Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Could Theresa May's Vans Be About To Make a Comeback?

  Cold? Go home and put on a vest

Remember when Theresa May was Home Secretary and she sent around vans telling immigrants to "Go Home or Face Arrest"? Could her vans be about to make a comeback this time telling people how to keep warm as energy prices start to soar?

Another day and another broken Tory promise. Just a few weeks ago during the general election campaign, Theresa May promised if the Conservatives won the election she would "cap energy prices" obviously, that promise went in the bin along with other promises in the Tory manifesto just a few short weeks after the election that May says she won ( but didn't really as she lost her majority). She was forced to do a deal with Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in order to stay in power as prime minister, that deal bung cost the British taxpayer £1billion and is likely to grow exponentially as time passes and the DUP spends all the money.

Where is the outrage at May's broken election promise in the MSM and broadcast media? They are strangely quiet about this BROKEN PROMISE, yet just a few days ago the entirety of the Tory right-wing press and the Conservative party themselves were in meltdown over something leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn DIDN'T say or promise!

Proof, if proof were ever needed that our MSM and broadcast media are Tory biased and are actively interfering and spreading malicious lies in order to sway public opinion against the Labour party.

May I suggest Mrs May if we need any funds to help our most vulnerable citizens, the sick, the disabled (whose cars, wheelchairs and benefits you have already removed), the young and elderly to pay their energy bills this winter, perhaps we could tap up the DUP for a bung loan?

Another Day ANOTHER Conservative Promise Broken
(and it's only a few weeks since the general election!)

Who could forget the vans that shamed the entire British nation?