Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Has Andy Coulson Just Fired The First Salvo? If So, Who For?

These days Westminster talk is not about how much judgement David Cameron has, it's whether he possesses any at all.

The public's first real perception that the PM lacked judgement was the Andy Coulson debacle,
so, I am puzzled to learn today (at a time when yet again David Cameron's judgement is being questioned over leaving the country in the aftermath of a terrorist attack) that Andy Coulson has popped up and has penned a 10-point "master plan" in GQ magazine, supposedly to help his former boss "rescue" his premiership, using the PM's number one enemy and contender for his job, London Mayor, Boris Johnson!

I cannot help but wonder if one of those points in Coulson's "rescue plan" should be not to hire ex newspaper editors with dubious reputations as spin doctors and to steer clear of women with red  hair who borrow ex Metropolitan police horses for the PM to ride and who 'used' to work for Australian tabloid newspaper tycoons and who send you intimate texts on the eve of important speeches and then blurt out the content in an Inquiry?

 Both Coulson and Brooks are due to stand trial in September charged with several serious offences concerning phone hacking, perverting the course of justice, and paying police for information etc which if found guilty could lead to custodial sentences for both of them.

Reading the article about Coulson in the Independent today, one wonders why Coulson  has chosen this time in particular to openly publish such advice, why not just quietly send it directly to Cameron? Which leads me to wonder if it has been written to help or hinder his former boss? On the face of it, the article is pretty lame and appears to offer some banal advice that quite frankly looks to have been jotted down in five minutes on the back of a fag packet, but what I find intriguing is what may be "hostile under-current" fizzing away between the lines and why publish it for all (including the opposition) to read?

They say that "timing is everything" in politics, if this is so, then the timing of this article due out tomorrow will cause alarm within the PM's inner Etonian circle of advisers in Downing Street who are already struggling to repair David Cameron's tarnished reputation as a weak and judgement-less prime minister! (Although they will pretend otherwise)

It cannot help David Cameron to have the public reminded of Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch and the now defunct Sunday newspaper the News of the World at this particular time, and the potential for lasting damage that this could do to Cameron should not be underestimated. Are "all roads are leading back to the Leveson Inquiry"? Cameron who has been paralysed with indecision over how to implement the Leveson recommendations for press regulation eventually decided to back the Royal Charter thrashed out between all the political parties, only to find himself at odds with the right wing press, this in turn led the press to form their own charter which Cameron has said he will not back. Is it possible that Andy Coulson who quite possibly is bristling with hostility at losing his job, his motivation, his friends, connections  in the newsprint industry etc has been used to fire the first round for the press, or is it something else? Incidentally it is no secret that Rupert Murdoch is a fan and advocate of London Mayor Boris Johnson and their "friendship" goes back and reveals some "dirty little secret meetings"  and again more recently and Boris Johnson planned to build a Rupert Murdoch Academy all of which the right wing press largely and conveniently tend to ignore!

Andy Coulson could be feeling cut adrift and ostracised from someone he thought of a friend. I have pointed to this before and written how I thought this could spell danger for David Cameron at some point, it now appears we may be nearing this point!

Purely from a business angle Coulson's earning potential has plummeted since he was forced to resign as the prime minister's Director of Communications. With his court case now looming, just 4 months away, if he is found guilty Coulson in all probability will be sent to prison, he has a family to keep and mortgage to pay and unless he is receiving income from "elsewhere" we do not know about then somehow he has to provide for his family should the worse happen. I wonder if this is also behind his decision to suddenly break his silence after two years? If it is, it is hard to think of a more damaging way to do it for the PM than to put his arch rival firmly in the frame for the top job, taking care at the same time to subliminally damage David Cameron by furthering the opinion that his premiership is in serious trouble (hence the "rescue plan") and bolster the reputation of Johnson by announcing it's not Johnson's style to stab people in the back! Was this a direct pop at Cameron because Andy Coulson feels like he has been stabbed in the back by David Cameron?

Pressurising Andy Coulson to resign, getting rid of the Essex boy and filling his shoes with the PM's old Etonian pals and Lynton Crosby must feel like a dagger through the heart!

And Coulson talking about "utilising Samantha Cameron" as if she is some kind of female chattel at a time when the PM is under fire for leaving the UK to go on holiday so soon after a terrorist attack and for allowing himself to be pictured posing with his wife in sunny Ibiza while staying in a luxurious villa while the rest of the country suffer's austerity in the cold in the UK and the grief of the family of a horrifically murdered soldier is laid bare in just about every newspaper, is a particularly vicious swipe at David Cameron! It shows that whatever happens to us in this country, this PM, and this government only care about winning elections and gaining advantageous publicity. It will gel in people's subconsciousness and it will do absolutely nothing to gain back the PM's lost female votes!

Coulson writes that Boris Johnson "would much rather see the PM fail miserably in the election", I bet he would and Boris Johnson is not the only one who wants to see Cameron fail miserably, so does (in my opinion) Andy Coulson, or why write such an inflammatory comment which as a former newspaper editor Coulson will be perfectly aware of how it will be taken and used against the PM!

Although Coulson's intervention in the form of his "masterplan" is being touted in a way to assist his former boss, if you believe that you will believe anything. What Coulson has done at a particularly damaging time is reveal that David Cameron is still having private conversations with someone awaiting trial for extremely serious allegations, as well as presiding over a hopelessly split party where not only are MPs knives out for Cameron, so are the knives of his former "friends" and so-called advisers and and even big Tory financial backers! This is a seriously covert attack on Cameron and his premiership!

The Independent said "this should give a boost to No.10", it is hard to see how, this is yet another punch in Cameron's political solar plexus!  This is a "masterplan" alright, only it is a masterplan designed to smile at David Cameron while taking one of those long political knives and stabbing him firmly in the back! Coulson's return to journalism now, is not just coincidental, it is planned and could prompt even more damaging revelations ahead of his court case.

With Ukip on the ascent and robbing Tories of their ultra right wing voters and David Cameron's reputation as competent and truthful plummeting to new depths, it is hard to imagine a more damaging time for the tainted and politically poison Andy Coulson, himself awaiting trial for serious offences to be writing about how he wants to "help" the prime minister!

This so-called "masterplan" is a clear warning to David Cameron about what Andy Coulson knows and the trouble he can cause, reminding the PM about just how close they once were and it's Andy Coulson highlighting David Cameron as a failing PM! It is a shot across David Cameron's bows for sure, the only thing I cannot work out is if Andy Coulson has just fired the first salvo for the Murdoch press, Boris Johnson or himself? Andy Coulson, Rupert Murdoch the right wing press and Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage and Ukip all seem inexplicably linked at this time, can "Deckchair Dave" do anything to stop the impending explosion?

Cameron should be careful, Coulson is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Is Mervyn King In La La Land?

Is the outgoing Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King residing in "La La Land" or is he slyly trying to  off-load his share of the blame for the disastrous showing of the British economy the last three years?

First of all the major problems with the British economy started in 1979 with former Conservative PM Margaret Thatcher. It was she who deregulated the City/banks (not Gordon Brown & Labour). It was Thatcher who drove a coach and horses through British manufacturing (not Gordon Brown & Labour). It was Thatcher who decimated the steelworks, ship building and closed nearly all the country's pits and made the entire country almost solely dependent upon the Financial Sector (not Gordon Brown & Labour). It was Thatcher who expected miners to stop mining coal and start selling each other financial services (not Gordon Brown & Labour). However, let's do acknowledge the truth and say that Labour could have clamped down harder on the City, they didn't and that was a mistake, but blaming them  for the absolute failure of Thatcher's monetary policies and for what individual bankers did to this country and the entire world through their greed and often illegal casino banking practices is totally ridiculous and while we keep allowing Osborne and Cameron to pull the wool over our eyes we are failing to acknowledge the real problems and are storing up further huge problems for the country in the very near future.

Incidentally, the only reason why this country has not experienced even worse economic woes is because we are not in the Eurozone and we have our own sovereign currency and can set our own interest rates and for that don't thank former Conservative chancellor Kenneth Clarke, thank Labour and Gordon Brown, who refused to take this country into the euro.

