometimes drunk but also sometimes stone cold sober who are using abuse and threats, what follows the verbal abuse is very often physical abuse, it's one of the very reasons that we all now see the high visibility of security guards in our hospitals. Nurses, doctors, porters etc should not have to take this abuse for simply doing their jobs and neither should the police!

What kind of message is Mitchell's and now the David Cameron's belligerent attitude towards this incident sending out to the rest of the country? Next time on a Friday or Saturday night as reduced numbers of police (due to Tory cuts) struggle to keep law and order on our streets and they are being sworn at in the same fashion as Mitchell did, what are they going to do? Threaten the person with arrest and have the person turn on them saying "if it's OK for politicians to swear and be abusive towards police, then it's OK for me to do so as well"? Because for sure this is exactly what will now happen; and how difficult will Cameron have made it for judges or magistrates pass sentence on people who have been charged with behaving like this? The way Cameron has handled this has set an extremely bad precedent.
Take this example:

19-year-old Ricky Gemmell was given 16 weeks for a foul-mouthed outburst during riots last summer – despite apologising. He said:

“If anyone else but a Government minister had said the same thing to the same officers, then they would have been arrested.”
The Manchester court he attended heard that the teenager told riot officers, 
“I’d smash you if you took your uniform off” in a four-letter rant. Gemmell was nicked after raising his fists to the mob. 
He said afterwards: “I apologise for how I acted – I won’t act like this ever again.”

However, despite that, he was sent to a young offender institution after admitting being abusive. Ricky had no previous convictions. So why is there one rule for Mitchell and another rule for us "plebs"?

I'm not condoning his behaviour because Ricky acted like a fool and he was punished and quite rightly so, however, I think the punishment was harsh because of his age and the fact he had no previous convictions for violence and abuse towards the police or anyone else. He apologised but that wasn't enough and now he begins his adult life with a criminal record.

Ricky was 18 at the time of the offence - Mitchell is 56. Ricky has no previous for abusive or threatening behaviour - Mitchell does, in fact Mitchell has been known to be a bully and later a bullying prefect at his public School - Rugby.

Why was Ricky treated in a harsh way for his behaviour while Mitchell was allowed to get away with his disgraceful behaviour? They both apologised. Once again we see an alarming disparity in the way our laws are administered. I expect Ricky's treatment was because the establishment in this country, like David Cameron, Andrew Mitchell and like the Tory government and all the rest of them, really do think we are in fact "plebs" and as such, we mustn't do as they do, but do as they tell us! This is not the first incident of Tories talking down to people, it is obvious what they really think of us!

I would also like to point out something that the newspapers have not touched upon; the officers doing their duty in Downing Street have specialised protocols to work to, they are trained in terrorism and these officers are vetted to an extremely high standard (which is more than can be said for the prime minister's former friend and Director of Communications - Andy Coulson). Which makes it even more unlikely that the police would make up a story like this, why would they? For what possible reason? It has never happened before! The police are there on duty in one of the most famous streets in the world to keep the prime minister safe, and to help keep people like Mr Mitchell safe as they go about their legitimate business, they are also there to keep general public safe, if they felt that it was best that Mr Mitchell went through the pedestrian gate this time, then this is what he should have done and without question or hesitation. How about if police had opened the main gates and a suicide bomber had run in? What does Mitchell think these gates were erected for in the first place? They were erected as a counter terrorism act because of the threat to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher's life, quite frankly arguing the toss with officers who are there to keep you safe is totally insane! Police may have only seconds to respond to something and Mitchell should not need this explained to him.

This morning Mitchell attempted to draw a line under this story, however, he still refuses to categorically deny that he used the word 'pleb'. Mitchell has said that he "did not use some of the words attributed to him" and that he as apologised, well if he never said it, what has he actually apologised for? If Cameron knows what he said and he did use that word "pleb" which is now looking seriously like he did, then he should have sacked him on the spot. Or has David Cameron forgotten speaking at 'Krunch' about problem families in the Midlands about what he termed "the responsibility deficit"?

Perhaps he has forgotten this PMQs where he accused Ed Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back" it also contains Cameron being brought to task over police numbers and here Miliband actually takes Cameron to task over behaving as if he has the right to rule. Cameron's may have forgotten these bullying insults of his, but us "plebs" haven't!

In another PMQ Cameron has also insulted Miliband by calling him "a complete mug", he has insulted female MPs too. So what we see from this prime minister shouldn't really be surprising.

Cameron is the man who launched the tirade about "broken Britain". Well Britain wasn't broken until he got his hands on it and allowed his ministers to insult police officers and infer that the majority of Brits are nothing more than "plebs"! Cameron had a chance to demonstrate clearly how he would handle people that behave in a way that portrays this country as "broken" and he failed abysmally. Of course his slogan "broken Britain" was just that an election slogan.

