Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Know Your Place You ******* Pleb" - Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell
Tory Chief Whip

Just the other day on this blog I blogged about the "Time Warped Tories" pointing out their high handed attitude towards us and asking why it is that so many working class people vote for them. I also pointed out how many Tories think they have the right to permanently govern us and to talk to us in any way they think fit. As if to confirm all that I wrote, a day after the tragic deaths of two WPCs in Manchester, the newly appointed Conservative Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, let lose a tirade of abuse towards police officers on duty outside number 10 Downing Street. "The newly-promoted Tory lost his rag when police told him security rules mean they open the main gates as little as possible. They tried to usher him through a side gate used by all pedestrians. A source reported Mr Mitchell as saying "Open this gate, I'm the chief whip. I'm telling you —  I'm the Chief Whip and I'm coming through these gates." Despite his fury the officers refused to budge and warned him that he would be arrested under the Public Order Act if he continued to abuse them. In the end he got off of his bike and began pushing it, he then launched into a four letter tirade. Allegedly calling a female officer a "pleb" and a "moron".  First of all Mitchell denied swearing and using the words pleb and moron, then he denied swearing, but apologised anyway, so what did he apologise for? Now he admits to swearing but not using the words "pleb and moron". Mitchell also told officers to "know their fucking place".

What is clear here is that there needs to be an investigation into exactly what was said and David Cameron should order that now and Mitchell should have been suspended while this investigation took place. The police officers took notes about the incident and are clear that they believe Mitchell called them a pleb and moron and that he swore at them using tirade of foul abusive language, Mitchell says he didn't, so Mitchell is now accusing the police of lying. I know who I believe and it isn't Mitchell, apparently this is not the first outburst he has had. Apparently his neighbours and former work colleagues have been queuing up to put the boot in too, no one (except some Tories) seems to have a good word for Andrew Mitchell.

Can anyone honestly say they are shocked by this nasty arrogant little man's rant against a police office carrying out his duty? I'm certainly not, Mitchell belongs to the Conservative party whose attitude is indicative of the way this appalling time warped Tory Government think they can treat our public servants and the public in general. Cameron has been encouraging this attitude towards the public sector ever since he became prime minister, he has perpetually played off the private sector against the public sector using divide & rule tactics in order that they may get their draconian failed austerity measures through without too many problems and the police have shouldered massive cuts to the service.

The Conservative party really do believe that us ordinary folk stepped out of line when we voted the Tories out so emphatically in 1997, and now they have the chance, they want to ensure that we all "know our 'fucking' places", it's payback time as far as the "Tory posh boys" are concerned and they are really making sure we pay for having the audacity to dispose of them after 19 years of hell in 1997.

During the riots of 2011 a youth swore at police he was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and received a criminal record. In 2012 in the most famous street in the world, Andrew Mitchell swore at the police and he received the backing of the Prime Minister! What kind of message is this sending out to our youth?

Mitchell should have been instantly dismissed - end of story. Yet Cameron now famous for his non existent judgement has kept Mitchell on, furthering the accusations that the Tories really do think they can treat us any way they damned well please!

If Mitchell is allowed to get away with this disgraceful behaviour while others receive harsh sentences it becomes a clear class issue and confirms to me that everything I have ever written about the Tories and this government in particular is the truth.

These Tory MPs, Lords, Tory bankers and Tory supporting corporations etc  true personalities are coming through. These people (usually men) are of great wealth and privilege, mostly their wealth has been inherited, what do they know of life from their cocooned existences?  None of them know what it is like to go without and to worry about paying the rent/mortgage, or be able to feed and clothe your children keeping them warm and safe. Or worry that the NHS will be there should we fall ill and that our children will be educated to a decent standard, allowing them to make the most of their potential. In fact previously Tories have even told working class people they should not have children and even David Cameron himself has intimated this. Incidentally Mitchell is a millionaire and owns four properties, 3 in the UK and one in France worth £4 million. Mitchell made his money out of banking. How surprising - not!

This latest outburst is so typical of this Tory led government, it is out of touch and has a completely belligerent attitude towards us "plebs", they want our votes but they do not want us. Mitchell treated police officers in downing street as if they were his servants and the way Cameron and this government aided and abetted by Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have treated the police is disgraceful.

It is said that senior Tories are incandescent with rage over the harm that all of this is doing the party, and this alone is just typical, they are not incandescent with rage at the fact that one of them abused the police and insulted the public in general, they are just angry because it is harming the party and that just about sums it up!  The Tory party are a dysfunctional party and their behaviour and arrogance is becoming more desperate as time passes and more and more they realise that Osborne the worse chancellor in living memory has got it all wrong.

What happened to Compassionate Conservatism, the Big Society, "we're all in it together?" Vote Blue Get Green and "Governing in the National Interest? All just mealy mouthed words thought up by a spin doctor for David Cameron to roll out and to disguise the reality behind everything this out of touch government is trying to do to the masses in this country. As they cut police, doctor, nurse and teacher numbers, destroy and privatise our NHS and give preference to Free schools for the off-spring of pushy well to do parents who want their children to be educated privately but don't want to pay for it. 
No doubt we will hear all Cameron's catch phrases, more lies and more futile promises he makes to break again at the coming Conservative conference, or who knows his PR people or speech writer may have thought up some more to try and fool all of us into voting for them again, so as the last strains of "Land of Hope and Glory" fade into the ether and the sight of Tories draped in the union flag and bowler hats disappears in haze, remember that this is the party that wants us only for our vote and they have just shown us exactly what they think of us and once they have got that vote they will once again treat us with the arrogance and contempt they honestly believe us "vile plebs" deserve and they will snigger behind our backs as they do it!
Hopefully no working class person will ever think of voting for this over privileged, totally incompetent out of touch bunch of snobs ever again!

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