It seems to me that the Conservative party and their supporters really like to re-write history. The crash of 2008 was not the first of it's kind, in more recent history we experienced similar in 1973 under the Conservative government of Ted Heath. Secondary banking crisis which started under the Conservatives in 1973 and which Labour inherited in 1974 . Having already experienced this crash (which the Wilson/Callaghan government were left to clear the mess from 1974 to 1979 and which Thatcher and the Tories like to blame Labour for), it makes what Margaret Thatcher did to the British economy in making it dependent on the financial sector even more astonishing! No lessons were learnt then and none it seems are being learnt by Osborne and Cameron now. What Cameron and Osborne are doing now is a virtual carbon copy of Margaret Thatcher's failed monetary policies and to cap it all, Osborne is now busily creating a housing bubble all of his own under his widely criticised Help to Buy Scheme, thus storing up a further crash for a future government to deal with. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the latest to criticise the Tory chancellor's scheme.  Margaret Thatcher dreamed up her "Right to Buy" scheme which caused the horrendous problems we now have in social housing. As council house stock were sold off, none were built to take their place and through that monumental error was created the catastrophic shortage of affordable housing we see now, which in turn has helped to fuel the credit bubble and credit crunch and the multiplication of Tory landlords charging exorbitant rents for their properties, rents which the government  have now capped which are currently forcing people out of towns and out of cities and even in some cases to lose their homes, in what will become known as the big Conservative social cleansing of our towns and cities.  Has Osborne and the Tories learned anything? No because Osborne is now doing exactly the same with his "Help to Buy" scheme! You cannot really make this stuff up and already the market is showing signs of an escalation in house prices which will precipitate a huge crash, even Crispin Odey a big financial backer of the Tories, is warning that house prices will crash and could fall as far as 50% in value, which will leave millions in negative equity! Exactly the same as was caused by Thatcher's policies which is exactly what led to the crash in 2008! Not only is the IMF, Odey and many others warning about this impending disaster, Mervyn King is also firing warning shots and Osborne is taking absolutely no notice and is pushing ahead with what will turn out to be a catastrophe for this country and the people! Why? Because he is panicking, because his austerity measures are not working and because the economy is still flat-lining and because he is borrowing £249 billion MORE than the previous Labour government would have done, and because he is doing nothing with that increased borrowing (whereby Labour have said they would invest in infrastructure, more houses, schools etc to help grow the economy). Because they keep on about the deficit being reduced by a 3rd (it's the same 3rd they keep announcing) and the PM has already been pulled up and rebuked for lying on national TV claiming the national debt was falling, when it is in fact rising.

King who hands over the Governorship of the BofE this summer to Canadian Mark Carney told Sky News's Dermot Murnaghan that there was wide spread risk-taking in the run up to the credit crunch, and that it had been a mistake to give the banking sector such a lofty status in the good times and then he goes on to say "don't demonise bankers" -why? It was them that helped cause this and they have got away with it for too long already.

King was a part of this or has he forgotten? How much status bankers were given is immaterial, they had a choice and they chose greed. They chose to hand out toxic mortgages giving credit to people that could not pay it back. The financial institutions took too many risks and did not have the credit on their balance sheets to cover it, that is illegal, that is false accounting, that was what Mervyn King oversaw and yet not one banker in this country has been prosecuted - why? Could it be because most of them are in some way connected to the present Tory led coalition government? That they are MPs, Lords, financial backers etc?

King says the BofE should not make or take political decisions and yet he himself has made several overtly political comments giving backing to the chancellor George Osborne and PM David Cameron - he allowed himself to become politicised.

It seems to me that King wants to try and ingratiate himself with the good while trying to disassociate himself from the bad. It was his job to spot the credit crunch and he failed to do that, hardly surprising when we look at his record because he has systematically failed to spot anything of real significance (despite some on the Monetary Committee trying to warn him otherwise) and his growth forecasts have never been right - not once. So why should we believe him now when he is predicting a return to growth of 2% by 2015? Does he really need remind that in context, the economy the Tory led Coalition inherited from the former Labour government in May 2010 after the general election was growing and a recovery was already underway? It had grown from the 3rd quarter of 2009 to the same quarter in 2010 by 2.7%, so even if King's predictions for growth are correct, by 2015 the economy will still be 0.7% short of the 2.7%  it was at in 2010 when this present government took the economy over! In the 10 quarters since 2010 the economy has only grown by a disastrous 0.7%! So the shadow chancellor Ed Balls is correct, there has been no real growth in the economy, it is flat-lining and just bumping along the bottom and we cannot continue to do this, especially as despite this government massaging the unemployment figures down, unemployment is now starting to rise sharply again.

Where does all this leave Mervyn King? He doesn't want us to blame the Tory financial supporting bankers whose greed got this country into this mess, King says it's not their fault, it is the fault of the system, really? Would that be the system put in place by Margaret Thatcher? Most certainly it is however, it is also the fault of multi millionaires whose greed spurred them on and on, and who now still have so much money that they could not hope to spend in several life times! Yet they grasped more and more until finally the toxic bubble they all created burst and did they help clean up the mess they created? No they sat back in silence and they still sit in silence and watch as the ordinary person, the disabled, the workers, the low waged, the unemployed, the vulnerable, the elderly, the young, public and private sector workers are forced to pay for the bankers greed, with lower standards of living, with their jobs and cuts to public services, and the looming privatisation of our NHS and education and still Osborne and Cameron do absolutely nothing about it, but why would they when the majority of the Conservatives financial bankers and even some of their MPs and Lords are bankers, shadow bankers, health care companies, property tycoons and are affiliated to multi national companies?

I am even more convinced today that the Conservative party is not a proper political party, it is but a political wing of the banks, shadow banks and multi national corporations, so don't expect that party in or out of government to do anything that is any way beneficial to the people, because this is not the way these institutions work. Their whole raisons d'ĂȘtre is profit - profit - profit, exactly the same as the conservative party as a whole.  Hence the full scale privatisation of the NHS, the privatisation of state education and the removal of workers and human rights and legal aid and the right to take an employer to a tribunal etc as well as the destruction of the welfare state. Look at everything this Conservative led government are trying to do, everything is all what the financial sector would term as drains on their profits and to get rid of it all, would be how asset strippers work when they go into a company and sell off the good bits and this is exactly why the Tories are trying to convince us that "small government" is the way to go and when small government is talked about by Conservatives, what they really mean is shrinking back the state and selling off the good parts to their mates, the bankers, shadow bankers, health companies and multi national companies etc. Bringing in private companies to take more and more of our tax pounds in profits for the banks, shadow banks, the health care companies and the multi national companies and that is healthcare funding, education and welfare that you are your family will no longer receive in the future, because the funding has found its way into the bank accounts of private company shareholders.

 If Mervyn King thinks we cannot see or understand that, then he really is in "La La Land" and if any ordinary person votes Conservative knowing all of this then they are in "La La Land" too.

King wants to leave the BofE on top, he wants to claim a recovery and when it all goes wrong he wants to be able to point to that Sky Murnaghan interview and say, 'well the recovery was under way when I left and look I even warned about Osborne's "Help to Buy" scheme'. Which incidentally, he could have advised Osborne not to do, in fact he could have made it impossible for him to do, but just like King failed to modernise the BofE, he also failed to control his political masters, King is a puppet of Osborne and Cameron. In failing to prevent Osborne going ahead with the insane "Help to Buy"scheme, King is helping lay a trap for a future government who will have to take the banana skin decision of when to end the scheme, and the 3 years that the scheme is only meant to run for could turn out to be a very long 3 years indeed, as stopping t it could cause seismic tremors in the housing market and we all know where that leads!

And remember that absolutely none of this could be taking place, none of it would be possible if it were not for the Liberal Democrats aiding and abetting the Tories to get their socially catastrophic bills through parliament.

When you vote next time remember that and if you think the Tories are bad, then please don't vote Ukip because they are just like the Conservative party - only on "speed"!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cameron Flies Away On Holiday Leaving Britain To Cope With Aftermath of Terrorist Attack!

David Cameron jetted off on holiday to Ibiza yesterday leaving the country struggling to cope with the aftermath of the terrorist attack and  the horrific death of solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week. There has also been further arrests in connection with the attack and the prime minister, David Cameron not in the country is being kept informed by mobile phone.