Cameron said: "In my very first act as leader, I signalled my personal priority: to mend our broken society – that passion is stronger today than ever."
Pity Cameron can't remember that and sack Andrew Mitchell. or does broken only refer to us "plebs"?

David Cameron has recently launched an initiative to educate problem families and part of that education one would expect being taught how to parent offspring that behave in this way towards police and teachers.

Mitchell has said that he is very clear about what he said and what he didn't say, so why doesn't he come out and make a statement about  exactly what he did say? If he is saying that he didn't say that, is he calling those highly trained police officers liars?

It has been reported that David Cameron has accepted Mitchell's story and blindly believes his version of events and is now standing by him. Does this mean that David Cameron thinks the police officers in the street outside his office who are fully prepared to lay their lives on the line to protect him are lying?

If this kind of behaviour David Cameron has allowed Mitchell to get away with in public, what on earth does he allow him to get away with e behind closed doors? Mitchell's job is supposed to be about discipline, how can he discipline others when he can't even control himself?

If Cameron thinks Mitchell's behaviour is OK, and it is OK to talk to police like this, is it also OK for pupils and their parents to talk to teachers like this? This is yet another example of the kind of legitimate connotations that can be drawn from the fact that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron has seemed to condone Andrew Mitchell's behaviour.

David Cameron needs to understand, that the public have a right to know exactly what it was that Andrew Mitchell said to those police officers, we have a right to know if senior members of this government have spoken in such a demeaning fashion to police officers doing their jobs. The fact that Cameron now blindly believes Mitchell and is blindly backing him, is not only outrageous it is highly insulting towards the police and the general public. Perhaps the prime minister should read the Sun and discover the truth about his Chief Whip?

If Cameron the dithering incompetent is not going to allow an investigation into this matter, then he needs to make sure that Andrew Mitchell makes a full public statement about what he did say, until he does this is not going away and anything less is holding the public beneath contempt, still what would I know? After all I'm just a "pleb".

I may be a pleb, but I have much better judgement than David Cameron and would never have allowed myself to become tainted by a total lack of judgement for example:
It has taken the prime minister just 2.5 years to amass these scandals, pretty impressive eh? And this is not all of them, there are absolutely loads, all pointing to dubious practices, from financial irregularities, to awarding NHS contracts to health companies who have donated millions to the Tory party etc etc. Cameron has shown an alarming lack of judgement over and in some cases outright shady dubious behaviour. Why should the public have any confidence in him that he is handling the Mitchell scandal properly? In fact how can the public have any confidence in Cameron that he is running the country properly?

Perhaps Andrew Mitchell is not the only one who should be facing a full inquiry?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Know Your Place You ******* Pleb" - Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell
Tory Chief Whip

Just the other day on this blog I blogged about the "Time Warped Tories" pointing out their high handed attitude towards us and asking why it is that so many working class people vote for them. I also pointed out how many Tories think they have the right to permanently govern us and to talk to us in any way they think fit. As if to confirm all that I wrote, a day after the tragic deaths of two WPCs in Manchester, the newly appointed Conservative Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, let lose a tirade of abuse towards police officers on duty outside number 10 Downing Street. "The newly-promoted Tory lost his rag when police told him security rules mean they open the main gates as little as possible. They tried to usher him through a side gate used by all pedestrians. A source reported Mr Mitchell as saying "Open this gate, I'm the chief whip. I'm telling you —  I'm the Chief Whip and I'm coming through these gates." Despite his fury the officers refused to budge and warned him that he would be arrested under the Public Order Act if he continued to abuse them. In the end he got off of his bike and began pushing it, he then launched into a four letter tirade. Allegedly calling a female officer a "pleb" and a "moron".  First of all Mitchell denied swearing and using the words pleb and moron, then he denied swearing, but apologised anyway, so what did he apologise for? Now he admits to swearing but not using the words "pleb and moron". Mitchell also told officers to "know their fucking place".

What is clear here is that there needs to be an investigation into exactly what was said and David Cameron should order that now and Mitchell should have been suspended while this investigation took place. The police officers took notes about the incident and are clear that they believe Mitchell called them a pleb and moron and that he swore at them using tirade of foul abusive language, Mitchell says he didn't, so Mitchell is now accusing the police of lying. I know who I believe and it isn't Mitchell, apparently this is not the first outburst he has had. Apparently his neighbours and former work colleagues have been queuing up to put the boot in too, no one (except some Tories) seems to have a good word for Andrew Mitchell.

Can anyone honestly say they are shocked by this nasty arrogant little man's rant against a police office carrying out his duty? I'm certainly not, Mitchell belongs to the Conservative party whose attitude is indicative of the way this appalling time warped Tory Government think they can treat our public servants and the public in general. Cameron has been encouraging this attitude towards the public sector ever since he became prime minister, he has perpetually played off the private sector against the public sector using divide & rule tactics in order that they may get their draconian failed austerity measures through without too many problems and the police have shouldered massive cuts to the service.