Apparently, says No 10,  his wife Sam puts her foot down over family holidays. That's all very well if  her husband wasn't supposed to be running this country, but he is and she must realise that this job entails unforeseen circumstances and if they cannot accept that then they seriously need to rethink their position.

The PM's duty at the moment is to Lee Rigby's family, the armed forces and this country and we are simply not seeing that duty, or that level of commitment from him and we deserve better than this prime minister is currently giving us.

Former PM Gordon Brown had only just arrived on holiday in Dorset with his family in August 2007 when the foot and mouth disease outbreak struck yet he returned to Downing Street immediately and there he stayed right through the crisis, he didn't just merrily carry on with his holiday relying on his mobile phone to keep him informed! Likewise before that in January 2007 Tony Blair returned from Florida to deal with the Northern Ireland peace process.

David Cameron is hardly ever in the country, he has now missed eight out of the last nine prime minister's questions in the House of Commons, as he has engineered his trips out of the country to coincide with taking Wednesdays off so he doesn't have to face Ed Miliband. Mr Cameron could have held a PMQ when Margaret Thatcher died, (incidentally he was out of the country then too) instead he arranged that her funeral be held on a Wednesday, thus getting him out of yet another PMQs. Incidentally George Osborne has not answered questions in the House of Commons for over THREE MONTHS now.

David Cameron has form for this kind of thing, he was on holiday when the August riots of 2011 broke out and as images of this country burning were being broadcast around the world, David Cameron was on holiday sunning himself in Tuscany and for the first few days refused to return, once again saying he was being kept informed by mobile phone.

At that time Nick Clegg the non deputising Deputy PM, was bizarrely also out of the country! What is the point of having a DPM and him being out of the country on holiday at the exact same time as the PM who he is supposed to be deputising for?

Just before the riots George Osborne the chancellor was in California riding a roller coaster when the Eurozone crisis deepened he didn't bother returning home either and he was still there when the riots broke out.

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson was also away on holiday and so was the Home Secretary, Theresa May. The only person left was the Foreign Secretary, William Hague who issued one short statement about the riots and the Eurozone crisis before going to his country residence and hiding away refusing to speak to the media or take any more questions. The country was left without anyone in charge as  the economy was going down the pan and the country was burning, and being looted, people were being murdered and made homeless being forced to jump out of their burning homes as anarchy ruled the streets and where was Cameron? He was in a Tuscan cafe cuddling up to a waitress doing silly PR stunts and staging a photocalls with a waitress whom he had previously failed to tip. This apparently was far more important than what was happening back home!

Two mornings after the riots broke out, Downing Street insisted that there were "absolutely no plans" for the prime minister to return. Later in the same day Nick Clegg and Theresa May cut short their holidays and after a third night of looting both Cameron and Johnson relented and flew back to London.
This was an alarming show of utter incompetence which was totally ignored by the Tory supporting right wing press and instead of being held to account for his incompetence and questions asked and answers demanded why David Cameron had allowed all the top cabinet ministers to be away on holiday and out of the country all at the same time, he was praised by the right wing press for not doing his job! In 2011 David Cameron took FIVE holidays in as many months!

People in this country are committing suicide, struggling to live, being forced out of their homes over the bedroom tax and housing benefit caps, their low wages do not cover their household bills and the government have cut their tax credits, which means that many are turning to food banks in order to feed their families and 200,000 more children are being pushed into poverty and David Cameron's answer to that is to leave the country to the austerity measures he has imposed upon them and bugger off away on holiday - again!

When Cameron was away in Washington a couple of weeks ago (out of the country again) the whole time was taken up with him trying to make deals to stop his back bench MPs going mad in public and treating the world to our governing party fighting like ferrets in a sack.

Then came the gay marriage debacle and all the Tory infighting there being broadcast all around the world and the whole world witnessing  the British government trying to out right wing Ukip. This is a truly incompetent government, who appear to be dancing rings around the the right wing press and we should be asking how and why are they being allowed to get away with their appalling governance of our country?

Why is the press allowing David Cameron to get away with this utter fecklessness, yet if Ed Miliband sneezes he is ridiculed for a month!

The Army has launched a recruitment drive to help find 10,000 personnel just weeks before thousands are due to be laid off.

It is the single biggest round of armed forces job losses under the coalition which could see in the region of 5,300 redundancies on June 18.

It will be the third instalment of job cuts arising from the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review and confined to the Army.

The first tranche in September 2011 saw 2,860 forces personnel across all three services made redundant, while the second, which again involved the Army, Navy and RAF - hit 3,760 last June. And it is not just older people who are being made redundant , soldiers are being made redundant after serving just 18 months and costing the MOD £100,000 to train! What the MOD is doing is getting rid of permanent soldiers and replacing them with Territorial Army recruits, which will save money, but will also place this country at more risk from terrorist attacks. 
Cameron has once again left this country to get on with it while he enjoys his millionaire status and luxury family holiday, this time he leaves us to struggle alone with the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attack carried out by two wannabe Jihadists, who brutally murdered a serving soldier on the streets of our country. There are clearly questions to answer why there was no security, and why these suspects were known to MI5 and nothing done.

NOT LEAST, not one TV news programme or one newspaper has made much mention of the fact that David Cameron, aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats have actually *HALVED* the counter terrorism budget - WHY?

What kind of danger is this incompetent government placing us in and why are the right wing press and right wing broadcast media allowing them to get away with it all?

One wonders if this were a Labour PM and a Labour government behaving in such an incompetent reckless fashion would they have ever heard the last of it?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cameron Lurching Further and Further to the Right!

Today David Cameron made a speech about the Woolwich murder he said:
"The people who did this were trying to divide us"
Really? Are we imagining that ever since David Cameron became prime minister he has sought to divide communities in our country?

  • He has pitted those that have, against those have nothing. 
  • He has divided disabled and able bodied people. 
  • He has turned the employed against the unemployed. 
  • He has turned private sector workers against public sector workers.
  • He has turned people against those on benefits
  • He has caused friction between those that own their own homes and those who live in social housing
  • He has turned people against those forced to claim housing benefit
  • And
  • He has turned the British public against immigrants
  • He has accused immigrants of taking houses, jobs and of using the NHS and education etc
David Cameron's actions have caused deep seated unrest and friction in this country and this is how Ukip has managed to grow so rapidly, its ranks swelled with former BNP and EDL members. David Cameron has provided the base for deeply unpleasant right wing ideology to grow. Every time he has felt his position threatened Cameron has come out and made a speech attacking immigrants or those on welfare, he is using these two groups as election bargaining chips.

Cameron's new election strategist Lynton Crosby was caught in a foul mouth racist tirade while working for London Mayor, Boris Johnson, using the diatribe "f*****g Muslims"
Mr Crosby said Mr Johnson should concentrate on traditional Tory voters instead of ‘f****** Muslims’. The source added: ‘He definitely used that phrase’ and said: ‘Lynton’s view was that chasing the Muslim vote and other ethnic groups was a waste of time –  and he frequently expressed himself in very strong terms. Some people found it very offensive.’
Yet David Cameron still went ahead and hired him, against all advice - how could he stand behind that lectern outside Downing Street today and say the things he said knowing he hired this man?

Cameron has made people feel worthless and victimised as he forces them to pay through cuts to their living standards for what his friends the greedy Tory doning bankers did to this country and if he doesn't stop this, then this country is going to see much more violence on our streets.

I cannot take anything David Cameron says seriously and the reason for this is because he has told countless blatant lies, I simply do not believe a single thing he says.

How dare he talk about dividing us, when he has done nothing but divide us for his own narrow party political interests, the man has no shame.

David cameron is lurching ever further to the right and as a result something deeply unpleasant and profoundly sinister is taking place in this country.

Mark my words, it will all end in tears - it's already started.

This is the Country Cameron Created!

Ever since David Cameron assumed the role of unelected prime minister he has made provocative statements. Every time his electoral position has been threatened he has resorted to scaremongering about immigrants, the EU, welfare, the NHS, education etc. His party is now under attack from an extreme right wing party in Ukip and it is all Cameron's doing, he only has himself to blame.

It is Cameron who has made Ukip what it is and now Ukip is becoming home for the BNP and the EDL etc and Nigel Farage is providing a semi respectable face for these extremists in the BNP and EDL to hide behind. Farage also seems oblivious to the monster he is now creating. How can he? He doesn't even know the background of hardly any of his 147 new councillors.

For example: A newly elected Ukip councillor Eric Kitson put a cartoon of a Muslim being spit roasted over a fire fuelled by copies of the Koran on his Facebook page. There was also a string of  false anti-Jewish comments. In another vile remark in reference to a Muslim woman he wrote: "Hang um all first and aske questions later"

The situation on the streets is becoming like a tinder box and it is being stoked up with inflammatory rhetoric from David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Nigel Farage and the Tory supporting newspapers who are persistently publishing scare stories about immigrants, shirkers, skivers, benefit fraudsters etc. Day after day these publications carry stories about this immigrant, or that immigrant who is apparently having loads of children and is cheating the British taxpayer out of a job and social housing. They are being blamed for the mess this government are making in the NHS, and education The fact that these stories are just isolated cases and the majority of immigrants working here are not only not allowed to claim welfare until a certain time has passed but even when they are eligible the numbers of immigrants claiming is really low, and in addition they also pay their tax and national insurance and contribute to the economy - in short they pay in far more than they take out! They are also simply not allowed to go on the housing waiting lists for 2 years, yet this goes unreported.

The British public are being totally misled by this dreadful Tory led coalition government and their mates in the right wing press and between them they have created a fertile plot for Ukip to grow and flourish in!

Today there has been one of the most appalling barbaric murders on the streets of Woolwich and straight away all Muslims are being blamed for the actions of a couple of "wannabe Jihadist attention seeking lunatics" and the EDL have already taken to the streets to "protect" Woolwich from the .....police and have been causing trouble and making a bad situation a good deal worse.

There has been an upsurge of right wing anti immigrant, anti welfare claimant in this country and this is entirely the fault of David Cameron. BBC's Nick Robinson who is one of David Cameron's toadying Tory sycophants has described the the murdering lunatics in Woolwich as "Muslim looking", does he think that all white people look "Christian looking"?

I warned you this was getting out of hand and anyone of Asian appearance could now be seriously in danger from ignorant idiots from the BNP and EDL, thanks to Cameron and Robinson spreading their disinformation around for their own narrow party political interests. The BBC should sack Nick Robinson, what he said is simply unacceptable!

This is what extremism in ALL creeds and ALL nationalities looks like!

Cameron was out of the country (yet again) today and is apparently cutting his trip to Paris short, well why not? He stoked all the trouble up!

Good of him to return, maybe he may even get himself along to the House of Commons? After all he has only missed EIGHT out of the last nine Prime Ministers Questions. If he pops along to the Commons it will make a nice change for him to be seen facing his back bench MPs and not arguing and fighting with them in public!

As he continues to push this country further and further to the right. Ukip's recent success has David Cameron to thank, they have started to collect votes ever since Cameron began pitting our people against each other just to enhance his own re-election prospects! Cameron now has the public believing things about immigrants, the disabled, the sick, the poor, the vulnerable etc that are simply untrue.

I said the other day that David Cameron has lost control of this government and the country and he has. He is dangerous and will be the cause of riots on our streets if he is not stopped.

David Cameron is totally unfit to to be prime minister and the Conservative party is unfit to be the party of government, they are a dangerous unruly, backbiting, infighting, incompetent out of control rabble.

This is the country that David Cameron has created, he should go and go now before he causes further terrible irreparable damage.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Battle of the "Swivel-Eyed Loons"!

The farce over the Ukip threat to the Conservative party trundles on, day after day after day, it is now affecting the running of day to day business of this government, exposing the the deep splits within the Tory party and their infighting has almost reached implosion pitch. The row completely overshadowed his recent trip to Washington, where we had the bizarre situation of the President trying to help dig Cameron out of a hole!

David Cameron has not only lost control of his party, he has lost control of the government. The Tories right wing and ultra right wing factions fighting like ferrets in a sack is having a detrimental affect on the running of this country, as well as rendering the UK a complete laughing stock in the face of the rest of the world!

The Tories have become all consumed with fighting each other, yet the one theme runs through them like a stick of  Green Party Brighton Pavilion rock, is their desire to win the the next general election. Never mind that their incompetence and their disgraceful public backbiting and infighting and their obsession with Europe  clearly demonstrates that they are not fit to run a sweet shop, let alone be responsible for this country and our peoples lives!

Nigel Farage doesn't need to be an MP at Westminster,  he is already running the Tory party and dictating government policy. The man who hates the EU so much that  to satisfy his own xenophobic whim he would risk the livelihoods of millions of British citizens by pulling the UK out of the European Union, is bizarrely an MEP in the EU which he professes to hate so much! Farage is also on the EU fisheries committee and would expect him to realise how important this country's fishing industry is, yet out of the last 30 meetings he has been present at only one meeting - so much for representing British interests! The man is a boozing fag smoking joke who Cameron has allowed to all but in name run the Tory party and this country!

The Tory party and the Tory led coalition government has now descended into complete chaos and it is now the Ukip tail wagging the Tory dog and normal government business is being completely overrun by infighting.

Cameron has shown himself to be incredibly weak and ineffectual, by giving in to successive ultra right wing demands. At great risk to inward investment into this country at an exceptionally vital time for our economy and our people, a panicking Cameron promised the right of his party an in or out referendum! This is not the way Government should be, it should be country before party every single time, obviously Cameron couldn't care less about this as since then he has made a string of concessions  which never quietens the Tories for long, as they pocket the latest concession and then ask for the next one and now as the Ukip threat has materialised it has the anti EU, anti gay marriage "swivel-eyed loons"  at each others throats again!

David Cameron has his own special names for people, 'swivel-eyed loons' is apparently what he calls his right wing Euro-sceptics and of course we all know that he refers to Ukip members as as a "bunch of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" obviously  forgetting that quite a large majority of his right wing MPs and Tory supporters in general are actually "closet Ukippers". Cameron and his 'swivel-eye loons' also have a name for the unemployed and disabled whom he often refers to as "skivers and shirkers" or "benefit cheats" etc. It seems that his right hand man Lord Feldman (who Cameron made a Lord shortly after assuming power in 2010), may share his friend's love of the neologism, as not to be outdone, according to two journalists from the national press he (or someone else) apparently referred to Tory party grass root activists as 'swivel-eyed loons' and is hasn't gone down at all well!

Not content in forcing the Queen to make an unpleasant attack on immigrants by turning the Queens Speech into some kind of Ukip manifesto rant against immigrants, Her Majesty's Government is made up of openly warring right wing Tory MPs, ultra right wing Tory MPs, and ultra, ultra right wing Tory MPs (who wish they were really Ukip MPs) all slugging it out to see who can out right wing each other. If that wasn't enough, the Tory grass root activists ('swivel-eyed loons') and already up in arms about Cameron's leadership etc, are apparently leaving the Tory party in droves and joining Ukip, and those who are left are demanding Cameron pull out of the EU and drop his gay marriage bill!

Meanwhile the country teeters ever closer to falling off the edge of a economic cliff . However, we are supposed to be seeing green shoots of recovery according to the outgoing Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, the man who says the BofE must remain out of politics, but has been regularly climbing into bed with the Tories. The trouble with Merv's forecasts is, that not once has he ever got one right!

Unemployment continues to rise despite the fact that this government have come up with a whole myriad of ways in which to massage the figures down.

The Tory Health & Social Care Act of 2012 is causing mayhem in the NHS and in Accident & Emergency Departments the length and breadth of the land. NHS 111 replacing the perfectly good and extremely efficient NHS Direct is not working and is adding to the pressure. The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt hasn't a scooby do what he is doing or when he is supposed to be doing it, he is currently running around telling overworked, pressurised staff that we need more nurses, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that it was his government that is responsible for getting rid of 5000 nurses since they came to power!

The education secretary has managed to insult the country's teachers and head teachers and upset them reducing them to tears with threats of bullying and intimidation and the Work and Pensions secretary has introduced the bedroom tax which is unfair and unworkable and is now either forcing people to commit suicide or attend one of the ballooning number of food banks being set up to try and feed the population who now have no money, due to the government's welfare reforms and trying to force them to pay out from money they simply do not have. Others on low wages are being forced to pay council tax for the first time and if they cannot increase their work hours they are seeing their tax credits cut. The disabled are being subjected to immoral unreliable Atos interrogations and having their DLA removed and their cars taken away from them. (Why doesn't Cameron and IDS just order them to be knee capped?)