The Conservative party really do believe that us ordinary folk stepped out of line when we voted the Tories out so emphatically in 1997, and now they have the chance, they want to ensure that we all "know our 'fucking' places", it's payback time as far as the "Tory posh boys" are concerned and they are really making sure we pay for having the audacity to dispose of them after 19 years of hell in 1997.

During the riots of 2011 a youth swore at police he was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and received a criminal record. In 2012 in the most famous street in the world, Andrew Mitchell swore at the police and he received the backing of the Prime Minister! What kind of message is this sending out to our youth?

Mitchell should have been instantly dismissed - end of story. Yet Cameron now famous for his non existent judgement has kept Mitchell on, furthering the accusations that the Tories really do think they can treat us any way they damned well please!

If Mitchell is allowed to get away with this disgraceful behaviour while others receive harsh sentences it becomes a clear class issue and confirms to me that everything I have ever written about the Tories and this government in particular is the truth.

These Tory MPs, Lords, Tory bankers and Tory supporting corporations etc  true personalities are coming through. These people (usually men) are of great wealth and privilege, mostly their wealth has been inherited, what do they know of life from their cocooned existences?  None of them know what it is like to go without and to worry about paying the rent/mortgage, or be able to feed and clothe your children keeping them warm and safe. Or worry that the NHS will be there should we fall ill and that our children will be educated to a decent standard, allowing them to make the most of their potential. In fact previously Tories have even told working class people they should not have children and even David Cameron himself has intimated this. Incidentally Mitchell is a millionaire and owns four properties, 3 in the UK and one in France worth £4 million. Mitchell made his money out of banking. How surprising - not!

This latest outburst is so typical of this Tory led government, it is out of touch and has a completely belligerent attitude towards us "plebs", they want our votes but they do not want us. Mitchell treated police officers in downing street as if they were his servants and the way Cameron and this government aided and abetted by Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have treated the police is disgraceful.

It is said that senior Tories are incandescent with rage over the harm that all of this is doing the party, and this alone is just typical, they are not incandescent with rage at the fact that one of them abused the police and insulted the public in general, they are just angry because it is harming the party and that just about sums it up!  The Tory party are a dysfunctional party and their behaviour and arrogance is becoming more desperate as time passes and more and more they realise that Osborne the worse chancellor in living memory has got it all wrong.

What happened to Compassionate Conservatism, the Big Society, "we're all in it together?" Vote Blue Get Green and "Governing in the National Interest? All just mealy mouthed words thought up by a spin doctor for David Cameron to roll out and to disguise the reality behind everything this out of touch government is trying to do to the masses in this country. As they cut police, doctor, nurse and teacher numbers, destroy and privatise our NHS and give preference to Free schools for the off-spring of pushy well to do parents who want their children to be educated privately but don't want to pay for it. 
No doubt we will hear all Cameron's catch phrases, more lies and more futile promises he makes to break again at the coming Conservative conference, or who knows his PR people or speech writer may have thought up some more to try and fool all of us into voting for them again, so as the last strains of "Land of Hope and Glory" fade into the ether and the sight of Tories draped in the union flag and bowler hats disappears in haze, remember that this is the party that wants us only for our vote and they have just shown us exactly what they think of us and once they have got that vote they will once again treat us with the arrogance and contempt they honestly believe us "vile plebs" deserve and they will snigger behind our backs as they do it!
Hopefully no working class person will ever think of voting for this over privileged, totally incompetent out of touch bunch of snobs ever again!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Time Warped Tories - The Political Party Which Time Forgot! Not Content With "Culling" Us They Are Now After Culling Our Badgers!

Time Warped Tories
(The Future Tory Government)
The Political Party Which Time Forgot!
The above photograph was taken about 20 years ago, it shows a young David Cameron and a young Boris Johnson. Many of the others in the photo have gone on to become unelected advisers in David Cameron's Tory led coalition government.

The old fashioned garb, the unpleasant look and the arrogance that seems to leap out of the picture shouts; "look at us, we have more money than you, we are 'better' than you, and we can do what want, when we want, how we want". They look like they could have been transported to the present through the annals of time.

The Conservative party's feed seems to be mainly from British aristocracy with links to Royalty and its MPs ranks are dominated by people from the most narrow range of professions. Here are just a few of the current members of Cameron's cabinet and or close circle of people he likes to keep around him.