Cameron has only done one  PMQs out of eight - George Osborne hasn't answered questions in the House for coming up about 3 months now, and has anyone noticed how quiet George is being over #swivelgate? Resident Tory thug, London Mayor Boris [break the ribs of journalists] Johnson, has so many different opinions on the EU that it appears he is doing a one man Hokey-kokey  " are Eu in out, in out, - shake it all about".

All this and so much more (far too much to mention here) and all we see is the continuation of the Tories delusional obsession with their soap opera which is the EU! The PM's answer to his ever growing right wing backbench rebellion is just to let them fight it out in public. After rebuking Gove and the Defence Minister Philip Hammond last week for saying they would vote to withdraw from the EU, Hammond (suitably "chastised" - not) turned around and lobbed a metaphorical hand grenade on Cameron's gay marriage bill causing more explosions in the potent EU mix, and Gove's answer to his leader was to insult the country's teachers live on national TV, for which he was booed and heckled, and all this is being played out on the world stage acutely embarrassing the country's standing abroad (and not just in Europe), very, very damaging.

And the Liberal Democrats answer to it all? Well to do what they have done from day one and just keep backing the Tories, no matter what they say, or what they do or how much they are now endangering the public and embarrassing this country.

I think this is the beginning of the end for the British Conservative party as we know it. It could be that it is about to split not two, but three ways. First the Liberal Democrats will walk and break the coalition up as they realise backing Cameron over a referendum would be just one hypocritical step too much (especially as the general election is fast approaching). Then after huge public fights and blood letting the right wing Tories will split from the ultra right wing Tories and stay with Cameron, the ultra right wing Tories will split from the Tory party and form their own party, and the ultra, ultra right wing Ukip Tories will join Ukip. In any event we will have an early general election as the public lose patience and confidence in this appalling incompetent split asunder Tory Government.

Thank goodness for Ed Miliband the Labour leader, who is the only leader to be actually leading (not following) his party. It would have been very easy for Miliband to try and cash in on the Tory furore by offering a referendum or trying to force the Tories to bring the supposed 2017 referendum forward, but he didn't, his position is clear, he is not going to damage this country for the sake of his own and his party's narrow political interests, he is going to do what he thinks is right for the country at this time. Which is negotiate Britain's terms when the time comes and not threaten vital inward investment at a time when the British economy is flat lining. It took guts and strength to stand in the face of an adverse hostile press, who have done nothing but try to belittle him (even though on all the big questions it has been Miliband who has been correct) and face them down.

What a pity that David Cameron doesn't have the intellect, the integrity, honesty and strength of Ed Miliband.

To coin a phrase "Ed Miliband leads his party, David Cameron follows his"!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The British Government Is a Total Omnishambles!

They Think the Omnishambles They Have created Is Funny!

What an omnishambles the British government is in and what a complete mess they are causing in the country. From the prime minister down, does any one of this appalling government know what they are doing at any given time? How much longer is this government going to be allowed to limp on fatally wounded before the press start doing their job and actually reporting the truth and informing the public?

Today on the various Sunday politics shows, it was like a short list interview where the candidates were all vying for the the top job of prime minister. If the government's own cabinet ministers have no confidence in David Cameron's ability to run this country how can the public have any?

The whole country from the economy downwards is going to hell in a handcart. The jobless figure jumped by 70,000 last month and we are supposed to be grateful that we missed a triple dip recession by the skin of our teeth as the British economy stagnates and flat-lines? Are we supposed to be grateful that this shockingly deceitful government are cooking the books to cover up their mishandling of the economy, and fiddling the unemployment statistics in order to keep the full and very shocking truth from us?

Construction has fallen off the edge of a cliff , manufacturing is not far behind it and we are supposed to be cock-a-hoop over a few extra cranes being hired in the capital building office blocks that no one wants while not building homes the country desperately needs?

The only sectors keeping us out of recession are the service sector and the financial sector. How long will people keep spending in the service sector as the government austerity measures start to really take hold? The service sector also depends on government spending, but the government are not spending because they are too busy borrowing money to waste on paying their Tory doning companies like Tesco to take people from the unemployment register, pay them nothing and force the taxpayer to pick up the tab, just so the government can keep fiddling the unemployment figures, which would jump by around a million overnight if this practices suddenly stopped!

The Tory doning banks and financial sector that got the country  into this mess with their greed and also helped to ruin the global economy is doing very well, as people take out  and are forced to spend more on their credit cards, no not for luxuries, but to pay the bills. Not one of these financial organisations has been prosecuted and this government continues to allow them to avoid paying their taxes while awarding themselves huge bonuses.

People's standard of living has plummeted and families can no longer afford to feed themselves and thousands are turning to foodbanks for help.

The cost of gas, electricity and water has soared as the government continues to allow these utility companies to make massive profits and charge us what they like. Remember it was a previous Conservative government under Thatcher that privatised the utility companies allowing foreign investors to buy them and charge us what they like!

Rail fares are going through the roof under the Tory privatised Railways, which is adding further strain to household budgets.

The NHS is being privatised.   Accident and Emergency Departments across the country are now failing and people are waiting hours for treatment in waiting rooms and in hospital corridors on trolleys and some are even being treated in tents in hospital grounds.

Private health companies who donate to the Tory party are being awarded multi million pound NHS contracts. Even the Tory cabinet all have links to health companies and will be making money out of the NHS.

The government have allowed private companies to have access to your medical records and are selling off your personal information.

The perfectly good and efficient NHS Direct service was abolished by this government (for absolutely no good reason other than they could if they wanted to) and was replaced with a malfunctioning inferior service called NHS 111, which has already been estimated to have caused at least three deaths and countless other incidents which are now being investigated.

S75 NHS was approved by the House of Lords and the voted through by Tories and Liberal Democrats and is now forcing GPs to offer private companies NHS contracts, even if they do not want to, thus enabling the privatisation of the NHS still further.

The ambulance service is now at a critical stage and people are being forced to wait up to 5 hours for private ambulances sent from 100's of miles away and when they do arrive they have no idea where the local hospital is.

The Fire service is also being slowly privatised and London Fire Brigade  is being cut endangering people in their homes.

The police service is being privatised and now police forces are being sponsored by MacDonalds or Burger King and could turn up with an advert for these companies across their backs!

The government are also selling off the civil service to be run by private companies.

State education is being privatised and the taxpayer is being forced to fund so called "free" schools which are only open to the children of the elite (not little Johnny from the sink estate) who now find they don't have to pay private school fees because the education Secretary Michael Gove is forcing the taxpayer to pay instead.

As Iain Duncan Smith's (IDS) welfare reforms hit the most vulnerable the hardest the much reviled bedroom tax has claimed a death as a grandmother committed suicide because she felt there was nowhere else for her to turn. (Incidentally IDS lives rent free in a Bucks mansion supplied by his wealth father in law, it has a swimming pool and tennis courts in its grounds) IDS also said he could live on £53 per week but refused to take the challenge.

Mrs Bottrill left a note saying that no one else was to blame for her ending her own life except the government. Mrs Bottrill's daughter had moved out of their 3 bedroom house which left her mother struggling to pay £20 per week bedroom tax for under occupancy, she had apparently told neighbours that she was paying the tax but had nothing left to live on after doing so. That means she had no money left to buy food or pay her other bills, like gas, electricity and water etc. Her son has stated that:
“She was fine before this Bedroom Tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses.“They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.” Full story Here

This is not the first suicide because of this government's policies there is approximately 1,300 people amopng them nay disabled people, who have committed suicide as a direct result of the effects this government's policies are having on their lives.

Read Here about the couple that committed suicide who were forced to walk miles to a food bank in order to eat.

British people are committing suicide to avoid poverty - read Here.

Unemployed dad commits suicide after his housing benefit was stopped read Here

This government have been repeatedly told, but they will not listen, it is as if they have a mental block about how badly their policies are affecting people. The government obviously do not think of people on benefits as real people, with real needs, they obviously believe that all people on benefits are "scroungers" or "skivers" or "shirkers" and have said as much and also implied much more and worse besides. They have deliberately sought to divide people and turn whole communities against each other and this suicide is a symptom of something which has gone badly wrong in Britain today. I'm also afraid is just the tip of the iceberg. The hostile right wing Tory supporting press are failing in their duty to inform the public about what is truly happening in the country and keep issuing this appalling government with continuous "get out of jail free cards" which enables them to carry on hurting and destroying the lives of real people. Rather than report the 1.300 suicides which have taken place as a direct result of this government's draconian policies, rather than report the fact that millions of people are being driven to the edge of despair, the Tory supporting press would rather publish puerile articles calling Ed Miliband stupid names; and they wonder why the public feel that the press need proper legal regulation?!

How have we allowed ourselves to be so badly lied to and so cowed by a government that we meekly accept that the richest in society (and that includes the present Conservative party cabinet) can be handed a huge tax break by their very own Tory chancellor which results in them each being gifted huge cheques between £100,000 and £140,000 from the taxman and we say and do absolutely nothing about it? Why are we allowing ourselves be fooled into thinking that the poor are lazy, feckless idle shirkers so deserve to have their incomes docked by between 14% and 25% per week in bedroom tax and millions of working families deserve to have their tax credits cut while chancellor George Osborne's millionaires receive a giveaway worth on average £100,000? Why are we allowing  our pensioners to pay more tax in order for the rich to pay less?  "Who wants to bung a millionaire"?

This government are not only inflicting the bedroom tax on people, they are also forcing others to pay council tax for the first time, this is people in work but earning a low wage so they got help in the form of rebates. Ye this government want us to believe they have taken x amount of people out of paying income tax, yes they may have but 1) most of those people already paid no tax..2) they give this small concession but fail to tell people they are taking away tax credits, housing benefits and council tax rebates as well as inflicting the council tax upon people. this the government maintain is making work pay?

What kind of society are we allowing this appalling government turn us into? Where a grandmother feels she has no option but to throw herself under the wheels of a lorry and where we just accept that over 1.300 other people have felt so lost, so alone, so isolated, so belittled, depressed and bullied to the point they feel absolutely worthless that they too have committed suicide?

How many more people will be driven to this point before this public wakes up to the evil bullying disease that this Conservative led coalition government are spreading amongst us? More to the point, how much longer are the Liberal Democrats going to keep supporting this government and actually enabling them to do this? Does power really mean that much to them? How much longer can the press keep giving this shocking incompetent bullying government a free ride?

With all this and so much more going on in this country and with the shocking mess this incompetent self serving lying government are making, you would think they would be doing something to try and put it all right? But no apparently not, so what are they doing?

Well apparently there is nothing more pressing in this country right now than the holding a referendum on whether we should stay in or come out of the EU.

We had the Queens Speech last week and instead of it being about promoting jobs and growth and building houses etc, it has turned into a debate on the European Union. The right wing of the Tory party, aided and abetted by their mates in the right wing press have hijacked parliament and the Queens Speech.

David Cameron is running around like a headless chicken giving a good verbal kicking to any immigrant he sees in a bid to out Ukip, Ukip.

He has thrown the only black working class adviser he had in his inner circle out and replaced him with yet another old Etonian from his Bullingdon Boy school days. His inner circle is now almost primarily made up of his old Etonian school chums.

Cameron has hired the dubious immigrant bashing (allegedly) Lynton Crosby three days a week to help him win the next election (because obviously he has no urgent priorities on his hands) and is paying him an astronomical sum funded taxpayer. Lynton Crosby has also allegedly influenced the Queens Speech as his company has links to the oil, gas, tobacco and drinks industries.

We have got into the bizarre situation where the prime minister is now considering voting against his own Queens Speech because he is so scared of his right wing rebellion and of Ukip.

The Prime Minister is more concerned with getting re elected and with Ukip than he is with what is happening in this country. he would rather place at risk 3 million jobs and further destabilise an already unstable economy just for his own narrow party political interests.

And the Liberal Democrats are allowing all this to happen and the hostile Tory supporting press are not reporting any of it, so vast swathes of the public have no real idea about what is really going on.

The press refuse to report Ed Miliband accurately or fairly, they would rather tell lies about him and print tittle tattle and call him childish names (as does David Cameron and the Tories) than report what sense the man is actually talking. He is the only leader strong enough to stand up and say the last thing this country needs at this present time is a referendum on the EU, which would further damage inward investment at a time when the country needs all the investment it can get. he has said if the conditions change in the EU then we will have a referendum.

Miliband is the only leader outwardly saying our financial system is bust and he is the only leader with a plan to fix it.

He is the only leader to act in the national interest and not in his own party political interest and yet the hostile Tory supporting press see this as a means to ridicule him.

The whole country is now hanging over a precipice and all Cameron can think of is himself! Cameron has totally lost control of his government and the country.

The public can have no confidence in him to run  the country properly, he is displaying an alarming abuse of power and even more alarming incompetence and corruption. The British government under this Tory led coalition is now in total disarray.

I've said it many times Cameron and Osborne are totally incapable of running this country, morally and intellectually, I refer to them, not as the Two Ronnies but more the "Two Wrongies"!

It is time for a General Election!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Government Should Scrap NHS 111 Immediately and restore NHS Direct!

Cameron and Hunt
An Accident waiting To Happen!

Yesterday I blogged about the new NHS 111 service which took the place of NHS Direct being in complete chaos thanks to the Conservative controlled coalition government. No one actually knows why the former Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley and the Prime Minister, David Cameron felt they had to interfere with NHS Direct, especially as Cameron had promised "no more top down reorganisation of the NHS".
NHS Direct was performing efficiently and was also cost effective and saving the NHS around £240 million per year!

Today we learn that 60% of doctors believe that the new NHS 111 helpline is very poor and is putting lives at risk.

In the first official survey, more that 80% of doctors asked said that out of hours care had "seriously deteriorated" since the government had replaced the NHS Direct helpline. And 60% said their experience with the new helpline was "poor" or "very poor".

The survey was carried out in the North East by Dr Ken Megson, of the NHS Medical Committee.
The survey also found that ambulances were overstretched. Previously under NHS Direct, only 50% of people ringing in for advice would go on to see an NHS member of staff, now under NHS 111 it has soared to 80%. This is placing serious pressure on ambulance services, fast responses and Accident and Emergency Departments. One GP has reported that his patient died while being forced to wait 1¾ hours for an ambulance! In another NHS 111 tragedy a lady from Aylesbury, Bucks reported being left on the phone for more than an hour as 111 staff failed to find a qualified nurse who could administer pain relief to her terminally ill husband, she said that she should have d been with her husband but couldn't be as she was on the phone, her husband later died.

The question everyone is now asking is why the government got rid of NHS Direct? For what possible reason did they do this to a service which people acknowledged was an excellent service with qualified nurses giving prompt medical advice and replacing it with an inferior substandard privatised service, run by people with hardly any training and zero medical qualifications? The government is placing telephone operatives in situations that far exceeds their capabilities, it is not fair on these workers who I am sure do their best in terrible stressful situations and it is certainly not fair on the thousands of people who are now being forced to use a substandard service at extremely distressing times!

There are widespread fears about clinical failings and dreadful communication as operatives try to work out if people need to go to a major hospital unit, need an ambulance, need fast response, or an out of hours GP practice by means of using a check list, and often with no qualified person with whom they can consult. People are being told they will be rung back and  in many cases they are kept waiting hours for the phone call or no one phones until the next day and in some cases no one returns the call at all. The situation is now that nervous operatives who are not confident in their own abilities are worried that they are missing important symptoms are sending ambulances to people who do not need them, while the people that do need them urgently are being kept waiting, often with serious consequences.

A child running a high temperature which cannot be controlled would set off alarm bells in the minds of qualified staff. yet a GP reports that a worried mother whose child was displaying such symptoms and who called NHS 111 for advice received no call back from the service!

Another doctor who contributed to the research spoke of fears about "inappropriate" clinical decisions being made by NHS 111 phone line's operators. The medic described how one elderly patient who needed to be taken straight to hospital was instead sent to an urgent care centre and collapsed while being assessed.

Parents of babies who have breathing difficulties are not being advised to seek urgent treatment at hospital and are not being sent an ambulance, instead they are being advised to go to urgent care centres miles away and then are having to be taken under a blue light to Accident and Emergency.