  • Prime Minister, David Cameron - is the 5th cousin twice removed from Queen Elizabeth 11.
  • Chancellor, George Osborne - is part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy, known in Ireland as the Ascendancy. He is the heir to the Osborne baronetcy (of Ballentaylor, in County Tipperary, and Ballylemon, in County Waterford
  • Health Secretary,Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt - Son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt who was a Commander in the Royal Navy. Hunt's mother Meriel Eve née Givan (now Lady Hunt), daughter of Major Henry C. Givan
  • Lord  Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, 2nd Baron StrathclydePC. He is currently the Leader of the House of Lords and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster as well as being the leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Lords.
  • Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, 6th Baronet is a British Conservative politician. He was the Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal from May 2010 until September 2012

Since David Cameron assumed the role of British Prime Minister, he and his other 'time forgotten Tories' have pretty much been operating a government that gives the impression that it has the right to encroach on just about every aspect of our lives.

Cameron has unleashed a plethora of attacks on the working classes, the unemployed, the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled.  Disabled people are actually living in fear of what Cameron and his government can and probably will do to them, and even more tragic for some disabled people, the fear of the Tories and the fear of ATOS carrying out the Tories fit to work tests has proved all too much and they have tragically committed suicide. Cameron and the Tory party's attack on disabled people has almost certainly contributed to the rise in the number of hate crimes against the disabled which have risen by a third since 2011 and coinciding with the beginning of David Cameron's attacks.

Former Conservative Leader
Iain Duncan-Smith
Now Secretary of State For Work and Pensions
Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith is currently Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. This is the man who once famously told us all "not to underestimate the determination of a quiet man", perhaps we shouldn't have, as it is obvious Smith is still bearing a grudge against the electorate for not warming to him which in turn led to the Conservative party passing a motion of no confidence in him and he was subsequently ousted as leader in 2003. He founded a right-wing think tank which claimed, that inferior behaviour, such as laziness and decadence will lead to inferior people. Well Smith should know all about decadence, he is responsible for stopping peoples benefits and housing benefit, while he himself  a millionaire, lives *rent free* in a Buckinghamshire mansion complete with extensive grounds, tennis courts, and a swimming pool! A typical Tory case of "don't do as I do, do as I tell you?" In a past speech as Tory leader, he announced; "the quiet man is here to stay and he's turning up the volume". Apart from his dubious claims of a degree (which the university has said they did not present) this is the man who's wife was embroiled in the 'Betsygate' scandal. Smith's wife Betsy, claimed money from the public purse for being his secretary, a role she never actually fulfilled, according to Smith's constituency agent Rikki Radford, she (Betsy) just "looked after the kids"- so money for noting for Smith's wife Betsy! (Typical Tory wheeze) This is the man who is now forcing the unemployed to work full-time for nothing or risk losing their benefits - nice! Smith obviously feels that his breeding and privileged life qualify him to ensure that us "inferior behaved people" do as he tells us to do and not what he himself is doing or has done in the past.
Smith at the DWP is also responsible for forcing terminally ill people to seek work to work for nothing if their terminal illness diagnosis means they have more than six months to live, or risk losing all their benefits. A nastier piece of work who has led a privileged life, it would be harder to find!

It's got to the point where if we were told the government were going to re-introduced workhouses and debtors prisons, or set up homes where single mothers could be sent to give birth and afterwards have their babies forceably removed, not many would be surprised. Britain isn't moving moved forward under Cameron's hideously out of touch Tory led government it is being pushed further and further backwards. It's shocking but true. With open fires making a come-back across the country, one wonders if the Tories will be shoving small children up chimneys next, or forcing them to pick up litter in the streets in their school playtimes for payment for free school lunches!

If Tory MPs, Lords and their supporters do not hail from a long line of 'blue-blood', then the chances are that they will come from a long line of  millionaire bankers, the Tory party has deep links with bankers. Now here is something the Tories do not want us to know;  498 Tory MPs and 134 peers have been or are employed in the financial sector, this includes 70 of the party’s 305 MPs. Among the 193 Conservative peers, more than a third work or have worked in finance or banking.

The Conservative Party is as much as ever the preserve of a small elite of professions of which financial services is by far the largest.”
Among the Cabinet and government members with links to the City are:
 Pay-master General Francis Maude, who has worked for Solomon Bros and Morgan Stanley;
 Leader of the House of Lords, Lord Strathclyde who was chair of Trafalgar Capital Management from 2001-10;
 Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, who worked for NM Rothschild & Son from 1986-2009; 
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, who worked for Lazard Bros from 1979-2009;
 Commons Leader Sir George Young, who worked for the Samuel Hill merchant bank.
Eleven Tory MPs and peers have worked for Barclays, including;
 Richard Bacon MP, Jesse Norman MP, former Chancellor Lord Lawson, Earl Howe and Andrea Leadsom MP. A further eight Conservatives have been at Rothschild, including John Redwood MP, Mark Garnier MP, former Chancellor Lord Lamont and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.
And four worked for Lehman Bros, the company whose collapse sparked the financial crisis.
They include Steve Baker MP, Chief Architect, Global Financing and Asset Servicing Platforms at the company from 2006-2008; 
Brooks Newmark MP and Lord Freeman. Others with links to the financial sector include billionaire Lord Ashcroft, welfare minister Lord Freud, Harriet Baldwin MP and Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

David Cameron's father worked in the City, like his father before him and his uncles too, he is the man who when addressing the City just six months before becoming Prime Minister said: 
“The first thing I want to say is a really big thank you to the Conservative supporters in the  City Circle, who have helped our party, who have helped fund our party, who have supported our party right up until now. 
“This party [the Conservatives] values, understands and will always make sure it looks after the important financial services industry that so many of you work in". 
Toffs Cameron and Osborne, and the whole lot of the millionaire toff cabinet and government, are behaving as if they have a score to settle with the working classes of this country for having the audacity to stop tugging their forelocks at them and because they voted them out of government so emphatically in 1997.  There are also some seriously right wing Tories who are incandescent with rage because we also failed to return the Tories to parliament in 2010 with the majority they craved, thus forcing them to govern with the help of the Liberal Democrats, (who are now better known as the "orange Tories").

With extensive links to the banking industry and the fact that the Tory party is actually mainly bankrolled by the City and bankers, you would think that Cameron would keep quite about unions donating to the Labour party, not so, he believes that he has the God given right to attack the Labour party for accepting donations from the unions, while completely ignoring the fact that the Tory party is bankrolled by the very people that nearly pushed this country off the edge of a financial precipice!. The fact that millions of people choose to belong to a union and pay their dues knowing that some (not all) of the unions will be donating to the Labour party, doesn't seem to resonate with the PM, in fact it's that very point which seems to greatly anger the PM, as well as the fact that many people still choose to belong to unions in the first place.

What about Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson? (Yes he has links to banking too) He worked at the World Bank. I wonder if that bank is one of the fatcat corporations that pocket over £500m taxpayers who make millions for the foreign aid budget every year? It seems where ever there is vast amounts of money to be made, we can find a Tory with his snout in the trough.

Boris Johnson, who pretends to be the cuddly lovable buffoon and people are falling for it (once again they are being duped). Johnson who said of Liverpudlians that it was time "Liverpudlians stopped wallowing in self pity".  Johnson who now says he is sorry and has apologised. I suggest the mayor is only sorry that it may harm his chances of becoming Conservative prime minister (God Help Us) and that is why he has apologised. Amazing how all these people are suddenly sorry now! Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall says she cannot accept Boris Johnson's apology, wise lady, she shouldn't, be cause it is not sincere.
Johnson said that the Sun hacking into the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was "a load of codswallop".

Listen Here: To an Excerpt take from a tape of a conversation between Boris Johnson and Darius Guppy Where they are discussing having a journalist badly beaten up.

To reassure him, Guppy said: "Okay, right, may I just tell you what my plan is. My plan is this, that even once you give it to me I will leave it for one month before I do anything. It will happen in one or two months' time. All right?"
"You promise me that?" Mr Johnson is heard to reply.
Later in the conversation, Guppy repeated: "The deal is basically you furnish me the information, and I will put it on ice for one month."
 Mr Johnson then anxiously inquires: "How badly are you going to hurt this guy?"
Guppy answers: "Not badly at all."
The conversation goes on. Mr Johnson: "If this guy is seriously hurt, I am going to be fucking furious." 
Guppy: "I guarantee you he will not be seriously hurt."
Mr Johnson: "How badly hurt will he be?"  
Guppy: "He will not have a broken limb or a broken arm and he will not, er, he will not be put into intensive care or anything like that. He will probably get a couple of black eyes and a, and a cracked rib or something like that."
This is how Conservatives behave when they think they are not being observed. These people with money think they are above the law and can do anything they please, just look at the way Cameron and Johnson behaved in the Bullingdon Club. Smashed up a restaurant and set fire to the toilets, yet Cameron obviously believes that he has the God given right to stand in judgement over others displaying the same kind of behaviour and to accuse others of being thugs and vandals for doing much the same as he and his upper class mates? Cameron and Johnson believe that because of their privileged upbringing that their "youthful indiscretions" are acceptable  and can be excused and their parents not be involved, while others from sink estates are not afforded that leniency and their parents should be held up and denigrated before the entire country!  Again it seems that it is one rule for the landed gentry of this country and another for us and our children!

If you think things are bad enough now with Cameron in charge how bad could they get with that right wing aristocratic inbred lunatic Boris Johnson in charge!

Boris Johnson the man has no compunction about lying, cheating and hurting people, even those he supposed to love - his wife and children with his repeated extra marital affairs won't give a fig about us after he has managed to slither his way into power!