If a qualified nurse takes a call from a someone and runs through a check list of symptoms, often from the answers they are given they will ask further questions that do not appear on that check list, and then they can quickly assess the situation and what action is needed, this comes with training and experience, the kind of training and experience that it is impossible for a telephone operative to garner in just a few days, in fact it takes years to get to this stage and it is this service that the government have withdrawn and c drastically cut down right across the country. The NHS 111 service is not only failing the nation and posing a serious risk to health, it is also undermining the professional medical qualifications and training of qualified nurses.

Three deaths are currently being investigated in connection with NHS 111 and a further 20 untoward
 incidents  have been recorded. How many more deaths and distress and suffering will be caused before this government pulls the plug on this service and restores it to NHS Direct? A service they should never have touched and did not need to touch.

Monday, May 6, 2013

NHS 111 In Complete Chaos Thanks To Conservative Government

Most of the current Conservative Cabinet and other Tory MPs

NHS Direct was launched in 1998 after the former Labour government identified a need for a telephone health advice line staffed by nurses as part of its plans to modernise the NHS

NHS Direct's core service was the provision of health advice to the public through the national telephone service or through digital channels including the website 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

In 2010 before the Coalition government changed NHS Direct it was there to:

  • Make a difference to the lives of people in England, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • NHS Direct was used by 27000 people a day and cost £123 million per year to run
  • NHS Direct was a service "currently" there for people whenever they had health worries 
  • NHS Direct had the knowledge and experience to give the public real help and reassurance.
  • NHS Direct's vision was to be the national healthline, providing expert health advice, information and reassurance, using their world class telephone service and website, and to be the NHS’ provider of choice for telephone and digitally delivered health services.
  • NHS Direct was NOT  just a telephone healthline. They also offer commissioned services to other parts of the NHS to help them meet their patients’ needs. 
  • NHS Direct also offered *out of hours support for GPs and dental services; *telephone support for patients with long-term conditions; *pre and post operative support for patients; *24 hour response to health scares, and *remote clinics via telephone.
  • NHS Direct evidence suggests that the expert advice of nurses has kept one and a half million people out of A & E, and saved the NHS £213 million pounds a year. (Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary)
Now the NHS Direct service has been totally ruined by an incompetent Conservative and Liberal Democrat government who took an efficiently functioning service and for no apparent reason decided to change it (simply because they could). The government has introduced mayhem and the once extremely well functioning NHS Direct service is in chaos with serious risk to life.

Just as the government were warned repeatedly back in 2010, all this has come to pass since the new NHS 111 service went live.
The Tory government sacked trained nurses and reduced the number of doctors in each call centre replacing them with telephone operators with a maximum of 60 hours training placing them in a position to deal with the nation's health care. That's telephone operators with approximately one week's training who are now currently advising you on your health care, your children's healthcare and your elderly relatives healthcare!

Back in 2010 when this news first broke the immediate questions were:

  • How can untrained staff cope with the volume of calls requiring urgent medical advice? 
  • How would Accident and Emergency departments cope with sudden influx of people who were not being adequately advised by the government's new NHS 111 service?
  • Which private sector companies were going to benefit from the destruction and dismantling of NHS Direct? 
  • How much are the contracts worth and crucially are there any Tory backing financial donors among them?
What has actually happened is:

  1. Telephone operators who have been unable and not confident to advise people on health problems and have had no qualified medical professional available to ask, have sent people straight to A&E departments
  2. People dissatisfied with the new service and have been incorrectly advised by undertrained telephone operators has led to serious risk to health  have also gone to A&E
  3. Others generally dissatisfied with their advice have stopped phoning NHS 111 and gone straight to their Accident & Emergency departments.
  4. This has put a tremendous strain on hospitals emergency departments across the country and they have been unable to cope with the influx.

The government simply cannot say they were not warned and neither can they try to blame the previous Labour government as the current Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has tried to do. It will not wash as NHS Direct was working extremely well and waiting times and attendees to A&E Departments were down and completely under control before this current government decided to meddle with the system. To try to blame Labour for this is deeply dishonest. This is solely a problem caused by the current government, who were warned repeatedly what their unnecessary policy changes would cause, but chose to ignore the warnings of health care professionals.

In 2010, the Royal College of  Nursing Union (RCN - not known for militancy) spoke out against the Conservative government's decision to change the NHS Direct service.

RCN comments on NHS Direct
Published: 28 August 2010

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) today commented on media reports that telephone advice service NHS Direct is to be scrapped.
Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary, said:

“NHS Direct has developed over recent years into a service that many patients really value. Nurses have led the way in making this a service which can offer reassurance and advice as well as identifying when people are in need of urgent care. The evidence suggests that the expert advice of nurses has kept one and a half million people out of A & E, and saved the NHS £213 million pounds a year. It would be shortsighted to cut back on the experts who deliver these long term savings.
“We would be extremely concerned if the expertise it offers is indeed under threat. We urge the government to consult fully and look at all the evidence before enacting changes which could leave people without expert advice from trained nurses.”
Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is the voice of nursing across the UK and is the largest professional union of nursing staff in the world. The RCN promotes the interest of nurses and patients on a wide range of issues and helps shape healthcare policy by working closely with the UK Government and other national and international institutions, trade unions, professional bodies and voluntary organisations.

RCN;                         Royal College Nursing - RCN

The government ignored all warnings about not only NHS Direct/NHS111, they have ignored all warnings about the effects their Health and Special Care reforms Act of 2012 will have on the NHS coming from approximately 98% of  medical professionals.
The problems experienced by NHS 111 will not be confined to that service, they will, and are spreading to other parts of the NHS as profit takes precedence of patient care.

As a former health care professional of many years standing, I warned about these dangers right from the word go, this blog is littered with warnings not just from me but from right across the NHS and have all been ignored and are still being ignored and the right wing Tory supporting press and broadcast media (BBC and Sky News, ITV, Ch 4) are largely allowing these warnings and problems to go unreported in a bid to keep the public from knowing what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are doing to the NHS and the *fact* that it is being slowly privatised right under the public's noses by a deceitful dishonest lying Tory government and in doing so they are risking the health of this nation, that is YOU and YOUR family.

Media blackout and social network censure of NHS privatisation
Who blocked Mark's pig out?

The NHS is becoming a corporate affair:

Our NHS is being privatised by stealth and the man who said "the NHS was safe in his hands" and "there will be no more reorganisation of the NHS" - prime minister, David Cameron is responsible - he lied to you and now he has blood on his hands - just as we warned!

Footnote: Any Future Labour government has promised to repeal the Conservatives Health and Social Care Reforms Act of 2012.

Lets hope they get the chance before any more lasting and unnecessary damage is done to our NHS!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dave and George "The Two Wrongies"

David Cameron and George Osborne
"The Two Wrongies"

In the 2010 general election it was extremely important we elected the right calibre of person to lead the country through difficult times.We needed honest people with integrity and experience of economics, we needed people who knew what they were doing and how to do it. With the coalition of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats I seriously question that this is what we got in May 2010. With no overall majority we were lumbered with a hung parliament and ended up with an unelected prime minister leading an unelected coalition government. I really dislike the way Tories and Liberal Democrats treat the electorate like prize plums by condescendingly telling us we voted for them to be in coalition. They started off by misleading the public by telling us that this is what the country voted for, no we did not!  The verdict came back the way it did because voters were unsure about all the main parties, they did not vote for a hung parliament because there was no such provision on the ballot paper to do so.

The public have now had three years in which to make a preliminary assessment of the Tory controlled coalition government, and the government has had three years in which to show us that they are competent, able and know what they are doing and are on the way to doing it, and will achieve most of its promises and objectives by the time of the next general election. Unfortunately, not by any stretch of the imagination could this government or its supporters lay claim to this. The Tory led coalition government are miles away from where they should be at this moment in time, which clearly demonstrates that austerity is not working and we need to find a different way and pretty damned quick.

However from the outset this government have been obsessed with their own ideological right wing agenda through which they have tried to channel everything. They have been so obsessed that they have led the country to a very dangerous political impasse. This impasse will not get better any time soon because now all the signs are that the Conservative led government will be far too preoccupied with fighting a resurgent Ukip and are once again going to take their eye off running this country properly as they struggle to try and win back lost Tory voters who have defected to Ukip. Prepare for things to get even more ideologically right wing disposed as the Tories and Ukip prepare to do battle to out right wing each other, life in this country is about to get a whole lot worse as the "nasty party" sharpens ups its long knives in preparation to start stabbing each other in the back, unfortunately we the public will be caught in the middle of it all.