Yes Johnson is a joke, but he is a dangerous joke, and f he ever fulfills his ruthless ambition and becomes prime minister, then the joke will soon be on us! Remember him entertaining Rupert Murdoch at the Olympic Games? Anyone else with a modicum of humility would not have done that, but not Johnson, he treated us all with  the obvious contempt he holds for y us, after all who on earth are we to question what he is doing? Johnson was  filmed and pictured with Rupert Murdoch  the disgraced media tycoon whose company, News International, is being investigated for serious crimes by the Metropolitan Police (which Johnson is in charge of)  and once again we are shown the arrogant contempt the old Etonian has for us "plebs". We should be horrified at his arrogance, but some of us are not, some are sleepwalking into disaster with this arrogant contemptuous man, who is keeping Murdoch onside in case he needs him to spin for him when he makes his move to become prime minister (and he will). Nothing will change until the public summon up the wisdom to ditch this hideous breed of time warp Tory politicians and we stop allowing them to walk all over us!

Johnson is the true face of time gone-by Tory, a Tory so stuck in a time warp that he thinks he can lie, cheat, and behave like an out of  the history book "lovable cad", treat us with contempt and still become PM and if we do not like it,  I can just hear Boris Johnson telling us to lump it!  After all who are we to question the "great b Boris"? The man who sucked up all the praise for the Olympics, when he done little or none of the work it took to land the bid and set up the infrastructure. Such is Johnson's arrogant immaturity, he said a long list of thank yous, but never once mention the former Labour government (who did the bulk of the main work) or Labour's Tessa Jowell MP who has worked solidly to put on the Olympics, ever since Labour won the bid.

Now not content with flouting the law on hunting with hounds act, peeved that Labour tried to stop them from enjoying their landed gentry barbaric blood sport of watching their hounds ripping a warm, living, breathing, creature apart as it screams in agony. Not content with hare coursing and stag hunting and the biggest joke of all the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip was patron of the World Wildlife Fund leading many hunts, they want to cull our badgers too!

Now this lunatic inbred Tory government has given the go ahead for the first cull of badgers and no prizes for guessing who will be right up the front with their shotguns, clubs and sticks ready to smash badgers to bits or shoot them. I bet the Tories are already planning to turn this badger killing into a nice little pastime, probably salivating at the mere thought of it.
It doesn't matter that renowned scientist whose work has been cited by the Government to justify its plan to cull badgers has called the scheme "crazy", this insane government are still going to do it. But is it any surprise? They are kowtowing to farmers (those other Tory landowners and the Tory organisation the Countryside Alliance), who think that it doesn't matter that it was cattle that introduced bovine TB to badgers, they want to see 70% of the badger population culled because it is interfering with their profits! Most of those badgers now destined to be shot dead will NOT even be infected with TB and at the end of the cull, there will still be bovine TB in cattle, because it is the cattle that is infecting badgers and NOT the other way around and these insane idiotic Tory government are treating the symptom and NOT the cause, so it will NOT get better! That's like killing everyone who contracted swine flu to stop the spread of it - it's bloody crazy! Also when badgers are culled, they will be killing badgers who do not have the disease and empty sets encourage badgers from other colonies to move in, who MAY HAVE the disease, so the buffoons will actually be introducing bovine TB to otherwise clean areas, it is barking mad insane as well as barbarically cruel! And this t Tory behaviour of enjoying killing our wildlife is just NOT normal.

The truth is that most Tories are not normal people, they are odd throw backs from a time when the aristocracy and the landed gentry rode their horses past people kicking up dust in their faces and expecting us (the serfs) to tug our forelocks.

How much more dust do these people have to kick in your spam sandwiches before you realise that Conservatives are truly nasty class ridden snobbish people who belong to yesterday but have somehow got their snouts stuck in the trough of today? And a great many of them are currently in, or connected to the British Conservative Government, forcing us to pay for the greed of the Tory bankers, who continue to increase their earnings and their huge bonuses, while we struggle to feed and clothe our children and pay our bills and heat our homes. Just like it was in Victorian times!

Whoever coined the phrase that "the Tories are so out of touch that they think Downton Abbey is a reality show" got it in a nutshell.

What we now have is a Tory government that is dangerously out of control, totally incompetent, confusing and chaotic and corrupt with an out of control PM and an out of control chancellor. They are allowing time warp Tories within their party and outside it to run rampant and batter the ordinary people of this country into submission and they will keep battering us until we stand up to them and stop them! When will that be? Cameron doesn't care he has lost all authority over his party and once again the Tories are deeply split and divided, he is allowing his ministers to do exactly what they want, when they want, how they want. He doesn't even know when they are going to announce new policy! Which is usually made completely on the hoof.