The Tories have already sought to divide the country. They have shamelessly exploited situations and events for political gain. I cite two recent occasions; the Mick and Mairead Philpott case and the death of Baroness Thatcher. Both shamelessly used to further the government's own right wing agenda and both shamelessly used as electioneering props for last Thursday's local elections.

When Margaret Thatcher died, Cameron was out of the country on one of his jaunts and donning his most suitable "sad face" he returned to the country immediately. However, cast your mind back to the summer riots of 2011 and Cameron was away on his holidays, it was days before he decided to return home and only begrudgingly returned from his 5th holiday of that year after he was literally coerced into doing so. Images of this country burning in days of rioting, looting and murder were being beamed around the world was not enough for Cameron to return home, yet he did so immediately on the death of Margaret Thatcher? Where is Cameron's judgement and sense of priorities? On returning to Downing Street, David Cameron quick as a flash was up at the lectern outside number 10 cashing in  politically on the death of the former Conservative Prime Minister.

Baroness Thatcher's funeral was held within a week, coincidentally falling on a Wednesday given Cameron yet another excuse to miss Prime Minister Questions. Cameron missed Prime Minister's Questions in the House last Wednesday and he will miss PMQs again next Wednesday, so out of seven weeks the PM has only managed to turn up for one PMQs in, in the House and if that wasn't bad enough,  it has now been almost ELEVEN weeks since George Osborne the chancellor has answered questions in the House. These two men are treating the public with contempt and also showing contempt for parliamentary process and our constitution which they have both sworn to uphold.

With breathtaking arrogance and at a time when their policies are forcing people to accept  austerity measures which are really hurting the poor, disabled and low paid the most and are causing deep seated anxiety and despair, in a blatant abuse of power Cameron and Osborne splashed out over £10 million on an all but in name state funeral for a former Conservative PM  with full military honours, a former prime minister who divided this country and left millions of people bitterly opposing her and all she stood for.

Then there is the alarming government incompetence, every day it seems we have yet another u-turn,  so many u-turns that people have lost count, I think it around 40 so far

Every government and every political party makes mistakes, however, not to this extent, these mistakes and u-turns can no longer be written off and laughed at, these are serious errors that are affecting peoples lives and they are a sign of a government that is out of control.

In his Autumn statement of 2012 George Osborne manipulated the borrowing figures to make it look like he was borrowing less he factored in the sales from 4G mobile licenses even though they had not been auctioned and when he actually sold them they brought £1.2 billion LESS than he had factored in. So in his spring 2013 budget to save his embarrassment, he manipulated and moved around figures, factoring in spending from government departments that had not yet been spent, to make his figures look better. He also used figures from QE.

The chancellor has also managed to lose two of the country's triple AAA credit ratings with Fitch and Moody's.

The UK economy is now doing so badly that missing an unprecedented triple dip recession by 0.3% is being hailed as a success in the hostile Tory supporting right wing press! In fact the economy hasn't moved, it's stagnating and just bumping along the bottom.

Unemployment has risen for the second month in a row, this time it rose by a huge 70,000. If the government were prevented from using the various ways they have manufactured to massage the unemployment figures, no doubt unemployment would probably jump by at least a million over night! Here is some previous posts I have made on the unemployment phenomena!

Recent figures show that those out of work for 3 years or more has soared. In June 2010 (when the coalition took power) 147,000 people aged 25 or over were out of work and in December 2012 that number had increased to 218,000.

Yet all of the above and so much more is now being spun in the hostile Tory supporting right wing press that the chancellors spring budget of 2013 was well received? They are allowing him to get away with sleight of hand, deception and even false accounting for which private companies would be prosecuted for.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) which along with the UK's triple a rating, Osborne put so much in store by, have told him that austerity isn't working and that we should change tack

David Cameron once said "the good news just keeps on coming"! If this is his version of good news, then I would surely hate to see his version of bad news!

This government are totally wedded to and obsessed with their ideological right wing agenda, which they believe is going to return them to power in 2015 with a working majority, they wear the badge of hammering innocent people on welfare like it some kind of badge of honour.

Dividing society, scapegoating the poor, forcing the vulnerable and the disabled to pay for the greed of the Tory doning bankers. Forcing people to pay for a spare bedroom in their bed room tax, even though there are absolutely no smaller houses for them to move into  Charging people council tax for the very first time forcing people to pay out money they simply haven't got. taking money from people in work who work for low wages, the policies to attack the poor, the sick, the disabled and vulnerable just keep coming, relentlessly one after the other.

Forcing people to work for nothing or removing their benefits.

Yet David Cameron once said in the House of Commons that "we are through the worse", is through the worse watching the most vulnerable people in society suffering? Pushing up homelessness  Pushing over 200,000 more children into poverty? Forcing women to stay in abusive relationships because the government have cut the aid to domestic abuse charities?

Privatising the NHS and education by stealth, bringing A&E Departments across the country to a standstill, forcing hospitals to treat people in tents in car parks.

Destroying NHS Direct removing doctors and qualified nurses from the organisation and replacing them with people who have only done 3 days training, resulting in several deaths over a few days?

The rich will be OK they can afford private health care and private health cover, the millionaire Tory government will also be OK they have got millions in the bank to fall back on and Osborne has even given them all a nice little windfall and sent all the cabinet and all his multi millionaire mates a nice little cheque for at least £100,000 by reducing their tax burden while the rest of us struggle.

It's getting to the point now where we don't know what is coming next from the pair of blithering idiots, and those of you who think Ukip is the answer need to think again! Farage hasn't got many policies but one he does have is reducing the tax burden of multi millionaires to 31% giving them hundreds of thousands of pounds, while raising the tax burden of the ordinary person up to 31% taking hundreds of pounds off of us to pay for it. Farage may talk the talk, but of course if he was ever put in a position to put all his promises in place he certainly wouldn't be able to walk the walk.

The incompetence of this government just keeps coming, David Cameron and George Osborne have proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are totally and utterly incapable of running this country.

Britain is in a real mess and it is not a mess left by the previous Labour government who had serious challenges to deal with and who actually left this country in recovery and growth with falling borrowing and falling unemployment,  they may have made some mistakes, but at least they knew what they were doing and when to do it. I'm sick of hearing the previous government blamed for something they did not do and blamed by a pair of totally arrogant incapable of comedians that don't know their fat backsides from their elbows is annoying  too! Hearing this government continually playing the blame game is becoming tedious, they've been in power for three years, they took a growing economy and completely stuffed it, this is their fault, it is not the fault of Labour! And another thing which is particularly  irksome from this pair of plonkers, is their total inability to accept responsibility for their own actions. It's they who have made the errors, it's they who have made over 40 u-turns, it's they who gave us a double dip recession and narrowly missed an unprecedented triple dip recession, it's they who have privatised the NHS without a mandate from the people and it is they who are now trying to privatise education and the police service. Its they who are changing things without having the first inkling about what they are doing and it's they who are making all of these changes without even having the decency to ask us first! They are a pair of unelected chancers, leading an unelected government acting without a mandate from the people and treating us all with utter contempt as they abuse the power they have been given. The Liberal Democrats are just as bad because without them propping this pair of comedians up, they would not be able to act like a couple of tyrants! The Lib Dems would walk away if they had a pair of balls between them but obviously they haven't. (Next time you hear their high pitched voices at least you'll know why!)

This pair of chancers, Cameron and Osborne would be funny if things were not so deadly serious. This pair are literally ruining the country and now we are going to be forced to stand back and watch as they battle it out with Ukip at the country's expense they'll be fighting away to out right wing each other while the rest of us go to hell in a handcart! The pair are dangerous and they are also spooked and if they start doing deals with Ukip things will get even worse.

This pair, Cameron and Osborne  in power now are a complete joke, we are being governed by an out of control comedy duo, they should be called; "The Two Wrongies" because never in the history of this country have we had two people running it who are obviously so wrong for the job!

I wish it was; "Goodbye from him and goodbye from him" before they do this country and our people any more irreparable damage!

God help us!