These latter day toffs are riding rough shod over us and are completely out of control and are behaving like aristocrats from the "big house" and woe betide us if we do not show subservience! They are behaving as if they were born to rule us, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if any one of them was really good at their job and knew what they were doing, but they are not. They are over privilege morons thick as pig shit  who think money, power and status rules, just like in Victorian times. But they are still dangerous, because at the moment they have that power over us and it is working class people who have given it to them! Just as it used to back in the day of the aristocracy! Come on WAKE-UP!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olympics and Part Time Work Masking Crisis In UK Unemployment


The Office National Statistics (ONS) has released the latest unemployment data and has recorded a slight fall in unemployment. Hidden in the statistics are alarming reasons why unemployment seems to be bucking the trend of the deepening recession.

According to the ONS the number of unemployed people dropped by a mere 7000 between May and July. Average earnings were said to have risen 1.5% in the year to July but dropped 0.3% on the previous month. Apparently the number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance fell by 15,000.

Temporary work at the London Olympics are helping to skew these figures as most of the fall in the unemployed is recorded in London.
According to the ONS the Olympics is thought to have been responsible for 91,000 of the rise of those now in work.

Without the 91,000 now said to be in work and without the huge rise in the number of people now working more than one part time job, the true unemployment figures would be alarming.

What happens when the Olympic and part time job bubble bursts?

The number of those in part time work has increased by 134,000 reaching 8.12 million, this is the highest number recorded since records began in 1992.

Public sector employment has also fallen for the eleventh quarter in a row,  by 235,000 to 5.7 million.

The number of people working part-time because they cannot find a full-time job has hit a record high of 1.42 million.

The country is mired in the longest double dip recession ever recorded. These figures are tied into the fact that very high numbers of people are now working more than one part-time job because they cannot find full-time positions.

If the so-called "falling unemployment figures" were a true indication of what is happening then they should be backed up with people spending in the economy and they are not as this remains flat.

The number of people unemployed has supposed to have fallen for 6 consecutive months and accounts for a total of around 75,000 since January 2012, yet 91,000 people are said to have been employed by the London Olympics. Stripping out the 75,000 from the 91,000 we also see a set of figures that just do not tally up in any intelligible way.

The number of people now working part-time has increased by 134,000, add that number to the 16,000 and we have an approximate figure of around 150,000 *rise* in the number of unemployed since January 2012.

These are basic very simplistic figures, however, they do seem to give a very confused, chaotic and muddled picture of the true number of people who are actually out of work and looking for full-time positions. It appears that the government are muddying the waters to try and disguise the true number of people who are actually unemployed. This is also masking the horrendous damage this Government are doing to the country's economy. It cannot continue like this and this month's mediocre fall in the number of people the Government and the ONS claim to be a "fall" in the unemployed is the beginning of the bursting of this bubble and the tissue of deceit shrouding the true unemployment figures.

This is not taking into consideration the number of people now being forced by the DWP to do unpaid work under threat of being sanctioned and losing their benefits if they do not agree. People being forced to work full-time for nothing do not appear on the unemployment register as they are not classed available for work.

The figures also showed the number of people out of work for over a year was the highest for more than 16 years – at 904,000, up 22,000 on the previous quarter.

There is also a rise in the number of graduates who are being forced to work for free, or next to nothing. The coalition Government is overseeing a huge exploitation of unemployed people.

While companies like Tesco, Asda, Poundland etc take on thousands of unemployed people and paying them nothing, they are NOT hiring ordinary full-time workers, as those being forced to work for free under the threat of sanctions are taking up full-time paid positions.

Part-time workers do not make it onto the unemployment register either, we now have a huge 8.12 million part-time workers, the highest number since records began.

It's time this deceitful government came clean over the truth of unemployment in this country and stopped fixing the books!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Richard Branson......

Richard Branson hobnobbing with the lying prime minister!
I used to like and respect Richard Branson until he appeared to turn Tory backing their spending cuts.

In truth at one point I never knew what he voted, didn't want to know, and cared even less. He seemed to be a person who used his immense wealth for the common good until he  allowed himself to become mixed up with David Cameron and Gidiot Osborne and his reputation has soured and suffered as a result.

If I could ask Richard some questions, first I would ask if he still holds the same views on how the government should cut spending? If he does, this would seem in direct contradiction to what he has said since the 2010 general election. I and many like me are not business people, we are not economists, but we forecast more accurately than all the prolific letter writing Tory businessmen who wrote letters to the right wing press in support of Tory policies and all the Tory supporting economists just what the outcome for our economy would be if Gidiot Osborne's insane austerity plans were implemented. Would Mr Branson acknowledge that we have been proven correct and all the others wrong?  So would Mr Branson still urge the government to "reduce spending immediately" to show they "had the matters in hand"? Would he allow Gidiot Osborne to crow about having his support now?

Now that this government have destroyed our economy, destroyed growth and created a double dip recession into which they push us into deeper and deeper each day, Branson decides to attack the coalition over growth. What a shame he did not see what we all saw, but then we were not blinded with the allure of massive government contracts!

Would he so flippantly agree with putting over 750,000 public sector workers out of work without so much as a thought to the devastating effects this would have on them and their families? What did he think these workers, nurses, teachers, police, armed forces, cleaners, bin men, lollypop ladies etc were going to do, how would they support themselves and their families *AND* the British economy when Osborne kicked them out of work? Did Richard, along with Cameron, Osborne and Clegg think it was OK to demonise these people because they had the "audacity" to work for the government/local authority for a living? And not only that this Tory government have encouraged others to demonise public sector workers too?

How did Richard Branson, the businessman, think the economy would hold up under those kind of job losses? I know and realise that "bashing" public sector workers and forever attacking the "bloated public sector" and blaming them for virtually everything that was wrong in the British economy became very fashionable, but honestly, did he not realise that public sector workers pay their taxes; buy houses; rent houses; have extensions built; buy soft furnishings, make extensive purchases from DIY stores, buy music and go on holidays in airplanes etc etc etc and that loss to the already fragile economy would prove catastrophic?

Did he not understand that the public sector actually supports the private sector in so many more ways than the private sector supports the public sector?

What did Richard think of Gidiot raising of VAT to a massive 20%? Did he not think that this would suppress the economy, stifle growth and kill demand? Does Richard believe VAT is a regressive or progressive tax? Poorer people support their local economies more than those with more money and cars etc, poorer people spend all their disposable income, usually in their local economies, so raising VAT would straight away reduce their spending power and reducing their spending power will have a direct effect on their local economies - wouldn't it?

Give poorer people more income and they will support the economy, give rich people more income and they will support the banks!

Richard Branson virtually endorsed this government and seemed quite happy to accept they were wrecking peoples lives, until they made a decision that affected him personally, when Virgin Trains lost out on a contract that they had held for 15 years when the government awarded it to FirstGroup instead. Richard Branson threw a wobbler and is now taking the Tory led government to court over the contract being awarded to FirstGroup, calling the decision insane. I happen to agree with Branson, it is insane, totally insane and I feel for the people who will lose their jobs as a result. Now he has learned the hard way that this is a totally incompetent, feckless government and not one of them knows what they are doing.

However, something else I think is totally insane which I don't see Richard Branson getting too upset about is the large lucrative NHS contracts awarded to Virgin Care and Virgin Care profiting from the break-up and privatisation of the NHS. Branson is only too pleased to take taxpayers money out of the NHS and award it in dividends to Virgin Care share holders. Did Virgin Care worry when NHS staff in Surrey were taken over against their will by Virgin Care and told if they did not like it then they could leave?

I wonder if Richard Branson believes that putting Jeremy Hunt in charge of the NHS is "insane" too? Mr Branson didn't seem to mind when Jeremy Hunt stepped in to personally intervene and help speed up the controversial takeover of hospitals in Surrey by Richard Branson's Virgin Care.

Jeremy Hunt the new Health Secretary is making quite a name for himself intervening in takeover bids, first BSkyB and now this in his very own constituency! What others are lurking underneath the surface waiting to come out? Hunt personally intervened in a £650m deal because he was concerned it was taking too long. Virgin Care is taking over the running of 7 hospitals in Surrey.

It's plainly obvious that the Conservatives are privatising the NHS, but as Branson is benefiting from that I guess this is not "insane"? It's OK for Branson to take over 7 hospitals, dentistry, sexual health clinic and children's care etc etc  in Surrey and make a profit out of it and be awarded the contract on the same day as the queen signed the royal assent for the Health and Social Care Act, gaining the contract before the ink was even dry? That, apparently is OK, but Branson soon started complaining when that same government ripped him off over the contract for Virgin trains and FirstGroup. Maybe the government thought they had done Branson a favour with granting him huge lucrative contracts enabling him to take money out of the NHS, maybe the government thought they had bought his silence?

If you lay down with dirty filthy lying dogs Mr Branson, you will catch with fleas!

Question is, did Richard Branson know or ask Jeremy Hunt to intervene on Virgin Care's behalf? Jeremy Hunt couldn't even lay straight in bed if  his life depended upon it, he is as bent as a none bob note! Yet when it suits Branson he says nothing!

Once again we see just how "corrupt" Jeremy Hunt appears to be.

And people how much more proof is needed to understand what the Conservatives aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats are doing to our NHS?

The NHS is being privatised under our noses, we can help stop it, Labour have promised to repeal the Health and Social Care Act if they win the next election, so make a pledge now, NEVER, EVER vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat ever again and help save our NHS!

Richard Branson has not only let the people of this country down, he has let himself down, I hope he can live with himself knowing that he has helped put thousands of people's health at risk and knowing he is helping one of the most dogmatic incompetent lying government's of all time to destroy this country's NHS.